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The Quenemo News from Quenemo, Kansas • 8

The Quenemo News from Quenemo, Kansas • 8

The Quenemo Newsi
Quenemo, Kansas
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THE QUENEMO NEWS llllJl.ilIffl! spent the week-end with friends here returning horns Monday. Miss Kosco of Kansas City came down to uttend the graduating brother, Ceorgw Kosco, was one of (he graduates. Don't forget Saturday is Sport's day, everybody is invited to come and enjoy themselves. There will be plenty of amusement. Miss Lillian Davison went to Car-bondale Saturday, where she will I Quenemo Drug" Company I FILL PRESCRIPTIONS WITH CARE Keep on hand Standard Drugs, Standard Patents, Toilet Specialties, Fountain Syringes, School Supplies Basket Balls, Fresh Candies and Nuts.

I Phone orders received before 7 o'clock a. m. sent to the country by Parcel Post. Phone 166 stay at the home of her grandfather and attend school this winter. Miss Clarinda Louk went to Quenemo Monday to attend school.

Chas. Scoville went to Ottawa Sunday to see his father who is Eighteen months ago we told you in this paper that land was going to advance. It has advanced from 20 to 30 per cent Now I am telling you that land is going up again more than ever. With bumper crops and good prices land is bound to advanoe again, and that right coon. Buy now and save the advance that is bound to come.

We still have some choice farms for sale at moderate prices quite poorly. DR. J. R. GOTT EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT.

GLASSES FITTED Zellner Building, Ottawa, Kansas EVERY DAY IN OTTAWA IV. O. Post on, M. D. Physician Oflice opposite Post Ollico Oft'tee Thone Wit) House Phone Cfi'W Quenemo, Kansas 1 Mrs Taul Durham and Mrs Hay II.

Laury were dinner guests at the S. S. Gingerich home Tuesday. and terms On account of the bad the meeting at the E. church was not so well attended.

Here are a Few of Them: E. BUTLER, M. I PHYSICIAN Office Over farmers State Bank Phone u5 Quenemo, Kans Office hours: to II A. I to 5 P. 7 to 8 P.

Sunday 9 to 10 A. Highest price tor your cream. A N. Mayden, tf DR. CLARENCE A.

NEIGHBORS Successor to J)r Ulunk Dr. F. Shoemaker, Associate. Underwood Ituildin, Ottawa, Kansas Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Classes Fitted Dr.

Neighbors will spend Thursdays, I'ridays and Saturdays in Ottawa, nud Dr. Shoemaker the rest of the week. Credit Mainstay of Business. in cities it is estimated tbnt iku-o tluin 'M per cent of the com-lieiviiil business Is done by checks iml drafts, less than 10 per cent lie-done with cash. now on file in rav ollice.

1,. J. l'KTTMOHX, (Seal.) Secretary of Stale. Jtead the ads this week. SO acres upland, no improvements, 15 acres in cultivation, 3 fine alfalfa.

1 1-2 miles Quenemo. Terms. $75.00 per acre 80 acres fine rich bottom land near Maxson, Kansas. Only $100 per acre. 157 acres line rich bottom land, all in cultivation, 2 1-2 miles of Tomona, Kansas.

No improvements. Terms. Only $150 per acre, 157 acres of rich timber bottom land, all in cultivation. 5-room house, fair sized barn. Terms.

Trice $175 per acre. Best bargain in Osace county. 144 acres, 15 acres fine alfalfa growing, 100 acres fine alfalfa land, CO acres in cultivation, balance pasture and mow land. 5-room house, small barn, plenty water, plenty timber, school across road, 2 miles from railroad shipping point, 4 miles from Williamsburg, good road. A snap at $00 per acre.

SO acre farm 3 1-2 miles Quenemo.4 room house and fair sized burn, 40 acres in cultivation. 40 acres pasture and mow land. Easy terms. Only $75.00 per acre 88 acres fine, rich timber bottom land, all in cultivation. No improvements.

2 miles of Quenemo. Trice $150 per acre. $1,000.00 cash will handle it. ICO acres upland. 50 acres in cultivation, balance pasture and mow land, plenty timber, running water the year round.

