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The Weekly Messenger from Ingalls, Kansas • 4

The Weekly Messenger from Ingalls, Kansas • 4

Ingalls, Kansas
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ItKAf. KMTATK, PliOPLIMNlONAL lltSINMS CAHOIi- A laxlra' Ferfwt ('KHipaolon. Lulu and Utile lit. THE MESSENGER. JR.

JJ1UDT, 1'robuto lodt'o, GEO. W. DUNN, County Attomoy, Boarding House LAND EOIl SALE! ALONG TIIE MAIN LINE OF TIIE A. T. S.

Fc. 11AIL110AD AND IN TIIE Great Arkansas Valley. AND ON ANY TERMS TO SUIT THE PURCHASER. CALL ON ADDEES3 HOMELY FACES MADE HANDSOME Prof Bronners' Cottage Studio, East Laurel Garden City, Kansas. He makes as fine pictures as can be had in New York City, from Card to Life Size.

When you go to Garden City, GO AND SEE HIS Git AND DISPLAY. Do You Read THE COSMOPOLITAN; That Bright and Sparkling Young Magazine. The Cheapest Illustrated Monthly Known 25 ccntsa Number. 2.40 per year. The Cosmopolitan isliterally what tho press universally called it "The Best and Cheapest Magazine Published An Unusual opportunity.

Tbo Cosmopolitan per f2.40 The Weekly Messenger, per year, $1.00 The price of both publications, $3.40 We will Furnish both for Only, $2.50. Tho'Cosmopolitan furnishes, for the first time in Magazine Litera A Splendidly Illustrated Periodical at a price hitherto deemed ira -si bio. Try It For a Year. Do you want a first-class Magazine, giving annually 1,500 pages by the ablest writers and cleverest artists as readable Magazine as money can make a Magazine that makes bSHD $2.50 TO WHIS OPF1GB AND SEfiUE BOTH. NOIlMAISr.

Ft Our nw book by Dr. John If, J)y one of New York a inoBt akllllul pnym elmis, alums Hint until Is nut ntiwshiiry In rhiliiliirth, but p'siilm from cmiHfi fitBllv unili'iHtociil HiiU ovorcoiiKi. It cluurly irovg tliutniiywoiiwin may bo eomo niothur without imiritiiiiii any put wlmU-ver. It iiIho tells liow to overcome und provi-nt morning ilfkncns and the mitny other evils Humming jin'Riiaiicy. It endorsed by physicians everywhere! an the wife tfii liriviito coniimnloii.

Cut this tint; It will aitve you ifrvnt iuln. and possibly your life, head two-cent Rliimii for descriptive circiilura, tealimouliils nnu conliuuutiiti leitet bum hi semen envo lona. Adilrtws Frank ThoniHH 1'ubliHliers, JlulUmore, Md, nilKRIPF'M SALE. Klnt Pnhllrallon May In the dletrlet court of the tfth Jmlii'lkl "111- tnot, sitting In and for tha oonnty or (i ray In tha siai or nanena. J.

lln llnr.l, nlnlntlPT. vs. William Thomp son and Marv K. Tliomiiiion. derimdoiits.

Ily virtue ofan oritur of ealu iuuml to ma ont 01 Mm oimnciconn nr aiMivii rniiiiru arvinu I will on MONDAY, thelMiday ofJune, I. inwi between tba honra ofUo'rlnck. a. m. and i o'clm p.

m. of itlil dny, at the front door of tne court nonsi, in me eny or jnpuiie, in me county of (iray. In the tle of Kanees, offer at pnimo erne auu eu 10 inn niirni'M eiei dnr ftir raeh In hand all the following described real eitaie, to-wlt: The nitrtli-weat quarter of ertlon seventeen(IT) In lownnhlp twenty-eight CH) south orranKetweniy-eiKiu mil wen or uie nth p. In Omy nounty, Knnesas lying and situated In the county or urny In the state or Kansas, iiie aonve ueaerioeu rem ee late ie aohl to eAtlifV a flt niorliraire of Six hundred dollara (iki). Said properly le levied on aa the property of said defendants and Is directed by eail order of to be sold and will be sold without aniiraisement to aaUtfy aid order of sale.

ij. w. UABTOV, Bherlffol Gray County, Kansas. JOTICBFOBPCBICATION. Land OlDenat Garden City.

Kan. IK, 1P01. Moilra la hereby civen that the followlnir named settler has filed notice of hia Intentiod to makeflnal pruofln support orbis claim, and that Hid nroofwill be maie beforn the Judge or In his abaence the Clerk of the lllBlrict court of i. rev County Kanaaa. at Inaalia.

