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The Springfield Soap-Box from Springfield, Kansas • 3

The Springfield Soap-Box from Springfield, Kansas • 3

Springfield, Kansas
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Li What Springfield Kas- A drug 8 tore will be opened up in -HARDWARE I5 OAP-BOX. Mayor's Proclamation SPECIAL ELECTION NOTICE- the north room of the Clarendon ho From Use boom edition of the Courant. When it is considered that Spring IL53 tel in the near future, under the firm name of Wick Ilcmpstid. mi is imm. Incorporated.

Capital Stock, Bank of Springfield Cprlncflold, Coward County, Kansas. OFFICERS. -FOR- In obedience to the instructions of field was declared the permanent county seat of Seward county just The Soap-Box from bow until Jan th Ia 0rn1 Seward tHy' transmission through the wa Kxa -class matter. the city council, and by virtue of the eight months ago, the present busi uary 1st, 18S9, for Ons dollar and authority, vested in me by the laws1 Hetrdwarey Stones and TINWARE, half in advance. Come and avail cf the state of Kansas, and the ordi-! OFFICIAL CITY PAPER.

a X. IfXHRJAM, ideBt. yourselves of this grand offer. ML. i.

TLMA J.K, UUltl; JOHK r. YAK TOOBHI9, Ylce rrMrt. V. AMwtABt Outlet. DIRECTORS.

nances enacted thereunder, a election of the Qualified elector of SPRING FIELD. KAJT3AS, DEC.1.1S8T. Messrs J. B. Hargett and J.

E. -CALL ON- the city of Springfield, is called for Hunt, of Moscow, were in the city YOTEt ness enterprises that are located here, speak volumes for her future prosperity and the confidence that those who have invested their money here, have in the metropolis of Southwestern The stocks of goods car-ried by our merchants woald be a Credit to any city of fire thousand in- I Tuesday, December 6th, 188T, at! yesterday making final proof in sup Vt bonds 1 sb which election there will be two port of their claims. We acknowl edge a call. XD. A- WAT90JC.


K. fc. ftfcnri frS11. Exchange. Drafts on Principal Cities.

Collections made And promptly fto? mittod. Special Accommodations to our Customers. tar-Information to Straagera Visiting our City. Cheerfully TonilsaMc. Harry Crawford, Second Door East of Postofflee, Springfield, Kansas.

Tot for Water Works! propositions submitted to the electors CO of said city. 1 have thirteen different makes of 1 hrbitants in the state, and with hard- First proposition: an exception the business men of Money to Loan on Real and chattel security. Shall there be five thousand dol CORBESP05TDETS- National Bank of New Tofk City. American National Sank sewing machine needles, which will fit any machine made. Second block east of square, Springfield, Kansas.

C. W. Moouk. Springfield are of that energetic, Did yoa feast oa turkey? Verj pleasant once moit. Christmas Is just upon us.

Springfceld will get thre E1L Snow, rain and mud this week. lars of bonds issued bv the citv to City I ui AMiHM ny first national or uaraca BUILDERS open-harted and public-spirited class fund the indebtedness of said city. that makes a suceess of tneir under Second proposition. LPubliahed In "The Springfield Soup-Box," Publication ffotic. Shall there be fifteen thousand dol takings and are of vast importance to the prosperity and growth of the city xnursdsy, motouiDct Ki, ievti-l Ordinance No- 37 The snow and rain which has fell the past week almost assures a bountiful harvest for 1883.

lars in bonds issued to aid in the St atb or KiifSAf, I Nbat about Laving a Christmas and county. reward Coonty In the Justice's court. Iwfbrw Robert. Anjordinanee relating: to elections. Be it Ordained.

Bv the Mavor o4 Council- tree. construction of ay system of water works for said of which bonds There are at the present time sev 3. A. Williams, Plaintiff, vs. Job work neatly and promptly ex.

eral two-story business Louses near- A. T. Wood, Defendant. 1 men of the city of SprinsrtieM. Section 1.

