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The Wetmore Spectator from Wetmore, Kansas • 1

The Wetmore Spectator from Wetmore, Kansas • 1

Wetmore, Kansas
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1-, -riS PEGTATOR. EM AHA No, 10 FEB, 2, 1904 WETAfORE, NEMAHA COUNTY, KAN. FRIDAY Vol. i2 IJiVEMlOJi OF BEEFSTEAK, PHNHMR SCOUTING. Beefsteak, like most other good things was discovered entirely ac THE T1USS-8IBERUH RAILROAD.

Kusiia's transportation problem in Siberia is one that intereots the people generally now. The dis-tauce by rail from Moscow to Via- two drums, made by stretching wild board' bides over a hollow log. Cocoa-nut shells tilled wltb pebbles add additional harmony to tbe music of the tom-toms. A description of this dance cannot be adequate. It must bo seen to be appreciated.

Just imagine about 100 cident, says the Chicago Tribune U.S. 8. "ATLANTA." Porto Ucllo, Puna mu, January 29, 100J. from last week,) The first two days of our march we It appears that Lucius Plaucus bite witoout investigating the matter at all. So far no United States, senator has been "retained" to dc-fend them "in tha t-t -te courts.

Scott county has all its state taxes fully paid up. Four yearn, ago this county was ten joars bo-hind with its taxes. The World's Fair management Roman of rank, of was ordered by the Emperor Trajan for some of contortionists working overtime until hey can almost swim In their sweat and fense to act as one of the menia you have An idea of a native dance here. divoslock ot 5,800 miles, and to Port Arthur about 5,500 miles. Fast traius cover the distance, in from 16 to 20 days.

From Harbin to Port Arthur it is 20 miles. Mr. Chase S. Osborn, for many sacriticers to Jupiter; he resisted, This dance in question lasted all nigbt. wen- not permitted tbe (tight of it human face save those of our own party.

At tbe end of tbe tblrd day we emerged from tbe jungles on tbe count line at the village of Nombre Di Dios. (Translated: In tbe Name of God.) Tbe village like all in Panama is of tbatcbud huts. Tbe but was at length dragged to the Every once in a while you would hear has given to the Abilena water, one of our boys roll over and mumble that be wished those tom-toms were In alter. There the fragments of the were laid upon the fire and the un- which is pumped out of wells northwest of Abilene, anex- Dauee. (Or the same sentiment ir not fortunate senator was forcibly com roof is tnude to turn water.

Tbe sides yeai'B commissioner of railroads for Michigan, who has just returned to the United States after an ..1 U-. insive privilege for tho grounds. are but a succession of slender sticks. to tarn them. In the pro- No attempt Is made to close tbe spaces It will be the ouly cathartic water sold on the grounds.

between these sticks. AH rains come Bias Indian country at the ehd of tbe cess (f roasting one of the slices second day's march out of Nombre dl fell off the coals end waa caught extensive trip through Siberia, has an interesting article in Collier's THIS IS THE 29IB YEAR that I lmvB with persistent effort brouIit to tie attention of tlie consumers of this locality the fiict thut GOOD GOODS ARE THE CHEAPEST. An nruiy of satisfied customers have testified ami nre testifying to its truth. goods and cheap methods in business flash like a limn Jght for a time. But a mercantile campaign for a of a century can be successfully waged only upon the straight forward establishment of strong Bnd reliable Hues of goods, sold at a uniformly fair profit, affording satisfaction to the consumer and Hiring to.

the merchant. During the coming season the same high standard will be preserved, and on account of the firm tone of the market in mauy lines, prices will boa little stronger, but not serioubly advanced. Naturally in a business of this magnitude broken Hues occur, and among them you can find the rarest bargains, because, while the PRICK is cut in HALF, the (QUALITY is still in them. I want your patronage and I will try by upright mercantile. methods to deserve it.

Dios; Here wo got our lUst glimpse of by plaucus in its fall. It burned About a month, ago John A. Shields, an Ottawa University straight down how satluit. there Is really jio necessity for such a waste of tnaT-enul anjhow. iipsl ps It makes an Ideal venllluilt.g system.

