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Seward County Courant from Springfield, Kansas • 5

Seward County Courant from Springfield, Kansas • 5

Springfield, Kansas
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THE COURANT. minus je etuis Per ItHt taik tmr- SUCCESSOR TO MURRAY WATSON, AU pAlU fatal tVHtlHUI HHlii uideitit dip Springfield IcaJg nil other western Kansas cities in everj business enterprise, and in this connection we desire to mention the billiard parlor of II. C. Nelson, which wna oiencd to the public about six weeks ago. The building occu-pitd by Mr.

Nelson was erected late last fait at a cost of is two stories high and is fitttd up in the most durable JIA A LABGB STOCK OP Several new subscribers this week Harris is on the sick 'and expensive style. His tables, brus- II. Attorney D. liwt. I sels carpets and other fixtures were pur- Old papers, filty cents per hundred at chased at ft cost of fully $1,500.00, and this office.

i i i For caps to suit the times call on Murray Watson. We have been crowded with job work during the past week. C. L. Leslie has purchased the Juvinall stock of coal and feed.

GROCERIES, CLOTH I NG A Complete Ski of General Itakiii), at the Bon Ton For a clean lunch call bakery and lunch room. to say the least, we will venture the assertion that there is not a more pleasant resort of the kind in the state, no city excepted. Not only in this branch ol business, but every class of business carried on her, is metropolitan and proves conclusively that the business men of Springfield have faith in the prosperous young city where they have so lavishly invested their money. In view of the fact that the seventh congressional district republican centrul committee will soon be called together to prepare tor the campaign of 1888, it is quite necessary that the republicans of Seward county name a man tor this position as Mr. Traxler, the committeeman named at the last meeting in May, 1886.

is a non-resident of the county, and we therefore have no representative in the congressional committee. The time for action is fast approaching and vacancy should be filled at an early day. Unfortunately the organization of the Apples and oranges at the Bon Ton bakery and lunch counter. The finest assortment of candies in tho southwest at the Bon Ton. and take advantage of the many good things so abundantly provided by nature.

The inducements offered by Springfield, the permanent county seat of Seward county, to business men and investors, and by the county to farmers, are unsurpassed by any city or county in thestate. Springfield's wonderful progress, the large amount of capital that has been planted here duringthe past ninemonths, her numerous fine business structures, her wide-awake, progressive and get; there-Eli class of citizens, places her far in advance of all other western Kansas cities. The fertile and productive soil in every section of the county, the flattering railroad prospects, soon to enable the farmer to place the products of his farm at the door of the very best mnrkets, and the thousand and one natural advantages so generously bestowed npou us by nature places the county in the lead, and assures those who are seeking a home for themselves and their posterity, that Seward county is in reality all that the tiller of the soil could wish for or demand, and all that is necessary is to arouse from our winters' 6lnmber and prepare for the boom that is fast approaching, and with the rapidity aud force almost equal to an Iowa cyclone. Last week the La Grand hotel chnnged hands, Mr. Story having sold his lease to Jno.

A. Decator, who will continue the business and promises to keep the reputation of the house up to any in the southwest. Mr. Story has moved to his farm near this city and is making preperations for extensive farming the coming season. He will cultivate fifty acres of corn, fifty acres of millet, ten acres of sorghum, ten acres of alfalfa and ten acres of broom corn, besides a large amount of all kinds of vegetables.

Mr. Story is not a stranger to western Kansas, having been in the state a number ot years, and he feels very jubilant over the prospects of a rich harvest the coming season. If many others who reside in this city and own valuable farms in the county, would follow the example of the late proprietor of the La Grand in this particulfr, the proper development of the county would not be prolonged the usual number of years as is the case.with most new counties. Fast Mail chewing tobacco at H. C.

Nelson's. Best in the city. Try it. Miss R-sa Wemple is visiting friends and relatires in Illinois. will remain several weeks.

