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The Rooks County School Monthly from Stockton, Kansas • 3

The Rooks County School Monthly from Stockton, Kansas • 3

Stockton, Kansas
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Hural School Department (Continued from first page) dulgence in a substitute for real, genuine, honest feelings, that always express themselves in action. Worse still wo are apt to do too much talking about the duties of manhood, or even have the children prate about them, at the same time that they fail to perform their own present duties. Let us take up a few illustrations. We all know the value of punctuality and orderliness in "real life." It Now we all know well enough 'that in the great majority of cases of immorality in grown men anil women the cause is not ignorance. And so also do we know that in the great majority of cases of wrong-doing- on the School Reports Items from district No.

9: The third month ended Dec. 11 with an enrollment of 14 with a daily average of 13 plus. The names of those present for the past three months and not tardy are as follows: Hazel Denio, Freedie and Fronie Simons, George and Amy Guthrie, Henry, Mary and Dora Koll-mann and Blanche Those neither absent nor tardy for the month just ended, Charley Simons the above names, making nine perfect. We have never had any cause tnis term to furnish the county superintendent with a truency-report. This school will take part in the intertainment at the Igo school Xmas eve.

The most of our boys and girls, are doing better work than they did a month back. Alvin Diggs, Teacher. stands to reason that if through the whole course of his school-life the boy 'is punctual and orderly, he will also be so when a grown man in business, On the other hand, if we do not secure for him such behavior while in school, then all the talk. of the world, all the reading of good literature, inspirational value of music, the noting of order in nature, will not make him punctual and orderly in adult life. Of course we must recognize the truth that the home will always be the main factor in the moral education of our youth.

We must similarly recognize the truth that, where the home does not help, the teacher has not sufficient opportunity to make the child punctual and orderly in spite of bad home influences. Now. talking to the child about keeping his desk in order, keeping paper off the floor, will not make him orderly. Bethel school, district 54, for month ending Jan. no.

of pupils enrolled 21: average daily attendance 15; number not tardy 9 Those neither absent nor tardy Alfred and Jopephine Noyce; Edward and Manda Turnbull, James, Walter and Lyman Fleming. Alice Cadoret, Teacher. part or school children the wrong is done in spite of better knowledge. Furthermore it is very much to be doubted whether we could teach ethics to such an extent in the public schools as to give sufficient knowledge to prevent such exceptional wrong-doing through ignorance, at least such wrong-doing in later life. The trouble is not due in the main to insufficient knowledge, but rather to the lack of motive power of knowledge.

We need something that will be for more potent in securing action. Such motive power is secured by means of the feelings and habits. Now of course we are all doing more or less in this direction of attempting to secure right action by means of appeal to the nobler feelings through the use of good music, beautiful school surroundings and various other ways. But the emphasis has not been put sufficiently on this side of school work, if at 'all; it has "been put on the instruction side, rather than the training side. The trouble lies in the fact that ive never have had a course in methods of securing moral conduct.

We have Elder Ridge school district 67 for the month ending Dec. 11. No. pupils enrolled 12: average daily attendance 10 plus; number, neither absent nor tardyDorothy Dunham, Mable Dunham. W.

A. King, Teacher. The less talking and the more doing the better. (Concluded in the February Issue) Report of school Dist. 93, for third month ending Jan.

6. Number enrolled 18 Total number days attendance 332 Average daily attendance 16 plus Cases tardiness 2 Number absent but nor tardy 5 Those neither absent nor tardy Leona, Earl, Ray, Edna und Roe Groom, Roy, Freeda, May and Gladys Gilbert, Virgil and Earl Weaverling and Joseph Halvas. Visitors were Rosa Halvas, Earnest Buchheister Ethelyn Weaverling and Bertha Alice Mendenhall, Teacher. been left largely to ourselves to find out how to secure "moral character," and perhaps with most of us that aim has been in our minds in the form of a hazy, vapory goal so far distant that we know not by what means- to arrive at it, always believing, however, that there is some mysterious, perhaps supernatural way by which it can be attained by means of 'memory NOTICE No firm or business can run without money neither can the Rooks County Teachers Association do the best for its members unless it receives the funds to which it is entitled. If you have not pay up and feel sweet.

E. R. Bartholomew, Treas. Stockton, Kansas. For Sale Cheap One set of Teachers' and Pupils' Cyclopaedia.

Inquire of the county superintendent. This is an opportunity for some teacher or school dis-r trict to get this set of books, which is absolutely, new, for about three-fourths cost. 4 ft "Little Lord owne "Tnirv rn ps." Report of Distrect 98, for month ending Dec. 24. Number enrolled 7 which have all been perfect in attend-ence.

Last month the School board of this distrect bought us an organ of which are exceedingly proud, and we wisli to thank them very much for it. Fauntleroy stories," beautiful pictures, inspiring music, nature study, etc. It is not surprising that these very means frequently defeat their own ends'. There is too much of error in the way of appeal to intellect and to feeling without expression in action, or even in the presence of tolerations of action in a contrary direction, and such training is training in immoral-ity. Too often we ignore the truth that what feelings we secure through good literature and art not feelings of but rather feelings of illusion; that Ihev are a sbrt of dreamland in The army of the United States now numbers 4,110 officers and en-1 isted men a total of 72, 628.

The secretary of war, in his annual report refers to the good results of recent legislation to promote the efficiency of the militia, and, with a view to being prepared for any attack which might be made upon one or both of the coast lines, he recommends that the general scheme of national defense provide a force of organized militia of approximately .350,000 men. Celia Cochell, Teacher. Primary Department Because of sickness Miss Durnal is unable to furnish the material for the Primary Department for this month. Miss Durnal has been out of school for several weeks, but will soon be able to resume her work. hope to be able to present an article from her pen in our next issue.

The Editor..

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