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The Springfield Soap-Box from Springfield, Kansas • 4

The Springfield Soap-Box from Springfield, Kansas • 4

Springfield, Kansas
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CLERK'S STATEMENT A Good Omen- Real winter weather. HARDWARE! (s I OAP-BOX. i Quite cokl this keek. On last Monday night this part of Of Warrants Issued, in theiCity of the sphere experienced a heay rain, Springfield, for the Quarter Ending Incorporated. Capital Stock, $50,000.

Bank of. Springfield Springfield, Ooward County, Kansas. -OFFICERS. ill im is mixes -FOR- 4 Only oue more issue in this year. Bon Ton for Oranges and Lemons.

and on Tuesday morning snow began December 15, 1887. V.ntrel the 1st Grand nostt-vfflee. Seward to fall which continued during the Kansas, for transmission through th uiftil second-class matter. C2 Hang up your stocking, little folks day, and just at dusk a heavy wind Favor of Campbell Co. for lum Havdware, Stoves and TINWARE, ber w.

MM 20 storm Btruck us from the nortii, Job work neatly and promptly ex- OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. C.K. Favor of Winn for hardware and VERHIAM. President. H.

L. TUKKEH, Cashier, JOHH F. VAN VOORH18. Vtoe PrsMea. F.

TURNER, Assistant Uubw winding up with a general "northern nails 4123 ecuted. SPJilNGFTELD, KANSAS. BSC. S3, 187. Favor of Crane Co for city books er;" the thermometer registering i For farm loans call on Parsons -CALL ON- down about zero.

As it was of short and seal 136 25 Favor of Lamberson for coal 17 54 Kemper. duration the stock and our farme "CP Juvanal for coal 81 60 ID. A. WATSOX, THIO. PIERCE, EDHftteMfiR.


TTEXHR. Buy And sell Exchange. Drafts on Principal Cities. Collections made And promptly Remitted. Special Accommodations I "HP Larabeo for marshal and Genuine 2ew York count at the pulled through very well Out door labor 1U 54 I WW Bon Ton.

Harry Crawford, Second Door East of Poet-office, Springfield, Kansas. stock suffered considerable, but none Favor of Alien for labor an pumps 30 oo It should be seen that every child in the city should get a present from off the Christmas tree to-moirow night The ladies of charity see to this. While Sam. Wood is kicking about roir city rovernmcnt, wonder if he CO for. Favor of Allen for mill tank and CTJ futures 3000 CO Percy Juvenile visited Garden City I not the best prepared to receive such Favorof Peck for labor on pumps.

23 cv this week. to our Customers. to Strangers Visiting: our City, Cheerfully Furnished, i Money to Loan on Real and chattel security. mnsvsvnvnrvTc. 1 First National Bank of New York City.

American National Bank cuisttisru.Mt.Ai!.ft)rKftnsa8City First National Bank of Garden City Kansas. cKof mr, nf wanton lor labor on muuiatus, in 10 vug iiuuimh viuvu vn. i streets. 21 62 Pickeled pig's feet and tripe at good Crop year that we Can have, for Favor of Rogers for hauling on -BUILDERS HARDWARES the Bon Ton. 4.

Tf 1 Bcreera as 53 licit msuuu. vor Qf Ira and Wm Lhnstraas cards at lladlev Ins of our prosperity for anotner season. engine and labor to The Weekly Capital, published at T. la Anli? m.Ai-aiiiifr tltn Qrkil f(T t.h. Jeweler.

lti la iviutug i bor 6 37 1 Topeka, Kansas, is an eight page, ever stops to think that the mayor of Woodsdale is not a resident of that city. Lost One plain gold band ring, on the street in on last Tuesday. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at this office. plow in early springtime, when our Favor of A Ostrander for hauling The Kansas FarfAef, published at Topeka, has been enlarged to a 20 page, 80 column paper, and reduced in price to one dollar a year. It ranks Ton Ob column, nrst class iamuy news Favorof Wright island for rope 12 65 Notice the change in the Bon restaurant ad.