That the regular annual election for mayor, councilmen and such other officer as by law or ordinance are required to be elected by the people, shall be held at such time as shall bear interest at the rate of sev ecutou. SAID defendant, A. F. Wood will take notice that he has been sned in the aliove-nam- ng completion in the "Santa Fe ad en per cent per aanum, pavable Job work for McKitrick and Ilub-bard, Adams Stewart and Probate Judge Etzold since our last A move is on foot that if accomplished, will place Springfield second to no town in western Kansas. dition which will be occupied in the ed court for upon an account for professional services and medicine, and must answer the la provided by the statutes or the state of Kansas, in each year in the respective wards, I or arn loans call on Parsons semi-annually.

near future by stocks of merchandise. Kcniper. This spce reserved for A. F. TURNER, dealer in Confection-ariesand School petition niea toerein Dy said plaintiff on or before the second day of December A.

D. or said petition will taken as true, and judgment for plaintiff in said action fof (thirty-sev There is in this now, all doing a good sucn places as tne mayor suaii direct. Section t. The places of holding elections, annual and special, shall be designated by the mayor. He shall issue a proclamation for every such election, giving- at least ten days notice thereof, announcing the offices to be Ailed, or the proposition to be voted upon, and for water works for en dollars and forty cents) 137.40 and in the at YoU bonds our city.

In testimony whereof I hereto set my hand and affix the seal of said city. Done at my office in said city of Springfield, this November 25th, business: tachment tne rein granted, win be renderea accordingly. attest: L. P. ROBE UTS, said court. Harris, Attorneys for plaintiff. Quite a blizzard struck us last Fri 1887. day nlgt CoraeHo the front on water works, ferUcmaa. me piace in cacn ward wnere tne same is to De held; and he shall also designate, in each ward three electors to act as judges, and two electors to act as clerks of such election. The polls shall be opened at- eight o'clock a.

and closed at six o'clock p. m. Vacancies in the office of judge and clerk shall be filled, and ail matters not provided for herein pertaining to the matter of conducting such elections shall be as provided by the general election laws of the state. Section 3. Before receivlrj any votes the Attorneys Wisby and Webb and Ed.

Watson left for Garden City and other points on the road this morning. Must sell $500 worth of watches, clocks, jewelry, silverware, etc, inside of sixty days. Hadley the Jeaveleb. Frank White, Mayor. Attest: G.

P. Leiohtox, Clerk, pro tern. SEAL. Christmas tree for the Trepare a little'folks. judges and clerks of each election shall sever-aUy take an oath or affirmation that they will support the constitution of the United States, the constitution of the state of Kansas, and Every voter our city should come out to the polls and cast one If the bonds for water works car vote for the issueinz of bonds for ry, and they certainly will, there will securing water works for our city.

will faithfully perform the duties of their office according to law, said oath or affirmation shall be in writing, shall be subscribed by the person taking the same, and may be administered by any person authorized to administer oaths, and shall be annexed and returned with the poU books to the city clerk. be an immense amount of work for mere is no one thing tnat is more our laborers and freighters. Cofcaty scrip has advanced ten per csnt'tecently. See" Iladley, tlujewelerat Springfield, Kansas. A full line stationery at the post-efface confectionery.

Two banks, Two hotels. Five lawyers. Two Three physicians. One barber shop. Two drug stores.

Four newspapers. Two billiard halls. Three restaurants. One meat market Four loan breakers. Two dealers in coaL Three livery stablea.

One millinery store. One furniture store. Three grocery stores. One Chinese laundry. Two hardware stores Five real estate agents.

One confectionary store. One flour and feedstore. One book and stationeryjstore. Section 1. The city shall, before the time set for holding an election, deliver to one of the judges, in each ward, a ballot box and blank poll books and tally lists for that ward.

We are this week in receipt of the program of the State Teacher's Association which is to be held in Topeka CHRISEN. SHORTMAN Plain end Ornamental HOUSEand SIGN PAINTING I All Work. Promptly and Neatly xcutd They keep Constantly on hand a large Supply of Paints, 57, Ossr and Everything to found in a first-class Paint Shop. Springfield, ItaniaoV needed and tnat would be or more benefit to our thriving little town than the putting in of water works in our city. Nothing would enhance the valuation of our city real estate Section 5.

