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Western Home Journal from Ottawa, Kansas • 2

Western Home Journal from Ottawa, Kansas • 2

Ottawa, Kansas
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SPECL1L XOTICES. localities. We are proud to know that Ottawa sub amended, and feel that its rejection would be a ABERSTATHY BROTHERS, Western Home Journal. scribed very much more than her share of the paralyzing blow to all our interests. amount of stock necessary to complete the organ Resolved; That our Senators, and the friends of ization.

the treaty, who have proposed such amendments as Manufacturers and Dealer in ESTABLISHED 1858. SIMPSON BROTHERS' BATCIC MASS. AXD WINTBROP ST. JgA-TTS-A-S. ID1TID aSD PUBLISHED Br I.

S. KALLOOH, TO WHOM ALL COKMGKICATlOira PEHAISISO TO THE ADBkESSEB. FAPEB SHOULD The delegation from our city present at the meet contemplate the more rapid and extended construe tion of the Galveston Railroad, are deserving of ing at Olathe consisted of Hon. D. 31.

Valentine the gratitude of the people whose interests they OTTAWA, THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1868. Drafts, Checks, Sight Drafts on Europe, Gold and Silver, United States Bonds and Interest Notes A. B. Taylor Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners; 3Iajor Bowles subscription agent for the road, and Herbert F. Sheldon the Regis have been appointed to protect.

FURNITURE CARPETS. bought and Sold. LETTER FROM WASHINGTON. Washington, July 16, 1868. Revenue Stamps for sale.

Interest allowed on time deposits. Col Resolved, That those who oppose the ratification of the treaty, with its proposed amendments, are apposing the" vital interests of this section of the lections made in all parts of Kansas. n21tf Dear Home Journal: My brief ride to Kan OTTAWA LAND AGENCl'. ZIMMERMAN BLOCK, OVER PECK'S STORE. The following is a part of the Real Estate which we are now offering for sale Xo.

1. 200 acres, seven miles from Ottawa and two miles from Norwood station. 110 acres under plow, 30 acres timber and thirty acres in blue grass; a large two story frame house, well finished, with good cellar; large frame barn with stone basement, running water in barn yard, good well at the house, good bearing orchard, fence all in good repair. Price, $7,000. Xo.

2. 172 acres seven miles north from Ottawa, and two miles from Norwood station 50 acres-good timber, 30 acres improved, comfortable house and barn, fine bearing orchard, good, well water. Price, $2,840. o. 3.

ter of the county who were all much gratified with the action and position of the deltgates present. 3Iajor Bowles has been untiring in his efforts to interest our citizens and prominent men along eas and back last week had nothing in it worthy of BANKING AND EXCHANGE OFFICE OF State, and the best interests of the State at large mention, save that it was the hottest and dustiest Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be for Xo. 6S, Delaware Street, IP. HP- ZEILIDIEIR. cSc CO.

OTT.A.-W.A., IC3STS-S. ride I ever experienced. It ia the longest "heated term" known for a great many years, and man and toeast are nearly prostrated by it. The mortality is frightful. Men fall down at every corner of the the line generally in this enterprise.

Without his energetic and unceasing efforts the matter would not have been as thoroughly canvassed by our citi-izens as it now has been. Franklin county only Drafts, Checks, Gold and Silver, United States Bonds, and Interest Notes bought and sold. Revenue Stamps for sale. Interest allowed warded to our Senators in Congress. R.

E. JENNESS, Mayor. John II. Kitts, Clerk. The Commissioners of Anderson county on time deposits.

Collections made in all parts of Kansas. 44tf Leavenworth, Kansas. streets, at the tables, in their chairs, or are found dead in their beds. Washington ia, of all places needs to see her own interests to act-; and to act en ergetically in their behalf. But despite the 31a jor's best efforts, and the efforts of those who en Resolved, That the Senate of the United States is hereby respectfully but earnestly requested to ratify said treaty as amended.

the most uncomfortable in such a season. It is hotter at midnight than at mid-day. There is absolutely no air to breathe at One might a3 li. IT" 12, A. IX Sealer in WATCHES, CLOCKS, Fine Jewelry, Silver-Ware, Revolvers, ALBUMS AND FANCY GOODS 57 MASS.