Favor of Hi Herman for legal ser paper, it gives the latest Telegraph farmers will spare no ti ne in geting their crops in in due time, which will assure them a bountiful harvest. vices 67 50 among the best agricultural papers Favor of Hillerman for rent for A happy Christmas and a merry ic and State news, Reports of all important meetings, political, religious, council 80 00 in the country, and for Kansas farm New Year to Favor of Joseph Wisby for att'y 425 00 SANTA CLAUS HEADQUARTERS FOR CHRISTMAS CANDIES I NOTIONS AT POSTOFFICE STAND The Finest Line of Confectionaries in the City. Call! Leap Year Notice to the Cirls. Favor of Gibson Davis for city print- Several sleighs were on our streets era it is the best, because it is made up especially for them. It is now twenty-four years old, and is conduct in 302 75 "Shug" and scientific conventions held at the Capital of the State.

Every citizen of Kansas should take a paper giving Now, there's Sasseen and the first of the week. Favor of A Turner for express 7 40 Turner, Ora Jayne and Lon Turner, Favor of TJ wind engine Co for mill ed by practical farmers, and publish Oysters served at all hours and all 1013 25 I the tiroceedinsrs of th T.eo-fslatiir Sam Houser and Kemper, John Hart of 85 00 I styles, at the Bon Ton. ed wholly ia the interest of agricul- ture lathe broadest sense of thej word. The Farmer publishes full and Geo. Lemon, Miles and Denson, g5 ana news irom me uapiiai.

Favor of Hicks for stationery Some of our young men are making great preparations for leap year. They are preparing to receive their young lady friends in georgeous style. I have thirteen different makes of sewing machine needles, which will fit any machine made. Second block east of square, Springfield, Kansas. C.

W. Mocre. Favor of Tipton in full of account wa- ri TT All persons subscribing at once will new I ill savage ana J. razier, narry Prepare for the turning of a of Springfield town company for ALSO CARY A FULL LINE OF crop) stock nnd weather reports for have the benefit of Mrs.J.K.Hudson's Nelson and John Tise, Elish Barnes leaf the first of the vear; mills and pumps 373 45 1 the entire state seven times a year. atnrv lCsfhoi tho P.anttU wtih 6 45 and Parsons, Will Gibson and Elmer it? roc, Should you desire a farm loan, call will be continued each week for aiso puoiisnes weeaiy a iisi 01 an 1 -f 4UW1U( UVt writing 6 10 eleven week commencirnr Nov.

17th. tne estray aaimaistaRen up in any on Parsons Kemper. tj Favor of Oberholzer for 10 oo part of the state. We have arrange dstin, and a lot others who are just as sweet as they can be, that wouldn't care to live after Hollidays, if It was Competent judgesv who have read Total. amount.

9S3SS 69 Pay up your delinquent subscrip this story in manuscript, pronounce ments whereby we can offer the Soap-Box and the Kansas Farmer, both O. L. Jatkk, City Clerk, tion by January 1st, 18S8. it one of great intereft and strength, SEAI Subscribed and sworn to before me papers one vtat for This is not that the coming year is Lesp vear. Now girls, we do hope that carrying with it a powerful argument Call at the Bon Ton for Fresh Dr.

Adams was arrc-ated on last Tuesday on the charge of violating the pharmacy law of our state, but Sis tho charge was not sustained, he an opportunity to get two needed pa this 21st day of December, 1867. Frank White, Notary Public. Seward county, Kansas. against the Mormon iniquity. Mrs.

TISE CORBET you will have more energy than these pers for a very small outlay. Bread, cakes and pies etc Hudson, who has contributed many Term expires March 17, 1891. gentle, by getting on your bustles sketches and short stories to the The Bed Front" liverr hai the was discharged. and get out and hustle for these fel- CLERK'S STATEMENT Kansas Farmer in years past, and to I best turnouts in the city. The Capital, is not an entire stranger lows on Leap year.

to Kansas readers. Carry the Largest and Our justices court was kept quite Of Licenses Issued in the City of Some time since, Theo. Bodkin pre busv the first of the week. Sprield for the Quarter Eadi-g Tr. sented a bill to our city council for December 15, 1887.

