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The Monitor-Press from Wellington, Kansas • 3

The Monitor-Press from Wellington, Kansas • 3

The Monitor-Pressi
Wellington, Kansas
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TIT UnSXitiLN GrTON MONITOR-PKESS, COTOBER 10, 1900. Real Estate Transfers. W. L. lane and wife to Samuel of township, but we are in the saddle to stay this 3'ear.

Can Seventy-six say as much? Bowdre, lots 25to block 2, II. C. St CUIr's add. Belle PUine: D0. P08IH! Samuel Bowdre to John Y.

Hircinbo- ihim. lots 15 to IS. block 2, II. C. St The scholars at the Widick school planned a surprise on Miss Blanche Montgomery last Saturday night.

Sixteen of them came with cake and refreshments and enjoyed themselves till late in the night that is it was late for small scholars to be out. Unit's add. Belle Piaine; $210. S. T.

Tuttle and wife to W. II. Con your school for the 10x16 foot flag we are giving to the most popular school. ner, lots ,54, 30 and block 3. S'one add, Caldwell; 100.

cattle sales held recently he sold on credit $19,800 worth of property and every cenl has been paid without lesal urgency aud promptly when due. We challenge any community In the United States to produce as good a record. Oue Hunnewell man said of his offending neighbor, after being pounded through a show-case into the post-office, "If his brains were dynamate there wouldn't be enough blow off the lid of his skull." However, it is significant that he didn't say It loud enough to be heard by his pugilistic combatant. Pete Burdick and Will Aldrich, who assaulted Ryan Musgrove while shooting quail, plead guilty and were fined $55 and costs belore a Wellington justice. They were fortunate in getting off so easy and doubtless will profit by their experience.

We might advise them that they are being closely watched and may yet be prosecuted should they persist in violating the state game law, u. R. Conner and wife to Jonathtn il. Brown, same property; $125. L.

C. Newton and wife to W. M. Mnnness, lots 4 and 5. block 17, L.

K. Ask your friends in town to vote for your school when they buy shoes. No towns allowed in the contest. As it stood Tuesday morning. OXFORD.

Mrs. A. L. Clark is on the sick list. The McCune house is being cream Myers add, "Wellington: $150.

J. -Robertson nd wife M. R. 125. New Thrailkill.

lots 1 to 4S. block A number of our people took in the Caldwell: $240. quit-claim. street lair at lcblta. A.

M. Forney moved his household goods to Belle Piaine last week. Mrs. W. M.

Fenton 6pent last week In Kansas City, yisltlng her son. Miss Leota Hosick spent Saturday and Sunday with friends In Wichita. Mrs. R. B.

Frlnk is visiting at the home of Dr Collier, in Independence. Henry Phenix and family recently returned Irom a trip through the east. Avon 60 Centennial 6 Concord 1 Emerald 5 Harmon Center. .12 Illinois 10 Jordan 7 Lovett 14 Morris Center. 3 Prairie Center 24 Pleasant Valley.

6 Pink School 3 Silo 1 Union 28 White School 8 MAYFIELD. The best and largest line of Shoes in town. Is a pure baking powder-no alum, lime or ammonia. No acid but that from grapes Miss Mabel Neff is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Lacy.

Mrs. Stremme has been quite ill for several days. Vernon Goodrum has been quite sick for a few davs. Dame Rumor reports that seyeral weddings are to take place in the near future. J.

T. Dickeson has moved his house hold goods into the house vacated by A. M. Forney. A party is to be given at Charles -which is pure, pleasant and M.

R. Thrailkill and wife to E. Czaplinski, same propery; $250, quitclaim. Blackburn Univarslty to James Muck, lots 5 to 7, block 14. South add, Caldwell; $15, quit-claim.

James Mack and wife to Ida H. Keeling, same property; $15, quit-claim. Franklin Sayings bank to O. C. Watson, southwest quarter section Palestine township; $2,500.

Thos. K. Miller nd wife to B. Ellison, lots 4 to 1G, block 20, South-Haven; $1,200. Holmes Gay to Etta G.

