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The Weekly Messenger from Ingalls, Kansas • 4

The Weekly Messenger from Ingalls, Kansas • 4

Ingalls, Kansas
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IlKAL MTATS5. Learals. County Corner. THE MESSENGER. GEO.

W. DUNN, County Important tm Farmeia. All farmer who doslre to raise cane for the liigalls sugar mill this season mny contract for cane seed atT. C. Murdoch Co's, Don't pay 25o.

for your California cmiiied fruit fruit, when you can buy it for 20c, at Wulfsohn Ellon's. Wastiid: 100 dozen chickens this wet 1, for which wo will pay Co per tt. T. C. ilL UDOCK CO.

A rare curiosity, in the shape of a real live dude was in Ingalls Monday. Somo of the boys favored "roping" Hnd LAND FOE SALE! ALONG THE MAIN LINE OF THE A. T. S. Fe.

RAILROAD AND IN THE Great Arkansas Valley. AND ON ANY TERMS TO SUIT THE PURCHASER. CALL ON ADDRESS HENRY JONES, Justice oi tba Peace. JONES BOLDS, REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE Have aoveral desirable tracts of Land for Bale, from I to 8 miles from Ingalls, Permanent seat of Gray county. Relingwishments on for sale or trade.

We. are Agents for the Ingalls Town Company and make a Specially of City property. Taxes paid for Xon-residents Corresoondence solicited. JONES BOLDS INGALLS, GRAY KAN8 HOMELY FACES MADE HANDSOME Prof Bronners' Cottage Studio, East Laurel Garden City, Kansas. He makes as fine pictures aa can be had in New York City, from Card to Life Sire.

When you go to Garden City, GO AND SEE HIS GRAND DISPLAY. Do You Read THE COSMOPOLITAN, That Bright and Sparkling Yonng Magazine The Cheapest Illustrated Monthly Known 25 centsa Number. 2.40 per year. The Cosmopolitan i literally what tho press universally call it "The Best and Cheapest Magazine Published An Unusual opportunity. The Cosmopolitan per year, The Weeklt Messenger, per yoar, $1.00 The price of both publications, $3.40 We will Furnish both for Only, $2.50.

The'Cosmopolitan furhishes, for tho first time in Magazine Litera A Splendidly Illustrated Periodical at a price hitherto deemed im J. B. BHADf, Frobato Jodge, DUNN, BRADY, INGALLS, GRAY KAN. G. W.

BOLDS, County Surveyor. FHOIU A btdux Vf iiu. ir siblo. Try It For a Year. Do'yon want a first-class Magazine, giving annually 1,500 pages by the nblost writers and cleverest artists as readable Magazine as money can make a Magazine that makes a specialty of live subjects? Send to phis office and secure bqith.

To the Honorable the Hoard of County Com. rxluloimrs of tliaatateof Kanaaa The undersigned nuallhod elveUirsof Ihe Iowa ot Ingalla, lo aaid eoujiiy.rMuwiirullyrepnawiil hat ihe rolloalng dwtlUd ltttory, lo-wif Commencing at Ihe MUilh-eaaleonterof section thirtysia li.wnahlplwenlyllve rangetwentynlne thvnoe aonh along Ihe east Line of said seclloa to the norili east corner themuf, theaea west, along the aarih linn or said aecUon to the eonh. aeal oorm thsreof llimiee south aloag Ihe tine or said sec i Ion to lha north bauk of ihe Arsenate river, tlieuca eolith-easterly along the north bank of the Arkansas river lo the Intersection of the south Una of section llilny-eix. township twenty-live, range twenty-nine, thence still aoiiiheaatnrly along lh north bauk of aaid river 10 the intersection of the esat line of aacilon two township twenty-six, range twenty-nine Ihenoa still eoiilb-eaalarly to the east linofaeelloaone lowiishlptwenty-slx, range twenty-nine, I hence north along the east line of said section lo the norih-eaal corner thereof, thence weal along tha nor Hi line of said aeciloa lo Ihe aouih-eaat cor. ner of section thirty-six, township twenty-Ove.

range twenty-nine, Ihe piste or beginning, all being In county and slate of annas, corn, prism the town or Ingalls and the commons adjacent thereto. That the number or Inhabitants thereof ia ebnnt two hundred andalxiy. Tour iMiUtlooere threfore pray your Honorable body that said town, as above described may be Incorporated aa a city of tbe ihlrd-olaae, lo be known and designated as Ihe elty of lugsUs, and your petitioners will ever pray eVci It Barton. John Sails. Murdoch, Ointierly, t.arner, Calley, Murphy, 'A llansley, Morgan, A Congetj Peter Harding, It Iteynolda, eo WDnna, RWllliama.

