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The Nicodemus Cyclone from Nicodemus, Kansas • 7

The Nicodemus Cyclone from Nicodemus, Kansas • 7

Nicodemus, Kansas
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NOTICE OP Arn.IOATION TO ITltCllASE M'LAUGtHLffl BROS. Sl'IKKII. LAM), The undoralniWd hereby alien notice that he will, on the Xtlta. day of May, 1HH0, make an kRTIIUR G. TALLMAN, Editor.

Written by Mm. flilon Lnvcll for tho WmrRS cation to the l'roliate Crqrt of liraham roui Kanoaa, to purchnne the tollowinjtilrjorlnca anion, land, altuatud in the organized county, of Graham, i n.t I. IUI A Kaiiaa. vtn. iue 01 me in pre su, iuwh ICODEMUS, KANSAS, raiiL'C iw.

lie numea me loiuiwina peraoua 10 rove hia aettlrment. coiiunuoua ana miprovcmenw, vtn. nenry auer, nenry omiiu Qe (fix a ndise to res Tecrspay, May 18R0, and liarlca haxter, nil 01 isiroiiemua, ranaaa. Done at Mcoileinua. couuiy or ivunaaa.

tUlaBlhdnyof May, lBStl HiiBoi.n. VtfLiERN THE CYCLONE. There a a slorm looming np, Tliere'e a iloud in the iky Thrro'a an omnioua aound Which attract every eye. Willi mirprlno uml terror, We hour kii1o aayi The Cyclok I coming, out of th way, rrncnASK SOTICK OP APPUCATION TO SCHOOL LAND. as IChas.

Wilson is now acting bvil in this ofllcc. The nndcralsned berehr clvea notce that be wIM, on they lth day of May, ISSti mnko application to Drj Goods ii HatsH Cps, Boots and SboosClpt WTKCesntfr Allen, 9l miles of the Probate Court, of (Iraham county, hanfaa rkodvmui, uaa ice lor nam. purchase the followlm; ilcterilied achool land, sltuuted in the oruanlzed cotiuty of Graham Kan- -CientS' Roundtree will soon move aar. vjr.LThc.iiF. and 8 i and and of the ouarter of sec 85 township 7 ato his new residence.

IraiiRO 21. lie namea the following persona to pvaya. bla sculemcnt, coufliilious rijaidonce nnl laiprc.vemejit, Henry (oaith 1 WT8. G. WlUcon rcrtlved ft new tot of I vuanea uaxicr, ail oi iicoaemus, ivanaaa.

Done at Mrodcmus, county, or tiraham, twa stu There were 21 persons took dinner dcy of May, ltwe. tiionas j. tirrciirn. at the St Francis llotol yesterday. IV- reuuoncr.

tlTA larzc assortment of nr-tr Dry Goods jnst APPLICATION TO rUKCIUSE NOTICE OF J. TTi! I I i SCHOOL. LAM). received ai o. u.

nuavu a The underpinned heiebv clvrs notice that he J. D. Moore, of Logan, has made win on tticsitii day ot Miiy, raanae an a himsa.f numerous in our city this cation to the Probate Judge of Graham county, han Ms. to purchase tho following-described achool U-t Tho cloud la lnrrruln, 'Tie (ratherlm; force To remove every object Impeding Ita course. But hark 1 there' a aomid, the roll of a drum la The Cyclonc haa come.

It rathrrs Rood tiding Forull of mankind! And beam Item away On the winga of the 'While Iktuiitjihd dlewtf, Are-ranght In the whirlwind Aftd acat'red away.i i Blf orl Mlttle tempest, Continue to Wow To all parts of th Nation, i Let every man.ttiioy, In thia There' abundance of room, Where men of all Motions II uy find lucijt a home. For the did and the: jotine, The great and tho email, In thia beautiful land There am nga for all, Which a loving Creator With a bountiful band, Hhb acattered them broadcast All ovej the land. In Ida RoodnepK and merry, Wether aunihlno or ahowere 11.13 dotted the hlllslopea Wllb beautiful flower. Froin the vast rolling prairie, The children of toil May reap a reward Ju the frutta of the mil. From morning 'til evening, The birds Knily aing 'Til tho hilla with Re-echoing melody rings.

All nature rejoicing Invitee tis to como, And make In thia beautiful a Then blow little Ctcloxe, Continue to blow, In every direction, Let every man know, Though much has been Raid, The half la not told, There's peace and contentment That'a better than gold, innl. sltimtcrt tne orcan xea county or uranam Kunsna. viz. the (Ase'c. iif, town 7s, ranee 81 I w.

