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The Kansas Press from Cottonwood Falls, Kansas • 3

The Kansas Press from Cottonwood Falls, Kansas • 3

The Kansas Pressi
Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

i ii. m. noRrH2ri. T5 7 fn li frp r. THKEtEELD, 3 Jvfss Council ritobr.

tabchtoDVtl). iimsas 1 lUJJU'VUI A. II It I j' ft l. uiiu.ii.- Joseph Burrill miles below Cottonwood Falls, showed a sunh lait week, that weighs J. S.

CHICK fc 1 pounds, S. M. Simcock. of th firm of Hays lima farm on Big three miles i MONDAY MORNIN'G, OCT. 10, 1S-VJ.

DRUGS MEDICINES. WHOLESALE GROCERS. AXU DEALERS 1IT Previsions, Sasli. glass, coedage; from Council Grove, a pumpkin was brought from EEUQCRATIC CONVENTION I his j.lace last week which weighs 110 lbs, beat topekai aaitnoAoi HAIiD TIMES Johnson; ar. biv itcd to meet in convention at tlie you aa House cif S.

N. V.i. ut Cotluriwoo 1 Full. I AHEAD! CHEAP CASH STORE. M.

CONN iii'matc a Representative to the fortius -Jid District. Kadi ill bo entitled to live delegates. It is hopcu that each county will send full delegations. i WHQt.e8A.tfe attiiddlsT I 1 Cor. cf Dehicarc an-I Main TOBACCO.

TAc, Etc. CCKNES LZV EE AND WALNUT STBEETS. KANSAS CITY MO. Onfin lc" J- A- Salt in bleached sacks, R.M.RUGGIjES, americus Ekec icENitiDGE co, k. t.

Will attend to fny business comifted to his charge in the courts of the Second Judicial District. Sopt. KcjjiMry of Vtcrs, of tin Township or Council Grove, County of for the year 1859. HAS again reaucaod the mercantile buslees in! the received and for sale bv just lias jv.t opened a JOBBING lioi'sfc for tL Bale cf RUGS AND HErJlCIX ES AT J.

i. Chick Onri Barrels Double Extra choice Family Flaur, just recc i ved and for sal by J. Chick liars, i Bjxes good new Cheese, just received and for T. LOUIS Plucks. J.

S. Cuick m'J sale low, by- Aler, J. AdkinsOn, Formerly occupied bv Conn, Hill Co. THasirrx. for fast favors, "he hopos for a ebntinuaneef publio patronage.

Uaving reduced everything to a S. HI. HAYS -a Barrels R4-da Crackers, 75 Bbls. Butter 3 4J? 55 Bbls. Sugar just received and for sale low, by J.

S. Chick jy Boxes rrion syrup. 25 boxes Pine Apple 25 boxes Strawberry and Ginger d. 20 boxes Curraiit just received and lo eale low, at the wholesale house of J. S.

Chick Has Con ventions. P. N. Wood r.i-'t c.ui lid it for the Legisl 'ture, will address the people of MADISON county, at I A at 1 o'clock II. At rouiin.

CiiAt. Jay, Oct. lit. 1SV. at 1 o'clock 1.

M. W. S. CON A S- Tiuxhiy, Nov. oVlock P.

M. COTTON WOOD FALLS, We Nov -d. one I'M. DIAMOND SPRINGS, Thv.i silay No one o'clock 1' M. CLARK'S CREEK.

Fiiduy November 4l'i, 1 o'clock 1 M. Saturday Nov one o'eluek m. osmers. CHASE CO. nd'iy Nov.

1th. i o'clock 1. The Democratic Candidate, whoever he may be i- itcd to attend these meetings and discuss the lro it que tit ns the day. Ladies are invited attend meeting. RALLY EVERYBODY li puhiiea.

District Convention. Th K'ei-ub leans of Iluth-r, Chase and Morris We keep constantly on hand Drugs Wall Taints, Glass. White Lipacrs, Patent Medicines Alcohol. Burning Fluid, Carapheae, Lamp Oil, Varnishes all kinds. PERFUMERY, NOTIONS, etc eU -X1 Cash and Ready Iay System, COUNCIL, GROVE IH nnrL- Cnd clear eide Bacon.

5.000 UUVJ lba.S. C. Canvassed Hams. 3,000 He will be undrsolJ bvnono Nice Beef for sale low, bv an ewb- at In fact every thing usually found in luhment of this Kind. We have every J.

