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The Osage County Sentinel from Quenemo, Kansas • 2

The Osage County Sentinel from Quenemo, Kansas • 2

Quenemo, Kansas
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4 79 dwell MeceiveeS csB (Dmatzh MseirsoM GfoPo A nice Mac of ILaces. White 'bods, ILawn Summer S-oil Men9 Stilts and IFlite If you waal a hargaiii (Call and' ee. us COMMERCIAL NEWS. ADDITIONAL LO CAL. THE REPUBLICAN.

Barb Wire and Bain wagODS at Evaos The trial of Mrs. Thompson, wbo is Reed Hard ware Co. charged with the mttrder of her own child, an infant about three months old, One Year In advance, $1.60. Six ortfre 75. FArce Months CO, ff.

4. MILLER. Editor and Proprietor. came np before Esquire Ransom last QUENEMO, KANSAS, JULY 21, 1887. tice Of Removal.

Monday at Lyndon, and she was bound over to appear In the district court for trial upon the charge of mnrder in the first degree. This is one of the most singular cases we have ever heard of. The evidence in the case showed that on two or three occasions prior to the Announcements. We are authorized to announce the same of Jacob Back as a candidate for the office of Coonty Treasurer, subject to the decision of tte Republican County Convention Bodley'a Royal Blueing the best made. Call for It and take so other.

Another lot of Barb-wire on bands Evans and Reed Hardware Co. If too want to have your Watcb or Clock, Repaired. Bedford will do it. If you have anything to bay, veil, or trade go to McMUHa's. He will suityoa.

Royal Bin eing la the best Ink In the world. Cl'or go to McMillin'a Auction and Coinmi-siou House. Thirty stirring plows for sale by the Erans and Reed Hardware Company at cost for spot cash. Money to Loan oa Chattle Mertgase C. Latch em, Quenemo, Kansas.

Farmers, now is yonr chance to bay a stirring plow (John Deere) at cost. vans and Rted. drowning of the child that she had dosed "Woodwork Manufactory. We are assured by very reliable author ity that the prospect for the early establishment of a woodwork manufactory in this rlfy, a as certain as the establishment of any enterprise can be. Tbe party who is to establish it, apd whose name we are not at present at liberty to give, has ample means, and onr informant, Mr.

S. F. Frazier, agrees enter into a bond, that tbe gentleman will carry out every stipulation and guarantee he agrees to. That the encouragement and establishment of manufacturing enterprises is a safe and wise policy for any community, eo one will deny; It Is aad has all along been the policy of our government, and It seems that if the great statesmen of this country deem it wise and expedient to encourage the building up of manufacturing establishments of all kinds, that it Is surely to the interest of any community. Here at Quencmo we have railroad facilities equal, and in many Instances, greater than many of the prosperous manufacturing towns in the east, and there is no reason why any enterprise of this character should not pay.

We have it with carbolic acid and that she had been told that it was poison. This fact DON'T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY. came from her own evidence at the coro We are authorized to announce the same of Max Buek as a candidate for the office of County Treasurer, subject to the decision of tfe-e Republican Coonty i Now Is Your Chance. ner's Inquest, and coupled with the fact that she sent her oldest boy away after milk, and shortly afterwent to the blackberry patch leaving the child as she said at the house, and then returning to the house to find tbe child in a tub of water which she had provided for some pur PUBLICATION KOTJGE. The democratic badge for 188 will be a brass crawfish, pinned to a ehmmutive jebol ling.

State of Kaxsas, sa. Osaok County. Angiit Ht andjthe EdDtli, pose herself, mixes the circumstances up. But a littie ray of light is thrown we District, Ia the 31st Judicial Osage County, Kansas. upon it by the fact that she testified that could be biganized in ten days to pro tect the president from Insults and barm on this occasion I And, we now predict that unless the Grand Army throughout the country requdiates promptly and fully the false position in which It has been, placed by the vaiuglorious boasters Who have claimed to speak for it, its requiem as a non-political organization has oeen sung end its funeral has been preached Osage City Free Press.

