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Western Home Journal from Ottawa, Kansas • 2

Western Home Journal from Ottawa, Kansas • 2

Ottawa, Kansas
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R. JEN NESS Western Home Journal. FIRM! OTTAWA LAND AGENCY, THE NEW YORK INDEPENDENT. The immense family of readers of the must have opened the last number with a good degree of agreeable "astonishment. It was scarcely tmns ix edited ajtd rcuLisnmr trr I.

S. KALLOCH, WBOM A IX COKXCXICVTiOWS PERTAIXI.ta TO THE PAPZ SHOCLD B5 ADDP.ESEZD. 'OTTAWA, THURSDAY, DEC. 10, lf'G3. Wc have just opened the largest stock ever brought to OTTAWA, consisting in part of conceivable that it could be improved in any way, bat last of all by way of enlargement.

For it waB a mammoth before. Nevertheless it has been enlarged, aud enlarged too for the use of its writers and the benefit of its readers, rather than the use of the advertisers and the pecuniary profit of the publisher. Mr. Bowen deserves the thanks of the generation for the business ability and moral heroism ft if DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, LA SS AND TIN-WAR E. We hare in store, and are receiricg, A CHOICE SELECTION OF GOODS.

CHRISTIAN MANLINESS. It is to be greatly regretted that many professing Christians pay bo little attcntiontioQ to manliness. The poet Young has said that The Christian is. ihe highest etyle of man." And eo he should be. Religion should make him a gentleman.

Not gentleman according to the Chesterfield or the dandy model, but a gentleman in a aense vaatly higher and more important in a sense of being above all mean, low, and unworthy with which he has worked the Independent up to its present proud position. Most men would have fallen back appalled at the magnitude of the under taking, or sunk down discouraged under the heavy load; but he has prosecuted the work with that CLOTHING, heroic and historic spirit which knows no such word as fail, and we, with millions of readers, rejoice at his reward. i which we offer But what is the Independent without Tilton worda and actions. And yet as the boy wrote to 'hi3 father to come out west because so many mean men get office so we are compelled in truth to admit that many mean men, or at least men with many ways. get into the churc-hea.

We have heard 'professors of religion rpcsik about others in a way that no honorable gentleman, without any regard to Christianity, would" ppesk of another; we have lie appears to us to be as necessary to it, and as fitted to it, as Beecher is to the Plymouth Church. AT THE LOWEST MARKET PRICE. BOOTS AND SHOES, He is an organic- part of it, and. whatever. he might do, without the Indejtendent, the Independent would Our goods have all been Lought with cash, and we will sell aa low as can be sold for cash.

knowo them to use even the consecrated place of do poorly without him. He is emphatically the right man in the right place: II is ability as a wri prayer as a theatre for unfounded, ungenerous and uncalled for allusions ta absent brethren we have seen fheni exhibit a sr'irit-of VjneruIouHnegs and ob- I-I-AJDS CAPS, Usiox Pacixic ltAiLRo.r, Soctbebs Bhakch. This road (sometimes called the Neosho Valley road) is now in a fair way for being put through. We find the following in the Emporia AVw Ed. News Your readers are aware that a meeting of the Directors of the Union Pacific Railroad (Southern Branch) Company was held in New York, a few days since.

The meeting was called for the purpose of relieving the company from the entanglements and delays growing out of mismanagement under the Beach con tract of last year, and of making a final effort to secure the building of the road. There were present at the meeting in New York six Directors, as follows H. F. Hale, P. Z.

Taylor, T. S. Huffaker, S. S. Prouty, T.

II. Walker and B. Plumb. The result was in every way satisfactory. The Beach contract waa-delivered up and cancelled, and a new one entered into with the Land Grant Railway aud Trust Company, of New York, whereby the latter company agrees to build the road as follow: Work to be commenced December 15th;" grading to be completed through Davis county by the 15th of May next ar.d grading, bridging, and cuUerting to Council Grove by 1st November, 1869; and forty miles to be completed every year thereafter until the State line is reached; failure to work forfeiture of all rights under the contract.