AT BOTTOM PRICES FOR CASH. MAKE FINAL PROOF No town in the West can boast of more energetic business men than can successful Springfield. party in this county is very unsatisfac F.J. Fulton returned to Garden City'f i. tory and we trust that this matter, as -BEFORE- Tuesday morning, where he is engaged well as all future transactions, will be more harmonious and some unity of ac- WONDEBf Uli SPRINGFIELD Indumtry, Enttrprie unit Liberality It' telret Its lieu-artl.

People will never cease to wonder at the energy and enterprise which in less than two years has transformed a piece of open prairie to a prosperous city already Hsssuming metropolitan airs, a city that ere the close of its third birthday will number at a low estimate, not less than two thousand souls. How did the men ol Springfield do this? Thestory is a short one. They knew full veil the work necessary to be done, and with a determination not to stop short ot success, they done it. Beginnings are the hardest. They realized this, and commencing upon the open prairies, with the broad canopy of heaven for a covering, they have step by step ascended the difficult ladder of success until to-day the transformation can hardly be realized by those not permitted to stand and gaze upon the growth and prosperity of Springfield.

Capital, almost unlimited, has been invested; large, handsome and costly business buildings have been erected, which are filled with merchandise and of every description; residences have been built where reside happy, prosperous and contented people; the musical sound of the bell calls nearly a hundred bright and merry children to school five days in a week; the welcome sound of the church bell warns the citizens every Sunday that the hour of worship has arrived, when with the cares of a busy life lain aside we can assemble at the place of worship and listen to the teachings of the Great All-Father, to whom we owe blessings for the prosperity so abundantly bestowed upon us; the saw and hammeris heard in every direction six days out of the seven if the weather will permit, and all brought about within the short space of less than two years. The growth of Kansas is remarkable and the growth of Springfield wonderful. The men who ar responsible for this wonderful transformation have not ceased their labors. The work has only fairly begun. Enterprise and their liberality has received its reward, and they are not weary in well-doing.

They are looking for other opportunities to aid and assist all worthy enterprises, with equal advantages to the entire city and county, and at no time was the opportunities for safe and profitable investments more flattering than is now offered by Springfield and Seward county. No town in the state enjoys more prosperity, or has ever had a more substantial growth than this city, during the past nine months. No city is blessed with more natural advantages. Men with a very smal; amount of capital, by industry have accumulated many, thousand dollars, and industrious business men who have resided here a few months have no fault to find with the city and county of their adoption, and they stand ready and willing to reach out the hand of liberality and encouragement to the industrious business man and home-seeker and say and in terms that can be readily understood. OUK EBBING BOOM tion agreed upon.

in legal business. Copies of the boom edition of The Courant, ready for mailing, five cents per copy, at this office. Hon. Joseph Wisby has formed a partnership with E. M.

Campbell, under the THE CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT, OriffNewcom, formerly editor of the firm name of Wisby Campbell, and Fargo Democrat has accepted a position have embarked in the real estate and on The Courant force. loan business. Mr. Campbell was one among the first settlers of the county and is as well acquainted with the people and surrounding country as any man in western Kansas. They proposa to SPRINGFIELD, KANSAS, Oliver Leisure, county clerk of Seward county, was arrested last week, charged with misdemeanor in office.

Virture, diligence and industry, joined make a specialty of the real estate and J. S. KREUT, Deputy. J. L.

LUNSFORD, Clerk. with good temper and prudence, have j0 in business; advertise extensively, and ever been found the surest road to pros- thereby make for themselves a paying business as well as advertise and benefit IfMerritt is not guilty of taking a bribe Springfield and Seward county. The the editor of thispaper is guilty of crimi- CouRANT noes not hesitate to recom- PROFESSIONAL CARDS. mend these gentlemen to the public as reliab'e, energetic and wide-awake business men. nal libel and is willing to suffer the consequence.

The contracts have been let for a bank building and several business blocks, and work will be commenced as soon as the weather will permit. JOSEPH WISBY, LAWYER, SPRINGFIELD, KANSAS. The libel suit against the editor of this paper has already cost the tax-payers something near a thousand dollars, and Lon. L. Trout Co.

are agents forthe i it is to the interest of justice that the world renowned lansill jPunch cigars. They will receive a. large invoice next week. Look out for them. DR, HEMPSTID, Plrysician and Surgeon, Office in Fulton block, SPRINGFIELD, KANSAS.

