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The Evening Herald from Topeka, Kansas • 3

The Evening Herald from Topeka, Kansas • 3

Topeka, Kansas
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the yard. "Bennie was playing before the WHERE AHA IX RAHY'M Still on tthe Tracli doorway, and Berenice, standing breathless, heard him kiss the child and aay: "Good-by, little one! Be a good boy to mother, don't forget" rfc last. When, after PROHIBITION VINDICATED. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY UNITED Smith fc Pike Are happy to announoe tnat they are Btillon tietraok, and are prepared to lay at ahort nottoe the genuine bewilderment, she Over the cradle the mother hung, Seftlv cooing a slumber song; And these were the simple words she sung All the evening long: "Cheek or chin, or knuckle or knee. Where shall the baby's dimple bet Where shall the Angel's finger rest When he comes down to the baby's neslf Where shall the Angel's touch remain When he awakens my baby again!" Still as she bent and sang so low, A murmur into her music broke.

n. A.r ha was irone. tui b- would come back. All day long, sit inn- with Bennie on her knee, she said it 1EM Fill over and over; he would come back, and And she paused to hear, for she could but know 'I they would make it up. But night came, and in the dusk of the March sunset sailor came up for her husband's sea- chest Berenice was too proud and sensitive to ask a question or send a message; but the long, lonely night subdued her 1 he baby angel spoke: "Cheek or chin, or knuckle or knee, Where shall the baby's dimple bet Where shall my finger fail and rest When 1 come down to the's nestf Where shall my finger's touch remain When I wake your baby again Silent the mother tat and dwelt Long on the tweet delay of choice.

And then by her baby's side she knelt. And sang with a pleasant voice "Not on the limb, angel dearl For the charms with its youth will disappear; Not on the cheek shall the dimple be. For the harboring smile will fade and flee: But touch thou the chin with impress deep. And my baby the angel's teal thall (J. O.

Holland. pnae. i as soon as ne Bun roue ie maun her way down to the pier where his; vessel lav. but it was too late the craft had AN ALL SUFFICIENT SUBSTITUTE Which Is becoming go popular In Topeka. An lnnpeotlun or our work will show lte superiority and advantages over all other papementa.

A few of it advantages are: That it can be laid In any desired shape required, that it does not afford a shelter for rats, mice or other verm in, nor a reoeptiole for decaying matter or Biiii which generate noxious gases so Oeleterloua to health. It oan be kept In repair much cheaper than any other pavement. It does not Into depressions whluh hold water alter every shower. It la much more pleasant to walk upon than atone, brick or wood. An Investigation will show it to be tho cheapest pavement in existence.

It is In fact, as well as name, becoming the pavement of Topeka. We verify the above by erring to a few of the many whom we have laid the pavement for, viz: B. Wilder, treasurer T. J. Thomuft, president Citizens' bank; W.W.Kohs, capitalist; Eowley druggists; Hon.

J. C. Wilson; D. W. Storm out, D.

F. 0. Hentlna, Hon. D.A.Harvey, Mr. B.H.Davis, eailed at day break, and her husband had gone.

Month followed month, year drift after year, and Berenice lived, and Ben BERENICE. nie grew up to a sturdy lad, never xor-o-Bttino- his father's parting command. Mrs. Chudleigh opened the dr of hex He was a good boy to his mother. And now she sat there by the blazing fire.

cottage and came out into the midst oi the gloomy, freezing cold, a wistful, anx JOB PRINTINGS EE AND SE A AM with her thin hands clasped, and such wistful, hungry look in her great, shining ious look on her white, wan face. Putting her thin, childish hand over hei eyes, that poor little Ben felt awed and frightened, and crept away to his bed in mouth, she called, "Bennie! Benniel" "Yes, I am coming, mother." is the corner, not daring to even see her Of all kinds and descriptions oan bt had at the LOWEST CASH PRICE at "Ah, Benniel I have been so anxious again. and you are so coldl" cc But the child could not sleep. He lay I A Xj listening to the voice of the winds, "Not a bit; but I took a longer tramp than usual But only see the faggots: as they roared and whistled through the they're as clear and rich as butterl" and pine hills, and to the ceaseless moan ana THE HERALD JOB OFFICEL the sturdy little figure advanced, draw thunder of the sea, raising his head ever ing after him a small sled heaped with and anon to look at his mothers white, pine knots, sad face and wondering in his heart, if God and his angles were so good and TO BE OINXiTT H-AJD A.T When they had crossed the threshold, she kissed him, parting the flaxen locks on his brow. The lad blushed like a girl at her caress, and then fell to unload merciful, why they did not do something to comfort her.