ST. LA WEEXCS, KANSAS. 3 Watches careful! repaired by skilled workmen. n21tf deavored to second him, there are doubtless many The corporate author itiea of the town of Garnet in our county, and perhaps some in our city, who well be in an exhausted receiver. are not fully awake to the importance of this enter also respectfully petition the Senate of the Unite States to ratify said treaty.

WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED prise. Setting aside the advancement of our own And then the way men live and work in Washington only makes a bad matter worse. The topics At a public meeting in Iola, presided over by UK. J. JS.

WIIEEL.ER, IDBISTTIST. county, this road is only second to that from Leavenworth to Galveston among the many propositions of conversation and the objects of effort arc exciting P. Twiss, the following Was unanimously Graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Iental Surgery. Office en and often exasperating, and everybody knows that tending to develop the material interests and wealth trance same as Frazier's Hall, Lawrence, Kansas. 52-3ni 250 Rolls of Carpets, hot weather ia no weather to get exasperated in adopted Whereas, A treaty has been recently conclud of Southern Kansas.

This gives us more immedi 500 acres, 7 miles north-west from Ottawa, 240 acres under cultivation, 40 acres in pasture, 150 acres timber, finely watered. Large and commodious stone dwelling, tenant houses, outhouses, barn, and bearing orchard finest improved farm in Franklin county. Price, $11,000. o. 4.

1G0 acres on Middle creek, 9 miles south from Ottawa on the line of the L. L. G. K. II.

80 acres enclosed with rail and hedge fence; CO acres under cultivation fine apple and peach orchard, 25 acres timber, good spring, and stock water, log house fine location. Price, ed between the Government of the United States There is no postponement of agitation on the Osage treaty on account of the weather. No matter how hot and the Great and Little Osage Indians, whereby ate and direct communication with St. Louis and Chicago, the emporia'and entrepots of the. Great West.

It cheapens transportation both to us and from us, and thereby increases the value of our it is, or how favorable the amendments are, Mr the latter cede to the Government for the benefit And ill Soil tliem Clarke opposes it with a zeal which would be quite commendable if it were according to knowledge. As of the Leavenworth, Lawrence and Galveston Rail road, their diminished reservation. the. people understand it however, they are rapidly products while it diminishes the price of our imports. It brings Humboldt within twenty-eight and Ottawa within twenty-five, hours of Chicago A New Dry-Goods Store in Ottawa, I.

31. BROWN Would respectfully inform the citizens of Ottawa and vicinity that he has just opened a NEW STORE On the west side of Main Street, OPPOSITE THE COURT HOUSE SQUARE, In the building formerly occupied by Madame Cripps, Millinery Shop i -o And Whereas, Said treaty secures the rcmova AT EASTERN PRICES, becoming favorable to it, and petitions from Kansas $3,000. of this troublesome tribe beyond the limits of this State; opens for settlement a large tract of country; for its passage are taking the place of remonstrances It opens up this whole section more rapidly than Xo. 5. against it.

You have already published the action would otherwise be the case, by offering greater in AIJEKX1THY imOS. 120-ly secures the construction of one of the most impor tant lines of railroad in the State, and by the pro ducements to settlers. In our own county the val ue of railroads is beginning to be more fully appre of the Board of Trade at Leavenworth. The fol lowing have been feceived here from Douglas Franklin, Anderson and Allen counties: posed amendments amply protects the rights of the 150 acres 10 miles south-west from Ottawa on Middle creek, 40 acres timber, 60 acres fenced, 28 acres under cultivation, comfortable log dwelling, good well, and stock water. Price, $1,500.

Xo. C. ciated. Experience is teaching us that they settlers: therefore I have now on hand a full stock of Staple and Fancy Dry-Goods. Action of the City of Lawrence on the Osage Treaty, are the only means of thorough development, and embracing June 10.

Resolved, That, as the sense of this meeting, we learn with deep regret that a persistent effort is be ihat this development is practically inexpensive. Irints, Giiigliams, Lairns, Jaconets, Whereas, The Mayor and Council of the city J3. B. McCORJD, BLACKSMITH, East side Main Street, near the Bridge, rV TAAVA, IiXnSAS, Is prepared, with three forces and competent workmen to run them, to do all kinds of Iilacksinithing on tho shortest notice and in the best manner. AIT, WORK AVA lill A TKI.

