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The Severyite from Severy, Kansas • 4

The Severyite from Severy, Kansas • 4

The Severyitei
Severy, Kansas
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SEVERYITE By C. G. PIERCE Entered in the post office at. Severy, Kansas, a second class malt matter. SUBSCRIPTION RATES One $1.06 Six .50 Three STRICTLY IN ADVANCE NO PISTANCE TELEPHONE OFFICE PHONE NO 8.


Residence Phone 3. Severy, Kansas N. S. McDONALD S. F.


Residence Phone 1. W. F. HOOVER PHYSICIAN State AND Bank. SURGEON.

Residence Park Office Street. over Office phone Residence phone J. S. MABEN TINDERTAKER AND FUNERAL DIRECSevery, 1 Kansas. J.

S. MABEN I Licensed Embalmers A. R. MABEN 1129 CEVERY CHAPTER No. 258 Order Eastern Star.

Meets on exery first and third Tuesday night of each month. PEARL GRIMES, W. M. MARY SMITH, Secretary. Notice! OFFICIAL CITY PAPER The business men of Severy have all agreed to close their places of business during the reunion from 1 to 4 o'clock p.

m. Square Deal and Reform. The Topeka Capital prints without comment and without denial a letter from a subscriber who makes these charges or statements: The "old machine" legislature of 1905 paid the expenses of the state with $4,250,000. Then the reform began, and the machine was smashed. The result was that the legislature of 1907 appropriated $5,250,000 for expenses and spent it.

Then came the real 18-carat reform legislature of 1909. and it appropriated and spent $6,500,000. This was an increase in state expenses by the present lature over the machine" islature of 1905 of almost fifty per cent. There has in the meantime been an increase of only about 2 per cent in population. The increase in taxation has been due wholly to the new fangled ideas of political "reform." Which suggests to the Lawrence Gazette the remark that we must have reform, even if it does come high.Fredonia Citizen.

Fredonia will have free mail delivery Oct. 15. Next Monday, Sept. 6th, will be a legal holiday, Labor Day, and there will be no mail delivered on the routes. Passenger traffic on the railroads seems to be increasing as the trains are daily crowded with people bound for points in the United States and Europe.

This appears to be a 17-year-locus year. The trees are full of the pesks, noisy little bugs, and the evenings sound as noisy as a charivari at a country wedding. -Howard Courant. The county board of health have begun action to banish the hitching racks from the proximity of store buildimgs in the yarious towns. Ness county now has such orders in eflect.

An investigation showed that the horses stirred up the dirt and refuse which settled on the provisions in the that flies were attracted by and hatched in the accumulated filth. -Neodesha Register. A great many Republicans of Kansas who believe the voters should have the right to make platforms, than the candidates, are advocating a state convention early next year to be unofficial, but binding for the adoption of a State Republican platform, and perhaps for the nomination of candidates for the primary to be held later. These Republicans believe that in this way the Republican voters can gain control of their party and eliminate the Populistic and non-Republican features which have so seriously reflected upon the state and its splendid history. This plan would enable the rank and file of the Republican party to make a state platform and take this work out of the hands of the candidates themselves.

The only persons who will oppose this plan of permitting the voters to have a voice in the making of a state platform will be the politicians who hold office under the present state administration. These prefer a platform made by oflice holders, rather than by a convention representing the great body of Republican voters. -Fredonia Citizen. Stops earache in two minutes, toothache or pain of burn or scald in five minutes; hoarseness, one hour; muscleache, two hours; sore throat, twelve hours--Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil monarch over pain.

33-4 Former Severy Citizen Dead. Mary A. Curtiss was born in Licking county, Ohio, Aug. 11, 1840, and died at Claiborne, Ohio, Aug, 11, 1909, aged 69 years. She was united in marriage to Albert T.

Hitt, Oct. 22, 1857. To this union were born ten children, six of whom are living to survive her. They moved to Kausas in 1884 in which state Mr. Hitt died eleven years ago and the past three and a half years she has made her home with her eldest daughter, Mrs.

G. W. Moore, of Claiborne, Ohio. Funeral was conducted by Rev, Peter Weimer of Union City, Indiana. Interment in Maskill cemetery 1 near Claiborne, Citizen.

