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National Greenback Monitor from Wichita, Kansas • 5

National Greenback Monitor from Wichita, Kansas • 5

Wichita, Kansas
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Wichita Market Reports. 60 75. 1 23. OATS IB 20. I .30 35.

rUTTLtfv.SStfS 2.75. 82 2.7ft. BUTTER 12 1MGS 8 10. TATIOML ffi MOMTOli. WICHITA, KAySAS, AI'tiUST, '79.

LOCAL SUMMAIIY Public Speaking In This City. Hon. Sam. N. Wood will speak in Wichita, August 18th.

at 2 p. m. and Col. Sweeney of San Antonia will accompany him. Turn out everybody and hear the Greenbackers talk.

Woo Hides an dt Pelt Coneeted by T. Abrahams, corner of Doug-Ins and Topka Avenues, Wichita, Kansas. WOOL, (unwashed) 15 ffr 17-Meilium 18 23, CnnihiiiL' (fine) 20 23, Tub washed 21 28, Little Nellie, infant daughter of Mr. F. Hobion, died on last Tednesday morning.

Every man in 'Wichita, who works or a living should attend the conven- Colorado and Mexican in 12. 7 HIDES, (green) 4 salted, 5K Dry flint W.i, Dry salted 8 Damaged off Trial Trip-' If you have confidence less money, try the Monitor fojv 1 Three months for twenty-five 1 of a year for i- of a dollar. 4 Going at a for a j. i i i i 1 i i i I Or for a half a year for a half do) la: I of a year for of a dollar. Going at a for a J.

i Vi HHi i VI I i i 1 yearft LW dollar Going' at 1 year for $1. $1. $1. $lv $1. $1.

$1. SI. The best paper, for the least mcne Give us a trial, Jennings Oc ion next Saturday. Jl We noticed another clerk in the 'ost Office, this week Certainly Mr. durdock is doing his part to give A few parties who ordered their papers discontinued without pay-rag for the same will find their accounts with Esquira Wright at Belle Plaine.

The "Curious" is the best 5 cent cigar in the market lor sale by L.C. Wjlson. Remember that the market reports in this paper are worth the price of the paper to any farmer who is some distance from market. -RAILROAD TIME GAUD. Mail and Express on the A.

T. 8. F.j arrives daily at 10 :18 i. and depart at 6 a. m.

Accomodation and Local Freight, arrives at 1 p. and at i :00 p. in. TFhile others are invoicing and get Tiie M. E.

Church is progressing incly, and promises to be the finest hurch edifice in south west Kansas. )o much to the credit of the Rev. Jno. Iirby, their eloquent and worthy The first of September will be a good time to enlarge our paper. Let every Greenback man in four counties work for it and it will be done.

ting ready to mark down their goods at an additional cost, T. II. Lyneh is selling goods cheaper than any of them. His customers are making a special raid on his summer hats, which are selling so low to close out hi3 immense stock of straw goods for the season. If you want a cheap summer hat that will laBt all winter, give him a call.

-AL. AverY, AND The business of the law office of Now is the time to buy boots and shoes cheap at the Central. L.C.Wilson. uarria ge Maker, Judge H. G.

Buggies, has engaged his attention so much of late as to cause him to engage the services of Prof. A. B. Smith, as copyist, 'whose skill as a penman and book keeper add nuch to the office. County Convention and Committee.

Nominating convention August 16th Township primary meetings, 9fch. 1 Gvpsum Township, Morgan Stafford. 2. Atom'oe. Krie (eo.

Feast. 4. Delano C. F. Derby.

P.Lincoln Henry Busenbark. Kcclii, Park, Garden Flam, Lajjle and iola townships were left to he filled at the suggestion of other members' at some future timo, The following are the standing members First shop north of Douglas avenue, on Water street. REPAiRiiva done on short notice and Warranted to give satisfaction. Jy OCK WORRALL, the Paint OP. HOUSE, SIGN AND ORNAMENTAL Hit him again, friend Stanley, There no reason for writing discouraging jtters againBt this countty.

Prof. Smith says he was informed while out at Prairie Gem last Sunday that their corn out there would yield from 50 to '00 bushels per acre. ii. Illinois Township. It.

Tt. Hight 12. Wichita Paiiiting Carriage work a specialty. Charges reasonable. Douglas Avenue, between Topoka and Emporia avsaues, south E.

Walter I'ratt. H. W. Ross. J.

J. Williams. M. Morgan. T.

H. CartwHght. D. R. Allen.

I. H. Masscy. J. Bergeiv Wm.

Ross. J. Osborn. J. T.

Farkhurst. J. Stewart. Henry F.anies. G.

W. Anderson, While passing one of our streets on TVednesday we noticed a sick man lying near the Bide walk apparently in a very bad condition. A lawyer passing by, happened to observe him, and called for a conveyance, and ordered the man cared for at his own expense. This Is irure and undefined religion of ihe "good Samaritan" kind. 13.

(ireely 14. Union 15. Ohio 16. Waco 17. Salem 18.

