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Wichita Protest from Wichita, Kansas • 1

Wichita Protest from Wichita, Kansas • 1

Wichita Protesti
Wichita, Kansas
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SLM Aij ad. in The Pro: test is ja business We Cover Kansas Like the Morning Sfe A I WM builder. Dew. WW VOL. 2.

Lieut. W. A. Bettis, Editor WICHITA, KANSAS, FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 1919' NO. 9 -Subscription $1.50 Per Year Neither Race Will Gain fey Hafredancr Violence ditor E.

King of Dallas Killed by Woman and Colonel E-. King, Editor Founder of the Dallas Express, the American Democracy in Texas individuals. The constitutionand the laws are for the protection of the minority and of the unpopular, no less than for the favorites of fortune, or they are of no meaning as American instruments of government." largest Race -publication in the South of a newspaper to defend the rights of his downtrodden race, he began the publication of a paper known as 'Fair Play," about 1885 which had a wide circulation and was successfully man west -was hot and killed Wednesday afternoon about 3 o'clock at 2811 Will not the readers of this article wire or write to their Senators and By W. A. BetfTs Representatives expressing their indignation at the treatment accorded Mr.

tu a nepresen Flora Street. Mr. King lived only a few minutes after he was shot. He aged Until forced to close his shop 'rrrrrr T15 wy ui tne Shillady in Texas, and urging upon them a Congressional investigation of N. A.

A. C.JP. at Austin, Texas, last Week by a bunch of cowardly mob violence in the United statea. and leave the state on account of posi was hot in the upper right che3t. tion his paper took in defense of his lexans, led by a judge and deputy sheriff, is but one of the many disgraceful occurrences so characteristic of the Lone Star State, Hattie C.

Burleson, former personal secretary and boarding mistress of race. which, some years ago, no doubt occasioned that famous, remark by a distinguished American citizen "that if he owned both Texas lie came to Dallas in 1891 and secured a position as managing editor and hell that Tie would rent out Texas and live in hell" and in bo far as our observations are concerned this fellow knew whereof he of the Western Star, published by Rev. E. W. D.

Isaacs in He be The Associated Press has carried the following report from' Texas, August 22, regarding the Secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People: "John R. Shillady of New York, Secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, was severely beaten in front of his hotel here today and ordered to catch the first train -out of town. The beating was administered by several men following a meeting held with Negroes by Shillday. He agreed to leave town at once." Austin, Texas, August 22. John R.

Shillady has been the Secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People since February. 1918. He came to that gan the publication of the Dallas Bee spoke. While there are thousands of respectable citizens in Texas, who will not approve the cowardly assault upon Mr. Shillady, they are not likely to have sufficient back-bone to stand up for later the nanie was changed to the Dallas Express.

He was editor-in- right and demand the punishment of these public culprits. Mr. Mr, King, voluntarily surrendered immediately after the shooting and an affidavit charging her with rtiurder was filed in Justice Barnett's court. Born in Mississippi, Mr. Kmtj was the son of Richard and Marguerite He was born in Macon, in 18CG.

He was educated in the schools of Macon. After completing hia high school education he: taught school for a number of years in the public schools of Lauderdale and Jasper counties where he enjoyed the distinction of standing the beat exnmitf-; chief at the time of his death and by his uncompromising stand for justice Shillady is an American citizen and a gentleman he was on a mis sion of lavv and order representing an organization the lofty prin Association after having held the following positions: Secretary of the Mayor's Committee nn TTnemnlnvment Mew Vnrlr Pit. Sunrafoni Ua. and right, the paper is considered one of the strongest publications in; the ciples of Which have attracted many of the nation's greatest men York State Industrial Board; Secretary of the Buffalo Association for the and women to Its lold, an association constantly and eltectively Keiiel and control or luberculosis. Since his entering upon his work as Sec southwest.

retary of the Association has advanced from 80 branches and 9,000 members in January, 1918, to 2G8 branches in 40 states and the District of Columbia working to the end that all American citizens be accorded their constitutional rights. The threadbare and senseless howl of "So The deceased is survived by a broth and 3 foreign, and to a membership of 79.500. Amone the states that of erJohn King, of Greenville," cial Equality" is the false slogan of southern cowards. It is not Texas has the largest number of branches, 31, with a membership of 7.04G. ationef any teachers in these coun who will come for the remains and "social equality" they fear; that is but a subterfuge and misnomer i On August 11, the Secretary received a letter from the President of the ties, white or black.

Seeing the need make funeral arrangements. and a sop thrown to Others Ol the same Ilk, Whose blackened hearts Austin, Texas, branch announcing that a citation had been served on him to would prompt them to any act in opposition to the Negro's receiv- appear at 2 p. ra. August 9 at the Court of Justice of the Peace, bringing all ino- his ritiVrncihin richts ,1 Docks, papers, correspondence, belonging or pertaining to the National Wig Jlia UUitllMUlJ IlgUbB. .1 A capiat! r-m Til.