Kansas on Oc tober .11, Tia' Charles IT. Mielihamor, final bomestoad entry MI7, for theN. W. of soo. 19, Twp.

ii it w. He namei the following witnesses to pr iTebli continuous residence Uxin and cultivation of said land, via: George Linn John Christy John Moeabargor, George Christy, all or Ingalla Kansas. Any porson who desires to protest against tne allowance of such nroof or knows of any sub stantial reason, under the law and reiralationa ofthe Interior Deoartment whv audi proof should not be allowed, will be given au oppor-tnnitv at the above mentioned time and place to cross-examine the witnesses of said claimant snd offer evidence In rebuttal of that submitted by claimant. H. tKUDI 1-XVM Bcgls'er.

Contest No. 9Jil JOTICE OF CONTEST. V. 8. Land Office at Uarden Clt Ann ly, Kansas, I ril iHiu.

Complaint having been entered at thia office by lames II. flenslev agninst Kdwin Loney for abandoning his homestead entrv No. made at liarden City. dated November ti, ihmi ujion tin) H'i cist ana B'ioia of section 4. lawnnhln 2(1 runtro iwet In Gray county Kansns.

with a view to cancellation of sato entryi uomesiam alleges innt cuwib Lonov has wholly abandoned said tract that he has changed his resilience therefrom for more man six months since niaKing snta entry, mat said tract Is not Bellied npon and cultivated by said party as required by law and thnt he is at this date In delimit of said requirements, the said parties are hereby summoned to appear at tbiaoniceon the II day of IhIK) at 10 o'clock a. m. to respond mm rnmisii testimony concerning said alleged abomloument. It. M.

FROST Register. T. G. Goodwin, attorney for plaluUlT. (i'irat Publication U-4-M0.

SnKUIFF'S SALE First nnbllshcd 1WI In the District Court of tlissMh Judicial Ols-trlot, silting In and for tha county of Gray In the state of Knnsna, L. K. Custer, ulitlntin. vs. Peter Wilderson nd Ellen WUdereon, defendanta.

uy virtue or an onier or saie leaned tome out of said Oistrict Court. In the above entiiled action, I will on afond.iv, the 14th day or July, A. O. lsiN), botween the hours of o'clock, m. and o'clock, p.

m. at tha front door of the Court honse In the eily of Ingalls, In tha county of Gray, In tiie state of Knnnns. offer at public sale, and sell to the highest and best bidder for casb In band all the following describe! real estate to-wit: Lots three (II) nnu four (4) in blook number seventv-flve CM as the city orcimBrron, dray oouutv. Kanans as shown bv the recorded nlat thereof, and all the Im provements thereon, lying and situate In the county or ray, in tne state or nansgs. me shove desetibed real estate Is eold lo satisfy a ittdgment of one hundred and eleven dollars and 'i.

ita i u.U i. I. I the proyerty of said defendants, and Is directed by said Order or Sale to be sold and will be sold to satisfy said Or. er ol'S da. Jl.

IIAK IUJ. Sheriff of Gray county, Kansas. nucriu viiioa, iukbiii, natmsm, T. G. Goodwin, Attorney.

QIIERIFF'S SALE. First Published II 1890 State of Kansaa. Ornv Countv. Sanford E. Woodard.

vs. W. J. Woodard and 11. A Hosk na.

Bv virtue ofan execution lo me directed and de livered, Issued out ofthe ai th District Curt ofthe state ol Kansas, sitting In and for Grav county said state. 1 will, on Tuesday. theiMh rlav June, a. i. oetween tne nonrsoiu o'clock m.

and o'clock, n. m. of said dar. at the Court House door in Ingalla in the county and state aroresnid, offer at public ado and sell to the highest bidder for casb in hand all the right, title and interest of tha above nameu oeienuants in nu to tne rollowing ae scribed nersonal nronortv. to-wit' one nonae.

twenty or tnirtv-two ill ten CO) feet hiif h. plastered alars front, norcu aud awning, all In Gray oonnty, Kansas. nflid lironertv levied on as tha uroneri of I he ouove named ueieaoants. II. W.

T1AHTON. Sheriff Fherff'sofflre, Ingalls, Gray Connty kansaa. ananas a. uiiey, Attorney rorriaiuim. PUBLICATION JfOTlCK.

State of Kansas to George w. Feagans and Mrs reagans his wife, you will take notice that you have been sued in the District court in and for orav coun ty, Kansas, by Frances Barton and that unless you answer to the petition filed said suit on or before the loth day of August, iw, saia petition will bo takon true and judgment rendered against you accordingly, foreclosing a mortgage executed anu aenverea ny George Feagans to jarvls-eonklih Mortgage Trust co. aateu July secouu, isss, on tiie following described real estate, in Gray county, Kansas, to-wit: the north-west quarter () of section thirty-two (32) in township twenty-four (i4) in ratine twenty-nine 213 west for the sale of saia real estate, witnout appraisement pay the debt secured by said mortgage. Witness my hand and official seal this day or June, r. r.

jjiiiman, Beardsley Gregory, Ci'k Dis't court. Attorneys for Pllf. First published June 2o, 1890. the oidpat und mnt popular so, en title ni'd mcchftnicftl pnijr published and has the lareest circular ion nf any pfipor of iUrln in the world. Fully Uhtftt rated.

