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Morton County Democrat from Frisco, Kansas • 1

Morton County Democrat from Frisco, Kansas • 1

Frisco, Kansas
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TIT TTTI rill PlONFFR XL JLL jL 11 rfJ-L VOL. 2 HO. 10. FRISCO, HORTOH COUNTY, KAFSAS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 1837, $1-50 PER YEAR, I2T ADVANCE Mrs. Wbifcell, of Centerville, la O.

L. ROBERTS, NOTARY PUBLIC SURVEYOR. arrived Siiturday on a visit to her sons, George and Charley. She was Wanted: a good tinner at Frisco. Fine ccmb honey at the Pioneer Store.

Wanted: a good shoemaker at Frisco. nccompanu-d by George's little boy. Canm sweet potatoes at the Pioneer Store. John I. Leo, editor of the Clark County Clipper of Ashland wt visiting his brother Ei Leo ed ilor of the Democrat last week.

The Pioneer has just finished THE FEISCO PIOIIEEE. PUBLISHED fDNEHDAY BY EUPHRATES BOUCHftR. Ed, A Pro. FRISCO, MOETON CO. KANSAS it, i Entered at tha ptat-tfTica at Frlaot Mtrun otunty, a aaoond claaa cnatta Will locate settlers on i Government Lund.

Wlil loan money on real estate, The dance and oyster supper givon Sum Rasure, of Garden City is in by Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Wilson at bpetlal attention given to contests. Correspondence solie kiL Office up stairs in Smith's Hall, FRISCO, KANSAS. Frisco on business.

the new bank building, was a success, The oysters was served at Judge a me fine job work for Miner Gents' Light Gloves at the Pion Stanton's building on Main street litauck. They believe in printers eor Sioro. The musio was furnished by the ink and their business shows ll. If you are in ncd of Legal advb Pioneer Orchestra, of violins, guitar, ADVERTISING RATIB. 1 inch per month, sin-) gte col.

(display ad.) 75cts Local notices, per line. onn insertion W. E. Gordon and Charley consult B. Thurraun.

0 and trombene, performed by Chas, Cluikoftho 81 Ranch, xnude us Mr. Lewis Ward is on his claim Campbell, Lloyd Friend, Chaa, pleasant call on las Subbath mor HALL COFFIN LUMBER DEALERS -i Wq have always on hand a largo stockjot Lumber, Lath, Shingles Cement Lime Friend and Frank VanGundy. The eust of town. Local notices, per ting. Cull again boys wo are 1 each additional iiiBi-nioa 30 t.

Try somti of that fin Kraut at the puny came old chestnut about) "the light fantastic" until the Pion er Store. time o'clock could have easily been ways glad to see ou." Finn re-boiled "sorghum mjlusse at the Pioneer Store. J. M. Gibbs, only makes i 1TCH1SDS.

T0PEK1 1 5IST1FE 8. 8. Judge Roed Atty. at law of Wei counted upon the violin strings. HAIR, CUILDEITS HARDWARE PAXH7S.

TIME CARD AT SYRACUSE Dr. Thomas McEuen, of Rood lington, is in the city on business. Jus. M. Sturterant is erecting cast uouno, 8.

10 A.M. house, 111. nus come to Frisco, to good County Treasurer, butts afa'rt cIjims brck mason. He did a splen 9. 15 P.

XI. ISTSPECIAL INDUCEMENTS TO THE SOUTHERN TRADE-. Free stablos and water or tho use of our cuoersmst at a distance. Yard one block west of depot north side of piuuisj profession. The Dr dwelling in the north part of town Tha Pioneer Store hits a flourish No.

4 Express, No. 2 Express, West Bound. No" 1 Express, did job on the brick flew to Helton's says he as come to make Frisco new building on main street. 4.54 AM, 44 ten sign. -The work of Dick Palm No.

8 Express, KEHDALl 23 HARTS. an t- county bis future home, He is a practitioner of 30 years ex pcrience and comes well reccnv Two of the best bomesUad relin- er. W. F. White, Gen.

Past. Agt, E. Brown, Local Agt. qiiinlinieiit-i in Moilon county on the David Finley of the Cimarron. mended.

lufiulosod adjoining, for sale by country came in to see the I lONtra J. Tliurmcn. Frisco Price FKISCO Milton Brown, of Garden City wil gang last Friday. 1100,00 caoh and has a good house bo the firsv Judge of the new Judicial Dan Kyan and wife left last Wednes on each claim. LAW LAND AGENCY day tor Pratt Centre and Wellington district of whicl Morton county js a part.

Judge Brown's qualifications We suppose that the South West to Unit relatives. are far superior to any of the other has "collapsed" as we have nt seen Billie Thompson has returned from aspirants for the position. The Pi any thing of it for about four weeks a trip up the Cimarron, looking after onexr is for Judge Browns appoint and the last nunider we Baw was just his cattle interests. a halt sheet and that looked like it ment first, last aud all the time. was on a rapid decline.

