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The Argentine Weekly Argus from Argentine, Kansas • 4

The Argentine Weekly Argus from Argentine, Kansas • 4

Argentine, Kansas
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IlliamsDns, Stage Whispers. I rs. Leslies' museum is holding daily levees on James street. "til and toilet articlesimmense stock at Gas-kill's drug store. All kinds of heating stoves, best on earth, at Geo.

Keller's. LOCAL LINES Cotton and yarn at Bowman Bros i Granite iron ware at Keller's, Go to F. Kunze for well made perfect fitting boot or elioo. Cold weather is coming, so The; Museum presents unusually bnluont attractions next week. 1 Restaurant and Lunch Room, SriSAR ST.

NEAR PASSENGER DEPOT. Best Meals in Argentine. Coliseum, opening Oct. 31st. The CO ii ni.nt:T Albion family, Martin Lonsdale, Full line of stationery, Flin XUJ f.

sponges, and proprietary medi- mun Alton, Nancy Lee; crowded cines, at Gaskill's drug store. houses all this week. ARGENTINE, Ka8 Home Riverside cooks and The Walnut street theatre open- ranges, dirt cheap at Geo Kel- 0ct r8J8t- av and J. K.WILLIAMSON, Prop. J.

M.ASHER, go to F. Kunze and give him an order for a pair of comfortable boots. Go to Bowman Bros, for dry oods. When you want an oyster stew try Dodge's restaurant. Pure drugs at Gaskill's drug atore.

'Pa 40 ler's on Silver Ave, Allen; re-engaged: The Mullelley, ft, Say, Pard, don't cher know MacartW the Khems, St. a i xt- Tri c5a ATTORNEY AT LAW, ii.i.ri- I'll iL. i ram cniiuren, jerry lizjieraiu. II I. I tUUk 1 I I.I I I I'l liriri Nl.

I IK I The Manvilles, Bell UlOSUK i Office over PostofiW 4 ft" got tlie prescription biz down o'Delf COLLECTIONS A SPECIALTY. ARGENTINE, KANSAS. line never akes a mistake, The largest stock of gloves, underwear, wool hose, at Bowman Bhos. Mr. Chas.

Willis and family of Maysville, Mo. have located here. nnat a Small Boy Can Do. It appears impossible to predict what Mention thU paper. the average small boy will do under almost any given circumstances If ho has an opportunity to work mischief.

The following story from Pilot Bros, for ic lily the was dissolved JNoy. 1 Go to Bowman boots and ehoes. tj. JSL. JHQDfflbii, s'wu-rJ Spear Near Passenger Depor.

Geddes Simmons new building 2 LARGE SAMPLE ROOM. Best pastries in Kansas serv story brick with stone basement, 2d and Metropolitan Ave. is by far the most elegant building in the ed with every meal at RosEcr.ANS, Proprietor, DEALER IN AND House Furnishing Goods Point, serves to illustrate the point taken: Newton Tabor was dipping a well. To blast out the rock he used dynamite Inclosed in small metallio capsules. In the course of his ho deposited an open box of these dangerous capsules at the root of a J.

k. Williamson s. JfrgratiDG. lacs The Argentine Lumber Co. Of all descriptions.

Corner are selling all kinds and grades tree near where he was working. A 1st street and Silver av'e. umber at Kansas City prices. W. S.

MOORE, ladder leaning against the- tree reached up to a mocking-bird's nest containing a young brood. His ten-year-old son ARGENTINE, KAS Cboutt inffocatlons, nlt'ht cousrhs and alt the common anemone or tne ttiroat and lungs quickly 11 1 l. I J. u. McLean's Tar Wme Lung I Dick, with a couple of the capsules in his 1 rw II- Dodge's restaurant has already' established a first-class reputation! Call and see our children's underwear.

Bowman Bros. Dr. J. 0. Gaskill gave the Argus a few lines worth reading just to get rid of us, last rtiiieveu uj ui, Balm his hand, ascended the ladder.1 and.

