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The Hutchinson Blade from Hutchinson, Kansas • 4

The Hutchinson Blade from Hutchinson, Kansas • 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
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i their son Rutherford CITY LOCALS They named William. THE HUTCHINSON BLADE CHESTER I. LEWIS, Editor and Publisher The Fowler department store, 410 N. Main, "The store a little further I WW up the street, a little less to pay," has 16 latest style coats at $10.00, Published every Saturday. Subscriptions 11.50 per year: 75c for six months.

In advance, and may be commenced witl any issue. For further information and advertising: rates, address Postottice Box 62. least 30 leading actors. The show this year carries the famous Washburn Band and Orchestra. The opening scene in this show is a beautiful setting, a fine scenic production, the Festival of Flowers.

The first scene is followed by the largest number of feature acts now otTered by any minstrel organization and the show ends with the funnies act, entitled "The Pullman Porter." Among the feature acts are Jim Wise (from Georgia by Telegraph) the leading and 20 coats at $5.00. These coats will only be at Fowler's until Sat I wish to make known to the public or at least those interested, if is any such organization as the G. T. P. C.

it is unknown to those that were present at 727 East 7th, Wednesday evening Jan. 14. Respectfully, Mr. and Mrs. J.

R. Wickliffe. urday. One could not buy the cloth Entered as second class matter at Postoflice in the city of Hutchinson, Kans. in these coats for this money.

Here is a good chance for some, lady to get a real bargain. CHURCHES C. M. E. Everybody is now making plans to attend Washburn's Famous Minstrels at Convention Hall Monday HO East comedian, Jimmy Stewart with his one string fiddle, Watts Bros, supreme acrobats and clowns, Johnson and Johnson, feature acting, Mrs.

Adne Maxwell, Miss Mary Gothard, Mr. Donald Kerns, Mr. Morgan Evans, spent Sunday in Sterling with the Kerns family. Mr. Kerns is as popular in Hutchinson as he is in Sterling.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday The Justus-Romain Company Presents "SIS HOPKINS" You'll Laugh- and Keep it up all through this play. Get Seats Early For There's going to he a Crowd. Morning Services 11:00 a.m. Sunday School 2:3 P-m- ivoninp Services -t 8:00 p.m. February 2nd.

Big band and or- i 30 big actors. Seats on Prayer Meeting Wed. night 8:00 p.m. Choir Rehearsal, Thurs 8:00 p.m. ciieMra sale at Jenkins Music store begin Everybody is welcome to attend tne services.

Rev. B. D. Hughes, Pastor. ning Friday, January 30th.

Popular prices due to large seating capacity. BETHSL A. M. Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship ..11:00 a-m.

Kveninp Worship 7:45 p. m. Prayer Meetlag Wed. 8 p.m. Choir Rehearsal Fri.

8 p. Tou are welcome. Come and bring your friends. Strangers are made welcome at Bethel. Rev.

Dr. R. C. Henderson. Pastor.

Lk A. Wilkerson, Clerk SECOND BAPTIST Corner Maple and Second Morning Services 11:00 a.m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. B. Y.

P. U. Services 6:30 p.m. Evening Services 7:45 Prayer Meeting Wed. night 8:00 p.m.

Choir Rehearsal, Friday night. Everybody is cordially invited to attend services. Rev. Dr. j.

tv Alien. Pastor. TABERNACLE BAPTIST Borrowed money never looks big until you have to pay it back. Sol and Ben Butler, who spent the holidays with their parents, left this week for the east. 4 Crosby and Crosby, something new.

In addition to these famous acts there are a dozen more features. A big street parade will be given the day of the show. This show will be presented in Convention Hall at popular prices due to the immense seating capacity. Scats will cost 35c, 50c, 75c and SI. 00.

This show usually gets $1.50 but as before stated, Hutchinson will see it cheaper than other towns. Seats will be on sale at the Jenkins Music Store beginning Friday, January 30th. 225 East Morning Services 11:00 a.m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Evening Services 8:00 p.m.

Prayer Meeting. Wed, night 8:00 p.m. Everybody is welcome to attend the services. Rev. 1.

H. Hughes, Pastor. Reserve Seats on Sale at HUTCHINSON BAKERY 21 North Main The sick are: The two children of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Moore, 204 Hutchinson has five new street cars.

They have adjustable air breaks. These five cars make a valuable addition to the street car company, and will enable them to give a much better service. These cars are of the latest type and are the kind that are being adopted by all the large cities. Phone 81. West, Mrs.

Susie Anderson, 420 West Mrs. Alice Jones, 209 West Mrs. I Moss, 402 West Mrs. Paul James, LODGES .401 West and Theodore Card. Mrs IX G.