Mrs. Hitt was, for a number of years, a citizen of Greenwood county, this township, having lived northeast of Severy until her removal to Indiana. Night on Bald Mountain. On a lonely night Alex. Benton, of Fort Edwards, N.

climbed Bald Mountain to the home of a neighbor, tortured by Asthma, bent on curing him with Dr. King's New Discovery, that had cured himself of asthma. This wonderful medicine soon relieved and quickly cured his neighbor. Later it cured his son's wife of a severe lung trouble. Millions believe its the greatest Throat and Lung Cure on Coughs, Colds, Croup, Hemorrhages and Sore Lungs are surely cured by it.

Best for Hay Fever, Grip and Whooping Cough. Guaranteed by R. E. Marsh. 35-5 Horse Evidently Stolen.

Sunday morning a stranger went to the T. J. Souder's livery barn and hired a horse and buggy for the day. Up to this time horse, buggy and man have failed to put in an appearance. No definite description of the man can be given except that he was dark and disagreeable looking and wore a dark suit.

The horse was known as Star and was known by almost everyone in this county. He was 16-hands high and had white hind feet. The buggy had red gears and a black body. The sheriff is offering $25 for the return of the rig and $25 for the capture of the -Eureka Herald. Another Auto for Severy.

Bub M. Benest of the Greenwood County Bank, returned home last Friday from Blackwell, with a new 30-horse power Regal auto which he had purchased from his cousins, the Rice brothers, who are agents for this machine in Blackwell. Bub took but a few lessons and is now an experienced driver and can run a honk car as well as anyone. Others in our city are getting the auto fever and we will have a number more cars here before next spring. In fact the editor would have one himself--if he had the price.

Change at Depot J. E. Smith arrived here Monday and has been added to the depot force as operator and as soon as checked in will also act as cashier. The hours of work have been changed so that Mr. Smith will be on duty from 11 a.

to 9 p. and Mr. Beach from 9 p. m. to 7 a.

m. and with the agent, Mr. Hathaway, there from 7 a. till night, gives uS continual Western Union telegraph service and is a great help in getting out the regular work at the depot. Ingolshe Lame at Eidorado.

L. P. Adam's horse, Ingolsbe, started in the 2:17 pace at Eidorado last week, but was withdrawn after the second heat, on account of being a little lame. Ingolsbe was lame at the start of the first heat and lost, but won the second heat in 2:14. will race at Winfield today and from there will be shipped to Hutchinson where he will race for the $1000 purse.

Public Notice! Dr. F. C. Cady of Fredonia will have charge of Dr. R.

V. Hay's office while he is away. Dr. Cady took his first year in dentistry at the St. Louis Dental College and last year at the University of Michigan Dental College.

He will be pleased to see anyone wishing to have any dental work done. His work is guaranteed so do not fail to see him. Mrs. Nellie Bowlin Very Low. A telegram was received from Columbus, Monday stating that Mrs.

Nellie Bowlin, of this city, was very low. Her daughters, Mrs. H. D. Burke and Mrs.

P. Ludvickson left on the atternoon Frisco for Columbus. S. S. Convention Postponed.

The County Sunday School convention which was to have been held Sept. 6 and 7, has been postponed until some time in October, exact date to be announced later. H. W. NIXON, "Secretary.

For Sale. 50 pounds good hard soap. MRS. E. P.

MILLS. Most disfiguring skin eruptions, scrofula, pimples, rashes are due to impure blood. Burdock Blood Bitters is a cleansing blood tonic. Makes you clear-eyed, clear-brained, clearskinned. 33-4 This is Old Soldiers week in Severy.

The Severy schools commence next Monday. School Shoes at Evans Son can't be beat. Mrs. H. T.

Kanatzar visited at Eureka Monday. The old boys are telling many storles of the war this week. A big bundle of old papers at this office for a nickle. More for a dime. Cal Morris was over from Eldorado and spent Sunday with Severy friends.