The above is the production of the able editor of the Osage City Free Press and we do not question his sincerity he is gecerally sincere in all his utterances and Is probably as good a writer as there Is in the state of Kansas. This Is not saying much for his sincerity the slave-holders were sincere in their belief that the institution of slavery was right, and they were taught that it could not exist or extend beyond the "Mason and Dixson line," and when they attempted it they came to grief. The Free Press is noted for its originality and an evil.tendancy to go off wrong yet it is always sincere, and the editorial quoted nnder the caption above is fraught with orglnality, evil tendency, i and positive sincerity. For these rea-ons, no doubt, the Democartlc and mugwump newspapers of this state are quot ing and endorsing it with evident relish. Even our contemporary in this city, which claims to have no interest in either the Democratic or Republican party gives it as a sbolder hit at Republicanism and it evidently has a clear vision, for it looks that way to everybody.

So far as the president's letter Is concerned, we have no "deep sense of mortification and shame" and we doubt very much that ever the slightest tinge or indication of shame ever mounted the usual rosy cheeks of the editor of the Free Press, on account of it much less that he had any mortification of consci- ence. There is one thing certain about it, Mr. Cleveland need not have written it, at least it does not require a letter as long as President's message to decline an invitation an express regrets. President Cleveland has incurred the hostility of the Grand Army of the Re public, by a constant, unceasing and vigilant opposition to the granting of pen Since th Fidelity Bank failure we are a firmer believer than ever that there is nothing in a same. Old bonesty himself a fraaxi.

she came back from the blackberry patch 1 remove our entire stock ol and saw the child in the tub, and a J. M. HOCKEXBERRT, Plaintiff, vs. ADtUl HOCKKXBEBRT, FetllTon for Divorce. neighboring man whom sbe rat testified Defendant.

that the tub in which the child had been drowned was covered op with a cloak or garaaent, and that she could not have seen what was in the tub unless she ex amined. Her testemony showed that DWA RE she had passed by the tub and oa into the house and out at the back door, and from there she went up the road where The man who wagers his money on the republicans carrying a single southera state in 1S88 will find that Mr. Cleveland las tbe south fixed. -f-t- i The total solar eclipse will occur August 17th; will be observed by a party of distinguished Americans from a point little east of Moscow. The Workman says the article we quoted from the Atchison Champion last week, for its especial benefit, is worth preserving; It has doubtlessly pasted it in Its bat.

she met a man and told him that some PLEfVl body had drowned her baby. It looks as ldelia Hockenberry, a non-resident of the state of will take notice that she has been sued in the District court of Ossce county, state of Kansas that on the ISth day or July, A. D. I8S7, the plaintiff, J. M.

Hockenberry filed his petition in the offlce cf tbe clerk of the District court of Osege county aod state of Kansas, praying for a Decree of Divorce from tbe said Adi-Ha Hockenberry, and nuless sbe answer or demur on or berore the 1st day of November, A. D. 1887, to said plaintiff's petition filed in the clerk's offlce of said court, such petition will be taken as true and judgment rendered accordingly. J. C.

Deax. attkst: Atty for Plaintiff. C. P. F-ixn, Clerk of Distiirt Court of 0age county Kansas.

8 4. EN 13, though the suspicion resting upon her is justifiable, but her husband denies that sbe did it, acd says he does not believe her guilty. She was bound over to the next term of court in tbe sum of 93,000, and being unable to give the required bond was committed to jail on Tuesday. The trial of Frank Gould for the mur der of his wife in Burlingame on the 28th i i 5 and lief ore the removal of our P. O.

HETRICK, KOOTCS Tim. tnakes a specialty of Operative Dentistry Ottawa, Kansas. of last March, ended last Thursday, and tbe argument of counsel for and against bim closed en Friday morning and the jury went into their room to make up sions to Its members; he has vetoed a legion of pension bills; he never had Wm. H. H.

