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The Montezuma News from Montezuma, Kansas • 4

The Montezuma News from Montezuma, Kansas • 4

Montezuma, Kansas
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THE HORSE SHOW A Grand Display the Btet of all Breed si the Hutcrilnien Fair. .3 J' wi I i 1 i' 5 I THE SALT CITY BUSINESS COLLEGE HUTCHINSON KANSAS The Great Practical Training University of the Western Slates Absolutely Thorough A Modern College of Wish Ideab under a vijjumiu management. A College of Specialists, MeliiOus and A College thr.t teaches an trains for Bjsinesu by New ar.d Improved methods. A Colfee that Stimulates, Refine and Impirw, developing the Highest Duoinesa Capacity in every student. Fall Opening September 3, mm Cn BUS(1SS cflLLECE, HUTCHINSON, KANSL.

BOX. 353Q ICancas it kIuIhk la breeding of good bofo featcr thau toy other (( la the uloa. Till fact la arg ly due to the education of the people (tirougb the luttrumtntallty of the mat Fair at lluublnvon. Farmer ad etotkoito have uo bad more than yeara of opportunity In observing and atudytog the various breeda of boms a to tbe qualitM and characteristic! of cb breed of draft boraea. They are gutting an ideal pretty well Died In their uilnd and ibry are buying the beat from tbe beat aUblea of America and Europe.

La at year Kaniaa led all other atatea in tb number of new members of tb American Percheron Society. It la a notorloua fact that the average Integrity of Kannaa breedera outclaae that of the breedera of any otber atate. The hole breeding bualneia reata upon tbe Integrity of tbe breedera. If breeder la not fair, equare and honest, the pedigrees be gives bla stock la questioned. The Kan-san la' too smart to misrepresent or attempt to defraud In selling an animal.

He la too Inde oic -1 TEN LIS V1 1 at- 1 saaasai We have just received a shipment of pendent to be dishonest. After try A ing It both ways be will decide It to be far tbe best policy to be honest This gives Kansas bred horses a pret VAN BRUNT DRILLS and can save you money if you buy from us ty valuable standing In the horse world, and Kansans will do well buy of Kansans. There will be a large number of Kansas stables showing at the State Fair at Hutchinson and they will take pleasure In answering questions of farmers and stockmen who tar are Interested in the breeding of bet INTERNATIONAL STANDARD Bin NG TWINE. ter horses. Farmers are learning that It la also better and costs no more to A'JMLTURE FEATURED AT raise a good one than a poor one.

There Is always a market for a good STATE FAIR, HUTCHINSON a a special trip to se3 jr Diablo one and while It seems almost Irapos row It would really pay yri Corn binder, (one among tl. slble to produce a surplus, still by in I on earth) Srest Education to the Farmers of the Increasing tbe breeding, a surplus will be found which can be marketed to State. good advantage. The State Fair at Hutchinson Is the place to see the horse In all his glory, fixed and groomed to show at his best. It teaches to everyone the Ideal.

While Primarily, the founders of he great Fair at Hutchiuson believed that the fair would tend to promote the agrl And we handle twine to with it fully as capable of doing the work in a substancirl way, at a price tlut bear inspection One pound of our Binding Twine will Lariat a I i. COG fret away, being full length, and vil1 hold him when pulling at th 2 1 v. of an oO to pressure. It is not stranned without twsting, there is where rti its strength. We have a quantity in stock, and can supply any amu dj it b3 tcoleJ by inferior goods.

few can approach the Ideal in produc tltural development of the great tuthwest and believed that the Fair tlon, still it is the endeavor of high class breeders to continuously try for It. There will be E00 horses of va located In the heart of agricultural promoted along educational rious ages and scxps at the Hntch and entertaining lines would be Inson Fair for the inspection of the ber.ffnction. It has grown of course 150.C00 people who 'will attend. far beyond their early dreams, but they have been sufficiently experieno ed in business to build it bigger and Attractions and Entertainment. Remember us tn need of anything in the Hardware Line better as fast as the demands of the That all work and no play makes copie require.

They have taken the profits of the Fair annuity to fcuild it bigger and better li.r the next year. Still, It Is kept a a 1 all- round, old fashioned, agricultural Fair. Ingalls Hardware Company The products of the soil from garden, field and orchard are growing better and more diversified year by year. It 13 astonishing to note the improve Kansas ment made in the past eleven years US9 iiigaj in resrect to the production of the soil crops of the great southwest. They Jack a' dull boy la agreed to by everybody.

