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The Wetmore Spectator from Wetmore, Kansas • 4

The Wetmore Spectator from Wetmore, Kansas • 4

Wetmore, Kansas
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Breecfers Attention F. C. VILOH'S FEED STORE Here are some interesting prices Flour, Snell's Best, per sack $2.40 Graham, 10 lbs 55 Corn Meal, 10 lbs 33 Shorts per 100 lbs 1.50 Bran per 100 1.25 Kaffir Corn per 100 lbs 1.20 Oil Meal per 100 lbs 3.10 Meat Meal per 100 lbs 3.50 Blatchford's Milk Mash for Baby Chicks Timothy Seed, Alfalfa Seed, Sudan Seed, White Clover Seed, Bluegrass Seed and Millet Seed. Prices subject to change without notice. I have a splendid Mammouth Jack, weighing 1100 lbs, that will make the season of 1921 at my place.

Terms $10 to insure colt to stand and suck; This week we have the Perfection Oil Stove in 1, 2, 3 and 4 burners Also the Star Gass 3 and 5 burner with ovens. John Deere Riding Lister $95, John Deere Walking Combined Lister $50, P. O. Riding Lister $95, P. O.

Walking Lister $50, New Century Cultivator $55, Peg Tooth Harrow $12.50 per section." Harness Collars and Pads in stock. Always headquarters for repairs in the leading implements. Electric and Power Washers. Primrose Separators hand, electric and power. We will deliver any Separator or Power Washer, you to be the judge of satisfaction.

WETMORE MERCANTILE CO. Terms $8 to insure Also grade Percheron Horse, colt to stand and suck. J. W. Everhart on the C.

H. Dunster farm, one mile east and one mile north of Wetmore. Phone 702. H. P.

CAWOOD. Phone 24 OFFICIAL STATMENT OF THE FINANCIAL tOSDITIOX OF THE Wetmore State Bank at Wetmore. Stuto of Kansas, at tho close of business oil the otli day of Marcli. 1921. REPOfRCEM.

Loan and discounts f275.01rt.73 Loans on real estate 17,303,:12 "Two minds with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one! Ingomar. SPRING rrn Overdrafts, unsecured I1.7C6.CI Otlier real estate owned 3,053 45 Wwaan is always productive of sentiment So it has ever" been, since man first Bank building. S7.00U: furniture and fix-ti res, 2.0O0.(K) O.iWO.OO burrowed out a hole in the cliff side Cash items ami clearing house 1,470.62 Cash and sight exchange, legal reserve 19.567.ti6 UG and thought of it as home. Speech in that primeval era is a problematical matter; domicile a certainty. Throughout all ages man has been possessed of the constructive in Total LIABILITIES.

Cai.ilal stock paid in MUWO.OO Surplus fund 20,000.00 I'ndivided Interest 4.K12.63 Exchange 22.86 110,138.71 Less current expenses, interest and taxes 6.293.27 DEMAND DEPOSITS: Individual deposits subject to heck 99,273.44 Certificates of deposit due in less than days 250.0U TIME DEPOSITS, Certificates of deposit dm- on or af- 30 da ys CI Bills an.ttW.9K Bills payablo lti.wiO.OO stinct, and the place which then provided shelter, however crude, awoke an echo in the hearts of man kind that has lived on and grown NEW ASSORTMENT NOW ON RACK Wool and fiber (one-half wool), wool and fiber (one-fourth wool), in different patterns of brown and tan. Splendid long wearing rug. Velvet, Colonial, Axminsters, Tapestries and Genuine Bussorah, sizes from 6x9 to 9x12. Smaller sizes in Rag, Axminister and Taps. Armstrong's Linoleum, Gold Seal Congoleum, Rug Border and Matting.

Clean your walls and floors with the Combination Floor-Wall Brush. dearer and stronger. Several good used cars ready to run, priced right Always insist on genuine Ford repair parts. DON H. COLE, Dealer Own Your Own Home Be true to the rno st natural impulse of mankind and home ownership Total OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF THE FINANCIAL CONDITION OF i carrying with it that comforting sense of possessto is not the diffi STATE OK KANSAS.