Wagon and Carriage work, horseshoeing, all kinds mending, and in fact any kind of work usually done in a blacksmith shop done promptly and satisfactorily, or no charge made. But if argument be needed to convince any of ing made by certain parties to prevent the ratifica DcXaiiies, Alpacas, 3Ioliair lais-tres, Mozambiqucs, and of Lawrence, in common with the citizens, feel deep interest in the very important objects involv 80 acres 14 miles of Ottawa: acres under cultivation 20 acres timber; tion of the treaty by the Senate of the United the desirability of this enterprise, it can be amply found in the strenuous efforts made by Lawrence to States. Fancy Dress Goods Generally. secure the same connection. The "historic city Resolved, That in our opinion this opposition is is ever wide awake to its own prosperity, and has A full line of White Goods, including contrary to the public sentiment and best interests of this portion of the State; and that representing, long since noted the great desirability of a connec cd in the treaty with the Osage Indiana now before the Senate of the United States for ratification, and among theso objects we recognize as of paramount and controlling importance, 1st.

The extinguishment of Indian titles to territory within the limits of our State, and, 2d. The construction of a great national thoroughfare North and South, affording Shirred Muslins Pique Goods, Irish Linens, as we fully believe, the sentiment of the people of tion with Kansas City via Olathe. We have no objections at all to Lawrence having as many railroads as can be obtained the more the merrier. hat SHEEP! I offer for sale FIVE IICXDRED IIEAD of those HARDY, HEAVY-WOOLED, PROLIFIC SPANISH 3IERINO this county, we most respectfully and earnestly petition the Senate of the United States to ratify the said treaty, with the amendments proposed, as a measure of the highest importance to the develop benefits and builds up our neighbor assists us, and Table Damask, Towelling, Brown Bleached Sheeting Shirting, Checks, Ticks, Shirting Stripes, Also Cassimeres, Tweeds, Jeans, facilities of communication between the valley of we arc ready, willing and anxious to rejoice with log house. Price, 5b00.

3To. 7. 77 acres near Lane P. comfortable stone house 18x34, 12 acres improved, 25 acres timber, balance good prairie, finely watered; 250 bearing apple, peach and cherry trees. Immediate possession given.

Price to include growing crops. Xo. S. A 1,000 acre tract of land in the south-west part of Franklin county, on the stage road from Ottawa to Le Roy, 150 acres timber, balance first class prairie, finely watered will make a No. 1 stock or grain farm.

Price, $4.25 per acre. Xo. O. 1G0 acres four and one-half mile3 north from Ottawa, 40 acres timber, 88 acres under cultivation enclosed with good fence, small frame house, plenty of water. This is her.

But Lawrence, true to her injunctive and dis ment and prosperity of the entire southern portion Missouri and the Gulf, and believing that with some amendments said treaty ought to be ratified, 'Which amendments in part at least are now pending junctive instincts and habits, has not only been Linen Coating. Cottonades, Hosiery, Gloves, of the State. These counties and cities, it is true, are special the committee of the Senate therefore strenuous in her efforts to obtain her own road, but has moved heaven and earth to defeat our ly interested in the construction of the Galveston Resolved, That we request our Senators in to use their earnest endeavors to procure such enterprise. Attempt after attempt has been made And Notions Generally, All of which will be sold at the lowest prices for cash. JKS Please examine our goods before purchasing elsewhere.

136-tf I JI. BUOWX. railroad; but, as they contain at least one-third of Mostly Ewes. As a sample of their wool producing qualities, I would state that I have lambs one vear old that sheared this season FOURTEEN P0UX1S of wool per head. I will sell cheap, as I have more sheep than I desire to keep together.

My sheep are free from disease, and there are no better sheep in the State of Kansas. Also a few CHOICE ONE YEAR OLD BUCKS for sale at TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS per head. For further particulars, call ou, or address me at Ottawa, Kansas. July 1st. 1S6S.

133-tf A. M. BLAIR. to complicate matters so as to secure its defeat the population of the State, and pay more than one- amendments, if not already done, as will secure, 1st. Tho speedy construction, permanent mainte half of the taxes, both Federal and State, assessed But thus far those efforts have been signally unsuccessful.