Owners of cattle and stock men in western Kansas report that stock of all are now in A lie tier, condition than OF COURSE you have heard of it. Jones or Brown, or Smith has told you ''f The Clarendon Hotel, at the West End, Springfield, Kansas, is open and doing the business. I don't want to make you tired, so won't say much, but allow me to say I will be glad to see you and make it pleasant for you. Style don't cost you any more. F.

T. CONKLIN, Proprietor. for many years past at this season of the year. Mrs. M.

M. Hollingsworth and Miss A. E. Dickerman, of the south part of F.J. FULTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, SPRINGFIELD, KANSAS.

Jno. R. F. Miles. David H.

Harris favored The Courant with a pleasant call Wednesday. Hon. Joseph Wisby was 'ailed to his former home in Missouri last week to attend to legal business for a client in 1ni colfl TTa will rTrn 4-n fliJo i MILES HARRIS, ATT'YS G0UNSEL0RS AT LAW KANSAS. SPRINGFIELD, Dr. L.

B. OSTRANDER, HOM03PATHIC, Has permanently located in Springfield! Chronic Cases a Specialty. WM HEMPSTID'S case be tried at the coming term of court and thereby stop an unnecessary expense to the people. If Merritt is innocent of the charges made against him he will not hesitate to bring out the facts, but on the other hand if he is guilty, and way down deep in his cowardly, corrupt heart he knows he is, the case will again be dismissed or continued. Murray Watson Tuesday consum-ated the sale of their stock of general merchandise in this city to S.

A. Klein, an experienced business man of WaKee-ney, This was the first general store in this city, and the business from the first increased until to-day the stock is by far the largest in Western Kansaa, and the most complete. The retiring firm are men who have the esteem of all who enjoy their acquaintance and we regret to see them leave the stage of activity they have so long been successfully engaged in. Judge Lester, editor of the Syracuse Journal says that a Hamilton county democratic justice of the peace thinks that the party had better drop Cleveland and run Samuel J. Tilden.

Some democrats doubt the wisdom of such a course, as they could hardly get that illustrious man here in time to take part in the campaign, they being' somewhat doubtful as to his whereabouts. That he would poll more votes than Grover there is not a shadow of a doubt. Assistant Attorney-General for Seward county, Judge G. W. Collins, proposes that the evil-doers of the county shall suffer the penalty of their crimes, and accordingly Commissioners Scates and Kimball were again arrested last week upon a charge of perjury.

Other cases of a similar character are likely to follow in the proper course of time. There can be no doubt that idleness is about the first of February. Ex-sherifF J. W. Hixon this week moved to his farm, one and a half miles west of this city, and proposes to make valuable improvements as well as.cultivatc a number of acres of Seward counties productive soil.

Miss EfTa Turner, of Marshfield, Missouri, a sister of postmaster Lon. Turner, is visiting in this city and will remain for several months, assisting in the post-office. Miss Turner is an accomplished young lady and will be warmly welcomed by the society people of Springfield. i A. A.

Tibbe, of St. Louis, was visiting his hosts of friends in this city duringthe past week, looking after his large property interests in southwestern Kansas. He is delighted with his investments in this city and made several more large purchases before returning to his home. The Largest Emigration to the State Ever Known in the H-Utory of the Country. In every city, village and neighborhood throughout the east, preparations are being made by farmers and business men to emigrate to western Kansas in early spring.

Never in the history of the state, it is predicted by those who know best, will there be such an emigration to Kansas as the year 1888. The almost total failure of crops in many sections of the east and the reasonably good crops in this state the past season, assures us that the country will be thronged with home-seekers in a very short time. Preparations have been made and are being made by the railroads all over the country to accommodate those who are to soon visit us. The Santa Fe company is having completed several hundred pas DK. J.