There is no doubt of the ability and determination of the new Company to build the road, and if circumstances are favorable as anticipated, there is little doubt but that they will build it more speedily than they are bound by the contract to do. 1. B. Plumb. There has been another destructive fire in Leavenworth, and wo are sorry to see that our old friends Aber-nathy and Richards are the principal sufferers.

The Visitor, heretofore published at oiij-. has been su pended. and the material has been purchased and carried to Che'topa by Col. W. L.

Horner, for his new paper, to be started there on January 1st. -The School Superintendent of Miami county reports 55 org nized districts, children enrolled, number attending schools, teachers' salaries, from $25 to $100 per month total value of school buildings in the county, $32,875. RELIGIOt 8. The ReT. Robert Collyer, of Chicago, in his Thanksgiving sermon, pronounced a truthful eulogy on General Grant by saying He has the courage to do his duty, the conscience to do it well, the modeety to say nothing about it when it is done, and the humility to go back to the leather business, if the nation thinks he can take no better place." The Methodist Church at Paola is to be sold to cancel a heavy debt of the society.

A smaller house will be built in its st ead. The Catholics of Kansas City have subscribed very nearly $8,000 for the building of a Cathedral at that place. The following was passed by the late Episcopal Convention, having first passed the House of Bishops: That no minister of this church shall solemnize matrimony in any case where there is a divorced wife or husband of either party still living but this cation shall not be held to apply to the innocent party in a divorce for the cause of adultery, or to parties once divorced seeking to be united again By the organic law, the Wesleyan Church of England provides for the innurance of its preachers. A regulation of the British Conference requires that every young preacher who joins them shall be a subscriber to the mutual ministerial insurance fund." SIJECIAIa xotices. We Will take all kind of Farm Pro-uuiv ochauge for goods.

GiTe us a call BEFORE buying elsewhere. "Q-tf R. JENWESS CO. ABERNATHY BROTHERS, stiny and -faultfinding and hardntis to please 'which would disgrace a well-broken mule; and ca-'peciatly have we known members of antagonistic -denominations to take measures against eachother, OFFICE IN THE COUNTY BUILDING. The following is a part of the Real Estate which we are uow offering for sale Xo.

1. 200 acres, seven miles from Ottawa and miles from Norwood station. 110 acres under plow, SO acres timber and thirty acres in blue grass; a large two story frame house, well finished, with good cellar; large frame barn with stone basement, running water in barn yard, good well at the house, good bearing orchard, fence all in good repair. Price, $7,000. Xo.

2. 172 acres seven miles north from Ottawa, and two miles from Norwood station 50 acres good timber, 30 acres improved, comfortable house and barn, fine bearing orchard, good well water. Trice, 2, 840. 270 acres, mostly br ttom land, -10 miles south of Ottawa, two miles from Railroad, SO acres under cultivation, good frame house and cellar, never-failing spring near the house, bearing orchard, stabling for six horses, good graiiery, 30 acres timber, 12 acres wheat to go with farm. The buildings on this place arc on high ground, ia a small grove of timber, and command a fine view of tho country and Railroad for Trice $17 per acre.

1 300 acres, six miles west of Ottawa, 40 acres timber, 75 acres broke, large, well finished frame house, good well, stabling for six horses, and other out-buildings, bearing orchard. This farm is desirable for stock raising. Price 3,000. Xo. 5.

1G0 acres, four miles south-east of Ottawa, 90 acres enclosed with a good board fence, GO acres under plow-, 10 acres in pasture, hedge on two sides of farm, 200 grapevines that will bear next year; crop to go with place, (1G acres corn and one-half acre of potatoes,) comfortable farm house, and good well of water. Price $2750. Xo. 6. 93 acres, eight miles of Ottawa, 40 acres under cultivation, frame house, 10 acres timber, young orchard, splendid spring, rails sufficient to fence the balance of the land.

Price $13.00 per acre. Xo. 7. Several fine forty and eighty acre lots near the City, with good water and timber, at reasonable prices. xo.

s. 80 acres, 8 miles south-west of Ottawa, all under fence, 40 acres broke, well, frame house, 150 gx-ape vines and some other small fruits on the place. Price 1280. Xo. 9.

