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The Times from Gettysburg, Kansas • 1

The Times from Gettysburg, Kansas • 1

The Timesi
Gettysburg, Kansas
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Jill i 1 FENQKEB, KlNAS; ftlDAY, ATjaUST NO. 12. Full and complete sets of Justice, iianke The deceased was a brother of Mrs. VIolaf T. P.

GRAVES, Editor and Publisher, Cms -M i ll IS WHERE YOU CAN wmm mm mmmm BOOTS, SUMS, MW, BEAD Hi; THE FOLLOWING lbs Choicest Granulated Siiga? 10 Us' Extra Sugar 20 lbs Choice Prunes 14 lbs Evaporated Blackberries $1. 14 lbs Dried QrapeQ $1, 14 lbs Currants I(j lbs Evaporated Peaches 24 lbs Oat Flake $1. 20 lbs Good Soap 4 Cans Sme 25 Boxes Matches. 25 ct 3lbt. caty- California feapfyes Evaporated Raspberries, per 28 IJand Picked Beans cis.

"Borse'Shofi" Plug Tqhqppq 40 eft "Social' 'Smoking 20 Cfa $5 cts per dozen 4 Cans of Blackberries for ck Choice JJncojQred Jayan '-lea, per lb A0 ctq Micef per 6 eta for sale at this office at Topeka prloes. Mrs. Ed. Maulsbyls down from Furnas county, Nebraska visiting her mother here. oenvautrn sold on lan Monday i sows with pigs jwo weeks old, for $75.00, Show us the man who says that it don't 'pay to raise hogs in Kansas.

1 Octr correspondent took a trip out in the country last Sunday; and, reports Mrs. Philip HodsVn raised three beets that weigh-; ed ten pounds; who can beat it. Chasi, Webster threshed put last weekl and this 260 bnshels of oats, 125 bushels ofi rye and of wheat. mow-. rey, oi Alodium township, did the; work.

James Ellis and daughter are expected home from, their eastern trip next jimwui Drink back a. span cf mulea with; him if he don't trade them ofjtefore he gets' home. -Last Wednesday as Chas. webster-' was awajr hoise At w.ork tfileros; sup-: posed Jramp's, brok.6, the and appropriated about $2.00 worth of. groceries and provisions iW t-t Sherman Herron, of Sheridan county, passed through here last Sunday on his way home from a visit to Missouri, and was the guest of Chaw.

Collins who is an old friend, Saturday night. He says he did not see' any poor corn in this itato. Albert Collins returned home last Tues day from Crawford, Nebraska, where he has been engaged on the Crawford Clipper for the past few months, but having 'been laid up with acute rheumatism for the past four weekerand work lie returned home. Let us give the readers of the Times a little timely advice. Hot weather ia coming and with it colic, dysentery and- dimtioea.

The diily'sfQ way to combat these diseases is to keep some relia ble remedy at hand, and all who have tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy will admit that it is the most prompt reliable1 and successful meaicln known for these complaints, it costs but 25 or 50 cents and maybe the means "of savlng7ou Or your family fhuch suffering, if not life Itself, be fore the' summer is oyer. For sale by Drug' glstfl. Tuesday July 23, northbound passenger train No. 71 pulled. Int6 table Rock station it brought with it the mangled remains of a man who had killed at the'Luthy bridge, about three and a half mileS east of town.

The horribly mutilated corpse was all that was mortal of Willi Brown, who two hours before had. Jeft $bme in perfect health. Trainmen and passengers were eaererlv be sieged for particulars, and the fireman said that as the train entered the bridge he' saw a man asleep on the ties Just outside the track; in a moment the engine had struck him. carried him out of the bridge an threw him against ine oarD wire ience, about nrty ieet from where he was lying; the train stopped and trainmen and p'assengersplcked up the body and if was brought -to Table ltrcK. ine lies, priage ana pnee weie oe spattered with the brains of the dead man; bis right leg was broken In several places: the bone in the right arm from the shoulder to elbew seemed to be broken in many pieces; the face received a bruise and cut around the right eye; a large gash run across the left side of the head, the back part of the skull was.

entirely gone, and deep gash was inflicted across the right shoulder. When the train arrived at Table Rock the facts were telegraphed to headquarters, and an order came to turn the body oyer to friends. Wm. Brown, the father of the de ceased, called Squire FreemDt who thought a coroner's inquest was unnecessary and ac cordingly no inquest was held. About o'clock Willie Brown le home to go oyer the section to seee that the track was Bate, spying he would be back at o'clock, and whether.

h.e wa asleep -as the fireman says, or was at work fastening bolts in the track when the train caw on will neyer be known but must forever be a mystery. The deceased was a son of Wm. and Mary A. Brown, was born in Salem, wayne county, June 22, ISGJ, and was 2years, I month and day old at the time of his death. He was Industrious and sober and wellHked by those who knew bim.