S. Chick aco. articla Adkitiootr, 5. Adkinsor, StopVeh Adkinson, Jamei Allen, J. It.

Arnot, Allen Allen, II. Ulack, W. C. Danm, Leuia Batim, Micael A. O.

I lire! Add nradrdrd, it. Bradford, Rurrii Dinlianan, Wra. Rartli, Fw linwen, SI. Brown, Rack, J. II.

Baker, John A. Riglin, George LtaVe moved into their large Kogs iaiw lsorwa sizes 100 Kegs -AIlPAJ fr sizes.) in More HE 'AX AXD WILL SELL GOODS CHEAPER THAX AXY OTHER FIRM IX SOUTH- WESTERXKAXSAS. HE I EARS XO J. S. Chick ico.

and for sale low, bv DEALERS 2JV X'AXSAS can want Laving selected thenj for FRAME STORE HOUSE. fZL rftBoxes No. 1 chewing Tobacco (large plugs) chewicsr (larg'e 1 03 boxes Mo. 2 and 3 ch 75boxcsNo. 1 chewing (mid.

lou boxesNo. 1 and 2ehewiug (small boxes,) 100 THE KANSAS WHOLESALE TRADE. cmui are invited to sen I Delegates to a District cr.ticn. to bu bold ut the house of S. N.

Wood nt Cut wood Fulls. 1 o'clock in the at'ioriioon; the purpose of nominating two 1 n.ii! Senator, to the fiue cut chewing 1 obaceo. 65 gross Smoking To- VND have jammed it full from cellar to garrett with roods of all kinds sui- Sujrc ana ior saie cneap iercasn. ov 'C ted to the Rraleton, N. S.

O.v.i. in the first Toi Legislature. Each Bradley, S- (fi ptrtjI3- Car Iead- 750.000 G. D. Caps.

IUtvUM 20 Kegs Powder (that will burn free- Bradley, J. C. we assure the and hvslcim that the present Stock been bought ao a- Fill all Country or City Orders lew, necessity of a trip to St. Louis. GIVE HIM A CALL'.

May 30, 1S5D. comity wld ho eutilUd tofive Delegate in said Convention. Oet. 1st, isr.y. lv.) in store and for sale cheap for cash, by b.

Shot, (assorted sizes,) just rc-vx cived and for sale, by. a. Chick His Stock Consists of GROCERIES, DRY GOODS, HATS, CAPS, BOOTS and SHOES, BUFFALO ROBES, READY MADE CLOTHING, HARDWARE, TINWARE, GLASS-WARE, DRUGS, MEDICINES, DYE-STUFFS, FLOUR, MEAL, CORN, OATS, iSrc. Szc And all other articles necessary frr a complete Outfitting establishment. Ia fact everything usually found in a rIIogheads Prime ard choice Sugar, just rc-3 ceivedand for sale, by J.S.

Chick M. E. CT.ARS. M. CLARK.

WM. CLARK. RALLY RALLY A 'US PARROTT. R-pnblieau nominee for Corresa, will ppcak in r.iil Giove (et. 17th, 1So9, at 1 o'clock V.

M. Meu womea and children arc invited. S. V. JOHNSON, The mo mii nominee hr.

been challcnsed, mid probably be present and discuss the great pivtii ns of the day with him. Bbls. emshed Sugar, 25 Bbls. powdered OOIs. LiOal JUM nuu They fit dye themselves to sjl al KANSAS CITY PRICES, Adding low freight and carriage.

Their Stock consists in part of DRY-GOODS, GROCERIES, HARDWARE, QUEENS WARE, BOOTS SHOES, HATS, CABS, And READY-MADE CLOTHING. J.S. Chick Cco. for "II sOltfoxea HInlb' Soap, 50 boxes Palm do. 5 01 vie do.

just reeeived and for eale yi. e. cxiiilt a WHOUSAU asd J.S. Chick by 1 HABbls. Hydranlie store and for B'jweer.

J. Bowzer, James Jr. Bradford, John M. Baxter, June Baxte, Charles Baxter, Henry Baxter, Spencer Black, J. Black, G.

'W. Black, Thonas Baher, Jaliies Bettys II. Bassett, M. T. Ball, D.

Crow lev, A. David Callen, J. B. Comstcck, James Conistock, Josiah Cain, Henry Jonn, M. Chipnian, A.

