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The Osage County Sentinel from Quenemo, Kansas • 3

The Osage County Sentinel from Quenemo, Kansas • 3

Quenemo, Kansas
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The Union S. S. will have a Christ 01; 0 Gsap -Gotintij jtpnlilican We are indebted to Miss Lizzie Poin sett for some beautiful pictures dona man tree Xmas night, Dec. 25, at the stone church. All that desire may put PUBLISHED IX THE I.NTKKKST OFQUKNKMO ted for the decoration of our sanctum- CLOAKS! CLOAKS! CLOAKS! 1SD OSAGE COUNTY.

presents on the tree for their friends. An Many thanks. interesting program will be enjoyed by 5 S.t7ESC3rPXION John Gray has just completed a mod all who attend. On Year tx ad untie, ft. 00.

el for a wire-cable bridge, which is 75 Six Months C. C. Kersey has purchased from Mr. worth seeing. Stop at the Farmer's 50.

Thrtt Mouths Hall his interest in the furniture busi GRlAT REDUCTION. Bank and see it. ness and the firm name will be as of old. YOU ARE WELCOME C.C. Kersey Co.

They will move into their new building the latter part of this. Notice J. E. Reed's display ad in another column. J.

E. is always ready to show his goods. Drop in and look at his line of stoves. TO THE First Methodist Episcopal Church llcv. YV.

n. POINSGTV, Palor. or the first of next week. Serving pv-y at II a. m.

nml p. tn. KahbiitH Softool at-10 a. i avis, siiiht-inteudent. I'raver meeting AWdnrmluy even-Ins.

Tenchers' nieetiitif every Friday eve inns. Andy Ivimes and Ed Sanders have opened a new meat market in the Vaughn building just vacated by Kern Kimes and Sanders are both experienced butchers and will undoubted 9.0 PER CENT DISCOUNT 9.0 We do not want to have a L.3 dies or Misses cloak in the house W. DAVIS, D. D. Dentistry, ly run a first-class market.

Rumors are afloat in regard to the The Bonton Bakery is the place for you to go. Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes and Cookies always on hand. Mrs. Bishop, proprietor. Billy Myers came out from Kansas City last Friday night and returned on Saturday, taking a car of cattle from Waverly to the city.

Miss Annie Dowell, niece of Mrs. G. P. Miller is in the city. Miss Annie has many friends here who hope she will make an extended visit.

H. V. of the firm of Wasson fituwn will Ii4 at. Wigwam Hotel. seen ml 'ami fourth Thursdays and Fridays of marriage of several of our best girls, We have sought an explanation in re January and order to reduce our stock we will allow a discount of 20 per cent on each garment sold beiore January' 1st.

earti mouth. gard to some of these and are informed that they are groundless, and that the Merry Christmas cards at Bodley's. Bent-wood Churns at J. 13. Heed's.

girls are still in the market. Harry Turner and Mr. Clauneh both Blank books of all kinds at Bodley's. Blankets cheap at Marshall, Hart -OVERCOATS of Mount Ida, Anderson county, were in the city Monday and while here had the misfortune cf having a horse lay Mrs. T.

T. Makinisonjtook her departure for Topeka last Monday where she will visit the remainder of the week with friends and relatives. down on their buggy tongue, breaking wanted at Crum, Ingersoll it badly and necessitating their staying Our overcoat stock is large and we will sell you an overcoat if you will give us a chance. Come in and see our stock. Our prices over till Tuesday.

Cov. Flax Fiber Wash-basins at J. Heed's. We saw twenty-one wagon loads of corn pass the office Tuesday, most of are right. Go to Tyrees for your Violins and which came in from the west.

Our Marshall, Hart Co. buvers are oavincr 23 cents now and that price is bringing in an immense Guitars. Take a look at that Flax Fiber at 2-1. Heed's. Ed Williams took in the county capi-tol Monday.

amount of corn. Mercantile business Wm. Chenoweth has put in a very neat case of choice cigars in his shop this week and among his brands is the celebrated "Champaign" cigar. Mr. G.

L. Geoffrey has opened a meat market at his old stand on Maple street just east of Tyree's furniture store and will be in good running order soon. An article needed at this season is Parker's Cream Lotion for chapped hands or any roughness of the skin. Try it. Prepared only byR.

J. Parker Co. Don't use those wooden buckets that will go to staves in a week when you For Boys Clothing go to Marshall, W. H. MOORE.

