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The Monitor-Press from Wellington, Kansas • 5

The Monitor-Press from Wellington, Kansas • 5

The Monitor-Pressi
Wellington, Kansas
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THE WELLiTNGTON MONITOE-PRESS, MAY 2, 1900. I repeated at, Rome on the following Wednesday eve'nlng lor the benefit of UJU1111 11LY1J. the Pleasant. Hill Sunday-school, $10.25 being realized. The schtol board and CAPE II The citizens of Conway Springs people of the district are very much, pleased with Miss Warford's work, and cordially recommend her as an able and efficient teacher.

raised $100 for the India famine sufferers I last week. pour of rain the whole 6f last Friday night and half the next day. The farmers are all smiles now. Miss Edna Donahue-; accompanied by her little sister Esther, made a business trip to Concord last Tuesday. Misses Maude and Pearl Norris went to Bachelder, Oklahoma, on a visit with their brother Robert and his family.

R. T. Wilcox, of Oxford, was transacting business and interviewing the farmers in this part of the country last Friday. George, John and Maude Norris went to Wellington last Saturday morning through the rain, to take the exam The Sunday-school at Bethel church, One new Peering Pony Bind near Rome, took up a collection for the er, for sale cheap, by A. Graff A number of our citizens an to start this week for this well known beach, They Take a Risk India famine relief last Sunday and in about ten minutes raised $39 cash, with-snecial effort or previous announcement.

Who can beat this record? For sailor hats, street hats of all shapes, call on Mrs. Brunson. The school board at Mulvane re quires the pupils passing from the Life insurance is grades to the high school to take the county diploma examination before they are entitled to the promotion. Of the you who stay at home, know you TAKE RISK in buying Shoes of Buttrey's, as you get twelve who took the examination last good for your, family. Health, insurance is month eight passed.

Captain Joshua Wright, a long-time reliable goods and the lowest resident of Belle Plalne and civil war good for both YOU possible prices. yeteran, died there last Saturday of small-pox. lie was supposed to have For instance Ladies' Dongola and your family. nearly recovered from the disease, when You collect health insurance by ination for teachers' certificates. The meeting at Bethel closed Sunday night after two weeks' duration.

Rev, Cross preached a very able and instructive sermon Sunday to a large and appreciative audience. There was a ministerial association held at Bethel last Friday and Saturday, but owing to the rain and mud it fell short of the anticipations of those concerned. However, there were several ministers in attendance. All three ol the applicants for diplomas from our school are very happy, as they were successful in making good grades In all the required branches. They are Misses Etta Wartlck.

Bertha Vaughn, and Master Willie Donahue. They will receive their diplomas soon, so says Superintendent Massey. Thenimrods for miles around have a relapse occurred, from which on account of his advanced years and feeble condition he was unable to rally. living. You have to die before life The funeral took place on Sunday, but insurance can be collected.

was private. If you knew your health was M. S. Converse has one hundred solid leather Oxford, tipped or plain toe, Men's same, $1.50. BUTTREY TERMS CASH.

threatened you'd insure it if you could. You can insure your health. acres of alfalfa that is One, standing at present fullv a foot in height. Mr. Con The stomach is the vital center verse cut it three times last year.

He has pastured 101 head of cattle on one twenty-acre field for the past six weeks, of the body. The whole body is and it is holding its own in good shape. for the past week been listening to the nourished from the stomach. The blood is made in the stomach. A disordered stomach means disordered blood, disordered body, disor Everybody should sow a few acres at least of this great foraere plant.

South birdies sing on the muddy banks of old 81ate creek and have been trying to catch Haven New Era. One door south of Maxey's grocery store. -The four-year-old bov of Ezra nsn too. xne old boys wno went were dered brain. You never heard of a sick person with a sound stomach.

Bratcher, who lives east of town, was our old friend, ex-Sheriff Steve Jones, dangerously hurt last Friday. While and Mr. Aker and his boys. We wonder llaiilfefljrIPaaiP Make your stomach sound and playing he fell on an old Loe which had how they the two fish they caught. no handle attached, and the sharp prong you insure your health.

which is made to enter into the hollow How? As thousands of others AdamSchlmmel was taken suddenly (DRRBrOHDEflCL ef an old-fashioned hoe handle entered and violently 111 last Sunday evening at have done by the use of Doctor. his side between the two lower ribs and church, and had to be carried to the even penetrated nis liver, the wound residence of Uncle Billy Wartlck, just being at least four inches, deep. He across the road. Pile was hastily suffers Intensely, but Dr. Mcllhenny summoned, and ior several nours it was thinks his chance for recover' is good.