TIMM. BARBER HAIRDRESSER, Carntr 4tb md 71 pie Sta. Satisfaction Guarnted- 1 11 fil 1 III If IE ll i verdict. After being out for something like forty-eight hours they returned a verdict of murder in the second degree, the penalty of which is imprisonment in the penitentiary for a terra of years or for life. As predicted by the Republi HI any sympathy with the members of the organization, and bis every aet, in pension matters, has been to snub and insult the soldiers of the country generally and Ml I can at the time of the killing of Mrs.

cLViisruUULllJULJ 3. BUSS and TRANSFER OFFICE. With Ellis Urle. which plsce all orders will receive prompt attentioa. Quenemo, Kansas.

members of the Grand Army of the Republic In particular. It is true that the Grand Army of the Republic is not a political organization, and the meeting of the organization in its encampment is plenty of coal and natural advantages. What is needed is a utiliza tion of what we are fortunately In possession, and all we have to do is to all pu'l together and encourage any and all reliable enterprises such as those where men put money enough in them of their own to show confidence and good faith. Quenemo is not here to give bonuses and set men up in business she is not here for her health; she is here to hold out a hand of welcome to every man who means business and puts up some evidence. In this instance this gentleman shows his faith by his works and is ready to put his dollars along side of his experience and business capacity, and baa won the confidence of a number of business men.

The grounds for the erection of the building have been offered by reliable parties, and a few substastial donations are guaranteed by responsible men, and we hope enough will be held out to insure the establishment ol the factory and the erection of the build inj, which is to be of stone and not less tSan 25x80 feet. The projector of this enterprise will manufacture safes, screen doors, window sash, doors, blinds, brackets, and will employ quite a number of men. The machinery will require a 30-borse power engine, and tbe entire outfit, exclusive of the building, will cost not less than $3,000. We hope for its success, and think that it ought to receive the unanimous and substmtial encouragement of every business man in Quenemo. For particulars call on Mr.

S. F. Frazier, who is on tbe Inside, and knows all about the party and what he proposes to do. Pretty Women. All women look atttactive when their color and complexion is clear.

If your skin is sallow, eyes dull, you are blllious, secure a box of William's Australian Herb Pills, take as directed, and the feeling of languor will leave you, your eyes brighten, and you are another woman. Try them. Price 25 cts. R. J.

Parker Co. Grant Township. Superior township has been divided and a new township called Grant has been established. The new township lies west of a line running from the southeast corner of section 36 to the northeast corner of section 25, thence west to tbe northwest corner of section 26, all In township 16, range 14, thence north to tbe township line. Probably a more intelligent description to tbe ordinary reader would be to say that the line from the north runs with the Burlingame road to the corner of John Christ's place, thence east, on city boundaiy line, to the corner of Wm.

Ratb's farm, thence south to Barclay township line taking in Sam Slusser and Miller farm. We tnke it this will make an election of township officers necessary as Mr. Coate, the trustee, of old Superior lives in Grant, and the other officers in Superior. Grant is without a treasurer and a clerk and Superior without a trustee. Free Press.

not for political capital, but the citizens ii P. L. CLPUD GO'S HE 17 BUILI Gould, a plea of insanity was set np by the defendant, and we think that but for the popular prejedice against that kind of defense in murder cases, he might pes sibly have been acquitted. The evidence of the defendant was clear enough to create a doubt as to his being sane at the time he committed the act, and the in struction of the court was to the effect that he should be acquitted if there was a reasonable doubt In the minds of the of St. Louis undertook to take advantage of Us national meeting in that city, to give Cleveland a boom for renomination, and invited him to be present.

The Democracy has all atocg siade the charge that the Grand Army of tb Republic we tiesire to ay tliat from tlii time we will offer ARTHUR BASEL. UCTIOICER. Michigan Valley, Kansas. KafSales attended to in any part of the county, at reasonable prices. E.

liATCHEM. Attorney at Law. Qckxfmo, Kansas. Will practice in all state courts; give prompt and spec al attention to collections; write insurance and prepare conveyances and abstracts. jury as to his sanity at that time.

We was being used by the Republican party (or "political purposes," and now comes the Free Pres and takes np the cry. Now that the G. A. R. object to the Democracy taking advantage of their national encampment to give Mr.

Cleveland a When anything is said about President Cleveland vending a substitute during the war, the democratic papers retaliate by shouting that Blaine also sent one. There Is no similarity between the two eases. At that time Mr. Blaine was a member of congress and not subject to draft. He sent a man to the front from patriotic motives.

Mr. Cleveland wis abject to the draft, and sent his mm to avoid compulsory military service. Ft. Scott Monitor. When the business men of a town fail to advertise they diminish the importance and trade of a place and permit more enterprising localities to take it from them.