WmT Little. Dickinson, Wulfsohn, Kllon. liouglsss, Uughorn, II Charles, 11 Yeller, A Monnt. Jennlnga, Joe Murphy, tiomman, Allensworth, John Anthony, Henry Jones, If. Mania.

The Santa Fe R. R. WHEKH AND Wll AT 1(4 ITT It Is at Ft, Worth, when." It la the spring Palace annual "what." Thla ebow will give tat miniature what would otherwise require weeka of steady travel to aee. A email edlUon of the Wortd'a Fair, -Texas Being a little world all by Itself. Texan ara a hospitable people, and yon will enjoy seeing them and their Spring 1'alaoa.

That you may bave this pleasure, the Santa Fa Boutehaa liberally arranged for a ONE FABK rounp-trlp rata to Ft. Worth. Tlcketa on salo May to SS lncluelvei flnal limit Juna S. Faat time, Ane equipmennt. Inquire of local agent, Santa Fa Boute, or address O.

T. Nicholson, O. P. T. Topeka, Kaa.

Tim "nAXpaoMaar." The famous Handsomest Train In tba World (equipped wltb Pullman Vestibule ears, beauti fully furnlehed runs dally between Kansas City and Chicago, via Santa Fe Boute. It la lighted by electricity, boated by steam, wltb handsome free reclining chair eara, well aelceted library lortlieetndlone, and faat time for thoaa In hurry, and unequa led dinning service. Two daily trains la each direction. The shortlist line between Kansas City and Chicago. Address, Ueorge I- Nicholson, O.

P. T. 8. P. B.

Kansas, for fartherlnrormatloa R. I. P. R. Fine Playing Cerda.

Bend ten eenU In Stamps or coin to Joha Ba-basUan, Gon'l. Ticket and Pasa. agent Chicago Bock Island Paclfle for pack of the latest, slickest, smoothest playing cards that ever gladdened the eyea and rippled along the Angers of the devotee to Seven-up. Casino, Dutch Euchre, Whist or any other ancient or modern game, and get your money'a Worth tan time over. The Business Men.

W. S. COLEMAN. M. WiU be at the Soul House, Ikoauj, Kan.

on Slat, Day of each month. Diseases of Females And Eright'a Disease of tbe Kidney -A. Specialty. CJ-Monthly Payments Collected Quarterly CITY FilEAT MARKET S. N.

Martin, Prop. Fresh Beef Constantly on Hand. Highest Market.Prioe paid for Green Hldea. INOAIX9, KANSAS. BUY! BUY! YOXTR FLOUR FEED AT THE NEW FLOUR AND FEED Store Where the Best Brands of Flour Feed are Sold at The LOWEST GASH Prices.

O. B. Douglas, Agent. One dollar a year. HUmPHREYS1 L)v HiiMPMUxn' ryncciKtoc are Mint lflcaii and aSlrtf' an pwidoi cure wiuioui unifft-ing, pair trt or red net ng the $jt tern, nd vre lu fact and doed thmmo trtli re wed I fcheWrlti tin or mctTAL Has.

aotaok rucn, FTerttf CoBfffstewm, VVirmt. Worm Fever. Worn. rrTlnCllc.orTeethtaffof Infant. 'j 0f rjOrtplng.

Lmmtmrtk Mrbit YomlUnc rsiiiliBa. Cold, 7 I a aT. '1 -i-- SS an i "ax. i KtWiM IToadnt bft, BtrkUedehL Vutlco. pristiptia.

DiiioiH MtomarJi SnpprNiaeil or Painful Prifl UhtrenW Uto ProfiiM Periftdii OroMffOouKlt, llfH'-iUt Hrwuhltif 2 neyo m. gv) iiniat, iHJiiaVe flam. ffnwiimaTtfi runny SPECIFICS t- ever ua Ait Pllfii. br-od or hilling i Cniarra lufl tmmMa.CoM In the Raid Whonplnv f'aavlit Violent Cougiig. AtRttinift.

OrTireised Bpp thing mr it ipnknrgeiH Im mired HMHrf HrrftfatlK. KnlurgdKl Olm1aHw-iIinf If rsivara nd 8Ttkni HirhRdi, bu kntrntrvm iUdiOf iiinr lUmmnm yinrraH Ilfbilitv aVm)nl WeU nui. or inroi umary 4r rVlanth. trlnar WvMog Bed. rainlnl Periiit witB Bold by Irtics'ani.

or vnt poptpcld on rerlpt of prtre. Ia. Ht xrHRcrs' i) aijaj. 044 pam) rN hiy bnwmd fn cloth und gntd, frt. trj ht wrrof or tin 4 fmt A ropy Ltr.

