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The Argentine Weekly Argus from Argentine, Kansas • 1

The Argentine Weekly Argus from Argentine, Kansas • 1

Argentine, Kansas
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nrinnr TI IIP 111 IS mini ir.nin -J 1 I r. P- I I mum LJ VOL.1. NO. 5. ARGENTINE, iCANSAS, SEPTEMBER 22, 1887.

i i PRICE PER YEAH Hire mm li hi I 1 ARGENTINE ARGUS 125 FT. EAST FRONT on 2nd street two blocks from POST OFFICE AT, $5. Very Easy Payments. 7 d. O.

TREMOR, Agent. Published trery Thurdy BY 1 1 Rosenthal Cromwell TERMS- 1 copy one year, 11.50 Invariably in advance, Entered it the post offiee at Argentine Seeond-claai matter. Mark Edltorslld PubliBheM- R. R. Timetable.

AND BTJIEDERS' MATERIAL, Low Prices, and as. Good. Grade as can be obtained in Kansas City, Mo. East 8 N. Y.

Express 66 u. 74 So. Knns. Passenger 10 Oi press 9:15 West 1 Texas Express 9:54 ,7 So. Kans.

Passenger 10:04 1 Cl. Mex. Ex, East 71 do. Kans. Express West 3 Den.

and U.1 Ex. i :30 East 76 Atlantic, Express 4.15 p. in. West ,6 JsageCy. Express 4,45 East 4 astern Express 6:15 West 9 So.

Kns. Passenger 5:15 1 East 6 7 Texas Express 6:00 West 73 So. Kans. Passenger 10:09 7 Colorado Express 10:30 lElilIRS We have the largest' and bestf stock in the. city, and can: save you money on anything in the Grocery line.

DRY GOODS Our stock, is. all hew and the latest "We have the best line of Hose in the city Our stock of shirts, overalls, jean rants, jumpers are.the cheapestin the ity Call and see them. BOOTS SND SHOS. If patronized by her merchants, the city is universaly, condemned as a dead hole, but if her newspapers dis- play liberal amount of advertising sh" at once 'gains a reputatiou as a a booming place, whose are live, enterprising and prosperous. The people demaad'' the erection of a City Hall and prison; The pres-filthy ent calaboose is overcrowded, and unfit for a clean hog, much, less la human being.

Complaints are being constantly made by new comers, somewhat un acquainted with the customs of weste ern people, that social relations her are more strained than in the This was until recently natu- ral ior numerous elements oi socieiv had been 'quickly thrown together wnose sojourn naa ueen.inieiiueu. iu i x. i xi be temporary. But the, commercial advantages of the city induced many to establish permanent homes here, and In course of time as these knew nnrVi ntVinr hnt.fT. tliftir.

Aftmisuntance L. naA iMn mam- nnr1 that into comDanionshb. The erection of tastefully appointed homes containing attractive, features that are a credit to education and refinement indicates that this is 16ilg toDe a city cf inviting homes an(j the cosy of the artisan a3 wen ajl the modern, dwelling of the merchant thaf Wdt the hills and fill up the dales demonstrate the de- terminaxion oi ineir occupants live and die here. Ppnstant association wju jn time drift into reciprocal so. ciabilitv, and mutvil kindness, friend- ship, ana hospitality will ne as marn- ed features in our metropolis as else wherej--TKansas Cyclone, Th rnilrnarl fnfilirips for tnft com Kansas pity Fair are unusually good, landing, passengers at the rand stand.

The. date is Sept. 6 to Oct. 1 inclusive. week: of sept.

is. Lecture Hall. CHIEF DEBRO, The MADAME JUNE, 750 lbs Weight. and others. Wt Tvn? rrWTGT' Open daily from Ho P.

Ai)aiS3ioT lO CeiiTTS i C7c JTII, nj 3 1 IlDtl 2SD. il 0 3 DTE Cor. 4th and Walnut. Kansas City, Missouri OTTO ZIMMER Manager I only Frst-aass Variety Theatre in tha City, Open eywj night tnt pear wuna. -All Ml SIX ROOM' IIOtJE near the L.