Although done for their in-dividual Interests, advertisers should be looked upon by the citizens of the town where ttey reside as public beEefactors, and they should be encouraged accordingly. The merchant who advertises extensively is worth more to a town and Ita people than forty who do not put themselves in print, and for that reasou 3ke should always be eiven the preference fa local pataonage, providing, of course, that he is a fair and honorable business man. Ex. Corn. returns from county clerks indi-eates an acreage for the State of about acres, or fifteen per cent, in excess of any former period, and while the chinch bugs have damaged the crop to a considerable extent in certain localities, the general outlook for an abundant yield never was better.

Reports show the condition to be from 100 to 150 per cent, as compared with the average for lve years. It should be bourne in mind, aowever, that It Is as yet too early to peculate very much as to the product, but should the present favorable conditions continue, it will certainly meet the expectations of the most sanguine. State Board of Agriculture. We Have succeeded at last In tracing the "JSanea liar" to his lair. Proof positive of hi is in the following, which we clip frem the El Dorado Republlan.

A crowd of lon boys went out coon Bunting last night, and the dogs treed a big fat one In Sam Hode's corn field. They sent to Sown, gxrti eross cut saw aDg some axes and- other "things', and by morning sueeeded- "downing" the stalk of corn. When It fell it billed four dogs and a pair of horses on another man's farm. The corn was longer than they counted on, or they would1 have driven the horses over to the next coun ty to get them out of way. The Knights of Labor of Illinois have declared by resolution that they are against all fosnw of arcby, tog in strong terms any ambitions leader who excites enmity in the ranks of labor.

It denounce Henry George's land theory and looks otv th practical eido of the laborer's interests. The tins is comlag boom, it seems to be the purpose of the mugwumps andDemocrats to ruin the Grand Army organization. We believe the Grand Army boy have acted purely J. C. DEAN, ATTORNEY at LAV, Offlce on Third Street, Quenemo, Kansas.

from a non-political stand point and their refusal to be uisd by the Democracy to ATP (UMIEATriLir IEinTIJ(DIEID tpmkdie, boom Cleveland is convincing proof that it is not a political organization. In taking into consideration the fact that the BARRETT HOCKENBERY. 1AIM AXO ORXA.HE.tTHi PLASTEUEHS. Cistern building a specialty. actions of the Grand Army of the Republic nationally and locally.

Individually and learn that a motion for a new trial has been made on the ground of improper conduct of some members of tbe jury during the trial of the case, and that a new trial was not granted. The motion was overrated and Gould has been sentenced to confinement and hard labor in tbe penltentitary for 20 years. Aaan Indispensable Article. Mrs. Anna Shoemaker, Marshall, Mo.

writes Ballards Snow Liniment, is tbe best article for Rheumatism and Neural-ga I bare ever ued, and for lame back it is unsurpassed. I recommend It as an indispensable article which every lady should constantly hnve at hand. Inclose please find $1 for which please send two bottles. John Swartz, a deaf and dumb Inmate of the county poor bouse, died Monday. July 4tb, aged sixty six years.

He had been on tbe farm ten years and was well known in this city and vicinity, and very popular with all acquaintances. He made frequent visits to Burlingame and had many warm friend among our citizens who were always glad of tbe opportunity to greet hira. The writer has many times taken him by the hand and looked into his kind old ftce, and never did we find him other than bright and cheerful. The poor old man was denied at birth the power of speech, but he had a remarkabyly intelligent face and kindly eyes that plainly showed they were looking out from a heart that was in tbe right place. Mr.

Swartz, though only a pauper, will be missed by those who knew him. Chronicle. collectively, are unanimously endorsed outside of the Rebel wing of the Demo KibHi. cracy, the above from the pen of a man who claims a membership in that body of honored men, comes with a very ooor grace. TO SAVE -MOVING AND HANDLING.

We Were Not IBora Tired, But it is a JJol TFo Move Hardware ft Girls are few and foil of mischelf and CITY MILLINERY STORS, The latest style goods in tbe millinery line constantly kept in Mock. Our stock is all new and of tbe best and moj-t fashionable goods the market affords. We call the special attention of the public to oar store and gas rauvee that we can give you the very best bargains aod the most handsome goods offered to the trade. We bare lately added a large stock of summer goods in the most elegant styles that can be found anywhere, and we earn, estly invite tbe ladies ot Osae coonty to call and examine onr goods and be convinced. WILLIS fMiriTT.

