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Wichita Protest from Wichita, Kansas • 4

Wichita Protest from Wichita, Kansas • 4

Wichita Protesti
Wichita, Kansas
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THE WICHITA PROTEST, A. BETTIS, EDITOR 4 Abilene, Sunday, en route to Salina to attend the annual session of the J.lllIIIIIIIlIIIIIiUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIItlIIIj I pitted will be the most handsome in 2 Leavenworth. This drive the EIBEOTY EOTEL IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIII Jlllllllllllllllj. 1 Lawrence, Locals Masonic grand lodge. LvUV livl llvYV3 I pace once being slacked will be con lllllllllilllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinm tined untn the is "ached While in the city they were the guests of Mr.

J. B. Lewis, an old The week's meeting is characterized jwijsjs. ag Mothers' Anniversary. friend of Mr.

Williams. allvlLilLI MUDUHN REASONABLE RATES AS GOOD AS THE BEST 638 N. Water St. Wichita, Kans. Phone Mkt.

1527 HEX TAYLOR 1JIWI11J The Sunflower Church will give Mrs. Ethel Samuels of 5th Ave. en- fish fry Sept. 5 at the church. Come Mr.

Sonnie Hampton has gone to Colorado to spend his vacation. His tertained a number of the younger out and East plenty of fish. set with an evening dance-and card The Bible class at the residence ef party Thursday evening August 21, Mrs. Mary Jackson, 718, 6th Ave. is given in honor of Miss Ethel Hawkin9 progressing both in interest and rium of Kansas City, a former Leav- bers.

They are studying lessons of son, Mr. Joe Hampton, is taking care of his work while he is away. Att'y; W. L. Sayers of Hill City stopped, in Abilene en route home from the east.

Dr. Wilson of Salina lectured at the A. JVL Church, on the subject of Mrs. J. B.

Lewis left last Friday enworth girl. The euests were Mr. truth. Come out and learn the truth, and Mrs. Ballard Bright, Mr.

and Mrs, I WANT YOUR TRADE R. RALSTON Groceries and Meats. Prices always right. Phone Mkt. 1527 632 N.

Water Street The growth of my business means employment for more Ract Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiii The Old Folks dinner at Luke's A. M. E. church last Sunday was a decided success, about 70 were present, several dinners were, sent out to those who were, unable to attend. Denomination was forgotten and the only requirement was that you had reached your zenith and was going down on the shady side of life's Mrs.

Ed. Irving and children are visiting in Hutchinson, Kans. Mr. J. J.

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Howard, and Mr. and Mrs.

Hubert Stewart went to Tonganoxie last Sunday. All report a pleasant time. Mrs. Eliza Reverly has gone to Alligator Lake, Mississippi to visit her Mrs. Belle James-Sage of Kansas Albert Walton.

Mr and Mrs. Josenh CONTRIBUTIONS COMING IN January, Mi, and Mrs. Walter Sam "uels, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Samuels, White Citizens Liberally Donating for Orphans Home Benefit Misses Nellie Greene, Leona Morse, Messrs.

Jerl; Williams, Alonza Mills, for Marysville, Beattie and Seneca, the home of her girlhood days and her many old friends. 1 clerks. Goods always fresh. Prompt delivery. Telephone youi order.

Contributions are steadily coming Lewis Richardson, Edward Ransom, in to the new president of the Kansas Mr. Brannough of Indepen State Protective Home, which during Calvin (St. Joe), The house was handsomely dcor-ated with flowers. the past twelve years has been bat dence, Mo. has returned home after spending several days in the harvest fields.

tered about like a ship at sea and is badly in need of a thorough overhaul- 1 Ice cream, cake and other refresh- Mr. Branough is an ex-Abilineite ments were served. The evening was City, has been visiting her it happily spent, everyone present en- The white citizens are liberally do and spent his boyhood days in Abilene and is a Christian gentlemen and well It touches the spot daughter, Mrs. Ruth McPike. Mrs.

Myrtle Hurst, of Wichita was joying themselves. nating for the, benefit of this colored Miss HaWkins MirhteA with orphaned home. For the week ending in the city visiting Miss Agnes Gray. 13 i a it thtt fnrmor T.pnvpnwnrH, ns. Saturday, AUgUSl Z4, Mrs.

Amwr il 1' I- sociates entertained her. She left for on'y "umorwea aunwiur ir Mrs. Jerry Tayror, of Atchison is visiting Miss Lillian Williams. Mrs. Vaughn and daughter, of her home, in Kansas City Friday, Aug said institution turned over to Mrs.

Mary Jackson one hundred and fifteen ust, 22. Quindaro, spent Sunday in the city. dollars. Miss Laura Rawls of Wichita, has respected by all who know him. Mr.

Thos. Coffey visited his wife' over Sunday. Mr. CofTey is employed on a farm near Talmadge. Mr.

Thos. Garey has returned to his job as pastry cook at the U. P. Hotel. Mr.

Garey has been out harvesting and helping thresh for a change. Mr. Dougla3 Simpson, the truckster has a fine lot of watermelons and cante-loupes on hand. Miss Helen Harrison is soliciting aid to help build a new church at Hill City. Miss Helen It is safe to say the Negroes will do been visiting Mrs.