James Carle, S. Clark, John Canning, N. B. Cornos, Win. Collk-r, A.

J. Clou 1, S. Ceirry, George Delashmutt, I.J. I)Klge, C. C.

JJ sale atmanutaci lanufacturers prices, by J. S. Chick co. Bbls, Plaster of Paris in store and for Bale by J. Chick co.

FIRST CLAtS STORE. Fifth Judicial Distrtct Convention. 1 1 'n reeom.nea led that tau Republicans of tic I if ih U'striet, composed of the counties of aL'-. If Voodos, Greenwood, Madl on Breckinridge. rU, Cnasc.

Butler tnd Ilmitcr. meet in ileiegate Con veution, ut Ouumwa. Coll'ey county, on We hies lay, the of October, at 1 o'elo for the purpose of nominating a cm lidate for Ju dire for tan District, unctar the Wyatd.ittCou-.tlt tioit; The Ke presentation the eompusinj the District in said Con They have the finest stock of Doz. Buckets, assorted kinds, in st-re and 75 for6al9 cv d. o.

VUicikcvco. Cherokee Street, between Secondhand Thiriii frebtsTubs, all kinds, in store and for sale And is constantly receiving fresh RiipplieB from tho Hook, P. Hernandez. Jose Ilarwood, R. B.

Horner, John Hcrner, Wm. Harrold, W. B. HarroU, C. A.

Ilickenloper, Geo. Hawkins, J. Helm, A. Hodges John Hampstead, Holly Jenkins, C. F.

Jenkins, E. D. Johnson. Wm. A.

R. Kimpton, J. II. Lane, Wra. Letrick, Frel Lane, Aaron LauerJI.

Lard, Wni. -Lohr-, John Miller, Asa Martin, J. II. Mason, A. Moretts, JnOi Miller, Wm.

Morgan. John Morse, Philip Mozier. H. Melison, A. Melison, D.

G. Melison, E. Mansfield, Wm. J'nnkrcs, J. C.

Munkrcs, B. F. Munkre, II. Masters, J.J Morrison, J. L.

osier, E. Martin, Wm. Morgan, Samuel Newberry, G. C. Nash, C.

A. Owen, H. O'Harrison J. 0' Byrne, J. O'Reilr, Wm.

Fark, L. Park, A. Park, Wrm. Pollard, A. S.

F.dl rd, W. Hard, C. E. Price, S. D.

Ilichev, J. II. Reed, P. D. Rowe, J.

Bobbins, J-, Roberts, P. B. Rice, John Roth, C. Richiey, S. Rittgers, Ely Ratlttr, J.

Sim cock, G. M. Sexon, Owen Stanton, J. Sbepi.herd, C. P.

Shatter, Divid Stetson, C. Steele, J. Slater, hn Steward, A C. Striebv, C. II.

Tate, 'Edward Taff, James Trewilligerv R. Trewilliger, G. Thornsbury, H. Thomas, II. Ut Richard Vannoy.

Watson, J. A. Wood, Wm. Warricher, Jno. Whitsitt, Low White; Thomas Wiss, E.

Whitaker C. Weed, Wrightley, S. Wallace, S. White, Wm. Wood, F.

50 J. S. Chick by Bdls. wrapping paper, just received, for sale by J. ChI'ck ico.

vetiti hi, shall lie as tollowj: Uiaff-J, Volley, ever offered in thig market, they have also a complete assortment of Woods ii. Greenwood Ma li-ion Breeken li I Mtrris, Caaso. r. 2: Bv Order. WTh (JEJTTLEMANLY CLERKS, Hk isBovnd to Blear r11 nnd examine bisstr.clt.

before rnrchasinc Dowing, Wm. LIoAiCciii 1 ooi. The train of C. Kitchen 'i 2 wai; ut-, loaded with fifty-seven thou, sni I live hundred lib'. Mexico' passe Doz 2iac Wash boards, in store and fo 4 3 sale cy J- S.

Chick fcco. rfBbls. Almonds 10 do. Hard shell do: 55 20 do Brazil nuts; 2 do English Waluuts: 15 do Filberts, all frwh uud good, which we sell ver; low for cash, Chick Kasins: 10 Bales Oakum, in store and 353 fur sale, JSCnicKico. rfeBbls Molasses, all kinds; 70K do do Sugar If House; 150 Kegs Family Syrup: 100 Sugar House do, in ttore and for sale by elsewhere.