Corner of Fourth and Maple Streets. Qckkkmo, Kansas. whosoever is deceived by them is unwise. When a girl cheweth gum in baste The whole procedure relative to the visit of the President to St. Louis was premeditated and planned, and for what purpose? For a political purpose.

It was understood that he should be invited, that he should decline and that in the meantime he should order the rebel flags returned, and all for what purpose? To rouse the Grand Army and the south to raise the old animosities of the war and thus make the soHitn solid and his re nomination possible. AH these proposi looK tnou a ill tie out. Sbe cometh forth in the evening in her Sunday go to-meeting dads but in the raornine she boldeth In HTot -Weather down the bed while her mother doeth the Sbe siteth in view of the window when the baggy passeth and yearneth for a beau; and when he cometh she lankcth his purse be wrappeth tbe lap robe aronnd hr and ber much and ere long he pops tbe question and tions the Free Press has endorsed. It We will sell for the Next Two Weeks Hocklen'i Arnica. Salve.

The Best Salve in the world for Tnts Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever D. W7IYjUCK snejumpetn at the chance. sores, letter, Chapped Hands, Chilbialns Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positi '4Dwv of Mmplements tt coslt. Call on P. O.

Pnllnrk fnr Whlna vely cures Plies, or no pay required. It -a- He has received a fine line of the FOB JEWET "ST, CLOCKS is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction when the socialist will not get a bearing Dest uoods in tbe market. or money refunded. Price 25 cents per If you want to buy a Watch, clock or a dox. jror sale by Bodley Son.

nne goia ring at almost cost go to Cross white Hobson'a. Hampden Jrom the K. of. and when that time comes the order will command the respect of all good people. The odium of socialistic and treasonable ideas will Be cast from the order, and then the good that la in it will be appreciated by all.

Air oar Coal and Wood, Cook Stoves G-asoline Stoves 2 and 3 TDurners at $6.0 to $15 and everything in Special Sale. We will nfler special inducements In prices on Watches, Clocks and all kinds of Jewelry for the next 30 days. Ckosswhitb Hobs on. areror sale at actual cost, for Cash. Eyans and Reed Hardware Co.

proportion. even went so far as to augge at to Mr. Cleveland and his administration in its inception that Jeff Davis be enfranchised. We predict that the Grand Army of the Republic will not back water upon any position it has taken, and that it will stand the storm of all opposition nntil the last living member thereof is a silver haired, tottering old man getting a quarterly salary from bis Uncle Sam. A Sensible exchange referring to the President's letter says: The office of President is entitled to respect, and the incumbent ought to be bo treated as long as his conduct is net so flagrantly outrageous as to make it necessary to draw a line between the offlce and the man.

It would have been much better, as the matter looks to ns, ir no official action had been taken by the G. A. R. of a personally unfriendly character towards the President. But after having done so, it would have been better for tbe President to keep bis promise A 5 cent bottle of Bodley's Royal Machine Oil at from 18 cents to 91,00 per gallon at Evans avd Reed's.

oiuing is worm auuoie any iy cent bottle of slop in the market. Tfee President's Letter. The President's letter, which we print "We will make some very low prices from now until we move. "We have the largest stock of Hardware in Osage county and i it a -i-i 1 -ST -3 to day, explaining wny ne ua iijiiuuluw vi. ifonrtori wUit to Sl Louia on the oc- TUT NBY 1ST JH Ill easion of the National Encampment cz ON IMPROVTiinir A WMR can mane prices xnax win jusxiiy your coming xuiig way a to with us.

in order to srive vou an idea of what we carry we enu- the Grand Army or tne itepuutic, win nu doubt, be read by everybody who ever And. we no doubt be- mfirn t.R thfi followiner: Iron and Steel. Barbed and Plain Fence wire Stock Chain and Iron pumps. Wagon and Carriage Woodwork, LOWEST EATES! ANNUAL INTEREST! Borrower Can Select bis Own Time in the Year to Pay Annual Interest, and it is PAID in Quenemo. SEE ME BEFORE YOU MARE A LOAN.