The judges shall receive the ballot of each qualified voter offering to vote, and deposit the same in the ballot box. which shall on December 27-29, 1887. not be opened until the polls are closed; und the dlerks shall enter into the poll books, in a fair hand, the name of every person voting City Laundry- more, or Would induce capitalists to Springflaldreal estate is fast advancing in valuation. All kinds of Flour, Feed and Seeds at 3Iurray Watson's. Those wishing good laundry work and that of every person wna is rejectee, ami opposite thereto note the fact of such rejection.

Section 6. The ludires shall have the power invest in our city. It is an undispu should give me a call. My prices ted fact that while we go a consider are as follows Fine skirts two for 25 cts. Subscrme on Parsons Kemper.

Undershirts, 5 cts. able depth for water, we have a never-failing supply, and all that is necessary is to secure the necessary machinery to lift it, and as we will have to have hydrons and other water fixtures in the near futre, it will only be The Red Front" livery has the Collars, three for 1 0 cts. Cuffs per pair, 5 cts. One drv eroods and clothing: store. best turnouts in thecity.

Socks per pair 5 cts, Christmas is near at hand, so ad- Handkerchiefs, two for 5 cts. to preserve order at the polls, and to command the officers in attendance to arrest and to take before the police judge any person who shall, bv violent and turbulent conduct, or in any other manner interfere with, hinder, disturb or delay the judges or clerks in the discharge of their duties, or any voter exercising the priviledge of voting; and for any such offense the offender shall be fined not less than live (C5.0U) dollars nor more than twenty dollars. Section 7, At the close of the polls the judges shall proceed to call out the ballots aud ascertain the number of votes given to each person voted for, and shall continue the counting without intermission until all the ballots are counted, when they shall certify the aggregate number of votes given for each person, and their certificates shall be attested by the clerks. Section 8. The ballois, as tbey are oounied, shall Lie strung by one of the judges on a string or wire, and at the close of the count shall be replaced in the ballot box, which shall be securely fastened and safely sealed, and the same shall cot be opened by the judges or with their consent thereat er.

Ct Story. tertise your holiday goods. Eagle Chief Restaurant, M.Y.SLADE, Proprietor. EAST SIDE SQUARE, SPRINGFIELD, KANSAS. Too can get all kinds of dress THE SOAP-BOS Owing to us being a little late this week, we are able to make -mention of the fact that word was received on goods at Murray Watson's.

The finest line of cigars in the citv economizing to make the right start now by securing the bonds whereby we van purchase good and suitable machinery. Vote bonds gentlemen, besides the convenience and pleasure it will afford you, it will enhanee the valuation of your property fifty per cent One wagon and black smith shop. Two stocks of general merchandise. Numerous mechanics of all kinds and laborers who find employment almost every day in the year. There is no class of buisness overdone in this city.

There is room for more and those in 6eareh of a location will learn many interesting facts by corresponding with the secretary of the Springfield Board of Trade. the stage to-night to the effect that the name of our postoffice has been at the postofflce confectionery. For fresh groceries and provis changed from LaGrandto Springfield. $1.50 Per Year! Sec Lion 9. A judge or clerk of election who ions, go to Murray Watson's.

Day or Week Board 1 HOT LtJiCn AT ALL HOURS. This is something that our people have been longing to hear. It lifts shall cauimence servuier as sucn. ana iau to Derlorm anv of the duties enjoined on him by Runor is afloat to the extent that Uw or ordinance.shall be fined in any sum not less than five I5.00 dollars nor more than one quite a load off the minds of the citi hundred (1100.00.) dollars. The Clarendon hotel was the scene cf a social hop on last evening.