Bent clans of Wrtod EnpraT-Inns. J'uiiJfrhed wpoklr. Send for specimen eopr, Priet $3 ywnr. Konr months' trial, Hi HI k. PGBUSRUuftaibl Uroadway, 1S.T.

ARCHITECTS CLILCCnQ Edition of Scientific American. A rrent sucwm. Krtoh lsne rontnini cnlrirrt itthonTHphic piiitosof oountryand cliyresiden-cm or pubfie bnikllinrn. enpmTin(rB and frill plant and epertflratiuiiJi for the ue ot flunhascompmpliite butidmp. I'ricp a year, ti cu.

a aopy. ft CO tvitutiU.ii ii who hare hadnrer 40 years' eTiorienc and hne mafle orer Wtfto apT'hcaiions for American aod For-pttm patents. Pend f'-r lituduotlt. ponduc st rim ly TRACE MARKS. In en9 roar nmrk Is nnt rppiptf red In ti Pat-ant spplr ti Mt'SN A and protur.

Immed ate protertloo. tend tor ilaudboua. COPVIsilTS for hnntu, charts, map, ate. q'jIuLi pruouicd. AU'jrt ss MI SS dt rmcnt slicitora.

glksical Oi sa PcoAuirar, T- Ih ny ted ea Tho fiillnwlnii line were ooinneod lir J. N. Mallliow, a eluilt'iit In the hute University at ChuniMilfii, where tho trravca of I he cull-drvn are, and published In tho Cliluairo New. TIki inoniimont was orwitud mine 2S ears auo I iy r. J.

Clark, with tha almplo liuiorlotlniii "I.ulu played two iumuiora, Utile lleoonoi" "l.ulil luved two aumuior, I.ll I lo lice, one" Bueli tli tonilur Iwnd That wua tracvd uimmi a itona In a tiroiiililo-linihlMl oornur Uf a gravoynnl, gray and Imio, Near tho old borne uf my olillilliuod, In the darling daya agono "Lulu pluyod twoauimmira, Mltlo boo, oiio." waa but Imylsh atrollor Or tho Hold whon I Unit road Tho ijuuliit and tvartul record On that tablet to the dead I have paiwod the chiseled miirblea 8trotohliig skyward totbo nun, To imiM) upon the moaning Of the niyntlo lines that run: "Lulu pluyod two summon, Llttlo lloo, one." I did not uniloratnnd II thon, Hut now 'tis ull au clear. Cod knows my foolish funoy need No cold Interpreter) 0, piot mothorl never bard 1 it over broalhud baa spun A s.iulii of swootor pathos Than your poor heart baa done "Lulu ployed two summon, "LltUo See, ono," Mrs. II. 0. Charles departed on Sun day's train for Colorado Springs, Colo.

where she will visit with her mother I rliirlnir thn aiimmor. She was accom John Grant, of Elilnwood, Kansas, was In Ioealls last Wednesday. This gentleman is an old Ohio acquaintance of 'Billy' Allenswortli, and is now travlelng for a mill firm of Elilnwood. Go to Dodge City, for summer millin ery. M.

JI. our una Stein man are making large reductions. Babies black caps, black Hats and lace straws a speciality. 40-tf A letter recently received at this of fice from J. H.

Ilensley, who is at III land, a suburb of Denver, informs that all who desire work will expep icnce no trouble in obtaining it there. Tiara tirtiat'a tliA mnftnii ti'ttli vaii nnn.f vn tlia iCnt that it is time to announce yourselves as candidates, if your are aspiring for political honors? On Monday evening one of the finest rains we have had this season visited community, thoroughly soaking musing every Doay nap rrM. I I I I py. iiiu riuii is worm tuuusuiiua oi dollars to Gray county. ft TIT! .1 i e.

g- i jj. vx. iv iisoy nnu who, o. u. iiionib 8nd Mrs- Hatch; of Montezuma, passed through Ingalls last Thursday.

They were returning from Garden City, where "Uncle Sam" had been making final proof on his homestead, A Golden Opportunity. To buy dry goods, clothing, hats, or caps, boots or shoes, or groceries is of fered the citizens of Grav countv at the bargain house of Wulfsohn Elion. They guarantee satisfaction in prices lanaauantvorcroortH. The concert, which was given in this caf tast Saturday night by home talent was well patronized and highly appreciated by those present. Ingalls pos-seses more musical talent than any other town, of equal size, in the state.