Try that fine evaporated corn at Jeoplo are coming in from the north, south, east and west, and lo the Pioner More. IRON CLAD BLACKSMIT.H SHOP, all Work warranted. L. KORSHUEN, Proprietor. FEISCO.

II- MSB. 'ROBERTS. LYNN. Tonsorial artist. Solicits the patronage of the public -Satisfaction guarranleed.

Shop; Frisco Hotel. Hotel Do Barnard. Garden Cut, Kansas A. H. BARNARD.

Proprietor. A first class Hotel just refited and furnished. All Frisco and Morton Countv people are invited to call Thomas Hannaman, William Han of B. J. Thurman (Attorney-at Law) OFFICE: DEMOCRAT BUILDING.

FRISCO, KANSAS. Will practice in all the Courts. Commercial, Land Criminal Litigation 4 "A SPECIALITY. Deeded Lands bought and SoM. cating south of the Cimarron in naman and John Root, old friends Robert Everly has about complet ed a handsome residence south of and neighbors of uncle Jo.

Reed, of Morton pounty. borne 30 or 4U arrived last Week. The' people are (Ommgso thick, fast and many that Shelby county III. have arrived, and Hugh Ryan's residence. gone south of the river to locate ou I I Since onr last issue, our subset list has been increased 10.

Let Uncle Sams cheap land. we can't begin to keep up with their names or where they come from, David Finley had just completed the good work go on. ReUnqnihments Bought and Sold Crorespondence Solicited. Eefcrencer.UoTi. J.

Proctor Knof.Gov. of Frankfort; Hon. Thos. his stable yesterday, and the same Newt Bradley returned last Sat If you want to bay or Sell deeded was burned before night by tho urday from Nebraska City and Oma' I land or relinquishments call on B. J.

prairie are. wo sympatnidi very ta Nebraska. Newi has been on Thurman, Frisco Kansas. much th tve as it takes money in Quite an extended trip to visit bis Hnoertson, Menber orl ongaes, 4th El'Siibetbtown, Ky. Judge I.

W. Twyman, at Law, Hodgenville, Ky. F. J. Cor-penv, President of Bank, Neosho, Mo.

Hon M. E. Benton, U. 8. Dist.

Attorney, Western Missouri, Neosho, Mo. of John M. Haines is making prep ana see nun. uuc main street, no. 29.

parents, other relatives, and last but this country to buy lumoer and shoo arations to build a handbome resi not least his Jusumspicunu He re pegs. dence on tho gothio sty Id. ports the above towns on a big A. W. Eng'ish is having a big run HARNESS SHOP.

-THE business lively and that he had in the lumber business now. There Town lota are seling fast, and business nouses and residences are a very pleasant trip. are so many building frame bouses AUUnds of Earn and Saddles alwnvs on hand. ft going up inall parta of town. Charles F.

Campbell, of Dermot Repairing Neatly and Promptly in the country and the boom in Frisco calls for so much lumber that it is almost impossible to supply the I WHOLEJTFIT FISRTCLASS James White, son of Wm. White neighborhood has been painting TJ3 HEASJNABLE sig is tor the Democrat office, Charles none at me iui jiuooi R. FDLKER0N, Prop the banker at Frisco, made tho Pio neer a pleasant call last week. demand. Roberts, Miner Rearick, J.

H. 'k Stanton and B. J. Thurman thatcan't Our Billie Thompson, of cowboy It is reportod that the prairio fire fame has erected a large and com- be beaten in any of our larger cities. nodious teed stable just north of the Mr.

Campbell has section of land Hotel Manhattan, MERRY PJULLl PS Prop's Bucket of Blood" and will feed hor in the nor'h east part of Morton is on this side the river. Watvl. out for your farm-, and set back fire. L. H.

Helton's new two story county as fine as a crow ever few ses norf, "8D.sheup for cash." He asks a liberal share of the patronage till ti bnt hwH, Ml7 fonlikit ft top to bottom O. gSS over. He is one of our substan'ttd building on Main street is almost of the people. citizens. He has held a position in the Ohfo Falls car works at Jefferson ville and in the Cbesapcak J.

W. Cecil, Representative of Mor ton unty arrived on last Monday i cur shops at Paducah Ky. evening from Topeka. He drew hs and worked in tho best paint shops SALE STABLE Carry a lull stock of all. kinds of FEED.

Horses boarded by the Bat or TTekk in the Best Possible MANNER. completed and is an imposing structure. Ye editor of the Pioneer, lost by the prairie fire last week all the hv. stock he had consisting of one sooner dog. We are pleased to see our friend.

tu 1 pay up to the day the Legislature Dayton, Cincinnati and Lou'sville. djo.trned. Mr. Cecil is looking All persons wanting artistic signs well and hearty and his stove pipe would do well to ca'l on him. The hat becomes him.

