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The Springfield Soap-Box from Springfield, Kansas • 4

The Springfield Soap-Box from Springfield, Kansas • 4

Springfield, Kansas
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Mr. Barnes, vho has been down 1). M. White, of West Plains, is in An SPIOIIGFIELD! the city, visiting his son Frank, IRA LESLIE, with the measles for the past week, is J. W.

Mt-Counaughey, deputy register of deeds, of Meade county- Tas over froni the. Center Tuesday, and called ou the Soap-Box, Walt re J. W. EWIN, 1 Contractor Buildei now able to be out again. Preparations are being made to in- IN ADYAXCL.

There was another herd of ponies corporate Springfield as a city of the Tie Fotnre Metropolis of me Great Soutlh l. KANSAS. MAY 13. 18S7. ports Meade Center as booming; but Springfield, Kan.

in town this week, from which sever- third class. -DEALER IN- westThe Star of the State nothing to compare with our city. al of our boys purchased from. VanVoorhis made a trip out to F. J.

FULTON, JohnR. F. Miles, late of Chanute, Sol Hummer, a jolly St Louis the west part of the county last Sat- Has located the city lor HOW SHE IS BOOMING drummer, talked business and spun urday night. Attorney at Law! the purpose of practicing his pro yarns to our business men, last Mon- Buforti made a trip down GROCERIES fession attorney at law. Mr.

Miles comes to our people well recommended "ay into No Man's Land, yesterday and SPRINGFIELD, KANSAS. David Carson, Base ball' season is here, and we secured himself a quarter section of and we trust our citizens will patron should rustle a club, as Springfield land. Springfield The Mention of a Few of the Improvements that have been made In the Past Thirty Days, and a Few of those Coing on at Present Now is the Colden Opportunity. ize him liberally. contains some very good material.

Contractors 3c Builders I Local rains, rienty of ruins. Corn ready to plow. Ik I for houses. Everybody is happy, Farmers hard at work. Highroad to prosperity, iVmand for farm hands.

Cool and pleasant evenings. Large acreage of millet planted. Everybody conies to Springfield. Our hotels are terribly crowded. Mr.

Fullmer has been plastering 2s. B. hittenburg, a prominent Russell Moore and family, of Oak and otherwise refixing his two dwells farmer, living near Marshfield, Mis Springfield, Kansas. city, are in town on busines. Rusell ing houses in the northwest part of souri, is the city looking after will now read the Soap-Box, weekly.

town. Doubtless a great many of the in- JL lUlVllUi JL IV CIA. VJUUi property with a view of remainii M. A- CAiRora. M.

4 G1RW00D, y. The ball given at West Plains, last Travelling men representing whole, permanently. iir, wmttenburg is CiLHODN habitants and strangers of the btate of Kansas and other states in the TTnion have made thernsplvps ac Friday night was a decided success. an old friend of the popular bankers, sole houses report Springfield as the best town in this part of the State to Several youngs folks attended from the Turner Brothers. Garden City, Kansas.

WiU practice exclusively In the Supreme and quainted with the name of our boom- DRY AND SA LT AT this place. sell goods in. Now is the time to invest in city II. M. Russell, of the firm of Stone, District courts.

liamberson $ros. nave erected an i property, Miss Lizzie Bums, whose home is MearS Russell, real estate agents, awning to their grocery building, came over from West Plains, last School books for sale at the post ing litue city or. eprmgneia, ana would like, as is usually the case with all human nature, when they hear of a thing in this line, to hunger for more T. L. Sloan, which adds very much to the comfort twelve miles north of the city, has accepted a situation at the restaurant of M.

J. North. office book store. taturaay, on business. llenry ex of the room.

presses himself as delighted with the Ed. Lane is assisting Lou Turner present and future outlook of Spring All Kinds of Country Produce Bought and Sold. Contractor BnUder it Mr. I. E.

Thomas, our efllcient reg in the postoffiee. Mrs. H. J. Benight has fixed up field.

ister of deeds, has moved into town Remember the county seat is the Arthur Lester, of township 31, Springfield, Kansas. and will be one of our citizens from some very handsome and attractive show windows in her popular Millinery Emporium. place for business. range 31, was in the city last Tuesday, now henceforth. of it; to find out all they can in regard to the particulars; to see if there is a possible show for them.