Fraxier, south half, southeast quarter and north-wst quarter, southeast quarter section 3 Morris township; $1,100. First Ecclesiastical society of Gris-wold. Conn, to Mary L. Pile, the northeast quarter section 13, (except 20 acres) South Haven township: $1,400. Frank Hafrerman et al, receivers, lo same, 20 acres in southeast corner, northeast quarter, section 13, South Haven township.

$200, Isaac G. Rhine and wife to J. P. Clapp, lots 24 and 25, block 21, Conway; $.10, quti-clalm. Frank M.

Pace and wife to John H. Roach, lots 3 and 4, block 4, J. P. Sumpter's add, Artronia: $500. Wm.

Deerinff Co. to Sarah E. Walker, lot 0. block 2, Argonia; $150. Bentley's Friday night.

Stayton and Martin went to Kansas City last week with cattle. Not allowed on account of being town Millerton, C. A vote with each 50c purchase. Several from here attended the car nival at Wichita last week. Oscar Bottorff, of Oklahoma, visited at Fred Rose's one night last week.

Miss Coin was unable to teach last -BUTT KEY Friday. Guy Selfridge taught for her. Grandpa. Wilson is back at his daughter's, Mrs. W.

Rose, for the winter. TERMS CASH Frank Miller is home from Missouri. He expects to attend school at Mayfield. Fred Rose has bought the Dr. Hunt E.

N. Nevlns came up from his farm in the Strip last week on a visit to his family. Mrs, J. J. Augustine and children returned Sunday from an extended visit to relatives in Chicago.

County Superintendent W. M. Mas-sey and wife, of Wellington, spent Sunday with Oxford friends. The ladies of the Persbyterian church held a pie s'ocial in Johnson's hall Saturday night. A political meeting was also held in the hall.

A moving picture show, illustrating war scenes, will be given Tuesday night. No doubt it will be a success. A Populist meeting will be held on the same night. A. L.

Clark has bought the house and lots recently owned by J. L. Converse in the western part of town. Mr. Converse has moved his household goods to near Belle Piaine, and O.

D. Hailey and familj' will occupy the vacated residence. The of death has once more visited our community and taken from onr midst a loved one. Mr. Lane, after healthful enters into Dr Priced Baking Powder Fruit acids are accounted by hygienists the most important of the elements of the food of man and of these the acid of the grape is most prominent Dr Price's Cream Baking Powder is not only the most efficient perfect of leavening agents but owing to its constituents is likewise promotive of health eiahty, where Jim Ddiley lives, for $1,400.

Miss Clara Holliday spent Salurda' and Sunday with her parents In Belle Plalne. Rev. Biack, of the U.P. church, preached last Sunday night at the CP. church.

Republican Heetings. Argyle school house, London township, Thursday, October 11th. Riverdale, Friday, October 12th. Cicero, Saturday, October 13th. Wellington, Monday, October 15th at 2:30 p.m.

Hon. Chas. Emory Smith; at 8 p.m. Congressman IjOng will speak. Good speakers will be provided pDRRBronbracLl We want a good reliable correspondent An every town and community In the county, and furnish paper and stamped envelopes.

If your neighborhood isn't represented regularly suppose you send us the news. We'll appreciate it HUNNEWELL. (J. E. Murlin has recovered from hi3 last week's illness.

Miss Laura Forsythe has secured a position iu the Boston store ai Wichita. -rL. A. Baugh, of Arkansas City, was here Sunday to attend the funeral of his deceased uncle. Overcoats and yellow blazes were in demand again Sunday and Monday.

This is typical fall weather. The Pleasant Valley school opened Monday, with Miss Mabel Gilbert as teacher. Ham Deer is buying wheat in May-field. It takes competition to make trade lively. Misses Katie and Lilv Laughlin for all.

these meetings. spent last week visiting friends in some months of patient sulierlng, departed this life Sabbath morning, October 7th: He leaves a wife and several sons, besides a host of friends, to mourn his loss, Wichita. Miss Bessie Starr is Staying with Mrs. Emma Rose and attending school The spirit of Mrs. Perry Harrison has taken flight to the undiscovered Note.

There are many cheap baking powders made of alum. Liebig, the celebrated chemist, says that alum disorders the stomach and causes acidity and dyspepsia PRICE BAKING POWDER CHICAGO. in Mayfield, Guy Selfridge and Keitie Oglesbav country from whose bourne no traveler returns. iur. anu iurs.