A strange terrible feel FFi'K25a'EEI ing came over him, an indescribable pre 66 Posters, Dodgers, Streamer and Snipes Printed PRUMPTLf, Neatly and Tastily, on short notice at the science of something to come. rs JL Ji3Lrf oLi JLl 3 The old sea dog lifted his pointed ears, nc3i HERALD JOB OFFICE. and listened intently; then he arose, and pattered across to the child's bed, with a look half human in his eyes. Bennie laid his cheek against his shaggy head. 202 ICazisao "What is it, Triton he whispered.

The dog listened again, then he bound ed to the door, and began to scratch and sniff beneath it. BRIEF "Oh, mother! mother!" called Ben nie, in amazed fright Eaixetal facilities for work in all kiads of brief printing. "Why, my boy, my darling," she whis pered; then she went to the door and Where Prohibitionist and Anti-Prohibitionists hold Daily opened it. Triton stood an instant with his ears The Herald Job Officii erect and his nose to the ground, then he shot off, making great flying leaps, and uttering short, exultant cries. Impelled by some thing stronger than herself, or Is nrenared to do all kinda fend nnnHtlM nf DAILY LOVE FEAST AROUND THE FESTIVAL BOARD, her own will, Berenice followed him, and poor affrighted little Ben was left alone.

Printing, Pamphlets, Circulars, folders, Ki and Letter Heads, Bill Heads, StatemeoU, velopes and I mm iraiTiL Out through the wild, dark night she KANSAS. TOPEKA, went, down to the black, icy cliffs, and there, standing upon the desolate sands, his black, burly figure sharply defined agaiust the pale, wintry sky, she saw the form of a man, with Triton leaping and Paid up Capital, $100,000. With Ghistotory Joy and Epicurion Delight Nowrere Else in Topeka, can be Fonund Such. barking around him and never stopping to ouestion or wonder, but impelled by a Authorized Capital, Commercial Paper Discounts! Collections promptly made noon all pari wild Instinct, she flew on aud on, until she fell breathless and senseless at his of the United States and Europe. Foreign exchange bought and sold.

THEOD. HE CUEBAN, President. J. W. Bjudiq, Vice-President.

feet When she awoke to life again she was in the cottage, lying on Bennie's A FEAST OF FAT THINGS, V. A. MOULTON: CJsehier.l DIRECTORS: little bed, with the glimmer of the firelight before her, and Bennie himself was Wm. Welhouse, J. D.

Burr, hanging over ber, patting her cheeks Wm. Sims. with his chubby hands ana kissing ner wiimrnuslv. his blue eyes shinine with a T. J.

Anderson, W. W. Manspeaker, W. Johnston, Geo. W.

Wood; Theo. Curran, T. D. Htringham, as is spread out daily at this u. a.

Jttouiton, J. W. Redden. fi-efco. ing his sled, and heaping the fire, with faggots.

"There, now, mother," he said, as the ruddy blaze shot up the broad chimney, "isn't that nicet Now you shall sit down and get real warm, and I'll make the tea; I'm such a strong fellow I never get tired," Bennie threw on fresh faggots, and got out hia illuminated primer to amuse himself, while his mother did ber sewing; but somehow the pictures failed in their usual interest) His ears were full of the sea's wild sobbing, and his blue eyes bold, kind eyes, so like hit father's wandered furtively to hk mother's face. The lad's eyes 611ed with childhood's quick tears as he watched her, and his face grew solemn with a vague, doubtful wonder. "Mother," he said at last, just the least quiver in his voice, "mother, waf it all right between you and father when he went away! I've wanted to know so long." The mother looked up, startled and amazed; a swift, burning red shot up into her white cheeks, and then she let ber head drop.forwaid on the sewing-stand and burst into passionate sobbing. The child grew pale with fright and pain. She drew him to her bosom in silence, and still sobbiiig.

His childish question had cut her heart like a knife. "Was it all right with her and father when he went away?" Ah, no! it was all wrong; and now, God pity her! it was too late ever to make it right the cruel wrong must live through all time, and eternity perhaps! How vividly, sitting there in the ghastly glimmer of the firelight, did she remember that last parting, three weary years agol Bennie was but a wee lad then, and his father, who had followed the sea all bis life, was starting on a long voyage. He wanted a paper of some importance, a promissory note, or something of the kind, and came to his wife for it Berenice, his pretty girl wife, had taken care of all his papers and all his money siuce the first day of their happy marriage, he being a great, careless, loving, fiery-hearted fellow, as sailors usually are. But Berenice was quite busy that morning getting his outfit in readiness; and the March winds blustered down the cottage chimney, and puffed the smoke and ashes about, and put her out of humor, and, perhaps, for all her sweet child ways and rare beauty, this petted wife of Ben Chudleigh was a bit impatient and quick-tempered by nature, or because of too much petting and dulgence, as is oftener the At any rate, after a hasty search for the note, she declared that it could not be found, and that it had not been intrusted to her keeping. Ben opened bis handsome blue eyes in amazement "Why, Berenice," he said, not a bit cross, only decidedly, "you know I gave it to you.