Lett Lodpe No. 30, A. F. A. Eastern Star Lodge N'o.

48. meets the Meets the first and third Tuesday nights second and fourth Fridan afternons of each month at Broadus Building. All i each month at Broadus Building. Al CiiMHtumiiHuiiumniniiiuiwauauiia nnnMHauKMuauumiraKiuouRnnwa visiting Master Masons cordially invit-. visiting daughters cormany mvuea to IMPERIAL ART CLUB HOLDS FINE SESSION attend.

Mary Grayson, Mrs. Nancy Johnson, Mrs. Lizzie Bradford, Rev. I. Hughes, Rev.

Henry' Lightfoot and Manster Howard Butler are improving nicely. to attend. The sugar situation such that it would be well for all the family to stick to the one lump basis; W. G. Renfroe.

W. M. C. I. Lewis, Secretary.

Oh, Don't Worry about you Sole Your Case is Easy I Can heel you and SaVe Your Sole Mr. John Johnson, 1401 South Plum, better known as the hog raising king, sold $1,070.90 worth of hogs last year. Mr. Johnson also sells stock and poultry. W.

G. Renfroe, W. M. of U. Lett Lodge No.

30 was attacked by an unknown white assailent last Tuesday evening on his way home from lodge. Mr. and Mrs. Noey Wells, who Mrs. J.

Davis. W. M. Wm. Brown, W.

P. Mrs. K. Broadus, Sec. Magnolia Court of Calanthe No.

15. meets the first and thrrd Monday afternoons of each month at Broadus Building. All daughters are welcome to attend. Mrs. R.

Butler. M. W. C. Mrs.

J. Johnson. Sec. Ruth Gleening Tabernacle Lodge No. 14, meets the first and third Friday afternons of each month at Broadus Building.

All daughters urged to attend. Mrs. M. Wooten, H. P.

Mrs. E. A. iliams, Sec. Knights of Tabor.

Evergreen Temple No. 18, U. K. Meets the second and fourth Thursday nights of each month at Broadus Building. All visiting Knights are welcome.

O. Snowden, C. M. L. Wilkerson S.

C. Hutchinson Lodge No. 3723, G. U. O.i Odd Fellows, meets the first and third Thursday nights of each month at I Broadus Building.

All visiting breth- to have been visiting Mrs. Anna Coll Dr. JONES at the The business meeting of the Imperial Art Club was held Tuesday, Jan. 13th, at the home of Mrs. Jesse Freeman, 123 west.

The roll was called and each member responded with a Bible quotation and resolutions for a better club in every way. The meeting was one of the best, being a wonderful start for the new year. An elegant three course luncheon was served by the hostess. The next meeting will be held Jan. 27, at the home of Mrs.

J. McCollough, 127 Avenue west. Mrs. W. W.

Evans is president, Mrs. M. L. Jones, vice president and Mrs. B.

Augustus, reporter. IDEAL SKGE SHOP left a few days ago for Wichita. i and Messenger Service Mr. and Mrs. J.

K. Blackwell, 1136 east 7th, had as their dinner guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hayes and family. ren cordially invited.

P. T. James, N. G. L.

Tyler, Secretary. 14 i-2 E. First Phone 2954 HUTCHINSON, KANS. Mr. and Mrs.

Charlie Hayes, Miss Tassie B. Pope, Miss Celeste Gothard, iiiiwiiimiiiiiuiiimimmiiuuniunimiHiniiittuiniwmiuwiminnKMiiiHiiiniimiuimi uwwmiunratmMiittniHnmmnuatM Household of Ruth Lodge No. 1242, meets 2nd and 4th Thursday afternoons of each month at Broadus Building. All visiting daughters are cordially invited to attend Mrs. Tyler.

M. N. G. Mrs. C.

Harrison. W. R. Mr. Woodford Brown, Mr.

Junior Gothard and Mr. Howard II. Broad American Woodmen meets the fourth Monday night In each month, at Broadus Building. All members and visiting companions are welcome. Geo.

Smith. Commander. Mrs. G. Hill.

Secretary Rev. E. D. Hughes, pastor of the C. M.

E. church, left Monday for Newton, to assist in carrying on a upuwnaiwN umutuniranvmmuiiiuimminmitinuiiiwwuraKRi us, toured to Pretty Prairie Sunday5; to visit Miss Mabel L. Banks. A grand time wa reported by all. Youi Should Stop Mrs.

Walter Jones, gave a 6 o'clock dinner Thursday in honor of her sister, Mrs. Hattie Stewart of Ogden.U., Good eats and music were the main WANTED TO BUY A four-room house on West side of Main street. Further information at 215 West. Mrs. and Mr.

