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The Wetmore Spectator from Wetmore, Kansas • 4

The Wetmore Spectator from Wetmore, Kansas • 4

Wetmore, Kansas
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I 1 NIMASA COUNTY 95 J. T. Bristow, Pubheder One Year, In Advance $1,50 Six Monti: Ju Advance .75 8, 1904. Local and Personal. Ed Lynn is at Frest.o.

California, Sid Marten, and old timer, dill at his home near Whiting last Sunday. Mr. and Mire. W. I.

Beiridge were over from So.dier several days last week. William Blisner returned from Corning last mid ur. Orce the New Idea Woman's Magazine, 50c a year, or the Delineator a at $1. a year, of Jack." Will Ashe was home Sunday visiting his mother, lle is. traveling saleswan for a Kansas City house, George Hay den went to l'opeka SunCay.

Walter Large was up from Kansas City the last of the week. David Lynn spent Christmas week with relatives in Missouri, E. T. McFarland of Eflinghamn was calling on Wetmore friends Monday. FOR SALE.

-One pedigreed shorthorn bull E. H. H. EMERY. Charley Calwell and George Grabb killed 60 rabbits last Monday.

Lloyd and Fay, children of Co. Supt. W. T. Anderson spent the holidays with their grandparents Mr.

and Mrs. J. W. powers and returned home Sunday. Miss Lelia Houston visited with Mrs.

D. T. Hawkins in Holton the last of the week. Miss Edith McConwell and Miss Agnes and Lloyd Lueck left Tuesday for Chicago to attend school. Rev.

W. L. Morris of Seneca is assisting Rev. Elliott with revival meetings at the E. church.

The interest and attendence is growing. Wm. Callaban, ex Register of Deeds, began this week as traveling salesman for an Atchison firm. He will sell county records. Billy has the proper persuasive powers to make a first class Courier-Democrat.

Miss Mildred Frager came up from Wetmore Saturday, to spend the remainder of the holiday Vacation with Grandpa and Grandma Troughton Seneca She returned home last Saturday. Presiding Elder Haldeman will preach at the M. E. church Sunday night and conduct the fourth and last quarterly meeting Monday. The city has been sued by Mrs.

M. Fletcher, who asks $2500 damages for alleged damages sustained from walking into an open culvert last spring. A. F. Martin of Atchison is attorney for Mrs.

Fletcher. R. Emery and P. L. Burlingaune have been retained as counsel for the city.

The case will come up in the district court. Make your hens lay while is profitable by feeding a good poultry food. Oyster shells, bone meal. you can get at Jacobson's. August Blisner has leased his farm and home place sonth of town to Geo- rge Leporin.

Mr. and and Mrs. Blisner will go to Searcblight, Nevada in about a month. Mrs. J.

C. Walter, mother of Mre. Blisner is now at Searchlight, They will probably remain there a year. 1 The New Patterns are the latest out Ten cents a pattern, large or small. Order of "Jack." Fashion sheets free.

The W. B. Henderson family dinner was of more than usual importance. It was, perhaps. the last reunion that fam.

ily will bave in EMingham and it was the occasion of the youngest of the fam ily, Mre. E. C. Stever. introducing her husband to the family.

Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Newton Henderson, of Oelwein, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Clark and John Henderson, of Atchison, Todd Henderson, of st Joe, and Mr.

and Mrs. E. C. Stever of Wetmore, Miss Jennie and Grandma Effingbam New Leaf Mrs. Emma Lynn of Holton, Miss Helen Lamberson of Atchison, Miss Em ma Albright of Powhattan, Geo.

Grubb and little Lilian of Wetmore all spent Christmas day at the home of Mr. and Mre, W. C. Powers. George Grubh and little Lillian and Miss Albright returned to their homes Saturday, Miss Lamberson Sunday and Lynn the following Thareday.

Mrs. Lynn is a sister of 1 Mrs. Powers. -Netawaka Times. Mr.

and Mrs. A. Bliesner of Wetmore spent Sunday with F. Buber and family: They expect to leave in a month or no for Nevada to remain Neta waka Times. Ticket No.

505. held by Mrk. Sadie Cummings, drew the doll at Fitzgera d's Jan. Ist. 0.