Col. J. E. Hayes, of Olathe, has kept nance and operation, at equitable and pro rata rates, within the State, their action will be seen to be of DE. Hi.

c. AVSSOT, himself well posted on each and every manoevre ot of tho Leavenworth, Lawrence and Galveston Rail Ar BAKERY such importance as to entitle it to respectful con sideration. the kind, and by his energetic and straightforward road to the southern boundary of the State, within three years from the date of the ratification of said conduct has succeeded in their successive defeat AND It might do the Representative from Kansas some good to remember that the counties directly He has occupied the same relative position to the interests of this enterprise in his own locality, as that PROVISION STORE, treaty, and further at the rate of not less than thirty miles per year until it reaches the Texas boundary, and tho setting apart permanently, of at least Lt ---S-V KHtfirt interested in the construction of the Galveston road contain at least one hundred thousand people, and of Major Bowles here; and our citizens owe both HID their thanks for their steadfastness. that, though he may gain a temporary notoriety in We are happy to know however, that while the DENTIST ene-tenth in value of the lands embraced in said treaty, or the proceeds thereof, to be devoted to the construction of the Emporia branch of the some quarters by his factious course, yet he will We invite tho attention of the citizens of Ottawa and Framklin County to our stock of friends of this line have been enenretic and faith With more than seven years espei ience, and all the late improve need all his resources to settle the account at home ments, is prepared to practice with care ami attention, and to extract ful to the interests of this company, they have not He ought not to have a vote in the nominating FAMILY GROCERIES teeth without pain by the use of Nitrous Oxid Gas, which is perfectly safe for the fractured constitution. Particular attention paid to reg nlating children's teeth, (so much neglected by parents.) No charge been driven to the necessity ot opposing a'Sy pro convention from Leavenworth to JNot tor examining teem.

Koom over apt. Anderson sure, throe doors posed improvement of the kind iu other' parts of Which we will sell to those that favor us with a call, on the most rea because he has favored other railroad enterprises, KrFEBEM'Eii. A. J. Glover, J.

O. Lockwood, and II. S. Peford. the State, whether near or remote.

We are able sonable terms for cask. Produce taken in exchange for goods. which is right; but-because he has tried to do ir ITEIUSOr. IlKOTJiKUS. to build our own house without tearing down that Take Notice.

reparable harm to ours, which is wrong. Leavenworth, Lawrence Galveston Railroad from Lawrence. 2d. Sccuringto the school fund of the State at least one section in each township of said lands, and 3d. Carefully guarding and securing to the hardy pioneers who have or may settle on these lands, the privilege of securing homes on equitable terms.

Resolved, With these amendments secured, we earnestly implore the Senate of the United States to speedily ratify and confirm said treaty for thd Special Order. of our neighbors to procure building material. ALL persons are hereby warned apainst purchasinp ponies from the Sac Fox Ttidians, unless the Indian offering the nonv for sale If it was ever claimed by the democracy that the To the qualified electors of Harrison township: Ton are hereby notified Let every one of the citizens of Franklin county has a letter from tho Agent, (riving the Indian's name, and stating him to be the owner. When snch hitters are presented, and the pony pur- Republican nominations excited little enthusiasm, that a special election will be Ueld in your township on Tuesday, the tuiucu, uiv puniiaBtrr win it'iam mo Idler. lsth day of August, A.

V. lbb. at Lester school house, for the purpose of electing the following Township Officers, to-wit: One Township what have thev to sav about their own. The dem- who can possibly do so, come to Ottawa on the 30th instant. Come and hear what has been done.

Irusteo, one Clerk, one Treasurer, two Justices of the Peace, two Con ALBERT WILEY, U. S. Indian Agent. Sac 4 Fox Agencj-, Kansas, July 17th, 186S. ocratic child, as the fellow said of his still-born, stables, and one Koad Overseer for each road district.

what is doing, and what it is proposed to "died a-borninpr." Nobody is enthusiastic over it County Clerk Umce, Ottawa, Kansas, Julv 13G-3i GEO. D. ST1NEBAUGII, County Clerk. Come and encourage the company by your interest, It ia a ticket beaten in advance. There is not following reasons: 1st.

