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The Springfield Soap-Box from Springfield, Kansas • 4

The Springfield Soap-Box from Springfield, Kansas • 4

Springfield, Kansas
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.1 VjlAD HAV C. T. Hickman, formerly of the Publication Notice. City Ordinances. -HARDWARE Itss OFFICIAL VOTE OF SEWARD COUNTY.

Ti following Is the corrected official vote of Seward County, as was canvassed by the Com. missioners on last Friday. wmi lveuuoj limes gave us a pleasant cull Stat of Kaxsas, this raerning- Pfollshed in Ta Sprincpiei-d Soab-Box, Seward County In the Justice's court, before JUtl. EoberU. A.

Williams. Plaintiff, vs. inurscar. Novemljtir 3, Ordinance No. 34.

1 i -FOR- Mrs. II. Way, formerly a resident Sprin jGovEcld! JFr.rgo Seward Liberal ii ordinance lor tne suonrossion of Lewd- A. F. Wood, Defendant.

rnstoWoo. Seward lit 1U 1 Tj. Tp. Tp. -9 Oak City, left 1 Pitt- lf.

nt itUui taa eurioi JU) hums oi'. tbe city of i cv rr transmission them SAID defendant, A. F. Wood will take notice iHut hn baa been sned In the above-nam i t-i-its matter. CANDIDATES.

sas, this morning. 1b it By the Mayor and Coun- lltl or tt Siril" ed court tor pon an account for professional services and uietixine. and must answer the Havdwave, Stoves and TINWARE, I ctio.i 1. Xluii; ii uuy uian woman shull. OFFICIAL CITY 1'APFR.

t' THING FIELD, KANSAS. K0V.17. Oram amor I rami.y wiit pr ably becom a rvMe'it of 1 iu the near future. petition lileU therein by plaintiff on or oe-1'ore theupcoml day of Decemher A. D.

ISST. or said petition wili be tnken us true, snd judgment for plaintiff in Mill action i'or (thirty-seven dollars rnd forty ccntsi and in the at irt Judijioi District A A i' I r. a. i 4l 152 45 2i 21 11.1 tachment theicm granted, will be reooerea 3 4i li Si! 1 2'. -CALL 0N- Wah-hoc! cn accordingly.

ATTEsr: L. V. ROBERTS, Theo. Pierce home from 1:1 A. I.

STK'ktLi l. 8.) oi sain conn. Miles Hartiis, Attotueys for plaintiff. 15 his extended visit to Missouri the lat 14 21! Hi! S. A little cool.

iiuu tae liaii- of the city of kt-vp'or any House other bjiiuiua, tte louui in uuy iiono or otlitr iui- any ioft-ti pui-kku or purpoM-d, cu iJii tr wuiuaa siuill upuu cuiiviuujti tuereof nuu in any not less tliuti uve uolluri, ujuiuru tbau one huiiuiv-J tiuiiars. 2. X-ia luuu or woman shall utpuuyuoujo or buihliiior j.niu ily uouse or uibor ijuiiuiti iviUilu li-e cor-jlnuu imiiis oi xli'i City oc iiinifiyiieia vvlucli lii l. le oi sueti niuil or wouutu lvsor.utt to uy otiieis ior uuy lewu purpose oll'Ui Kjstb. tiieii uiiiil or tvoiuuu tjUuil upou tuei.oi, uu linevi iu uuy sia not Itks lam Uve uullttt una not execeuiu oue liiiitirt.a uoliais.

jveiijuo U' any woman bbull keep uouseor eiiicr, or room Iu any B4oce or otiivr butiUie iq.u liio eoiporato tiiits oi vuecfty ol turiuiioiu, lor tiie pur ter part of last week. 3JM Harry Crawford, Second Door East of Post-office, Springfield, Kansas. tr-j I ii Misses Ilattie Stabler Sv.e 214 10 23 li ii! 4." 1 SSTjriif, vinxox W. A. ltlS County Cork.

11 kt.i il OLIVER T.tlH'KK Resistor of Desds, I F.THOMAS J. T. JIOTKJN County Attorney, MU II. D. MrKlim' County Treasure, A.

KI.V Who said so. Pay your taxes. 40 ir. 113 Ware of Oak City, made tin; seat a short visit the first cf the week. Jill ii Hit 81 lH-j 31 62! 30 15.