C. Overman, the fruit tree man was in the city Monday, Deacon: Crawford will hold Arch Episcopal eervices here next Monday night at 7 30, James Kiger of St. Joseph has engiwork 88. a farm band for J. P.

ged to Earhart next seaPon. Mr. Kiger formerjy lived here The West Elevator Is ready to receive Marketable CORN. Highest Price Paid. J.

T. Bristow. Phone 35. WANTED. -A good Saddle pony.

perfectly gentle, and inust not he over 8 years old. good color and perfectly sound. Call on or address F. L. MEANS, Marsena Giadys Coal Mining Corning, Kansas, R.

F. D. No. 1. Owens came in from the west Monday.

tie has been in Gove county since last summer. where, he owns a quarter of land. He received over $200 rent this year. Dick has been working tin. the barvest field and with the threshers.

He received $2 a day and board. He says land is advancing In Gove county. Mrs. Ed. Poston died Tueeday night of Consumption, and was buried in the Netawaka cemetery yesterday.

Rev. Rolfe preached the funeral sermon, Mrs. Poston leaves a husband and SIX children. and Mrs. Adam Amon of Neta- waka visited in the city Wednesday.

Tom Earhart is expected in from Pueblo this week. Miss Mabel Christianeon of Netawaka la visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. M.

Hough, Ferdinand Blisner of Corning was down Tuesday to attend the funeral of Dr. Neyman. A. B. Elliott, who working in the Santa He offices at Topeka, was visiting relatives in this vicinity the past week.

Oley W. Weaver of Effingham is visiting his brother in this city, Mrs. Louisa Clinkenbeard left Wed. nesday for Lincoln. Nebraska where abe will spend the winter with her daughter Mrs.

James The telephone peopie held their aD Dual meeting last Tuesday afternoon. 'The sumne directors were re- Mrs. Effie Long or Kiel, O. T. is here visiting her uncle W.

M. Cohorn and family. The Cohorns go to Topeka this week to visit a married daughter. Rev. Honstedt.

German Evangelical minister from Hiawatha, is conducting revival meetings at the Shumaker school house. Mrs. S. S. Dorcas is here this week visiting her sister.

Mrs. A. Kelley. Mr. Dorcas bus been in Ottowa for a toonth where be is conducting a grocery store.

The family will move from Seneca to Ottowa the latter part of this week. Chicago Theatre Horror. Nick Bristow. who has offices in the Journal (building, 160 street, Chicago, writes as follows of the Iroquois theatre fire: "I have already mailed you several Chicago daily papers giving an account of the lamentable tire that occurred in the Iroquois theatre, in this city, last Wednesday afternoon in which so many people were killed and injured. Contrary to the usual custom of newspaper reporters they have not magnified or exaggerated the awful event in the least, in fact.

it is even worse than tol 582 dead bodies, actual count, have already been recovered and taken to the morgues 189 of these bodies are still unidentified. Besides the dead recovered there are 385 miesing and 180. known to be injured. In the long. list of dead, missing and injured, I ece mary familiar names and several of my personal friends and acquaintances are grief stricken on account of the loss of reiatives in the awful catastrophe.

say awful, well that expresses it mildly. If you could have seen the multitude of anxious people flocking around the burning theatre, and the firemen and officers carrying out the bodies and piling them on the flour and tables in a nearby restaurant, and afterwards hauling them away, in all kinds of wagons, by the wagon load. to the morgues, you would also say its awful. All day yesterday hundreds of grief stricken people could be seen standing in line around the over crowded morgues awaiting their turn and opportunity to enter in search for the loved ones that failed to return home from the theatre. Just think of it 582 exceeds in number more than ever man.

woman and, child in Wetmore, killed, practically, in the twinkling of an People are here from everywhere and consequently people every where, even abroad, are fearfully affected on account of the terrible death dealing fire. Chicago is all upset, and our good Mayor has by Froclamation designated to-morrow as a of general mourning in Chicago. The Ill-fated theatre is a new magnificent structure situated only a short distance from my office, and a crowded house is all that prevented me from being there, a friend of wine went for tickets and found that seats could not be bad, Otherwise we would have been in it.73 Clinkenbeard-James. James, On New Year's day, at the home of the bride's parents, two miles northwest of town, Miss Coral 16. Clinkenbeard and Mr.