Hnr i-nrt-yn ravnurT u-ial fNO rm trrmnt ond Of i1 T-' J'ic 4 nlmftit iinrn, t-'- H.lwh Meperta John frailer hat ooiula vl.ltlng him from Indiana. Tba fannera of llila vlelaltjr r.ra tuoit all through planting corn. Mr. Wllcoa and lamilyapont Sunday with Mr Dowalng'a family. There are coma com and oata up wtilrh look nice on account of tba win.

In. Downing. In company with 11. llann, and oi bora alerted eyeet laat Monday to eeukem. ployment.

Kobert Krrr told a foar montue old calf tha otuerdayfbrfoardollar. Tall Kyeamore Enalgu Okuunliige, Bain, Bala, Bain. A. W. Hall la getting to be a groat debater llegoa to Wllbnrn ery Saturday nlgbt to de-bale.

I don't know which lie talka the moat on the tariff or marriage, but tba latter, I ahonld judge. K. a. Allen and Waller Cealueyetnrlafor Col orado Monday to work on aoruo of tha dltobaa, bat Walter can't leave bla girl long. J.

Sayre traa Uowa to Klnalay laat week. mall look well, nerer eoen it looking better, Borer. Slonteauma Mewa. E. Clark waa In oar city laat week.

B. It. Ilmlton, of the D. M. A railroad, waa looking orer the illy Monday of laat week.

B. J. Prlbble anil aba D. went to Uartland laat woek. Jack Bam itartcd fur ijllnola Monday.

Allen Huff hai rotnmod to Uartland, Eanaae. A.J. Clark la In town. JoeBllneoe tald that be wonld ralber walk to Heaa than rld In a buggyt eo be eent bla team a bead at high rate of apoed wltb no drlr er, laat week. B.

Hobble, of Dodge, admlnlatratorofthe Baldwin male, a ae down laat week making ar- rangemenla to put up tombatoae at tba (rare of Mr. Baldwin, George Hck and daughter Mary were trading with Dodge City merchant laat weak. J. D. Buah, ofLockport, went to central Kan- a lat week.

George Brltton and Dr. Meradltb were at tha county eeat Wedneaday, of laat week. 8am Hefner, wbe own farm near tlila eily and who baa been la Mleaoarl tor eouie time, returned laat week. George Moek and family bar moved Into the McDowell tealdcaca. From erery dlrectloa cornea re porta of beary rain a.

Tba ground la wet to a eonaidnrable depth. Via A Ladya' forfeet Companion. Our new book bv Dr. John H. Dre.

one of New York's most skillful physi cians, snows mat pain is not necessary in childbirth, but results from causes easily understood and overcome. It clearly proves that any woman may be come a mother without sniToring any pain wnatever. it also tells now to overcome and prevent morning siekuess and the many other evils attending pregnancy, it is ntgniy endorsed by physicians everywhere as the wife's true private companion. Cut this out; It will save you great pain, and possibly your life. Send two-cent stnin for descriptive circulars, testimonials mid confidential lcttet sent in sealed envelope.

Address Frank Tliomis l'UMisiiera, uammore, am. Peter Harding's Condition powders ara well ami fav orably known. K. It. Garland ha prepared and sold them for tho Inst six years; they are the best and cheapest In the market; nt the Palace Drug Store.

FIRE CLOTHING From the Late Fire Of Stern, Meyer Co. of Cincinnati, wholesale clothiers. We have just secured through insurance companies over thirty thousand dollars' worth of this clothing if estimated at the wholesale cost price, and the value in its present condition is fully ten thousand dollars. The stock consists of 1,000 mens suits 400 boy's suits, 500 men's overcoats 600 pair of pants, 1,100 vests, 1,400 odd pieces of coats, pants and vests, 300 dradata coats and vests, 400 silk luster coats and vests, 300 seersucker coats and vests, and 65 Prince Albert coats. The odd pieces are slightly burned or wet.

The full suits are not burned, but wrinkled and slightly wet. The overcoats will be offered in this sale simply because they are so elegant and cheap, and that our people will buy them for future use. It will pay to borrow money at 5 per cent a month to secure them now. In the full suits are a great variety, and many are fully as good as a suit made to order at S40, and many of them soiled but little. One-half of this lot is now in transit to Pueblo and the other half will arrive at Garden City the last of this month.

As we are short of room, the fire goods will remain in Garden City about two weeks and what is left will be shipped to Pueblo. Each suit or single garment will be mark ed in plain figures and customers can select for themselves in case wc are busy. We trust you know our way of selling a fire lot of clothing and will not waste your time in expecting a reduction by taking large quantities. Respectfully, it Wm. Colter.