-BTHLDERS HARDWARES Lot the good work go on. What will we do Christmas? ple oi iosiitutioii or ior any otuer iewu pur- 1- Mr. Jas. Patton. bag secured the -5, ir 3 l.i 7l" A.

T. KAGLAND pe, tuo oiciii uourictiou oe unca iu any less (uuu uve or uiole Uu one I Incorporated. Capital Stock, $50,000. position as first eshierof the First National Bank, of Garden City. Suc- ccccioiii.

'ihat any wouif.u who sii.Ulteep Strangers in town every day. Christmas will soon be here. cess go with him. Taxpayers Take Notice is hereby given that the uny tiouscor otuer uiiUiUU or any ruuui f' 3 S'Tk CI 4 Uoii-jeotoliei-buiiuliijj ttiHi.n tue corpor- S-iii I3ili3if4l3fi lu-its vjtitUu cny oi iu I If fill fc fi! I 1 I i sue uiuuv or ia tiuu slit; vt nu -oliicr X. LLULvl.

jjUiilini su.ul prpost oi piosttcuou, or i I lor uny u.iivr icwu put poac, euou uouiuu buull Bank of Springfield Judge Geo. W. Collins is now a taxes for 1SS7 are now due, as fol- Advertise your Christmas goods, Eealestate is picking up a little. upoi: Oi, ue uuca iu uuy suui not tbs tuiiB live or uioie tuuu one Uuuurctl A lowg ii I tloliars. Springfield, Seward County, Kansas.

OFFICERS. tamuy over tasi wees, ana iocai- For tate Now is the time to pay your taxes. section 5. That if any woman within the corporate i inn Is of the city of bpriiigiicnl, become uu iuuutte in uuy House or oiucr buikl- ing oa west seventh street. .003 2-10 .003 ,002 .002 For County, -For Township, ina', or rooiu iu any bouse or other ouiiuiujf And still travel continues west-1 C.

S. MERRIAV. President JOHN F. VAX VOORHI9. Vice President.

F. TUiiXEK, AuisUint Casawr. lor uuy iewu purpose, sue shall upou convic The Soap-Box from now until Jan it. I TUKNKli, Cashier. ward.

tion tiiuivoi, ue Uitea iu f.iiy suai not tevs man For School, live uoimi's or uio.x- vtittu one tiuuiireu aouurs. uary 1SS9, for Oxe dollati and A. T. RAGLANP, itx-tiou t. Tuut any woman uno eUait oe SUU the side walks continue to go a half in advance.

Come and avail County Treasurer. lotfgtu. Kept, nm-ooixu or rcuiuin iu any uouse uroVuer Ouiluiny ior uuy iewu purpose ujou convn-uou tueivoi, oe tiiieu in uuy nam The Grand Opening Tool Place Last Monday of the CLARENDON HOTEL. down. jourselves of this grand offer.

not ihuu live or more tuuu out: uuuureu UollulS. Notice to Taxpayers. Taxes will be due and payable af Job work neatly and promptly ex The ladies of the M. E. church will Every pi-rsoo uppeuriuf or act-J 0 UKUICI VI Ui UUJI U1U- ecuted.

tr uuUuilj. or room kiiv liouneoi- otuer give a dinner and supper on next ter November 1st, as follows biuluiU wuich is or may be tept ior the pur Go to Campbell for all kinds of Thursday, Thanksgiving, for the ben- poses uieuuoneu iu sections one una no oi tuis oruiuuuce. shall be 'jeeuiea thekeeoerot Until December 20th either one liimlifli. ofit of this annvp tinmen rhnre.h. ED.


TTBXEB, if. L. TCXXriL Buy And sell Exchange. Drafts on Principal Citios. Collections made And promptly Remitted.

Special Accommodations to our Customers. ue Information to Strangers Vialtlngr our City, Cheerfully Tarnished. Money to Loan on Real and chattel security. nn-DDrcrriAv-n-cTc- First National Sank of New Tort City. American National Rank f0f Kansas City.