JUr. Pitts of (iarden Uitv, was in services rendered tne city (as he Box will be sent to any address otie year for $1.50. The cash must, in Most Complet town the first of the week. claimed) in the case which was Receive for occupation tax 177 60 all cases accompany the order. It reported that the Courant is to make its appearance this week, the first time since the middle of October.

You must take your medicine occasionally, gentlemen. We acknowledge the receipt of a letter from Mr. C. B. Beaty, of Oregon, Ogle conn'y, stating that he wished the Soap-Box regularly to his address.

The Soap-Box he'll have. the brought in our district court in Sep dog tax 18 76 auctioneers 160 Fur Caps at prices to suit times at Murray Watson's. tember, for the disorganization of our Theatrical troup 3 00 City Ordinances. dray 4 00 city, but as the bill was not allowed, Parsons Kemper are making any Stock of in Seward County. Total, 1104 75 ur.

iioasin Drougt suit against our Published In This SpitiwcriHiti SOAtr-BOX amount of farm loans at present. O. Jatsk, City Clerk. mayor and city treasurer and Mr. Jos Subscribed and sworn to before me Thursday, December 1, lt7.

Ordinance NO- 38- Don't forget the Christmas enter this 21st day of December, 1887. Wisby who was attorney in the case An ordinance providing for the construction I Frank Whitb, Notary Public. tainment in this citv to-morrow night. of sidewalk along Seventh street in the city of iur iuc me trial as lo come Seward County. Kansas.

Springfield. up to-day before Justice Summers, at My term expires March 1891. Please start in with your subscrip Be it ordained. By the Mayor and coun Mrs. M.

L. Turner and children left for Marshfield, her former tome, where she will spend the holli cilmen of the city of Springfield. Fargo, but Mr. Bodkin, for some tion paid up the first of the year. TREASURER'S REPORT Section That the city marshal or street cause or other, withdrew the suit.

commissioners of this city are hereby ordered Josevh Wisby returned from his by the councilineu to build and construct side The bill claimed was fifty dollars Of the City of Springfield, for the Subscribe trip to Lamar, on last Saturday. "Wanted He swore that the bill was just and Quarter Ending Dec. walks and street crossings In the city of Springfield upon-Seventh street along the south side of block number forty-one (41) and forty-two Read the city clerk and treasurers unpaid, yet he withdrew the suit Received from license and occu report in another column in this issue (42) of said street, and that said walk shall be ten feet wide and shall be constructed in ac knowing that the bill was not justhe pation tax $104 days with relatives and friends. We wish her a happy time and a speedy reirn. The hevy rain and snow Monday and Tuesday, is a sure omen of a good crop for another year.

The farmer can rest assured that he will reap a full reward for hi3 labors another season. cordance to section one of ordinance number could'nt face the music. What kind If you contemplate making a farm Springfield, Kansas. Cash on hand t'l 30 Warrants endorsed and canceled. u3 46 twelve.

of a scheme is this? The dirty low loan don't fail to see Parsons Kem Section That this ordinance shall take ef- test and be in force from and after its publi down schemes that some men will per. $104 75 1104 75 M. L. TURNER, City Treasurer. cation.

THE SOAP-BOX stoop to! Hades is too good for Approved bv tne this 21st day of Nov. 1887. 1seai Subscribed and 6worn to before me Coal for sale by C. Moore, sec FRANK WHITE, Mayor. such men ond block east of the square, on Main Attest: I.

K. THOMAS, Acting Clerk. this 2Jnd day of December, 1887. Fravk White. Notary Public, So ward County, Kansas.

There is a difference between ad street. State or Kansas, Skwakd Cocntt. My term expires March 189L vertising to support a paper and ad Will. S. Gibson has traded for the $1.50 Per Year I hereby certify tnat the foregoing is a Published in "The Spring-Held Soap-Box, vertising to secure business.

The Mr. Jas. North has sold his restaurant business to the widow Barnes, who lias taken possession and is now running the same. Mr. North and his family have moved to their claim in the north part of the county.

east side residence property of J. J. true copy of the original ordinance adopted by the Mayor and Councilman of the city Bon Ton" Restaurant, Dealers in first is charity and i3 dependent, the 'inursaay, wovemoer Ordinance No- 37- An ordinance relating to elections. of Springfield, Kansas, on file in my office. latter is a business principle.