There will be regular services at the Congregational church Sunday evening. Denver Tomlinson came in from Hoisington, last week to visit home folks. Best things to eat, Phone your order to the Model Grocery and Meat Market, Phone 23. Miss Callie Kanatzar and Miss Sallie Branch visited with friends at Piedmont Sunday. Mrs.

Guy Branch came over from Wichita Sunday and is visiting with relatives and friends here. Mr. Hull of Eureka shipped out 3 cars of cattle from this point Sunday to the Kansas City market. Mrs. John Dwire who has been visiting Severy friends, took the Frisco Sunday for her home at Towanda.

Ladie's New Fall Suits have arrived. Drop in and see them. EVANS SON, Mrs. Ed. Wright came down from Eureka Monday and is visiting her sister, Mrs.

John Pottorff, east of Severy. Don't forget to inspect the new line of Ladie's Tailored Suits at Note the style, finish and especially the price. John Simons and Orson Roberts came up from Gueda Springs Monday and are visiting home folks and attending the reunion. Mrs. Nellie Egan and daughter, Florence, of East St.

Louis, are visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Tomlinson, in this city.

Men's New Shoes, Hats and Clothing, all arrived the past week. Drop in and let us fit you out. EVANS SON. Mr. and Mrs.

E. C. Everett and family returned home last week. Mr. Everett has been at and Mrs.

Everett and children have been visiting friends at Chanute. J. C. Shoemaker left Friday night for Trenton, and returned Tuesday, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Irene, who has been spending the summer with Mrs. Mary Embleton.

Miss Mary Hostetter and Miss Ozella Musinger, came up from Howard last Saturday morning and visited with Miss Zella Bolin until noon when they went to Beaumont to spend Sunday. Mrs. B. F. Pierce and children who have been visiting Mrs.

Pierce's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Webster, for the past month, took the Frisco Sunday for their home near Ramah, Colo.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Holmes were called to Seyery Sunday, where their son Elmer is very sick. They returned the middle of the week and report Mr. Holmes as being better.

-Eureka Messenger. Mrs. S. L. Martin and daughter, Miss Vashti, of Mill Creek, who had been visiting Severy friends for a few days, took the Frisco last Suuday evening for Salt Fork, to visit relatives.

Just back from the fair feeling fine and ready to show you a bran new lot of things in Ladie's Suits, Shoes, Men's Hats, Clothing, etc, Drop in we want to show you. EVANS SoN. M. L. Boyce left yesterday morning for Colorado Springs for a weeks visit.

From there he will go to San Francisco to meet Mrs. Boyce, who has been visiting in Seattle and the west. They will both return to Eureka in a short time. -Eureka Herald. Miss Rose Musick, who has been clerking at Bowman the past summer, has resigned to teach the Merry Bell school the coming winter.

Miss Clara Musick has succeeded her clerkship at the store. -Howard Courant. or There is nothing to lose and much to gain by trading at The Model. Why not begin today and give us a trial. We would appreciate your trade, guarantee every purchase made and give "your money if you want it.

HINKLE BRos. Old Soldiers' Reunion at Severy next week, Tuesday to Friday. Howard should be well represented. Severy closed up and all came down to our fair, and our folks should reciprocate. A big delegation, with the band, will go up Wednesday.

Let everybody who can go take the Howlard Courant. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO Prom The Severyite. August 30, 1894. W. H.

Orvis was over to Neodesha Wednesday. County Attorney Jackson was down from Eureka yesterday on business. A number of cyclists went out to Wm. Hilyard's last Sunday atternoon and enjoyed themselves in his melon patch. E.

Ellingson is quite sick at his home with fever. Died- -At the home of her husband six miles southeast of Severy, on Aug. 28, 1894, Mrs. Octava Barrett, aged 41 years. Win.

Glenn has sold his hardware store to Geo. Shoemaker and Roy Westbrook, both of Severy. The transfer will be made the last of the week. Mr. Glenn and family will remove to their farm in Elk county.

The Democrats held a county convention Wednesday and put the following county ticket in the field: For representative, Ed. Thrall; for probate judge, John Branson; for clerk of the district court, Charlie Weiser; for county superintendent, S. J. Borton; for county attorney, Cunkle. J.