First National Bank of Garden City Kansas. CHRISEN. SHORTMAN Plain and Ornamental half or the whole tax may be paid, such house or other or rooui iu such house or other building, wuhiu the uieuuinif oi soctious one anu two of tuis oruiuance. bectiou o. That evei Human unuearinir to i or farm loans call on Parsons From Monday night's experience If the whole be paid, a rebate of five The Banquet G-iven in Kemper.

one would judge that the Misses Sto- per cent of the second half will be have cuarge or of auy nouse or otuer or rooui iu any house or oilier buiiu-iutf which is or may be kept ior tue purpose mentioned in sections three aud lour 01 tuis Monday was "a glorious dav for r3 thoroughly understood the art of made, and if only one half be paid oruiwiuce, shall be ueemeu the keeper 01 sue a house or otiicr buitdiusr. or room iu uny house prinirScld. cyster-soup making and the art of tne the remaing half may stand until or other building withiu tne meaning oi bce- tions three aim muriii tnis oruiuaucc. kitchen generally. June 20th following without cost Springfield is tho liveliest town in Section U.

livery ierson Iouiki in any house Honor of the Opening of the Clarendon was a Grand Affair, I n-e thirteen different makes of December 21st a penalty of five per or otuer building or room iu uny uouso or otuer buildm-' keot ior an ol tne purposes uieil- the southwest fAnt. to nil taxes on whica a tioucu in sections oue. two, tnrco aua lour of this oruiuunce. (unless such ucroous siiuil be sewing maciime neecues, -woicn wm fit anv machine made. Second block payment of one half has not been Our merchants are enjoying a good HOUSE and SIGN PAINTING I All Work Promptly and Neatly Executed.

They keep Constantly on hand a large Supply of Paints, Oih, Sfass. and Everything to be found in a First-class Paint Shop. lawluliy tucre.i snail conviction thereof be nueu iu any sum not less ttiiui uve or more than one hundred dollars, provided that upon the tri.i! oi any such person, the liuuinx of trade at present east of square, SprirgGeld, Kansas. made. March 21st an additional penalty of five per cent attaches to C.

A full line stationery at the post- such person such house or otuer ouiluuijf or room in such house or other building sluul be iacia a violation oi ibis sccciou. fceciion 111. 'I hat upon the trial ot any per About One Hundred the unpaid reakstite tax which pey- office confectionery. The latest vdiange laid cn our son ior me violalion oi the provisions oi sc meut of one half was not made prior Springfield, Kansas. .1.

I 1 1. 1- turns one. two. lnrec. lour, uve uuu uiue oi Pee the advertisement of Slaue uesK us i lie uruwier, a origut, SOAP-BOX and Forty People Took Dinner.

this ordnance, the common reputation ol the to December 21st June 21st a pen ufciisc or builtiiUj: or loom in auy uouse newsy, eight page, eight McNeely in this issue. or oilier buikiiitir. as lo its beiuir kept lor, or alty of five per cent attaches to all ciety txiner, published at ichita, rjoited to lor iewu purposes ot any kind ahull be receivable in evidence. Section 11. That tue marshal and policeman All kinds of Flour, Feed and Seeds tax still remaining unpaid.

Lands every bunaay morning. Murray Watson's. adverriscd in July and sold the ti h-iS li-r-h tilt- I rr cnny r.y-,A nfic. -i of sue cily of Sm-inshcld are hereby autbotra-ei to euler at any aud oil limes either by uay or U'a'it, anu by force il necessary, any and all or other buildings, or any uuduii rojuis in any house, houses or other uunuiujis wiiicn a kept or used lorsny 01 the purposes iu i uum JL utratlJ iu. ttuu unwi 0 Per Year csiouiU you lies-ire a larai raw Eagle Chief restaurant of II.

C. Gib- saie the taxes and costs will draw in- on Parsons Kemper. Onlast Monday morning, while doing some job wcrk for G. W. Winn, Mr.

G. W. Lemon, one of the gentlemanly proprietors of the new hotel, Clarendon, made his appearance in our sanctum, and notified us that the soa, and will continue to run the busi- threat at the rate cf 2 1 Der cent Der this oitituauce probibitod, and to arrest witu or wittiouc warrant any und all iuiuutes iu such bouse, buildinjr or room for the purpose The Soap-Box fourteen months for r.ess at the old stand, under the firm annum until paid. Three years from 01 having- them tried for a violation 01 tins or- $1.50, cash in advance. name of Slade McNeely.

of sale the holder of certificate Eagle Chief Restaurant, SLADE McXEELY, Proprietor. EAST SIDE SQUAKE, SPRINGFIELD, KANSAS. ui nance. Section 13. That ordinance shall be in force from aud after its passage and publication.