In answer we will say there is a chance for vou, and a good one. To illustrate, we will enumerate a few of the many improvements that have just been made and some of those under course of construction. E. Hick's family arrived in. the assisting Mr.

Vosler to make final Northeast Corner of Square, J. O. Mills, of Beaver City, Indian Plans Specifications Furnished city hist Thursday, Chrisen, Shortman report a proof. While in the city Arthur Territory, spent last Sunday in the large number of orders in for new If you want to purchase city prop made this office a pleasant call. He All Business left to my Care -will be Promptly Attended to.

hub, admiring the improvements our erty, now is the time. reports a very busy season, at present, signs, ahey have enough work to keep them busy for the next month. city is undergoing. C. Drcscher, bt.

Louis, was for the farmers of his community. The first is the large two story building of G. W. Winn, which is The Soap-Box acknowledges a most the city last Monday. A new blacksmith shop has just J.

J. Miller, New York, is in the city looking up a location to put in pleasant call from Miss Mamie Wag City Blacksmith! J. B. Hess. Cimarron, spent last been erected in the north part of the goner, of this city and Miss Hattie hardly finished; yet is occupied on the ROBERTS, ARBAUGH MORRISON, first floor by his mammoth hardware TZ A TrTT' A HP "FT A "NT Monday, in the city, a lumber yard.

He has decided to city this week, and a new smithy pounds quite a lively air on the anvil, Come again Geo. W. Hess, of Cimarron, was in Stalder, of Oak City, ladies. stock. The upper story has rent-1 1 locate with us, providing he can secure the amount of ground necessary the city last Monday.

and Carriage Shop, J.D.HAYES, Proprietor. Geo. Sasseen, the salesman of the Mr. VanVoorhis has fitted up his for his business, in a desirable part of real estate firm of Fulton, North and All kinds of Flour, Feed and Seeds the city, which will undoubtedly be Sasseen, reports good sales in the at Murray Watson's. two buildings on the west side of the square in elegant style.

They are Springfield, Kansas found. and Insurance Agents. Springfield, Kansas. Sell lESeawl Estate, Collections a Specialty! CORRESPONDENT SOLICITED. ers awaiting to move into the same.

Next comes the court house building, of the same dimensions as the one above described. The county officers are snugly arranged in this building. Mr. Van Voorhis is just finishing real estate arena during the past Harness! Harness! Harness! At 1 rood, neat rooms and suitable for week. N.

E. corner of square, Hugh Taylor, of Eureka wind any business. mill fame, was in the city, Tuesday, Springfield is the city if you want T. picks, foreman of the new Horse Shoeing and Plow Wort a Specialty Ralstin Ward have opened a bal and made this office a pleasant call. paper, the Seward County Courant, to engage in business.

Mr. Taylor, in connection with the and lunch room on the west side Las been slightly indisposed for the UP two S00 business rooms further All Work Warranted. Th city ice wagon make3 its daily on north, which are leased and will of the square. They come to the W. E.

RALSTIN past week, but is now convalescent. rounds every morning. wind mill business, puts down wells on the Ohio Tubular well system. be occupied immediately. front with an ad this week, Read it North East Corner of the Square I lie Courant is to mate its first ap The county seat is the place where and profit thereby.

He reports plenty of work on hand in pearance in a few days. -Proprietor of Over on the north east corner of square is the large addition to Boyle farmers buy their goods. this county, GEO. JAMES. J.

E. T. FALLS, Chas. Plymell, of West Plains, was Shelman's livery barn. in the city last Saturday, He ex Chas.

Mills, the invincible, of West HOTEL DE HORSE I Just east of this is being: remod Wanted A correspondent to the Soap-Boy, weekly, from each township in the county; some one to record the local happenings. Those pressed himself as surprised; but Plains, came over Saturdav. to wit JAMES FALLS, Contractors Builders! nevertheless well pleased with the elled and refitted a large two story business house, that parties are wait ness the horse race and look around big boom we are enjoying. who will take up this work we will ing to occupy. at tne large number oi Duiloings un, der course of erection.

Charley owns iouce tne aa. oi u. Jioore in furnish the stationary and subscrip- South of this on the east side of Good Turnouts Furnished on Short Notice, SPRINGFIELD, KAS. this issue. Mr.

More is carrying on tion to this naner srrattis. some property in the city and will ill the square, W. S. Wells, is fitting up proDauiy soon oe numbered among business at the east end of Main "With or Without Driver. Will Wicks is sorely afilicted with a felon on his left thumb, For fresh Groceries and Provisions, call at Murray Watson's.