County of Nemaha, I S. E. Thornliurrow, cashier of said bank, do J. E. RODERICK cult matter you in ay deem it.

Phone 61 solemnly swear that the above statement is true: Phone 61 The State Bank of Bancroft that said lunk lias no liabilities, and is not In- day evening and gave them a farewell party. They are moving to Beatrice, Nebraska. I Algie Spicker and family and Andy Linimcn and family spent Sunday at Sumner Spiker's. Mrs. Thelma Johnson of Mayetta has dorsVr on any note or obligation, other than 1 at Bancroft, Stale of Kansas, at the close of busi- Why deny yourse If and your loved ones the comforts, conveniences and satisfaction that a home of your very own means? ness on the 5th day of March, 1921.

RESOVRCES. Loans and discounts 63 Loa ns on real estate WO O0 Overdrafts, unsecured 1.222 ft! Bnukbldg. Iron; furn. and lixl'rs, 11.400 2.100 00 I' iiited States bonds on hand 1.S54 Cash items and clearing-house items, interest coupons 3:1 57 Cash items and sight exchange, legal reserve 2.953 10 Other resources, judgments and chatties 201 iu BARGAIN COLUMN The Model 'n Home shown on the above statement, to tlto best of my know ledge and belief. So he lp me (foil.

S. K. TIIOltNBfKUOW, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before mo, this 14th day of March, 1921. 4, S.

FITWIERALD, Notary Public. (Commission expires on the 7th day of February. 1922.1 CORRECT. Attest S. Thornburrow.

K. E. Johnson, W. Thornburrow, W.J, Harden, Jacob Ileim-n Directors. To Walter E.Wilson, Bank Published ill Wetmore Spetutor Mar.

is, 1921 has been visiting her father, G. B. Mapes and other relatives. Mrs. Harrison Kerr returned Monday from a visit to her parents at Corning.

Logan Spiker and family spent Sunday at Will Spiker's. is a far cry from tbe cave or the FOR SALE Ford touring car, has good tires and in good running condition; price $150. Geo. Love. See car at Star Garage.

11 cliff-dweller, arid we a collection of choice, pictures and plans that will provd it. Ed. Galsle and Merlin Jacobia hauled! hogs to town Saturday. they had to go back on the train. Wednesday Mr.

Cross and Wm. Short came up after the car. S. E. Thornburrow wanted to get a smile renewer, so Wednesday he went to Leavenworth to attend the Shriners' convention.

Sent in Anyone wanting sausage ground apply to Fritz Kisser! He has a 40-horsepower engine and will do the work very nicely. ANNOUNCES FOR SALE. Albert Moyer Oak and walnut posts. D. C.

Ebelmesser Alfalfa and timothy hay. D. A. League Span of work mules, weight about 2700. Chas.

Zabel-Keyston disc, 16-16; Mo-line disc, 16-16; 14-inch gang plow, Deering binder, reg. large type spotted polandchina male. Sell or trade. FOR SALE-About posts. D.

C. Avers. 1,000 goodhedgo 11 Total fiS.IJO 27 OBITUARY. LIABILITIES. Look over these picture' and you Capital stock paid ill HO are sure to vis uahze the home of FOR SALE Belle City 140-egg incubator, used 2 years, in good condition.

Mrs. Emil Hanni, phone 35. 11 Surplus fund 3.3-V) 00 Lucy A. Raynor was born in Corager county, New York state, on June 25, I'ndivided $1 your dreanw." Visit with ut make yourself at hun le ask all the questions de.sir and when you leave 1838, and died at her home in Netawaka interest 4.o4 Exchange 2.29 on March 1, 1921, age 82 years, eight WHITE ROCK, OFFICIAL STRAIN eggs for setting, $1 for 15, or $8 for 100. Mrs.

Emil Hanni, phone 35. 11 LeRoy Noe went out to Blaine again last Saturday. He said he went out to see the oil derrick that has been put up our office it. ill be with a better idea of H'JW and WHY, way and means, th you ever had bei'ore. months and six days.

When a mers girl she moved with her parents to Miami county, Indiana. While there she Card of Thanks. We desire to express our heartfelt thanks to the many friends and neighbors for the help so kindly given during the long illness and death of our dear mother. May God in his own good time reward you all. Mr.