A mer Miller. Our farmer are jubilant over O. JAYNK, City Clerk of Springfield. Be it Ordained. By the Mayor and Council- chant who advertises to support a Confectionaries, Fruits, Nuts, Cigars, Oysters served in I wi 1 paper is the man who rushes up and men of the city of Spnngileld.

Section 1. That the regular annual election for mayor, councilmen and such other officers as bv law or ordinance are required to be elect the prospects for a good crop next season. (Published in Tm Springfield Soap-BoX It is quite a chemc for an editor to act as a correspondent from a neigh orders his advestisement out when 'inursaay, iiecemoer inot.i Ordinance No-39- ed bv the DeoDle. shall be held at such time as tli ranur PTnrctsim an nninirn that I is provided bv the statutes of thestate of Kan- Talk is cheap is this day and age, An ordinance fixing the salaries of certain I em4. in Mph vojir in t.hrt reflntftive wardft.

at boring town to his own paper. Such is the case in cur neighboring town officers of the city of Springfield, Kansas. does not suit him. While claiming but it takes money to buy coal and sucd places a. ttie mayor suaii direct.

Section 2. The places of holding elections. all styles at all Hours, lay or nave the finest lunch room in the Southwest Special invitation to Ladies. Call and give us a trial, in Lynn Nelson's Block. LON L.

TROUT Springfield, Kansas. Dt it Okdaiskd, by the Mayor and Coun the risht to his own opinions, he 6uf- I annual and special, shall be designated by the 9 3 1 mttviir Khali iiiR a umrlHtnatinn for ev whisky. cilmen of the Citv of Springfield. on the west Quite a scheme for one to vent his spleen. Section That the salary of the city clerk ers no newspaper to show any OppO- 8lch election, giving at least ten days nr I vrr I ir thRrwif- announcing the nlbce to be flll- tice thereof, announcing the offices to be fill The snow fall in the western coun is hereby fixed at the sum of seventy-fine (175.) dollars per year from the 1st day of September sition, or he will withdraw his adver ties was much heavi'.

than in this ed, or the proposition to be voted upon, and the place in each ward where the same is to be held; and he shaU also designate, in each ward three electors to act as iudires. and two elect tisement. The merchant who adver 1887. payable In quarterly installments out of the city treasury, and 10 cents per folio, for section. CO tises for business cares not a straw ors to act as clerks of such election.

The polls shall be opened at eight o'clock a. and entering ordinances in the ordinance book. fnr thf. nnirnrma th noiwT a Irmrr I closed at six o'clock p. m.

Vacancies in the Section 2. That tho salary of the city coun 6 nflice of ludre and clerk si office of judge and clerk Generally the men who are harping about high taxes never pay one cent shall be filled, and all cilmen and mayor are hereby fixed at the sum We are authorized to state that the bachelors hall of Jayne, Ewin, Chris-cn an 1 Shortman will have a sign out the tirst of the inviting the young ladies who take advantage of leap year, to rail. Go early ladies, so as to avoid tin- rusk. matters not provided for herein pertaining to as it has the circulation. of one doliar per meeting from the 1st day of the matter of conducting such elections shall of taxes.

tw. no nmviriftrl hv irt'llf rl 111 Liwa of September 1887, payable in quarterly Install The county attorney of Stephens I the state. I Kootinn 3 Tlpfom rmivinfr an votes the ments out of the city treasury. Notice the ad. of Tise Corbett in Section 3.

This ordinance shall take effect COUnty doae a Wise act when he re-I judges and clerks of each election shall sever- MRS. G. W. WINN, -DEALSH 15 and be in force from and after its publication. this issue, the popular grocers of used to have nothing to do with the: I support the constitution of the United States, Approved by me this 7th day of Nov.