218 acres, seven miles west of Ottawa, 110 ArEST IXDIA GOODS. and utter misrepresentations about each other which could only been born, where they arc certainly bound, in hell. Manufacturers' and Dealers in These things are a great dishonor. They bring CROCKERY FURNITURE I CARPETS. religion into reproach.

They make honorable men ehrink from contact with a church which allows tbem. If, you are a professor of religion, then remember that you arc under double obligation to show yourself a man, to bc above mean actions and mean wordi about your brethren, or about anybody. Leave these things to those to whom they belong, and who delight iu them. The devil has a plenty GLASS WARE. 2Vo.

08, Uelaware Street, of scavengers, and the scavengers have a plenty of Wc are ofl'cring this entire stock cave wo li, a its a s. ter is unquestioned. But beyond has just that liberal mind on a sound faith and discipline which fit him for the peculiar position which the Independent holds among the forces of American progress, and which has made it what it is. The Independent is the organ of no sect in the church and no party in politics. Here is its power.

It belongs to this age. It is up with the times Read its article on our first page on the Sabbath question, and you will get an idea of its liberal, which we maintain to be the real conservative, position. commend the Independent to that large and largely increasing body of readers who wish to be religious without being unduly rigid, who hold to an orthodoxy with life-blood in it, who love the true church but despise all bigoted churchmen, and who think the mission of the gospel is not one of pugilistic warfare about robes or rites, but one of peace to the disconsolate, freedom to the slave, culture to. the ignorant, and hope for all. A CAUTION TO POLITICIANS.

It may prove dangerous to assume that the necessarily transcendent regard for great national questions during a great national crisis, which has kept the party of freedom and the Union an overwhelming unit at the polls, will induce that party to allow ambitious politicians to use it to gratify their merely personal aspirations. The majority of the people are getting more than ever to look at principles and not at men. They are impatient of management and intrigue for President making, or the making of any other officers, and are not likely to be easily cheated into the, support of self-seekers. There are some so habituated to the old crooked ways of politics that they Eeem not to understand tho popular change, which requires of candidates straightforward aud honest conduct instead of the adroitness of the demagogue or the of the marroeuvercr. I he experiences of the past few joai-a have taught the people many things.

Amonp other lessons, they have learned to be shy of the cajolery and professions of hack politicians, and to prefer to listen to the dictates of their owu judgments in the selection of leaders and rulers. veky r.ow, r-ou cvjsir. Our motta ij WE HAVE.JUST RECEIVED rmaU Xx'olltfi Ulltl CJulolt lteluriHi, Come and see us anJ c-will show you that the MMCLE SIXPENCE will buy ns much as tin. SLOW SHILLIA'U. 250 Rolls of Carpets, We 'WILili ZN OT be ocecsols ia OiTiWi.


MASS. AND W1STIIROP ST. KANSAS. Drafts, Checks, Sioht Drafts on Europe, Gold and acres under good cultivation and well fenced, 108 acres of timber, lot; house and stable, bearing orchard, peach and apple, well watered. Price $20,00 per acre.

Ottawa Flouring Mills AT EASTERN PR'ICES. Silver, United States Bonds and Interest Notes COMPLtTED AXD bought and Sold. ruos. 120-ly 80 acres of No. 1 prairie land 13 miles south of Ottawa, on State road from Ottawa to mile from the line of the L.

L. G. Railroad, 30 acres broke. Price, $400. Rerenu St am pa for ml.

Interest aUowod en time deposit. Col lection uindo in all porta of Kansn. n-ltf READY FOR (CUSTOMERS. Xo. II.

00 acres, 5 miles north-west of Ottawa, 10 acres timber, 40 acres fenced, 10 acres broken. BANKING AND EXCHANGE OFFICE OF DP. IIP- ELDEH CO. KANSAS. Drafts, Checks, Gold and Silver, United States Bonds, and Interest Notes lion glit and sold.