No improvements. Trice $05.00 per acre. 1C0 acres house.cood sized barn, 13 acres alfalfa, fenced hog tight. Living water, 120 acre? in cultivation, balance pasture and mow land. All good alfalfa land.

5 miles Tomona, in Franklin county, Kansas. Terms. Trise $100 per ssre. Quenemo Dray and Transfer solicits your hauling, no matter what it is. We do the work promptly, and handle goods with rare.

Phone 171 Pete Servaes (First Published in Ihe Quenemo News August (i, 1H20.) iiousi; coxcurrkn't resolution no. A proposition to amend sections 1 and of article 11 of Ihe const it ut ion of the state of Kansas relative to li nance and taxation. lie it; resolved by Ihe Legislature of (be Slate of Kansas, two thirds of the members elected to each lloiise thereof concurring 1 herein Section 1. The follow ing proposition to amend the const ilnl ion of the state of Kansas is hereby suhmitfed to Ihe (lialific(l elect ill's of Ihe stale for their approval or rejection: That see-lions 1 and 2, article 11. be amended in one section to read as follows: 'Sec-lion 1.

The legislature shall have power to establish and nniinlain a just and equitable system for raising stale and local revenue, and may classify the subjects of taxation in order to secure a just return therefrom and may exempt properly when the public welfare will be benefited thereby; but, all properly used exclusively for stale, county, municipal, lilerarv, Evil Times. Is the world growiiiK wickeder? It mist be. Nolmdy stole electricity, loot-Mi slot machines, purloined autonio-jiles or robbed cash registers In jrandpa's day. Hoston Transcript. (First Published in (he Quenemo News August 0, 11KM.) SENATE SH5ST1TI for house CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO.

A proposition to amend section of article 11 of the constitution of (he stale of Kansas, milting to internal improvements. lie it resolved by the Legislature of the Stale of Kansas, two-thirds of all I he members: to each house concurring I herein 1. That the following proposition to amend the constitution of I tie state of Kansas is hereby lo the qualified electors of the state lor liieir approval or rejection. See. 'J.

The slate shall never be a party in carrying 011 any works of in-teriuil improvement except to aid in thu construction of roads mid highways and the reimbursement for the cost of permanent improvements of roads and highways, constructed after March 1, but such aid and reimbursement shall not be grunted in any county for more thau per cent of the cost of such road or highway, nor for more than ten thousand dollars per mile, nor for more than one hundred miles in any oni'ncounly except, that in counties having an assessed valuation of more than one hundred million dollars such aid and reimbursement may be granted for not more than oiii' hundred fifty miles of road or highway; and tlhe restrictions and limitations of sections "1 and (i of article XI of the constitution, relating to debts and internal improvements, shall not be construed to limit the authority retained or conferred by this amendment. educational, scieulific, religious, hen-j evolenl and charitable purposes, anil; Now don't come around grumbling about not having a chance. Get busy and buy now. We have just listed ioi acres i mile of Quenemo, fine rich slope and bottom land. 4 room house, living water.

This land is really worth $150 per acre, but owner says sell it for $115 per acre and we are giving terms to sell it. Best of terms on this make an ideal farm home for some one (Vatkins Land Agency LET ARNOLD Do your shoe and Harness Repairing. All work Guaranteed personal properly to the 11 mount of al least two hundred dollars for each family, shall be exempted from See. 2. This proposition shall be submitted to the electors of 1he slate QUENEMO, KANSAS I at the general election in the year for their approval or rejection.

The amendment hereby proposed shall be designated oil the tin I bit by the following title: ''The lax ameinlmeiil to the constitution." and shall be voted for' or against as provided by law under I Make a Specialty of Steve Louk and Sam Gingerich Oiling Harness. shipped a car of stock to Kansas City Our Country Cousins The editor appreciates this as the moat interesting department of The Newa jnd desires a live-wire representative in every neighborhood. Postage and stationery furnished, uod25c for every new cash subscriber sent in. such title. Sec.