To prevent collisions between the Indians and the white settlers crowding Sealed Proposals. your good wishes, and your subscriptions. Come enough strength to it to make a lively campaign IN conformity with an order ot the Board of County Commissioners of Franklin county, Kansas, sealed proposals will be received at the 1,000,000 Osage Orange Plants FORSALE. rpijto JAMES HANWAY SON, up with a will, and show to all whom it may con I notice that Kansas is put down as a democratic County Clerk's otnee until nine clork a. m.

on Monday, the 1. th day cern that Franklin county understands and desires of Septemlmr, A. I. lf-bs, for building a fence around the Court lard State If they are not more sure of others than upon the lands of the Osages. These are imminent and threatening, and humanity to the Indians, no less than justice to our frontier settlers, demands speedy removal of these Indiana from our State.

Plans and specifications can be seen at said office. Board reserves the those things which make for her peace." thev are of her. thev are to be pitied. Tom. Fen- right to reject any or all bids.

County Clerk's Office, Ottawa. Kansas. Julv 2, 136-tf UEO. D. STINEBAUOH, County Clerk.

a very desirable location. Price, 1000. Xo. 9 1-2. 1G0 acres in the north-east part of the county, 84 acres under good fence, 40 acres under cultivation, larre bearing orchard, 0oI stock and well water, six acres timber, frame house, story and a half, 20x30 feet; barn, crib and other out buildings This place will be sold for $3,000 cash, to include fine team, wagon, farming utensils, cows, growing crops and household furniture.

Xo. IO. SO acres of Xo. 1 prairie land 13 miles south of Ottawa, on State road from Ottawa to Humboldt, 1 mile from the line of the L. L.

G. Railroad, 30 acres broke. Price, $400. Xo. 11.

320 acres of choice timber land, on the Ottawa Reserve, to be sold to actual settlers in parcels of from 5 to 20 acres, at from $8 to $20 per acre. Xo. 13. 20,000 acres lying from six to fifteen miles from Ottawa. Part of these lands have- timber on them, and are in well settled neighborhoods, convenient to schools and churches.

A portion of this land will be sold on one and two years time, with interest at six and ten per cent. Price from $2 to $7 per acre. Xo. 11. 300 acres 12 miles South-west from Ottawa, 1G0 acres under fence, 90 acres in cultivation, GO acres timber, small orchard, log house and stable, two good springs near the house, three miles from line of L.

G. R. price $10 per acre. Also 160 acres prairie, joining the above on the east, 40 acres broke and hedge rows broke all around it, three good springs on it. Price $6.00 peracre.

Itcal llslato in Hie ilj or Otlawa. Xo. 1. Several fine dwellings in different parts of the City at low prices and on advantageous terms. Xo.

3. Business house on Main street, 23x21. well located, one and a half stories, ged well and. barn on ibar of lot. Price, $2,200.

Xo. 4. 27 business lots on Main street. Price, from. Lane, Franklin County, Kansas, (one mile south of Dutch Henrv's lou thinks he can beat Clarke, and I think so too.

crossing 01 uie iroiawaioniie.j loo-tl THE NEWS 2d. If this treaty fails, we fear another opportu Attachment. Clarke can never gain enough elsewhere to make Grape and Other Vines and Fruits for Sale. up for the immense losses he will sustain in the Kansas, Franklin Ctnnty, before A. II.

nity will not be afforded of obtaining a treaty as favorable to the State, to present and future settlers, R. W. Barney, vs. J. W.

Palmer. JState of Dow, J. r. I HAVE in my Vineyard at Prairie City, and am offering for sale' Ten Thousand excellent two year old grape vines. These vines are The Senate Indian Committee have unanimously re leading counties.

It would be suicidal in the Re beanug season. Also, a lot ol fS the 14th day of Jul-, A. D. 1SGS, said Justice issued an Order of ported in favor of the Osage treaty, and of its early confirmation there can now be no reasonable room for doubt, publican party to nominate him. XXIVE PEACH TREES, Attachment in the above action lor the sum of two hundred and to the Government and the Indians.

3d. The Galveston road connecting, as it will, the Missouri twenty-five dollars, There is a large and pleasant company of Kan- and other fruits. I will sell trees and vines as cheap as thev can be Ottawa, Julv A. Iv. W.