Dean U. James were united in marriage. The room Was beautifully decorated In pink and white lighted by pink lights, Mr. Alfred James ard Miss Nellie Rolfe stood up with the couple and Hazel: Means and Gladys Geyer, cousins of the bride, acted a flower, girls. At high noon, as the wedding march' was being played by Miss Mabel Geyer, the bridal procession entered the room and proceeded to the beautifully decorated arch where they went thro' the ring ceremony.

Rev. Honstedt pronouncing the solemn words that ma. the contracting parties one. The bride carried white carnations and ferns, the bridesmaid carried pink carnations and terns. After the ceremony a dinner was served.

A large number of relatives were present. The bridal couple received many useful and beautiful presents. Mr. James is the second son of Mr. and Mrs.

Joseph James and is a line young wan, thought of by all. Mrs. Jaines is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.

J. Chinkenbeard, and an accomplished young Indy. nigbly respected by all, They have the gocd wishes of the entire community. Attorney P. L.

Burlingame was down from Centralia Tuesday. BANCROFT: Mrs. Miller of Kansas City visited her cousin, Mra. William Mobringer, and other friends here last week. Ciyde King was up from Holton on business last Thursday.

Miss Hazel Wolfley of Gofls was the guest of Miss Myrtle Ligman last Thu raday and Friday. Mrs. William Mohrioger and daughter Louise, visited friends at Kelly New Years returning Saturday afternoon. Little Rena Travis. who has been 80 ill, is improving.

Mrs. Ike Cordon spent the holidays MeLouth. She returned Saturday eve: ning. Miss Christine Frederlekson went to Horton last Thureday to visit a few das 6. Mr.

Ed Mailinger of Holton. sper.t last week here assisting his brother Joe to invoice the hardware and lumber of Mullinger Sons. H. C. Hyder, J.

W. Geren and J. E. Wilcox were Seneca visitors Monday. Charles Donly, of Powhattan, visited his sister Mre.

L. L. Patton last week and went from here to Manhattan to attend school the coming yeur. Mrs. John Gruver, of Jackson county, of last week at the home of spent part her fatber, Mre.

Ike Cordon. The teachers returned to their work in the school room Monday morning, ufter a vacation of two weeks. Clover was in town New Years Perry day selling a combined mop and scrubbing brush. Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Dittman spent New Years at the home of his mother south of town, There was a meeting of the Directors and stockbolders of Bancroft State Bank Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thornburrow in Bancroft. Mr.

Thornburrow were attended Bank meeting and Mrs. Thoraburrow visited among cold friends here. They remained to the dance in the evening. Misses Julia and Katie Savage and Hallie Keggine were Hotton vientors last Thursday. Matt Thorp and Eric Brack went to Holton, Monday to look at a livery and stock with intention of barn purchasing if suited.

Miss Lela Capsey left for Grand Island, Monday, to attend a Business college. Tom Capsey left first of the year to attend school at Manhattan. Mr. and Mrs. William Mohringer visited friends at Wetitore Tuesday, over night at Robt.

Thornremaining burrow's. Miss Maggie Harrison of Circleville, visited friends in town Wednesday. I'wo more of Mr. U. G.

Travis' child down with typhoid fever. Dr. ren are Cawley is in attendance. Notice. Notice.

of sickness, I have been On account compelled to quit the shop. All persona themselves indebted to the knowing Fletcher Ruhlen will please firm of call settle their accounts DAN FLETCHER. Dr. E. M.

Neiman. Monday merning at 2 a. 11.. On January 4, 1904, occurred the death of Dr. Edgar M.

Neiman. He bad been his bed since October 1903, confined to fever. The funeral serwith typhoid vices were conducted at the house by Tuesday. at 2 p. m.

A the Masons, on number of Masons from Corning large in attendance. The remains were were the Wetinore cemetery. Dr interred in E. M. Neiman was born in Pennsylvanfa October 30, 1835.

and was 68 years on time of his death. He came old at the to Kansas in 1872. On September 15, married to Rosealtha E. 1887, he was which union was born one White, to who survives. By a former daughter there was born five children, marriage and three girle, four of whom two boys survive bim.

These children are now and were unable to be in at the funeral. present They "hold down" clerical positions in Hiawatha. A lively war between Jewel county back saiths is making the sparks fly. CHAMBERLAIN'S COLIC, CHOLERA AND DIARRACA REMEDY. The uniform of this remedy has made it the most preparation in use for bowel complainta.

