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The Osage County Sentinel from Quenemo, Kansas • 2

The Osage County Sentinel from Quenemo, Kansas • 2

Quenemo, Kansas
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I county on the west side, we can have it J. C. DEAN, Notary Public. C. E.


1 viX ean Latchem All I.YMfV-U 3 a '-srm a QUENEMO, FEUIUARY, 10, 1887. A railroad wreck oeeuretl on tha Jnst. on the Vermont Central rfTiirom in wlucti over forty persons were kilie aud many maimed and crippled. Wm sale eocchumgel here, on the east side. Burliugaine, with an extension of the Vianattan and Alma railroad ta Qiienaino, vill say "instead of bringing the couuty i-at nine miles nearer to us, we'll send it ne nv'es further away." Wait until icnenii) grows.

Let the old "hen" cluck 1 cackle, but dou'i let her hatch thU Sun. There are plenty of "unimpaired memories" iu this couuty just now. Lyndon as one, too. and Osage City will feel the i-flYct of it some time in a way that she will not like, while Quene-mo will find her friendliest friends in Bnrlmgame and Lyndon. Let the "old hen" cackle, she may hatch railroad eggs in the country behiud the rocTts and among the hills, but she will exhaust her powers on county seat chickens.

The unusual sight of snow iu Francisco was again ween last Saturday. It suddenly ceased rain i iijs during the uiht and began syiowing. Five inches of snuiv, are reported. LAND, LOAN AND INSURANCE AGENTS! Improved Kansas farms, choice crazing land and fine stoclt ranches in tract to The Chicago Mad is edited by -x ot master General ilton and Clinton A. Snowden.

They have made it a magnificent daily for the busy reader, and their latent stroKe of enterprise was in reducing the price of the daily Mail to $2 20 per annum. suit purchaser and ranging in price from 10,00 to $60,00 per acre. City property ror sale, trade or rent. Money to Loan at a low rate of interest. We represent tbe most reliable Insur Do you wan to buy a farm? Do'you want to buy a business house, or a business lot in Quenemo? Do you want to buy choice city lots at a bargain and easy terms? Do you want to trade your farm for city property in Quenemo? Do you want ot trade your city property for a farm? Do you want 1,2 or 5 acre tracts near Quenemo? If you do, do not fail to see ance companies.

Abstracts rurmsned on short notice. Any information concerning' lands or city property furnished on application. If yon want lo sell yoir farm, or city property, call arnJ see u. If yoa want to W. W.

PRICE, ATTOHS Real Estate and Loan Broker. Cor. Third aud Sycamore St. 4aenemo, Kansas. )BAN LiATCHEM- W.

Quenemo. Kansas. gggWill practice in the District and Supreme Courts, of the State. Prompt attention given to collection and conveyancing paying taxes for non-residents and abstracting titles. Cobkespoh- DKNCE SOIICITED.

WESLEY WEST, STOKE aud RRICK MASOS "Will furnish material or otherwise, to suit parties and do first-class work at lowest living rates. Qcenemo, Kansas P. o. itooms No. 4- makes a specialty of Operative Dentistry Ottawa, Kansas.

D. A.GIBSON. HI. 1CKSMITII. General smithing promptly and well done.

Give me a call. Cor. Sycanore and Fourth St. E. R.

LOT, BOOT and SHOETO AK.ER. Republican Office, Quenemo, Kan. I am ready to do all kinds and styles of sewed or pegged work at reasonable prices. Repairing promptly done. HggFine work a specialty.

buy a farm or city property, or town lots, cail in and see ns. Get our prices and convinced that this is the place you are looking for. Tt: cocntv scat qcksiios. It is suggested that Brother Admire traded his vote for speaker for Ids appointment on the committee on county seats and county lines. It is evident that be is more deeply interested in kicking up row in this county than any other legis lative proposition.