BARNEY, 135-Si By his Attorney, J. W. Dkfokd. sola in me etaie. lo-ui 31.

A. HIKKHAM, The people of Kansas will thank our noble Senators for this manly advocacy of their best interests. Lawrence river and the Gulf, ia an enterprise in which the Government and the whole country is interested, sans in the city. Col. Murphy and his estimable lady, Major Snow, Judge Blackledge, Judge Sears, Journal.

Service by Publication. Ah Government through the saving of hundreds of In 1864 Horatio Seymour was the Democratic can Robert Atkinson, Gen. McMillan, Gov. Robinson, Mr. Sturgcs and State of Kansas, Franklin County, District Court vs.

John T. Whitney. myself find agreeable headquarters at the Seaton TV. II. CLARK, ATTORNEY AT LA AY, AND REAL ESTATE AGENT, (OFflCI FOCR DOORS BAST OP THE PoSTOFFICI, NEAR KITTs' JOB OFFICE.) TOHN T.

WHITXEY. who is supposed to reside at Omaha, in the House, which we all unite in recommending to didate for re-election to the office of Governor of the State of New York. Fenton beat Seymour in Oneida county 1,192, while Lincoln beat McClellan in the same county, 1,132 Seymour running sixty votes be h'nd his State of Nebraska, defendant in the above entitled cause, will take thousands of dollars in the transportation of freight to Forts Gibson and Cobb, and the other military posts of the Indian Territory, New Mexico and Texas; and therefore we deem it but just and prop notice that Robert Atkinson, of the city of ewark, in the Matiot ew Jersey, did. on the Jtith day of June. A.

I). nie Ins petition any suffering Kansans as a neat, clean and comfortable hotel for Washington. in said District court within and for the county of Franklin and State party in his own county. In Chautauqua county, Fenton of Kansas, against bira, the said John T. Whitney, defendant, setting C.


er that this road should become the purchasers of Hoping to be with you by the time this is with beat Seymour 4.810 votes while Lincoln beat McClellan forth that the said John T. hitney gave a mortgage to one Iancy Wallahan on the north-west quarter of section nine, township seven oust cfc crziisrisriziss, only 4,708 votes Seymour thus running one hundred and your readers, and assuring you that the Osage treaty teen and range nineteen in said Franklin county, to secure the payment of according to certain notes referred to in said mortgage, which was dated on the 9th day of December, A. D. that these lands, paying therefor a fair and just equivalent. 4th.

The removal of the Indiana ia imperatively demanded by the best interests of the State, two votes behind his oicn party in Fenton's county. is as good as ratified nothing but some egregious ATTORNEYS COUNSELLORS AT LAW, on the 30th day of March, A. D. 1HHS, the said Nancy S. Wallahan du General McClellan, the author of "All quiet along ly assigned said notes and mortgage to the said plaintiff, Kobert At- blunder on the part of its friends being able to kipson, and praying that said John T.

Whitney may pay the said sum. the Potomac," announces that he will revisit this coun since their remaining longer here retards settle now claimed to be due and unpaid, of f-vn, with interest thereon at Real Estate and Collection Agents, OTTAWA. KANSAS. harm it I remain, I. s.

K. try during August, and desires that no noisy demonstra the rate of ten pt cent, per annum, from the 9th day of Decemlier, A. D. 1865, with cost of snit and attorney's fee for collection, or that said premises may besold to pay the same. And said John T.

hitney is tions bo made on bis arrival. He also declares his reckless intention of taking the field or, to speak more H. B. HUGHBANKS, KANSAS CITY AND SANTA FE RAILROAD. ments, prevents the development of a large portion of the State, and invites deplorable murders and collisions between them and the whites.

Resolved, That the Clerk of the Council be in nouiieu mat ue is requireo lo appear ana answer euiin oa or before the next term of said court, which begins on the first Monday in October, A. D. 18(J8. technically, the stump against the man who took On Thursday, the 16th at Olathe was held Dated July 10th, A. D.

1868. KOBEKT ATKUS fK)X, 13-7i By J. W. Dekof.d, his Attorney. ATTORNEY AT LAW, a meeting to complete the organization of the Kan Hon.