The only person who does not agree to this maxim Is either a miser er a cormorant. His heart has grown cold and weary and sordid. He has lost the vigor of his manhood and la a wart on the fare of social life. The generality of people who attand big Fair have life and vigor plus. They are the bright-eyed, energetic, mass of peole, and while they arp willing to plve a thare of their time to the Investigation of the educational side of the great State Fair, they are not satisfied until they visit ttie attractions arid entertaining features of the Fair.

The pop-corn, lemonade, and candy, the side-show, animal show, freak3 and all, must be eeen In order to Fatiafy and make on'S feel he has been to a real genuine, all-round, old-fashioned, big agricultural Fair. It Is time for 'loosening the strings that bind one to social eti are only more diversified but vastly improved in quality. The prospect this year exceeds lirnt of any other year in the history of the state, It now appears that 1912 will be Kan GFF10U3 ACCIDENT. Little Roy Caker, pon of Mr. r.nd sas' fattest year because of the splen did crops of every description in orchard, and gird on.

It Is expect were visitinj? at T. J. Davis's Monday of this week. Our School begun today with' a gocd considerins the rush of work whi A will keep eome SHOW AND PRODUCING TYPES Ayrshire Ered for Exhibition Has Ccen Developed for Beauty Alone Conformation of Udder. Mrs.

John Biiker. who live in the ed tnat every community will hav wes1-. part of town, with a very someone to represent it In Eome class in the department of agriculture. If pa'uful accident last Friday when Dr. J.

N. Alexander' Physician and Surgeon Office 2nd. Floor of Weeks Block hronic Diisasei a Speialty. Surgical Caet properly cared for. Experinc of 27 year' Active Practice.

Call answered Day or Night Automobile Service in caiea of Emergency. Phone 7 on 2S Cimarron, Kan. of the older ones at noma lor a There are two kinds of Ayrshires 3 trie Pope of the management to far firo tn -o iint. Lre cracker ii-. days aa hired help is out of the show type and the producing cALti ury previous agricultural ex hibit.

TO thiB Bllrt C-VorVnna Dn linn Mrs. Etta James i our a Riipe'Ior product of any kind Is most N. Alexander, ported. The end testion tiaciier. quette and exactions.

Every person, both old and young, is better for having fcn the Fair in Its entirety. The Kansas State Fair at Hutchinson this year has more 'and better free attractions than ever before. The Merkel sis respectfully asked and urged to send if nns of his finirers wai off to the State Fair at Hutchinson mrl the 11 nmh Llnost severed A. Ramsey was at Cimarron tiped and bred for beauty alone. The genuine show udder must be compact and closely attached, both befpre and behind.

The sole must be fiat with no indentations between tho teata and -the udder must not protrude behind, but he carried up even with tho thighs and have cylindrical ta.t3, evenly placed on the flat hot- for exhibition. Let us make our agricultural department a study for the Six stitches had to betaken in the thumb. last Saturday from a few disjointed remarks we heard we Inferred that he had a "right warm time" going up, 1 A. E. Locken received ateleran- frofn his brcthsr, Hubert, who lives We're Opposed to thousands of peole who visit the fair that do not live in the State.

Annual-1" this Fair is attended by many people coming form the East, the West, the North and the South to see what Kansas has done. Let us not diia point them, but on the other hand compel them to exclaim s'lrpriac and admiration "To find the best, on nxr Kant, telling him ol the death of Frank Loeken, the sec Mail Order Concerns Mr. and Mrs. A. J.

Sutton Mis. wer Cimarron visitois Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. T.

J. ''Davis and Daughter Ruth ate mellons with G. H. Culver and family Sunday ond son of alerts, He was thro- ivn from a horse and killed. Mr.

must come to Kansas. The Depart- was formerly a Gi ay county iiiHn or agncu.iure pis year will 6e havinjr lived itith of town F1VPT1 UPW Inf'Q 1 1nn In a 1 nl I evening. ters are the five best female acrobats Jn the world. They have recently come Jo America from Germany where they ftertalned the royalty of that coun-vrv as well as the plebeian. The Ap-(foje Zoo holds a unique place on the Stat.

Fair Grounds of America. The big Vonda balloon attraction with the acrobatic and agile trapeze pr-formences 'In. mid-air by Dorothy De Vonda, while rffbwt daring and danger-cut, will be one of the most pleasing attractions. Wortham Allen's Animal Show and Carnival of pleasing attractions will require hours of inspection. The Irwin Brothers Wild West Is the 'biggest attaction of the kind traveling by pneclal train.