The natives uil seem to enjoy good health. Pigs, chickens and dogs are. the accessories to every homestead down here. A common seoiie on every doorstep is pigs, a bunch of Panama soldiers. Tbe mar-jjjid fingers and he instinctively vet of every American ho sees a bunch thrugt hia Dlouth) In of these soldiers is how It is poesiblo to1 make an effective lighting force out of, tljat foment he had made the such kids.

The average age ol tbe sold- grand discovery that the taste of a student eighteen years old, broke thd world's record for rapid typewriting bv wtiting 218 words in a Weekly on this subject. According to Mr. Osborn a fast train, so called, departs from Moscow once a week, and a slow train once a day. The fest train makes the run from Moscow to Viadivo-stock, a distance of 7,979 vc-rsts. iers we saw cannot exceed fourteen slice, thus carbonadoed, was infin minute.

More recently Mr. Shield wrote 2-'2 words in a minute, and years, Kul it is said tDat mey ngni like a titrer at basr. They lack A man's dogs, chickens and kids bunched up together pr.joyinir an afternoon nap. All itely beyond all tho sodden cook' ery of Rome. A now expedient to save his dig this when handicapped by work in 18 days, if it hua good luck, and to Port Arthur, 731 versts further, bead on their shoulders so as a result cannot be ellective against a more mature force, As the Colombian army has nity was suggested at the 6ame ing in a dark room Mr- Shields attended Campbell University two years ago at Holton, aud daring fair that year represented the bus in two to three days longer.

No one has ever tried to compute how personnel of the same kind, it is a case time, and he at once evidouced his obedience to the emperor by i I of kid uaiust kid. Wliiie en route down the coast, we heard rumors that a force of 3.000 Col the slow train requires to make the through run, but it is not short seeming to go through the sacri 0 iness department in the university exhibit there. h. c. deforest.

fices with due regularity and his of a month. A verot is 3,500 feet, ft ombians uad landed at Pan tiius ana were lijare.hinir up the coast. We ex NOT ELIGIBLE. A small boy in une of our dis enjoy alike tbe freedom of the house. A native is not an early riser.

I suppose ha arranges diurnal bour6 so that he linds it necessary to indulge in tmt one meal. Bice is (he eunstanlwl portion of bis diet us well as tbe dessert hi each and every meal. If be chances to Indulge in the luxury of three meals his menu card reads: breakfast, rice; dinner, coarse rice; supper, rice of course. They seem to have no hoggish relish fvr banu nas, but cooked taste like sweet 'spud." Give native abut, a k'nki, (canoe) and an old gun und he uil! live contented. When we landed in the aforcmoation-ed city we were royallv welcomed and housed in one of tbe public buildings for tbe night.

At least 1 think we were royally received for the whole village turned nut, gathered around us and in- trict schools, says the Oswego In dependent, when asked by a kind old lady if he studied very hard. or about two-thuds of a mile. The Trans-Siberian railroad is laid with rails weighing fifty pounds to the yard. The ttamlard American rail may be said to be eighty-live pounds. Ileuvier rails are to supersede the present light ones ou the Siberian road, and rubles have been appropiated to start the work, but the rails are scorn of the employment by turning the whole ceremony into matter of appetite, He Bwallow-ed every slice, deluded Trajan, defrauded Jupiter, and invented the beefsteak A discovery of this magnitude could not long bd concealed; the sacrifice begau to disappear with a rapidity aud satisfaction to the parties too extraordinary to be unnoticed.

The priest said: "I don't hurn myself at it. Oh," said the lady, ''you must W. F. Krumm, i study hard or you will never be President of the Tnited States." perienced that ticklish feoiiug which I no doubt is experienced by any dozen men marching toward a place where they expect to butt into a few thousand whoaranot exactly frie.ais. We kept ou however.