Revenue Stamps for sale. Interest allowed on time depesits. Collections mads in all parts of Kansas. 44tf 4 acres wheat, running water. Price $1000.

fco Lringon your wheat and get it mads Xo. 12. 220 acres, 5J miles south-east of Ottawa, into flour iu tLe carrion. -There can always be found men to Bay nothing about the women whose most nutritious food is tho garbage of scandal, and whose sweetest drink is blood from the slaughter-house where souls are sacrificed. They know more about every man's business in the neighborhood than lie knows himself, and what they don't Ldow they guess at.

is no position so sacred, or work so honora-Lle, or character so pure, aa to shield it from the malignant darts of their detraction, for in the slime and gurry in which they have their being, their only consolation and their only amusement is to fling some dauba and blotches of their dirt and filth upon the conspicuous objects whom they envy because they cauuot emulate, aud hato because they cannot ruin. Leave them to thoir work. Don't try to stop tbeoi. They will thro'v dirt all tho more, "lis their nature to. But in Heaven's name, if you have, any aspirations to mauliucss, to sy nothing of uy pretensions to religion, don't imitatn or assist them.

THE CLDRIDCE HOUSE. convenient and comfortable headquarters, at head centre towns, for the representatives of the various railroad, educational and political interests of the State; is c-ne of the desiderata of the day. guch a want is handsomely supplied by the Kldridge House at Lawrence. It is a large, capacious, well-arrauge'd and neatly kept hotel, with gentlemen for landlord and clerks who have a due appreciation of the demands of the traveling public. All tho State centres at the Eldridgo House.

It is, par excellence, the head centre hotel. Gathered arouud its hospitabla-looking stove you will generally see the leading educators, judges, counsellors, railroad men, and proiunient 'publicists- geuerally of the day. That, medium sized, active, earnest man in grey clothe and cap is President Frazer of the State University, discussing and urging such measures f.a are needed for the development of the magnificent young institution over which he presides, and ia which all good citizens feel an especial interest. That broad-guag'jd, intelligent and friendly-Jooking face one of the faces which attracts confidence and has HQ: lino of betrayal in it belongs to a' man who- had the high honor to ba3 ono of the counsellors Mr. Lincoln in the dark days of the aud who is now, engaged in the magnificent work of aiding the progress of the: iron horse across, tha J.

P. Usher. He apr pears just now to hecptertaining a pardonable dis; gust, at the liule sympathy which great railroad enterprises meet. with at the head-centre. Forofal) towns to la big swelling words about railroad and tq projectth.ent in every conceivable direction providing they run through Lawrence and then Vo stab aud hariu them when it geUa chance, Law.

ja.certaiuly desprcing of. the premium. This jt uuderstood. ia, opinion do not.itetemi ihafci is. Julge Xjalicr's.

"TEatf lean', assiuVlikelooCui'g gentktrian, who on Middle Creek tJO acres good timber, 135 acres fenced, 70 acres iu cultivation, 3 good log houses, good well, plenty of stock water, convenient to school house and mill. A larc THE NEW YORK OBSERVER Is now publishing a IN' Serial Story, to run thitngh a large part of the text Tolume, ontitlcd "Mr. Browning's Parish." All fto subscribers will get the stcry complete. We send GllOYER BAKiiU'S i55 Sewing Machino for 1 new subscribers. In order to introduce tho 0D3ERV KR to new readers and new circles ot tLiliueoce, we make the loilowmg iibt-ral offers for SEW Si'BSCKIBERS: VTe will send the 03E5.ter for one year to 2 subscribers, one or both being new, for 3 subscribers, two or all beine new.

for FS: 4 subscribers, three or all being new, for $10. Or to any person sending ns fire or more ntw subscribers, we will allow one dollar commission on each, Send by check, draft, or rijttrffice order. Haniplc Copies unci Circulars sent free. Terms, 73 50 a year, in advance. SIDNEY E.

MORSE, 37 Park Row, New York. BEST MILL IX KANSAS; At. IV. K-KAZKll, i Dealer In WATCHES, CLOCKS, Fine Jewelry, Silver-Ware, Revolvers, portion of this land is bottom. Price $4,000.

and as we hare cti.igcJ one of tha best r.u'Ilrrs to run the ALBUMS AND FANCY GOODS, Xo. 13. 20,000 acres unimproved timber and prairie, lying in 'different parts of the country, mostly WE CAN GUARANTEE S7 MASS. ST. LAWRENCE, KANSAS.