This, resolution shall take effect and be in force from and alter its publication in the statute book. I hereby certify dial Ihe foregoing is a true and cur reel copy of original House Concurrent liesolulion Xo. ",7. now on file in mv ollice. L.

.1. PKTTI.lollV, Ralph Vhitcher Monday. Mr Gingerich accompanied the shipment. The Michigan high school commenced Monday with Mr Tatricks, Miss Hazel Davison and Miss Hummel as teachers. Mr and Mrs Askwill, Mr and Mrs D.

D. Louk. Mr and Mrs S. S. Gin Secrelary of Stale.

11.) TEQUA. AUCTIONEER Quenemo, Kan. Satisfaction Gu.iran eed. Public sales a Specially. Cry sales any The heaviest rain of the season fell Sunday night.

i gerich and Mr and Mrs G. W. Gingerich attended the County Union where. Phone 9252 for dates. Victor, Edison Mr and Mrs Ed Barrett and IZ I I I AD 7TTe New 8 or jM'oot f' 10 MO Sec.

:5. if the foregoing amendment, is adopted, it shall be known and cited us section of article XI of the slate constitution. Sec. I. This proposition shall be submitted lo Hie electors of Ibe slate iif.

the general election in The amendnienl. hereby proposed shall be known on the official ballot by the title "The good roads amendment. to the state constitution," and the vote for and against, such amendment shall be In ken as provided by law. See. This resolution shall take effect and be in fon from ami after its publication in the statute book.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct, copy of lie orig-itial Senate Substitute for House Concurrent; liesolulion No. now on file in my ollice. J. (Seal.) Secretary of Stale. 1 8 night and Sunday at the home of her brother, John Thornbrugh and family.

Mr and Mrs Stuart Thompson of Trague, Oklahoma, is visiting with the latter's sister, Mrs Sam Koakey. and other relatives in Melvern this week. Miss Mabel Fliskenger called on Mrs Mason and Grandma Hopkins Saturday afternoon. Mrs Olive Stephens made a business trip to Tomona Friday. Reeve Vaughn and family of Lyndon spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs Sam Fender and family.

Charley Evertson was visiting relatives at Leavenworth last Thursday and Friday. Tin; Machines f. I I-JLJ Iff 1 'Sliii-14 .7 As the stover snmson Windmill I was leader in givins the farmer the lamousdouble near that Kives i double strencth and durability, rerfect equalization of the load daughters callei at Harry Barrett's Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Ashley from near Melvern spent Sunday at the Butts home. Mrs John McAloon and children spent Saturday night with her sister, Mrs Dehn.

Frank Meyers and wife spent Sunday at Bert Cochrans. Several from this neighborhood attended the Fair in Ottawa last week. Mrs Butts's mother from Morris county came Wednesday for a visit. Miss Morris of Osage City began teaching at North Teq 1a Monday of last week. She is boarding at Mrs Harvey Townsend's.

Mrs A. -Moore and Cal spent Sunday at Elmer Moore's. Roy Bethel and family spent Sunday at Mr Murrin's. Mrs Ed. Barrett called on Mrs Meyers Thursday morning.

We were all very sorry to hear of Lola anning's death last week. The doctor was out to see Joe Mathers last Sunday. He has been ailing for the past two months. -tf 4' Mayden pays the highest price for cream. Take him yours.

tf 1 1. i. on four bearings, perfect alignment ot" pitman, pump-rod, center lift and eears. Bo it leads attain in giving users of wind power a windmilHequippedwitUHYAlT roller bearings making it tH4 MICHIGAN VALLEY ta-. 11 ri v.

1 Light Rnnniagm Michigan Valley Notes You will take genuine nridc in owning a fmmv 9 new eijsht loot, or nine loot Samson at Overbrook Thursday night. Elmer McDaniel has accepted a school at Buffalo, Kansas, at a salary of $1,600 a year. He left Monday to take charge of his school. We had a 4 1-4 inch rain here Sunday night accompanied by an electrical and hail storm. Quite a number from here attended the Ottawa Fair last week.