Harrison teit ior haye secured schools near Argonia, and Prof. Dowis showed up Monday SPRINGDALE TOWNSHIP. A Thousand Tongues Could' not express the rapture of Annie E. Springer, of lliS Howard street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when she found that Dr. Kind's New Discovery for consumption had completely cured her of a hacking cough that for many years had made life a burden.

All other remedies and doctors could give her no help, but she says of this Royal Cure "it soon removed the pain in my chest and I can now sleep soundly, something, 1 scarcely rememler doing before. 1 feel like sounding its praises throughout the universe." So will every one who tries Dr. King's New Discovery morning, having paid a visit to Perth on business of a nature. r-Arthur Murlin has accepted a posi Seeding time Is nearly past. A joint is running wide open day tion with The Mail and Breeze, of To- Colorado several months ago in the interest of the latter's health.

She leaves a husband and four children, besides numerous who have the sympathy of the entire community. She was a loving mother and was Ioed by all. The remains were laid to rest in the Oxford cemetery Sunday. ILLINOIS DISTRICT. peka, and will travel over the slate began on Monday.

Mrs. Hodge has bought property in Wlnfield and they will move there soon. Ernest will attend college at that place. Mrs. I.

F. Hodge visited last week with Mrs. Hodge and family. Her daughter, little Inez Fay. was quite sick while there.

A. B. Lacy is almost laid up with an Injured hand, the effects of a "scrap" with a neighbor. The wav of the trans The Christian church stamp social Prohibition ticket, madj a speech In front of the Park house Friday night. Morris, the fruit tree man, came home from Anthony Saturday night.

Mrs. F. H. Huffman will enlarge her millinery establishment, by adding a room to the back part. Quite a number of our citizens attended the faneral of O.

P. Baugh at Hu.nnewell Sunday afternoon. Charles McCiellan on Thursday night received a telegram from Nardin stating that S. Davis was in a dangerous condition. He drove down that night Drlday night was largely attended and proved quite a successful entertainment.

Will Marshall was home oyer Sunday and returned to Winfield Monday. and night In this township. Sharp frost on Monday morning, but nothing nipped seriously. George Orr went to Wichita on Friday to see the sights at.the street parades. C.

J. Burnette is having an old annex to his dwelling torn away and a building put up in its place. Frank Sones, the Conway Springs lie is getting along nicely in his school wonc. The first frost last year was on on October 17th. The ground was too wet to cultivate for eight or ten days after the rains.

A good program has been prepared gressor is hard. Lee Bussin, who lived in the Hamill property in town, left for the coal mines in the eastern part of the state or Missouri last week. The missionary society of the M.E. church met with Mrs, Hodge last Thurs Most of the drills started last Thursday for the literary next Friday night, and everybody should attend they would for any trouble of the throat, chest or lungs. Price 50c and SI.

Trial bottles free at F. 11. Snyder's drug store; every bottle guaranteed. Robbed the Grave. 4 A startling incident of which-Mr John Oliver, of Philadelphia, was the subject, is narrated by him as follows: 4I was in a most dreadful condition.

My skin was almost yellow, eyes continually in back and sides, no appetite gradually growing weaker day by day. merchant, was doing business with some of the county officials on the Sth Inst. be entertained i and found him resting easier. Ex-Senater W. A.

Peffer addressed GUI, Kimball paid $40 for Van Noy's Alex Brown and wife were in the property, east of the Christian church, day, and of the CP. church, with Mrs. and is building a two-room addition to Goodrum on Wednesday. or Friday. Mrs.Chenoweth furnished the school room at Rome with some yery fine pot plants.

The geranium that stands in the front window makes a fine appearance. Perhaps Postmaster General Smith can tell in his speech next week why The Kentucky Vindicator, a prohibition paper which has over 2,000 paid sub Mr. and Mrs. W. H.

Nunn went to Kansas City last week to visit Mrs. the people at. Ryland's hall Saturday evening from a Republican standpoint. In that speech he did not abuse any man or political part', but showed to his listeners the folly of imperallsm being a paramount issue of this campaign so plainly thty could not help but be convinced. There were quite a number came up and shook hands with Mr county seat on Monday on business pertaining to the estate of his father, Ebenezer Brown, who died two or three years ago.