Quite a prairie fire was raging cn TUs manner and hospitality shown "will be enti'dd to a deed. Taxpayers the Cimarron this week. to the Deonle bv the worthy landlords should govern tnemseives accordingly Approved, bcptcuiber isti. G. P.

Leightos, President. attest U. L. Javnb, City Clerk. I ii? i Springfield, the county seat, is the of the hotels Clarendon a -d La Grand ana avoia auauionai expense.

State of Kansas, I i last'Mon lay, we assure you, was county. place to do j-our business. landlord of the Clarendou hotel, Mr. Fred T. Conklin, would give a ban- quet dinner as the opening of the same, and that we were extended an invitation.

As it was almost dinner time of course we lost no time in making our presence at the desired place. On reaching the hotel we I hereby certify that the foresrolnar is a true very highly ppreciated ly all who copy of the onial ordinance udopted by the The Bed Front" livery has the jiii or unu v.ouiijiiuieii ui tuc euy ol ipriiifc, i were present It is a conceded fact that many of oar most prominent citizens are foolishly opposing each other, and which may be expected to a certain extent, bat is to often carried too far for the lieia, buinsas, on tile in my off. Day or Week Board I HOT LUNCH AT ALL HOURS. best turnouts in the city. O.

1, JAl.Nii, Citv Clcik o. SpringHeld. The Crow Indians of Montana, fire me Clarendon hotel opens up I on the war path, find settlers have or LPublished in "The Spiin-rfield Soap-Box," with a yery good patronage. rH welfare of the town and community. ganized for defense of person and auursoay, uviuuvr rooi.j Ordinanca No- 34- Ycu can get all kinds of dress property.

Two deaths by In Funs an or corporation does a good found quite a crowd of anxious people waiting for the cry of "dinner!" While dinner was being prepared, we took a stroll through the building, A ji ordiPHnce fcr the protection of property i goods at Murray Watson's. Iced for the town or- county, he or have been porte besides the de- s.iiinst ffre within the limits of the city of t-pnnheld. they thou.d be crmmended, rather Subscribo far thf Sn T-Ttnv -tl jn of cattle. and must vrxy that we were surprised Be it Ordained, By the Mayor and Council-men of the citv oi Springfield. I Section 1.

That it unlawful for any L. T. Lassox than abused ftr it ly jealous competitors. Strife and jealously has Iseen W. J.

Lambisoj. to find the rooms so well urnished. newsiest paper in the county, There wera three tickets in the The finest line of cigars in the city field in Stevens county, South i in the early settlement of person within the limits of said eity or Springfield to build or construct any uianu-iiieiory or bio iii-ss which may be tianerous in eausiiiir or pr iiiHitsnif tire. No pipe of any stve. ovan.

i i.iler or forve shall bt-putup in There are seventeen bed rooms up stairs and each is neatly furn'shed LAMBERSON Peopl ticket, Northern at the postoffice confectionery. our county ana town, out now ticuet ana tue iiiigot ni or with white ash urniture, and neatly Mr. Ilenline received 259 votes for any house or euildiTiir within the limits oi this eily unless ii le conducted into a chimuey made of tries or stone, nor shall any pipe pass carpeted with Turkish carpeting. commissioner, of first district development should be ail-wed to vtiiish away as the past. No one can be injured without more ticket About one half of each cf the people's ticket was eW-fed.

thvoiifih any wall, ceiling- or roof without be- ptetrctrd iram promoting or cans The rooms are large well ven The Official Pan Messrs. BeNight and Tibbetts went nr -i'j il! any jvrson lire to any chi-isK ior the i.iii eo- cli auiiie-th same; tilated, and the structure of th The ball given iast eveuing by and i v-rv clii'imey lit r--alter eted tvithtu or less lniurin'ii others. A 'v to Santa Fe to day on business. said it siiail Ix-w contri.ct-U astoaiinut building generally is a neat piece of Phoenix Club, in Liun Dougherty's Oi stv pt or ci an top to bottom and shall nave ji'uits strucit both on the m-sUk-and ft'ts-tie theieof STAPLE and FANCY GROCERIES, Ifcve3-ts, STlcuLr, eecL, Hio-hest Market Prices Paid for all kinds of Country Produci building, wa3 a grand surce-s. Sur Of The City! distrust of one causes distrust -of -the: s.