If the brands of cowards who assaulted Mr. Shillady have an President of the Austin Branch who asked the National Secretarv to flHvi idea that such acts Will stop the great Work of the N. A. A. C.

P. hini regarding the form of incorporation of the National Association as the they are entitled to one more chance to think. Exponents of every s.e(i was not chartered in tne state of Texas, cause that has marked epochs in human advancement, have been Mr- replied advising the Association A V. nlQ5 uun ui meiownaip rorpanuon incorporated ill ivu under Buuaeu, anu wmc novc siu. tne 0I lfte Btate 0I New York whose purposes are civic and educational, and Lovejoy hunted like a wild animal, the lamented Sumner was Believing that his presence in Texas might be of value to the Austin beaten down in the United States senate chamber With a bludgeon Branch Mr.

Shillady proceeded to Austin on August 19. National Headquar- in the hands of a South Carolina brute, but the enternal principles Jew since that time has received a telegram from hini reporting progress in CALL OF GRAND MASTER U. B. F. Justice, Mercy, Truth S.

M. T. Jurisdiction of Kansas Grand Master's Proclamation Call of the Grand Lodge, which will convene in Topeka, Kansas, September 2nd, 1919, which will be the first Tuesday in said month. To the Officers and Members of Kansas Jurisdiction, Greeting: To all Lodges. Temples, Juveniles and Royal Houses, Most Worthy Masters, Most Worthy Princesses, Most Worthy Mother Matrons and to the Most Excellent Past Musters.

Most Excellent Queens and Knights Nof Friendship and all members of the 1 rr of the United Brothers of Friendship and Sisters of the i 11 laas-Teri ef Kansas. JimctMMj, of human rights for which those men stood stil I go marching on Upon rece, the A-sociated Pre3S dispat'ch National Headquarters and so it is with the N. A. A. C.

a tew ignorant lexans may wired Governor v. p. Hnhhv ct Tevn Hn whflt shout in ignorant fflee and laud the cowards who assaulted Mr. at once to punish the offenders. To which Governor Hobbv renlied nr-nrr'm.

auilMoir the imuornni' nf Iho stnt.A mflv rnndone their acts of law- to the Associated Press Dispatch. "That Mr. Shilladv was the onlv offender kJlIltlUMJ WVs I A wwwvvv I essness, but their combined enorts can not -hinder tne cause nor tlCThJ the i thl I U8 deter him in his noble purpose, lhis recent act of cowardice and in nt ilia i Drutailiy Will oniy awanen rauie cuuaucuuuua auicuwi ty ot Texas, every effort will be made to secure retribution for this outrag- eous assault upon one of the ablest national executives in the United States. thH urcent necessity oi sucn a spienoio organization as me for the Adviir.ui.'nrt ol colored feopic. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored the following statement regarding the attack upon its Secretary, John R.

Shillady, in Aunstin, Texas, on August 22: The Association has ten years been at work in an effort to hrina hefnre Texas Mob Led by Judge and Deputy the people of the United States the necessity of the supprssion of mob violence. It has repeatedly called the attention of the nation to the facts of lvm-h. Sheriff Make Cowardly Assafilt on ing and mob rule. It has shown that every Negro in the Southern States who dares to stand upon his rights as a citizen endangers his life. That the Secretary of this Association, visitins Texas on nrdinarv xjohn R.

Shilladay, Secretary of N. A. A. CP. Inis is tne year ol jubilee; the Lord lias wondcrluliy blessed us since our last Grand Lodge Which was held in Pittsburg, Kansas, through the many wars of bloodshed for humanity and democracy, a world wide peace has been declared and now we are entering upon a new dawn of civilization for the uplifting of humanity.

Whatever our hands find to do let us do it with a smile upon our face in reality and not in formality. All Lodges, Temples, Royal Houses and Juveniles will elect your delegates and sec to it that you arc represented in the Grand Lodge. You all know your respective 'duties for the Cause. committee of all Lodges and Temples in Topeka, Kansas, who will entertain the delegates has agreed to give sleeping and board for one dollar and fifty ccjits- ($1.50) per "Come prepared to pay your bill. TAXES Grand Lodge taxes for male GOc, National tax for male 7c; ness in the course of his work, should have been beaten up by a deputy sheriff and a judge is another proof of the utter disregard of the South for decency and order.