Made from most highly refined and healthful ingredients. Assures light, sweet, pure and wholesome food. thought Mr. S. could not live.

His sufferings were so great as to require four Conway Springs Star. men to keep him in bed and from doing A colony of North Carolinians have settled In the neighborhood of Carrlger himself injury. This is the second attack of this kind for Mr. Schlmmel, school house. In March a delegation of sixteen came out, and within the last and the physician attributes them to We want a good reliable correspondent In every town and community in the county, and furnish paper and stamped envelopes.

If your neighborhood Isn't represented regularly suppose you send us the news. We'll appreciate It GOOD FOR KICKERO. Our Cicero correspondent, "Rex," writes one of the best news letters, from an editor's point of view, that reaches this office. His items in last week's paper are no better than lots of others he has written for our columns, but we consider them fully good enough to merit the prize for Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It's the one sure medicine for the stomach.

It heals. It strengthens. "Words fail to express what I suffered for three years, with cold chills, palpitation of heart, shortness of breath, and low spirits," writes Mrs. A. Jones, of Walter-boro, Colleton S.

C. "I could not sleep and really thought I would soon die. Had a peculiar roaring through my head" all the time. Was so emaciated and weak I could not feed myself. My aunt induced me to try Dr.

Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, which I did, only to please her, and six bottles cured me. To-day am sound and well. During the three years I was sick I had five different physicians." Consult Dr. Pierce by letter, free. All correspondence private.

Address Dr. R.V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y. few days some thirty-odd more have indigestion. The leading topic in this neighbor arrived, and another Invoice Is expected soon.

They are not wealthy people, but hood now is the teachers' examination at some of them are prepared to buy land Wellington last Saturday. It is reputed and all seem to be willing to work. to have been the most difficult examina Housekeepers must exercise care in buying baking powders, to avoid alum. Alum powders are sold cheap to catch the unwary, but alum is a poison, and its use in food seriously injures health. tion for a Ions time, and some venture They are experiencing some difficulty In securing houses to live in, and the hotel at Corbin has been rented to help fill the tnat issue want, while every available farm house in that section has been filled up.

South ROYAL BAKING POWDER 100 WILLIAM NEW YORK. GUELPH. Haven New Lra. The thirteen members in the grad uatlng class have certainly had bad W. II.

Fair, who has been quite some time, ia able to-be out WE VAIIT YOUR Mrs. sick for again. to say that Superintendent Massey made It difficult so as to cause failure with the teachers In order to induce them to attend the county normal. If such is the case it is a wise Idea, as some of our teachers are sadly In need of a few pointers on mode and manner of Instructing, If they are not deficient In ability as instructors. There are some teachers in our county who never attend a normal or a teachers' institute, and yet they contend such institutions are uselessand that a teacher will teach his way no matter what instructions are brought to bear on him.

luck as a class. Miss Crosslin has beeu Cowley county, last Thursday, the 26th Joe Smart and wife visited his mother the first of the week, who is con absent from her studies on account of ult, where he will visit and rusticate for a week. the grip. Miss Luder is up-to-date and fined to the house with a paralytic stroke. Joe lives near Derby.

-Ray Brown and Glenn Wycoff were has the mumps. Two other young ladies ordered commencement gowns Butter ait Ms Our weather station has lecelved the only pupils of Mr. Games's school and by mistake received two pairs of from the United States signal service a who were neither tardy nor absent dur lace curtains, wnne trie third young self-registering maximum and mini ing the school term of eight months. lady is so unfortunate as to be unable to mum thermometer and an instrument The latter pupil has never been absent or tardy at any time during any school get any shoes to fit. The class fears shelter.

Can tell the extremes of any MAYFIELD. that their bad luck is going to continue AT HIGHEST MARKET PRICE time during the twenty-four hours. even alter commencement, as mere are term since he first commenced school more than fiye years ago. Where can this record be duplicated? It began to rain last Friday after no Indications as yet of a banquet. T.