When we reached riaii Isabella, the rumors vanished. Runners Had been sent out to investigate and bad reported that HO Colombians had been lighted. At this point a sloop which had been sent down from tbe Atlanta ai" Porto Belio hailed us. We were informed that we were to return immediately to our ship. We were oi this news Anyhow we had decided to iro no furth-kv us it is considered a ngerous march or through the Indian cotin-'rv the route vu would have to tra- 'I don't expect to be president," not down and will not be fori replied the uoy, "I am a demo- of Jupiter adopted the practice some years, lhe gaugw or tile jdulged in a corrupted Spanish jargon crat." I roud is peculiarly a Russian stand- i which we translated to mean that we CUKED AFTER SUFFERING TEX with delight, aud the king of Olympus must have been soon starved if he depended ou any share of the YEARS.

V. Hare. Snot Miami Cycle anil ard, so that no rolling stock or mo- welcome to anything wecou.d pay for. A native's rutrioliam down here ttve power on hand eisewhero can 1 doesn't extend to tbe extent of giving be used, which precludes a quiet i UIlvllj! for tne Cause tbat hc can gei, good things of Rome. Mfg Middletown suffered for ten Tfars with dyspepsia.

He spent hundreds of dollars for medicine and increase cf capacity. The engines are of Russian, French and Am ican manufacture, ami burn wood with doctors without receiving any permanent benelit. He says: "One night Best Equipped Shop in the Count'. All work turned off in workman-like manner. while feellnir exceptionally Dau i was abwiitto throw down the nveulng pa per when I saw an-item In lhe paper-regarding the toeritiof Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.

I concluded to try it and or oil. Tiio engines on the Eur-; opean-Enssiau railroaJs bum oil almost exclusively, while the Kib-jerian locomotives burn wood fui THE MICKEIES. Some southwestern Kansas shar-peia have evolved a new get-rich-q nick scenie. It is to palm off oil and leases to land in the sand hill country on unsophisticated investors in Ohio They advertise that their land is right in the henrt of the Kansas oil and gas and scores of easterners while I had no faith in it, I ieit newer frur lhe aacond dose. After ustnst two bottles am stronger and better than 1 have been in rears, and 1 recommend friends Kodol Dyspepsia Cure to my from sto and acquaintances siillerlng F.

Jacob- uiacb trouoies." sola oy on. 1 S. E. Wilson, Auctioneer. OUT KEA SON A HLi, HOME NURSERY.

JOILX XEIVMAX, Prop, fiabethti, A Hal mile north unl inl mile meat uf town. HOME GROWN TREES. Apple, Peach, Pear, Clifry Plum tiees. JStw'y''vv, Black- The Indians in tbe interior are very primitive. They are sworn to not mix biood and they fear tbe intrusion ot i whito man for thut reason.

Many a of traders have sought to peneir.ite heir country and they never oaine back. on can rca.iily see by we were not overly aiix oue to proo, ed farther. It is said by the native tlo.1 it wouW be for tbe Colombian army to land San B'as territory and cross it ow-i to the animosity of tbe Indians and tbe fearful coinlaioii A the tnlU. We boarded tlie sloop mid in a half were again aboard the Atlanta. V'e returned in half a day by water from a point it took ua six days to reach by land, to you can judge what kind ot marching we bad.

Vte were a day's rest on the ami were then iliiphtehed the trail to San Joan near tbe Pi'isma. This aeeouipiiBtied In -fine. If anything this trail was wor-e th -a the one, but as we had become inuud to we did not feel i tic evil ciltcts to such an exlent as formerly. Hugged scenery a'-ouuds in tboe over which we travelled. Many arc the scenes tit for a painter.

a 1 called the building public no one lived in it we thought when we ttirned in. but before tbe uight was over we ftuind our homestead bud been preempted by critters resembling American ri vbaekf, but imii'U healthier, I think they must have huda coune of physical culture in ln-HUtne or ie-wfaere. We remained at this place the next a portion of tbe party exploring a river a a side ISiiM. The day following ve Set out down the coast beaded for lie Sim 151a Iiioian country Our marching now becMiie comparatively easy as we encountered no t-wauip--. For two days we kept down the growing fat on cooonnut milk and onjoj-inrf life to its fiiiiept extent.