Mr. Shillady, since February. 1918. has been Sccretiirv of thi Nntlnnnl The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People makes known the following facts regarding the situation in Austin, Texas, which Association for the Advancement of Colored People. His work has been especially directed toward disseminating information reorardintr men tint im.i led to its Secretary, jonn ti.

hniuady visit, me apu-ai in uBun; calling upon the governors of the various states to prevent such outrages and TVwi nt, nf iiiutm one fiiihf larirfisi Drancnes ot ine Assoc avion hi TexaL numbering Slomon.bers; Texas, indeed, has the highest membership 3f0Zl rVprecTof nf fh Mntirml ARnf.ition for the Advancement of Colored People of any oi the Association, Mr. Moor-the( American Car Association, nal Conference on T.vnr-hinw nt; eei-urcu iiib issuance oi a can ior a iacioi state of the Union, members with 31 branches. It was, therefore, with trroat pnnrorn that on Auirust 11 the National Association Secretary received New York in May of this year. The Conference went on record as demanding a Congressional investigation of the facts of lvnchinir and Grand Lodge taxes for females 30c, National tax for femal 5c; a letter from P. A.

Williams, President of the Austin, lexas. brancn, saying the United States. The attack upon Mr. Shillady is one more instance show- that on August 9 the Deputy Shenir had served a citation on mm to appear ai me iici-esnny ui uin an lnvesugauon. Special Assessment lor male and i cm ale.

lor emergency unci 25c each and $2.00 from each Lodge and Temple for minutes. 3.s:ssusffi All Lodges and Temples make out your return and send one to the Grand Secretary and bring one with your money to the pnt ilnwn istates ana lesaers ci public opinion throughout the nation. He we Ion a matter that uprirvislv Sntorostart Via A msi-ino nni.u Grand Lodge and report to the brand Secreiry Hie same. The first dav of the Grand Lodge and Temple will call Mr. Khilldfii.

on rweint of this communication, left ew lork cromflr nrst mental to lpmoprnv. Aiitin hna hmnnh nf ann u-a and appoint their1-committees, then will be called offand the remaining part of the day will be given to the Grand Royal to Chicago to do some work regarding the recent riots, and from there to doing able work in co-operation with the State Department in relation to the Texas, reaching Texas Thursday. It was cn Friday that the outrageous at- recent outbreak at Longview, V'. tack was made upon him. Mr.

Shillady is a man of absolute courage, great ability and hirh 4g- I nnnfwnimrv for tho National Association for the Advancement of rity. He has consecrated himself to the task of securin? a fair den I House and Mother Matrons. May the Lord bless you an. I am yours in Justice, Mercy and Truth, G. McNEAL.

G. M. Colored People to make the statement to the press of this country that it Negro in America. Back of him are men and women, white and Colored, sow ntotun to do evprvthinur in its Bower to punish the offenders and to make the in powerful positions, others in humble ones, but all determined that AmeriV'. country ring with a knowledge of the conditions in the capital city of Texas, shall no longef make a disgrace of democracy, shall no longer talk of holping Only in the southern states of America could we read that a Judge and Dcp- weaker peoples abroad and denying the first rights of citizenship to people 400 Minn Kansas City, Kansas uty cinerin oeai up a citizen visiunif ineir ciiy 111 iiib iiikcicBt, wc iiww ii a hio-hlv hnnnrpd.

nt ten vears standing, an Association with! The question is scarcely before us whether or not a man enn nrlvnnnia Uur JOHN LKWIS, ti. Sec. GOO N. Main Wichita, Kansas Moorfield Storey, former President of the Bar Association, as its President, and order without being attacked by a mob which according to the newspaper Maor J. E.

Spingarn as its Treasurer, with the Governor of Minnesota as the stories, was headed by county officials. President of one of its branches, and Senator Capper, until recently, President Solo, Alice Johnson, Topeka, Kansas, of another Association that has stood always for kindly dealings and fair play, JUDGE, CONSTABLE AND THIRD because it was for the best interest of MAN CLAIM IIE WAS INCITING Austin and the state. Wednesday evening, 8 o'clock p. The Association believes that the citizens of the United States feel with If'nrnfmmd indignation nt this latest expression of mob violence. No Color BLACKS OF STATE ASSUME public reception and ad mission 25 cents.

Thursday 9:00 ed man who appears to think for himself is safe in the South, and it would seem that the same is true today of any white man who has the courage to o'clock a. eesnion of U. B. F. and The citizens of Topeka are sparing no pains to make the Eleventh Annual Session of the U.

B. F. and S. M. and the 5th Grand Session of the Royal House a great success, in so far as their hospitality is concerned.

Topeka knows how to entertain and take care of The committee as everything set nd the session bids fair to be greatest in history of the order. Much credit Is due Mr. W. Want Social Equality Shillady came to Austin yesterday and had a conference Attorney General C. M.

Curetoi regarding a charter for the association. Local officials who Interrogated him yesterday expound his cause. The Annual Renort of the National Association for the Advancement of RESPONSIBILITY. Austin, Aug. 22.