Elmer Scott gave a swell ball last Wednesday evening at Broadus Hall. A large crowd of young people attended and all enjoyed themselves. 1 i i I me a whole carton of Bryan- Marsh MAZDA Lamps Best by Test Mrs J. A. Johnson The Local Agent for the J.

E. McBrady's HIGH BROWN POWDER and Toilet Articles of all Kinds Will be glad to receive all orders I Taking Medicines that bring no Relief and try I DIGESILS 1 For Your Stomach Ills If you value your health, send 50 cents today for a big box of DIGESTILS and learn how to relieve yourself of these distress- features of the evening, those present were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Moore, Mr. and Mrs.

Forrest Wilkerson, Miss Celeste Gothard, Miss Delia I nig aiimenis. uakais i Jtfc.L to do as recommended or your TOWN GOSSIP It is reported that Mr. Roscoe Clayton will be stepping off soon. Mr. Clanence Morgan has the blues sine Miss Lucy Blackwell left Miss Lucy Blackwell left a few days ago for Wichita to visit friends.

Mrs. Hattie Stewart, of Ogden Utah, is in our city visitig her sisters, Mrs. Walter Jones and Mrs. Forrest Wil- Jones. Miss Louise Jones, Mr.

Jim Jackson, Mr. Walter Jones, Editor C. I. Lewis. All departed declaring Mrs.

Walter Jones an ideal hostess. Comer's Electric Store Phone 3524 624 E. Second I money oacK. as you and I (SPECIAL 3 boxes for $1.25) INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL Co, Dept 10, Topeka, Kansas. nmiminniimiiniiiin I 5 i i Kerson.

Mrs. Stewart a very amiable and pleasing to meet. Mrs Fred D. Moon, 109 west, returned a few days ago from her looking for Wichita. Several weeks ago an article appeared in this paper in regard to a big spring cleanup an Avenue West.

We are glad to note that several families have not waited untill spring, but have been making a decided improvement already. Those Heal friendship, like all best things. visit in Hennessey, the picture of health. ijiniinitMiiiiiuniiiMiuiiMiiiimuiiHminiiuimiiMiiiiiuiiiiituiiiunuiuntiiHuuituiiaiu. costs; but also, like them, it pays.

THE SIDLINGER DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Miss Mabel L. Banks, better known WASHBURN'S MINSTRELS MARVELLO Beauty Cream America's Most Eagerly Sought Facial Cosmetic DELIGHTFULLY PERFUMED Sold Everywhere Price 50c Postage Sets Extra (Agents and Dealers Write for Terms INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL Dept. 10, Topeka, Kansas America's Favorite Minstrels Travel! who recently painted their houses Telephone 27 in Own Pullman Car. Have Band and Orchestra.

No. 17 North Main St. as the ptetic queen, was in our city Tuesday making preparations to begin a commercial and dressmaking class. Miss Banks is a graduate of Southwestern college and has the natural ability to make good with the above named classes. Those desiring to enter class as mentioned above will notify Rev.

R. C. Henderson. are Mrs. Margaret Davis, Mrs.

Ralph Boyd and Mr. Lindsay. The modern bungalow built by Mr. Snowden is is completed and they are now living in it. Avenue West will be one of the most beautiful streets in the city.

i I 5 14) i I I- i It has been several years since Hutchison has had the opportunity of seeing one of America's largest and most favorite minstrels such as Leon W. Washburn's Famous Minstrels, which will be in Convention Hall on Monday, February 2nd. Washburn's Minstrels are said to be Amer- jwm8i; BARGAINS IN COATS AT FOWLER'S We have a few ladies coats which we bought from Ellsworth with us that are last seasons coats and we arc going to close them out at prices that you cannot afford to miss. These coats arc broadcloth, melton cloth, diagonal stripe, pony cloth and other materials equally good. Thqre are sixteen of them we are pricing at ten dollars each and about twenty at five dollars each.

You could not buy the cloth at that price per yard, and these coals can be cut up and made into childrens coals or suits or they can be used for warm coals around home and arc ihe best Mr. Elmer Scott is here from Mexico introducing the "Red Moin" dances. Miss Susie Butler met with a slight accident last Tuesday evening, at Bethel A. M. E.

church, spraining her ankle, but is better at this writing. NGE icas iavonte minsireis. ims organ- It thought that Mr. "Lil" Arthur ization is a large and complete the SOcietv King" has at last Born to Mr. and Mrs.

Jake Hayes, a fine baby boy, December 14 1919. Having its own Fuilman car ana at discovered who the best dancers are. 1 1 11 see nargains in Hutchinson today. Gall and them and you will be convinced. South i 5 FOWLERS HO North Main am First published Januarv 21.