Go to W. Moore, one block east The proclamation issued last week Sppiinn 10. If anv i udire or clerk of election a cou; le of our boys who' went with the hunting party from this place a few weeks since into the Fanhan- zens of Springfield. after entering upon the discharge of his duties shall, bv sickness or other personal dis- by our Honorable Mayor, stipulating mil for an plfKtinn tn vrtf hnn.a Register of deeds, I. E.

Thomas ohiiitT he unable to act. another mar be ap of square, for all kinds of inks. ITrt pointed in his place as is provided by the gen- lost from the party, has contested the election of J. T. Gents, if you want a nice dress" and Lave not been seen for six or Botkin to the office of register of suit, call at Murray fc Watson's, ciht days.

of deeds, on the grounds that illegal MRS. G. W. WINN, Sheriff llixon has been quite busy were cast at the east precinct of Far- eiCCtlOa IHWB IUC HI PUVU WM IUO person substituted, as hereinbefore required, and the fact ot sabstiution ana the time it took place, shall be notl on the poll books. Section 11.

It shall be the duty of the city marshal to station suitable and a sufficient number of policemen at each place of voting lor the purpose of preserving order and decorum, and to enforce the lawful commands ol the judges of election. Section 12. It naU be the duly of cltrk to deliver a copy of this ordinance to si least one of the judges oi the several wai this week, in his official capacity. go township. If this precinct is City Ordinances.

-DliUl IK- will give Mr. Thomas Parsons Kemoer are makin- anr lDrown out 11 lars; five thousand dollars for the re-1 funding of what city script has been issued, and fiifteen thousand for the securing of suitable machinery for water works for our city is not generally understood, we think. It is the impression with some that the fiive thousand dollars in scrip to be refunded, has been isued to pay for 2L 8 4 CD i Pnblisbed in The Sprxxgfikm Soap-Box amount of farm loans at present majority, a SHELF and Mil IffiDIABE Ioniy gives Air. roiKm a majority, and there was 256 votes cast at this this city previous to sny election. Section 13.

When two or more persons shall have an equal number of votes tor the of mavor or anv other elective office, except councilman, in this city, the council shall determine bv ballot who shall be declared elected in the follow inr manner: Tbey shall loan don't fail to see Parsons precinct Stoves and Tinware, the putting in of side walks, printing ordinances, and try to leave the Thursday, December 1. 187. Ordinance No- 38- An ordinance providing for the construction of sidewalk Along Seventh Btreet in the cit of Springfield. Be it ordained, By the Mayor and Coun-cilmen of the city of Springrfleld. Section That the city marshal or street commissioners of this city are hereby ordered by the councilmen to build and construct sidewalks and street crossings in the city of Springrfleld upon Seventh street along the south 6ide of block number forty-one (41) and forty-two (i2) of said street, and that said walk shall be The beautifursnow that fell on last Friday made the welkin ring far and near.

impression with the pedple that our honorable Mayor and Conncil have Monarch and Quick twelve sepevate ballots or slips of paper to be prepared, equal in size and similar iu appearance, wilii the name of each candidate writine upon an equal number, and neatly folded with the name upon the iuside: the so prepared shall be pi't into a box and well rafxed; eleven of said slips shall then be drawn out by the city clek and counted as votes and the person harintr tuo highest number of ballots so drawn shall be declared elected, and a certificate of election shall be issued to him by the clerk in a manner hereinbefore provided. Section H. Every person, over the age of twpntv-one veara. who sha'l be a citizen of the been to exorbitant in their dealings PUMPS JfID Messrs. Green, Mengenback and Fullerton, of Greensburg and members and directors of the Green Ilotel Co.

of this place, were in the city Friday and Saturday transacting business. They were gladly surprised at the rapid progress contractor Sloan is making with their hotel building. They are useing all means and energy possible toward the com-pletioan of their building. hills. Springfield, Kansas.

with the City's funds. Now the rea son for stating that some do not un ten feet wide and shall be constructed in ac S. W. Corner of Square, The Official Paper Little Irene Turner was token quite ill withdyphthcria, on last Tuesday night Coal for sale by Moore, second block cast of the square, on Main street cordance to section one of ordinance number twelve. Section 2.