Isaac N. Morris, an old and influential Demo structed to forward a copy of these resolutions to Publication Notice. sas City and Santa Fe Railroad Company. Rep OTTAWA, ICATVSAfS. 133 $150 to $1,000.

crat of Quincy, made a long and able speech lately in favor of Grant and Colfax. The conclusion of it was Thompson Jones, resentatives from the most important points along our Senators in Congress. T. J. STERNBERG II, Mayor.

Attest: G. S. IIamptox, Clerk. vs. In the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District, sitting within and for Franklin county, State of Kansas.

xv. Between GOO and 700 desirable resident lots Charles Watherwax as follows I shall cast my vote, Democratic though I "A Lewis Weatberwax. have always been, for the incorruptible patriot, the best II. WHETSTONE Eeal Estate Agents, Ottawa, Kansas. J.

H. 4 will attend faithfully to any real estate business in different parts of the city, which we will scli at lower fijrures than any other parties having The Otage Treaty The Voice of the Business Men of TO Charles Weatherwax and Lewis Weatherwax: Ton will take notice that a petition was filed against you on the 16th day of June, A. D. 188, in the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District within judge of character, and the best thinker I know in the the projected line of the Road were present. Over 100,000 of capital stock was reported subscribed, and.

the required instalment of two per cent, thereon was duly paid in. The stockholders proceeded to elect the following Board of Directors, viz 31. Dively, M. n. Ilolden and W.

II. Morgan, of Kan United States, Ulysses S. Grant; and go thou and do lots in market. Price, from $10 to $40, and for the County of Franklin and State of Kansas, by Thompson Jones, and is now pending, wh-rein said Thompson Jones demands par which parties may put into their hands. likewise, counting it a great privilege.

tition ot the following real estate to-wit: The north-east quarter of Oflice corner ol Jiain ana cocona grreeis. hi Xo. We have also a few fine 5 acre ow The railroad bridge across the Susquehanna river, section twenty-two t22, in township eighteen (IS), range nineteen (19), and that at the next term of said Court the said Thompson Jones will apply for an order that partition may be made ot said premise. ated between the city and A WALKER, -HOUSE, SIGN AND ORNAMENTAL PAINTERS six miles "West of Harrisburg, took fire from sparks about 3 o'clock a. m.

July 17th. Five spans were jjawrence. Whereas, The late treaty with the Osage Indiana is now pending before the Senate of the United States for ratification; and Whereas, Statements and representations have been made and circulated to the effect that the citizens and business men of Lawrence, and of Douf-las county, arc opposed to such ratification of 6aid sas City; J. E. Hayes and R.

E. Stevenson, of iiiu.nrtu.i Justs, June 16, 1S63. 13t By his Attorney, IL P. Welsh. rable for private residences commanding a fine Olathe; J.

B. Bruner, of Gardner; P. P. Elder, view of the city, college, and surrounding Strayed or Stolen GRAINERS PAPER HANGERS. All work done in the best style at lowest cash price.

Shop on Main Street, opposite the Jail and next door south of A Clergyman in Montreal, Canada, has been fined country. Price, from $500 to $1,000 each. for uniting in wedlock a widow aged 49 years to a youth Mrs. Cripps' building. Theo.

C. Bowles and Herbert F. Sheldon, of Ottawa; R. S. Stevens, of Attica, N.

and Perry Fuller, of Washington, D. C. FROM the subscriber, at Ottawa, about the 1.1th of July. one dark bay horse, 6 years old spring, 14J hands high, black mane and tail, saddle marks, small rupture on left side above flank. of 16.

The marriage has been annulled. Xo. T. The Zimmerman Block stone, with brick shod all around, is a natural pacer, flat fore feet and favors them in 2,000,000 Philadelphia has been without gas for some little front on the corner of Main and Second traveling. Any information that will leal to tne recovery ot me same will be liberally rewarded.

K. K. JENNLSrt. The stockholders meeting then adjourned and time, owing to a strike among the employees of the gas 1-30-tf. Mienn ranklin County, nas.

streets 100 feet on Main and 140 on Second companies, lne price of candles rose ou per cent in an hcur. HEDGE PLANTS, -is three stories above basement, and occupied a meeting of the Board of Directors was held. The Board organized by the election of the following officers: President, P. P. Elder, of Ottawa; at present as a bankyig house, hotel, stores and On the night of Seymour's nomination, the Chase Notice by Publication.