The admission was only ten cents and something over 88 was realized, which will be donated to the Sabbath school of this city. Died: On Tuesday morning the six teen months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. T.

Crosswhite, The little one hs8 for tions of infantile diseases. The community join us in sympathizing with the parents In their grief for the loss of their little one, Rnd hope that they will find consolation in the knowledge that their darling now rests in the love and light of its Maker. G. C. Nichols, Cimarron's drugrcist, departed for Pittsburg, Kansas, the first of the week.

They are leaving fast Granny IClaine is trembling In 1 in i uer 'esi pa- OB mere ana snewm loose PrintlnS- thus stopping up the large end of the funnel she has had stuck in the county treasury for some time The Jacksonian' "lies mouldering in her grave" and the ISeir West has one foot in hers, During the rain storm last Monday evening, lightning struck Henry Jones' residence, run down the side of the house and melted the wire screens over windows. None of the family were the part of the house struck, but had they been at their dinning table, both of Mr. Jones' children would certainly have been injured, as the position they occupy at the table is in the direct Course taken by the bolt. The Knoles barn was also struck, but no damage was done other than the killing of a pigeon. We Need Dollar More.

The following letter was recently re ceived, but our land-lord got onto to us having a dollar and compelled us to put up for "chuck:" Mu. Editor: In recent issue of your newsy paper I learn you are sorely in need of a new pair of pants, 37 inches long. As I am the owner of but one much wore at the knees, and only inches in length, I don't see as I can benefit you any by sending them, so have concluded to remit $1.00, trusting your many patrons will do the same. Delinquents, please remit, "that other fellow" will noon have our girl if you don't. In in as to la QEO.

W. DUNN. ATTORN EY-AT-LAW. County Attorney, Wm practice In all tba Courls, and bofora ths V. H.

Land Ofllce at Uarden City. INGALLS, KANSAS PETER ALTHAUS. Boot Shoe Maker, Repairing Neatly and Promptly Dono. Uarnoss repairing a Specialty. All "Work Warranted.

Inoallb, Kan. Legal Publications. NOTICE FOB PUBLICATION. U. Land Oulce, Garden City.

Kansas, jnne i. Notlre Is herehv artven that the tollowlne nam ed solder baa Died notice of hia intention to make final proof In support of hlaclnim and that said proof will be made bornre the Judge or, In his absence tha Clerk or the lllntrlot Court of t-ray county Kansas, at hia oflioe In Ingalls. Kansas, on July in, lolitf, via: Maht O. IIiwok, neo Marv U. Layman, final II.

K. 1.018 for the w. or. section 27 township Sfet In range w. of" p.

ra. He namea the following wltnesaea to prove his continuous residence npon and cultivation of sain lanu. via i Jacob Nelll, George W. relrce, Uiorge Mo- Cay, C. tleradlth, allofarontozuma, Kansas.

First Puliation June 11, MK. JJOTICKFOnPUBUCATIOX. Land Ofllce at uaruen city, Kansas. May 14, IRIX) Notice la herebv irlvon that the fnllowins: named settler has filed notice of hia Intention to make linal prnorin support nrhisciuim, and that said proof will be Wha before the Keglster and KecelverotU. K.

Land Ofllce at Garden City. Kansas, on July 15. vis: OLIVER O. W1UJOX, F. II.

E. No. for the lots I and and KH N. W. Hen.

twp. range 110. He namea the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, via- A. K. Moeblua.

Hmlth Payne, David Shongu ilnnson Moke, all of Pierceville, KausaM. n. m. frost. Register (First Publication 6-il-lfOO.

SHEUIFF'S SALE. Fir. publication Hay 81. ls0 In the District Court ol Judicial District, sitting In and for the county of Gray In the state ot Kansas. Jarvls Conklin Co.

plaintiffs, vs. William tt Spear, Mary K. Spear, hia wile and Cluster M. Weeks, defendants. Uy vlnue of an order of sale Issned to me, out of said district court, in the shove entitled action, 1 will on SATURDAY, the 5 day of JULY A.

h. I between tlu hours oril o'clock a. m. and il o'clock, n. of said dar.

at the front door of the Court honso, in the city of IngallB, in theconntyof Gray, In the state of Kansns, oiler and sell to the highest and best b'dder lor rush In hand, alithe following described real estate, to-wit: the aonth-east quarter 1 1.1 of section thirtyone 1 in township twentynine rsnite twentynine (ll west lylm and situate in the conntvor In the state or Kansas. Said property is levieil on aa tho prop erty or said defendanta, and is directed by said order ol anle to be sold and will be sold without appraisement to aatisfy said order of sain. Sheriffof Gray county, Kansas. SHEUIFF'S BALK, rirst Publication May 21, vm. In the District Court, ofthe rah Jndlcial Dis trict, sittinx in and for the county of Gray In the Stato of Kansas.