Grant 1. Minneha 20. Kockfovd 21. Ninnescah 22. Favno 23.

Attica 24. rand River 25. Morton 20. Sherman 4 11 li side, Wichita, Kansas. THE OLD STAND BY THE ant a ITe Wichita City, 1st.

Ward, E. N. Ordway, 1). R. Kinscy.

2nd. 3rd. Noah Allen. 4th. R.

A. Nctf, A. W. Grismore. bAeErT Money.

J. W. Forney has malle arrangements by which he is now prepared to loan money at the lowest rates, ever offered In Suinnei County, Call on him, or write to him at Belle Flaine, Ks Fresu Bread, Cakes and Pies; There will be a Greenback Picnic near Mrs. Woody's Grove near Rose Hill in Butler county on Saturday August 16th inst. J.

H. Holford, of Augusta will address the meeting. I will not be undersold on groceries or boots shoes. Give me a trial and be convinced. L.

C. Wilson. When the thermometer stands above 100 in the shade you will find it as refreshing as a picture of Cape May, to look into Capt. T. W.

Fullers Ice cream parlor, at No. 28 Main Street. There you see the nicest soda fount in the city surrounded by every variety of the choicest fruits and confectionary, in fact everything that is calculated to make a person feel comfortable and nappy on a hot day. I can sell you a 15 lb Kit of nice fat Family mackeral for 90 cents try them. L.C.Wilson.

A satisfactory picture of yourself or friend may be secured by calling on L. W. Oust, at the Gallery, opposite office of Healy Neidlander's. Gents please examine our stock of boots before buying, it will cost you nothing to look at our goods. L.

C. Wilson. National Grecaback Song Book. We have seen the advance sheets of a Greenback Song Book that will soon be issued by that earnest and faithful worker and pioneer of the Greenback Cause of Westchester County, Capt. G.

Loyd. The songs are by the well-known Texas Author and song writer, Mrs. Mary D. Shindler, whose aptitude for that work is well known. We take great pleasure in recommen-ing the promised song book to the patronage of the Greenbackers of the United Stite.

llox, B. Wkavf.ji, Hon. ft. DkLa Matvu, S. II.

Yocor, T. II. Mckch, Hon. E. IT.

(Uhi kttk. Dr. Turley, President of the Kansas State Medical board and examining urgeoa under the late acts of the leg-dature, was seen on our streets yesterday. We learn that th Dr. is making it rather lively among those of his profession, in the.

way of leppingoff those whom we will denominate uaoks and pill peddlers." This is a good law, and we hop to see the day when a similar law will be past regulating also other professions. Rye Braad on ha ad at all times. Orders for quantities of bread, cakes or pies, filled at short notice. Main street, Wichita, Kansas. Smith Keating 1 02 n- 9 a A few days ago it was prophesied on the street by a gentleman that we was going to have a drouth.

He said the reason why he thought bo, was on ac cout of the water in the Arkansas now banking up, above the bridge while it was comparatively dry below it. His idea was, that there would be a drouth in the south and a dearth in tho north. I3 he still in the came notion, or has some unknown cause intervened and unlocked the gates to his "bank of water." I GD II tn Lj. to I 1 CO a 02 a a 5 Wholesale and Retail Dealers in AGRICULTURAL Implements and Machinery Agents for Halladay Wind Mills, Garden City Plows and Cultivators. The cslebrated Garden City sulky plow with wrought iron frame, which on actual trial, in the field, took the first aud only premium at the great Wichita in 1873.

Also agents for the Marsh Harvester and Binder; the Buckeye mower, reaper and harvester; Randolph header; Massillion and Ilarrison threshers, Buckeye drills; and Gundlach drills Lest, but not least, the world renowned BAIN and SCHUTTLEE WAGON As well as cheap Wagons! Farmers, recollect that we always advise you to buy our besteqoda, but hat we have cheap goods also if you must have them. J. R. Van Zandt, Manager, Corner, of Douglas and Liwreaca Av- M. DUNCAN, WHOLKSAK AND BETAIL DEtLEU IX Whol To-day is the day set for.

the town-hip primary meetings, to be held to elect delegates to the County nominating convention which meets at this place on Saturday next. Are our friends in the country organized and ready for their work in this important natter? Every township in the county should be represented, and every ward in the City. Ifyoudonot hold your primary nestings to-day, meet any day lext and prepare yourselves for he.worl:. Canvass the vote zl 7our raiil or township and insist that all 'atoring tun are interested in cur A movement is on foot by which the Monitor is expected to be enlarged and brought up to that high rank to which it is entitled. Only a liberal payment of subscriptions if required in order to secure this result.

Let all who can, pay up promptly and your neighbors to subscribe and do likewise. It is a cheap paper and no one can deny it Compare it in size with are and Ft. SCOTT, OSAGE and TRINIDAD A Tj. Black Diamond a specialty. of Market street Douglas Kansas.

'nUes, vucjuta, ivatj.

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