BPKAKIKO OF FOKT WOKTfl 8PBIXO PALACE. Toa eaa bay round-trip tickets via Santa Fe Route, at ONE EAR IT, to Ft. Worth, any time betweea HayS and and bave until June to return. In ft. Worth you can purchase excursion tick eta at a low rate to points reached via Santa Fe Boole In that State.

Ft. Worth Is tbe teway of Texas. Once insHe the gate, every facility will be given for looking around, Thla la an important fact for land aeekers and health enek- era. Aeheapway to aee Tosaa. inquire or local agent, Santa Fe Itoute.

or write to T. Aicbolson, f. tl. i "I-its, ass, i i VO I tCK I Wit PliUUCAllOH, endOflleaetOardaaClty, Kanaaa. alar.

1W). Koilr le gtn that Ilia following nniiiu i MiHlorbne SUI imHc of hi. Intention lo ni.L. it. ai i.wM.r in amttiurt of hie claim, and dial anll pntit will li mvle brlure Die IUiilr an Juna uh.

Into, vie: Oaorg u.n U1.1.1 11 No. vim for the R. Quarlur (.) 8w. Tlilrt-two (.) Towaahlp Ti.ihv-. ur 4) Ke Twenly-iiln f) w.

He nam I lie following wliniwa prove bla eontinu 11a riaiuviioa upon, ana ruinvoiinu cu, eald land, elai Jamce A. may, raar K. Kent, Ueorge W. Dlneti, all of Ingalla, at the aame time and pi are vlai Jamea A. Ill.y Snal II.

K. Ku. Ml for I he U.K. guancrtm Six (' lownahlp Tenlr-0v a lanua 1'itKiitv-nllia l.r. 1 W.

lie naiiHi. tlm following wlmeaaea to prve hla eiiniiiinfiiia hwlflenee udoii. and cultivation of add land, via- W. Andimon, of ualia. H.

Vnairar. of Inuall Kanaaa, K. K. W. Iileeel.

nflnitalla, Kanaoe, Any pvmon who deal ma lo protect agalnat the allowance oTaneh proof or knnwa of any anb-ibiiIImI reaann. nndur the law and rairiila'lone oil he Interior Hepannicnt why anrh proof ehnnld not be allow, a. will he given an opportunity at the above nientlonnd time ami place to eruea-exainlna the witneuie of aaid claimant andnnorevldenoelnrubuttat of that tubmltled by claimant. D.M.ntOST Ri-gle'er, Flret rubllrellon t-H0.) NOTICE KOB PlTBLICATIOM. V.

Land Office, Oardcn Cltv. Kanaaa, April in KotlnA la hen.hv ffiven that the following nam am Her kaa filed nolle of hla Intention lo mnke Snal proof In aonporr or hiacinim aim met itlil proof will he made bolbre the lleglttrr and Itecelver at (ienlrn City. Kanaaa, on in Mil. via: HaMiiKi. il.

Moaaie. aoldler'a dnal II So. 7. 6. for the aw.

ir. testlon a T. ::0 ar. Il namaa I he following wllneaaea to prove hla ounilnouue rvaidtnee upon and cultivation of aaiu land, viei O. Wllaey, C.

A. WIIwt, Newton Sialcup taeorgo Florco, all or Montvr.nma, Kanaaa. I. M. Flto, llBjiator, rnlioatlon April W.

Wo. JOTICB FOB rUUUCAIIOJt. IndO.Hceat Garden City, Kanana. March J. 1CS0 Nolle IS hcrvbv given that the following named eettler hae fllnd nolloo of hla Intention to make linal prnol in auiport of hie c.l aim and that anid proof will be niilue before the Keglatnror liMc.lvi.rotU.

i.anJ ouloa at uanien city on Mn 97. IK.O. via: Hinith layne Snal hoiutaeed entry no. "01.. Inrllie S.

W. guaner See. Tlnrtv-iivo itj Town i wenu-iour u4) RaniraThirtv W. lie ntiinea the foilowlngwilneaaea to prove bla eontinnoue rcatui'iiee omii. ami cuuivaiion oi, aalil land, viz: A.

It. Moehlua. It. at. Shonah.

O. O. Wilcox and U. IV. llaiuea, all of I'lorou- vine, iiannae.

AIho at the eame timo and place, via: Augnet K. alocotna jtnai u. m. no. lor iiiu a.

Quarter TowuTwen iv-four fit) Kan.w Thirty (HO w. Ha names tha following wilneeain to prove hla eontlnuontnaidcnveuiir.n. and eulUvation of. aalil Innd. viz: ravno, of I'lercevllle l- vy Tope, oi login, an'l u.