J. C. RANKIN. Head Quarters For Hardware! Hart Co's. pM-ia2i3S (Ji.ovks.

A full line cheap at ('mm, is correspondingly bright. Kern Bro's have moved their 3rd St. market into the room recently vacated by Mrs. Bishop, where they will have more room than before. They keep their market neat and attractive and the people should show their apprecin-tion by patronizing them liberally.

The ladies of the Presbyterian church will hold their annual fair and festival in John Cannon's new building on 4th street, on next Tuesday evening, Dec. ISth. Extensive preparations are being made and a grand time is expected. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy themselves. can get one at J.

E. Reed's made of Flax Fiber that will last a life time. In order to reduce our large stock of Ladie's Cloaks we will give a discount Ingersoll Co. Arnold's, on 3d street, is the place to buy Groceries. New, fresh Groceries at Arnold's cheap -for cash.

Kerosene oil 150 test 15 cts. 173 test 20 cts. at Bodley's. Arnold's New, Cash Grocery Store takes the lead now. of 20 per cent on all Cloaks sold in 30 (UlVS.

ART JL" L). Although the stock market has not been very encouraging, Mr. Pruitt our Ml old reliable buyer is shipping every few days. Pruitt is always in the market. Shelf ai Heavy Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, G-asol ne Stozss, Table and Pocket Cutlery and carp enters Tools of all Kinds.

Implements, Wagons, Buggies, Binders, -Mowers, Hay Rake, Cultivators, Plows. Wood and Iron Pumps. Go to Bodley Son for Toilet Soaps and fine Perfumes. Come around to the ne meat mar ket at the Jewel stmcL We sell first class meats and ly ('ASH for Poultry Game, Hides, ect. E.

T. Sanders. Col. Geo. N.

Gray will return to his home at Ohio, the latter part of next week. He takes with him a model of our new bridge which his son, John, has very skillfully erected. Mr. Gray has purchased this patent in the state of Ohio and will canvass for the construction of the bridge there. Bert Searing, our typo, took in Waver last Saturday.

Fresh "Jananas just received this eek at Merchant's. Mr. Jo'in Carroll has been confined at his home by an attack of malarial fe Bare bargains in Wall Paper and at Bodley Son's. ver for the past week. He is now able BS3I to be about and look after his business.

STCAfXS Mr. A. E. Gaige and family started for California last They have lived for several years six miles Boots and Shoes for everybody at Marshall Hart Co's. We do not wish to find fault but just rofl SALE BY want to give a little fatherly advice.

This gum chewing has got to be stopped or some one will have ihe lock-jaw. MOORE RANKIN, QUENEMO, KANSAS. a Confections of every description, from Lemon Drops to Barber Poles, at Dowrev's. PALACE BOOT AND SHOE STORE FINE ASSORTMENT, GOOD GOODS. south of Quenemo and are quite well known over the country.

We regret that we have lost Mr. Gaige and family from our community, but wish them prosperity wherever they may be. Four of Quenemo's celebrated nim roders viz. Simon Frazier, Jeff Crum, Wes. Richmond and Fill.

Reed scoured the country last Tuesday. At one time when the driver had whipped the hones into a trot Jeff set up a loud cry, protesting against driving so fast and giving as a reason that, although he had his gun cocked and ready to shoot he might pass lots of snow-bird3 and never see them. 113? Gil! LOW PRICES Everyone wishes to remember and be remem bered upon Christmas morning and New Years day and the question of what to give is often 20 per cent discount on Ladie's Cloaks at Marshall, Hart Vs. Before buying Boots and Shoes, call on Crum, Ingersoll Co. Highest market price paid for Corn at Crum, Ingersoll fc Co's.

Fine upholstered chairs, for sale at cost and carriage at Tyrees. Two standard brands of Tea are being sold at cost at Dowrey's. Fine Oranges and Lemons at W. J. Merchant's, east side 3rd street.

Mrs. Parker, of Ottawa, visited with her son, R. J. Parker, this week. Merchant always lias fresh candies and gives down weight try him.

80 cents on the dollar buys Ladie's Cloaks at Marshall, Hart Co's. For bargains in ladies' and Misses' Cloaks, call on Crum, Ingersoll Co. Orren Francis, Melvern's big stock man was doing the city last Monday. Bodley Son have a nice line of Photograph and Autograph Albums. 'uspedoers made of Flax Fiber will never wear out.

J. E. Reed has them. a puzzler. What shall it be? Cheap toys? I shall endeavor by selling you good goods at the lowest living prices to merit a liberal share of public patronage.

A good workman will be kept to do repairing or make new work. 1 am located on Maple street in the Cochran buiidinsr. FRAZIER. No, they are broken and forgotten the next day. Give something niee.aixl good, a little extra ex-expense buys something to be prized and the day comes but once a year.