C. W. Morton, came in from Cimarron, Monday, on business, You can get all kinds of Dress Goods at Murray Watson's. Gents, if you want a nice Dress Suit, call at Murray Watson's. ust received by Tipton Leigh-ton an immense stock of lumber.

J. F. Salbraith, of Greensburg, Kansas, was in the city last Friday. another large business room. This Our worthy contemporary, the the inhabitants of Springfield.

street. Call and see him and get is also leased. All work left to our charge will re cold glass of cider or lemade. i matting aiiaugciucuu to move their sanctum and ether Un the south side of the square, A. G.

Vcsler, of township' 31, oi ti, i ceive prompt attention. iulic oi, as cue lusii j.ut'3- Mr. J. M. Lynn, of Wabash, printing effects, one half a block J- Tipton has just fitted up a room day, making final proof before Judge Especial Attention Giyen to Commercial Men West Side of Square, Springfield, Kansas.

for the post office and news stand. was in town Saturday, looking south of their present quarters, into Etzold. Albert called on the Soap after real estate. Mr. Lynn was fa- the VanVoorhis room, which is being Box, while in the citv.

He informs vorably impressed with our citv and fitted up espeeiallv for their use, CITY BAKERY and Restaurant. RALSTIN WARD, Proprietors. Murray and Watson have lately been compelled to build a large ad dition to their store, and also a new warehouse. M. L.

Trout has been forced to us uat ne is now tne proud posessor thinks of investing in some town of one of the finest farms In award property in the near future. It. F. Chase, Hammonsville, Kentucky, is in the city looking up a lo county. It is generally conceded that there Mr.

Quigley, of the firm of Hunt is a better class or stock beins build a 25 100 feet two story addition to the La Grand hotel, which is Harry Nelson has erected a neat residence on his eighty acre farm, which adjoins the townsite on the west Just whether or not Harry intends committing matrimony, we are unable to say; but will suggest that it looks '-kind o' s'picious." cation. W. J. Tipton, was absent from the city 'a few days last week on busi- brought into this country now, than Quigley, nursery men of West Plains, was in the city, Saturday. He said I Fresh Bread, Cakes and Pies frt almost finished.

This gives us the has ever before been brought into the west This speaks well for a new to the reporter: "Undoubtedlv Constantly on Hands. Springfield will make the largest city country above evething else. West side of the Square, Springfield, Kansas. I We have heard of the lazy man, of in Southwestern Kansas. And at its largest and best equipped hoteHn the southwest A new livery barn has just been built in the east part of the city, and will be running in full blast in a few Ralstin and Ward have received the industrious man, of the foolish present rate of progress it won't take "0.

1" Barber Shop! her long to 'get their bake oven and set up to business man and the crazy man, but just in the restaurant building just vaca- who and what kind of a man the fel- Mr. W. L. Myers, of Elk Falls, has ness. The plasterers are busy with inside work of the addition to the LaGrand hotel A new real estate and loan fiirm is being organized in our city, so we understand.

Attorney F. J. Fulton made a visit to the west line of the county Saturday evening. Our city schools are progressing ted by Mr. Benight They turned off low is who brought a stump puller" days.

Some fifteen or twenty other business structures are now in the hands rented Mr. VanVoorhis' buildinsr. their first batch of bread; yesterday, I to this country, we cannot say but W. S. GIBSON, Springfield, Kansas.

which would equal any city bakery. suppose he had bought a timber claim cf our contractors and builders, and 1 This Space Belongs to LESLIE WHITE, "The Real Estate Men," at long range. -n be erected just as soon as they where he will open up a stock of general merchandise in a few days, as his goods are now on the way. Mr. Myers, appearantly, is a very nice gentleman, and we think will etting up to the continuous strain of It is impossible to supply the de- can possibly construct them.

movers passing west From present mand for teams at present Farmers -Besides ail these improvements finely, under efficient management of appearances, ere the snow flies aorain, are too busv to go to the road for a business line, over fifty residences command a good busines. Sitll we For a neat, clean, artistic shave or hair-cut, call at the O. Barber Shop, South-west corner Square, Miss Minnie Held. uncle Sam's domain will all be taken goods, and there is an unusual have been built in the past month, 'boom." up by the searching ones for homes in amount of freight to be hauled, and a3 many more will De erected in C. L.