Staple Fancy Geo. Kellar, the tinner, was MTefr1inKtliefu5 birds V1 distondl1 GALT CLOUD, Snccee jor to 8. Clark Co Abstracts of Title, putting on airs at the LXDOSI- one at a time, ill one bird's mouth. GROCERIES. inn last, Mnnnav.

Tney lorthwith disappearea in the bird I craw. This rendered the bird uncom- Ruby Avenue and 3rd St. Argentine, Kansas. Patronize Havterthn fortable, and in a struggle for relief it a tt the old 5th street SLX-ZBin SfftS Oldest and most reliable set of Grant 016111, D. go Kansas City, in Gillis Op- up the earth, dumped a quantity of Abstract books in the county.

era hOUSe. i -i 511 Minnesota Ave, 1 SPEAR AVENUt, nearjthe Depot. roon. piicu ttUU Telephone 1083. for WYANDOTTE.

KANSA Uranrtnan V. o. ai wiuouoai awi, nuv working down below. The boy fell For stoves and Tinware to Keller's Go to Bowman Bros, groceries, For first-class work go Wiscoskie. Pumps at Wiscoskies; I Argentine, Kansas" blowing about the Anderson from the ladder and was bldlyhurt, ri TT TTINMAIM hahv.

and aavs it. wmVhs 10 000 suflferiny the fracture of some bones, xxxxfj.xxxn xta- xj- to I Thia shown what ft bov will dft whftn I T-TT 1 pounds and can out yell a wild he gets a chancetow Orleans Pica. nOOT060pALnibl Muepet Weight. cat, OFFICE: SECOND AND SILVER rniT1nlnt nt the atae carpenier AUrMIIC. Pactlcal Stone Masons and Contractors Flue and Sistern Builder 4 -rrTr tt i r.n afiivtn.

Rubber boots and shoes at ijuin.xu aany anu viara wont ana no piaj. npf MrilWf VkS Bowman Bros. fl on Th-Und hnoms break out lu3tanei jinurjn 1 in lno- Estimates Cheerfully Furnishe ujrw, uuuuaj, vULUuci a I ftroaiitLila ilver Are. Between 2nd and 3rd daughter. We are headquarters for any California.

thing in the boot and shoe line. Gaskill's drug store is the F. KUNZE, PltACTICAL PREMIUM cj Moiing out of the garret is the only way in which some writers display attio aat Texas Sifting s. place to get prescriptions filled Call and see our stock. Bowman Bros.

with precise pharmaceutical Perhaps Mr. Villard will yet make anotker triumphal progress through the Boot and Shoe HENRY J. WALTER, Practical skill. Blankets, arid at rmn vw-- ne nt tux tiie oijfii. Bowman Bros.

See our new stock of under MAKBB, BLACkSMITH Streof-Car Conductor (to country- wear, bowman jeos. Go to Bowman Bros, for man) If you saw. bim picking the Silver Street, bet. 2nd and 3rd Crockery and glassware. and Horseshoer IniDeriect dices tion and assimilation pro 'entleman pocket, why dldn you duce disordered conditions of the system which Argentine, ICau i interfere, instead of letting him get row una are confirmed Dy neglect, Dr.

J. II. strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, away? Horse-shoeing a Specialty. Headquarters for groceries, dry goods, boots, and shoes, crockery, Countryman I saw that sign up Custom Made Shoes a soecialtv. a pnwxrTT by its tonic poperties, cures indigestion and gives tone to the etomac per bottle.

KaS. an I mure. uenaio u. etc. Bowman Bros.

b'gosb, I was 'fraid to. New York Sun. Gaskill, the Druggist, has For Sale or Rent Ten the largest stock of drugs J. J. SWINGLEY Manufacturers of Peter Spohrer, new five room houses on the chemicals, and proprietary Tonsorial Artis medicines south of the Kaw, 11 MUSEUM.