Henry Burford, of Meade county, accompanied by his two sisters, are visiting in this vicinity and also at Nunn's brother, Ernest Allen. They re turned home by Emporia, where they visited Mrs. Nunn's mother and sisters. scribers, is denied second-class mail The physicians had given me up. Fortunately, a friend advised trying Electric my great joy and surprise, the first bottle made a decided improvement.

I continued their use for three weeks, and am now a well man. I know they saved my life, and robbed the grave of another Milton. They will probably remain two PORTLAND. or three weeks. Peffer, saying they felt just as he did in regard to the the house for a residence.

The Whetseii case is completed and Mrs. Waddell landed harder on John's neck than before. There is talk that the case may go to the supreme court. Charles Spencer, of the South Haven New Era, is thinking of running a Hunnewell paper in addition to the one at South Ilaen, and may put In a plant here. Prof.

Callahan has moved his piano to his boarding place, and will improve idle moments this winter by surprising the natives with his marvelous art and ability. George Scott wandered away Sunday, but appeared again Monday even Something of a sensational case will "Will Thorp is talking of moving be brought before Justice Chaddon in near Black well. CORBIN. Grandma Jenson was numbered Wellington oi next Saturday. All the parties to the suit, principals and wit with the sick last week.

Sam Hawkins took care of the nesses, will be furnished from this part of the county. It will be no sleeps' -lost of the farmers in this vicinity victim." Xo one should fail to try them. Only 60 cents per bottle at F. IJ. Snyder's drug store.

The progtesslve uatlons of the world are the great food consuming nations. Good food well digested gives strength. If you cannot digest all ou eat, you are busy gathering corn. post-office Thursday. D.

M. Johnson has finished off his last year's crop of wheat. hauling What's the matter with Portland? privileges. At this date we are haying fine fall weather, clear, calm aBd cool. We had our first frost here Monday morning.

Damp straw and boards were white. Vegetation was not injured. Another one Tuesday morning. Taylor Short started one of their threshers Monday morning. The stacks have been so wet that they have not threshed any for a few weeks.

They have about three weeks' work yet. John Spoor is helping them. Mr. and Mrs. Tobe Funderburg (on the Beeman Smith place) lost a child about five months' old last week.

Interment at Atteberry. Mr. and Mrs. Funderburg and one of the children are sick with typhoid fever, but are improving. There hasn't been a political speaking here this fall.

ing as a "Weary Willte." He looked worse than that when he returned from A light frost Suuday night caused the sweet DOtato and tomato vines to Wichita. affair. Vernon Cline is the Pop candidate for trustee of this township. He is a youthful candidate, having been born and raised in Springdale. He Is regarded by some to be as much of a Republican as a Demo-Pop and he will draw votes from both parties, Nearly all the schools are In running order now.

Miss Ethel Skeels commenced a seven-months term at Spring Hill school house on Monday, need Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what you eat. You need not diet yourself. Il contains all of the best known tonics and reconstructlves. It will even dfgesfall classes of foods In a bottle.

No other preparation will do turn a little darK. -The question for debate at the liter -Ott Fitzgerald and family, who left Several attended the "Wichita carnival from this place and report a fine time. The new minister of the M.E. church preached Sunday morning and evening. Mrs.

King, of Jiardin, Oklahoma, is visiting her son, Mr. Morgan, the Santa Fe agent. Herman Ammon Is erecting a new livery and feed stable which Is quite an ary next Friday night is negro disfran here about a year ago, have returned, chisement in South Carolina. Prof this. It instantly relieves and quickly Dowis and A.

D. Murlin are the chief and are satisfied to make Portland their home. cures all stomach troubles, il. v. disputants on the affirmative and nega Smith and A.

M. Stanley. -Mr. and. Mrs.

Ed Hart returned tive respectively Most of the farmers will finish this week if the weather continues home from Floral, where they attended October lt, at $40 per month, Edgar Mathes commenced the same day at The M.E. choir will meet regularly every week hereafter for practice. Thev Improvement to the town. the funeral of his mother, who died of typhoid fever. favorable.

