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The Burrton Breeze from Burrton, Kansas • 8

The Burrton Breeze from Burrton, Kansas • 8

Burrton, Kansas
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St. p. I D. p.m. a.

to a p. Local Hews and Happenings. As taken from another lip: And jotted down upon a And If some one tias lied to us Please shun this office when you cuss. Pure Corn Chop for sale by the Burton Grain Co. Bring us the news.

Job work at the BREEZ: office. Blanpied's sells Lincoln paintsGo to Blanpied's for window glass. Take your shoe repairing to Paine. Advertise in the BREEZE for results. Go to Blanpied's for paint brushes.

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving day. Use Lincoln paint, no better paint made. Mrs. Dr. Hempstid, spent Sunday, at Patterson.

Send the BREEZE to your friends in the east. John Hess of Hutchinson, is here selling horses. Karl Paine was on the sick list the first of the week. We have some fine Thanksgiving Turkeys. Morris Co.

B. I. Giggy east of town 'is painting his house this week. Walter Cummings took in the big fire at Newton, Saturday. Mrs.

J. I. McEivain of MePherson, is visiting Mrs. Parvin. W.

E. Beckham Son, shipped car of hogs to Wichita, Wednesday. Express Agent Miles, went to Newton Monday, returning Tuesday. at Do you want a Thanksgiving Turkey? If you do, see Morris Co. W.

D. Paine has opened u2 his Shoeshop one door west of Opera of House. W. W. Day, wason the sick list the first of the week, but is better now.

Subscribe for the Burrton BREEZE and be happy. Only $1 year. E. Kendrick, spent Saturday and Sunday, with his parents it Newton. If you want absolutely pure paint, ask for Lincoln paint at Blanpied's.

it Dr. and Mrs. Burriss, spent in few hours with friends in Hutchinson, Sunday. W. H.

Elder, spent Saturday afternoon at Patterson, the guest Milford Hunt. Miss Clara George, went to Hutchinson, Friday, returning Monday morning. a Hand us a dollar and have your name enrolied on our subscripbooks at once. It is reported that there will a couple of weddings pulled here in the near future. to J.

B. New, scale inspector for Santa Fe, spent Sunday with Comes west of here. I will pay market price, cash, poultry and eggs, atmy house. W. W.

Day. Wall Paper! Wall large stock, low prices, elegant patterns, The Palace Drug Store. BORN: To Mr. and Mrs. Lorin the north part of town last Monday morning, a boy.

C. W. Simpson, route agent the Wells Fargo Co. Express, was in town Wednesday. per The Farmers Institute will be in the Opera House Decem5th and 6th.

Don't forget to and attend. and a Easiness Wednesday on count of the horse sale. Rail Road Time Table ATCHISON TOPEKA Santa Tel AND SANTA FE. GOING WEST. No.

1. California m. No. 5, Colorado and .4:40 p.m. No, 957, Local Passenger No.

7, Mexico and California Express 9:10 p.m GOING EAST. No. Atlanta Express, 9:37 a No. 6, K. C.

and Chicago 11:44 a. m. No. 20d. 9:19 a.

m. No. 8, K. C. and Chicago p.

m. No. 74, Local p. I. Nos.

306 and 74 run daily except Munda Through tickets on sale to all parts of the United States: baggage checked through to destination. For rates, folders or any luformation desired, call on local axont. GOING EAST. No. 300, St.

Lonis Express, m. m. 19:05 p.m. GOING WEST. No.

305, Louts Express, arrives. ...4:35 p.m p. All trains run dally. L. HATHWAY, Joint Agent.

Church Directory. BURRTON M. C. CHURCH: Sunday Setiool. 9:45 5.

Preaching, 11 a. Junior Longue, 3 Coworth League. 6:30 D. Preaching. Prayer Meeting.

Wedp. M. Teachers meeting. Wednesday 8:15 Everyone, young and old is cordially invited every service. C.

M. GRAY. Pastor. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: Services Sabbath at 11 4. Sabbath evenins at 7:30 Prayer meeting Wednesday evenine at Sabbath school at 9:45 a.

m. A cordial lavitation is extended to all. REV. C. C.

BRADFORD. Pastor. CHRISTIAN. 9:45 CHURCH: -Sunday Preaching School servi. 11 n.

10. and 7:30 p.m.: Endeavor 6:30 TO. All cordially DUNCAN. Pastor. Secret Societies.

BURTON LODGE NO. 189 A. F. M. Meets in Masonic Hall on the and third Maturday evenings of each month.

Visiting brothers cordially invited. J. F. RENICE. M.


103 A. 0. U. Meets in Masonie Hall on the Fest. Third and Filth Thar day evening of each month.

All visiting brethern in good standing are invited to meet with us. J. F. REMICE, C. M.