That this ordinance shall take ef- derstand the above, is simply this: United States, or who shall have declared his idtention to become sucn as proviaea ny law and who shall have resided in this state for the period of six (B) months, aDd who shall have been a bona fide resident of the ward in fest and be in force from nd after its publi- issued, which is asked to be refunded cation. Of The Citv! ApproTea dt me vnis zist aay or rov. isi. FRANK WHITE, Mayor. which he offer to vote tor tmn (du aays next preceed'ng' anv election, shall be entitled to vole for the eily officers in each ward.

by the voting of bonds, it has not alone for the paying of side-walks, Attetf I. K. THOMAS, Acting Clerk. To day. county commissioners End-don who shall vote or offer Every right thinking man will vote for the issuing of bonds for water works.

printing, etc. $4,000 of this script Scates and Kimball "was arrested un to vote nioi-e than roce at any election hekl in this irv. for citv ofPtevs shall, upon convic State of Kansas, Seward County, S3. was issued for machinery for the tion, be fined not lese than twenty (20.00) dol- der tue cnarge or extorting money I hereby certify that the forcgolngr is a lars nor irore tuan one nuworva wjwaw uw water works which caused an injunc lars. from the county.

They were arraign true copy of the original ordinance adopted by the Mayor and Councilmen of the city of Springrfleld, Kansas, on file in my office. Section 16. It any person. ot qualified votCT C. L.BBYAJFJ tion to be served on our Mayor and W.

STEWART, Abstxac BtOr h.taryj under thlaordinansa, (ball ana winiui lv -wot xtmm election in thl ritv. for city otBcer. Attorney-at-law. ed before Squire Roberts, whereupon Scate3 gave bond in the sum of $500 on eonTletton. Sued in (am not leu O.

L. JAYXE, City Clerk of Springfield. Harry Nelson has received his billiard outfit, anJ is now prepared for business. If you wish anything in the way of fine candies call at the postofflce than dollars nor more than one Council, to stop them from further procedure in the matter, whereupon the Mayor issued the above mention for hi3 appearance before Squire bnndred (f 100.00) dollars. Stewart Bryan, Published In Th SFRivcrtEi.T Soap-Box MTttan IT.

No aerson bnt a qualified voter, un Roberts for his preliminary examina der thia ordinance, ahatl be entitled to challenge the rWbt of any person te vote at any eity etoction xnureaay, uecemoer vxt Ordinance No-39- An ordinance Hxing the salaries of certain ed proclamation which leaves only about $1,000 that has been issued for Rastinn li. If anv oeraon desire to contest the tion, on next Monday, while Kimball refused to give bond and is still in Real Estate, Loan1 election of any person appearing- by the returns to have been elected to any city office, such person officers of the city of Springfield, Kansas. hn in Trrttinar to the citv Council wnnin A part or tne boom edition of the the custody of the sheriff! It is high Bs it Ordained, by the Mayor and Coun Courant was cilmen of the Citv of Springfield. received last week and side-walks, printing and other necessaries. Mow $1,000 does not seem to be an exorbitant amount of money ten day a after the election, the grounds of Isaid contest, and the Ceuneil shall flx a time and place at which they will hea and determine said contest: and the person contesting- shall immediately And Insurants Agents.

Section 1. That the salary of the city clerk time that these rascals were brought to justice and punished to the fullest distributed. is hereby fixed at the sum of seventy-fine (tT5.) thereafter serve noon tne person whom to be expended since tne organiza extent of the law. be contests, a similar notice of the grounds of dollars per year from the 1st day of September 1887. payable in quarterly installments out of W.

hav. a eompl. list of Trcpefty contest, with the time and place at which the Loun-eU will bear and determine the same. tion of our city, considering the a- the city treasury, and 10 cents per folio for Mother and Bobh To Mr. Mrs.

on last Saturday, a girL baby doing well sor sal. at extremely low prices. Corner-stone Laying. Bixrnn 19. At the time and nlaee fixed ky hhe mount of work done.