1887. Springfield. 1 FRANK WHITE, Mayor, Gentlemex: Murray Watson the constitution of the state of Kansas, and libel Suits brought by Wood against will faithfully perform the duties ot their of- tice according to law, said oath or affirmation Cook and Cook against OOd. He Bba11 be In writing, shall be subscribed by the a Attest: 1. E.

THOMAS, Acting Clerk. 'Shug" Turner left jesterday foi nave two hundred and hlty men SHELF and HEAYY HARDWARE youth'9 and -it person laaiDgine same, kdq may oe kuuuuie- boy suits, and one huu- 3' suri, to spend the hollidays with says lb it if they wish to vent their tered by any person authorized to adm nuter tat of Kamab. i Bi- of oaths, and shall be annexed and returned osward cocktt. its tl at must be sold. If nis wst gin.

spleen at each other in this wav, they the poll books to the city clerk. I hereby certify that ti ilrrl nvprpnnt.o the foregoing is a true The Official Paper I I I section 4. ane city snail, oetore tne ume set copy of the original ordinance adopted by tie rou want a suit or overcoat dent i a-ents snouiu visiw our scnoois. ror noioung an election, deliver to one or tne must pay for it and not the county, must pay lor it and not the count v. Mayor and Councilmen of the City of Spring 1 T.

1 I wail, but call on tnem and secure a win eneourasre doiu tne teacners i wnereupon botn parties witndrew Don books and lists for that ward. field, Kansas, on file In my office. O. L. jATKft, Stoves and Tinware.

are be- and scholars. reat bartrain. These goods Of The Cityl dance, lot of each qualified voter offering to vote, and City Clerk of Springfield. their suit If they wish to let them pay for the music ueyosit Lilt- Hamv iu iuo wtiiu lwj uitu suaui not be opened until the polls are cloeed and ing sold at rock bottom prices. ine city ciert and treasurers re Published In The SPKinariEt-n Soap-Box, tue merits snail enter into tne poll dooks.

a lair hand, the name of every person voting port will be found in full for the past We have received three letters this xnursaav, uecemoer 1, jiy.i Ordinance No. 40. and tnat ot every person wno is rejectee, ana quarter, in this issue. Monarch and Quick PUMPS AND week from different parties in the SK1 thereto note the act of 8Uch An ordinance fixing a penalty for failure of Meal Gasoline Stoves WIND MILLS. Springfield, Kansas councilmen and mayor to meet at any meet Yes, all kinds east, asking for a copy of this paper toerVe orierttc xVm, aJtommand Section 6.

The judges shall have the power ing of the council of the city of Springfield. S. W. Corner of Square, Bk it Ordained, By the Mayor and Coun also stating that they intcd coming and styles at Murray "Watson's. the officers in attendance to arrest and to take before the police judge any person who shall, by violent and turbulent conduct, or in any other manner interfere with, hinder, disturb cilmen of the City of Springfield.

west in early spring. Two of them Prices that beat them alL Section 1. That it shall be the duty of the Our friends of law and order have proceeded to effect an organization in southwest Kansas, the object of which is to put a stop to the wholesale frauds so common at elections in this part of the state. A meeting was held at Garden City yesterday to eiTect such an organization. There is no doubt but what is much needed.

mayor and councilmen of said city of Spring or delay the judges or clerks in the discharge of their duties, or any voter exercising the want farm property and the other The Kansas Farmer, a 20 priviledge of voting; and for any such offense the offender shall be fined not less than five field to all meet at each regular meeting affix ed by ordinance and at each and all caUed page, SOAP- eiuht column paper, and the city property. They also requested us to forward them the name of (o.00t dollars nor more than twenty (tSO.OO) meeting made by the mayor of said city. I collars. Box one vear for $1.75. Section 2.

That should any member of the Section 7. At the close of the polls the judg r. STR-WART. CL.BRTAHJ council herein mentioned fail or refuse to at es shall proceed to call out the ballots and as Attorney-at-Law. 'tAbstractor i Notary a certain the number of votes given to each per some responsible realestate firm.