Morrow Is doing some needed work on the public roads under his jurisdiction. The storm which visited this region on Tuesday of last week wrecked the flue on Mrs. Ross's house. W. O.

Owen passed through here last Friday en route to Wellington to attend the teachers' examination. Neal Pickett, the leading livestock man of this vicinity, was at Kansas Uity last week with two car-loads of fat cattle. A. T. Williams has lost eight head of cattle recently, all dying of hydrophobia.

More hogs and fewer worthless dogs, would be a good motto. A very heavy rain fell here last Friday night and Saturday morning. The noon and rained steadily until near noon Caldwell Advance. Mrs. Henry Cllne has recovered making a rainfall of 1.87 The W.F.M.S.

meets this week with Mrs. VanSlvke. Mrs. Wade Is able to be about again after an illness of a few days. Dr.

Harmon has sold his farm to Although Oxford has one of the inches. This is the largest rainfall in from the small-pox. Two of the boys, Vernon and William, were also down A Full, Fresh and Complete stock of prettiest cemeteries In this part of the twenty-four hours since last June and with the same disease but have about state, yet in a few years it will be a great deal more beautiful. The cemeterv as arger than any for an entire month J. P.

Threlfall, one of our merchants recovered. Mrs. Cllne's father, Capt. since last September. sociation took advantage of the fine here.

Wright, of Belle Plalne, died of small The Rome W.C.T.U. observed Pro weather Monday and set out 100 ever pox last Saturday night. It is supposed The W.C.T.U. met last Thursday hibltlon day Sunday night at the Rome church. Mrs.

T. A. Hubbard presided. wttn Mrs. liarry.

A good time is reported. greens, which tney secured iron some eastern firm. They are the Norway spruce variety and were secured by the Mrs. Green read the Scripture lesson. Mrs.

Tyndall arrived this morning Mrs. Kate Armstrong read the history of from Wlnfield to visit friends and the passage of the prohibitory amend relatives. ment and a sketch of Mrs. Wilson, who Dr. Harmon returned Tuesday from president of the association, N.

C. Can-field, at the small cost of $12. F. II. Thewalso purchased one hundred of the same kind and will grow them on his place in the north part of town.

If they do well he will be able to supply the demand for evergreens in this part of was largely Instrumental In getting the Ottawa, where he had been visiting his amendment passed. Rev. anGundy GROCERIES AT RIGHT PRICES. Finest line of FRESH FRUITS, VEGETABLES and CONFECTION EJRY in the city. Come and see us E.

BROWN, brother Vol. crave an interesting: address. Several others took part. They circulated pledge A party of youug ladies went fishing cards and secured a large number of last Monday. They report lots of fun signers.

The church was nicely deco by some that he caught the disease by a letter sent by the Clines while Mrs. Cllne was down with the disease, Wolves have been very5 much in evidence in this vicinity during this spring and past winter. They have been seen singly and In pairs, in triplets and quartettes, and their dolorific barking and yelping has been heard nearly every night. Sam Cobean's little black fiste dog came in too close contact with the jaws of one of these wolves and as a consequence curled up and died. Last Friday evening Bert and Fletcher Wycoff and Archie Martin took the war path.

The soon locatpd a wolf (coyote) den in Mr. Games's pasture and digging down discovered a mother wolf and seven pups. Archie Martin shot the old wolf as she lay in the den with her young. Well satisfied with their success the boys complacently carried off but few fish. creeks and ponds are well filled with water.

Wheat, oats and corn are doing well. Edward Owen caught his foot In a wicket while chasing some chickens across a croquet ground, and was thrown with such force that one of his shoulders Is very badly disabled. J. S. Huffington says that his daughter.

Miss Ethel, whose eyes were weakened by an attack of the measles, has Improved so that she will be able to stay in school this year until the close of the term. Charles I.Carson and Wlllard Went-worth defeated a couple of champions In a hotly contested game of horse-shoes Saturday. Owing to the honored record the country In a few 3'ears. Register. The school In District 43, Miss Ida Warford, teacher, closed with a surprise dinner a week ago last Friday.