On the ICth of last April he was united In marriage to Miss Mary Dunn, of Rulo, and had been keeping house in lower town for the past two months. The terrible manner in which her husband met his death was an awful shock to the young bride and she was almost rostrated. Her father, a cousin and his came up from Eulo to attend the funer al and Mrs. Brown returned with them to that place. The funeral seryfees were held in the church Wednesday afternoon, conducted bv ReVr J.

F. Kemper, and the remains followed to their final retting place by i large number sympatfc! ilng CTa Horton, of this place, and, she has the heartv (felt sympathy of her many friends In thli community In $er sad bereavement. f. -t County Fair Meeting. The Board of Directors of the Graham' County Agricultural and Horticultural Association met at Hill Clty'Iast Saturdy, and; appointed the following awarding commit-; tees for the next annual fair, which will be; 1 1 TTfl, r.

l' aa.l a. ueju aw jim uwy. on vutfn, aim ana 28th, i860. i i -A Judges for the Races. B.

P. Samea and S. Div. A Dudley, Supt. Si F.

Ctewark. Elmar Sort and son. is i Div.B., John Purcell, Supt. Judges, A. J.

Mowrey, J. and Sol Hiitton. Div.C. Harrison Judges, John Eiceman, S. E.

True and E. J. Byerts. Div. Chris! Supt.wudges, John Bird, J.

Dalby and G. W. Miller. Div. T.

J.Garnett, R.George and John Langley, Div. John Lane, Supt. Day; M. and G. W.

Collins. -Drv. Gi, Mrs. J. W.

Cole, Supt. Com- mittte, Mrs; Mrs. L. D. Worcester and Mrs.

R. Div. H. Mrs. M.

E. Quinn, Supt. Com mittee, Mrs. LydlaHill Mrs. L.

J. Wilson and Miss MatUe Worcester. WlUon Hanna, Supt. Judges, A. B.

J. Ei McCarty and M. Carney, Div. J. L.

Walton, Supt. Judges, B. Poston, 8. N. Coder anu W.B.Anderson.

Piv, KV B. W. Elliott, Supt. Judges, Geo-. Stickler', Ed Smith and Chaa.

Webster, Div," John nbckerBinith.Supt. Judir. es, S. tan Wyck Henry Prewltt and C. W.

Lightfoot; The Premium List is published and ready for distribution. Call at the office of the Graham County Tlme and get a copy. Attention, Guitar Players. BOpon receipt of ten 2-cent stamps I will send by mall postpaid one set of guitar strings, price $1. Only one set sent to each player at this P.

C. Peterson, Music Dealer, Decorah, Iowa. i- Jor the 'fiMEsl piyorce Notice. In District of Graham County, Kan sas, September Term, 1880. lietseywnite', Plaintiff.

William White, Defendant. Notice. The above named Defendant. Wm. White.

will take notice that he has been sued in the above named court and must answer the pe tition of the plaintiff, Betsey1 White', filed therein; praying for a divorce from said defendant, vn or before September loth, 1869, or said petition will be 'taken as and Judgment and decree for a divorce from the said defendant will be rendered as prayed ior in saia petition. F. TyRCK, 0w3 Attortiey fp.r fjalntif; Notice for. Ruiicaton, loon IWODO Notice Is hereby tflven that the following named settler has filed notice of his Intention to final proof, in support of, his claim, and that said' proof will fed made before Probate Judge at Hill City, 1889. viz: EUDORA STONE.

Jl. E. 10756, for the hf S.W. qr Sec. 18.

and hf N.W. qr Sec. 13-8-23 w. He names the following witnesses to prove his contlnu ous residence upon and cultivation of, said land, vii? S. Shearer.