And right here if tin fijiht must be fought over aud over agaii in Oaage County, and is never to ceas until the ptople have good sense enougi to build county buildings and stop therov why not locate it at the east side of the county, at Queue If the most centra location is not the best and fairest for the taxpayers of the county, and it is to be a "bone of coutention" forever, let us change it from one town to another until we dub every town iu the county. "count-ty seat" aud when we get around we'll ship it over the Missouri Pacific raiiioad to Admire City and be done wilh it. Qukxemo Republican. The above is a candid statement of the county seat question from a Quenemo stand point and expresses also the feeling in other localities in Osage County. If the connty seat is agaiu to be placed on wheels seyeral towns in tbe county will as of old, endeavor to secure it.

And then will be renewed the same old fight which for so many years not only cost thicouuty many thousands of dollars but. engendered the most bitter prejudices and hatred among our people. The old quarrel was also outrageously disgraceful. We do not need to detail tbe elect ion proeeediugs of that period iu our history. Every citizen who lived in the county at that time is familiar with the schemes inaugurated and fraud practised by the various localities in their efforts to secure and retain the county seat.

It was a disgrace which clung to us for years, aud hardiy a citizen of the county but has been called upon time aud agaiu to apologize for it. Osage countv cannot, therefore, afford to renew the county seat struggle just to aceomniodate Osage City. Our people, outside of Osage City, are satisfied with Lyndou for a permanent location for the county seat. Lyudou is the most ceutral point iu the county and now that the town has a railroad so that it is accessible to our citizens from every part of the couuty there is no reason for relocating the county seat. Burlingame Chronicle.

Office on third street, Quenemo, Kansas. Admire's county seat bdl will not bu passed this session. No one is asking for a removal of the cubiiCj seat of this couuty at present, nor are they mixiou-for any agitation of that question. Admire hen has too many eggs under her now. Burlingnme Independent.

CITY LOTS. No. 1 lot 45, on 4ih street, 50x150 fret in the orisinal town site. Price 100. No.

2 Lot 43, ou 4th street, f0xl50 feet, in the original to an site. Price. $100. No. 3 Lot 41, on 4th street, 50x150 feet, in the original town site.

Price. 9100. jNo. 4 Lots 1, 3, 5. 7, 9, 11, 13.

15, 17, 19, i 21, 23, 25. 27, 29, 31, 33 and 35. on 6th street, in block Xo. 1. Clon.i'a addition The Emporia uly Republican fayors the establishment of a postal telegraph by the Governmeut.

We have always becu in favor of like propositions. The government ought to run and contrjl hi telegraph and railroad system of the limited States In the interests of the people and every form of monopoly should be checked in i's reckless robbery of Price, 850.00 each. No. 5 Three lots on 2d street, 50x150 feet, $65,00 each. These lots are cheap at $100 each.

No. 6 Lot 25x150 feet on 3d street, just onnosite Post Office, best business lo- At the Bank or Post Office, PiCOFFKSSIONS AN I liAUES The newspaper men of Osage county come uuder the following classifications so far as a profession or trade is concerned The editor of this paper is a printer by trade, and began his apprentice life at $1.25 a month, board and washing, the latter consisting of two calico shirts and a turkey-red handkerchief. J.V. Admire, of the Free Press, is a lawyer, incubator, and politician; also a member of the methodist church and House of Commons. W.

Rilea, of the Melvern Record is a printer, an editor and a member of a respectable church. Rilca is good looking and a clever fellow. Nswt McDonald is neither lawyer, pol itian or fool; has never offered his lettci to anj' church nor bet on a horse race. He is au editor, that's what Newt McDonald is, and he aiu't good for anything else. W.

A. Madaris, of the Journal, is a lawyer, railroader and politician; and belongs to the Big church. Religiously a good ft How. Rueb Playford is a lawyer and nstonish-er, a member of Madaris' church, and a parolyzer from awav-back. He writes aud prints what be wants to.

Rneb is also a good fellow, aud betteri looking than the picture representing hiin at the head of his paper. Messrs Corning aud Vroom an, of the Workman, are both lawyers, and politicians; friendly and social men, and if they are members of any church we do no', know it; they say and print whatthey think and ask no odds of anybody. Miles Biaine, of the Kansas People is a "natural born" editor, and his associate. Mr. E.