Z. B. Baughn. Mr. R.

R. Baughn. Mr. H. J.

Baughn. C. A. Baughn. Mr.

Jacob Berridge and Family. Mrs. Narvilla M. Byers. Mrs.

Ida F. Plankinton. Less current expense, interest and taxes paid MX.iO 1.179 4i Individual deposits, subject to check R7 Ct rtiricates of deposit due on or after 30 days ll.f-19 Bills rediscounted ti.flsw '(' FOR SALE Early Ohio seed potatoes, second year. M. M.

McGuire. 11 SEED CORN to prospect for oil. We know our subject and the expr- H.J. Baughn, March 25, 18o9. that germinates 98 yi, produced 122 bu.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Ray McKinley and son of Hor- ience of years in all building matters is at yc at service.

You place your S. C. VV. LEGHORN EGGS FOR hatching 75c per 15, $4 per 100, at farm. -Phone 3004.

-W. D. Calder. 11 Bills payable 12.000 00 an acre in 1920 and is shipped to you on ton spent Sunday in Wetmore with Mr. 10 days approval should suit you.

Well! self oder no obligations, und are entir gty welcome. this is just what I offer to do. Why and Mrs. C. C.

Gilbort. The annual conference of the M. E. church that met at Iola last week re FOR SALE Eggs, S. C.

Rhode Island Red, 75c per setting or $1 per 100. Phone No. 4 on 29 Netawaka. Mrs. Harve Hampton.

114p don't you get what seed corn you need of me NOW while I can supply you and To this union were born eight children, two of whom together with their father, have died. In 1869 she came with her husband to Kansas, locating in Jackson county, where she has resided since. She leaves the following children: Mrs. Narvilla Byers of Oklahoma City, Okla. Mrs.

Ida F. Plankinton, Netawaka; Chas. A. Baughn, Longmont, Henry J. 1 turned Rev.

M. M.MtGuire to Wetmore thus double your profit this year? LOCAL AND OTHERWISE and Rev. Sissncy to the Netawaka Boone County White, Diamond Joe, Burgner-Bowman Lumber Co. FOR SALE-Whito Plymouth Rock eggs, per setting Mrs. J.

O. White. 112p Atchison Monument Works. 9 Mammoth White, Mammoth Yellow, customers, W. J.

Hayden was up frpni Topeka Ried's Yellow Dent, Yellow Mastodon this week. and 90 Day White Cap Dent. Bushel 4. $3l Ten bushels or more $2.50. Cash Total ttis.420 27 SSATK Off KANSAS.

I Comity of Xeinitha, I W. II. Capsoy, president of said bank, do solemnly swear thai the aliove statement is true: that the bank lias no liabilities, and is not indor-scr on any not" or obligation, other than show on the above statement, to the best of my knowledge and belief. So help me (Sort. CAl'SEY, President.

Subscribed and sworn to before me, (his day of March, 1921. 11. E. SEWKLL. Notary Public.

(Commission expires on the isth day of COKKKCT Attest: W. E. Kanis, W. II. Capsey.

B. E. Sewell Dint-tors. To Walter Wilson, Bank Commissioner, Topeka, Kansus, Published ill Tho Wetmori! SiKt'tator. Friday.

March 18,1921. WANTED Milk White. -J. O. 112p "livery thing in Building Materials Bauer tin.

at nome; uooert, l. oauuu, F. P. Hanson, Local Mgr. out at Blaine.

With order, stock to 113p WANTED About 10 head of pasture. Harry Beam. u. c. Strawberry Plants-lUO progressive Topeka, and Z.

B. Baughn, Superior, Nebraska. Sho was converted early in her married life and attended church at South Powhattan. She was a true and faithful wife and mother. pverbearjng .50, Senator Dunlap over Sunday.

W. H. Blood visited his son, Walter, JAMES WILTSE, RlllO. Nd)r, church. Rev.

and Mrs. Richard and son, and G. W. Sourk and a lot of young people motored pyer from GofT Sunday evening and attentod services at the M. E.

church. LOST Jn or near Wetmore, about three weeks ago, bill book containing about $10 in money. Name. "John L. Moore," on book.