WEBS OF OCT. 31. if hill in Rockaway additioi, Apply to Wm. II. Reed, Can and sells them cheaper than Brands A Line of Celebrated con- First-class work guaranteed.

tractor and Builder, on the his competitors can buy them. premises. Sppar Ave. Passenger Depot "Ed. the Wizard," having re Special' Bargains in boots and shoes ARGENTINE, KAS.

stantly on hand. TURNER, KANSAS. Contractor covered from his severe injur Bowman Bros. at ies, usever on the alert for new novelties, has invented a new MONEY LOANED -ON Schmit Vceltzel, corner 3rd and Silver avenuecarry the best stock of bread, butter, groceries and coun and Builder. acte de magigue, which he calls theatre of sensein opoto now wm feii: wl all Work G-uaran- watches and dia ioxds try produce in Argentine, and donl you see it and now you don't teed.

on forget it. see it until you pay lor it. Pledges for sale cheap. JOSEPH FRANKLIN Argentine. Kansas.

i F. Kunze is a practical boo No. 8 E. 4th st, Go and see shoe maker of experience him. ilis work is in great demand.

j. H. MK CO. 629Main st Kas City' Mo The city hall and jail being now If yoii want a styilsh suit an assured the Argus sug- well directed work fo to A. SIMON'-5 and Urests that some WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN fSASII, 100KS, KLIXDS, IrknEing Quarries, money GLAZED WINDOWS AND MOULDINGS.

payer is willing to be assessed liber ally to pay for passable streets, 1810 1812 WEST HINTH STREET- There is not now in Argentine one T. J. ENRIGHT, Proprietor. KANSAS CITY KAS half mile of passable atreots. J.

his should not be. Wake up M. Building, and Dimension DODGE'S Street Commissioner and do some The Famous Barnum Zulus, Os-. STOIsTE car Charley. work that will be a credit to you and All kinds of mechanics tools at" Wiscoskies.

Tin roofing, all kinds of sheet iron work done at Wiscoskies. 7 materials of all kind cheap at Argentine Lumber Co Patronize home industry and and buy lumber of J. C. Trenor, pgent. Delivered on Short Notice.

Restaurant, Lunch Counter Argentine Ed the Wizard seems to have Metropolitan bet. 3nd Sts Office at Residence, near Round been inspired by. the magii of House, Dashington Bros. Mons. Bushnel'8 TroupeofF rench POODLES.

Theatre. DANITES, AEGENTJSE, KAESAS, olden times.He is inventing new KANSAS. ARGENTINE, tricks daily. His latest is called "Palmisticaloporenicapeu- Hot and Cold yiirs in I Jno. Marshel the hustling GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL saeoblensoktlloz and is better all Meals to Order, Day Board $3.50, Meal Tickets $4.00.

real estate agent, corner 2d st ind Silver has for sale or than a whole circus. N. W. corner Strong Burr Ava An Idyl of the Backwoods. pn daily from I to 10:30 P.

M. rent fifteen elegant six room all new and newly Their Business Boomina. finished Queen Anne style. no one thing has caused such I HARNESS SHOP, general revival of trde at Jlareh's corner drag store, is their giving away to their customer of many free trial bottles of Walnut Tjieatie Dr. King's New Discovery for gonsuinp- Call and see him, and he wi DIED.

Friday, Oct. 28th, euues. Newly furnished throughout. Located near passenger depot. MARTIN HERTLEIN, Proprietor.

H. M. HERR, Justice of the Peace. Espedal Attention Paid to Collections. tion.

Their trade is simply enormous in or. 4th and Walnut. Silver Avenue, Argentine, Kansas. One door west of Liveryl Stable, Srst Slass ork. mis very vaiuauie article, ironi tne iaci 1887, at her parents' residence -in Argentine, Annie Minnie Kunze.

aged three days. The Kansas- City. Missouri. wugui, vuius, AfiuiuB. Brunei ilia, vruup i 1 1 1 4 -1 1 1 I iiu an mruBv auu lung quititi rt'T'Trk TTHTKfr'D cureJl can test it before buvinc bT OTTO ZIMMEIClIanager parents have, the sympathy Your Patronage Solicited, ARGENTINE.Q ul KANSAS "the' entire pommunit) in their brttk wd.

1 h. only Frst-Class Variety Theatre the 1 City, Open every oight tnt year round. E. SCHLENKER. saa Dereavemeni..

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