Leslie, of the firm of Leslie J. iuwm is erecting a neat residence in the south part of the city, Springfield, Kansas. Kansas and Colorado. Lumber is used just as fast as it ar- the next thirty days to come. Who are too busy Selling Real Estate to write Up Their Ad.

White, real estate agents was out all day, Tuesday, with eastern capi TToir jt. rives at the yards. Our merchants Graders are throwing dirt in the for his brother-in-law. J. A.

Wemple, Assumption, Uli A I in ii i i i it. I QfliAininrr nnnnrr nn Twrt TTTmlr lino tho Knilrlina- wml oWI r. COIUUiaiU LUUl U1CY UUVB gWUS Ut LiHJ talists, who were looking for homes 1 i i ii tmiiTFArQ Trhih ara a nnmA Trt Ssnnnor. I nois, is in the city with a prospect of in the beautiful country north of the Waggoner, with their real estate of- roaa ana can 1 Sei em nere' Penea ITT Jl 2 -u Ar a up and in position, until they are all field, and sixty days they will have -OUR- remaining permanently. city.

Clay reports that his parties err sold out This indicates the great the grades as far as this city. Tipton Leighton will furnish you were more than satisfied with the If any of vou desire to invest in a of Seward county occupies the building vacated by the former firm. The boom that we our new enjoj-ing. lumber at prices that defy competi- country and prices, and of course live, energetic, and highly promising I tion. Call and see them.

that means thev remain in Seward. change is undoubtedly a good one for Not quite two months till the Fourh city, come to Springfield, future me TT-V tl A At J. ft! i I 1 Job Department all parties concerned. of July! Our citizens should be iorgei uuw xipton oeign- Wood ho resides the stirring around and making some ar tropolis of the great Southwest Contract. ton carry the largest stock of lumber southeast part of the county, was in i.

v. weity, rrom nils, ails, ar- Ml 1 in Southwestern Kansas. the city last Monday, and made us nvea our city inis wees witn a We the undersigned real estate rangements for a grand celebration that day. Our neighboring towns are Call and see the fine line of Har stock of harness, saddles, which pleasant call. Mr.

Wood reports his agents of Springfield Kansas agree is Complete in he has opened up in the Singer buil- community as thriving and the farm that hereafter we will not take any ness, Dusters, Whips, Fly nets, at N. E. corner of square. ng, on the east side of the square. ers endeavoring to do all in their real estate for sale, or enter on our already making various preparations for a big time.

Surely Springfield will not be in the rear. There are numerous to see to, and we would re Mr. Welty comes well recommended power to raise a large acreage of all J. M. Richardson, of Carthage, books for Bile, or make sale of the same unless we have the exclusive as a harness maker, and we predict kinds of grains this year.

The Soap- is in our city looking after his for him a good business. Box will visit Mr. Wood during the spectfully call the attention of some of out live citizens to the necessity of right of sale of it for a specified time. land, just west of the city. JOHN W.

TISE, EverV ResPectl next twelve months. For a full line of Gent's Furnish We acknowledge a call from Mr. calling a citizens meeting and assign to each and every one his or her re L. L. Trout, a son of our townsman ing goods Murray Watson beats W.

J. Dutton, of Elba, Ohio, was L. Trout, who has just arrived from any place in the Southwest in the city last Monday, with the spective duty. Roberts, Arbtjagh Morrison. Fulton, North Sasseen.

Parsons Kemper. Waggoner Pierce. Leslie White. L. K.

Mters. Carson Bros. Mark A. McAfee. dealer in If you desire anything in the lum- view of buying a quarter of land in Pratt Center.

Mr. Trout has been in the real estate business in Pratt, and Wonderful preparations are being ber line, Tipton Leighton are pre- beward county, and making it his fu- made for the purpose of building and Plain and reports the real estate of that flourish pared to furnish you with such. ture home. Mr. Dutton is a cousin otherwise improving the city, when ing little city as being on a boom.

C. W. Hershing. was over from of ourold fnend' Chas- St John the commissioners have fully per i1 i He has fully decided to locate in our Meade Center, last Saturday, taking aePW register oi meaae county. formed their work, which will be im- Springfield, May 2, 1887.

roceries, Provisions, midst and become one of us. It 13 our hearty wish that Mr. D. wil in the sights of a real live city. mediatelv.