Mills, is a real estate agent, politi- ration in town. Price. 450 00. Nc. 7 Two lots on Maple street, 50x150 fine business location.

If sold soon, will take 175.00 each. No. 8 Lot on 3d street jast north of S. A. Brown's lumber yard, 50x150 feet, The Capital refering to General Brad ford's efforts at Leavenworth says Mr.

Bradford deserves and will receive much eredit for his manly and deliberate course in this matter. Many a man haviug met as many offensive obstacles as he has would be discouraged; but he goes long q'lietly and resolutely doing the work givrn him To his courage and persistence is due in large measure the good indications now seen lu FIE AZEEffll mWM. BLACK DIAMOND C(UL A I LIME WORKS Lime, 20 cts per bushel. Coal 9 cts per bushel. First-class coal.

One mile east and two miles south Quenemo. W. good business location. Price, $300. No.

9 Lot 41, 50x150 feet, on 3d street near Presbyterian church. Price, This is a fine residence location. No 10 Lot 50x150 feet, on 3d 6treet, in Logan's addition good business location. Price, 8175.00. No.

11 We have lots No. 1, 3. 6. 7. 9, 11.

13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23. 25, 27, 23, 81, ZA and 35 facing 8lh street in Cloud's new addition. Tbee are the most beautiful residence locations iu the city of Quen emo. Doth time and price to suit purchaser. We also have lots no 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22.

24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 and SG, lacing 7th street, in Cloud's addition. Those wishing to purchase residence lots in the city of oo You may alwavs find us with a complete stock and ready to We took our departure for Quenemo on the 27ih ult. On the train we had the pleasure of meeting our old brother Oli- furnish the best goods for the least money of any house in Kansas, we will always strive to merit a generous patron vcter James Jesse, who was on his wav to Kansas City with a car load of age from all people tributary to Quenemo. Quenemo, Kans. The Kansns People, by Messrs Blain and Mills, has been received.

Its "tone'' is about the same as it was mider the name of 0age County Democrat, and there ppems to be no particular or nolic-able difference in the paper, except the title. However, it is neat, readable and newsy. Its managers are men of ability, and will doubtless make it a success. The Rfpubi.icax extends its best in that direction. togs.

oo Tbe route between Melvern and Quene J. c. ARnvrnoNG, DEALER IN Fine Watches and Diamonds 171 a in Street, Ottawa, Kas. Quenemo, will find it to their interest mo Is quite romantic, now crossing an open flat, at times running along the river I cian and ex-i cgisler of deeds. We are bank with timber on the right and on the left, ajjain crossing the river.

While in vvatcn ana clock repairing clone on told that they are members of the church. short notice. All work warranted. rown Coo John E. Rastall, of the Burlingame In the distance, on both sides, are hills dependent, is a printer and editor, au ex respi ctaole dimensions.

On arriving at member of the legislature, politician, pro J. A. SEVERSCN, M. D. PH1SICIAM AND SURGEON Quenemo we made it onr first business to procure lodings, which we did at the hibitionist and member of the church.

He has opinions that aie original and is nev Office at residence, Fouth Skinner house. The present hostess, Mrs. H. A. Snyder manages the house so admirably that those who once become her guests are sure to patronize her house between Cedar and Popu to call and examine these lots and get our prices.

No. 12 Lots 86, 88 and 90 on First street lots 50x150. This is one of the finest residence location in the eastern part of town. Price, $100 00 each. HOUSES AND LOTS.

No. 1 Business houxe and lot on 3d street, lot 50x150 feet bouse 24x24 grood as new and in the center of city. Price, 81,300.00, one-half down, remainder on long time. This is a bargain. No.

2 House and lot on 3d street; lot 50x150 new frame honse, good out building, fine garden spot. Price, 8600, one-half down, remainder on long lime. No. 3 nouse and 2 los, 50x150 feet, on 2d street good Jrarae boue, 4 rooms, good well of water, good out buildings, good paling fencr. Trice, 81,000 00, one half down, remainder on long time.

er afraid to express them. 'I'll AT CISCI'LAU. The "mail service," which is to be put on the K. N. nnd D.