Finder leave at this office and get reward. Mr. and Mrs. C. O.

Randall of Holton visited Mr. and Mr3, S. E. Wilson Sunr day. Monday Mrs.

Randall and Mrs. Wilson went to Excelsior Springs to S. C. RHODE ISLAND RED EGGS for hatching; 75c for setting of 15; Bockenstette strain. Mrs.

V. O. Hough, Wetmore, Kas. 5 THE WETMORE SPECTATOR By W. F.

Turrentinc. Carl F. Turrentine, Assistant. Atchison Moitument Works. 9 FOR SALE-One new Belle City brood to Princeton, 111., last week by the death er, one-half price.

Phone 2806. Mrs. NOTICE You can buy your bran and Inter-Clans Track Meet. A ereat amount of pep is shown in B. F.

Ellegood. 10 of a cousin. Atchison Monument Works. 9 A Good Indorsement. Friend Turrentine: That ad.

shorts of R. J. Couter, Inst 1 11 Topeka I i 1, flifToronf liiirb Owner pay 25c FOUND-Pocketknife. for this ad. and get it.

were ine manner wun-u week got results. The potatoes Mrs. W. C. Garvin was in this week for treatment.

Wm. Kling visited several days this sold by 3 o'clock the day the paper was school classes are working for honors Frirlav afternoon. March 25, on tne Mr. and Mrs. Robt.

Ebelmesser visit out and inquiries still coming. The hay spend a few days with their father, W. FOR ALE -Single Comb Buff Orping ton eggs, 75c per setting; $4 per 100. Phone 78. 9 Granada Items.

Mr. and Mr3. Henry Schuster visited a few days with relatives in Topeka a short time ago. Mr. and Mrs.

Dan Vanderslice of Robinson visited Saturday at Howard Spiker's. A number of neighbors met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rist Tues and posts followed suit, so I am send ed in Atchison over Sunday.

W. Lynn. Some party or parties tried to break school grounds. Already many of last year's county records have been beaten. People should attend this meet.

Admission 25c. Mason Ford of Goff visited his sister, FOR SALE A few duroc jersey brood ing check and change of ad. Take it out when the money runs out and oblige Yours truly, W. D. CALDER.

here R. J. Courter. last Friday. week with relatives at Mt.

Ayr, Iowa. Miss Louise Heers of Netawaka visited over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H. M.

Ham. Some first class timothy seed on sale at J. Clinkenbeard's. 7 Mrs. C.

W. Hendershot went to Atchison Tuesday to visit her children who into C. J. Clinkenbeard's store Tuesday night, but failed to make the riffle. sows to farrow in April.

D. Clink en-beard. 102p Fred Brun of Greenleaf and bis sis ter, Mrs. D. C.

Ebelmesser were called BUFF LEGHORN EGGS, $5 per 100 at farm. Mrs. Henry Sigmund. 104p They then broke into the stock shed at the lumber yard, but Mr. Hanson says he has not missed anything.

a. i- nirar- 1 ii i i iBTrn xmil Cm 0, F. H. Richardson of Graham county, FOR SALE-A tried brood sow, raised 9 pigs out of 12 last fall as a gilt; due to farrow March 1. H.

A. Geyer. 9 live there. Mrs. J.

W. Graham visited her daugh- ter, Mrs. C. M. Lukens, at Muscotah over Sunday.

has bought Mrs. Martha Hart's residence property in the west part of town, and he and his family have moved into of Wetmore, say: FOR SALE A big black horse 4 years old this spring, sound, broke; 8 year old horse, about 1300, blemished, do lots Big cut in it. Mr. Richardson is a prosperous Mrs. H.

H. Frager of Onaga is spend- of work, cheap. Syd. Pollard, Bancroft. 9 farmer and shipped in two car loads of ing a few days here with her mother, stock, implements, and expects to Mrs.

E. S. Fraer. Miss Josephine White has been visit' FOR SALE 400 bu. pure Texas seed oats, 50c per bu.

at farm. -Charles Perret, Corning, Phone 413. 93p fruits canned buy a small farm in this locality. J. Hanks, made the deal.