Rents for $30 per Month $1,300 cash and $500 in i Year. These are special bargains for this week only. I They go up 20 per. the day Lovelace breaks ground for the Mill and Elevator, and he is under contract to do that on the 20th, Sole Agent for. the handsomest addition in the 6 blocks south of Post Office.

Splen- did view of Kansas City and i KaW Valley. Only small cash payment wanted; balance Come and see me about this. Lots in Rockaway, Adams King's, Simmons McGeehan's, Gibbs Payne's and Mul vane's additions for sale: by. JNO. B.

MARSIIEL'S 2nd St- and Silver Ave. SIMON, 1 The Tailor, Carries a Full Line of -4 FQIlEiCJI AND DOMESTIC WOOLENS, Fall and winter style? just received Cleaning, Repairing" and Pressing Done by an Jxpert. Dr. Lewis' New Building, Metropolitan Avenue ARGENTINE, KAS. Also Missouri Ave.

KANSAS' CITY, 0 GEO. KELLER, -DEAl STOVES DEALER IN and TINWARE Silver bet, 2nd and 3d ARGENTINE. KANSAS Prompt attention given to tin work, Theo. Petterson, Wholesale and Detail lalsrg and Silver Ave-, be. 2d 3d Argentine, Kansas G.

W. S0HEET2, raicricu. Copper, Tin, SheeB AND GALVANIZED IRON WOBKEE, liver bet, let 2nd, Argentine, Kan Solicits Trade and Gaurantees Satisfaction. J. W.

KING SCOTT. NOTARY PUBniG Conveyancer and Collector of Keats Office at the Foet Office. JWe have the largest and best selected stook iip; the All new. Our Leader men's $2.00 shoe can't be, beat. Our men's button arid bal $2,50 shoe is a dandy.

Our ladies', kid button $2.50 shoe is the best. Our line of childrens' hbes are just what you want for school shoes. Call and examine. EVERY PAIR SOLD, IS WAR-RENTED. We have a big stock of Heavy Boots in kip and grain leather.

Also Rub- i.i in oer vtoocls oi an Kin us off on Sundays, J. Z. Robaback, Ajen. mA planing mill for Argentine vmn a capnai oi none i(ftOA nnn he contract has Deen signed. Anarchists and socialists have repeatedly claimed that American ustice was altogether too slow, and that; American law served io protect the interests of the rich only.

Yet the twice-convicted anarcmsia nu uioir mouus uu too glad to enjoy the snail-like creep of justice, and avail themselves of the opportunities afforded them by Uie laws mov uavo wuucimiou, lu prolonor their lives. A jilted wooer sued his recalcitrant court recently for $1.95 which he had 'laid out and expended" for street car rides during their curtailed courtship The erudite justice wisely decided or the fair defendant and, thereby established a good precedent. J.t a young masher monopolizes the time -V and society of a charming young lady he should be only too willing to pay 'or the privilege and pleasure. It is reported on apparently good authority that Dr. McGlynn and Henrv Lreorcfe intend establismnff a daily newspaper in all the large cit- ies throughout the country to advo cate the interests of workingmen.

It takes money to run one newspaper, let alone a large, number; and while these pretending labor advocates are howling about poverty produced by the grinding monopolist they will en joy life at the expense the poor deluded laborers. The workingmen have a perfect right to join together in party alliance for their protection but they must not be deluded into parting with their hard earned mon ey for the benefit of selfish and de signing politicians. "Kansas City is the best adver tised city in America" is an expression that can now be heard, everywhere, dant capital that are increasing her strate the immense value of the ad- vertisiner that has effected such erat- ifying results. Among its best fea tures are me enterprising uewpa pers whose columns contain a goodly share of display cards that convince one of the push and pluck of her business men. For this is usually the criterion by which those who de sire to change their business locations and homes judge the energy and I ,1 We hahdle evervthiha Irin.

Ithe line Ibf Orcckery, Glassware, oe unaersom. Cutlery, and cannot VARNISHES, OILS, BRUSHES, LIME, OE3IEIVT, PLASTER, HAIR. We can save vou money on anvthiner we sell and will convince you if you will call ana see our gooas, Cigars and Tobacco. We carry the largest and best stock in the city. Call when you want anything in this line.

UAN BROS. Kansas Opopsite Smelter Office Argentine,.

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