His MOTTO is "a nimble better than a slow shilling." Remember a penny saved is -worth twe earned." LEAVF.NtVORTlI T. Orders for Buying and Slipping Goh tot'ii-tmcortK ttv7 be promptly attemhl tc by M. E. Xo. 50, ixxvnd Street, St.

Iionit. Merchants through the Territory will nd this a good opportunity to have their MerchauJiee n-ceived aud taken care of at Leavenworth and also their interests attended to at St. Lui throu" same firm, by leaving orders at their 0t oft the rth, or directing aa above to The f.o'di TllftSi CAltEV aV i i i i i PR 0 rlSIOXd: COMMISZIOXMEE VfAXIS. 'h FiMeyJ- This train will inter below. j.

A New Chick co. St-- 4Bbls Whiskey; 70 bbls Old Rye and Bourbon do; 25 do Monongahaa Council Grove, 2Gth 1659. Uoz Jioxcs Oysters; 2' 0 do Sardines, a.ssor-ted fcizes; 40 atsks Brandy, all kinds THE DllUG MARKET. and prices, for saie py Chick Co. half bbls all kinds, in store and for sale by Emigrants Outfitting and everything wanted on the ALSO, Flour, Meal, Macon, Corn, Oats, Salt, Thick co Me.xi oi ail in thespiinr.

Anothertrain belong-iiijr to Kiichcn.of II waon-i. passed a few days Mtiee tor New Mexico, 1 aded witk odi for the trade. C. G. Barker' train of 22 wagons llont'i train are yet below.

Americas -liflMel. We have received the fr-t and seeond number of the nl-ove paper, hailinf om our town of Amcricus; pub-lide by T. C. Hill, and edited by R. M.

It is independent in polities, and presents a neat pp; tranee is edited with ability; and published 4 2,00 pe annum. T'ir vcohi Vull Roister. Sacv is the ti'vl new papcrhailitig from Burlington, Coffey nuty, K.T. Edited and publish by our old 'iend. S.S Frouty.

1 1 is Republican in politics I'rouly is a good writer, and wi 1 mtk an interesting paper. Terms: 200 per annum. Downing, T. Downing, Jno rris, Ed. l)exterk S.

Douglass J. M. DavUlV, David Kmorv, II. Kspv, H. J.

Early, W. Eaton, A. X. Edens, E. Evans, S.

Evans, M. Fuller, A. Fairbanks, M. C. Farris, J.G.

Fl iors, R. V. Flara, A. II. Farley, James Farris, Freels, J.

W. Fuller, Wm. Flaiity, John Fitzgerald, Jatties Gilmore, II. Grecnhatrjh, J. F.

G. Gdlam, II. Gpen, R. A. Gttnter, C.

QJ Bbls eider Vinegar, In etore and for eale by 00 Chick co. Corner of Cherokee 8t. and Levre, Boxes Claret Wine: 10 do Muscat do; 25 do do rort and Malaga do, in sto'-e and for sale by Chick co. 11. E.

ALLEN, WHQLE5cLE RETAIL DEALER IN Drugs and Medicines, Oils, Varnishes. Turpentine, and all kinds of Brushes WINDOW GLASS GLASS WARE, TkRoxes gal and 1 gallon Pickles; 25 do JtTJ quarts do; 25 do pint do; 70 do fresk fiuits LEAVENWORTH CITT, K. T. May 30, 1858. assorted, in toro and for Bale verv low and for cash by Chick co.

bs sfs oxe indow Glass, first quality, as vFvl' EO.ted size, in fitore and for sale by O. B. LAB. 1.1 StJ Chick co. SIDNEY CLARKE, A.

C. 80LEY, St. Louis. Leavenworth. .411 of the popular Patent Medicines, Suspension, side and Stand Lamps, Alcohol, Burning Fluid, fw Cases Matches, all kinds- 75 kegs Soda; 100 JJ bils rire stems; 12 Powhatten Pipe; 200 Campheiie and Lan.p Uil coils Manilla Rope, assorted kinds, in store and for Oilkcy II.mse.

Our frier.d A. Gilkey. has bis llo.ei raided, dn I is pushing it to conipletion. Council (Jrove will owe him a large bt of gratitude, for his enterprise in this matter. Gilkey in now keoping all who call on him at the old llavs House call and feo him.

Pure Wines and Brandies for Medicinal purposes, No pains will be spared to keep a full assortment of Just ssach Gootls the Settlers Want. Gilkey, C. A. JOIIX II SXIiDECOIC, Homston. ta.