J. R. a white man, secretary of the National Association for -the Advance-; s. m. t.

Thursday night, 8 o'clock p. Colored people was put in the hands of the District Attorney, Deputy Sheriff and the Justice of the Peace in Austin. They read its chief aims atated as memorial services conducted by the follows: ment of Colored People, who was se Rev. C. W.

Wilson, Grand Chaplain, t. A vote for every Negro man and woman on the same terms as lor verely beaten and placed on board an Public invited. Friday 2:30 p. white men and women. Grand parade, outing city park where Parka chairman of Gen.

Committee 2. An "oual chance to acquire the kind of an education that will enable outbound train for St. Louis today, had been "inciting negroes against the the Negro everywhere wisely to use this vote. 3. A fair trial In the courts for all crimes of which he Is accused, by judges in whose election he has participated without discrimination because asserted that the association has for its purpose the bringing of social equality and declare that Shillady advanced arguments along this line.

The meeting with negroes today following these conferences was not interfered with, but as Shillady returned to his hotel he was met by several white men who administered a severe beating with their fists. He was then escorted to the station whites" and had previously been warned to leave Austin, according to County Judge Dave J. Pickle of Travis county. The attack on Shillady, of race. T- 4.

A rteht to sit upon the jury which passes judgment upon him. i. Defense against lynching' and burning at the hands ol mons. Equal service on railroad and other public carriers. This to mean (Judge Pickle said, was made by him- sleeping car service, dining car service, Pullman service, at the same cost and self, Constable Charles Hamby and upon the same terms as other passengers.

7. Equal right to the use oi public parks, libraries ana omer community where he bought a ticket for St Louis. services for which he taxed. Shillady was warned not to stop in 8. An equal chance for a livelihood in public and private employment.

9. The abolition of color-hiphenation and the substitution cf "straight Texas. splendid band music will be rendered. Friday, 8:30 o'clock p. nw public install exhibition drill by the Golden Rod drill teamof S.

M. and of Topeka and other teams wilt be present Music by Hamilton's Jazz orchestra, Admission 35 cents, (i COLORED WOMAN SKKVES OX JIRY Leavenworth, Kans. (Special to The Protest) Mrs. Mary Jackson of 918 5th Ave is the first woman of the Race to serve on a jury in this county, having been summoned by Judge Nirdlinger. of the Court of Leavenworth, on August 14, to tit on a civil case wherein both litigants and the other members of the jurm ere white.

It is just another instance showing the impartiality of that grand old man and Alice Johnson of the program committee. The following the program: Tuesday 9:00 o'clock o. m. Royal House will open. Wednesday 9:00 o'clock Grand Session of U.

B. F. and S. proper will convene. Wednesday afternoon, 2 o'clock p.

addresses of the Grand Officers and reports. 3:00 o'clock welcome address on behalf of city, mayor Corwine. Response, Attorney T. W. Bell, of Leavenworth, Kansas, Inst, Solo, Mrs.

Daisy Hughes, Topeka, welcome address on behalf of U. B. F. and Mrs. Sewey, topeka, Kan.

Welcome address on behalf of juveniles. Miss Minnie Martin, Topeka. Response, on behalf of-U. B. S.

M. t. and Juvenile, Mrs. Re- Americanism." The demand for equal service on railroads and public carriers they took Birmingham, Ala Aug. 23.

In Ben Pierce, none of whom he declared would shirk responsibility in the. matter. Judge Pickle emphasized the fact, however, that he and his' companions were acting unofficially. Shillady was returning from a meeting with negroes, Judge Pickle declared in describing the attack. "I told him (Shillady)," the judge said, "that his actions were inciting the negroes against the whites and would structions were received at the local a special exception to.

They also advised discontinuance of The Crisis. They talked about social equality. In the same report, the Association, in Mr. Shillady's forceful language, makes this statement regarding social equality which it believes and for which it intends to battle to the end; navy recruiting station Tuesday that no more Negroes would be accepted for service in the tiavy. Experienced Negro cooks will, of course, continue tj be engaged to handle the cooking, "Nor should any one be led astray by the tiresome talk about Social equality is a private question which may well be left to individual decision.

But, the prejudices of individuals cannot be accepted as the controlling policy of a state. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is concerned primarily with public equality. America is a' nation not a private club. The privileges no less than the duties of citizenship belong of right to cause trouble and warned him to leave town. I told him our negroes would cause no trouble if left alone.

1 but not even Negro mess attendants will be accepted from this date according to the instructions. whipped him and ordered him to leave Judge Ira Nirdlinger. wva rranklin. Osweeo. Kan.

Vprai no separate claps of the people but to all the people, and to them as Pslronize the Merchants Who Advertise in a tece Paper They Appreciate Y)ur Trade 7 1 i i M..

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