The $4,000 entering ordinances in the ordinance book. The public service of laying the city Council, they shall hear and determine such nAt -a in thalr Indsement shall appear just and Section 2. That the salary of the city coun of script which was issued for water cilmen and mayor are hereby fixed at the sum lawful, and the decision rendered by the Conncil corner-stone of the First Methodist shall be final and conclusive. works fixtures, will not come amiss, of one dollar per meeting from the 1st day of CITY PROPERTY -A SPECIALTY. Kootisn tn.

The Judires and Clerks ot election September 1887, payable in quarterly install The grand ball and supper given at the Clarendon on last evening was a financial success. as it will be applied with the other hall each be entitled to two (5.60) dollars for each day they shall serve as such, and the Mayor ments ou of the city treasury. Episcopal church of Springfield, Seward county, Kansas, will be held at 11a.m., Thursday, December 15th, Section 3. This ordinance shaU take effect $15,000, which amount if anything is mad Clark shall draw orders npoa the general fund and be in force from and after its publication. We hava tfc only Complete la the city treasury In payment of such fees as soon as the votes cast atr the election are canvass- k.

rstv Cnaactl. ramble to the paniee en yet not large enpugh. '87 The address will be delivered by Approved by me this 7A day of Nov. 1SS7. FRANK WHITE, Mayor, Attest: 1.

E. THOMAS, Acting Clerk. "We think the better way would Springfield's assessable property will assess somewhere inthe neighborhood of $400,000. Set of Abstract Books titled to the same as appears upon ui returu' sueh election, the Rev. A.

P. George, presiding el The Soap-Box have been to have called the election Section 21. That ordinance snail do in lorce TOR SEWARD COtTNTT. der of the Garden City district Pas- from and after its passage and pubucation. -w I A a ror the voting or Donds in St ai of Kansas, I Seward County, Approved, ovemoer iti.

If you want a aorreet abstract in k.rk moi City Marshal, LArrabee nas this tors oi adjoining cnarges win De in Xiiana. nut, mjui. stead of $15,000, for city water ttbt1 I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true jtioa, give us a call. week moved to the upper rooms of attendence. The public is cordially P.

LioHTOf City Cleric, pro tem. copy of the original ordinance adopted by the works, and $5,000 bonds for defray- Mayor and Councilmen of the City of Spring State of Kansfcs, Seward county, $1.50 Per Year! invited to attend. J. B. Bradlit, inst the expenses of the city instead I hereby certify thfrt tne foregoi; is a true field, Kansas, on file in my office.

O. L. Jaynb, City Clerk of SprinjrfieM. copy of the original ordinance adopted by the Correspondencw Solicited. Springfield, Kansas, of refunding the outstanding script Dr.

Adams store building. Mrs. M. M. Gibson was quite sick the fore part oi the week, but we are happy to say is convalescing.

Jno. R. F. Miles, Trustees. Mayor arna Lounciimen or nv city oi cimur Of course, in refunding our script, J.

A. Wemplx, 3 Published in The Spring ijld Solp-Box, field, is an was, on we my oince. L. JATNE, Citv Clerk of Springfield. the bonds will be sold at a discount xmirsaay, ueceuiuer xooi.i Ordinance No.

40. The boom edition of the Courant The firm of Adams of ten per cent, vwnien tne law says Stewart, for Snrinsrfield Board of Trade. An ordinance fixing a penalty for failure ef councilmen and mayor to meet at any meet it cannot be sold for less, and wil ing: of the council of the eity of Springfield. wure granted a permit ror been received and is a typographic selling of liquors yesterday. ical beanty It wag pubUsbed in the draw seven per cent interest the lit it Ordain kd.

By the Mayor and Coun oilmen of the City of Spring-field. same as the script,) which is givin The mayor has ordered an assess- Herald office at Garden City. It is a Section 1. That it shall be the duty of the ten cents on the dollar for the privil- mayor and councilmen of said city of Springr rPubliebed in Th SntntGiTEtJ Soajp-Box, Thursday, November 84. 1S87.