L. Beloat attended to business at Eureka Tuesday. A. Roberts and M. J.

Bidwell were at Howard Wednesday. H. C. Dunham, B. Souders.

Frank Lucas and Minnard Robinson were over to Piedmont last Sunday. H. D. Burke, B. Souders, Frank Lucas, Bert Smith and others took in the excursion to Wichita Tuesday.

Mrs. I. Wyant returned home yesterday from Hartsville, where she has been visiting with friends and relatives during the past two months. Mr. and Mrs.

Prosper Adams and baby returned home last Sunday from Leadville, where they have been spending the past three months in the mountains. A. L. Templeton and daughter, Anna, and A. Andrews took the Frisco Sunday noon for Cedar Gap, where they will visit a few weeks with H.

L. Templeton and family, formerly of this city. A petition has been circulated this week which will be presented at the next meeting of the city council, asking them to dig one of the wells in the north part of town deeper, in the hopes of finding more water. The Road to Success has many obstructions, but none so desperate as poor health. Success today demands health, but Electric Bitters is the greatest health builder the world has ever known.

It compels fect action of stomach, liver, kidneys, bowels, purifies and enriches the blood and tones and invigorates the whole system. Vigorous body and keene brain follow their use. You can't afford to slight Electric Bitters if weak, run down or sickly. Only 50c. anteed by R.

E. Marsh. 35-5 What it Costs Not to go to College. Everlasting sorrow: No one ever went to a good business college with honest intent and serious purposes who did not consider it money, time and labor well expended. Thousands who have not gone regret the fact that they did not.

You can go if you really hunger and thirst for an education. No where else will you meet such choice companions. The earth's noblest young women are in the colleges, and at 110 other time of life can you make such strong and lasting friends. Girls and boys from our most cultivated homes assemble annually at our college. If you do not go to college these choice friendships are lost to you forever.

Do not postpone your going to college. Youth is the time for preparation, just as spring is the seed time. The farmer who does not plant his seed in springtime has no harvest. It he hasn't the money to buy the seed, he borrows it. If you haven't the money to go to college, borrow it and pay it back out of your salary earned after graduation.

You can do this. You can prepare yourself to fill your station in life better--or if you must earn your living, you can earn more and choose your occupation. If you are wealthy all the more reason for going to college. Your wealth may go but your education cannot be taken from you. Business education is an asset worth thousands.

It is an equipment for life's work. It gives the power to earn. It destroyes poverty and enthrones prosperity. It cannot be lost or stolen. You cannot afford, dear young reader, not to attend the Fredonia Business College, of Fredonia, Kans.

Remember the words of Chancellor Kent, who said, "The parent who sends his son into the world uneducated, defrauds the community of a useful citizen and bequeaths to it a nuisance." Write for free catalogue at once. Notice. I will soon have to go to the city to buy new goods and I hope all who are indebted to me will call and settic at once. MRS. G.

W. CLARK, Milliner. When the Mercury Goes Up! THEN the mercury goes up, we suggest using the Imperial Self-Heating Flat Iron. Makes its own gas from denatured alcohol or gasoline. Ten thousand women have decided that the Imperial Self-Heating Flat Iron makes Ironing more comfortable because of less heat, and saves cost in fuel.

The Imperial Self- Heating Flat Iron uses either denatured alcohol, wood alcohol or gasoline, and is absolutely safe with any of these fuels. The particular feature of the Imperial Self-Heating Flat Iron, which distributes the heat evenly over the base and leaves the top of the iron cool, will appeal to you. is cne-half cent per hour, and every time you iron The cost of operating without it you are wasting money and time, and giving yourself unnecessary discomfort. For particulars and any information see I. L.

LEE, AGENT, SEVERY, KANSAS Severy Schools. The Severy schools will open Monday, Sept. 6, for a nine months term. Young people who have completed the common school course the rural schools, should enroll in the High school here. A four years course will be offered from now on that will admit the graduate to the University of Kansas and other colleges.

Work done here will be credited in any other high school. The Freshman class will study Algebra, English, beginning with Latin and Ancient History and it is hoped that many graduates of the rural school will enroll. Miss Carrie Long, of Lawrence, has been employed as the assistant in the high schaol. She is a graduate of the University of Kansas and comes highly recommended. A11 of her time will be devoted to the work of the High school.