State of Kansas, Franklin County, Probate Court. Mary Keffer, Plaintiff, vs treaty: AW, thereore, wo whose names are hereunder written wish hereby to express our desire that our Senators and Representative in Congress may use all honorable means to secure the early ratification of the same with the amendments proposed by Senator Ross and published in the JState Journal of July 10th, 18GS. Which petition is signed by one hundred and club of New York met and resolved to support Grant and ofiices. It has also a hall OUxTo feet, lhe Hotel contains about sixty rooms. The block APPLE, PEACH, APRICOT Colfax, and then adjourned tine die.

Secretary, W. II. Morgan, of Kansas City; Treasurer, J. E. Hayes, of Olathe.

James Keff-rr, John KefW. Eliza Jane Krtf-rr. Julia Ann KefW, Mary The Chicago Republican is guilty of this atrocious Ann Keffer, Martha Keffer, Levi Keffer, fcurhne Keffer and Kebecca Kcficr, Defendants. IXPARTmOX. On motion the Board appointed R.

S. Stevens, is one of the finest in the State, and occupies the best business location in the city. "When fully completed it will rent for from $5,000 to AND FOREST TREES. pun on the New York Convention: ''Tammany cooks spoil the broth." THE above named defendants, James, John, Julia Ann, Mary Ann, Martha, Levi and Rebecca Keffer, children and heirs of Joseph KefiVr, late of said county, deceased, will take notice that said Mary of Attica, N. to represent the Company at Washington, in endeavoring to procure a grant of The Brooklyn Eagle says: Among the significant $6,000 per year.

This property will be sold incidents of the late convention, there was one occur Keffer, plaintin, widow ot said aeceaent. nas nieo in said court her pe at cost, and time given on part of the purchase tition against them. The object of said petition is to have one half in I have for sale for the Fall of 16S, two million Osape Orange plants. Fifteen thousand Apple trees, best proTed Tarietiee. Five thousand bndded Peach trees, -of best varieties.

A few hundred Apricot and Nectarine. Also a large stock of seedling 3Iaple and Elm. The above are ail growing on the money. nave also two otner Dusiness houses on Main street. value of all the real estate of said decedent, situate in said county, set apart as said plaintiff's property in fee simple.

The petition prays said Court to appoint referees to set apart one-half of her deceased husband's real estate as aforesaid to the plaintiff. Said defendants are tho whole or a portion of the Sac and Fox lands to assist the building of the Road. The Board then adjourned to meet at Ottawa on Thursday, the 30th day of July, instant. rence which forcibly impressed us. We have not seen it noticed elsewhere.

When the repudiation plank of the platform was read, it met with a strange, wild burst of vociferous applause. A quiet looking man writing at a required to answer said petition on or before Monday, the 7f day of sixty-six of the representative leading business men pf Lawrence. Tho- proud young city of Ottawa sends the fol-jowing, which is also endorsed by the intelligent Board of Commissioners for Franklin county: Citt Council Chamber, Ottawa, Kansas, July 9, 1SG8. Resolved, That the people of this city and county are greatly Interested in the Osage treaty, as i Xo. 8.

Eio-ht one acre lot3 on south side of town, 134-gi By her Attorney, jobs jdefokp. The meeting was large and enthusiastic and the the best of care, so that purchasers reporter's table near us a correspondent of a western paper, as we afterwards ascertained half rose from his work, struck the table with involuntary emphasis, aid very desirable locations for residences. Price, $75 to $200. 1 1 ii chcr'H T.fi7iitiilncr I-Clllor. Cheap nd destructive.

Every theet will kill a quart. Don't be pes ran be sure of well grown trees and plants fresh from our own grounds, and true to name. Price list will be published by September lrt, and sent all applicants. Call and examine out stock and pnoos before purchasing elee-s here. S.

T. KELSETt tered with Dies. H.F.SHELDON. J. C.

RICHMOND representatives of the different sections affected by the Road as proposed, gave many assurances of energetic aid and assistance froa their uttered the startling exclamation, Uy the rebel fiive them the Sweet Lichtmko and rest in peace. Ask lor ijctch Kejritter of Detds of Franklin Co. lrtl EE's, an! take no other. Sold ei ery here. Tell!".

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