Birthday Surprise At about 12 a. m. Sunday, about 50 of Mr and Mrs Frank English's friends gathered at their home with well filled baskets and lots of watermelons. A long table was prepared on the lawn where a delicious dinner was served cafeteria style. After dinner the crowd was taken in autoes to see the ball game between Topeka and Overbrook.

The score was 4 to 6 in favor of TVpe'ka, all returning to the English home to spend the rest of the day in social conversation and eating watermelons. Mrs English received several nice and useful presents, it being her 23rd birthday. One who was there Last Week Items Mrs John Foley and children of Fontana is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs G. V. Louk.

Born to Mr and MrsG. V. Louk Thursday a son. Mother and babe getting along nicely, The Sun Beam club met at Mrs Ralph Brooks last Wednesday and 5 new members were taken in, Mrs Sam Davison came down last week from Carbondale to spend a few days with home folks, returning Saturday. Mr and Mrs S.

Gingerich and Earl Jeter were dinner guests at Earl Lee's Sunday. Because now possesses every essential necessary for both mill nnd tower to withstand the heaviest wind pressure and to work perfectly in gale or zephyr. Can be attached to any style tower, or you can secure new complete wheel This Week Items Sports day was a success and the display of agricultural products and fancy work was fine. The day was 1 bearings and use your old sections, arms i find van. 1 shall hp crTarl to VOU all thell I details of this great windmill improve menu (First, Published in the Quenemo News August (i, ItJlM).) SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO.

25. A proposition lo amend the constl-I ill ion of Hie stale of Kansas. lie it resolved by (he Legislature of the Slate of Kansas, two-thirds of the members of each House concurring therein: Sction 1. That (be following be and thi! same is hereby proposed a new amendment; to the constitution of the stale of Kansas, nml shall be known and ciled as section 11, aricle lit, to wit To encourage the purchase, improvements and ownership agricultural lands and the occupancy and cultivation thereof, provision may be made by law for the creation and maintenance of a fund, in such mariner and amount as the Legislature may determine," to be used in the purchase, improvement and sale of lands for agricultural purposes. The Legislature may provide reasonable preferences for those persons who served in the army and navy of the United States in the World War and holding un honorable discharge therefrom.

See. 2. This proposed amendment shall lie submitted to the electors at the general election in the year for their approval or rejection, the same to be designated on the ballot by the following title, to wit: "Amendment to the constitution relating to state aid in the purchase of farm homes" and the vole shall be for or Against such proposed amendment under said title us provided by law. Sec. This resolution shall be in force and take effect upon publication in the Klatule book.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of original Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 25, Victor, Columbia and Edison Records Pianos Player Pianos Sheet Music Player Rolls Musical Merchandise jl J. E. Timberlake Jj Sell your cream to Mayden. tf Highland Items an ideal one and a large crowd took advantage of the day and night.

There was a good attendance at church and after church all went to McDaniel'n hail to watch the basket ball gume between the home team and the high school team, the town team winning by a score of 29 to 19. Mr Trice deserves a good deal of credit as he sure worked hard to make it a success. Will send a list of those winning premiums next week. Those leaving Monday to attend College were: Glen. Harold and Nina MtDaniel and Mr Laury for Baldwin, Howard Supple9 and Leo McNalley for Lawrence.

fA" if a Our priws, basal on quality, are as low as any in the United States. Pioneer Hardware Music Co Emporia and Burlington, Kan. Coffey and Lyon Counties' oldest Music House. Wite for Catalogue and Prices. Mr and Mrs Sam Roakey moved to Melvern Monday.

We are very sorry to loose them from our neighborhood. Sunday visitors at John Failor'e were: Mr and Mrs Al Overman and Grandma Failor of Melyern, William Kershner of Trinceton and Mr and Mrs McCoy of this neighbor hood. Mrs Frank Sweetwood and children of Williamsburg spent Saturday njyA'NU 1 and Mrs Roscoe are enjoying a visit with their daughter and baby from Kansas City, I Mrs Nettie Kliah of Kansas City.

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