There is a number of car- be favorably impressed with the land I huciiuuiii The horse race last Saturday even Any person that wants a cheap and prices of Seward and remain itansts nere waiting ror tne time wnen Ml soldiers who desire the estab-they can secure deeds, (which is May 1 of pt at Springfield are ing, as advertised in last week's issue, pair of Boots or Shoes can get them in "Sunny Kansas." ORNAMENTAL! Job Work! by calling on Murray Watson. 30th,) for the purpose of building requested to at the office of F. J. was contested, and won in favor of Ralstin's little dun. mare.

Quite a Cy. Apple, leader of the West ana putting in mercnanaise stocits oi lto apPiication for a Jamea J. Avery, of Ft Scott, Kan- Plains, orchestra, was in the city, crowu gauuereu at me race cuurse ai some kind or Otner. There 13 some Flour, Dry Salt Meats, charter. gas, was in the city last Friday.

last Saturday. Cy tried his best to about three o'clock, and betting was gentlemen here calculating putting in James Falls, contractors and Rally 'Round the Flag, Bots. Our dancing club should make ar make out the vast improvements that builders, have an ad in this issue of freely participated in. lakers were a lumber yard; three different parties pretty plenty on both sides, and mon- for the purpose of putting in, general have been made since his last visit, and those going on at present; but rangements for a grand ball when the the Soap-Box Cast your eye over it And Everything Usually Kept in a First-Class Grocery Store ey to tne amount of about eignt bun- stores; one for the purpose of putting new addition to the La Grand hotel J. S.

Carpenter, a well known all he could say was: "Simply won- Neatly and Promptly dred dollars changed hands. Some jn a harness shop, and one for the little dissatisfaction prevailed after purpose of putting in a livery stock. is finished. The large dining hall will accomodate quite a number of Kansas City drummer was in the city, derful! I have heard every day about yesterday, interviewing our merchants, the rapid strides Springfield was mak- the race, yet everything passed off These gentlemen have fully decided guests. Those wanting first-class plow work inS toward a city of the first class, very quietly.

on the afore named business, but as Garden City was again visited by stated before, the commissioners are Tom Sloan and George Webley Also the Largest Assorted Stock of EXECUTED. phould call on J. D. Hayes, north-c -lit corner square, Springfield, Kans. won the elegant gold watch which ana thought the boys were giving me i taffy; but they have not done your city justice." fire on last Sunday morning at about now at work making the apportion- was raffled off in the city, Tuesday three o'clock.

The blaze is supposed ment, and they are waiting for them v. u. xiewDury, unio, is now was valued at John Miller, a registered pharma QUEENS ARE evening. The watch $100. looking over the city, with a view of i ntt'ri ia a stock of general mer- cist of this state, and a resident of to have started in the rear of Clay- to finish their work, which is but a ton's drug store, on the south-west day or so.

Sprihgfield is destined to corner of Main and Chestnut streets, become the metropolis of south-west- if WnTr -n-n a nnrisiiWrl ern Kansas. She has all the natural Call and See Us Meade county, is in the city looking Frank White, of the real estate up a location to put in a drug store. firm of Leslie White is moving his Frank Paddock, of Indianapolis, hv tho Tho iraa ia pstimatWl advantages that a town could have In UTle Oit3T. Mr. Miller is an old Wellington friend household furniture into his new res- of the reporter and we know whereof i' ia city looking after a if afton.

lie will put in at about fifteen thousand dollars; fcbe nas tne nnest agricultural couu- idg the north rt of city Ia Fulton's Block, erect a front to the Chicago Cash En- He. Invites the Public --'to Call and Inspect Prices and Goods I partly insured. This is the second try surrounding it uun, uie hlhuj wu- fire for Garden City within the past tains. Those in search of invest- three months. Among those burned ments that will double in the next out, the Bank of Western Kansas, W.

sixty days, should not fail to come to C. Lucas and Harry Weltmau were in the county seat of Seward county terprise store. we speak in saying that he- is a gentleman in every respect, and a thorough druggist We trust that John may find every encouragement necessary to induce him to come to our city immediately. I. it Lumber! The largest in the west, at Tip- LcUl.t.:-n'a vards, southeast Snrinfftleld, W.

L. Gaines made a flying visit to II. E. Cor. Square, i West Plains, last Sunday.

y' '-ringSt-lii Kansas the beautiful city of Springfield. the fire a few weeks ago..

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