Some of the first fields sowed are now so thick that the ground cannot met Tuesday night, and Mr. Wile has kindly consented to give them a. free Mr. Weekley has bought the hotel Please Notice. District 143, the same wages.

Claude Wycotf commenced a seven months term the same day in the Miller Dobbin school house, at $45 per mouth. be seen from the road. Franklin was the first to pasture his wheat in and Mr. Knapp has bought the Davis course in music if thev will attend and Any one wishing to find a good home property. Each will do considerable this locality.

manifest such an interest as his offer for a destitute child, or any Christian repairing and painting. deserves. family of any denomination desiring to GUELPH. Two hunters, supposed to be from Wellington, while passing our school There will be a business meeting at Fortune smiles on and take a child, please apply to II. an- the Baptist church Saturday afternoon denburgh, president, or to Charles Hood Henry "Wilson sold two colts just her good citizens.

Mrs. G. H. Kimball was happy to avoid the street car wreck Feminine IteU MI need a rest." she Raid. "I been working mywlf to death getting the children ready for the summer, and I must get away from the city for at least two moths.

"I know just the spot." he replied; a quiet place where only a few people go and there is no excitement. For a real good rest it is But at this point she interrupted him. "And not a soul to see how well I have dressed myself and the children!" she cried. "And I have la bored so hard at it. too! Well, I guess not." Chicago Post.

secretary, of the local board or the weaned to Dick Morrow for $110. and preaching Saturday evening and on Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. at Wichita recently, having been de Kansas Children's Home society. house some time Sunday shot into the building, breaking two panes of glass out of one of the windows on the south side. Such people may not know thai the law provides a very severe penalty for malicious desrtuction of public property, but Sowing wheat Is the order of the talned from boarding that car by A little daughter of Mr, and Mrs.

S. day. It has been yery wet. The early Fultz, living north of here, died Sunday important ousiness wntcn came up For Sale. The northeast quarter section 17, sown wheat is now large enough to hide a rabbit.

with cholera Infantum. It was buried prematurely they are likely to find it out if they are Monday in the Jordan cemetery. Chikaskia township, Sumner county, Your scribe ventures to assure the readers of this column that If they keep The Wilis sale, In the btrlp. was caught at this work. Kansas.

For terms address. N. Querry, who visited In Illinois a success financially, everything selling the greater part of last month, has re their eyes peeled and continue to read JPIY a v-v high. Several trom this neighborhood M. Doras.

Tennessee, Illinois ARGONIA. turned home bringing with him samples attended. A. T. Williams bought fifty the moxitor-'ress, they will some day.not far distant, read of an important of apples, pears, crab-apples, corn and head of steers, paying $13.75.

rt. A. wedding that will materially enhance TnE Momtor-Press special souvenir Pickett paid $190 for one animal. various other things. The corn was out of his nephew's field and would make the society interests of Hunnewell.

edition, containing a large amount of -r-The Republicans of Walton town- 100 bushels to the acre. It made Kansas Interesting matter concerning the Ju Frank Tracy and T. D. Lowry have each taught one week. Miss Hattle Kleplnger is clerking for the firm of Pierce Archer.

J. C. Colin billed Milan last Saturday for the Long meetnlg on the 10th. A Care for military Rttrnew. "BloggsTias enlisted." "Who, liloggs? Say, he'll make a fine recruit he's so raw." "He's sure to pet over that." hip have nominated the following The telephone linemen are at work here now.

They have discovered that corn look like nubbins when laying side named gentlemen for township offices by side. bilee and illustrated with more than thirty fine half-tone portraits and views, sent to any address on receipt of 10c. the information they received in South 1" rw Trustee, E. Nolds; treasurer, George iiaven mat me uunneweu hotel was so Owen; clerk, J. W.

Orahood; justices of "How "lie's Miss Warford and her sister visited cook." closed, was false and was given in order EWELL. Quite a lot of threshing Is yet to be to be the company You can spell It cough, coff. caugb, the peace, W. C. Smith, Eiias Lorey; constables, S.