Let uie pB'ie to speak a word for rocoanut miik ii mind human ingenuity cannot (tun iict a dnrk to i iia! cocoanut miik fresh a youni' urecn cocoanut. The capacity of a limit's stomach is around lour pints but we never failed to drink four quarts of thb milk at every halt. We had cocoanuts on every band for tbe entire distance down ibe cotst. The milk of a ripe cocoanut is regarded by the natives us unlli to drink. We voted it so too afUr ta6tlug the milk from the younger fruit.

A man can travel without food and water for several days if Ci artdj-Kf two at K.v.i.H 'tHl the most part. As compared with American locomotives of tho diiy they are nil of obsolete typn. The greatest difficulty iscneoun-toted at Lake. Baikal, a great inland sua, which forty miles wld-at the narrowfli-t point and which is ice hound for live months from Dtccmlior. To get around the end of tha lake would ret a detour of nearly 300 rersls und tho construction of-several tuniif-ls.

one of thein no less than nearly four versts in hngth, the whole costing over 25,000,000 rubles. Instead of building this proposed circutn-Baikal line, ft Rusiau government unfortucntt ly determined to Ai, "my I Ornamei-Ia) A. III (h in Wetmoro Sesidnt MM th'ritig. 1ohj; Nkwman, Sabetha, Kansaj. J.

W. Pfijkt, Wcttnore, Kansas. Wotamre, Knnsas. Ont ot town Mory WimIiipsiImj- nnd Thnrsiliiy.

Balaaes of uacb week in We Sell These. Vou want the best. Are you ready for it this season? We ars prepared neer before to meet jonr wants in vehicles and harnesa. There's ooth-ing taperior to what we are showing. In taete, style aod aorvice.

Absolute honeatr In maka and materiaL You will asree when tell too ITS THE FAMOUS Studebaker Line WE CARRY. No matter what too want if it'l a harness Of something that runs on wheels, we've got it or will qoicklr set it. Com ill sod figure with as. Everybody knows the place. Worthy Wetmore, Kansas.

P. S. The Stndebaker nam eptate on a vchlos) Is its guarantee. Don't forget this. tiny amgmv BSNCROFT five car Wilcox aud Reed shipped leads of cattle to Kansas City Sunday endeavor to copy the ice breaking ferries so successfully used at the cf Mt'ckiisac in Michigan.

A royal Russian tiigiueeriag cora-roission spent a winter on theBe fej-rief, siudieil their operations, obtained their plans, and partially arranged to have duplicates built niifht L. M. Wells went to "Weston, Monday to spend a few days with relatives. Mrs. Joe Mallengcrand Miss Cosette Lab be drove to Wetinore Tuesday after at Detroit where the grent Michi- noon.

Mr. and Mrs U. G. Travis drove over an err wer0 built. However, to town Tuesday morning.

i A F. D. route from Bancroft is the hassiaus changed their minds about a certainty. F. K.

Keller sent in olwl tho in tlio Arm. little river called the Ptlucca waurfali after waierfail, oier shelves of furuUU the music that is ijjlc in tbe jungles of the region thro' Nliicb passes. I bad ofien heard of tbe my rinds of songsters that abound in a tropical forest but Panama Fcema to have been a mistake as tbe birds of song through tbe portions we traversed retjiied to be tho exception rather than the rule. Another surprise 1 exp rieneed was the entire absence of wild fruits of any kind in tbe forests of Panama. I bad always been led to be- iieve thnt bananas, oranges and fruits cf various kind grew, in abundance thru' ibis region.

Fiuitsean only be found on plantations where they are cultivated A party travelling through Panama as we were must carry all provisions with them as they cannot live on tlie country. Poll parrots furnished meat for a stew one niitiit. We tried to get a mniikey steak for breakfast but they Were to elusive. Tbe reason for the nbove rambling was to become acquainted wi tbe bo can get plenty of cocoanut milk according to the natives. Wfe found by experimenting tbat it made uu excellent substitute fur both.