R. J. Parker Go. Christmas goods at Bodley's. Elegant Perfumes at Felix Ilobson's.

Select a present early while the stock SST-0-V-- 1 can show you goods to fit the pocket of old and young, rieh or poor, and will gladly show you Everybody took advantage of the beautiful weather last "Sunday and promenading seemed to be the popular pastime. As usual the new bridge was the great drawing card, there being a throng of sight-seers around it from early till late. The railroad bridges were also inspected by competent V) critics and comparisons of various kinds drawn as to the relative strength and durability of each. Warm, pleasant days like Sunday are generally very scarce in December and it was pleasing indeed to note that so many appreciated the sunshine. ivnd give you prices upon the largest and finest is complete at Parker's.

and cheapest line of You should see Parker's stock before IS ffl LAID. Manicure Cases, Dress ing Cases, Cuff and Col buying a Christmas present, An endless amount of Christmas OF EVERY KIND AND DESCRIPTION AT J. E. REED'S. goods for children at Dowery's.

lar Boxes, Handkerchief and Glove Boxes, Whisk Broom Holders, Mirrors and Photograph Frames, Photograph, Autograph and Scrap Albums, Christmas Cards and If everything works to good advan TO LOAN. "Procrastination is the Thief of Time' Tie way to save money is to buy Clothing of Crum, Ingersoll Co. A 'i' immense stock of Stationery and r.l:uk Books to select from, atBodleys. tage our new bridge will be completed Saturday, when we hope, the doubting ones will be there in full force to wit ness the thorough test to which it will Christmas Books, Ladies Pocket Baoks, etc. They have for sale some of the best bargains in farm or city property in the county.

be subjected immediately after the last He is located in the Myers building on Maple St. Go there now and make your purchase. wire is twisted. Geo. Herold, of Armourdale, was in the city Thursday and Friday of last week.

DOLLS. Cheaper Than Ever. John G. Ellis deputy sheriff at this The Baptist social held at Mrs. Bodley's last Thursday evening was a grand affair and as we predicted every one had a royal good time.

Mirthful games of every description were indulged in and as the formality or backwardness usually noticable on such occasions was laid aside, the games were enjoyed alike, by both young and old. Suitable refreshments were serv ed at the proper hour, after which the fun was renewed. It was surely an exception to the general rule of such gatherings and was an occasion that will long be remembered by those in attendance. point, returned Albert Streit, son of Mr. I.

N. Streit, to the Insance asyluin at Topeka, last week. The boy in some manner had managed to escape from the attendants and had made his way We cannot enumerate, but sincerely promiso Window glass at Bodley's. John Tyree has a full line of Bedsteads, Springs and Matresses to select from. Good Meals served quickly at the Bonton Bakery, opposite Parker's drug store.

you the owest prices and the finest stock to select from you have ever had In Quenemo. Mr. C. M. Brown who superintended the construction of the Maple street bridge, returned to his home in Sedan last Tuesday.

Mr. Brown will start another bridge near Winfield, in Cow back to his father's farm three and one- half miles southeast of this place. lie Come early and secure first choice. Your friends, R. J.

Parker Co. was the first white child born in Osage Fine Hanging Lamps at the Palace Drug Store. Watches, Clocks and tine Jewelry at the Palace drug store. Dowrey don't intend to have a Glove or Mitten to carry over. ley county, soon.

county. We defy competition in loans both on farm and city. 1 2KT TJT -A- 3" IE ABSTRACTS AND BARGAINS QUEriEfG, KAFJSAS. Beautiful Plush goods suitable for Christmas presents at the Palace drug store. Oysters alway on hand at Merchant's and served in any form that you may desire.

"Wlsrwam" The following are the names of the The most beautiful specimens of art that we have ever known to be used for advertising purposes are now being presented by the Union Coffee of Just take a good look at all the Christmas goods in town and then compose yourself till about the 22d, when arrivals at the "Wigwam" for the past Glassware and stock at Dow- New purchasers of their Patent will make your selections at Geo. A complete line of Queensware always in rey's, Kog- ers. New Process Alaroraa and Bunola Cof fees, and consist of beautiful medals as Harness oils of the best quality always kept in stock at J. F. MeCor rnick's.

large as a silver dollar, and bearing ex quisite true likeness of the celebrated Dowrey has more caned goods on his shelves than any house in the country and a big stock of full cases to reinforce with. Mr. 8. II. Butler sold his property last week to Mr.