Wilcox. II K. 41 "ok. of I'irroevilla. Kanaaa.

i Alao nt the aatn time ami place, viz: Ueorge William llnineatlnal II K. no. HI for lota one (I) and two an.lE. half SIN. W.

tjuailcr or sec. ignieen liej Twp Twenty-roar IJIJ ltaiine Tnlrtv la .1 w. lie namea the following wltneaana to prove nie continuous reaiuenee unon. ana cuuivaiion of. said land, via: Smith l'avne.

A. R. atoebina. naviuai. Biioufcn ana nucox, su oi Piereeville, antaa.

Aleo at tho same time and plane, vltt David M. Shough final 11. K. no. t' tot tha H.

Kaat Quarter 1 1,1 of Sue. Four (4) Two Twenty-four 'lin nanipa the rdliowiiii witnesses to Drove his continuous ifxiucnce ution, ana oumvation or, aaiu land, vis: eniiin I'uyne, a. Hoeblua O. IvoxandO villo. Kaniiea.

W. ilainea, all of Plereo- i. si. rituai. uegiaier First Pnblioation NOTICE FOB PUBLICATION.

Land omcc at (anten city Kan Marcn it, mm, Police Is hereby irlven that the following-oa. med settler has tiled notice of hla Intention inake until nroof In emiDort ofliis claim, and that fluid nroof will be made before the Register or Ki'ftuivor u. inauinceas bumen uiy ansae, on amy win, itw, viz: nance a. Gilmau V. II.

K. no. 1014 for the 8. W. Uuarter e'ection Twenty-two Hy Twp.

Twenty-nine i-A a Hi Ho ltaiine i wniy-eigpi t-'ni w. oi u. in. namea the following witnessea io prove his continuous rosldenee upon, and culllvnliou of. an limd.

A. P. Unkcfnr. A. H.

Wll lama. It. J. Maxlluld and A. Illlnooe, all of liifs, Kansas.

Alfo nt the same time and lilaen Aito'nnns r. unicuier h. K. no. ima ror ine -i.

iv inar. terti.) heel Ion Twenty-seven f.T) TwpTwonty-nine eKanKcTwenty-eiEht w. of ii. lie minus the following wllncasea to prove his inliniious residence unon. and cultivation of.

a dd iund. C. A. Gilinati. A.

li. Wll liaiiis, il. J. MaxOeid and J. A.

lllineoe, all of lioea. Kannaa. Alto at the same me and mace Andrew Willlnma F. II. K.

no. li. Id fort lie S. K. Quar.

tor I tee. 1 woutv-elsht Two Twenty. nine :) a ltsnirj Twenty-eight tKlw.of p. lie namea ine rouowing wiuiessea to prove hiaoontinnoua rcaidenoe unon. and enltivatcon of.

said land viz: A. l.llman. A. P. Unke- fer, It.

J. Maxlluld and J. A. Jilincoe, all of Mom, Kanaaa. t.

Al. ruun', negiater. First Publication April IS, leuv. N' OTICTt FOB PCBICAT10ST. Land Office at Garden City, Kan.

April 14 1W Kotice Is hereby irlven that the following named settler has fl led notice or ma intention to make Snal nroof in annnort of hie claim, and that said proof will be ma Je before the Judge or in bie al senco the Clerk of the District court of bray ounly Kanaaa, at Ingalla Kansas on June 11th, Itnw viz: Amanda M. Lilly, final iSW for the 8 Or or Hec twp of Ilanget! 8he names ihe following witnesses to provefaer coniinuone residence upon, ana cultivation oi, aaid land, vizi U. M. Knrron, Joseph If osdy, Henry Teager aua iiacoo ulling an oi iogana nansaa aisu at the same time and place viz: Uriah Barron Snal U. iM) fur tbe Or See St twp So, Ilanae 211.

lie namea the rbllowlng witnesses to prove hla continuous residence upon and cultivation of aaid land viz: Joseph Heady, B. B. Bmiui, Andrew V. Lindsay, J. J.

Jtluriln all or Ingalla, Kansas. Aim at the snmc time and place: Joseph Hcnilv. linal II, E. for the a Jr, Sec 14 twD ilt ilnniri) Ho namea the following wltnefsea to pr.ivebla continuous resiumice upon ana cultivation or said land, vizi U. M.

Barron, B. Smith, Geo W. Whiteside, Murtln all of Iiimi, KBuaaa, euosr uogiater. First Publication April 16, l. JCBUCATIOIT First Publication Aorll SI.

1M. William L. Kckert and Mrs. William Eck. erthia wife will take notice tliet.l, B.

Waikina aa plnlutin did on the Sith dav of March lrfK). tile his ielition In the district court in and for uray county, a aie or nantaa. againt William L. Ecke and Mrs. William aa de-fendania acltlna forth that snld William L.

