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The Truth from Topeka, Kansas • 8

The Truth from Topeka, Kansas • 8

The Truthi
Topeka, Kansas
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THB TRUTH 8 Business Directory. S. II. Ogdex, Contractor axd Build CLUB AND LITERARY. "Further than vision ranges, farther than eagles fly.

Stretches the land of beauty, arches the perfect sky, Hemmed through the purple mists afar By peaks that gleam like star on star." er, 910 N. Kansas avenue. Will go anywhere in the county. Careful attention given to all work. The Kansas Travelers' association will give a banquet and ball at Library hall this evening.

The Douze Whist club, which was to have met with Miss Daisy Takin has been postponed on account of the illness of her brother Mr. David Lakin. Mrs Walter Horner entertained sweetest spirit. It is like enchantment; as if Nature held you by the hand and showed to you in visions her untold riches, her great possessions, the beauty of the world. Ballentrae.

This cheap edition may have something to do with it, it is not the principal reason, but "Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush" has probably more readers today than in the first burst of its great popularity. Ever since its publication it has maintained its place as a favorite on the lists of book sales of J. rarer, Boots and Shoes neatly repaired. GO!) N. Kansas avenue.

Second hand shoes bought and sol'" All work guaranteed. The Camera club met Tuesday night Thursday afternoon, at cards, in honor of her sister, Miss Diecksride, of St. Louis. Mrs. F.

M. Sponsler. head nurse in Dr. Lyman's hospital at Manhattan is visiting in the city. the month.

Drumtochty has become a pleasant lounging place with multitu- The Scottish society celebrated the anniversary of Robert Hums at the home of President Thomas Page, 1027 North Monroe, Friday evening. Speeches, songs, toasts enlivened the exiles from the "Land of oaten cakes and brither Scots The Euchre club met Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knowles. The Just for Fun club at Metherell's New and Second Hand Furniture.

Household goods of all kinds bought, sold; and called for or delivered. A full line of stoves, queensware, clocks, harness, etc. N. B. A buggy and one horse wagon for sale.

Will treat everybody right. H. S. Pruessner, 0011 N. Kansas avenue.

Mrs. (J. lhompsonancl sou, Collins des of people. We all slipover there Thompson, of Wichita, are the guests from Thrums, on our fireside excur sions, and a word of the Scot's tongue of Mr. and Mrs.

J.J. Frey. China tea bells are very pretty carries one straight away to those shrewd folks in that bleak glen, for not Lamp shades of opalescent shells are all the author's tales of the harvesting, i A Vn Ranai'tfc af A enn'c ffflVA IlCW. not all his talk of the primrose, can make us imagine that glen in the sum Commission Merchants Jexcks Tailor, r35 N. Kansas avenue.

Hay and Orain, Butter, Eggs and Poultry. Butter re-worked for the trade. Satisfaction guaranteed. mer time; it is too firmly fixed as it dances Thursday night. Mrs.

L. B. Kellogg, president of the State Social Science Federation talks before the Western Sorosis this after A pretty home wedding was solemnized Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.

E. Stoker for their niece Miss Mary Miller and Mr. A. T. hucasby Rev.

S. B. Alderson. The looked buried in snow at Dr. McClure's funeral.

Ian Maclaren's new book, "The UESTO KICK. Metaphysician, will be young couple will reside at 210 West SJ. att the front parlor at 120 east Sixth street, Days of Auld Lang Syne," is a second Seventh street. Mr. Lucas is deputy sheriff.

volume of Drumtochty tales, and it far Wednesdays and Fridays of each week from 10 a. ni. until 4 p. in. and will treat all diseases that tlesh is heir to, surpasses the first.

No one tale in it is quite so good as the one of the Brier At 8 clock eduesuay morning in noon in Unity church on "Does Civilization Pay." The different clubs will unite in an informal reception. The Duplicate Whist club met with Miss Small Wednesday. The Kansas Day club meets on Wednesday at the Copeland in a grand banquet and political reunion. On that dav Januarv 2t our state will be 3.1 LITTLE BOY BLUE, the church ot the Assumption miss Sarah E. Mcwernan and Mr.