Bricker, S. Anstine; road to keep them there, when Hunnewell Cleveland Plain Dealer. her folks near Caldwell last Saturday, returning Sunday. was justly entitled to their patronage overseers, M. Stoner, James Miles, John done.

kauff, kaff, kough, or kaugh, but the only harmless remedy that quickly cures It is One Minute Cough Cure. Lewis, Jess Morrow, James Hoot Hunneweli's delegation to the Ruse Bro. have taken out the partition in their store and now hve "Wichita carnival wa3 Immense as com H. F. Smith and M.

Stanle3 drug I. P. Parsons was home Sunday. one large room. pared with the size of the town, and one gists, would think that a band of Indians had Kev.

tiooge win take nis nnai ex "Dad," said the youthful Billrillian, "thar's a big rattlesnake under th bed!" "All right," said the old man, composedly, "jest let him stay thar Laze ef you pester him he'll spring his rattle an wake yer. mammy up, an then thar'll be the devil to pay!" Atlanta Constitution. amination at Dodge City and then will 1 struck the border when the crowd Clark's One Minute Headache Sold at drug stores. Quite a number went from here to hear Long at Conway Springs. The rest of us will go to Argonia on the 10th.

McBrian and Parsons spoke at the meeting at the Cox school house last Thursday night. There was a good audience present, considering how busy the farmers were putting out wheat. Miss Wood taught her first week of the winter term at Silver Brook school be ordained an elder. Cure. alighted from the train Saturday night.

Mr. Parsons is making a splendid campaign. The writer has ben personally acquainted with both the candidates for district clerk for about eight years. They both lived in the same school district, and we venture the assertion that Mr. Parsons will get three votes to Mr.

everyone shouting, ''You'll have to J. D. Herron Is moving into the hurry." property hs boaght of James McLain, The death of O. P. Bugh Friday Special Clubbing Rates.

The following high-grade publications offered in connection with this paper the Janeway property. ill m. Chas. Emory Smith, post- night was quite a surprise, inasmuch as Quite a nnmher of our neonie went i uuiam one in a radius oi three mues 01 he seemed perfectly well only a few to Wichita last week to attend the car-i tnls Place- for master general of the United States, and Congressman on advance-paid subscriptions the coming year: hours before. The funeral at the M.E SOUTH HAVEN.

church Sunday was largely attended Hicks Almanac for i.i5 Chester I.Long will speak Rev. Williams was the officiating min J. P. Faurot is still on the sick list ister. The deceased carried a $2,000 last week and was unfortunate in having just thirteen, the unlucky number, of scholars.

More are going next week. Charles Montgomery and family are yisiting his brother, P. C. Montomery. He used to be a resident of Seventy-six township in the early 'eighties.

He will Seventy-six and Wellington before Kansas City Starr 1.20 Toledo Blade 1.25 here next Monday, October 15th. L. F. Baugh returned from Kansas nival, reporting a good time. Charles Cook, from near Freeport, is now attending the public schools and boarding with W.

C. Howard. Horace Huron, the funny man, gave an entertainment at the I.O.O.F. hall Monday night. It was given under the auspices of the "Woodmen of this city.

He had a large crowd and the exercises were good. His talk for the Woodmen was quite good and convincing that a man needs this protection for his family. City Friday night. C. F.

Watkins is putting new shin gles on Tils residence. policy In the M.W.A., which order participated in the exercises. J. H. Wills, who sold everything last week and retired from the cattle business, furnishes a good prosperity item for the weak and disgruntled voter who believes the "money power" is try- Chicago Weekly Inter-Ocean 1.35 Topeka Mail and Breeze 1.50 Kansas Farmer 1.75 Topeka Capital 1.75 Word and Works (Hicks paper) 1.75 Globe-Democrat 1.75 The National Tribune (G.A.R.) 1.90 The Youth's Companion 2.25 The most dainty and effective pills made are DeWitt's Little Risers.

They are unequaled for all liver and bowel troubles. Never gripe. H. F. Smith and A.

M. Stanley, drugslsts. Try those pretty Jubilee going home. "We heard that last year was the first year the Republicans got an office in Seventy-six township since the Pop party was born. The same can be said Mr.

and Mrs. Wesley Nave came down from 'Wellington Saturday. Rev. R. H.

Moore, of Arkansas City, candidate for secretary of state on the to "eat him alive. In two lag bis.

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