We encountered tovc ral villages down the coaBt. Here we found many natives who could speak fair English due to the fact tbat the entire stretch of cocoas ut trees down the coast are tended by an English corporation, Many negroes bere have been imported from Janiacia. an English 6peiikiug island. We were heartily welcomed by the "alcalde" (tbe chief of pyliit iu every village. Tim alcalde is tbe big man tf the village, lie sets tbe price of all articles for 6a; regulates all settles ail disputes; etc.

In: iaet be is IT. At one-village we ran.fojil of a funeral. At the lirst sight I ratbor thought it a celebration of iouio kind. Every one was bellowing out souiq uoUc or other. At tho bead of the procession marohed two men cajrying bottles of wine.

I suppose to wine and (line tbe spirits when they rw.rlttnn rnr cmne spviirnl mnnrha nan i A Mr. liammon was bere last week In conomical Trip rump to r.liiiin lliH hodv n( the in We could not stop to watch the proceed- tntil that First Published Feb. 26, 1001.J Sutice. Notice is hcrebr giveti that there was on tbe Oib day of Feb. VM.

filed in the tifilce of i lie Probate Judire of Neaiaba County. Kansas, petition for a drug-Kit's permit authorizing me to sell m-loxicatin according to law at uiy place of imsiness on Lot seven (7), in lilock oue (1). in tbe City of W.tmore, Nemaha Countv, Kansas, and tbat said petition will be beard by Honorable W. W. siinon.

Trobate Judge, at tbe Pro-Im'e Co irt rooms in the City of Nemaha County, Kans. on the 3Int dv of March, A. D. 1901. nt 2 o'clock l'yi.


A. H. Kane, a prominent druggist of Springs, Kansas, "Cbi'iiberlniii's and Liver Tablets are, in my judgment, the most superior preparation ft anything In use today for constipation. They are sure In iiction and wilb no tendency to nnu-seate or gripe." or sale by W. 1.

Jnc-tibton. First Published Feb. 26,1904. Hotice. Notice berefcv (iven that there was aii the 20th day of Feb.

1904, filed in tbe olhee of the Probate Judge of Nemaha Countv, KanPaa. a petition for a druggist's permit authorizing ma to sell in-tiixicating liUor according to law at mv of busine on be East one-buif of Lot twelve (12), i i block four (4), in tbe City of tmore. Nemaha Countv. Kansas, and tbat said petition will Pe heard by Honorable W. XV.

Simon. Probate Judjre. at tbe Probate Court roo.ii?. in the City of Senecs, Neaiaba County. Kansas, on the 3ltt day of JTarcb, A.

I. K4, at 2 o'clock P. M. .1. Fira am).

A ill KRTAHKK'iMiKl'M AT1SM i LHKi UAJlEHLAI.Vti PAIN I'A I y. f.f C.smberl. ii'h Jtfilm In lb' rtlicl ol n( cnuli lj e-12 dally Par! iaV- rb'inV I'nin no ii'i'l Ir -Lif fn.iii ii' I),'lf .1" fy-1l. Ur I hi it. F'T lL.Cl.l6 I'.

case of war will be able to act more CALIFORNIA. You Will be surprised to lottrn fr how Ijlittle money a nil how comfortably the California tour may bo made. Join the Santa Fc daily excursions; in Pullman tourii Personally escorted excursions three liiiioi a week. Special one-way tickets (honored in tourist sleepers) on sale dally, March 1 to April 30: From Kadsas CitJ- $25 for ticltttf for berth. -You travel comfortably and tags so moved on.

We witnessed tbe eflscliveiy, being familiar with the I aftermath of tbe funeral, bow Like ncouHn i beirt carrietl ii-ur. In iUt n.hrm Blnniipn a. It seems that when a 1 nm "-v It seems that when a for the strong work-i in England. TranE-Baikal is broken for days in Uie winter, and at best hie larger ferry ennnot make more than two round Irips in 24 hours. Not more than a thousand men and rations per day can be taken across the lake in the winter, hidi would be 30,000 thousand a month, without the needful munitions of war.