C. Devlin Bush, where Margaret Howe watched her scholar son fade away from this earth, but the new book, on the whole, were married by Rev. Father llayden. They will reside at 308 Jefferson street. is better.

The opening pages are irresistible. They recount the work Library hall was all aglow Tuesday ings oi the mind on the question of leases. "A Triumph of Diplo evening with soft and elegant draperies, shaded lamps, rich rugs, restful years old. The Caledonian club met on Monday with Mrs. (J.

C. Foss. The Atlantean club is studying "The Ring and the Hook." bv Browning-. It The little toy dog is covered with dust, Bu'. sturdy and staunch he stands: And the little toy soldier is red with And his musket moulds in his hands.

Time was when the little toy dog was new, And the soldier was passing fair, And that was the time when our little Hoy Blue Kissed them and put them there. 'Now dont you go till 1 come," said he. "And dont you make any noise!" So toddling olT to his trundle bed Tie dreamt of the pretty toys. And as he was dreaming an angel song Awakened-our Little Hoy Blue--Oh. the years are many, the years are long, But the little toy friends are true, Aye, faithful to Little Boy Blue they stand, macy" is the title.

The factor and the cushions, luxuriant sofas. The en trances were draped with lace curtains tenant are the players. The game is to get the better in the bargain, and festooned with tinsel. Over the lamps, it is played with unwearied watchful draperies and plants hovered bevies of ness tor months, it may be tor years. blackbirds in the act of alighting.

Mrs. C. S. Sutton, Mrs. J.

F. 11 Ah, they are astute folks, those Scotch in spite of their honesty. Next after McKibbenand Mrs. Robert Pierce were Each in the same old place. the decorators.

this comes "Past redemption," the delineation of the Drumtochty postman, Awaiting the touch of a little hand. met in the Physical culture school rooms on Monday. The and I Flower Mission met on Monday. Their meetings will be at the home of the president, Mrs. Hol-liday the last Tuesday in each month.

Prof. L. L- Dyche lectured under the auspices of the Modoc club on Friday evening in Hamilton hall. The lecture is of unusual interest on the Arctic regions with costumes, etc. The committee in charge of the The smile of a little face, who preached on the sin of intoxica And they wondered, as wait ing these long years dancing party and the two which fol low are Robert Pierce, W.

A. L. through, In the dust of that little chair, tion to the honest folk who remonstrated with him on his habit of taking a drappie The minister denounced What has become of our Little Boy Blue Thompson and J. F. 11 Mcivibben The next date will be February 4.

Since he kissed them and put them there. KlKJENK FlEI.M. Posty on one occasion for beating a thieving tramp, and the admiring 'vic The particular novel "chosen for this WINK TO HIS MTTLK BOY HLIIK. notice bears the delectable title, "The tim encouraged him with, "Saw awa, doctor, for it's a' true, an' ye're doin' yir duty as a minister faithful' an' weel Written upon hearing of the death of Eugene Field. Dewy Morn." It opens with a long walk in the summer dawn along country lanes, up to the summit of a chalk The Little Boy Blue who wandered afar A'm greatly obleeged toe ye, an' a'll no forget yir warnin'.

Na, na. it i'll sink." At sound of the angel's song, hill. It is six chapters before that Stands still by the beautiful gates ajar, walk ends: six chapters filled with the These humorous sketches seem While around him the children throng. There's a smile upon the little boy's face As, waiting for papa, he stands joy ot the lark song and the early rather superior to the pathetic ones The Stedmanclub meet on Monday evening in the Copeland. L.

H. Oran-dell will resume his valuable work in verse construction; Mrs. C. S. Baker reads an original story; Prof.

Z. F. Riley, an original poem; Mrs. Sarah Hargreaves, an original descriptive paper and Mrs. E.

C. Fitch and A. Downing, reviews of poems. A general invitation is extended to all wishing to attend. A musical recital, restricted to Russian compositions, was held at Washburn college Friday evening.

The annual banquet of the West Side Reading circle has been postponed sunlight, of the trees and the hill and In truth, the author serious work is And welcomes him with a baby grace. the flowering honeysuckle. The next too much inclined to the sentimental, incident is a description of the grounds too over strained. Mr. Barrie does it and the gardens of a man who loved much better.