It is everywhere recognized one remedy that can always be depended upon and that is pleasant to take. For sale by W. F. Jacobson, Tha Greenwood connty youth who had his arm broken at whipcracker will go in for some harmless game like football. Mr.

Wir. S. Crane, of California, suffered for years from rheumatism and lumbago. lie was finali; advised to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm. which he did it effected a complete cure.

This liniment is for sale by W.F, Jacob80ll. Holton folks go to Seneca to look at the tall buildings and pretty girls. When bilious try a dose of ChamberInine Stomach and Liver Tablets and realize for once how quickly a firet upto -date medicine will correet the disorder. For enle by F. Jacobson.

Neosho county is to buy trained bloodhounds to track horse thieves That is municipal ownership with vengeance. DANGER! near at hand when the kidare sick. Kidney-Ettes act quickly-cure quickly. Purify and strengthen the kidneys and restore them to their normal and healthy condition, Price 25 cents. W.

F. Jacobson. The raffling craze at Lawrence has reached the point where foot ball and Quantrell's bones are forgotten topics. would not be without a box of Berg's Laxative Chips in my home," states a prominent business man of your city. They do the work, are perfectly harmless and act gently on the bowels.

Best for constipation and bowel 10 and 25 cents. W. F. Jacobson, Que potato was the admission at a Wichita church socinl, and many of the guests complained of being cheatel. FOUND A CURE FOR INDIGES TION.

use Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets for indigestion and find that they suit my case better, than any dyspepsia remedy 1 have tried and have need many different remedies. am nearly fifty-one years of and have suffered great deal from indigestion. eat almost anything I want to now. -GEO. W.

EMORY. Rock Mills, Ala. For sule by W. F. Jacobson.

Wichita has a colored healer whose office is the street correr, and his purgatives, water from the town pump. CONGRATULATIONS. Dir. John H. Culiom, editor of the Garland, Texas.

News has written 9 letter of congratulations to the 1: 1 re of Chamberlain's Cough Remdy 219 follows: Mixteen years ago when our first child was a baby he was subject to croupy spells and we would be very uneasy about him. 11 began 118- ing Cough Remedy in 1887, and finding it such reliable re meds for cold and croup, we have never been without it in the eince that tinie. We have five cluldren and have given it to all of these with good results. One good feature of this dy is that it is not disagreeable take and our babies really like it. Another is that it is not dangurone, and there is 110 risk from giving an overdose.

1 congratulate you upon the success of your remedy." For sale by W. F. Jacobson. To the builders of his new home all Independence man man donated each a large New Year's turkey. Shrewd Atchison furmers loaded their New Year's turkeys with shot before taking them to market.

A PRISONER IN HER OWN HOUSE Mrs, W. 11. Lay ha, of 1001 Agnes Are Kansas City, has for several years been troubled with severe hoarseness and at times 11 hard cough, which she sage, "Would keep me in doors for days. I was preseribel for by physicians with no noticeable results, A friend gave me a bottle of Chamberlain's Congh Remedy with instructions to closely follow the directions and wish to state that after the first day. could notice a decided change for the better, and at this time after using 11 for two weeks, bave no hesitation in saying I realize 1 am entirely This remedy la for sale by W.

F. Jacob. son. A La Cygue citizen with one modest home possesses three large. barns.

It costs Hutchinson cycle riders 84 to spin along on the sidewalks. W. J. LEIG.ITY Will contract with yo' for 8 well." Will give you prompt petvice and guarantee satisfaction. Call on 'or address me at WETMORE, KANS.

GAR An absolute specific and enti-septic prep aration for all kinds ef SORE THROAT. SIMPLY A GARGLE. PERFECTLY HARMLE8S. A sure cure for Hoarseness, Tonsilitis, Quinsy, In 'amed, Ulcerated and Catarrhal Sore Thrast, A preventive of Croup, Whooping Cough and Diphtheria. PURIFYING HEALING SOOTHING Endorsed by the Most Eminent Throat Specialists fur tho counter.

Should he kept in every home. Price 25 Cents. Berg Medicine Ca, Des Moines, Iowa. W. Ft Jacobson, TIME TABLE.

CENTRAL BRANCH UNION PACIFIC. WEST-BOUND. 88. Mall and Express. 11:42 a.