Railroad to day is that v. hich is known as "express service, says the Topeka Commonwealth, and there will be no postal cars or but pouches will be made between or at each office and tboy will be handled by ihebitggage men. It says that is better than nothing, bi't if any of the eastern or southern states had a road a 100 miles in operation, there would have been postal cars and postal clerks- AND CEMENT LUMBER, LIME, SAND whenever in Quenemo. lar. Quenemo, Kansas Your corrsepondent had the pleasure A circular, dated at Topeka, signed by of meeting the following subscribers of of the Free Press during his visit to the C.

S. Martin, W. L. Smith, A. II.

Howard, lius Burkland, S. Maishall, J. B. Weber, town: Messrs, Crum, Ingersoll Co, GEO. ROGERS, Dealer i si dealers in general merchandise, carry S.

L. Myers, H. B. Hugbbanks, C. Stack a large stock ot goods aud are doing constantly on hand.

We would be glad to quote yen prices before you purchase house audO. Jones, all of which genttle- good business. Marshall, Hart elsewhere. Yard, South lhird btreet, School Stationery and men are of Osage City, has bceu received general merchandise, also carrying a fine stock of goods, business nourishing. D.

ijancy Articles. Post Office Building. at this office, marked exhibit aud du ly filed for record. KANSAS. K.

Cloud, dealer in hardware, proprietor QUENEMO, i one of the best establishments of the Quenemo, Kansas. The purport of this circular is to make kind iu tbe county. J. S. Cloud, capital public certain statements alleged to have ist, formtr'v banker.

Geo. Rogers, ef iwsss s. e. niri cihson, beeu made by Judge Blake of Lyndon, ficient postmaster. Messrs.

Deau Lat- FASHIONABLE MILLINERY, cbem, attorneys-at law, land, loan and in surancc agents. These gentlemen recent and G. W. Doty, of Burlingame, before the committee on county seats and county FEED MaBRIDE, ly came to Kansas from Indiana. Mr.

The Emporia Republican The Wichita Beacon does not like the Republican's positiou on the postal telegraph bill Would the Beaton advocate taking the postal mail ervije out of ie Lands of the goverinent aud giving it to a private corporation? And yet the principle is the fame. The mail bag and the telegraph wire are both simply vehicles for conveying messages, the principal difference being that the one, under government management, utilized by the whole people at triflin; cost, while the other, under corporate control, is virtually out of reach of the masses by reason of extort tionaie chargf s. lines. Notions, Fancy Goods, Zephers, Etc. No.

77 Main Street, Ottawa Deau comicg from Kokomo July last and HOUSE SIC3-3ST Mr. Latcncm from Wabash last Septem This document sliows beyond question ber. 1 uev are energetic ana will no the biueruess and bad feeling which this doubt ratike their mark in this state. PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE O. A.

ARNOLD, Prop T. wagon maker, came county may expect to be created between men who would otherwise be friends and from Iowa to Kansas in i860; located in neighbors indicates the impending war Quenemo in 18S2. Is doing a good bust No. 4 House and 2 lots, 50x150 on 3d street, new frame house 20x24 4 rooms good well of water good out buildinss-Price, $750 00, i cash remainder on long time. No.

5 House and lot on 4th stiet, large new frame house good stable, ood out buildines of all kinds good well of water flue garden spot stuail fruit of all kindd nice bhade trees. Price $600 00 one-half down, balance on time to snit purchaser. No. 6 House and lot No. 50 on 21 street, 50x150 feet good frame house, 4 rooms and pantry, good well of water, lot well fenced, fine garden place.

Price, 8500,00. one-half down, remainder on long time. No. 7 House and three lot. on 2d street large fram hou.e of six rooms, good well of water, good barn and ail other out buildings.

This is one of the finest residences in the city. Price, $2,000, 8800.00 dowu, remainder on terms to suit purchaser. No. 8 A bargain. Good house and two Everything comfortable and convenient to business.