Johnson and Mrs. their bit also. Bowler. Mr. and Mrs.

Henry Henson of Take a Protest wherever you go. It MEHL AND SCHOTT APPRECIATE i THE NEGROES' TRADE The Mehr and Schott Drug Co. at 5th and Delaware appreciate the Negroes' trade and believing in adver is chucked full of pep you know. Call 2258 between 1 and 5 when you It has that Creamy Ftavo? Santa Fe, New Mexico, are visiting Mr. and Mrs, Fred Johnson on St.

tising in the race papers. Mehl and have some news. Schott certainly give the service and Miss Christine Wright, of Baldwin is always doing her best to help the handle everything in the drug line, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 VaaA tViciff nil in tliia issnp When I 2 spent the week end with Miss Rosa Lowry on N. St. down town drop in and give them a 5 JlUlCtiOTl CitV, Kflll Mr.

and Mrs. Geo. Baker on route good cause along. If, we only had more young ladies like her. She does not spend all of her time singing the alcohol blues, like a good many of our so-called Christian, young ladies do.

Get the habit of reading The Pro 6 have been threshing wheat and report 400 bu. from off 20 acres. Ernest F. Jones is sole agent in Leavenworth for the Protest. Pay no Mrs Sarah Henderson, enroute to Mr.

Taylor, has had a stroke of other. her home in Salina, visited here FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH GIVES th her daughter, Mrs. Corrine Fra- paralysis is now at the home of his daughter Mrs. Geo. Hunter on test and keep posted.

(Hand your to J. B. Lewis. Miss. St.


WICHITA, KANSAS list. (Scranton, Times) The First Baptist Church will give Ldse at Pittsburg, Kans and also, Miss Mamie Harris, had a stroke of The race riot is gross and infamous apoplexy last week but is reported spent iwo uaya wim jucuua in Kansas City, Kan. Mrs. Malissa Smith was hostess' at somewhat better at this time. a whole week of Jubilee at Tarbett's Park at Tenth and Shawnee streets, beginning Mpnday August 25 and end Mr.

and Mrs. Roy Brown are plan anarchy. The idea that it has to be at times is preposterous, a weak, indecent and disgusting plea in extenuation of an exhibition of human ugliness and cussedness of the most depraved character. a prettily appointed dinner, et the ing August 31." ning to leave for California for an indefinite stay. tw obintipr Coffevville home of Mrs.

Ella Jones, Sunday Prof. F. C. West and wife have re turned to their borne in Wichita. Kansas, classed among the best speak- evening, in honor of Mrs.

M. J. Hard-ers of the state will be the principal en and Mrs. Sanford of Brownwood, speaker during the meet. Texas and Mrs.

Victoria Dukes of August. tliB S1st. a commit- Johnstown, Penn. Mrs. Victoria Cloud and Miss Anna Jackson have been visiting in Inde- itu- lm mi nt oViiivpVi mprnbers rliss--Ionian- lung-oi j.iuJeK"s--pendence, jj0 New subscriber to the Protest, Mrs.

Bake Butterfly POOL HALL ers" wiir spread dinner-for the cbil- came Sunday Aug. 24, for a weeks dren and friends. stay with Miss Ethel Woodworth. The First Baptist is making an un- The many friends of Sgt. Maj.

Geo. tiring and strenuous effort to raise Cldud will be glad to hear of his safe $1,000 with which to finish the interior arrival from Overseas, last week, of that beautiful edifice on Broadway Mrs. Lenora Cloud, wife of Sgt. and Seneca The church when com- Cloud, left Saturday Aug. 16, to meet ASK FOR REINHARDTS At Your Grocer's Baked Reinhardt Bakery 720 N.

Main All Kinds of Drinks. Tobacco and High Grade Cigars ij.iiiimiiiiimiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii PocotcIIa, News iiiiiiiiiiiiniiiitiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiif? Josa Martineze, of Deer Lodge, Five First Class Tb' her husband at Les Alpines, iowa. 632 NORTH MAIM, WICHITA, KANSAS 1 while out hunting this week nW Yellow Stone Park, accidently shot himself. He was rushed to this city and is at the Linn Bros. Hospital Miss.

Ella May Suddath returned here to her home Friday, after a two weeks visit with friends and relatives in Topeka, Kans. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson McAdoo was the scene of a lovely four course dinner, Saturday evening honoring Miss Daisy Jones of Pittsburg, Mrs. G.

Taylor of Cleveland, Texas and Mrs. V. Dukes of and at this writing he is in a very bad Mehl Scott Drug Co. Everything in the Drug Line. We appreciate your Trade I'honcs 210-211 5th and Delaware Sts.

LEAVENWORTH KAS. 7 PLASTER CONTRACTOR J. W. HUTT i Phone, Doug. 1G09 Day Work, or Contract Patching, All Kinds.

condition. If you want to subscribe for the Protest, leave your money, name and 910 E. 9th St. WICHITA address at 134 So. First Pon Johnstown, Penn.

