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The Evening Herald from Topeka, Kansas • 1

The Evening Herald from Topeka, Kansas • 1

Topeka, Kansas
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NEWS NUGGETS the attack on the extreme left against the treaty. MONEY MADE EASY. The minister states that the government have in their hands clues to a vast revolu Br inspecting stock of aewing machines, ell 4ti.t i. nAf.A4nn.rv is AK.I1. anrl TOU Will Dfi OOD Asserts The tionary orsranization.

in accordance with vineed. Boinn a denier, can do better than any eouioany. Lon time givon. LoUcr New Nabbed From Every Nation Known Alio ed Trai Hia Innocence. Home" store, 2t)9 on the avenue, between Eiarhth which Franoe it divided into local federa-tions.

directed by a committee having its to the Telegraph, and pared With and Ninth street. A QUESTION. headquarters in Geneva. SOUTH AFRICAN WAR. Davenport Declared to bs the Most Why does Wood's carpot store sell more window hades, curtain and draperies than any other ten tores in the state? Answer Because he keeps the largest atoek, best goods and latost iinprovod The Mapoer has insulted the agents of the Transvaid government, and refuses to pay Special by a Select Corps of Re Notorious Liar West of Dodge City.

taxes or obey the laws: The Boer govern. ttxtures ana newest JUST OPENED. Xafirn stock of horse blankets, robes atU whips at Clark's Crystal Palace. Th Husband of Mrs. Smith Dies Wlthoat Her Bains Notified for Nina Days Afterward.

Mrs. Smith, a colored lady, unbosomed a great load of grief to the Herald reporter this morning, and If true hei story Is a sad one. Several weeks ago Mrs. Smith's husband was taken before Probate Judge Harvey and adjudged Insane. Being vio.

lent In his actions he was locked up at the county jail until permission rould be obtained for his admission into the asylum. While in the jail, Smith taok slek and was very low when moved to the asylum. Mrs. Smith, so she says, called there two or three times to see him, but was refuted, though the authorities promised her that If her husband should get bad so that ho was likely to die, they would let her know. This, it seems, they failed to do, for the declares now that her hnsband did die and was buried nine days before she knew a thing of it.

porters for the Readers of the Herald." ment has ordered out 2,000 men to capture Mapoer. They are not Interfering witli Mapctta unless he resists Mapoer's arrest. It is believed the campaign will be short, Jim Talbot, that alleged desperado, THE EVENING HERALD The Transvaal is at way witn Jiapeiw, not half the "bad man" you would suppose him to be, or at least such Is the STAGE ROBBERY. a native chief who harbors Mapoer, the murderer of Kapler, chief of the EVERY DAY EXCEPT SUNDAY. A Leadville dispatch to the Denver Re Seoocoeni.

impression one gains from him while caged behind heavy stone walls and Iron ARCTIC BXl'KMTION. bars. He is still dazed with mystery over TheGermania, which Sailed last sum. being placed under arrest and locked up publican of the 25th says: To-night a stage from Malta, due here at 8 o'clock, readied a point opposite the Arkansas Valley smelter, in the suburbs of this city, and was stopped by two masked men. While one covered the driver with a revolver, the other ordered seven parseujrers to iner for Cumberland sound with the Ger on suspicion of having been in any way connected with the Granada train rob man Arctic expedition, has returned to Hamburg.

The construction of the sta bery. tion at Kinsrawa is completed and several "How are you fscling this morning?" houses are built. Everything is ready for inquired a reporter for the Hur explorations. dismount. They did so, and being arranged lit a one of the road agents covered them with revolvers while the other relieved them of their valuables, amounting to $2,000, after which the passengers were allowed to continue tlieir SPECIAL NOTICE.

On Saturday the Herald will publish a six column paper, filled with the finest, collection of Interesting: reading mutter for Sunday that am be prepared. Besides the spicy local items, Interesting news sum-mary and entertaining; miscellany, we will introduce several new features uol heretofore giveu. The edition will be one thousand copies, nearly nil of which will go into the hands of city readers. This will afford business men an excellent opportunity to place their announcements before the people of Topeka at a moderate price, and In a way that will do them good. jThose desiring to avail themselves ald, who presented himself at the prison- ELECTRIC 8FAKKS.

er's cell door, about 0 o'clock, In company with fellow Bohemian. pretty, well, though it seems hard jonrney, while the robbers escaped. Cygue, Function, the Cricket." Of Miss Cartland, In this great character, the Ottawa Republican, of October 2ith, has the following to soy: A delighted audience greeted Miss Grace Cartland at the new opera house last night, in her charming character of Fanchon, aud notwithstanding the oft repetition of this play in Ottawa, new and happy rere. lations were made lu the character by Miss Cartland. We have seen Maggie Mitchell, Anna Webb, and other noted actresses In this part and we unhesitatingly say that tho youthful and crraceful little lady who Hon.