Come between the most vindictive and relentless uess. We aho had the pleasure of meeting Major Wiley and J. C. Rankin, names too well known to need further mention. localities in Osage county aud their respective friends, and one which might AND S.ljSOTva i Ti 1 re done on short notice.

Estimates made on all work in my line. and see for yourself. 3d St. Opp. Post Office, Quenemo, Kan Mrs, II.

M. Crum, Robert Neil, esq J. B. possibly resnlt in blood-shed and disgrace, ileud3', A. B.

Wire, N. Young, W. Washburn and G. as well as the destruction of property. W.

Logan, esq. Messrs. Washburn and IT! KJi. m. A.

WHITE, It is not uecessary to print this effussion Logan rauk among the old timers. Mr. TgMy Motto is Live and let Liveeg5r in the columns of th Republican we Millinery and Fancy Goods, Shop in the Mathews building up stairs. Leave orders --v 1 1 11 XA Logan informed us that he located on the present site of Quenemo twenty eight years ago, and that from the first he foresaid that Quenemo tvould be a prominent Ottawa, Kansas, never had any faith iu them, and always regarded such circulars at attempt to blackmail somebody. The at tne city urug Otore ana tney win recieve prompt, auenuon Satisfaction guarranteed.

Quenemo, Kansas. Our line is fresh and alwavs full. Our railroad ceuter. obtained much yal- public generally re gard them in this way, uable information from both of these new styles of beaded bonnets are superb, Trimming of every kind done. Feathers, lots on 3d street, house 24x30 feet good top II nf water, stable, coalhouse.

smoke gentlemen. We called at the Republican lowers, etc at a Dargaiu. If the board of trt de would invest some money iu Qucnemo newspapers, say 100 copies of each for t. year aud mail them for three months to 200 readers east, then change tbe list to another set of names and send to them for three mouths more and so on for the balance of the year, it would give a circulation of 800 hundred papers for the yea which would be read by at least four or five thousand people, and would be a mos', excellent plan for advertising Quenemo. Osage County Republican.

The Woikman heartily endorses the above from om esteemed contemporary aud notes with great pleasure the spirit manifested under the new management eoaipared with that of theold administration Kansas Workman. and also that they are employed by those who intend to misrepresent and deceive. Such men as those whose names are sign and Workman offices. We were, however, out of Iuck in not finding the editor of the Republican at -Do know that- EUBASTKS MEERY WEATHER. PLASTERERS ed to this circular, would not have issued such a document on any other kind of a home, but were fortunate enough to find our oid genial friend, Mr.

Corning, in his office, who invited Us to attend a meeting UT1 EM of a propsition; they have got the connty tSfirEstimates in any line seat fever and are just ready to excite the solicited and cheertully given of the Quenemo Board of Trade which was then in session. We found tbe board to consist of very intelligent business men, The location of an Iron and brass foundry was the order of the day, the GENERAL BLACKSMITHS AND MACHINISTS tor the country or city. Quenemo, Kansas. bitterest strife possibie. The means they have employed are the same as those em-employed in all such extrcmeties.

Their circular is a tlirect appeal to the vicious passions of the miners of this county and us such deserves the condemnation of all good citizens. board being unanimously in favor of do nating 3.000 to a 810,000 or $12,000 en terprise. Ii the project is successful No. 4 Farm of 80 acres 2J miles southwest of town, good frame bouse 20x20, new. Good new barn 16x24 feet, corn crib and shed room, two good wells of water; young orchard, 45 acres under cultivation, 35 acres good pastsre laud.

Price, $2,000.00 one half down, remainder on long No. 6 A splendid farm of 712 acres on west Appanoose creek whica runs through place, 60 acres of good young timber, 400 acres of good bottom land, bottom slopes are in cultivation, well watered bv creek and eight or ten good wells, dwelling, 18x36 feet with 26x26 feet, two S'ories high, cellar 16x36, small tenant bouse, good barn and 500 bearing apple trees, 25 bear, ing pear trees, lots of cherries, peaches 8Dd small fruits, 200 rods of itone and 600 rods of hedge fence, 1050 rods of stone and barb wire fence. 320 rods of worm rail fence. Price, $35.00 per acre.