Kichard lluldsworth. plaintilr, rs. James T. White and itnohel While, his wifu delcnilants. RvTirineor onlor of sale, Issued lo me out of said I strict Court, in the above entitled action I will on SATI! UDAV, theA dav of Jult, A.l).

hntween tho honra of 0 o'clock, a. ra. and i o'clook p. in. of said dav, at the front door of the court bonso in the city of Iniralls, in the county of (iray In thn state of Kansas, i fl'er at public sal and sell to)the hlghi-staiid best bidder for CHsh in band all the following described real estate to-wit: Lots three S) and four (4) and the south half (til ol thn North-west Quarter of section five (ft) lu township twenty-lour (34) range twenty-seven west, lyli.ic and situate lu tho connty of Gray In the state of Kansas, Paid tiroiicrtv is levied on aa the rronertT of said deiondauts and is dlreuted by said order ol sole lobe sold and will be sold without ap praisement to satisfy said order of sale.

J. W. BAItTOW, Sheriff of Gray County, Kansas, SHERIFF'S SALE. First Published May tl 'SOO In the District Conrt of the -Jlth Judicial District, fitting In and lor the county of Oray In the state of Knsas. British A American Mortgaga plaintiffs, vs.

Perry Randall, Itnse Randall, hia wife and A. II. Ileber and WlilisG. partners as Meade County Bank, and J. It.

Williams, Cashier, defendanta. ity virtue of an order of sale larned to ma ont of said district Court, in the above entitled action, I nlll, on HATUltDAY, th Hlh day of July A. I). IN K), between the honrs of I) o'clock a. m.

and 3 o'clock p.m. of said day at the front door oi me conn nonse in me ciiy or ingaiis, in me county of Grav In the state of Kansas, offer at public sale and sell to the highest and best bid der lorcasn in nana au tne louowing eescrioea real estate to-wit: The north-east qnarter (SO of section twenty-eight (iS) in township twenty-nine 0) range thirty (:0) west lying and situate intlmoounty of Gray in the state of Kansns. naia nropeny is leviea on aa the property of said dorendants and Is irected by said order of sale to be sold, and will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said order of saie. it, nARTOif Sheriff of Gray county, Kansas PUBLICATION HOTICE. Statenf Kansas to Maggie Burns and Mr Burns, her husband.

You will take notice that vou have been sued, together with Andrew Burns and lAora K. Burns, his wile In the District court In and for Gray conn iy, Kansas, by naries Aiurneii anu s.L.una. parcnera as Lund and Mitchell and that nr.lesa ron an swer to thn p.tition Hied In said auit on or before the th day or August 1KIU, ssid petition wlllbd taken aa true and Judgment rendered anainstyon accordingly, forcloainga mortgage executed and by Andrew J. Burns andboraK. Bums, his wife to Jarvls Conklin snd Company, dated July First 1H6, on the following described real eslste, in Gray Connty, Kansas, to-nit The feouthweBt quarter () of section seventeen 1 1.

in lownsnm iweniv-nine In range twenty-eight MM and for the sale of saia real estate, witnont to pay Witness dit band and official seal tills Inth imio, jf DHiman, Clerk Kislrict court. Bear juicy A Gregory Attorneys for I'laiutlU. xirsi ruunsoea June iiu. pUBUCATION KOTIOE. mats or Kansas tow iniamH.

Too res. Blarga- retloorea his wife, Ed rteigel, Kllcn Steigel, his wife, -JuinB H. Arnold and Green Tree Brewing Conij.any, you vlll take notice that ron nave neen sued ine lilnt'Ct court in ana or Gray county. Kansas, bv W. F.

Cole, and tiiatnnlen yon answer to the petition Hied in said snlt on or before the tm day of Auouht, 0. said petition will be taken as trne and juaiment renaerea against you accordingly. reclialng a mortgage execuled and delivered WiIlluinM. Toorea and Margaret Toorca, hia wife, to Jarvis-Conkiln Mortgage Trust Co. da Jai nary Kirst lti, on the following describe real estate, in iray county, Kansas, to-wit.

The north-wt-st qnarter, Ii, of section thirty- one, ill, in township twenty-eight, tH, In Tanire Twenty-seven, XT, west and for the sale of said real esrare, wiThont ajiprHisement to pay the debt secured brsald moiiiraae. Witness my hand and official seal this in day of iiiine, i iuiman, ciera District court Beards ey A Grego Attorneys fnr Pllf, fiist Published June ii, 18HJ. R. 1. P.