Ue names the following perfona ta prove his settlement, continuous realism nod tmprorement Vti handle nothing but flrst-e Jass.goiHli and arc sidling thorn at the Wa', living ptices. If yon want any thing in pur at our store and vSani, Garland went down to Wcb-W to-dav -after a loan of farm Henry liuckuer, Henry Mnlllt auu cuariea llnvlor. nil of Nico leiuus. Kiinsan our goods and get prices. )one at conemus, county ot tirnnam, Kansas, iiMchinery.

th.a eth day of any, lwu, L'ovNTcn allkn Oiliioner, A. 6. McRridc, formerly of the World, mado us a- pleasant Land Ofllco at Klrwin, Kansas, No. May 1RP6. Notice is hereby elven that tho followin BROS, WEBSTER GRESSON, KANSAS.

fo named settler has tiled natlce of her Intention make final proof in support of her claim', and Mrs. Margaret Ilockins, daughter of that aukl proof wilt De made nerore the ltcgiatcr or A Weaver, arrired hero from Tennes Iicceivi Hi Ikirwni, mtitrnp, vii ,1111 uil, irvMl, viz: Julia M. Summons, I). S. 2(10, for the W'4 see, yesterday or or ec SH, tp 7, range 20 She names the following witnesses to prove her coi Quite a large crowd attended the tinuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: It.

A. Hatlield, hllen Allen of Mcodemua hantisine at Sprina Creek west oi Frank Bnriff and Ueo. Jloore, of Alcona, Kansaa, Jous ltiaaELL, Itcg, town, last Sunday. FARM The post office has been moved into MACHINERY, MILLINERY. Mr! Woodward building on north Ida of Main street.

Z. T. FLETCHER We publish in another column Will Thornton's denunciation of the Now has a complete stock of Millinery Goods', consisting of- GRAHAM TOWNSHIP. Jl "Ranslor. ono of Webster's lly boys'! made us liappy with his Mr.

Editor: As tho Cyclone -FOR SALE BX- Iresejicc, Monday. struck us forcibly last week, I thaught Hats, Bonnets, Plumes, Ribbons, Thread Buttons, Veiling, Lace She is also prepared to do all kinds a few items from this part might not Thomas Fletcher went to Stockton be'amiss. day to meet his wife, who has been Corn planting seems to be the order isiting in Osborne City. of the day. as wc 'hear tho click of of Fashonable Dross Making.

N. C. Terrell, editor of tho Millbrook the corn planter from carjy mom until Ierald. passed through town bunyay late at mglit. 't I mi r-t 11 i 1 ni 1 1 i- a wjivhorno lromKirwin.

Tlie KaoDaiu iscuooi orgauizuu at, J. L. Dopoe Glazier, I .1 ir 1. 1 LAUD S. GAR tnO lUUlOeiTV SJlOOl UUUB-', 13 rmiKiraa- Eiorhtcen covered wagons passcci wifii p-ood attednane irough oiir city yesterday, lieatlong Pr Rnokmastcr is Superintendent.

I i- 4-1 Virt anfiinrr cinn I -r i ai i a Mr. Brown and Lytic have come to GLAZIER CARPENTERS, Contracting and Building the front with a new corn planter, We received a pleasant call from F. Shearer, one of the enterprising purchased of Sam. Jhcy arc wide-awake 'and well-to-do farmers; rmers of Graham township, Monday. thev came 'to Graham county about All kinds, work in of our line neatly T.

Fletcher has opened up one year ago and settled on raw scliool thev have about 7o acres and Dress Makinj land: now, and accurately done at reasonable lucat Millinery the post office uuder cultivation. lablishment in prices. Plans and specifications fur Mr. G. W.

Shearer, late from Iowa, KANSAS. N1CODEMUS, nislied on application, a brother of J. F. Shearer, one ol fflCODEMUB, KA5I. vn win D3 ureacuui" i Grahan countyjs pioneers, is here to Sion lionse aunciay stav.

he has put in 8U acres ot corn and is still planting. J. F. JAMES FULERSON WERSTER, KANSAS. OFr sh.

Glazier. All arc envitcd-to ''omeout. Mr. A. Woodward was the first give us us a dollar for tho Cyclone.

fr. W. knows a cood thing when Dear Editor: Having received a copy of Cyclone, will say that I am well pleased with it, liar- and hoe that all who receive a copy In tlo lino Faija Machinery ypu wijl us slwaj-s to the ftout, lwth in liiality of goods and io'et prioea, Wagons, Bnggio3, Plows, rows, Etc. will return the compliment by readily subscribing. May the Cyclone blow forever.

Yours for Success, Burnsides. ic sees it, Bro. Prltchard, of the Millbrook democrat passed through town Saturday, on his way to Missouri for a pleasure trip. B. P.