"So it is pluin," concludes Mr. Osborn, "that in lhe war recently commenced the land fighting will be between Japan and those Russian forces on the ground when hostilities began. This accounts for the great Eastern mobilization of Russian tioops, which went on for years and which has resulted according to common report, in a concentration of soldiers. But ii vere known, thosi st infonuad say the correct is nearer 000,000. Japan could coje with any land ford, that arrive by rail.

Even in iime of p-ac tlious mda of Rui siun were ieqaiied to iat-rolth-j Manchu -inn portion of the TrauvSibr-r'an ra lr a I order to snips sutioncii mere, mere is no ebui of any worth of the interior of Panama. tbe interest of tbe route. A great number of people are very anxious to bae the route established. Mr. and Mrs.

Ed. Mara, of Vermillion, visited his shier Mrs. Samuel Labhe. the lirst of the Fred Cordon and family will occupy the farm residence of It. E.

Poyntcr anil farm H. C. Hjder's place this year. Frank Anderson moved to tbe Cox homestead Wednesday. Mr.

Jteislner and Mater have rented the Anderson property in town. Norman Mills and sister enlertaire 1 a number of frlen Is last Wednesday evening. All report a pleasant I me. Turley and Hyder's sale last Monday was well attended and stock sold well. Mrs.

Paul olf Is visiting Mrs. Wells Ibis week. Mr. and Mrs. Georire Cordon sod Mrs.

Battle Ashe spent Tuesday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Cordon. Mr. and Mrs.

d.bei who lived on tbe Cox farm last year returned to Kelly this week. Miss Christine Frederickson went to Kansas City last Mondry to remain two weeks in the interest of millinery. Miss Frcderickson will have her former position of trimmer In Deutch store in Hortoh. Will Kevins, Fred Frederickson and Clyde Wilcox went to Kan C.ty Sunday nigbt returning Tues Uy n'vjM. A party was Riven at borne of Mr.

and Mrs, N'err Woodburn I'lisdav tr.shr. Mr. Al'ocrt Foster of and Mis Palsy Adams of anr town left on ikkii train Wednesday fo--'en ea ber will be ni rried. u-ere an-eompanied by enry Ada is and Mips M-bmie hrae.k. The bride a CKibiia- I I 1 death occurs, runners ore sent out to tbe nt und niirlit i.

hnA Anrt our expeditions have rc.rted such a dance. An Indian dance is some- I rough an ef- :l.ln of a parallel, ibe that mg chart of such. draws rbe crowd of dancers and that 8re the1 furnisbestheao-eto which tuny time their gi rations consUted of, generally I k'' h--'qarter. lonK be 'fore the enemy is in striking tlii-tanc i in rough is a description of our I'trant Mtid me "California in fourKt 5lrfirr." and Infurmaih A raki tu Cullfornls. SAME Paw ja-jtr X.

S. F. Ry. tera I1W.W. ju.ii u.iunii.n,iu.

raiinma fcoiHiug. I'elails 1 iiihv men- One Min'ite Cur glvei relief later if you timl siilH ifiit interest vrr8nt a Inane, causing the cuiyii, and nl 1 1m retina to be the opinion of some mem. itiime time clear ih pliieiu, draws I hers of our rongrcss that Cnloiubia will the inll'-jnin io.i an 1 l.eals ii.Pdo he -loot lies the titlectl puts. One Mm- ute Coiiab Cure t.ranxti-ii tt.e lungs hv write in the future wards otf pn' mo ml i- biii riiles something of iatt rest. Am O.

K. ai.d and never foilinr nrf in a I ciir.ible i fet lin up to si.ulf cases of Coufrbs, ami Croup. One Minute Cougli is pl-nfant to lake. 1 lour tirotbor, harmless nnd gi r.ilkw lor old and Krikl F. Wkavkk.

young. Sold by F. Jf oson, 4iien. vorthv voiiiil' iuan. All and Jirotect it ti necessity fo this eatly ijj- fiiccini is (he wish of many friends.

in me -ar. i.

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