R. Mne Flaying Cards. Rend ten cents In 8 tamps or coin to Joha Be-bastian, Gen'l. Ticket and Pass, agent Chicago Bock Island A Pacldo for pack of the latest, slickest, smoothest playing cards that ever gladdened the eyes and rippled along the Angers of the devotee to Seven-up, Casino, Dutch Euchre, Whist or shy other ancient or modern game, and get your money's Worth ten tlmea over, or A It A a ilOKC. sIl'lll'HV, tillu.r mill Proprietor, K.

Ik TIM It CAIIDH. ru. (iotaf Eaat. Xo. SI, faatfwlalit, Mo.

fuwimur, 4, Ciwnlrt, Mo. Local rnlKbl, lining Mtml. No, Pmrniui-r, No. Xti. Passuagor, Ho.

41, Local freight, n. ill no p. ni. t.r i. p.

n. t.U, p. m. p. m.

i. ii, in. m. Al os trains run dally end til carry psisen- tiijera. II.

Ciuhlu, Agent iode Gltjr, Montranma Trinidad K. It. WaNT "TATIUNSi EAST p. m. iJf.

Ihvlirn City. irr. 4 CO. Ii, m. 1H ar MO.N1LZUMA.

iv Trains eonnar at DodirxClty will) Ilia "Hock Islsnd Knute" and tha tJaiUars route" for all points fcaal and waat. Tralna laara Dodge City at Bock Island depot K. B. HUDSON. J.U.

MUCK, BaperintaadeDf, Agent. District Court convents In Srajr County lat Tuesday In April and November of each year. Hon. A. J.

Abbott, Judge, 7 District. Preaching by Bev. Mr. if. B.

McNabb, of E. Church, atlngalla, on lat and id, Sunday of each month, at II o'clock, A. M. Sabbath as. INGALL O.

A. II. POST. Ingalla Pott 0. B.

meota tha 1st and Sd Sstarday of each month at o'clock P. al, J. L. CA1LEY, Commander, POST OFFICK REGULATIONS. Mall cloaea for tha Esst, 18:10.

p. Hall cloaos for the West, P. Office bonn from a. m. to 7, P.

exeep Sunday, when the omca will be open from 11, A. M. to P.M. Kight malls close at 8, P. M.

O. W. WniTutDg, Poatmastor. PACTS WE KNOW TO BE TllVE. D.

B. Ilungate was a pleasant caller yesterday afternoon. Injails last Thursday. W. B.

Brown transacted business in Garden City last Wednesday. Mrs. A. J. Burns, of Montezuma, was in the city last Saturday.

D. T.Crosswhite transacted business in Dodira flitv last Fridav. I i D. W. Barton transacted business in Garden fMtv Katnrdnv.

I When you are in need of Job work of any kind call and get our prices. Call on Otto Zelse, at Dodge City, when you are in need of fine clothing. Dr. C. 8.

Meradith, Montezuma's popultr physician, was in our city last Wednesday. Miss Ada Ilungate is on the sick list this week and unable to be on duty in Mr.andJMrs.u.E.xiomnson,omerce- ville, attended the concert in this city last Saturday night Sheriff Barton sold the Iloskins store building at Hess, yester day. Judge Brady bid it in. Miss Mabel Anthony entertained a number of her little friends last Satur day afternoon, it being hor 11th birthday, The Great Eastern ditch was sold last week to the Southwestern Irrigation tend it. Mrs.

G. W. Black presented her hus band with a fine baby boy last Friday. Dr. Ilollembeak reports mother and son doing well.

Some people have peculiar ways of attracting attention, The Neonha Co. Journal names John G. Carlisle for president in. 1892. James Mizee, of South Gray, was in Ino-aii, w.

AVArtnoadnv orrnno-ino. 1,1. business preparatory to leaving for Cowley county this week. Miss Carrie Clark lias recently opened a privato boarding honse in this city. Her announcement may be found in our advertising columns.

Sam Allen, of Logan township, re tnrned from Kingfisher. Oklahama, last Thursday. He has returned to make flual proof on his homestead. It makes our competitors a little warm but we've got the corn at GOcents per hundred, Just the same. Murdoch Co.

Lew Soule has a cactus "as large as your head." Jtwas presented to him by Van It. Kelso, who brought it trom a cactus orchard on an Arizona desert. OoTs "Wulfsohn Ellon's cheap store when you want to secure good goods at low prices. No firm in Gray county can undersell them. ITiifflp Bergman, of Trinidad, a brother of Mrs.

Morris Elion, and Leopold Sandman, of Pueblo, a cousin of this lady, were in the city last Thursday and Friday. F. E. Hatch, of Montezuma township was in the city yesterday. He has leased the Keller ranch, five miles west of tliig city and wHI move bis stock there Vid.ntof this w-k.