Luckily there is such a nature, with an enchanting picture of canny wit among the Scots folk that it plays through many of the pages, even a tiny lake, a swimming pool, hidden the solemn one. The author is describ in an ash-wood, lhe water, running out of the pool, dropped over an arch ing the Sunday afternoon walk, when intn a. rrnllpv nparlw wkk1 liv I. I And holds out his little hands. Like the little toy dog all covered with dust Who kept his vigil so true, And the little toy soldier, all red with rust.

So has waited the Little Boy Blue, He has wondered why papa has stayed, away From where all is pure and bright, For he wanted him so to join in his play-In the beautiful land of the light. Ah. deep in the hearts of world-weary men Is the tale of the Little Boy Blue, And gentle tears come to their tired eyes wheu They think of the toys so true. As the little boy went at the angels call In his dream at the end of day, So the master, who loved the little ones all. Has gone to his own, far away.

inspection over his 0 each larmer made fern fonds. 1 he spray struck them erties ilIt was a leisurely pro ii.jji.-i -i -ii The eleventh anniversary of the ana oen. mem aown; xney rose ana were struck down again; and so on all Democratic Flambeau club was cele gress, from field to field, from beast to beast, and round every beast to the completion of as many circles as there brated on Thursday evening in the at 210 Kansas avenue. Songs, day and The gray-green bulrushes grew farther up the pool, and were lhe rate was about one duetts, recitations closing with a dance and a half miles an hour, and the and a social session were the features. thumbs were never removed from the "under the shadow of willows by the shore, the golden lamps of the yellow iris shone." And there in the summer morning, with "the limpid water, the sweet air, and the light of day, the N.

A. Jennings in New York Evening" World November J. C. Fulton entertained the Topeka armholes. No one forgot that it was Whist club Tuesday evening at the Sabbath, and there were things no P.

hotel. The next meeting will be right-thinking man would do. Al I flower in the grass was not only color, it was alive; the water was not merely with Judge Atherton at the Copeland. The Philharmonic club held its regu though Hillocks usually settled the price he would ask for his cattle in the midst of these reveries, he always felt a surface, the air an invisible current, the light not merely illumination. As if they had been living powers, so they their ribs on a Saturday.

Ballantrae. George R. Lugton of 813 North Tyler influenced her. A feeling entered her street claims to have hoisted the first lar meeting on Monday afternoon irt Guild hall. After the programme the officers ror the ensuing year were elected.

Mrs. W. E. Swift was re-elected president, Mrs. S.

S. Crawford will be vice president, Miss Nina Thomas, secretary, and Miss Ollie treas from them; the light, the air, the water the soft sward on which her hand rest ed, life came to her from them." The Flower-de-luce of France. The idea of a national flower carries a certain fascination with it. Perhaps that is why people attribute national flowers to countries that have none. It is generally supposed that the lily is the national flower of France.

But a foreign writer says this is not the case, for, although the flower-de-luce is often taken for the emblematic flower of France, as the rose is of England, it is in reality only the emblem of the old French royalty, and its import is no more a national one than the bees and violets of Napoleon. As a matter of fact, France has no national flower, and if it did possess one it is much more likely to be the daisy than the lily, for this simple flower is a universal favorite with the French. The only heraldic emblem of the country is the Gallic cock. American flag raised above a school house in Kansas. On March 17, 1874 he was at a Lyceum in the Pleasant Valley district, 4 miles south-west of Lawrence and saw a flag used -in drap "The Dewy Morn" is a long book, but through chapter after chapter runs this glorification of nature.

Sunshine ing the room. He suggested that it be and moonlight, brooks and fields, wav ing grain and blossoms, the great trees urer. The L. A. W.

Whist Club met with Miss Myrtle Jetmore on Tuesday evening. The next meeting will be held in two weeks with Miss Jennie Price. The Duplicate Whist club will meet with Jessie Small next Thursday put on a pole and crawled up and fast ened the flag himself. the stars, the midnight, twilight, dawn the cottager's garden, and the forests; Go to Whittier's, 730 Kansas avenue all this for page after page, does this for short orders and good coffee. F.

A. Warren, Prop. wonderful author paint, in freshest,.

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