Besides rated with bunting and flowers. There Prohibition day will be celebrated was a good audience present. next Sunday nlht by union services at the (J.P. church. art it PORTLAND.

aiiss una iiouana, or itome, yesterday to spend a few days Lena and Brltton Lobdell visited a the good dinner brought In by the visitors and enjoyed by both patrons and pupils, an entertainment of dialogues, recitations and music was given by the school, and in the evening a play entitled, "The Danger Signal," was rendered by the school before all the pa with her friend, Mrs. Barry, day in the Strip last week. Mr. and Mrs. J.

H. Felt and daugh Mrs. Thorp was quite sick last week ter Erma left last Tuesday for Illinois, CASH GROCER. S. Washington Ave.

WELLINGTON was improving some Sunday. where they will visit a few weeks. trons of the district. The play was Helen Lobdell Is talking of attend A collection was taken at the M.E. the eight scalps to the county clerk's ing the normal at Wellington.

church Sunday night for the India ouice on Saturday. Wheat Is looking better after the big rain Friday and Saturday. OXFORD. Mr. Buckingham and family are moving into the Arnsplger house to-day.

Mrs. E. M. Nevins Is quite 111. mm A H.

J. Donahue Is having a little John Cllne, of Hunnewell, visited carpenter work done to his store this Monday with Mr. Griffin. famine sufferers; $7.80 was raised. Robert Love's smiling face is again seen in our midst.

He has been taking course In dentistry In Kansas City. Charlie Woods took his cattle to Kingman county last week. He has bought pasture there and will remain. Miss Lizzie Smlthhlzler, of Danville, has been visiting her friends, Mrs. Ella Hutchinson and Mrs.

Emma Rose. Mrs. Parker is at home again after several weeks absence, in attendance on of the yanqulshed among the horse-shoe twlrlers of the past, we refrain from giving their names at this particular time. W. E.

Cleshorn, our postmaster, received a letter last Saturday from his son, who lives in San Sab county, Texas, In which he says that a hail storm visited that locality April 25th, beating the corn into the earth and leaving the fruit trees entirely leafless. Young Mr. Cleghorn visited his father last July. He 13 a splendid young man, and his friends here are sorry to learn of his misfortune, (Delayed Letter.l Frank Sands is nearly through assessing in Walton. Mrs.

W. II. Fair has been quite sick Mrs. J. F.

Stodder, of Burden, spent Sunday with Mrs. Llda Tilton. week. The Ladles Aid society met at Miss Anna Trlbbe's last Wednesday. Quite a crowd was The Ladies' Cemetery association is to meet with Mrs.

Dr. Smith on Tuesday, Some farmers are still planting corn -Fred Morrill and family, of Kay and others are talking as though har county, Oklohoma, are visiting the home vest is almost at hand. SATURDAY, MAY 5 folks. An evangelist named Cromwell will Perry Harrison has built a house on Breach at the Methodist church next wheels to take his invalid wife to the Sundav mornins and probably in the south. evening also.

at 3 p.m., at our implement house on East Lincoln wo her cousin at Hutchinson, who recently died of cancer. R. W. Gilbert and wife, of Clearwater, returned home this morning, after a few days visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.

D. W. Gilbert. Some one made an attempt to enter George Hamill's store one night last week. They were discovered, however, before their work was accomplished.

Charles Eckles, of Des Moines, Iowa: The lamp to Mr. Short's incubator will give a public test of the is spending several days with his aunt exploded one day last week and they Mrs. Yeager. had auite a time keeping the house B. A.

Earhart returned to his home from burning. Wednesday, after closing a successfu On account of the muddy roads term of school. CI1PI0I Dn-C This seems to be a regular occurrence at 1 for some time, but Is better now. Neal A. Pickett left for Kentucky Tuesday with two car-loads of fat cattle.

J. T. Morrow has been doing some work on the roads under his supervision. J. Crick, of Oklahoma, was visiting his old home last Saturday and Sunday.

A heavy rain fell here Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by a heavy wind and some hall. G. B. Crick and C. B.

Carson hav applied the paint brush to their homes there was not many at Sunday-school Sunday- afternoon, but those who were Mr. llamill store. The ordinance for herding and pas turing cattle along the streets is to be on hand seemed to take great interest Some of the, teachers who took the enforced In this place. and that is what carries on a Sunday- examination last oaturday report some school, every one taking a part. Hope Miss Hill, of Sedan, is spending of it as very hard.