Terms easy. We are ready at all times to do anything in our line KESTER, M. D. There is only one successful way to boons a town and that is for its busiuess two or three hundred inhabitants w'll be t.hft hfist, stvlfi and at fair trices. Horseshoing and Machine PSiysio-IOedical Physician, Quenemo, Kansas.

rfmairino rpcmvft sne.cial attention. Ave have a good lathe Chronic and Female Disea immediately added to Quenemo, including the operatives and their famlies. These gentlemen showed their wisdom iu Qto use their own language) not despising the day of small things comparative THE l.Ht.M)t;si' PBODiCT OF fordoing iron turning and fitting and can save you an extensive trip away when you want such work done. ses a Specialty. No night ly speaking in this case.

calls, will receive attention. Shop on 3d St. near Santa liita, quenemo, ivansas. Quenemo is snugly located in the Marias desCygne valley just above the junction W. CHINNETH, with One Hundred and Ten creek.

The town is protected en the west, north and east, by hills, from the cold winds of Win FliEST.CLASS BARBEIt. Shop on west side of Third er, while the south winds, which are so essential in summer, have free access- here is an abundant supply of good wat street. Palace Barber Shop, H. J. HACKETT, Proprietor.

er, and the locality is said to be a re markably healthy one. Quenemo, Kansas. CROSSWHITE HOBSON, DEALERS IN FINE JEWELRY, Solid Gold and Silver Watches, Clocks, Perfumery, Fine Toilet All lines of business are fully repre sented. The flour mill is one of the best J. A.

COCHAN.R in the state; is a full roller mill, aud is 5 Kip-Shop indicated by that large illuminated Pole, east side Third near corner of Maple QUENEMO, KANSAS. dm WATCH fitted up throughout with new machinery of the latest paterns, and turns out a very ITIAKKtt, excellent quality of flour. The town aud Articles, and Kansa Quenemo, surrounding country is under laid by Repairing atches. clocks WALL PAPER! three veins of coal, one of which is said to be five feet in thickness. The surface vein, which is form 24 to 31 inches in thickness, is the only one mined fiye different drifts beiug now operated.

and jewelry a specialty. Pat ronize home. An endless variety, consisting of Plush Goods.Albums. Perfum DEALERS IN ZElfom.oQjB, JSc3.caLXos, wnlps Quenemo has four railroads: The ery Stands, Jewel Cases, etc. Kaiii-as, Nebraska Dakota, extended from Topeka to Ft.

Scott; the Southern A Complete line of Patent Medicines. Prescriptions carefully and everything usually kept iu a first-cJrss Harness Store. All orders filled on Kansas, from Kansas City to Emporia; meu to regularly, persistently and thoroughly inform the public what they have to offer and get tiie attention of the people directed to them and their town and this must be done by occupying an advertising space tqual iu porportiou to the financial size of the firm it represents. It is a conceded fact that a large, well-displayed advertisement carries with it the idea the firm is a solid one, and the very first impression created by it is "thats a big firm tbey have a big stock you can get a bargain there;" and nine times out ten it will be named or receornmended to a neighbor xho never saw its "big ad." When you go to Kansas City and conclude to make a purchase who do go to? To obscure dealer? No! You go to the largest establishment in the line of your purchase, and your judgement is based upon an advertisement. The same rule applies everywhere.

Mr. Admire, representative from Osage county, is wording hard for ids constituents in the county seat matter. Osage City is bound to be the county seat of this countv, and there Is no use kicking about it. Lebo Light. Easy, Bro.

Wright, there are other portions of the county, that doubtless desire to be consulteJ in regard to the future lo-cation of the county seat, We know of no particular advantage held by Osage City over that of Lyndon the present county seat. Kansas Workman. Our contemporary is evidently level-beaded and sensible upon this subject. Qoenemo people regard the importunity of this question as a detriment to her eomraerial interests. To urge it at this time will stop emigration and investment in this county everywhere, and we will be effected by it more than anyother locality.