A copy of this issue will be forwarded each. tend any meetings therein provided without a reasonable excuse he shaU be liable to a fine The choicest holiday at Mr. Moore's, 2nd block east of son voted for, and shall continue the counting without intermission until all the ballots are cuunted, when they shall certify the aggregate of two dollars for each square on Main street Stewart Bryan, number ot vwes given tor eacn person, ana their certificates shall be attested by the City Laundry. Section 3. That should any member be fined for a violation of section two of this ordinance the amount of said fine shall be deducted and clerks.

Those wishing good laundry work We heard the old-time gingle of paid from the salary of said officers. the sleigh-bells on our streets on last snouid give me a caiL My prices Section 4. That this ordinance shall take ef Real Estate, Loan are as follows: Tuesday and Wednesday. fect and be In force from and after its publica tion. It is disgusting to sec the wav lick-spittel llepublieans who are running Democratic newspapers for revenue only, today to Mr.

Niles of the Land Office, and propose him for numerous official positions. C. F. M. Niles is an accommodating gentleman, but he is no such fool as to feel flattered ovtr the complimentary notices he receives from this source.

Iluskell Countv Review. for25cts. Fine shirts, The office of city attorney was de Approved by mo this 7th day of Nov. 1887. And Insurance Agents.

i 5 cts. FRANK WHITE. Mayor. clared vacant at a meeting of the for 10 cts. city council Wednesday night Attest: I.

E. THOMAS, Acting Clerk. State of Kansas, Seward county, Cuffs per pair, 5 cts. Socks per pair, 5 cts, bare a com pie list of eslrablS rperty Section 8. The ballots, as they are counted, shall be strung by one of the judges on a string or wire, and at the close of the count shall be replaced in the ballot box, which shall be securely fastened and safely sealed, and the same shall not be opened by -the judges or with their consent thercafer.

-i Section 9. A judge or clerk of election wfco shall commt nee serving as such, and fail to perlorni any ot the duties enjoined on bim by law or ordiuaoce.shall be lined in any sum not less than five tto uo) dollars nor more than one hundred ttlu0-0U dollars. Section 10. If any judge or clerk of election alter euU-ring upon the discharge of his da-ties shall, by sickness or other personal die-ability be unable to act, another may be appointed in bis place as is provided by the general election laws of the state; in such case the person substituted, as hereinbefore required, and the fact of substitution and the time It took place, shaU be noted on the poll books. Section 11.

It shall be the dutv of the citv The Soap-Box for sale at extremely low prices. From all appearances, a couple of for 5 cts. weddings are on tapis in this city for Ct Story. I hereby certify that the foregoing Is a true copy of the original ordniaoce adopted by the Mayor and councilmen of the city of Spring hollidays. Look a "leedle oudt" CITY PROPERTY A SPECIALTY.

Reliable information has reached $1.50 Per Year! field, Kansas, on file fn my office. O. I. JAYJTE, The tree has been procured and is this citv. to the effect that Mr.

Chas. citv clerk of SptiogteM. now being ueeorated preparatory for Tu who some ti gince At- 1. i A A 1 .1 Published fn Thi Sprinoffeld Soap-Box, We have the only Compter iue curisimas tree to-morrow nignc mia With his wife, whose health marshal to station suitable and a sufficient xnursaay, Kovemoers. iwi.j Ordinance No- 3.

Set of Abstract Books: Must sell $500 worth of watches, An ordinance creating the office of eity assea sot and fixing compensation of same, and re clocks, iewelrv, silverware, etc. in The Neutral Strip, or No Man's Land should be under the jurisdiction of the United States, as it is at rsent, is a perfect harbor for all the outlaws in the United States. It would be a God's blessing if it could be opened up for settlement and at-tatcbed to Kansas for judicial purposes. Murdera are being there almost daily, and yet the: is no law to govern them whatever. quiring Dona.

was very much iainared, died on the for the purpose of preserving order and de- 1 corum, and to enforce the lawful commands 10th lUSt, at Colton, Cal. Mr. Tur- of the judges of election. Section K. It shall be tbedtrty of the city ner many friends Of this City join in clerk to deliver a copy of this ordinance to at 1....