Clarke, Soley Clarke, Proprietors of, and WHOLESALE ASD RETAIL DEALERS I LYO.WS PATEXT COPPER Havs, M. OLD WHISKIES, VIRGINIA TOBACCOES, STATIONERY, French and Amerioari Perfumery, Pomades, and Toilet Soaps Extracts and ESSENCES, NOTIONS, Hill. T. C. Hammond, J.

Hammond, Jessee Hook, George a full stock of every article in his line, which the wants of the Country may demand, and Pike's Peak. We had the pleasure Saturday, of meeting our old friend J. V. Randall, on his return from 1'ilvo-i iVak. He showed ns a tine specimen quarts lock; aUo of gulch Gold taken from "Kus-eN Randall says thvt he thinks gold exists in paying quantititws in the mountains; but be there is enough men there w.

i hat a large Emigration there next spiing vr be as disastrous a ist. Henson, J. H3 PDUQ DT SHE GQEKt TAKEN Uf EXCfiAIVGE. ITe confine ourselves to Fads and Low lYgrats. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN Huffaker, T.

S. Harris, "Wm. Wright, D. WILL SELL TO WHOLESALE Buyers and Physicians 9 rt Zimmerman, Jacob Downing. Is iac For Missouri and Kaaeae.

Office and Warehouse at St. Louis and Leavenworth. The attention of builders and householders, is respectfully called to thia Conductor. Notice is herehy given, that I will attend TOBACCO at my ce, at Council Urove, on lnursday and Friday, and 2Sth, days of October, 11 is coraposeu cuhicijt timri the erndnetincr rower of the common iroa 1S59, between the hours of 9 o'clock A. M.

AT PRICES WHICH WILL WARRANT SATISFACTION. GIVE HIM A CALL. Main, between Delaware and Shawnee afreets, rod, and will be pntupon buildiugs at the low price of 25 cents per foot. Our watrons will sbortlv visit, yon with these Ilousf. What arc our citizens do ir nbi a hool house, and a nchool, this wio'erf No hing doe- more to build up a place nd a country, than good schools and churches.

M' -cy even, in a business point view wasnev- bet. cr invested than in tch ol houses, and ciu rvh buib dues. What say you citizens. shall wo have a school house, and a school this winter, or not? and o'clock P. M.

For the purpose of receiving, and registering the names of any person's whose names have been omitted in the improved and eupe'rior Lightning Rods. LEAVENWORTH CITY, K. T. foregoing list, and who are entitled to beret- Kemem-oerthe copper ivea. May CO, '59.

CLARKE, SO LEY fc CLARKE. Nd. 10, DELAWARE STREET, Third tioor from the Corner of Main, in ths May 80, 1359. R. E.

ALLEN. tered according to law, in such cases made and provided. New Brick Building adjoining the Eureka House, Ji 71. WILLIAMS, A.JAMES Uliil MA.N, Township UlerK. Leavenworth, Kansas.

CITY AND4 COUNTRY DEALERS re solicited to examine my Stock before send NOTICE. WAITED 1 Young Stock, HOGS md young mm, WE BUY LOW, and FOR CASH, To Tm Electors or Council. Gbovi Towkship DR. G. J.

Wholesale and Retail Sealer in DRUGS and MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, STATIONERY, Paints, and Painters Materials, JS7A company of U. Troppa. Col. Font Leioy eommanding, passed through this place Saturday last. The train consisted cf 5 mounted rueu as an escort; eight wagons.

four carriages. SO mules. Gapt. Ka'ch U. S.

Quartermaster, and dpt. MeLano.with their families, accompanied the command to Santa Fe. Col. Font Jroy is well kurwu as the man who located Fort Riley. BOOKSELLER orders Su Louis, as I am prepared to Bell to are hereby notified, that a general election is to be held throughout the territory ot Tuesday the Sth day of November, 1S59; at vhich the the Trttae tor tvAhll, as low tor the came qualities and brands as caa be purchased in the Eastern Markets.

following odioers are to be chosen foT a filll term, AUD DEALZE 15 to commence on the Istdav ofJanuary i5t(j. Une OILS, BURNING FLUID, VARNTSIIES, PCTTY ember of the Council for the 6th Council District; comprising the connties of Morri, Kiley, Clay, Davis. Dickinson and Waubonsce; in place of C. Santa Fe Mail. Santa Fe mail, for the east passed through this place on Wednesday night Wt; this mail was over vine about a week, the reason a we learn K.