Now is not the time wait -until our recent fortunate accessions in the way of railroads and the business men of capital that came with them, and those that are yet to come, have time to devel-our town and attract the attention of the county to the importance of Quenemo. and ioslead cone ntratiog the capital. sdU commercial and political power of the compounded, day or night. short notice. Kepainng aone prompiiy sau nun guaiuunu.

tut; The grandest product of the farm is not large crops of wheat, corn or other grain: nor is it the herds of stock, nor the pounds of butter it is the boys and gbls. In nearly every avenue of life where thrift, capacity and energy are required, the man who pushes to the front is the son of the farmer. He has the intelligence aud there is a large element of broad common sense iu his he has a constitution That "can endure labor and the trials of life. It is a notable fact that in our colleges the best studeuts are the boys from the farms. In the workshops, in the hall of legislation, at the bar, on the forum, in the pujpit, nienty-inne one.

hundredths of the men who stand upon the summit were once boys on the farm. Iu youth they, perhaps, went bare foot ed, wore patched clothes and worked their way up to an education, but they got there! while the city boys are fooling wilh' the most frivolous things in life the country boy is working, struggling towards the practical, useful ends of life and oftea brings up uu the summit of fame, in the halls of the legislature or of congress, in tbe pulpit, at the bar, or iu the merchant' counting room. The stamina wit which he is endowed bv inheritance is husbanded aud develope in and by his surrounding in early life, and his early manhood is of the stoutest and most enduring. Indeed the most successful men found in any and every walk of life were b'jrn aud reared on the farm or under similar conditions and though thev adorn every walk of life and prove the most eucce ssful of men, the pity is they do not slick to the farm; and we confidently believe, aud our belief is based upon a long life of contact with such men, that the majority of theni at the Chicago, Kansas Western, which will soon form a coutinous line from GITY MILUNEUY STORE, in RS. T.

PUCETT, East side 3d Street, Quesemo, Kan. A full line of choice millin QUENEMO, KANSAS. Quenemo. Kaniti. East Third Street, Osage city to St Louis, and the Missouri Pacific, winch extends from St Louis to Ntss LMtv, Kansas.

One who is acquaint ed with the history ol this county is filled ery constantly on hand. Fancy articles, ribbons, flowers with astonishment in beholding this wonderful development, which soems to 0 ROLLER IMLS have been the resuh of magic The Missouri Pacific the Kansas Nebraska Da and trimming goods. Fine InlTY TABLES. kota, and the Chicago, Kansas Western were at) constructed in 188o. The South Saxony yarns.

The latest styles of ladies and childrens ern Kansas alone dating back as far as 1883. 3t.l.3LOJ3 four oT fioixri For mary years prior to 1870 Qaenerao hats. wos an Indian agency. Is it not tit that the head quarters, so to speak, of savagfs Props. should become a centre of railway, the great engine of modern Dresrress, that old F.

M. HOUSE, SIGN and CARRIAGE Good horses, fine carriage and erood buggies, in fact barbarism should be replaced by new civ- PATENT, CYCLONE, LOW GRADE AND OSAGE il'zatiou? Sarins will, no doubt bring with it a build- everything pertaining to a first-class livery stable. Jr'AlJNTiiiR. Graining and decorative rig boom for Quenemo. At ten or twelve substantial and large stone buildings will bo circled.

Some estimate the paperhanging a specialty. All work warranted. number twenty. CsU nn us whp.n vnn want a jrood riff and we will suit in On Saturday, the 29c we boarded My motto is: "Honest work the 11a. m.

tvaiu on the C. K. on Uniformity of grade satisfaction guarranteed. QUENEMO MILLING CO. accommodations and in prices.

Transient horses and team, cared for carefully and at reasonable rates. at reasonable figures." Leave which we root onr fellow townsman Bai-Iry, and soon were whirling hill and orders at Quenemo Drugstore. the end of life regret they ever departed! dale" for Osage City. from it. Leavenworth Times.

Kan 838 -Correspondent Osage City Free Press. Quenemo, Qu.enomo,.

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