9tg Watches carefully repaired lj- skilled workmen. n21tf CcH. HOWARD AND HIS MINISTER. The following squib shows that Gen. Howard has seen too much service to allow a little one-horse minister to ride too roughly over him.

It is a great pity that he hadn't taken his one arm and thrashed some of the conceit out of the cowardly puppy who hides himself behind his pulpit to slander man whose shoes he isn't fit to The leaders in tbe Congregational church quarrel at Washington, llev Dr. Bovuion, tho pastor, and Gen. Freedmaa's Bureau Howard, who raised the money that pays biui had a little interview the other day, and this ia what they said to ono'another: Gen" Howard. I take this occasion to pronounce all that you have Baid of me an unmitigated falsehood. -1 Dr.

Baynton. Do you mean to call me a liar? Gen. Il-jvoard. I mean what I say, and I pronounce your statement an unmitigated falsehood. Dr.

Boynton. Then you mean to call me a liar? Gen. Howard. Yes, sir, I say that you have lied. Dr.

'Botnlon If, sir, you had two arms I should thrash you for insulting me. 0i s. Gen. Howard Never mind my arm; tTy it, and thrash tne if you can. At I 'Yhich Iter.

Dr. Boynton did not do; but turned away, more in anger than in sorrow, wc fear, at Lis rebellious parishioner. in i well-settled neighborhoods, convenient to and we koow that one trial will ceu iorr you. schools and churches. 'Price from $3.50 to per acre.

Xo. II. i II. 1. I.

II, ATTORNEY AT LAAV, A TV It A A S. OfEco on Main Street, over Holt's 432-tf 300 acres 12 miles South-east from Ottawa, 100 acres under fence, U0 acres in cultivation. TBEO. C. BOWLES.

SAX. W. HGFFMAS. We have all lauds of GO acres timber, small orchard, log house and stable, two good springs near the three miles from line or L. R.

R. Price $10 NATIVE LUMBER BOWLES IIOITir3XA.1V, Littorneys ot IioL-vvT Real Estate and Claim Agents, Ottawa, JCimsas. Sheriff's Sale. i State of KansiS. Franklin Connty.

ss. V. P. iader Co- 1 In tha Fourth district Court, iu ani-for i (Franklin cotmtv, State of Kansas. C.

F. and M. P. Inrle. BY virtue of an ordi-r of Sill' to mo directed, issued out of the Fourth Judicial lfist ict Cour of Franklin county, State of Kuiiko-s, I ill cm Friday, the 11th (lay of December, A.

i. 16 at 4 i. M. of said diiy, at tli front dour of the Court House iu OttaWit, County of Franklin, and State ot Kansas, oiY-r for sale at public auction, to the highest and beet bidder, for cash iu hand, the ioilowing describi-d land, and tenement to-wit Lot irtinitK-r ten in bkck numler seventy-one in th City of Ottawa, county of Franklin, State ol alannati, saving the rights of 1. W.

Zimmerman, taken as the property of said C. F. Earle and M. P. Karle, and appruUed at five thousand dollars, and to be sold to atify said order of ale.

Given under my hand at officii in Ottawa, this 4th day of November, A. I). R. JS. JESS ESS, 151 -tii i Sheriff Franklin County, Kansas.

C. B. MASON. W. H.

CLARE. MA.SON-. c3 CLARK, ATTORNEYS COUNSELLORS AT LAW, Real Estate and Collection Agents, OTTAWA, KANSAS." per acre. Xo. ia.

123 acres, 8 miles south-west of Ottawa, 5 acres timber, prairie all fenced, 65 acres in cultivation, good frame and log house," 15 acres pasture, good well, young orchard. Price $1900. xo. 17. G40 acres, unimproved prairie land, nine miles south-east of Ottawa, good location for a stock farm.