Mid though there may be n-. grounds whatever to doubt the tta- For fresh groceries and provis ions, go to Murray Watson's. But by this time the cry of "din- Section 2 That no person shall use any candU-. lamp, lighted elar or piie in per was served at the hotel Clarendon any stable or luiil.iin where hay or straw or otfif conibustable material are k-pt unless Go to C. W.

Moore, one block east whLli was ken very highly of. bUity of any, the assertion of a doubt ner" was heard whereupon the tables the same shall le well secured in a lantern. of square, for all kinds of inks. Tne Apple Bros, and Stein, of est uf one reacts against others. Now were mieU' wU1.

accommodate Section 'That any person violating sections one and two of this ordinance sliall be Plains, furnished the rnudc. that the election is over and our little abr'ut fiftJ Persons at one tle. fined in anv smn not exdecditi" hi Don't Forgst the Place, S. Corner Square, Gents, if you want a nice dress; Section 4.DThis ordinance shalltake effect The bill of fare was very lengthj-, and lie force from and alter its publication. Citv Laund.v.

i)ersonal grievances nave been suit, call at Murray Watson's, SPRINGFIELD, ivAWbAb Those wishing good laundry work lirou-rht to bear nnon us and that ev- one that wou1 satisfy the hunger of Approved, this lith ol in-7. FRANK WHITE, Mayor, Attest: O. L. Jatne, City Clerk. Vvc recognize several transiers in should ffive me a calL My prices U-v one who had a rud-e against anJ one- Anything that heart could city property the nt fw aayf.

are as follows: -0hPr 1. it tonbl tPttlp desire was contained in the bill, and ft oTKAM, 88, 1 hpivhv wrtifv thnt th foreimlntf la a tma two for 25 cts. i doxu to straiirht-forward business. J'our onler to tUe waiter, wnatever it Lightnin- 1Uova wt.crat C. W.

Fine shirts, copy of the original ordinance adopted by the Mayor ana touncumen or tne ciryoi Bpring 5cts.j A mirht would fulfilled to the letter. Moore's, one block cast of sonnre. caiieriains, 1 1 til aJWlAA AlI.l UUUU UU 1 I mi in .1 ii ii Collars, three for 10 cts. Held, Kansas, on lile in my otnee. O.

L. Jatsi, City Clerk of Spring-field. town; we should come together as a Aue zames were miea lQe lQlra ume Tarsons St Kemper are making any CufT per pair, 5 cts. unit in this matter and all strive for thereby feeding about 140 persons. toeus per pair, amount of farm loans at present Published in Tn Springfield Soap-Box, one good, which is the propper way As Mr- Concklin had but a very Handkerchiefs, 5 cts, two for 5 cts.

Cr Story. xnurstiay, uexooer si, it.j Ordinance Hs 33 J. W. Hempstid received 2 votes for any town or community to pros- short time to arrange for dinner, he C. Ij.

BRTA5, nr. C. STEWART. for commissioner, of first district An orcinanse providinjr and Jefiniui? the and compensation of the city marshal for was a little late, but the people wait per or succeed in anything. Abstractor A Attorney-at-JLaw.

Seldom a week passes but we re the city ol bprmfiucid, Services at the church on Thanks Be it Ordained, By the Mayor and Council- Men who have no care for others ceive letters from, some one asking men ot the Citv of t-prinsrueiu. Section 1. That the city marshal is hereby ed with patience and realized the fact that a great many things to be done and needed in the opening of such a business as this. Stewart Bryan, or the improvement of their surroun for a sample copy of the Soap-Box created and made street commissioner and su giving, at 11 A. by J.