1920) It seems as though he has discards! the "Would-Ile Society." Everybody is ondering why. It is thought he is trying to catch on tothe new steps No. 13014 The Bargain Spot of Hutchinson Mr. cott is introducing. TIIK DISTRICT COURT OF RENO COUNTY, KANSAS, Marshall, Plaintifnr, vs.

Varl Marshall, Defendant, PUBLICATION NOTICE DR. S. E. GRACE The Famous Mineralist and Herbalist 7 Hats, Clothing and Furnishings. High Grade Merchandise of AD Kind' We Undersell All With God's Medicines The State of Kansas and said Plaint Or.i thousand Min-i-rals.

ll.rhs, Hoots, I.oav.s, It's. Is. iff to Pearl Marshall, Defendant: You will take notice that you have Hio.s.-oms ji-ui lU-rrips been stied rn the ditrict court of Reno County, Kansas, by Leonard Marshall, plaintiff, in an action for di hcUt from. it nuikvs ii: Tcrcnn' what sillmt'iit t2i-cts' you wrili-nn1 to' n- sv.v! ml 11 00 1 v.i.l svinl vorce and annulment of marriage. and that unless you answer the pe 'If TF tition hied in said cause in said court on or before the 17th day of March, KgVil mirth's troat- troul'lo.

My spwialty 1920, that said petition will be taken i fci.ciinia.' i.siii, ini as true and confessed, and judgment Mnnhmiil, Vij-'or. Vital rendered against you accordingly. Victrola I ity, i.iv r. Stoniac-li. IJlowl.

Catarrh and all kinds of fpinal' tro'ihW, adjudging and decreeing the marriage relation heretofore existing be tween plaintiff and vou, said Charlie's Shoe Hospital Where all Shoe Complaints are Satisfactorily Treated. Work Called for and Delivered Free 11 Second West. C. M. FYFEE, Proprietor defendant, be vacated, set aside and held for naught, and plaintiff will be iua ranted lo cure or monfy funded.

MINERAL COMPOUND INDIAN HERBTEA HINDU MAGIC OIL granted a decree of absolute divorce from you upon the ground that a you, said defendant, had a husband living at the time of the marriage with this plaintiff; and plaintiff will be award- he whole family For One month's treatment one dollar. MM Address all orders end letters to i'u an omer just aim ctjuiiulhc icuci with costs of suit. DR. S. E.

GRACE CO. Witness mv hand this lith day of 20 North East St. Indianapolis. Ind January, 1920. AGENTS WANTED CARL.

A. me.ttAUUMKS, (Seal) Clerk of District Court. Sugar Cured Hams 30c 2 nackasres Seeded Raisins for 25c Taylor Connaughton, of the t''t(4r an(1 John-Peter immediately turned their atten Attorneys for I'lainim The one gift that will increase the happiness of every member of the family the year 'round. The Victrola and Victor Records bring into your home, the whole world of music, exactly as rendered by the greatest artists and entertainers. They are the unfailing means of holding the young folks home, and of making every evening a period of enjoyment and recreation for the grown-ups.

Make this picture true for your Stop in today for a demonstration Victors and Victfcl a $50 to $400. Easy terms. Steel Cut Coffee, per lb 35c Idaho Potatoes, sack lots, per bushel $1.75 tion from himself to Christ. This Is 'i'. most unlike the claimants to -divine Red McClure potatoes sack lots per bu.

$2.00 power Disclaiming power of his own, he seized the opportunity to Breach Christ to the people who had PeanutRutter. ner lb 25c assembled. He told them it was faith In Jesus Christ, whom the God of their fathers had glorified, whom they had CASH PAID FOR ALL KINDS OF PRODUCE, AT 17 WEST DILLON MERCANTILE COMPANY h'HH'd I lie holy one and tlie just. on rhi'scn narabbas. a mvmlerr.

Insread of nirfsi. and killed the Prince of Life to them to repent (v. 19). ti t' them that they had committed this Hufnl crime in ignorance. God iwirdon their sin If they would He assured them that Israel wottM yef enjoy refreshlns seasons from the Iord.

when God should send Thrist buck to earth to consummate the work of redemption. lie appealed to the Scriptures as the basis ot his warnings and promises tt. 22-26). 'T deliberately delivered up and denied NEONS (i before Pilate when he desired to Bet him free, and that they desired a murderer to be granted freedom Instead. 1 He showed that the disciples were also witnesses that God had raised Jesus rrnm the dead, and charged home upon U.


412 South Main No. 2 15-17 West 3 600 South Main flient theIrgwfaL theyhsj! Produce 17 West O. MAMMEL; General Manager 1.

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