Price $5 per acre. Also 320 acres, 12 mile3 from Ottawa, at $3.50 per acre, Xo. 18. 440 acres, 8 miles north-west from Ottawa, 4 miles from Railroad station, 1G0 acres un Look! A Bargain 'The; suffrage question, --m Tbere is a general demand from all quarters that our Legislature should submit, the question of. Ne-gro-Sbffrage, to Werust it will be done at the -earliest possible day.

Let us have it, pure audlsimple, and fight Jt on; line. -There-is no question but the will be favora. blevWe are pleased to see that. many: of -thcdvo cates of; woman suffrage are-willing- that manhood -be. triad.

by and are making tnore, at THE OLD MILL. 151 11ICIGI5T A ItlHBY. EL DRIDGE HOUSE, A rare opportunity to procure a pood farm of 124 acres, fifteen miles south of Ottawa, und three miles e.Bit of the line of the 1. L. G.

K. twenty acrea under cultivatitm, eighty acres pmirie, ftirtj acre beat timber in Soutlit i a Kannftii. The above piece of land will be sold cheap fur cah. Be sure and call on inn immediately, a barpain. For furthw patricalars apply to me, corner ot Walnut and Second streets, opposite Cniun House, Ottawa.

Kansas. 14il i M. PUTTER."SA.S. IL.A.WX2.E IV GJF1, E.

A. SMITH Proprietor: CIGAR MAN UF ACTOR L. DAVIDS 1.C3 Stages leave this house dally for art parts of the tats. THE- OTTAWA, i W'nuM inform the "Mtcsra and Koutlieri, Kana.i. that ho is niauuliiituriug, iind has cocstaully on hand, a Wa fcTATE.

cr fherejl.outs is General Devtzter. woirknown as -4 i "T0TICE Is'fcereby sriVen that I intend to laake applicaaon (p the FrobateCeurt of fraaklin county, Kaunas on Mnudnyxfie Iih day of A. D. 1HG8, tor the purpose of resijrning my triiat adiiini st Tutor of the estate of Joseph aLtfer, deceasedr MfLl.S, Adm'r of estate of Jompph Keffer, dee'd, late of Trankliff lis. ui me oiu a xajiniui soiaier or tue war.

i fw- Sheriff Sale. State of Kansas, Franklin County, sfc Robert Atkinson FoBrtJl Conrt, in and SuT hitney County, State of Kansas, virtue an nrdr of to me directed, issued out of the Fourth Judicial Watri't Court for Franklin County. State of Kansas, I will oh Saturday, the Jd day of January, A.D. lbfiS, at 4 o'clock, P. of aiil day.

at te front door of the Coairt lltiose in Ottawa, County of Franklin, and State of Kansas, oC'c-r for sale at public auction, to the highest and beat-hiddtr, for eah in liand, the following Jecribe-1 laii'ta ta wit: The north-west guurttr of taction nine, hv township mJinVor wventeen aw4 rungs nanfber tinctten, crmi-m-ing one hundred ad sixty acres, mora or iP. titnat'd in- Franklin Connty, Shit.1 of Kansas, -taken ar the- propt-rty of tha said Jnlin T. Whitney, and aj'praiscd at five dollars ier acre JStiO and to be sold to satisfy raid iT'ier of ale. CiiTt-n under hand at nlTice in Ottawa this 2Gth day of Xovozrtbtr, D. li.

She-riff of Franklin County, Kansas. W. Uf.rnB.n, Attorney for plaintiff. I A -B nca. He castsTiis eve now towards Olathe.

and "'Attachment. hich be offers for sale a cheap as the ctu be ynrr -w1 ia Louia. CicatowerGs. Emrqila, ana then in imagination swIrrga'aroTlntirti circle and bnnis" all tBe.indus- a fci a IA A A Mb aB Rw' 1 I Also ktyd of Before A. IT-Dow, J.

ctOttawa; Kansas. fienry H. Bowser, rs. Simeon Weetfsll 1 Chewing and -SmokiugrTobacco, the 7th day of $or'emhei A. J.

1S, said Justice Jwrard an or 0 der of attachment in the above action lor the sum ol 2 Ui.NKV H. BOVRKB. which he offf-rs at F(. Louis nbclesa! prices 1,1 By J. W.