C. Bradley. Mr. Geo. Addison, of Cimaron.

wa3 in the city this we on business. perintendent ot the wells and water of the city of Snrinsrtiel.l. and he shall be nominated by ding, but are contented with looking some one who is seeking information as regards to our business men and the mayor andconiirmedby the council in like manner as oiher officers of the city are ap- after their care and enjoyment, Mr. Concklin is a first class hotel Real Estate, Loan nointed. and shall bold his omce for the period ought to be put in a coffin for their If you contemplate making a farm the general appearance of the town.

man and a gentleman in every par ife's work is ended. When the Lord loan don't fail to see Parsons Kem- The Soap-Box is the best advertising ot oue year, and unt il his successor Is appointed and qualiSed. The mayor and council shall tlx tho compensation of the marshal and remove him from office for any misconduct in ofliee in like manner as other officers are re ticular, and as a landlord of such a And Insurance Agents. medium ia the county, and we would wanted sponges or oysters He made house as the Clarendon, we ventnre them, and put one on the rock and moved. The Soap-Box the assertion he can furnish as good The banquet given at the La Grand tike to have everj" business, of any kind, represented in its columns, Section 2.

That the duties of the marshal aside from the duties hereinbefore prescribed hv ordinances, shall be to look after all wells. the other in the mud. When He We bare a comple list of desirable property accommodations as any house in hotel Monday night was a grand for aai at extremely low price. made man He did no make him to be cisterns, pumps and machinery thereto be-lonirinsr and see that the same are kept iu good which you will be doubly repaid for Southwestern Kansas. condition aud in good running order suttieient the same.

a sponge or an oyster. He made him to sunnlv the city wiiu water, it shall be his He starts in with quite a good pat- i Several parties were in attendance 11.50 Per Year! duty to exercise general care in proviaing water for the inhabitants of the city, and see CITY PROPERTY A SPECIALTY. ronage.and we hope it will continue to with his feet and his hands, and head and hart and vital blood and a place the ball last night from West tuat the wells cisterus ana tanKs are Kept clean, and that i he wiudmills, pumps and ail In the case wllerein the state is plaintiff and Miss Pyle is defeu-dent, for the supposed murder of an infant, riains. grow better, aahe is deserving of good natrona.oe from the neonle. He has other machinery are Kept in proper repair anu renort in writius to thecouucil at each meet- to use them, and said to him: "Go in? the condition thereof when auy are out of If you wish anything in the way ol Y-emiir and what reuairsare needed aud when work! Build up for yourself and fel- secured the assistance of first class We bare the only Comple which came before Squire Summers, it is necessary that repairs should be done im- fine candies call at the postofflee con XX Ui illilli 11 1 lS 111.

I lj I cooks and waiters. It will he round this week, was dismissed, by attach Set of Abstract Books, fectionery. mey lately, he Shan mate sucn repairs iortn-with and report to the council at its next meeting, and he shall superintend all 6uch work as the council shall order. point where is content, he ought to be 1 the home of the traveling man. ing the costs to the complaining wit FOR SEWARD OOOfTT.

laid away; for a contented man is a Section 3. That the marshal shall be street Ine Hotel Xlarenclon is now run If you want a correct abstract In ihort no-j ness, one Starlings, which amounts to the sum of This teaches one commissioner of this city, and it shall be his dutv to thoroughly examine from time to snam. nen a man nas come to tnai Aft-- fha hnnnnat nnof of tho pee, give ua a call. time the streets, times, avenues ana otner oubhc thorous-hiares of the city and all walks state where he says: "1 don care clarendon on last Monday R. Story.

to make sure you are right before whether the town improves or not, it the landlord of the La Grand hotel, ning, and Is one of the finest in Western Kansas. We acknowledge a pleasant call j'rom Miss Hattie Stalder, of Oak City, Tuesday. sidewalks and cross-walks and public grounds belonging to the city, and all bridges.culverts. sewers, drains, in the city and it shall be his duty to exercise irenei-al care over all such acting in anything. Th3 chill was taken ro i the a and a post is large enough, I am content," he is distributed cards to the effect that he Correspondence Solicited.

Springfield, Kansas. in that state in which he had ought would o-jve an oyster supper and a mortem examination was held by the places and to see that they are kept in proper repair and report in writing: to the council at each meeting the condition thereof when any are out of repair and what repairs are needed, and where it is necessary that repairs should I coroner, who decided that no violence to be changed into a mummy, and of grand ball free of charge at the La all eons things a mummy is the Grand, and that every body was in had been perpetrated upon it what Springfield should not be behind our sister cities, in the way of boring for coal end artesian water. be done immediately he shall make such repairs forthwith and report to the council at its next meeting, and he shall superintend all such work as the council shall order. It shall most hideous. Itnth llttlA r.M nl wtnno- ever.