Eck- ert a mnrlSira In anld nlnlntlff An lha fnl lowing landa, sitUHieil in the county of i.ray itnu siaie or Kansas, viz: ine sou in-east quarter of section thirty-two townshlptwen-ly-nini) rnnjjo twenty-eight, Mwestofthe til, p. m. to secure the payment of the sum of to ce teln notes rcfered to in sold niorliTHge, and praying judgment against said 111. hiii L. Kckert for the sum or tii.m, now claimed to be due and nnpald, with Interest at 12 rier cent ner annnm from October lat.

1KHA. or that aaid premlsea mav be eold to pay eame. Now aa defendants. William Kckert and Mrs. William L.

Kckert. bia wife, are hereby notified that they must appear and answer said petition on or before the seventh day of June. or said petition will be taken aa true against mem and eacn or them and a judgment tor aaia amount, and a decree forever baring them of any right, title or iateiwt In and to said landa, after the thereof, will be rendered againat them, and ordering ssid lauds to be sold to aatisfy any aum found to be due tbe plalntiaT apoti aaid notes and mortgage. tcall F.

P. PiLLWAir, Clerk. W. J. Patterson, Att'y tor Plff.

gHEIUFF'8 6ALK. Stale of Kansas, iu Gray County, John It. Covey, va, Clawson. By virtue of an Execntion to n.e directed and delivered, issued out of tbe ftth -Indicia! Iilstriet Court of the State of ansae, Bitting In and for ray eonnty, In aaid State, I will on Monday, the SdayofHay, 1MM. between the hours of 4 o'clock a.

m. and o'clock p. m. or said day at the Court Ilonse, In Ingalls, In the e-mnty and stale aforestiid, offer at poblic sale, and sell to ihe highest bMder for eashn hand, all the right title and interest of the above named plaintiff in and to the following described real property to-wit: Lot twelve (iJ block sixty-one (ai) in the town of Montezuma, as shown by the recorded plat thereof, in lray eonnty, Kansas, and all the improvements on said land. Said prop, to be sold to satisfy a JndgTieiit obtained again the said U.

fv-vev In the ahove entitled canse. fiaid prorwriy levied on and tone sold as the property of the above named plaintjff, John B. Covey. P. W.

BAP.TOtf, Sher'ffof Orny county, Kausas. Sheriff's offirp Inralls. Kansas. rlml PablicatioD A)ril 1, JCT. JttKO.

MUllfllVt KillU.r ami I'rorlU'. It, K. TIMK CARMM. AS. K.

K. Train arriie al liiirall fullowi doing Kaat. Ideal 1'uwinRor, u. II 81 p. m.

Fwiniei 4, a. in. Looul freight, p. m. Uolng neat.

Loeat Putenger, Ha. 1,, p. m. 1eal rumiil p. ro.

Local rwlght, 41, m. Train 41 and 4 cart freight lad pauencert. Train bo. 1. 1.

1 A 4 carry puMngxra. 1 A I carry mall A exprea. H. O. Ciiahmu, Agent budge City, Mouteauma A Trinidad K.

WEST TATIoNSt KART p. m. limine Mty ly. arr. 4 no.

di ISO ar ilOKiKZUMA, If :40, Tralni eonneet at DodifeCltr with Ihe "'(nek land Itnute" ami tha 'ainlel'e roulH" for all point Jtut ana Wl, Tralna loir DodgaCltv at Rnek Iiland depot E. H. HUDSON. J.V. 1IOCK, nparinlandeiir.

Agent INOALL U. A. K. 1'OST. Infill PoatO.

B. meet tha lat and Saturday of each month at o'clock V. M. i. L.

CAILKY, Commander. 1'OSX orr'ICK KKUULATIOKX. Kail aloeo for tha Kaat, WHO, P. H. II all floaea for the Woat, P.

Ofllct noon from (, a. m. to 7, P. excep Bandar, ween the oBoe.wIH be opes from 11, A U.tol, P.M. Q.

W. WHiTum, Poatmaater, NOTES. 8. Ifoof visited Dodge City Sunday. GnrJen hoes at Murdock't.

Jetmore has a new stats bank. Judge O. B. Hamilton is in the city. J.

J. Anthony is in Garden City this week, The commissioners meet again to morrow. Dry salt meat 7c. per pounds at Wulf- sohn Ellon's. W.

R. Turner was a pleasant visitor last Friday. J. F. Allen made a trip to Charlseton last Wednesday.

E. Wilsey, of Montezuma town ship, is in town to-day. Thomas Hose, of Essex, Garfield county, was in Ingalls Sunday. An extra session of the district court was held in this city Monday. J.