I Tuition in the High school for persons living outside the district is for the year. If less than nine months are spent in school during the term, the tuition will then be at the rate of $1.50 per month. Tuition in the grades is $6 for the year or $1 a month. Students from the country who wish to work for their board during the winter should leave their names with the superintendent. He would also like to be informed of people wishing to board students on these terms.

ERNEST Z. BENNETT, Supt. An Optical Illusion. Did you ever try to see through your hand? By following these directions vou may at least make yourself believe you are looking right through the palm. Out of A piece of paste board about five inches square roll a tube.

Have one end just large enough to fit around the eve, and the other a little smaller. Take the tube between the thumb and fingers of the right hand: put the larger end to your eye, and press your left hand against the smaller end. Keep both eyes open Objects beyond the left hand will be plainly visible, and there will appear to ba a hole through the center of the palm. It is the uncovered left eye which is actually doing all the seeing but so far as appearances go, it will seem as if the right eye were seeing right straight through the left hand. Classified Finers.

Locals under this heading 5 cents per line each week. Count six words to the line. For Sale or Exchange FOR oughbred SALE -Few Poland extra China good thor- male pigs. Inquire of Merrit Hughes. FOR RENT- -Stall room in barn.

Plenty room for buggy. Inquire at this office. FOR Inquire at RENT--Nice this office. furnished room. Real Estate--For Sale, For Rent FOR SALE- located.

-City property, of centralInquire D. F. Butcher. MUSIC APPEALS TO ESKIMOS. Voices Good and They Sing in Tune, According to Traveler in Regions of the North.

Music is one of the chief pleasures and accomplishments of the Eskimos. At the Labrador missions violins are used ivy them in the church choir, and brass bands are organized. In "Along the Labrador Coast" Dr. Townsend tells of an evening's entertainment with the Eskimos at Nain. "For over an hour these natives sing to us." he says, "familiar music with Eskimo words-'Rock of 'Holy interspersed with what I take to be secular songs.

Their voices are harn onlous and the singing is of a superior order. We return the compliment in the only way we can with a graphophone. it is indeed a terrible con.e-doxn to 'The Old Apple Tree' and 'Everybody Works But but the Eskimos seem to enjoy it, and greet the songs and their explanation by the taterpreter with peals of laughter. "A song in which a man beats his wire seems especially to amuse them. A Moravian brother told me that they had been unable to win the Eskimo from the wife-beating habit.

Even the wives resent any interference on this score. "An Irish jig makes them shake with joy. and I am sure they would dance we.e there room to stir." Getting Into Practice. It. is often pleasanter to theorize than to perform.

A young law student, says a writer in the Philadelphia Inquirer, was making a study of certain processes of his future profession. He showed an inclination to sit in the house and speculate idly, instead of doing some of the domestic tasks which stood waiting. "Deduction is an interesting process." deciared the youth to his father. "For example, there is a heap of ashes in the yard. That is evidence that the family has recently had fires." "Well, John," interrupted his father, "sa, pose you pursue your studies a little farther by going out and sifting that pile of ashes.

-Youth's Companion. No, Dog! Reared in the strict school of "Yes, sir!" and "NC. s'am!" addressed without thought of servility to ail elders and betters, I find this a season of rare courtesy and scant civility. Well do I remember that awesome scene at my isther's table when a stout and rebellious Little sister, seething with disappointment over some denied dainty, answered "No!" to a well meant proffer of a less desirable dish. "No, dog? or No, cat?" my father inquired with ominous calm.

"No, dog!" the sturdy lass recklessly replied. I quake even now at the thought of the breathless pause which followed, and draw a veil over the painful It Will Do Your Eyes Good to see the New Furniture I have just received, and I assure you it won't hurt your pocket book much to buy it for it is sold on the installment plan. That cheap paper is getting away from me pretty fast. I always have a few pieces second hand furniture at a bargain. Special is Now On for Matting, Beds, Mattresses, Paper, GoCarts, and several other articles that are staple goods.


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