Nine other guests dexter's Barber Shop, or at 216 East Clark, Howard's Pool Hall and at enjoyed Mrf and Mrs. McAdoo's hos pitality. 7 II B.s9 LOG PisV 5 Ben Carothers Place on N. Second. We Appreciate Your Business Mrs, Florence Harden will leave Mr.

Wm. Thompson, of 457 N. 4th Ave. met with' a serious accident Wednesday the 20th, inst While un Tuesday noon for a visit at Emporia, Kansas. Saturday afternoon, Miss Betty Suddath, entertained a number of her mrmimlSmmm VftCKTTA.

loading a car of iron at the O. S. I. Quality talks You can hear it's voice -By trying a sack of Red 'Star Flour Guaranteed to please. little playmates, the occasion being shops he was knocked off the car through the carelessness of another laborer, several pieces of iron falling 2L.

rr DIAMONDS JEWELRY The Sterling Jewelry Company 325 Delaware Street Iavenworth Kansas WATCHES WATCH REPAIRING her seventh birthday anniversary, Light refreshments were" served. on him. He received a fractured arm For Drugs, Drug Sundries and Carefully Compounded Prescriptions. Groceries, Meats, Notions and Cants' Furnishings. Mrs.

J. Harden and Mrs. San and leg and a few minor bruises about his head. WICHITA. KAS.

Mr. C. Stoglin is confined to his ford, both of Brownwood, Texas, came Aug. 19th for a shorfvisit with Mr. and Mrs.

L. W. Harden, before leaving for an extended trip to homo 323 N. 5th Ave. We hope that i his illness is not of a serious nature Makin-Eye Drug Co.

Phone Mkt. 239 617 N. Maia St the Pacific Coast. Every other place of note is giving their returned soldier boys entertain Mr. Holly Overstreet, who has been spending the Bummer in Junction ments.

What's the matter with Poca- tello? Wake up and let us show our City, left Saturday for his home in Blue Rapids, following a few days visit with friends and relatives. boys that we are not all dead ones, Pistol Duel A Sired Car TiiougM for Today Stop! Look! Listen! Willcuts Pharmacy Appreciates Your Patronage Free Delivery Any Place Any Time YOU, KNOW WILLCUT Leavenworth, Kans. Mr. Overstcret will return to Law A pistol duel one dead and one is rnece, Kans, where he will attend in a critical condition, ruiay near noon the 22nd inst. George Davis school at the State University.

(better known as Kid Davis) and Al Mr. and Mrs. Hehnison Steimyard fred Duglass, proprietor of the Cate City Shining Parlor, met in the alley between Second and N. Third Avenue left here Tuesday Aug. 19th for Pittsburg, for a permanent residence.

Mrs. Florence Harden entertained We went to a moving picture theater the other evening. Ik had to wait outside about fifteen minutes for the end of the last reel before we could get a scat inside the theater. and Clark Ave. Both men emptied their guns at each other.

Duglass proved to be the best marksman as all at her home, 1537 N. Jackson Monday, August twenty-fifth, compli 6 of his bullets found their mark. Davis was shot through the right menting three of Junction City's most charming Visitors; Mrs. Victoria Dukes of Johnstown, Mrs. M.

New Model Cafe HENRY MILLER, Southern Barbecue. Mexican Chile We Cook to Suit You. Ice Cream and Cold Drinks' Leavenworth, Kas 225 Delaware shoulder once, once in the left side, just below th'i heart, twice in the left i. Harden and Mrs. Sanford of lez.

twice fa the right leg. After If this crowd of patrons besieged this particular theater at every performance we have no doubt that the manager would m-crease the. seating capacity of his house. But he says that every performance is not a big one and that often there are more empty chairs than spectators. It is much the same with the street car.

During the "rush" Davis was shot all to pieces he took his gun and gave Douglass a terrific beating. Douglass was beaten almost Brownwood, Texas. Potted plants and lovely ferns transformed the living rooms into a real summer garden where covers were laid for nine other guest. The delightful breakfast hour was indeed very much enjoyed. Mrs.

Mollie Seaborn left Tuesday, beyond recosmition. His head was beat into a plilp by the butt of J)avis gun. Davis died at 3 m. Saturday. It seems that the men had some trou ble a few days before this duel.

A hours it is necessary to place many "extra" cars on the various lines. During most of the day, however, a vast amount of this equipment is idle, with far more empty seats than passengers. woman is at the bottom of it all. Rev. T.

3. Ross ha returned from WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS AND WILL APPRECIATE IT The Crancer Hardware Co. Gthvaad Delaware Leavenworth, Kaa. the annual conference at Spokane, Wash. He reports a glorious time.

C. C. YOUNG. for an indefinite stay in Denver, Mrs. Seaborn was joined by Mis Rebecca Eaton of Manhattan, Kans.

Mrs. Lulu Stames came Sunday from Denver and is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Pleas Jones. McAdoo Is entertaining-ing as her house fuettn, this week, her sister, Mrs. Taylor of Cleveland, Texas and Mis Daisy Jones of Pittsburg, Kans.

i -I i ABILENE, KAN. Mr. Thurman Williams and Dr. L. Lett of Euporia stopped over in.

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