D. C. Haskell spoke atLy last night. that I should be kept in tills place so Ion, without being given a chance to prove my The Egyptian rule in the southern prov. CONCERNING 1'BNSIONS.

Acting Secretary of the Interior Josclm, innocence or tne cnarge, or nem to tri; I have friends enough at home to give luis received a disastrous, if Hot has rendered a decision of the utmost im bond of $100,000. If Judge Bradford and crushing blow. our banker up there knew that I am portance to a large claw of applicants for There are Incessant complaints mode about the treatment of the rebel prisoners of this opportunity should send in their trouble, they would be here very soon to help me out. Why to show you how I stand at home, only two or three weeks eopy as early as possible In order to havi by the klieuive's employes. their advertisements set up in an attract entertained, us so elegantly last night, ex-cells them all as Fauehoa.

Maggie It is reported that the khedive will on ive manner. Friday issue bis decree ouering amnesty Mitchell will create a burst of enthusiasm by some Inspired, detached portion of the to all rebel olllcers below the rank of pensions. He holds In effect that seven years' absence may be taken as proof or presumption of the soldiers' death, and such proof shall warrant the issue of a pension to his family, if the other requirements have been complied with. This decision Is direct everse to the practice which has hitherto prevailed in the pension bureau. Positive proof of a soldier's death was required which in many cases was impossible to produce.

ago the citizens or uoolcdgc, Kansas, scut for me to conic there and take the position of city marshal at $80 a month besides the regular fees. I had concluded to accept the offer, and went to Sheriff Parsons with a resignation from the offlce of dep Evbn the county ticket is likely to get character, but as a whole, rounded and captain. It Is believed the cost of the war distressed this year. in harmonious Impersonation. Miss Cartland shows a more artistic, correct and natural Egypt will auiouut to nearly 4,000,000 Tub independent wave that bungs over conception of the character.

She Is a child uty, lie refused to accept It. The Bounty commissioners called me before them and exclusive of the expense ox the army, oecu. Kansas this year moans business, and don' pation and Indian contingent, said they didn't want me to leave there, when surrouuded with childish influences, when communing with nature, when the natural poetry of her soul finds Teat in you forget It. because 1 had been decided upon as the Advices from Shanghai report that dis. proiier man to elect sheriff next spring; turbances have occurred between the sailors on English and German war vessels.

genial surroundings, but in contact with the world, her world, which furnishes that I would be, nominated and elected Toi'BKA must have the right kind of a man In the legislature, or she had butter without opposition." and that six Englishmen received serious such a contrast to herself, she is an un wounds. not have any ut all. natural, prematurely developed woman, "All tho reports and confessions then that Davenport makes of your having any Senator Plumb spoke at Saliua yester- always on the defensive. Her conscious superiority leads aer to combat for the PROBARLK DOUBLE MCRDHR. A dispatch of the 24th to the Chicago Journal, from says; Lust night a former named Kliiigbite, a.

desperate character, attacked his sleeping wife with a knife, cutting her horribly. The son, who interfered, was stabbed to the heart and fell dead. Another sou informed the officers of the law, who knowledge or the tram robbery before Of course the first thing that Mrs. Lang- (iav and Col. i alio well ana in occurred, are raise," snggcuted the rt try said after landing was that "New York galls in the evening.

The Motloo club, of porter. respect snd consideration which she is entitled to outriide of her mere habiliments. A less Independent Topeka, and the Leudsbtirgh cornet band reminded her so much, of Paris. "I will say this to you fellows: Daven supplied the music, port has the reputation out in that coun II. C.

Lispbkv is being strongly urged try of being the biggest liar on earth. No Jnouiry into the reoeut massacre at Alex found the murderer in the barn still cling- and unworthy spirit would crouch and finally succomb before ridicule und criticism, but Fanchon rise above it and finally takes her place lu her protxr body there would believe him on oath andria reveals the fact that it was ordered by a great many men to run far county oonimUsioncr. lie would be a good man Ho has been drunk for the last two mouths and 1 think these detectives have frirht- mV?" J1 in the name of Arabi Pasha awl that Toul-hlii gbito rushing at the olllcers like a 0T ft notaWe madman. I he oh cars shot him through lo tht pro Id that position. ened him into telling them a mess of s.ntf the body and finally OYPfoacne him and sphere and fills it with credit.