Moreland has moved his Wc handle the celebrated Rock Island Tlow Co's. goos, which hav bonn tried for years and always jnnitajn JLhe lead in excclleiiftc of wurkinanship and llotKC piloting and Ropairing a Specialty. 1 1 Kirness snop into o. uocwus wagons. Mr.

Editor: It seems as if there is new rule established in our county by an unimportant member durability, Ai0 han4o the ootfuratoa ums am rwiieuw 31 am prepared to repair the wvl er Iron work of plows, wagons, harrows ftlvo mo a call. -m building on south Wain street, ihewillbc pleased to see all 1 and new customers. ee Z. T. Fletcher striking out of tho the-Teachers Examining jjoara.

That is, to show the work of all the yonng teachers to half of the young SiMfEt Cilll.ANp. A. G. Taixman, ILnrvcstors, )Amw, listers, drill, sulky stirring plows, cultivators, bar a 1 A. I.M.r.n men in town, and thus asK ana give CYCLONE LAND AGENCY.

rows, rakss ic. Everything usually kept in prsvcmss iropit idl-m, I 4t.l Mr been done the second time, making and Graham county land cn be foanl hero, Give us a call, Rooks for sale. uminery "-v this part of the county the subject. I was out talking politics. The thirdtime i snali speaic piain.

JJICK. Chase's -f-mmrrow. Iu Ahool will give a school will close the evening, the free exhibition, at Mr. Chase will ROOKS COUNTY ITEMS. -Money to Loan on Real Estate- ic M.

E. Church. BANK OF WEBSTER, 4part for Leavenworth, Tuesday. IlusU Townphip. Dear Edit0R: Seeing the first issue of interest and no At lowest rate commission, of the Cyclone and there being, no i I.T.

Troup, of Kirwin, madp ns feasant call yesterday and ordered 1. Cyclone sent to Kirwin. Mr. correspondence, thought I wonltl send you a few itera3. Fanners have their corn all planted, and in the way of improvements Mr, If von want to buy or sell land, was here in tho interest of the J.fger Sowing Machine Company.

J. W. Williams, of Memphis, in Nicodemu3 Wednesday, nitriT AV1.1 4 fd see us, viuiju.rj jjais v-v. W. M.

Bonner is taking the naro wire from around his pasture and putting smooth wire in its place Mr. Geo. PRormEfo' WEBSTER, f- KANSAS, Does a general banking business. Loans money on long or short time; buys and sells. exchange; Deals in real cwtafo; money totoaka final proof and attends of a11 kindfl- Fbatkr Coe, WEBSTER, KANSAS.

Dir. W. is well pleased with our town nnl country, and intaids to locate -Wescott has hia pasture completed Mr. E. G.

Bray is putting barb wire CYCLONE her. We welcome him to our little city. around his cherry orchard Mr. Fra- zier has his new stono residence com pleted Dist. No.

8 havo their new Wo receive.l a canl from Av ill hornton stating that ho can not be Saturday night, as was announced last week's Cyclone, but will give school house completed and arc trying to find a teacher Dist. No. 52 is going to build a new school house, near but will not sret it completed in time ST. JULWN la beautiful Dapple' Of'aj 'eight a lecture sometime in the iivture. for a summer, term oi scnooi.

St. Julian. ycara old and welghi 1,609 posideJ Tli mt Uti Mr. Eugene Sawyer bid farewell to hj an Importei NortnaB. tl dan waa ttorotun-bredMergam.

NOTICE. i the far west and has departed lor lowa that the police is ncreny given The Methodists organized a Sunday lie will fo lie cmo at ue iohohic Committee of lep'f Central School last Sunday with Mr. McGmnis, tlmea aud piacea: Irali nty, meet at Jlillbrook as Supenntendant, Mr. union fi 1 Assistent Miss Susie Dillon treasurer: Miss Anna Norman AtWbatei, on Jftridaa and Toeadai, we aim of C. U.

Weacott, on Wedoeadaya, at faim of McC'roakey on Tlisrtdejff, and at "McodetoDi oL Fridaye and SaUrdafa. Teima to Inanre, tj the waaon, 1.00 A premium of 110.00 win be jiren foi Uie 0nt ud for aecond beet ooli' tired by St Jnllaa retarv and Miss Edith NeSse, Librarian May 29th, at 2 P. Ilobse. All are ucstwl to attend as biisi-jortahce will transaetei.L iLfeox, fe -'J Wp borw the lieartv cooperation of I thawn In Xleodena. on the frat latwday Is iff the entire county in making the School a success.

More Anon, Sunflower. If A WHOLE.

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