tkn rental nt FOR SBWARD COOTT. Be it Ordained, By the Mayor and Council-men of the fHtv of Snrinirflplrt. If yon Want a correct! abstract In ikt o- side of sixty days. IIadley tiii: Jeweler. i Subscribe Section That the mayor with the consent Itice, give us call.

with US in 83 patoysing with the be- this city previous to any election. 01 tne councilmen. snail appoint a ettv or, who shall be a qualified elector of the reaved husband in his sad loss. and possess the Qualifications oeeessa Section 13. When two or more persons shall have an equal number of votes for the office of mayor or any other elective office, except We would be pleased to have all proper discharge of the duties of the offioejind whose term of office shall be for one Tear from A Solid lump Of COal containing councilman, in this city, the city council shall of our out-of-the-county delinquent Correspondence Solicited.

Springfield, Kansas. date of his appointment. The city assessor shall receive as compensation the sum of 1100. 00 for the whole term for bis services. Before eighty-seven CUblC feet end Weighing edln the following manner: They shall cause subscribers, pay up in full by the 6,351 pounds was exhibited at the sucn asssssor enters upon rite duties of his of first of the year.

fice, be snail take and subscribe an oath to support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the state and to faith Notice: Please call and settle fully dlscnarge tne duties of the office, and shall give bond in the sum of one thousand dollars, te De approved by toe mayor, condi- your accounts before the first of the year and greatly oblige Murrat Watson. Texas state fair recently held at Dallas. It was the largest block of coal ever taken from a mine in the United States. Ex. Ugh! Wish we had him this cold weather.

He wouldn't be near so big next spring. tioned for the faithful and Impartial discharge of the duties of the office of assessor, Provided, That any such assessor may be re moved py a majority vote of tfle council. Sections. This ordinance shall take effect and be In force from asd after its publica The climax of hard times was rcaihed throughout the country generally some weeks ago, since when there has been a general improvement ia all classes of business. Things must remain quiet in the west for a couple of months yet, but with the approach of spring and the advent of new settlers and the of new enterprises there must it-, fjulckenin of the commercial evervtLinr resume its wont- iwcivq BlirerHtc? uauuuj vi yi itayur iaj uv prepared, equal in size and similar in appearance, with the name of each candidate writtne upon an equal number, and neatly folded with the name upon the iuside; the slips so prepared shall be put into a box and weU mixed; eleven of said slips shall then be drawn out by the city clerk and counted as votes and the person having the highest number of ballots so drawn shall be declared elected, and a certificate of election shall be issued to him by the clerk in a manner hereinbefore provided.

Section 1. Every person, over the age of twenty-one years, who shall be a citizen of the United States, or who shall havo declared his idtention to become such as provided by law and who shall have resided this state for the period of six (6) months, and who shall have been a bona fide resident of the ward in which he offers to vote for thirty (30) days next preoeeding any election, shaU be entitled to vote for the city officers In snch ward. Section 15. Everson who shall vote or offer to vote more than race at any election held in this city, for city officers shall, upon conviction, be fined not lose than twenty XMX dollars nor more than one hundred (flW.OO) tion. A nnMOAl flAnhimlui, 9A 1Q? FRANK WHITS, Mayor.

CHRIEN. SHORTMAN Plain and Ornamental HOUSE and SIGN PAINTING! All Work Promptly and Neatly Executed. Tksy ksi Constantly on hand a large Supply of Paints, D's, Sfsti, czd Erzrythizy to be found in a First-cisss Paint Sh ip. A musical entertainment will be to-morrow evening, just before the presents willl be distributed from the tree. Remember the hoiliday ball given in this city on next Wednesday night by the Phcenix club.

It will be a AticBi: u. mm ax ty uier. Stat or Kansas, 1 8BWABD COUKTT. The soap factory epidemic which is raging in Kansas is likely to result in the emigration of Sam Wood to A rkinsaw. Garden City Herald.

Wood should not emigrate, for the Lord knows that he needs soap as had as any of. ns. I hereby certify that the foregoing is true copv of the original ordinance adopted by he Mayor and Counclimen of tho City of Springfield, Kansas, on Bio in my cast. O. I JATXE.

City Ork 1 i rt'ttftli..

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