I the in it pair 30 Miss Cuirio Clark lias oponed privato boarding bouse in tho building one door west of Court room. Hitmcli Counter. Miss Clark will also run a lunch counter in connection with hor houao, whore lunch will be served to thoso wbo desire. Ico Cream at ten cents a dish will bo served on Wednesday and Saturday of each week. The Business Men.

W. S. COLEMAN, M. Will bs at tho Houli llousa, Inualls, Kan. Slat, Day of eaeb mouth.

Diseases of Females And Bright's Disease of the Kidney tJ-Monthly P.ymenU Collooled Quarterly. CITY PdEAT FilARKET S. 31. Martin, Prop. Fresh Beef Constantly on Hand.

Highest arket.Prlce paid for Green Hides. INGALLS, KANSAS. BUY! BUY YOUR FLOUR FEED AT TUB 1EW FLOOR AND FEED Store Where the Best Brands of Flour Feed are Sold at The LOWEST CA Prices. 0. B.

Douglas, Affent. v-i Ij In use every DM Id liS where. Write for catalogue. Ex-Mayor Daniel Jjeatty, Washiiigton, JNow Jersoy 1-W ba. HOHPHRKrs'HPBClinoa arflaclentlficallviuMl carefully prepared prescriptions used for many uiiriy years useu oj rue people, every single bpa- Vin euro lut uie iiinvoBO uuiuou.

Tbese Sneclllcs cure without tiruKKlnK. xn Ing or reducing tho system, and are in fnct and aeea tne sovereign renieuies ol ine world. usr or FBtxairai. kos. nucaa.

FeTera, Congestion, Inflnmmatlons. .1 Worms. Worm Fever, Worm Crying Colic, or Teething of rmrrnpa. or uniiuren or auuiu llysenlery. Srlplng, Cholera Morbus, Head.cuea, Slnklleodachs, Verttgo.i2 ITveDnnnift.

Uliiouji stnmftfh Snnprea.ftd orl'alnlul Vhft. too Profuse Periods croon, uougo, uuncuit lireittmng vi rtaii ltaenin, x.r.iyijieias, llieniiintlnm, Kneumallc nlns. SPECIFICS KtJTor auU Ague. Hllei. Ul.nd orbleediuK 0htnnlroy.

or Bure, or Wenk 1 I'atarrh, ititluenza. Cold In the Head .50 Whoopiuv Congh Violent Cough. tsiuiiin onn-L-KHtm ureaiiiing Kar IMfjcharvefl, Iinpaired Hearing ,50 Scrofula. Ivulurgfd (Jlandu, hvelmn l.Rnernl lfWMry, Physical WeaaMiesa. 59 UropMy, auU Beauty Hocirtlmu .50 Sea HickutHn, hkkiieasLrwn Hiding ,50 Kidney J)inoaae t)0 Nerrou Dchiliry Seminal Weak- ib 10 nans, or Involuntarr i III Ir.nnry Veabnea Wetting Bed.

.60 iS ll-eof UieHeart.Pali'ltailonl Kuiifpsy, pasm, c. Vitus' iano. Icerated Sore Throat S.5-J Chronic ft F.ruptlfns Bold by Prugglnts, or simt postpaid on reoelpt of price. Iiumitireys' HamjaI- (144 paues) richly bound In cloth and gold, mailed free. Ii umphreya' Medici info, loll Fullon St.

Y. IMSHSiiifcSI UUMPHRKY81 VFTEKINiRT BPKOIPKSI. si Lard ly all owneranf Qeraeand VnX lie. A Complimentary copy of Dr. Humpnreyff Veterinary Manual (GOO pafxes) on treatment and are of Domontlr Animals I-lorses, CaTMe, Sheep, Hogs and Poultry Sent free.

Huaruaass1 lliioicuni 00. 109 Fulton St X. Y. 109 al Iff. Ilinth KANSAS CITf, HO.

Tlu only Specialist 1 the City who it a Rrffular uraauazt smuane. met 23 yean' rraclice, ii yeart In Chicago. THE OLDEST III ASE. AND LONGEST LOCATED. Anthorljwd bv th Rtatft tn treat Chronic, Nervona and Uin-wwps," Mammal Weakness (nlfM iorfl3exual prrwer), Nsrvous Hfbllity, Poisoned Blood.UIrerft and HwelHngRof every kind, Urinary Disease, and in fHft all troubles or diKaKca in either male or female.

Cures enaranteed money refunded. Charges low. ThouHandnof canes cured. Kxperienoe in Important. All niwl-cines ar cuaninteed to be pure and eflicaclon, belna; fuipnu.dt?d In my perfectly appointed laboratory, and art fiirnigned ready ioi use.