From be-ginning to end the character, as rcprencut. ed by Miss Cartland, is even, genml, uu.l not overstrained, und taken us a whole it lives of certain Chriatain. that lias uo truth in it whatever. A few hvfon the robbery two strange men Tub ladies are especially Invited," say lodged him in jail hers, where he lies dv John attempted to poison his ing. He Is said to have killed two men the handbills announcing political meet- weru kihmi up in the triml hills, four or five mpressed the audience with a hik'h it-use mother, sister and brother yemereay, at previously, and to have served in the pen! iftes.

That's the reason why hundreds of miles from Granada, but I have every rea of h-r talents as an artist of the bet order. teutiary. 'liie wounded woman is lying son to believe that one of them was fl bashful voters stay away. in a critical condition, Frankfort, Ky.r by putting- arsenic in the rabbit eaten at gtvppcr. Prompt remedies saved their lives.

O' Donald to-day succeeded by arsenic in terminating a pro brother of StaulluM, the man killed, and they were there laying for mo. There are lots of roughs in that country who woHld Oxly twelve more days until the elec MVBl RKIOt'S DIBAI'PKARANCH. ADDITIONAL CITV. The list of registered voters la this city tion. The agony of human anxiety, to be endured during that time, can only be Milwaukee is in a great state of excite like to kill me, nut outside or them haven't got an enemy in the country." longed drunken spree.

ment over the mysierious disappearance of "Have you any suspicions who the train estimatad by the pleadings and supplica has reached almost live thousand. Margaret Heiinick, the 11-year-old daiigh robbers were?" tions his or excellency's lost and undone "None in the least, but think I could District court met at 9 o'clock this morn' ter of Casper llcnuick, a wealthy and for followers. W. II. II.

Whiting, a lawyer of Law. find them. 1 came down here with Frank mg, but adjourned without transacting highly respected resident and business reuce, is the city to-day. any business. to get some instructions from headquarters expecting to go back, mount my horse and scour the country.

When employed J. M. Westlake. of Leavenworth, broth man. I lie girl has been missing since yesterday afternoon, whan she was driven to school in the family i arriage.

It seems Thirty-six car toads of cattle v.eut Thk restless niglitsaud agonizing dreams that some of our candidates for the legislature must have, are already beginning to er of the late jd. Westlake, is at tne through on the Santa Fe road this in ra-ing L'oinz to Kansas City. by the company, 1 went to work in good Windsor. faith." that she did not enter the school building, but disappeared. The jIice seem to think the girl committed suicide, while the tell on their constitutions.

Tangled hair, J. S. Mel.aiu. advertising azent of the "Are you the Talbot that had some Fresh candies mado each day forth Santa Fe r4td, left last night for the home pale faces and haggard features mark them father thinks she was abducted for the trouble ut Fort Union about one year tagc and killed two Mexicans?" wholesale trails at Vogel Uii Fifth street, east. Try tliem.

ol bis father, is very sick, in Illinois. from any other of the race. "No, I am not. That was another man D. G.

Plunimerand wife, of Champaign, purpose of obtaining a heavy ransom. A reward of $200 has been ofi'ered for her recovery. All the houses of ill repute The great Arkansas valley is beginutiuf He spells his name wilii two t's." 111., were lu the city lout night and to-day, "Well, are you the Talbot who killed to move its wheat crop to market. Car load after car load goes throuch every Quehv: If you can't enforce a Sunday law acquiesced in by nlncteen-twenticthe of our people, how in the name of common visiting mends. nave ueen cioseiy eearcneu, out without the marshal of Caldwell lust spring?" avail.

Win. Eversoll, business manager of the "No. That man's name is hheiuun." Grace Cartland is one of the beet ho Cartlaiui-Murray combination, was a sense can a prohiblon law opposed as "You know about all the outlaws. rORFION. tresses on the American stage to-rtny.

1Ikkau caller this afternoon. roughs, bandits and stage robbers of the Her season of three nights in this riry py a majority 01 we ciearesc-ncaaeu, broadest-minded people in the country- J. He ndry left for Omaha to-day, where should call out every lover of the drams. HNULAND. west, don't your" es, a great many of them 1 have seen he has secured a clerkship In the paymas be enforced? The rumor, circulated by some dehhrn.