ABSTBACTS FUllNISIIED AT THE ll.VDAL PRICE C. LATCH EM, Quenemo, Kansas. EB Meve it will be read by any one who will But experience a deep sense of mortification and shame that the President of the United States has been obliged to write Screen Doors and windows, Stoves wood, coal ana gasoline. Manu-f anturera of Tin. Conner and Sheet-iron ware, we do roofine: and or withdraw it privately.

The dignity of all kinds of tin-work in the country at low rates. Our stock of such a letter. Tne men wno are responsible for having placed the old soldiers ik. An th attitude of obieetlnc if ra Wl to the President's visit to St. Louis, have ATCHES Bot only brought disgrace upon tne nf ihn Itonuhllc.

but thev -5L 17JLXJ THE ST. LOUIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE wiH be sent from now' until tbe Srst of January, 1888, to any person who has not heretofore and is not now receiv- Cfiaiiu ji have brought disgrace upon the whole Paints, Oils, Varnishes is complete. Remember that we carry the McCormick Mowers and Twine Binders. We have the best Hay Rake In the Market, And machine repairs might also be mentioned. Yes and we forgot to mention our Table and Pocket Cutlery, Shears.

IU lb, JUT MIC UUKJinUl BUIU Ul Repairing done on short notice eountry in tne eyes i iuc emmcu rk. a va nt nnlv done this, but thev so bis bigb offlce forbids bis coming before tbe people in a letter like this so purely personal. A judge never defends himself in open letters against unfriendly criticism of his official conduct. The President of the United States la at the head of the nation; he is a kind of impersonal personality be ought to leave bis official acts to speak for themselves. If be had friends enough to elect him, be surely has enough left to defend him, and to present his ide of every case.

It would have been an easy matter to handle this thing decorously on tbe President's part witbont bringing his personal feelings before the world like an ordinary political! during bis candidacy for office. 0r: -50- have done the republican party more Barm than anything that has happened RHODE This is to introduce the ADVOCATE with the hope that such persons will ba come regular subscribers. LOGAN D. DAMERON; Manager, 913 Pine St. St.

Louis, Mo. subscriptions received at Republican Office. i DF.AI KR8 IS Ince the war The Grand Army of the Republic Is sot a political, orgalzatloo. It Is com- nflA ITntnn antdiarfl of AVerV DOli- Weal faith, and one of Its principal ten H.t it. all 11 ha keot free from partisan influences.

Yet, by the extreme radical and cry utterances of Generals Palrchikl and Tuttle and other men of EVANS REED HARDWARE CO. Tallow, Jess note, who aws amea to me rna Army for political purposes only. It has leen placed In the posK Ion. of threatening rlth. ruiM1r iosQits and The Verdict Unaulmeai.

W. D. Suit, druggist, Blppns, testifies 'I can recommend Electric Bi-ters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every ease. One man took six bottles, and was cured of rheumatism of 10 years standing." "Abraham Rare, druggists, BellvlUe, affirms- "The best eelllng medicine I have ever handled" in my 29 rears espe- We keep constantly on hand tVs best of feodily harm if ha ahonid be present at w.tlAn.l Tnn-iirinrrwnt- It is a false RED FRONT BAKERY, MRS.

R. A. BAKER, Prop. Fresh Bread, Buns, Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Confectionaries of all kinds. THE PLACE TO GET A FIRST-CLASS MEAL.

Transient Custom Solicited. by the day or week at reasonable rates. EAST SIDE 3t STREET, QUENEMO, KANSAS KAMSAS meats the market affords, asd guarantee satisfaction to ai cer. avwmw nosltlon and one the the old soldiers of tkn m-4 Ice delivered to- a ay part of the city fre neaee. la Electric Bitters." Thousand the conwtry, -ao cwraiwu file of the Union' Armies, and bore the brunt ot the great war for the-restor.

k. rrninn have no nvmsatav Withe of eaare Give ns a ealf SFECHT. the presentation ot each- a speetaeie te of other have added their testimony, so trat the verdict i soanimoos that Electric Bitters do care all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a Balf dollar a bottle at Bodley Son." th world was neccossnry, oa B.u.n4ei thousand old Union aoldlers.

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