Ao rnnnlnsr drug etoren to have uwertnln prevrtsiMnns filled. No mercury or injurious medfetnes used. No detention from husineiss. 1'atlents at a distance treated by letter and express, medicine sent everywhere free from ase or break ne. Htate your ease and aend terms.

Consultation free and confidential, personally or by letter. pa ire For Both IQexr. aent Illustrated JJ1. ni in j-laln pi.veiotie for Be. In Rtampn.

Kvery mivle, fruaa Uie ae ol to 45, should read tiita book. THE GREAT TURKI8H RHEUMATIC CURE. case stamp tor Circulars, fail, or adtiret-fi Dr.HE3EB30N,IOaW.9th9L,KnssCify,r... POOTTIVr (TRE for w.lw I MATIHM. too tot anycase IhipWr tratmfnt full to cure or help i I (ireatest discovery in annilln o(J I VJ mfdicine.

Oije dose givi rellpf few doss removes ffver mid Vj fain in joints t'nre completed in to 7 (Invs. Sfnd slot rnciit of BY SUBSCRIBING FOR The: Ingalls Weekly: Messenger, DUNN, BItADY, INGALLS, GKAY KAN. a specialty of live subjects? Will make the season of 1890 at Montezuma, Gray County, Kansas NOTSMAN la a dark bay, French Imported Norman horse, brought to tills country lit 1H8S, seven years old, sevonteea hands high and weighs 1,600 poanda. Kit MS: Ten dollars to inanre mare to be In foal, bingle service Five Dollara, Honey due when mare la known to bs In foal or should the ownor of mare leave the county, or dispose of her. gEASOJf begins April first and ends July flrst.

All care will bo taken to prevent accidents 1 JUOXTKZUKA, UllAT IOUSTT KASSjia. Western Kansas, JOHM SEBASTIAN, Cb1 Xiit Fsm. AgakV Published In The Best Town in Youget all the News of Gray County and the Great Southwestern Country. Subscription $1 per year. tJMACQU AHJTE WITH THE GE0GBAFB7 OP THE 00TOTH7, WILL OBTAHf Tui msim, nocx mm pacific railway, Includlngr main lines, branches and extensions East Missouri River.

The Direct Route to and from Chicago, Jollet, Ottawa. Peoria, La Salle. Mollne, Rock Island, In ILLINOIS-Davenport, liuacotine. Ottumwa, Oakaloosa, Des Moines, Winterset, AudubonjHarlan, and Council Bluffs, In IOWA-Minneanolis and St. Paul, in MINNESOTA Watertown.

end bux Falls. In DAKOTA Cameron, 6t Joseph, and risas City, In. MJSSOUBI-Ornaha, Falrburv, and Nelson, Id NEBrUfeKA-Horton. Jopeka. Hutchinson, Wichita, Belleville, AUler.e.

Caldwell. In KANSAS-Ponrt cTee, KWflsher, Fort Reno, in 'the INDIAN TERRITORY -and Colorado KpriniTsTDenver, Pueblo, In COLORADO. Traverses new and vast areas of rich farralns and an azing- lands, affording the best fecilities of intercommunication to older States and to all towns and cities west, northwest, ana southwest from Chicago, and Pacific and trans-oceanic Seaports. MACKSFICENT EXPRESS TRAINS, Leading 11 competitors lnsrJendo, of eqipment (c vmd. Tree irom ausiinsummer, thmiVoU DAILY between Chioaeo and Dee Moines and Council Bluffs (with throuKtj XVI.

"VT PiiShiliOTriaAaTchicairoana Cald well via Kansas CiiyanC Chicago and Denve Colorado Bprincrs and Pueblo. Through 1'alaca Sleeper to and from Wichi, Kansas. Splendid Din na; Hotels of 'St Joseph and Kansas City 'j with CHOICE! OF ROUTES to and from Bait Ltice, Portland, Los Anareleai Sd San Finciscof The DIRECT LINE to and from Pike's Garden of the Gods, the Sanitariums, and Scenic Grandeurs ol Colorado. VIA THE ALBERT LEA ROUTE, Solid Express Trains dally between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. PauU wHh THROUGH Reclining Chair Cars to and from those points and Kansas City.

Through Chair Car and Sleeper between Peoria, Lake, ani BioiLc Falls, vtoW Island. The Favorite Line to Watar-town, Sioux Fulls, and the Summer Resorts and Hunting and Fismna; Grounds of the Northwest THE SHORT LIN HI VIA SENECA AND KA.NKAKBT3 offers ts Itf a travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, afaywMe, and Council tsinns, tst, Jospph, Atchison, Leavenworth, Iinnsas City, Minneapolis, end St. Pai- For Tickets, Mnns, Foldrs, or desired information, upply to ey Tieltet Office in the UuiUi States or Canada, or addibss E. ST. JOHN, General llanager..

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