Jefferson Bunn, Hiram Bundy and WUHs Ellsworth, ajl of e- nokee, Hans. H. A. YONGE, Register. IANSAS CITYTIMES.

THE GREAT DOLLAR WEEKLY. The Kassas Cot Weekly Times is read by more people in the West than any other paper published. Why? Be causa it better represents the Great West than any other paper. It la the leader in the Oklahoma movement and In everything that benefits the West. It Is the largest weekly newspaper trablifihed in the world, beinir 12 paares.

84 columns every issue, all for only ost collar a year. ter Every Western man should fcfc The TntE8. Send a postal card for Inducements ft mbsenbewt, THE Cify, 12 1 I every Thursday atPenokee, Graham Kansas. $1.00 per year. ADVERTISING BATES.

Local Notices, 6 cents per lino for each In-uertlon. Display Advertisements, made known on lapplication. Marriage, Birth, and Death notices tree, la-a C. R. mine "Table Mail and Express, Freight and Passenger; 1 goingVest.

Passenger, Mail and Express, Freight and Passenger, 0:28 a.m. 7:07 a. m. 6:22 p. M.

45:13 P. M. Reford Sabbath School. Meets. every Sunday at Riverside School House, at ,10:30, Everybody invited to attend.

1 JK88E MCMAHAN, Supt. Reford Iff. every" (wo" week's at Rrverslde School House, at 11:30 A. M. Allare cor dially invited to attend.

Rev. Mitchell, Pastor. a-- Reford Town Board. Members" of Board: -W. 'Hanna, -B.

F. Chadsey and S. Shearer. Board meets Saturday evening at the Postoffice. 1 All kinds of Job work executed with neatness and dispatch at the Times office.

David Findley, Wilson Hanna and "Lee Horton threshed; theft small grain this week. Mrs. McM'ahan desires to announce to the ladles of Graham county that she has a targe stock of fiats and millinery goods that they would do well to call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. S. Shearer "will commence the erection of a Targe elevator immediately and will soon be PreDared to buv all1 eraln brouehit to this market.

He will pay the highest; market price for ail kinds of grain, either in cash or trade. We would like to have one or more reg ular correspondents from every neighbor' hood in the county' and will furnish all ne cessary stationery and postage and mail the Times regularly to each person who will sens tndtwf sews or.tneir vicinity. There Is nothing uncertain about the ef fects of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, The fact is, it is the only preparation in tue market that can al way tiftdapeTiiied upon, and that is pleas ant and safe to take. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by druggists. DeloiHanni has at lajjt returned from Ms-Nebraska trip, ills extended absence will be explained when it is known that in attempting to make away with a sack of corund 50 cents in currency belonging to other parties, he was pursued and overtaken Agd the world turned round again.

-rlhe name of; the station at this place has been changed from Reford to PenJtee, to correspond with the name of the post office The old sign board has been taken from the depot and soon a new one will be put up beajing the new name. This change in the namesw81aave mjuch trouble and annoyance as mail, express and freight for this place can, now be marked the same. For the fourth time Col. Randolph Burt has been calted upon tp deliver the annual addreea before the Graham county fair, and although do not believe they could find a man more thoroughly posted on the sub Ject of agriculure and better yialffUd to ad' dress, the fair we presume it is getting mo notonoua to Mr. Burt.

"Ee will probably give them a number of good points to think about nevertheless as he always does Have you heard what Mr. G. 1. Weast Cambridge City, lndM says of Chamber fain' Colic, Cholera and Diarrhaa Remedy? If not, here it is 'iranng last summer troubled very msch with severe pains in the stemach and and was Induced by a friend to try this Remedy. I took one dose, as per directions, and it gave me al most Instant relief.

I cheerfully recommend It to the afflicted. 25 and decent bottles (J4PS, XQTJQJVS, j.c. PRICES ots por lb. lL 15 CENTS PER 10 cU, 8 eta. COTJXTTIT.

rOlUTII STKEET8r lEfcppe 5X4 150 jrlEAQUGHT OL Large Steele, Simpwn'a AmeriectnMerimao JfmndaPrinta at cts. Clioice Brand Drew Gingham Good Chevoita BOOTs AJST SHOES I IT THE COH5ER MAIX ASD PEOKEE, tot lale by drogzisfe.

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