One of course will the Fair this year to see anything like 'have to put In more than one day at near all cf It. Hutchinson expects to entertain large over-night crowds and notwithstanding Its capacity has been drawn fceavily upon in years past, the fact Is that no one has had to sleep In the streets. Hutchinson expects its viaitora to stay over-night and pre iui i feet Hnuare. Hnllil romont fl ii wvenil J'tai uiiu i pciwi.B C.J I Because They have never contributed a cent to furthering the ioteretU of out town Every cent received by them (rom lhi community it a direct lou, to out merchant In Imo every cue their pricei ua be met right here, without delay in receiving good end the pouibility ol nuuket nehteAsanA 'tn tn- to Mwi ontcom? ry tneymovej ing will be found that which will beoi to their pesant plae. Archie left supreme Interest to the tillers of the Monday nr rning on Nr.

6 to attend ie funeral. Chae. Ilerron, C. M. Dil'man and 3.

F. Clem went to Dodge City Friday to take tha craaniisy exam in. in uuag ordert. ination. CAVE.

eoII. There Is not a banker or merchant worth while who will not make a critical examination of the display of the agricultural department. There never has been such a moveme for agricultural betterment as la now on and no class of men Is taking; more Interest In it than the real genuine business man who has his eye on the future and his ear In the grass. The D. Coik'ns came in from Gt.

Mrj. Fiojd from Havi Dend, to take charge cf the cream Excellent Type of Ayrthlre. tcni. This Is the only kind of udder that con 'be shown in many years in arceession and not become too for the ring. Any Intelligent dairyman knowa that this type of udder la fleshy and does not belong to the best producers.

Thia craze fc light, clcae, shallow udders started in the show ring about twenty-five vtafi ago. pares for them. The Commercial Club station while Mr llerrou was tak-iiig ths examination in Dode City. Mrs. Grcce Neeley returned home f'rday tiifcht from K'nsley where she has been siting the past week.

Ray Firest ne went to Lamed ior a visit with friends and relative-. and pxcht ed the S. M. Har. i'ton have taken pctsession a id now lelong to Cave neighloi1-hoid.

Mis. Vagary ktbs in thi3 part of the country vLiting frienis las we.k. Luth Davis returned from Fowler last Thursday. Mrs. Stephen Joy returned frcm Colorado the la3t of the week.

But The natural liuman tr-rt ii to buy where good are cheapett. Local pride usually tecoild-ary the genu of life at piayed today. Therefore' Mr. Merc Kant and ButtneM Mart, meet your competitor! with their owa weapon advertiauig. Advertise I The local fnld youn.

All you need do to avail your, eif of the opporUuutra otered. An advertuement is thia paper will cany your meeiage ialo hundred of homer in this Cora, munriy. It it the turest nedium of killing your greeted competitor. A apace thit 'tire won't 'Co muci. Cotoe ia and tee at about k.

problem Is "better and greater production," and -with the farmer it ii not only that, but the problem of the other side, which is that of selling. The farmer is coming to be more of a business man In the strict sense of the term and It Is uch Fairs as th State Fair at Hutohirson that pro-rides a study, the results of which ara worth many ltmei -the price of the cost and trouble. This Fair is cotsv ducted for-up-to-date agrlcultnrista a term which in the good time com- fceipa open house day and night with corps of competent clerks to assist visitor In securing overnight accommodations. The Commercial Club Rooms are located opposite the Midland Hotel. Even the police of the City of Hutchinson are Instructed to treat all visitors cordially and answer mipstlans as to over-night accommoda-tioTis.

Anyone may safely trust the police of Hutchinson. They are men 0 be relied upon and are the strangers' best friends in time of darkness, danger, orjtrant of any kind. The of theCity of Hutchinson are fanu for their hospitality. The doors rf Hutchinson swing outward to its Visiters and its open anna of wel jrci'ne ar extended. i Mis Hazsl McKinney is employed at Hoppers daring the big.

gale. Miss Ttkla Lnrson returned tJ her home in Lirdbburg. Value of Separator. It la quite safe to say that a dairyman with ten average cows yielding live thousand pounds of each annually vould, by thi deep setting cold water system, lose at least 230 pounds of butter fat yearly, which would amount to about $30. From thia one savirg alone It csn easily be figured that a cream separator will pay for itself very year in the erring of butter fat fiom the milk cf ten cows.

at Those attending High School Cimarron frim this I ing means and will be recognized as ii Wcllman returned a isft weeks vi; it witn 2-lta. 00 the highest, most beble and useful 1 are tbe Mises Luc? Ramsey at Mr. anj cupation of man,.

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