'Catch" problems more will be out next bunday. were the order of the day In arithmetic -3 by driving the cutter-bar against a fixed obstruction (such as a solid post) to prove that the wheels will not lift when the some days with the managers of the dressmaking establishment. Guess Who. it uues seem mat sucn as mat is not a fair test of a teacher's ability. Mrs.

Sommerville and daughter bar meets a heavy resistance, nor will the driver be thrown started Monday for Newklrk, Oklahoma, Notice Horse Company. for a short visit with relatives. Several of the farmers are hauling wheat to market. The assessor tells us that there are 29,840 bushels of grain In The regular quarterly meeting of the Messrs. Henry and Clarence Morrill, Sumner Co.

H.T.D.A. will be held in with artistic results. T. D. Keown, the new postmaster at Ashton, has fixed the office up admirably, having put In a new letter-case.

Miss Maegle Carson closed her 'school last Friday. The closing exercises are highly spoken of by the visitors. this township. There are also 446 of Blackwell, Oklahoma, visited rela the Redmen's Hall, Wellington, Kansas, from his seat. We will show conclusively that it is the ONLY Mower with an effective and practical device for lining up the cutter bar.

We respectfully invite our competitors to meet us in this test. No one is barred. horses, valued at 996 cattle. tives In this place during the past week. Saturday, May 5, 1900, at 2 p.m.

Let vaiuea at loS mules, valued at every member report at that meeting A number or friends gathered at the home of Bert Barnes Wednesday and avoid payment or nne. Several of the Mayfield young people Oscar DeTubk, Sec evening to celebrate his birthday. Games were made happy over receiving their and various amusements were Indulged examination grades from Superintendent Bed-Polled Cattle. In, Some sixty guests were present and ilassey with the information that the For a Choice Reg report a pleasant time. i Cards are out for the commence Farmers, If You are Interested in oners diplomas would be sent In a few days istered Red-Polled uarnett Stremme claims the honor of I Bull, call on S.

C. ment exercises to be given In this city being the youngest graduate in the Rev. Robertson, of the Christian church, preached to large and atttentlve audiences Sunday and Sunday night at Ashton. A game of base-ball was played last Saturday near Johnson school house between an Oklahoma team and a Kansas nine, resulting In victory for the Kan-sans. A.

T. Williams has another cow affected with hydrophobia. Mr. Williams ha9 lost four or five cattle, some of them very fine, as a result of a mad-dos 'iiz Kans county. He is only twelve years of Friday evening, May 4th.

The graduates are: Misses Effie Alley, Myrtle age. You cannot afford to miss this exhibition and examino carefully the best Mower on earth, and you will likely bo For Sale. Ulowe, Zella Keed-and SPRINGDALE TOWNSHIP. Mr. Bert Buzzard.

Each one has chosen My farm, 3J miles west of Hunnewell, old price! aDe to compare it with other machines, whose represent is still for sale at the same C. J. Burnette lost a fine mare a few a good subject, and no doubt the exer cises will be very entertaining. Address. Stact B.

Douglass, days ago. Result of colic. 740 Logan Avenue, San Diego.Californla atives are mvitea to oe present, we earnestly nope they will bring their machines, which will talk for themselves they say they will; let them show you. Jacob Troxel, our road overseer. visiting nis premises some montns ago.

has been grading the roads latelv. ILLINOIS DISTRICT. Corn is large enough to work. Cane Seed for Sale. CLEARDALE.

Under the fructifying Influence of Red Orange cane seed by R. F. Plum heat and moisture everything In the Mr. Thompson preached a first-clas3 mer, at 75 cents a bushel. Uncle John Wartlck was delivering vegetation line is booming.

sermon at Kettering chapel last Sunday a car-lojta or wneatat Ashton last week, Ladles. When wanting anything in till Diimer is sunermg irom a sore 6ARRIN6T0N MARTIN on his hand. He has been disabled for Mr. Cim' s's school at Spring Hill is closed (ilenn Wycoff, one of the pupils, tock 'he train for Burden, In millinery lines see Mrs. Brunson.

You but was interrupted the rain. This locality was blest with a down three weeks. will find what you want at a low price.

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