A Swiss named Miuet, writing to the ter's department of the iuissouri racine and others could tell easily by sight." ing scoundrels, that Sum liadges has railroad. London Times gives a graphic account of "Wore you ucquaiuteu Willi 'limy the Thk Capital and couiinittca of fifty had probably better ask Judge Foster to resign the filthy condition of his prison at Cairo. Lou Utgby, one of Atchf sou's fly news- "No, but I had him pointed out to ine drawn from the track as a caadidaU lor the legislature, is villainously false, au If not stopped soon will result in getting into trouble. paper men. was In the city w-oay.

mr. He says the thumb screws were put on him once in Santa Fe. That, though, was be HiKby has sold the Sunday Morning Call or threaten him with Impeachment. When the political opinions of a man hurt during the Journey from Cairo to Alexan fore he got to be so bad." anu la now raveling. dria.

At the latter place be was thrust As the reporter was leaving, Jim re his antagonist so badly that they become quested him to see Joe Waters mid have into a prisou filthier than the one ut Cairo Karonport To-day a uew story comes out regarding snarly, snappish and wapy, then you some sort of legal action cotuiuencud to L'et and swarming with vermin. He was rob Palil In Fall. At a meeting of the musical union held bed by the jailors und then put on board may know that the cause they espouse is him our or jail. List night these resolutions were passed: "Why," says lie, would not leave the a vf ssoi lor asportation lor Smyrna, but gjlng under. town until they get through with me.

was smuggled ashore by aid of American the arrest of J. S. Davenport and Jim Tal-bot, ou suspicion that they know aud were implicated in the Granada train robber; Davenport told a Hkald reporter this Bettolved, That we express to Messrs. officers of the ship. He went thence to They would be perfectly safo in letting Ilaokla proprietors of the Hotel Berne.

Minet says he believes there are me go to a hotel anu board." Windsor, through the columns of the daily innocent men in Egyptian prisons afternoon that Whitfield, Coe and O'Da sucn as ne nas uescrioeu. were in LmtioKU turee oavs alter the rob papers, our highest appreciation of tlieir kindness in tendering the free use of their parlors for our reception, October 16; ulso, Trial Continued, The four boys, Sial Jordou, Abe Kenlck, Mr. Gladstone yesterday passed the mo tion in the house to defer all discussion re bery and that the robbers were there ul the same tune and were pointed, out i these fellows. That the citizens them jwsoivea, mat we extend our neanv thanks to W. F.

White, general garding Gray's imprisonment and refer the question to a select committee. This illiToil to in arresting the scoundrel-. ticket agent of the T. S. F.

road, for John 3. Inoaixs has finally taken the stump for St. John. Do you know why he has done that? Well we will tell you. One week ago to-day IugalUwas sent for by the state central committee to come here.

There was to be a St. John meeting la Atchison tlmt night. Iiigulls came to Topeka on the noon train, and got the promisoand pledge of St John that hie re-election to the V. 6.. senate, two years hcuoe, should not be Interfered with; re.

fcirned home (ho lame day and has beta work eftr slow. was adopted witn a notable achat. his generous reduction of fare to persons George Early and Joe 'Smith, who were captured by the polioe yesletday evening, as being the thieves who robbed Thompson's liardware store, hi North Topeka, tne night last week, were taken before Justice F.wd to-day for preliminary exam mil the (IcHt-iives -oiiM not l.e I iijhmi to m.iku the attempt i.ien. Instead et tlii-r kfpt shady i who aiu-n'K'd our recent niusieai lesnvai from other parts of the state. FRANCE.

The radical newspapers assail the treaty ination. On acoonnt of diay on toe part The general expresion to-day is, that if the bandits, until tire Uisijraiu cjuuh alim and then left town. So many, dillerviii. ttnrict are being told about the itialti'r) though, that ioihlT alt of them are lu Captain Johnson never knew a lady w1ki of some persons Interested, the trial wa continued until 9 o'clock bxuorrow of Tunis as the natural conclusion of the long hyprocrlsy of Jules Ferry and Gam-stilt, which Is nd kept rip by Dueler. wan a democrat, ins aoaiiftinmnce among corrvtt and highly colored, fttornirig.

ladles t7 llmiteCi..

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