I always give you things I wish taken care of." "A foolish habit, too," retorted nice, spitefully. "Why not take care of them youmlf! And you may hereaf-, ter, I won't have my desk crowded with any such rubbish," and making good her i words, she towed the papers she had been erlookins the floor. "Why, Berry," he began, and then, fading bit voice unsteady, be stopped and turned away. aiia wife saw in an instant what she faddone, but, with the perversity of a g.Ud, instead of trying to make reparation, as her woman's heart yearned to tw. ahe matters worse.

Tin ng now, then, Berenice. Good-fcr." lie did not even turn ti look at her, frnr frmo the room and out intn look they had never known before. Then wild, vague hope thrilled through her, and she started to her feet with a cry that rung above the din of the storm. Yes, there he stood, bronzed and worn, and changed, but with the same honest, kindly eyes, Ben Chudleigh, her own husband. He held out his arms, but she went down prostrate at his feet "0 Ben! my husband! my darling! forgive me! I know that God has, because he has given you bark to me." And Ben, sobbing like a woman, gath ered her up in hia strong arms, kissing her wildly, as she clung to him like a child.

Which," "Like a Thing of Beauty" is to epicures "A Joy Forever" Such SPLENDID OTSTRS, Superbly serred In EVERY STYLE FELITZBROS. Manufacturers and Dealers In TENT AWNINGS? WAGON I STACK C0VEH3 172 172 Kasbab Atekus, TOPEKA, KANSAS a tort Ann wiidow HnAEaF ETF.RT' i ir.CRiiTio:x 1 1 Illustrated Catalogue, with Price-! List, furnished on application. CAMP FURNITURE OF ALL KINDS. 8URL0IN STIAS, HAMBURGER STEAKS, TENDERLOIN STEAM, PORTERHOUSE 8TFAKS, FRENCA PEAS MUSHROOMS, OMELETTS, BROILED SHRINO CHICKENS ON TOAST WITHALL THE HDaintloa and of tH Soaaozi t7 If ft 4, 99 G. DUDLEY.

sign WErrnB, Fresco Fainting, Gilding on Gla and eTerything pertaining to the art Orders aolicited. Offlce and ahop, 189 Kansas (Cp-stairs.) IS A FAMILY RESORT; VERY POPULAR WITH THE LADLES PATRONIZED BY THE ELITE Peter Farley'" Crave, (Springfield Republican. The grave of "Peter Farley" (Samuel G. Goodrich) is in a rural grave-yard near Southberry, Ct, only a little ways from the Goodrich place. The marble slab at the head bears as an emblem an open book with two or three doga-eared leaves a very significant memorial of the pioneer in children's literature one who de-liehted the children of his time more than St Nicholas and all the rest can possibly please the satiated appetite of the small fry of to-day.

A Jfeblw Life. Jean Iogelow's life is more beautiful than her poetry. Her face is well known among the wretched poor of London, and three times a week she gives a dinner to the sick, poor and the discharged convalescents from hospitals who are either Unable to work or have not found employment She once said: "I find it one of the great pleasures of writing that it gives one more money for such pur-pow than falls to the lot of most wom-en. Ilk We) ruse. rNorrittowa Herald.

The Philadelphia News says that silk worms require almost ss mnrh attention woman's back hair. They require fewer hairpins, however, and we don uprose tbey are hung over the back of a ciuair at nirbt "Is it bt to to sit for a tTiot-o-I'si hf Well, yfa.ifrne, The Only FIHST-CLASO Restaurant in Topoka- If Ycu Wantto Insure! If Too Want to Borrow Monfy I i CAl.lAVD Ft It J. N. STRICKLEIl Offc on BiJttfc'Avma4, Trpfc in tfe-, fig. SUCH GRAND SUNDAA DINNERS ARE SFRVED MINISTERS, -BANKEFJ3, LAWYERS, DOCTORS, NERCH ANTS.

EVERYBODY With tW.r Wir and Children, find it Cheaper and rieasenttr to mm fr Off" I 1 I 4 i i.iUUL fc UUUi a a and aott tfca kW and anitora of rook i a ii.rj.UAt lock more mrr to put your you wieh to po ts "U-iM-t on, t. (trwc ilaiuarj..

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