Deford, his Attorney 155-3i Ottawa, Sot. 28th, 1SUS. der fence, G3 acres in cultivation, three frame houses, barn 30xG0, good well, two cisterns, convenient to P. school h.ouse and'ehurch. Price $10.00 per acre.

Xo. 19. 1G0 acres, seven miles south-west of Ottawa; 50 acres in cultivation, 50 acres timber, growing orchard, watered, and log house. Price acres, ten miles north-west of Ottawa, good frame house and stable, 12 acres broke not fenced No. 1 upland prairie, convenient to school Louse, 350 posts and 500 feet of fencing lumber to go with the place.

Price $1500. 7,0.21. 100 acres, two miles south of town, thirty-two acres broke and in heat, good spring and stone quarrf -a verv desirable place. lricc $2100. i r' 1G0 acres, seven miles south-west' of OOOIW Monry will he refunded tj urcliasrs who do not find their goods tt l-r as rcpr-si-ntM.

5t uttltv i farfc-fnctiJU, or Publication Notice. pri i r4; Caroline Steel, 1 Ia the District Court, sitti within and rs. Firj-roofof what I say, 1 only atka truO. 3L. DAVIDSOHIT.

Sheriff State bf Kansa. Franklin county, ss. ,1. Thayer Inth Fourth Judicial -Ketrict Conrt, in and for Franklin CTtuiitv, State ot Kansas. John Gaiis tt oZ.

BY virtue of an ordc-rof sale to me directed. iaud out of the Fourth Judicial Ihstnct Court for Franklia State of slansaii, I Kill on Saturdav the 2d dav A. l. I CO. 4 o'clock, P.

JI-. -iX new paper is" 4oOif star teU "at Xeotho Fkllsi Kaimnai i'-rf. vj FojftScstt 'Mdniitrhj that th? cwintry south rf-jUat phage.which. consists of the Crawford, rf-i'hlieer pUed vote of Less tLan three, years ago was wTiite" man liTiitg- intlrat ctnin tae'cxcepUon 'of a fetrCatn--olio priests at the Cathoirc MJbsion.r' There are now 20.J 000 industrious pioneers nwking homes in those four counties, and ia three "years- thero. will be double that auniber.i Tiie Topeka Slate Record says that at a the.

Board of Trustees, of Lincoln College, on Thursday List, the bame of the institution was changed to Wash-mrme College. The Salina Herald says work on the new bridges is progressing lis rapidly! as. the- will permit. It k-arns that the stone abut mem for the Saline river bridge are Sni-hed ready for the iron. For the Smoky Hill river bridge, the abutment on the east side' is finished, and the' one 05 "the wept side wiell under Tlie latter would h'ave beeh completed before this but for the bnab-- il It j- expected that all the bridges will be completed and ready for uf- befqre th holfdiys.

-r Appointed. baa been appelated to read Charles II. Steel. I for Franklin County. State of Kb nsa.

HAI5f.ES II. STEEL, whose place of rnsidonce "Is unknoan. is nrti- 0' IDEXOUK TJAKEK, 4 bm1 that Caroline ateet dxt, on the 21th ar uremtien A. l. file her petition in the office of the Clrt of the District Cirt trial eTamentor fctT State to the" "centra.

dark, heavy, strong-featured man who looks the least bit cross, you look pretty closely is Col. elect k4 -'the, 'Kansas the reason he looks cross is that the has been' delivered. "Blood" is reported. to be the authoof the sentiment' he would not deliver the 'ton till the cars' Were running to' Galveston and Ihen he wouldn't." Wc do nor know that this is correct, but we do" have, reppect tor the Coronet' which 'we do iW ha'fe' fi-'f some other parties, becausa we believe lie" ja honest, ui Ins post-; tion and has no conTictioiii. for wa.slmll get personal' if wc.

go on. 1 It to" My Cfver alt the iUusirious' guests' who'5 make his house siuiles gbpd looking. of said day, at the front dour of the Court Ucmee in Ottawa, County of III Frauklin, and state ot Kansas, oner tor sa at public anction, to me liiphest ani l-o-t lidtier, ia iiand, th fufllowin; described laudn and tenement), to wit: Lots number three, five and sevro, in block nnoilcr eighteen ia ti city of Ottawa, situated in Frackiii within anil fur the of Franklin and State of Kansas. charyeiiR the saiil Charles 11. Steel with wilful absence for mre than orn- w-ar last past, and asking; that she wtaj be divorced ftnm the said Chsirle SukjI, and also graying for the euro and enstody of LewU.ikiward and Andrew Ellsworth, the Leus of tlie said plaintiff and which petition will stand for hearing at the next Term of said Court.

i CAKOUSK STKKW. Kor. 15Wi By II. P. Welsh, her county.