J. S. Cloud and will accept a position as teacher in a district school six and a half miles northwest of here. artists, Mary Anderson, Adelina Patti, Those Keelers made of Flax Fiber are the best in the land. J.

E. Reed Ins them. W. S. SHREVES SOW Ed.

Ausman presides with dignity over Christmas counter at Dow-rey'sr Just flash a copper on him and he will be after you immediately with a routine that is hard to Vanarsdell, one 6 the oldest settlers of Lincoln township was in the city last Thursday doing some trading. Uncle Van says Que nemo is the boss town to trade in. week: W. M. Warder, K.

T. F. Al-baugh, K. J. T.

Howard, X. C. Z. Kelso, Lawrence; II. M.

Bush, Kaw City; B. W. Jacobs, St Joe; W. Y. Gregg, St.

Joe; II. E. Holmes, Cherry-vale; W. E. Dowden, K.

W. E. Bur-bach, St. Louis; II. A.

Cone, Topeka; Mrs. Emma Blankenbaker, Ottawa; II. W. Davis. Ottawa; W.

F. Leonard, Le-bo; L. C. Stine, Ottawa; X. E.

Leaman, Topeka; C. C. Riley, Topeka; W. D. Mc-Koy, Chicago; Frank M.

West N. P. C. Moise, K. R.

C. Bradshaw, Ottawa; X. E. Leaman, Topeka; rover Cleveland, Washington; Joe G. Marshall, Maxsou; S.

C. Clark, Xevadu; Wm. Wales, Xevada; Ed Flagg, Pleae-anton; Wm. Waler, St. Paul; J.

R. Price, Hutchinson; G. B. Hayes, Ran-toul; W. F.

Winget, Ottawa; M. Brown, Sedan; J. G. Ilager, K. S.

L. Davidson, K. Clarence J. Smith, K. Decidedly the finest line of Christmas candies in the city at the Palace drug store.

The Western washer beats the world as a washing machine, sold by J. S. Cloud 'A Co. Have just received their large stock ff Ellen Terry, Clara Morris and Ada Rehan. Under the magnifying glass, the beautiful engraving of these faces is shown to be a marvel of art.and eclipses anything before attempted in medal or coin engraving.

The noble and lovely face of Mary Andarsou is a treasure of art, and will, be eagerly sought as a souvenir of our greatest favorite, while all will be invaluable mementos to those who have been so fortunate as to have been entertained by the great artists- of our day. The beautiful work must be seen to be appreciated and will be shown by the grocer selling the coff ae. We understand that Perry Cade intends opening a bath-room with all the modern appliances if he receives the proper encouragement. Surely an enterprise of this kind will meet with the hearty approval and support of all as a first-class bath-room has been one of the long felt wants in Quenemo, and now that the scheme is projected it should not be allowed to fall through. Mr.

Peter Burger, having disposed of his property is this city, departed for Richmond, where he will take up his abode for the present. Mr. Burger had an extended acquaintance in this locality and many, no doubt, will "b'e sorry to hear of his moving away. However he ordered the Repi blican sent to his address and stated that he had arranged things so that it would be possible for him to return at any day. We saw Thos.

P.irker up in town yesterday for the first time since his hurt on the night of Nov. 13th. Tom was looking slightly pale from the murderous wound, but is now.thanks to a good constitution, temperate habits and the doctor's skill, in a fair way to regain his usual robust health. It is to be hoped that the party who was guilty of such a murderous assa-ult as that perpetrated against him may be ferreted out and brought to the punishment he deserves. Melvern Record.

R.J. Parker Co's. Chrismas goods can't be described on paper, you will have to go and see them to realize the superior quality of good3 they have this season. By referene to their ad in another column you will see that they have itemized as much as possible. Bureaus, Secretaries, Window Shades etc.

in fact every -thing in the furniture line at Tyrees. McCormick is turning out some fine sets of harness. Drop in and leave your order now. Miss Emma Willis returned to the city last Saturday and ia stopping at Mr. D.

Shaver's. We will rough feed cattle and horses through the winter for 1 per month per head. John Kkavs Pomona, Kan. Mr. J.

Carroll has just completed his handsome residence on 4th street and willmove his family and household goods into it one day this week. This is one of the largest and best residences in the city. Work is progressing finely on Mr. Lester's new store building. It is now ready for the top rafters, the iron for the front has arrived from Ottawa and A large assortment of gloves and mittens 15 to 25c.

Ies3 than regular price, also a. nice line or ladies and blisses gloves and mittens, at prices that take them on sight, a ni er line of yarns, German knitting, Worsted, Saxony etc. wont be found in any city. Woolen Hosiery, Silk Blankets, Bed-comforts etc. and other goods too numerous to mention in this space.