Kseps Them Interested, Anyhow. ing her mother, Mrs. N. E. Beam, for the last two weeks.

A habitual falsifier always seems FOR SALE-Ten-disc Vanbrunt wheat drill. Harrison Woe. Phone 3602. 9 Some 30 or 40 Wetmore people were able to get a number of people inter courting in Seneca the first of the week ested In the hope that some day they'll FOR SALE -Burr oak posts. Carl i on various cases.

catch him In the truth. I big. Mr. and Mrs. J.

E. Thomas and daugh ters, Misses Gwendolyn and Ruth, were J. L. DAVIS BARRED ROCK EGGS, $1.25 per acting, $5 per 100. L.

Thomas, phono No. 49. 8 Users are proud of their De Lavals THERE are mere than 2.500.000 users oiDeLiTil Cream Separator and practically all display the sign el separator satisfaction. These little sign leading "We use the De Lava) Cream Separator" are naileil on fences and btrea and other prominent placet aO orer the world Each iign it penooal recommendation of the owner. Each tign indicate tlx- pride with wroth the owner regard' hn DeLral The Boat ptogreSMTC and Dott prrja perou farmer, in nearly every dairying ectm own De Lavak.

They laow the De Laval akima closer, rant easier and hub longer than any other separator; and thai it may be depended apoa to pal more money in die bank. The De Laval ra parboitarly weO CLed, by women. It turns easier than other aeparatori; ia more eanfy deaaeol ami (Ion its work In time. I in Holton Saturday. REAL ESTATE Mrs.

J. M. Terry spent, several days HEADQUARTERS FOR WHITE If you want to buy, sell or trade farms here the cast week visiting her daurrh- LECHORN eggs; $6 per 100, $l-per A brand you are all familiar wh, jAproplis Brand Canned Frujts in heavy syrup. 60c Large Can Peaches 43e 60c Large Can Apricot? 43c 60c Large Can Royal Am. Cherries All 35c Canned Fruits cut to 28c per can All 50c Canned Fruits cut to 38c AO 60c Jams and Preserves 43c or town property, see me.

ter, Mrs. Anna galley. setting. Besides exhibition qualities they are excellent layers. Mrs.

Ernest Cochren. 7 1 DR. HESS CLARK'S Poultry Pan acea and Stock Food guaranteed. Sold A. P.

I.APIIAM DENTIST oyer First National Bank R. I. RED ROOSTERS. SAENNAN- doah, Iowa, strain, for sale IJra. Lut WETMOjtE KANSAS tioimes.

by J. S. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Florence Blacker of Jewell county visited her sister, Mrs, O. D.

Sutherland the past week. In Wetmore Every pay Catarrh Can Be Cured Catarrh is a local disease, gratir Lloyd Dickson, who is employed in lbs railroad office at Grsenleaf, visited his DR. G. S. GRAHAM Special Attention to Influenced by constitutional condi 2ff I (n Next week we will tell you how to make the finest jam you ever used with the cheaper grades of canned fruit put up in water.

The price will not exceed over $1.40 per gallon for DISEASES OF THE EYE and tions. It therefor requires constltn tlonal treatment BALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE Is taken Internally and FITTING GLASSY acts through the Blood on the Mucous Sooner or later you will buy a Surfaces of the System. HALL'S home folks here last week. Misses Betha Watson and Mary Barnes of Vermillion were over Sunday guests of Mrs. M.

E. Tate. Lee's Lice Killer for poultry does the work. Best on the market. Sold by J.

S. Fitzgerald. Mr. and Mrs. G.

W. Cross and daughter, Miss Ruth, and Wm. Cross motored REAL. ESTATE CATARRH MEDICINE destroys the fonndatlon of the disease, gives th patient strength by Improving the general health and assists nature In doing I an doing a General Real Estate and the best jam you ever used. Ed.

Cawood's Pure Food Mkt. 1 Farm Loan business ana solicit a snare ED Its work. cm of your business. HANKS All druggists. Circulars free.

F. J. Cheney Co, Toledo, Ofcle, op from Topeka Saturday for a short visit. Their car went bad on thm and.

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