61. Mail and Express. 1:25, n. 275. Local Freight.

11:50 m. m. EAST-BOUND. 68. Mail and Exprese.

2:07 p. in. 12. Mail and Express. 2:28 a.

m. 276. Local Freight. 2:30 p.m. P.

W. CLARK, Agent. I'll clean your clock and watches, and make your jewelry shine, upon the shortest notice. and always keep the time. -W.

W. LYoN, The Old Reliable Jeweler. C. Riggs has 5 Duroc Jersey males for sale, Combination sale 4t Goffs, Feb. 27, Newton Bros, and Riggs, Administrator's Sale.

I will sell at public sale at the Augustus Moyer, deceased, four northwest of Wetmore on Friday. January 29, 1904. At 10 o'clock a. in. 15 HEAD CATTLE 15 Consisting of 6 cows, 3 coming 2 year old heifers.

4 coming 1 year old heifers, 2 steer calces coming 1 year old. 7 head shoats. I wagon, 1 walking cultivator. 1 hand corn sheller, 1 fanning mill, 1 20 gal. iron kettle, 55 tons tame bay, road wagon with cover, 2 mules coming 3 year old.

weight 800 lbs, saws. axes. wedges, old iron scythes, wheel barrows, and many other articles too numerous to mention. months time at 6 per cent interest on notes with approved security. 3 per cent off for ensh.

All sums under $5 cash. WALLACE G. MOYER. S. E.

Wilson, Auct. Administrator. II. A. Hough, Clerk.

Stock Sale. I will sell at public ale at my farm, 4 miles north and 14 miles east of Wetmore and 14 miles and 4 mile east of Granada. the following stock. on south Friday, January 15, 1904. Commencing at 10 a.

1. 20 HEAD CAITI.E 20 Consisting of 10 yearling calves, 3 steer calves, 5 cows which are on fall feed, 2 cows which will De fresh on or about the date of sale. 10 BEAD HORSES 10 Consisting of 2 brood mares, 7 yeare old, weight 1400 1d8: 2 brood mares. 6 and 6 old, weight 900 lbs: 3 epring colts. 1 yearling riding poor.

13 year old cattie pony, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 small mare, 9 gears old with foal. 40 HEAD HOGS 40 Consisting of 18 head sows all bred, 22 head of harrow, average weight 120 lbs. months tine with 6 per cent interest from date on sums over $5. Sums of $5 and under cash, 2 per cent off for cash. A.

L. SMARR. S. E. Wilson, Auct.

H. A. Hough. Clerk: Puhlished December 25, 1903 administrator's Notice. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN.

That Letters of Administration in the matter of the Estate of Augustne Moyer, deceased. were granted the undersigned by Probate Court of Nemaba County, Kansas. on the 18th day of December. A. D.

1903. persons having claims against said are Rotate required to exhibit the same to the undersigned for allowance within one year from the date of said letters, and if such claims are not presented three years they will be forever barred. WALLACE C. MOYER, Administrator. An Unlimited supply of Money To.

Loan on Farms, at 5 And a Reasonable omission. Five year loane, with pr. of Paying before maturity J. T. BRISTOW.

50 YEARS' EXPERIENCE TRADE MARKS DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS Anyone ascertain sending our sketch opinion free whether aD and description may quickly nvention is patentable. Communicatone at ictly connidential. Handbook on Pateuta sent Patents free. Oldest taken agency through Mann Co. receive for securing patents.

special notice, without charge, in the Scientific American. handsomely illustrated weekly, Terms, Largest $8 cit- a nation of any scientific journal. rear: four months, $1. Sold by all newsdealern. HUNN Co.

381 Broadway, New D. York C. Branch Office, 625 Washington, Charles Hallauer, -Proprietor ofWetmore Meal Market Fresh and Salt Meat. Ice. Highest Market Price paid for Butche Stock and Hides.

Skin Comfort Jacobson's Boro-Hazel Cream is everybody's friend during the chap season. You are sure to have rough, chapped and irritated skin some time during several months to come, why not keep at hand a remedy that is quick and certain to relieve. JACOBSON'S BORO-HAZEL CREAM far superior to vasoline, glycerine or cold cream, is is more easily applied and leaves the hands free from grease or stickiness. It is daintily perfumed and goes so far that the cost is not worth considering. Price 25 cents, Jacobson's Drug Store.