You will find we mean what we say, and you will save money if you will come and see us. We have also a choice line of Groceries a ways on hand. Just before going to press we get an inklinar of an affair that caused lots of NOTICE. fun for those present who knew what was coming, but to Mr. Brown, the gentleman who has been superintend Our customers will please bear in mind that we close all ac ing, the construction of our bridge and counts January 1st.

of it will be enclosed this week, weather who was ignorant as to what the outcome would be, it was not at all funny until the climax was reached by Mr. Gray, who acted as spokesman, then he enjoyed the laugh with the rest. It appears that Mr. Brown did not possess a permitting. RED FRONT BAKERY, MRS.

R. A. BAKER, Proprietor. each year uome and settle by cash or note by January Bert Logan is painting a sign this week for Tailor Williams that is attracting quite a good deal of attention If you want a first class Oyster stew go to Mrs. Bishop's Bonton Bakery.

Satisfaction guaranteed. X. Frankhouwr, sheriff, made his appearance here last Tuesday with his pockets full of subpoenies. McCormibk will sell you saddles, bridles, blankets, whips, spurs etc. at prices that will surprise you.

The iron work for the new Lester building was received last Monday from the Ottawa Foundry Co, Overcoats we don't want, if you do. Call and see us and we will make it interesting. Marshall, Hart Co. time-niece of anv kind: Dr. Eddy had iaay.

Coal! You can get any amount of Coal you want, from a bushel up, at the S. A. Brown lumber vard. Marshall, Hart Co- It is a gilded letter with a black background and frame and reflects credit purchased a fine watch, chain and charm "for him getting Mr. Gray to make the presentation speech.

Mr. On last Monday evening the Wig warn parlors were again a scene of merriment, fully equaling, if not surpassing that! of Thanksgiving night. Excellent music was furnished by W. 11. and Ed Ausman and Chas.

Sinister. At an early hour the amusement commenced with about ten couple participating. Joy ran high till the hour for departing arrived when as before, regrets were heard on every side that it only took sixty minutes to make an hour. Charles Cole officiated as helmsman to the satisfaction of all. We are requested all the young gentlemen present to express their appreciation to Mrs.

through our columns. Below is a list of those present. Misses Sue Turner, Florence Frazier, Lucy Makinisori, Lucy Rankin, Naydee Washburn, Eva Kern, Helen Cloud, Beckie Cloud, Cora Vaughn, Messrs (VS. Gray, S. M.

Marshall, W. F. Cochran, Elmer Shreves. J. W.

Gray, M. B. Evans, R. B. Vaughn, J.

A. Searing, E. Kern, F. Nesbitt, C. Bowman, J.

F. McCormick, E. Crum, Geo. Washburn, W. F.

Wingett. on the artist. Fresh Bread, also Cakes, Pies, Cookies, Cigars, Tobaccos, Canned Goods and T. W. Cochran and wife left last Sat Misses Chane Turner Notice.

J. E. Heed wishes us to inform all who are indebted to hinr that he is in need of money and for them to call and settle at their arliest opportunity. urday afternoon for Carthage and other points in Missouri. Mrs.

Cochran lias been unwell for several months Gray walked very leisurly up to Mr. Brown and in substance told him that he had been appointed a committee of one by the city to inform him that his work was nt satifactory and further that ho intended to watch hiui and watch him in a way that he had never been watched before 'prolonging his remarks aa much as possible to keep Mr. Biow.1 in suspense, when it was evident that the ruse had worked ad mm. Mrs. II.

A. Baker's ad in another col-uian tells, you of a few things in her like that is always kept in stock. OYSTERS SERVED IN EVERY STYLE. Choice Lemons and Oranges always on hand- QUENEMO, KANSAS. past and it is to be hoped the trip will prove beneficial to her.

Mr. A. K. Kirkland, general superin-dent of the wire repairers on the Kansas, visited with Tom Henley the forepart of the veek. Tom was one of Mr.

Xirkland's star boarders for three year at Ottawa, Last Call. Those knowing themselves indebted to me will plense call and settle eitlier by cash or note before January after that date my accounts will be placed in the hands of an officer for collection. .5. 11. Merely.

i.h rytf.g- by i.i-1 Over Crum. Maple St. Ingersoll Co. Quenemo. t-Lisrf harueU can be found at J.

CT. HcCormick's. mirably. Mr. Bs.

mind was relieved by the siht of the beautiful token,.

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