Pioneer takes pleasure recom We understand that the Ed tor of Bob Davis on our streets again. lie HEADQUARTERS TOXt THE mending him as a first class mechan the Morton County Democrat is ic aud a gentleman of cnlture. seriously threatened with the mat- has been confined to bis bed with measles. Nctice the 'ad of C. A.

V. A. FRISCO SYRACUSE DAILY and EXPRESS LINE: Stajes leave for all poinrs N. nb each mornihg at 7., oVleck. The Leader, in to tho imonial fever," and last Monday Richfield roosters and the Frisco night at the Wilson ball he appeared Cordes in another column.

Thev MINES BSAEICE, Proprietors Triaco, lancas to be about 20 years younger, as ho gang at Topeka, last week said that the gang (mean J. II. Sianton, Cass Burrns, Frank Henderson and tripped tho light fantastic Alvtn R. Beatty of Laktn, Kas. haye the best Block of merchandise in Taloga.

Gale Dowis and Dr. Gardner, of Perth Sumner county, Kan. have moved to Morton county to locate rank Robinson) would have lured the self important Bunting into a made our office a pleasant call on lust Friday, and subscribed for th- darii 'Hey and assassinntcd htm, ioneer. Mr. Beatty is a pleasant permanently.

gentleman and wo are always glad Mr. Boldoser's residence on his to meet men of his caliber. Mr. claim, which joins the town site on Beaty was surprised to see th sub CltM Ml, Mdfillt-tlHI MOBBOUlUMi BIUI UiTtthihonwtriry toning for iUploati aotth udiouth. INFORMATION TO ALL NEW-COMERS FBEK TERMS REASONABLE SOUTH MAIN STREET SYRACUSE Central Hotel- Halstead Kansas.

a First Class House, one block aouvu of the Union Depot comer of Main and Second street. Passengers goin west or returning, will find this house a pleasant place 'to May over night and take a good rest, taking tho tra either way next raorn-inff about b' ocock. GENERAL 0. F. WILES, Prop W.

Mathis, Contractor and Builder. Plans and Specifications furnished to order. Putting Glass Fronts A SPECIALTY. GtTARENTEE SATISFACTION Frisco, Kans. H.

DUNCAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, AND LAIT3 IITH L0A2J Will practice in tho District, Su rcme and Federal Courts. Relinquishments, proved up and deeded lends bought and sold. 3Money furnished io prove' up, and on proved tip asd deeded leads, at very low-ci'w raves. Uam Fifc the north, is completed and ready stantial improvement going on in for occupancy. NEW GOODS! NEW At the old stand in TALOG A Tho original Pioneer store of the South-west, still owned and conducted by V.

A. CORDES- risco. Lloyd Friend and El have Prove up before J. Stanton Probato Judge of Morion count at purmasi the Restaurant formerly had they dared. The con-si it'rs 8ich a thing beneath thoir notice and they Know 'hat the further they steer uwny from such a mess, the less liable they will be to come in contact with thoscext; and furthermore, as his brain are still smaller in proportion to his caliber, they have no fears of him accomplishing tnj thing against them; and they have never offered one nndred dollars to any one to kill two man either; and we know whereof we speak.

Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it. Frisco Kansas, His proofs are re occupied by Lewis Ward, and will ceived at tne Land Office. SPRING OPENING, entinuo business at the old stand. hoy have secured the services of Ed A good quar'er section of land, 2 miles from Frisco, and the same dis Anthony, iwhose reputation as a protessionel cook is too well known to need comment. They respectfully tance from Richfield, for sale by B.

J. Thurman. Price, $800,00. solicit a share of the patronage of Ed Lee Editor of the Oemocrat, the public. Success boys.

H. J. Kelly and Pious James Trav Patrick McCaffrey has returned el's spent a very pleasant hour on IN ALL BRANCHES OF General Merchandise. And all kinds of oods kept in a first class store. Come and b'arn prices, and compare with ary place in Kansas.

We are here to stay, and WANT TO BE PREPARED FOR THE BIG SPRING BOOM Which i bound to come to Taloga. All old and new friend spleaso GIVU VB YOUR PATH llr-Produce taken in exchange lor goods at Be3X Majiklt Pricer-C4 Thanks for your past favors, and bespeak your future custom. Good board all lnnglhs, at $1.75 per. 100 feet, good siding, at $1.80 per 100 feet, at A. H.

MeMaster's. Syracuse Kansas. last Saturday with ye editor. from an extended trip to Kansas City. Wichita and other points.

Pat is looking well and hearty, and has purchased a largo stock of hardware John S. Hantof Bowling Green Ky, made us quite a pleasant call last Cheese! Cliesso! farm implements. Tuesday. He has recently located in the south east part the county. Cheese! at the Pioneer Store.

wagen loads have already arrived Dick "Palmer authorizes us to an atd those desiring plows harrows and in faet any thing in that line they can get them at Rader MsCjnTtry at Frisco nounce that he will do all kinds of house and sign painting in the neat- Talop, Kansas CORDES AT TUB Pioneer Store, Bottom.

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