whose terms have expired: Aiso one Representative for the 23d Rep- T-t? STATIONERY, MUSIC. BLANK WRAPPING PAPER, AND PAPER HANGINGS, ETC. was this: I hey had ot within a few miles of AXI WILL, SELL AS LOW AS reseniaiivw coussung 01 me counuea oi where the other mail was robed. and met a lot of Window Glass, Brashes, Dye Stuffs, Tobacco, Patent Medicines, Pure Liquors for Medicinal Purposes, Perfumery end Fancy Toilet Articles. No.

5S, Corner Third and Delaware Street, Leavenworth City. tW Physicians Prescriptions and Family Med-einespnt up with neatness, accuracy and dis Mexicans, who informed them the murder. mm rob bo of the other mad. they immediately ilerns.tnase ana -uaaison, in place of Messrs. 'I.

R.Roberts and Win. Spriggs, whose terras of office have expired; oneeounty Superintendent of Common Schools; one Probate Judge; one SherriflF; one turned back until they met one of Major and XALTRAVERS MILLERS NEW BRICK BUILDING, Opposite the Post Ojkei) LAWEENCE, KANSAS TERSIT0S1, HAS ON nAKD XIi Jjargrcst Assortment STAFte (MU FARCY DRY GOODS! GtOTHING! GEXTS rUKXISIIIXG GOODS, Lusscls incoming trams, turned again and traveled with an ox train, thi side of danger. Tho Mexicans v. belicve.oMainea the mules ta patch. hen by the lndiuus, and returned them to mad Call and see our stock.

We charge nothing i ompanv. of ieeds; one county Attorney; one county lerk, who, by virtue of his cilice is clerk of the I'robate Court, and county Board of Supervisors; one Coroner and one county Surveyor: also one Delegate to Represent the Territory in the Congress uf the United fctajLes. 1 A.JAMES CIIiPMAN, Council rove, Oct; 10th, 'otf Tj. Clerl. In ibi connection we should like to enquire if for thowins: onr goods, knowius as we do, ouiKil tirovo must always tleperut for mail facil- City Drug Store AT CLIKT0H; that all will be satisfied witb our ies; upon the uncertatntitua of tne mail acres the plains.

To All Wlicra it may Concern. LOW PRICES. Indinu Payment. WHOLESALE AXD RETAIL. -Territorial Wholesale School-Book Depot Xo.

4.5, Lelaicare between SciJ j- Thi rd LEAVENWORTH, XA.SSAP; KNOW that the firm of Goddard Sampson, of taeto ot Council Grovcaa thisdav dissolved i ol. Agent is now busily engaged in jviyir.g the i awlndians, thsir Annuity of 1 5,000. uy mutual corsenu Mr. M. Conn having purchased tha bur-iaess of the firm, and he alone is aa- They enrolled the Indians last Friday, anj make BOOTS A XD SHOES, 21 A 'I 3 A 2) SWlf 111.

GE0CERIE3 ATTD PROVISIONS, EVES OPENED WEST OF ST. LOUIS 1 Also, a Large Assortment of Qncenswnrc and AVare; S. ft. IT ATS, A Co. Council Grove, Oct.

3d, 1S59. DOUGLAS COUXTY, KAXSAS BY GEORGE O. BEAM. KEEPS eonstantlv on hand, DRUGS MED I CLUES of all kinds, Paints, Oil, Varnishes Perfumery, Dr. Wakefield's never failing Agua Cure, AyerV Pectoral, Indian Cclopogsa, DavU'a Pain Kiilo.

Neol'a Germaa Ague Cure, etc. Quinine by the drachm onuce. Gix Mm a call. rJAli order from Phvsiciax and others, promptly filed ct it lawrt rzU: 11. '53 It QZ EAM- luorizea 10 seine me Nime.

Mr. CONN is too well known this com rnnni t. nA.l .1 tvn. 11.1 the tribe. COO less than last year; at this rate five vears will solve theKaw question.

The larce and fins stck of goo.U on hand. We wish annuity now amounts to Indian; this with their huntings mid stealing, constitutes years living mm mucn success. z. G. GODDARD.

CALVIN SAMPSON. Cocneii, Spt. lelh, P- S. Wa htrse a jew decking, Parlor and OJa Sieves en.

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