Wulfsohn and S. M. Martin visited Eminence and Ravanna Sunday, II. Resor, of Montezuma township, was in the capital Inst Saturday, Mrs. J.

II. Williams is the guest of friends at Minneola this week. Hon. George VT. Dunn transacted business in Garden City Friday.

A. w. Ilall and lady, of Hess town ship, were in Ingalls Thursday. nenry Brooks, of Hess township, paid the capital a visit last Saturday. Lew Soule and Billy Allensworth were pleasant callers last Wednesday.

Pride flour SI per sack at Murdock's. O.B.Douglass has had a nice porch built in front of W. B. Browns grocery It. W.

Evans, of the Emporia Republican, mads us a pleasant call Monday. J. A. Huston, of Anthony, was in the city Monday, in attendance at District court. W.

F. Dean, groceryman at Dodge City, was in Ingalls on business last Thursday. (J George W. Bolds has recently purchased a fine field glass which he will use in surveying. Lew Soule, our rustling lumberman, transacted business in Dodge last Friday and Saturday.

Peter Harding, the genial hotel de boss proprietor.made us a pleasant call last Thursday. J. II. Ellis, of Pueblo, an old friend of R. II.

Turner, of the Union, was in the city yesterday. Standard tomatoes 10c per can at Wulfsohn Ellon's. George Gullck, of Garden City, was in Ingalls last Thursday, the guest of his sister at the Soule. A beautiful four days rain last week has resulted in the Wheat, oats and other crops growing nicely. Mrs.

D. II. Lilly, of Foote township, has the editor's thanks for a bunch of nice onions presented yesterday. 8. G.

Morris was in Garden City last week. He has advertised to make final proof on bis farm in south Gray. Z. T. Kelson, of Garden City, was in Ingalls last Thursday He owns a valuable piece of land in this county.

S. R. Black went to Lamed yesterday where he will test the merits of the lectric well, which has a great reputation as a health restorer. Coal oil 20c. per gallon at Wulfsohn A Elllon's.

A. Pendarvls, of Richland township, was in the city Saturday, He informed us that he has Irish potatoes as large as tea cups. What state can beat that? O. T. Tripp, Charles Dillman and William Newman, of Hess township, made final proof on homesteads, before District Clerk Dillman last Thursday.

Jacob Whiting and wife, of Foote township, took the train at this place for Emporia last Wednesday, where they will visit friends for few weeks. A jewelry store is run in connection with a hardware store at Jetmore. This reminds us of the oyster cafe man who would shave you while your oysters were cooking If you want to send any of the Kansas advertising books east call at this office and get those with the notice calling attention to Gray county's page piinte on thim. placing him on exhibition In Low Soulo's prairie dog cage. Fred Roof, of Walnenburg.

Colo, and a son of S. Roof, of Foot township, was the guest of bis father last Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Roof is county clerk of Huerfano county. R.

W. Evans, of the Emporia Repub lican, was In Ingalls Monday. The lie. publican has recently put up a neat register for the Soule house and It. Wa was here making the delivery.

The Yhdyswaltaln Sanomat" is the name of a semi weekly newspaper pub' llshed at Ashtabula, Ohio. We admire the print who can set that name in small caps without saying cusswords. J. T. Whitelaw, M.

W. Sutton, L. K. Soper and II. 13.

McGary, Dodge City attorneys, were in Ingalls Monday at tending the extra session of the District Court, which was held that day. Division Sup't. Drake was in the city last Thursday, and from the agreeable remarks made when be examined agent Charles' reports we are inclined to be lieve Ingalls will get a new depot. Notice. The Black Diamond stallion will make the season of 1890, at D.

Crosswhite's stable in Ingalls. i'. ju. jsnrron. tf.

Keeper P. Dillman leaves to-day for business and pleasure trip to points in Missouri, lie will be gone a week or ten days and during his absence W. Turner will have charge of the district clerks office. G. S.

Brltton and Dr. S. Meredith, two of Montezuma's pioneers, were in Ingalls last Wednesday. G. S.

ordered the Messenger sent to his address and advanced the necessary wherewith to pay for same. Henry Hlgday was appointed tmstee of this township by the county com missloners last Saturday. Henry is one of our pioneer settlers and will fill the office to the entire satisfaction of the citizens of Ingalls township. IMPORTANT KOTIOIC. All proofs taken by either of the un dersigned in the future will be charged for at the rate of S3 each.

J. R. Brady, Probate Judge. F. P.

'Dillman, District Clerk. J. II. Ellis, of Pueblo, Colo, and W. II.