State ot K.hji;is. taken as the property ot the said John Gad-dfs tt and appraisc-4 at and to be sold to satisfy said order of sale. Given nwler mv hnni oflice fn Ottawa thir VS'h usrof 6tomiT A. D. 16S.

K. E. Sheriff ef Franklin Countv, Kansas. P. P.

Wct-H, Artoracy for 1315 i Flour, Grain, Weol, Hides and Furs, AGENTS FOR LAF1IN POWDER Sheriff's Sale. unimproved, well watered, 7(7 acres timber. SUvtf-of Kiriim, FrsniUn Cotmty, ss. i Price 0 per acre. J.

i -Xo. 23. iiUam vi iutenead 1 j.Qnrth CoaIt in aad fcr rviJ Stewart. rrehklin county Plate of Kansft. BV virte of exectitioc to me directed, issued Mtt of the Fourth Judicial District Court ft.r Franklin Countv.

of Kanpaa. I will on riJaT. the 3d daw of Julicarv, A. 18W. ai 4 P.

M. r. rir-rorx. u. w.

utir. AGENTS WANTED FOR MEN OP OUR DAY THE moh wn6 jioTftrh dr couiitry, ii4 laws, have foutl.t ii battles, charatsd with their. eiouBeitca. lonndni oir Cjlh-ve-w o02 eight miles east 2U0 Iiost, and man is Jiaj pier when tbey sleep "well o'-nights; and eat "their rations a relishV must visit Liwrenee, jfiffd whenth-ey VisitLiiwrepc'e the pi ace to see ev- of said day, at the front door of the Onirt in Ottawa. Consty of H.

B. 4 acres ot timber; 40 acres rin cultivation; good h-iiise aud outbuilding; jrood well plenty of tock water; small orchard. TJii place is convenient to scliools and pot qSce. fuid.js. tip top EtocE "Hi iil r.

liciiioS tro; ranKlln. ana btxts of nansaa, ar lor SfU wt ptlts mmntm. tu tut highest and beat bi ldar, for rath ia hand, thafiiilfiwingdescribjMi lands ami tenements lo-wtt i The south-west quartet? of Bectioh thsrty-fbnr. Township seTenteen; Ranpe twenty-one, sfvwt-l in Franklin tsontity, Stat of Avaosas. taken as ihe property of aaii-UaTld 11.

Stewart, ad aucral-d at S4 Gl TyrT acr. tu be sold tu aatlnf? aaM nH-utinn. Jhaet essay before the Pouglns, County Jlorjiculturtl Soe-ielyV wlijcGi roeets on the first TuesJay m.January. SubjWtOriiaaiintal Planrttoj. I' griding on- tSo-Atebtsoa.

Santa fe irti10' Bot3itiaiVgi-h cold; randdy of tbe.c&st tie ccctracter, still wants ncre iasdf. control our railmadrVnianufai-trir snd our -one at trtirt ive volume, full of iiid imgiat. Hfntrnrmiis BtciiutM. --6i0 wellHiled- il fine ateel portraits, aud of over 5-i men "Price low t'i ssut the limes. The cheapest as well as ttawt mbyrsting- fcock -pViMab! within-five Sales iia-mcuse.

I-viTyZoaj mil to kniW tiia life history of these men, I Otven un4wr any tuaad at ec ia Ottawa, tbir3d day. o'Poeoibar a. c. lwa. EiprfKrv Ssadfoirtlrcs-ar ta ZEIGIiER.

CO. l-ici gfi iTastua UocstX, AVasss..

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