Ordinances Mo- 36. An ordinance creating the office of eity asses sor and fixing compensation of came, and requiring bond. Be it Ordained, By the Mayor and Council-men of the City of Springfield. Section 1. That the mayor with the consent of the councilmen, shall appoint a city assessor, who shall be a qualified elector of the city and possess the qualifications necessa to a proper discharge of the duties of the offiee.and whose term of office shall be for one year from date of his appointment.

The city assessor shall receive as compensation the suth of $100. 00 for the whole term for his servtes. Before such asfsor enters upon tho duties ef bis of- fleld to all meet at each regular meeting; affix egd of paying our debts now, which laent of Springfield's property, and 8Vea c011111111. eiSat page paper baa appointed Jake Lycans as asses- Printe( with long primer type, and ed by ordinance and at each and all called meeting made by the mayor of said city. or.

neatly and artistically printed. To does not necessarily have to be paid yet But, by voting bonds to de- Section 2. That should any member ot the council herein mentioned fail or refuse to at say the least the piece of work is a tend any meetings therein provided without "East Side" Livery Sta Mr. HR Grable, of Meade Center, credit to the office, and cannot be fray the expenses of the city, when a waa in town this week looking up the beaten in any office in the state. It bU1 i9 Presented for labor ll wiU reasonable excuse he shall be liable to a line fi he hatl take and sulwcrilie an oath to uDiort the constitution of the United states chances of brick manufacturing next is chuck full of good news for Spring- presentea ior iHuurcra field, Seward county and Southwest- as they know that it will be paind'in season and tho constitution of the state and to faithfully discharge the duties of the ofioe, and shall give bond in the sum of one thousand dollars, te be approved by the mayor, conditioned for the faithful and impartial discharge monev.

dollar per dollar, while if it em Kansas. It. E. Hicks, with the of the duties of the oHice or assessor. of two dollars for each offense.

Section. 3. That should any mem oer be lined -for a violation of section two of this ordinance the amount of said fine shall be deducted and paid from the salary of said officer. Bection 4. That this ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its publication.

Approved by me this 7th day of Nov. 18ST. FRANK WHITE, Mayor. Attest: I. E.

THOMAS, Acting Clerk. Provided. That be re- assistance of J. S. Painter, editor of any sucn assessor may ritv vote of the council, any such assessor may toritv vote oi ine counc moved by a mai Section This ordinance shall take ef- tha Garden City ITerald, and whom Attorney, L.

J. Webb, of Topeka, in town thia week shaking hands wUU the boys. It was through Mr. We. vsluabl assistance that if ceived the county seat honors.

the matter has mostly been left to, feet and be in force from and after its publication. Approved September 2fi, 1W. FRANK WHITE, Mayor. Attests O. L.

JAYME, City Clerk, a is paid in script which is only worth 50 or 60 per cent on the dollar," the wages will be raised accordingly. Our worthy mayor and council are doing everything in theit- power to further the interests of Springfield. Much credit is due them for their JVM. WEIL, Manager. FIRST- CLAS TURNOUTS i Stcci Boarded by Day or have used every effort in their power to do justice to our city and county, Statb of Kansas, cur people Have new I and have nwHv Rnnpa M.

Beemlnglj vigor aaJ III and are striving hard- While we do not altogether aDDroye I hereby certify that the foregwtri? is a true oodv of tfee original ordinance Councilmen State of Kansas, Seward county, I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the original ordnianee adopted by the Mayor and councilmen of the city of Springfield, Kansas, on file in my office. O. I. JAYNE, CitT Clerk of SjripgleM. tr s.a ever to make Springfield one of pictorial biographical sketches of never tiring efforts, and we should adopted by the Mayor and of the City of Springfield, Kansas, oa cf Hie largest and txst towns in individuals, we must say that it is a appreciate it raort fully by endorsing Ale to my omce.

JAYNE, City Clrknf SprlngSai tfc ii 1 'fns- boon, edition" for their ctv.

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