Turner, of this city, were pleasant callers yesterday. Mr. Ellis was return ing from a visit to his old home in Harper county and stopped oil a day here to visit his old friends the Turner "boys." J. II. Williams started on a business trip to Ohio and other eastern states last Wednesday night.

He took with him a large number of the Kansas Im migration books, which he will scatter among the farmers of the states he visits. W. M. Connerly visited the stone quarry at Eminence last week to see if the necessary material could be obtained to build the foundation for the sugar mill. It can be had there and, no doubt the Emlnenoe quarry man will get the contract.

Wanted! Wanted 1000 people to know thatwa will not ob undersold by any firm in Gray county, and we would further state that there are no nationalities barred, and respectfully invite the inspection of the public. T. C. Murdoch Co. F.

P. Dillman, our gentlemanly dis trict clerk, made final proof on his farm in Hess township, last Thursday. iJe says he is now the owner of 160 acres of Gray county's best soil but still he is not satisfied. He wants to make an other proof before Judge Brady, proof of his love and affection for a fair damsel in south Gray. Judge Brady requests us to say that he is now ready to take all kindswf land proofs, and that those who desire to make same before blm will see that their notice reads "before J.

R. Brady, Probate udge of Cray county, Kansas," as notices otherwise written are under stood to be before the district judge. Justice Pierce and Barister Mason, of Garden City, were in Ingalls last Tuesday night. They started from Garden intending to attend a K. of P.

meeting at Cimarron, but, becoming lost were compelled to stop here until the west bound passenger came along when they returned, leaving their teUm to be returned by J. F. Allen. Jndge Brady Bertnned. Judge J.

R. Brady returned from Wabash, where he has been since last December on a visit to relatives, last Wednesday night. The Judge tells us that the wheat crop of Indiana is A total failure and that money is a very scarce article among the residents of that state. His health has been very bad since he left sunny Kansas, but with our pure, refreshing air, he is already feeling much better. A short drive out south of town Bun-day couvinced us that the prospects of (iray county were never brighter than they now are.

Tlie numerous showers that have visited this section of the country have been of incalculable good. Wheat, oats.Tye and In fact everything is looking fine. And it is not only the crops that are looking good, but and shrubs are thriving nicely. trees fern. "slll ff( isjslisli.t ill BHAOQOAIWTED WITH THE QEOOHAPHY OP T2B 00UHTH7, WILL OBTAM MUOH VALUABLB OIFOBSIATION I -sMJl if the bock islo pacific riilvay, Ineludlna- main MneaV branches and extension.

Bart ana eit or tp Theblrect Boute to and from Chicago, Jollet, Ottawa, Bock iBland, In ILLINOIS-Davenport woiUne. fSimwa OeMoosa. Counoif. lTn'lOWAMtnnlawlta Paul In MINNESOTA Watcrtowa. and oux Falls.

In DAKOTA-Cameron, Bb Jonnph, and Kansas Ity, In. MISSOUBl" roaS, Falrbury, and Nelson, In NEBliAfeKA-Horton Topeka, b.Snioii WlohTta. Belleville. A ller.e. Caldwell.

In KANSAS i'ond. Crfk KinBherf Folt Bono, In the INDIAN TEERITORY-and Colorado RrlniB Denver PuebloTln COLORADO. Travereee new and vast area, ot affording the beet tacilWe. of lnterconw Eaunleatlon to older State, and to all towna and cttlea west, north weat, anel outhweat from Chicago, and Paclflo and trana-oceanic Boaporta. MACNIFICCNT VESTIBILI.

EXPRESS TRAINS, Leading- coropetttora In splendm of -Kjulpment feool, welT vnJ'! duet In summer, warmed by eteam from the, omoxivin winter), ntofuVve Oarden of to. Gods, the Sanitarium, and 6cenlo Grandeur, of Colorado. VIA THE ALBERT LEA ROUTE, RoUd FTTireas Trains dally between Chlrap-o end MlnneBpolls and 8t. Paul. Kii rTOUOHKclini" Chair Cars (VhkB) to and lit? Kmihu Cltv Through Coalr Car and Sleeper between Peoria, Spirit lice, SldKoui F'allsv riaoo IBland.

The Favorite Line to town, Slou Fall." and th. Bummer Beaort and Hunting and Flahing erTHi8BHOHT uSbA 81WWJA AND KANKAKKS offer. taeltle. travel betweOT iClnomnatt tV.iSstf'i'.ut Joseph, Atchieon, Leavenworth, Kansas City.MlnneapoUa, and 6 i For Tickets, wfars, Folders, or dosired Information, appij to aT liok. Office in the United fetate.

or Canada, or addree. E. ST. JOHN, JOHN snJASmN, OenerUEaH CIIIGAQO. ILL.


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