J. F. Minncs, who has been a farm- Mr- Story has been Idlord of the Mr. C. S.

Bunyun, of Miunentda be the further duty of the marshal or street commissioner to obey the instructions of the mayor and council as to the place where, and as to the time when improvements shall be I i a in Colorado twelve years, says in ruuu lor some ume' ailu ieeuu8 the La Yeta times: I have one itLi3 dut so determined to wind up Ford county, was in the city today and gave U3 a plesant call. lie in made, ana to work persons convicted or of We understand that the square has this week been deeded to the county by the town company. Mr. Isaac Tibbetts returned from fenses ajniinst the city ordinances, and he shau report tue number oi aays. worked by hundred and twelve acres in alfalfa the day with a free supper and dance.

formed us that the Rock Island force each with the amount of fine and costs assess ed each person. It shall the further duty of the marshal to see that the ordi alone; sowed thirty or forty acres 3 ster3 were served at six and sev- had all been stopped from any furthc Garden City to day, where he has broad cast on sud, and cultivated en tot'' when an immense work this winter, and says at it nances oi tne city enecting- streets, sidewalks, nuisances, etc are observed and to report and prosecute any violation thereof. been attending business. with a disk pulverizer. It is the crowd was' present the house was full can be attributed to the great r.uiouut Section 4.

It shall be the duty of the marsh A The oysters and al to superintend the cleaning oi streets, alleys and public isrouiuis, to cause all obstri.etions niece of alfalfa I have. lo of and bonds which Dodg East Side" very Stab D. M. GOODWIN, Manager. to be removed immediately and to do aim per 1 C3 lot of steers last year on ulf.iifa, and cake was scrved in elegant style and City have put up to secure hie Ash Sam Houser left for Wichita Tues-d ia of Meade Center and Ashland So be absent about a month.

form sudh other duties as the mayorand council or committee on streets and alleys may we venture the assertion that all who they are as good as corn-fed. I Section 5. That the compensation of the citv marshal be, and the same Is hereby fixed thrashed thirty acres of alfalfa, and Pk felt just as I did -that they at the sum of forty dollars per month, payable monthly out of the general funds in the sold over 4,500 pounds of seed at 16 would never want anJ mre oysters if citv treasury. cents per pound. The hav at the the5" felt as they did then Section f.

This ordinance shall take ef fect and be in force from and alter Its puhlica- same time was worth from $9 to S13 After supper the music started' -up on. ADDroved September 2fl. U. P. LEKUITON.

President. land and Dodge City branch of the Rock Island, which has just been completed. He also informed us that Dodge is making a death struggle to secure the Garden City land office, and they are just completing a large building for the same. We think the idea of the Dodge City-people is to combine the two land offices of Garden City and Larned, at Dodge, but it is yet to be seen whether they will succeed or not. per Threshed hay is worth $5.

anc1 the young" people continued to when unthreshed sells for $8. Alfal- steP to the KWCet strains until early Attest: O. JL. A YNii, City Clerk. For coroner, G.

W. Harris received 22 votes and J. W. Hempstid 322; i avlrg Harris a majority of 2G0. We were niijtaken in the Hugoton ticket of levom county being elected.

Sif-r fleeted to at home. Mr, Gci-v Lraon made valuable lii-iself at the grand open- tf.! on ltt Monday. is the best milch producer. Spring- dawn wilile the older' PeoPle went TA" Us.

FIRST-CLAS TURNOUTS Stock Boarded by Day or Week, til tt, tt Ci tr-r-, lait. I hereby certify that tho forepolng is a true eopy of the original ordinance adopted by the Mayor and Councilmen field, (Colorado) Advertiser. uume leeuug as wougu tue uay uuu been one of pleasantness and one Subscribe for the Soap-Box, the that would ne'er be forgotten in time largest paper in Seward county, to come. of the City or Spnnrfleld, Kansas, on file in my ofliee. O.

JATJf E. City Ciertrtof prhf I 4.

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