Get Your Prescription Filled There. farm of miles May the New Fear witness the greatest shoe selling ever seen in this house; may we do better by you and may you do as good by us; may the shoes of '03 see you safely into '04, and may they lead you to come here for the next pair needed Shoes you'll want at prices like. Here's just a hint of the many gool values to be found in our store: Ultra Style Glazed kid, fox. Ultra Stvle 640-Glazed kid boot; ed with small perforations; bjucher cut; patent leather tip: pat out leather tip; medium 3 50 sole: Capitol toe; military flexible turn 3.50 military heel; Scotch edges. Price -Pine Ultra Styrla 635-- Glazed foxUltra Style 620-- glazed kid; ed; and perforations; medium welt Grecian ramp; patent tip patent sole; yellow stitch; English Scotchedzes; patent worked Louis heel, 3 50 leather heel: tip; New medium Model high miti- 3.50 leather -tay: "just as good" kind of goods are not sold at Ed Cawoed's.

He sells wuly one kind -THE BEST. Ed Cawood, 9000 The Reliable Shoeman. MRS WM. STOLZENBERGER, Trained Nurse, GRANADA, KANSAS. Offers her services to the public.

Good recommendations. Seven SPREE exporGraduate of Wisconsin College. Torms reasonable. E. W.

JOHNSON, Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist, WETMORE, KANSAS I work under instructions and trainine of Dr. W. W. Sives, of Teenmsch. Nob.

Inve a full set- of instrumeute and an. prepared to handle all work in this line. FLETCHER RUMLEN. BLACKSMITHS. Horse Shoeing and Plow Work OUR Specialties.

I. A. HUDSON Has taken charge of the Wagon Shop. and we are now prepared to do all kinds of Wood Work aud at Popular Prices, We solicit a share of your patronage and guaranteo satisfaction on all work. First Door West of Cole's Livery.

Letters from Women Cured by the use of Kodol are received daily. Their troubles nearly all begin with tion or other stomach disorder. If the food you eat falls to give strength to your body, it is. because the juices creted by the stomach and digestive organs. are inadequate to transform the nutrient properties of the food into blood.

That is The system is deprived of the indigestion. amount of nourishment required to keep up the strength, and the result is that one OF more of the delicate organs gradually grows weak, and then weaker, until finally it ta diseased. Here a great mistake is made. That of treating the diseased organ. The best doctors in the land make this very mistake.

Why should they It is so easy to see that the trouble is not there. Kodol Cures This famous remedy puts the stomach and digestive organs in a healthy condition so that rich, red blood is sent coursing through the veins and arteries of every muscle, tissue and fiber throughout every organ of the entire body, and by Nature's law of health, full strength and vigor soon restored to and each. all Kodol cures indigestion, dyspepsia stomach disorders. I have taken Kodol for nearly two months after each meal and it is the only remedy that gave relief from the ten 'ble pains endured. After a time I would take it but once a day, and now, while I keep a bottle handy, I seldom need it, as it has cured me.

MRS. J. W. COOLBAUGH, Milo Center, N. Y.

Kodol Digests What Your Eat. Bottles only. $1.00 Size holding times the trial alze, which for 50 cents. Prepared by E. O.

DeWITT 00-. OMIDAGO WETMORE STATE BANK Reilly, M. Worthy, J. A. Hough.

WETHORE, KANSAS. CAPITAL, H. DeForest, President. H. 1..

Agun, Vier Pres't. al. A. Hough. E.

Whited. Ase't CashieR DIRECTORS: Sam. Thornburrow, H. H. Lynn, H.

DeForsst. Robest Thornburrow, Pu. This Bank transacts a General Bark ing Business and offers facilities equa: to any bank in the county. Tone patronage la acleited. Tabules Doctors find A good prescription For mankind.

The to packet is enough for usaal occasions. family bottle (60c) contains a supply for peas. All druggists sell them. TRAVEL VIA MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILWAYS The Government Fast Mail Route He able ily servicc--Through Pullman Sleeping d'ars and Observation Cafe Dining Care. Free Reclining Chinir Cars and elegant high back seat conches, For full information, rates, tickets, call on net rest agent, or address HAS.

E. STYLES, Asst, Gen. Pasteuger Agent. Kansas City, Mo. H.


St. Louis. Mo..

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