H. B. ADAMS, Physician and Surgeon, SPRIKGFIELD, KANSAS. Giadnale University of Michigan Medical Co'irse cias of 1S71 and Eclectic Medical College, Cincinuasi, class of 1872. OFFICE AT DRUG STORE.

STOCETOF P. HILLErMAN, Attorney-at-Law, Office Upstairs S. W. Cor Square, SPItlSGFlELD, KASSAS. senger coaches and a large number of Mrs.

Viola Baxter returned to this councy last Saturday evening from Medicine Lodge, where she has been for several mouths past, and on Monday she swore out a warrant charging her husband, Geo. E. Baxter, with bigamy. Theo. Botkin, FARGO SPRINGS.

KANS. HAVE ARRIVED. George waved preliminary examination and gave bond in the sum of $1,000 for a Sreat source of wrong doing. --The boys and girls who study hard and perform his appearance at the February term of J.T. LEACH, the district court faithfully all the tasks required of them will findiittle time for wrong doing, and will surely grow up to be an honor to both parents and teachers a blessing to themselves and source of gratification to all who fed an interest in them.

PROPRIETOR THE LAf(GES STO0K IN THE WEST. engines, knowing for a certainty that the flow of people into the state demand unusual transportation facilities. All over the east the agents of this company have thoroughly investigated this matter, and the result of their investigations warrant, the extra preperations made by the company. To land these home-seekers into our great commonwealth is but a part of the task. It is quite fitting and proper that the people who have preceeded these emigrants and reside here will be prepared to receive them upon their arrival, and in this connection The Courant desires to remind the property owners, citizens and business men of Springfield to wake fi ora their winter's nap, leave their comfortable fire side lor a time at least, and make the necessary preparations to receive our eastern friends in a way that will induce them to invest their money and make permanent homes in prosperous Seward county.

Never in the history of the state, and more particularly the western portion, was the prospects for crops of all kinds more flattering than at the present time. The frequent heavy snows of the winter have placed mother earth in a condition OF SPRMFIELD (INCORPORATED.) We this week publish a large number of complimentary notices of the boom edition of The Courant. Over three hundred papers in this state made favorable and in fact very complimentary notices of our efforts, and while we are unable, for the lack of space, to reproduce them all, we desire to impress it upon those who so kindly remembered us, that their favors are appreciated and that we will ever cherish with the kindest of feelings their words of kindness. The proprietors of the Transcript this week purchased the Soap-Box, and will consolidate it with their paper, to be run as a straight out democratic land office sheet. The Transcript outfit will shortly $50,000.

CAPITAL STOCK All who have swore to false claims against the county and thereby committed perjury need not be surprised if they should hear something "drap." Assistant Attorney-General Collins is determined to make a clean sweep. F. T. Conklin, the enterprising proprietor of the Clarendon, the best hotel in southwestern Kansas, has finished putting up about fifty tons of ice for the use of his hotel the coming season. WAGON AND REPAIR SHOPS.



TURNER. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. W. E. Ralstin has sold his livery stock OFFICERS.

C. F. MERRIMAM, President. JOHN F. VAN VOORHIS.Vice President be moved to Colorado bv Grant Turner, to Thomas.

Mr. Ralstin con- C. F. TURNER, Ass't Cashier. M.

L. TURNER, Cashier. will again engage in the tpnlat-a on west to TJlvsses. where he Grant county. HORSE SHOEING A SPECIALTY.

East of the Clarendon, SPRINGFIELD, most favorable, and the abundance of moisture that is now in the ground, will enable to put in their crops in early spring, and with such flattering prospects it is only necessary that we wake to a full realization of the situation A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. Bny and Sell Exchange. Drafts on all principal Cities. Loan money on Real Estate Security. Collections made and promptly remitted.

Special accommodations to our customers. Informatio-to strangers visiting our city cheerfully furnished. newspaper business. There is room in Seward county for a first-class democratic organ and we trust our esteemed neighbors will meet with the success the merits ot their enterprise deserves, i Jno. Hurt was fined fifteen dollars and costs Tuesday by Police Judge Foster, for assaulting Gime Lee, the Chinaman washeman..

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