SHIVE, Master Workmen. Recorder. HUNFLOWER CAMP. ROYAL NEICHBORS OF AMERICA: in Woodman Hall the fast Thursday ach month at 8 p. m.

and the third Thursday at 2 p. m. MRS. A LION SHUMARD, MRS. LILLIEBLANPIED Recorder.

Oracle. LIFE AND ANNUIFY ASSOCIATION. Burton Boauell No. the first and third Mondays each month, in Woodman Hall. All members in good standing always welcome.


1277 M. W. Meets second and fourth Thursday evenings in each month. Neighbors from camps invited. J.

S. STONE, V. C. W. L.

Jaco3s, Clerk. BURRTON LODGE NO. 251 I. 0. 0.

F- every Tuesdav evening in Masonic Hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. L. JACOBS, Sec.

HARRY WILLIAMS, N. G. City Officers. Peter Carey Poltece A. Moore.

Snyder Citv Clerk. L. Jacobs. City Treasurer. F.

Osborn Council: J. T. Shive. J. F.

Remick Dave Linsay, Allen Snyder, J. W. Smith. County Officers. Judge 9th M.

P. Simpson Representative. Robert Dougherty A Joseph Hay John L. Caveny Register of L. Sawyer Sugerintendent Pub.

Bennet Grove Sheriff. C. D. Masters C. Bowman Probate W.

Johnson Clerk District F. Benfer Commisioners: D. W. Thompson, J. C.

Rich, P. Buker. Post Office Directory. Office hours from 7 a.m. to 8 p.

1 m. Monev Order hours from 7 n. m. to 6 p. m.

Sunday hours from 8 to 10 a. m. Mail leaves office for Bland, at 12:15 p. daily except Sunday. Carrier starts on Rural Route No.

1 immedlatedly upon arrival of morning train, No. 367 at 7:54. Names of patrons on Rural Route can be had by calling at the Post Office. All day mails are closed 30 minutes prior to departing of train. Pouches made up for night trains east and west are closed at 8 p.m.

J. S. STONE, P. M. The Edward Westinacott Lumber say that their business for the month of October was a record breaker.

If you want a Thanksgiving Turkey, give your order not later than Monday, to H. E. Co. Stand up. for the BREEZE, and we will stand up for.

yon and Burrton. Now is the time subscribe. Ed, Mattie and Blanche Day, of Wichita, came up Sunday, attend the funeral of their grandmother, Mrs. Day. We are making a special low price on the best mixed paints made.

Come and see us, The Palace Drug Store. If you like the BREEZE, and havn't the ready cash to subscribe, send in your name anyway. We'll trust you. Blanpied Sons, have sold 400,000 shingles during the past sixty days, and it wasn't much of a time for shingling either. J.

H. Poorbaughhas a fine large eagle, which he captured on his farm. It is a fine specimen, and quite a novelty. Yes it's alive. FOR SALE: Three buggies, two farm wagons, one low down feed wagon and rack, and one good span six year old horses, at Blue Front Livery Barn.

Wall Paper is now nearly as cheap as whitewash, but we will for the next 60 days give an extra 10 per cent discount on all grades, The Palace Drug Store. H. W. George and Miss Mabel Burriss, attended the Elk Ball Hutchinson, Friday night, returning Saturday. They report having had a very pleasant time.

Quarterly Meeting. The Third Quarterly Meeting the M. E. Church will be held Nov. 23rd and 24th.

E. C. Beach Presiding Elder, will be present. Every one invited. Joe Harmon, came up from Wichita, Saturday evening, for a short visit with relatives, returning Sunday.

He was accompanied home by his mother, grandma Harmon. The Burrton Cornet Band, is making rapid progress under the leadership of J. F. Remick, and willbe but a short time until we will haveone of the best bands the country. If you have company Thanksgiving day, don't forget to tellus about it, that'snews.

Weshould like to run a column of Thanksgiving visitors, but if you don't tell us we can't do it. Live merchants who want to do good business during the Holiday season, should plant their Holiday ad's in the BREEZE at once. Remember "a drop of ink makes millions think." The BREEZE office is equipped do all kinds of job work with neatness and dispatch. All our material is new, thus insuring you the benefit of the latest type faces. Give us a trial.

Another large lot of those beautiful "Sea Shells" just received. Remember we give them away as premiums for cash purchases. Always call for a cupon ticket, The Palace Drug Store. The BREEZE wants some good country correspondents, and to such, offers envelopes and paper, stamps and a copy of the pa free for their services. Don't delay, but send in a batch of neighberhood news next week thus help us make a better brighter paper.

eTA, illustrated with stereopti(con views, given under the aus. pices of our public schools, at the Opera House last Friday night, was well attended and all seemed very well satisfied. The many friends of Mrs. Geo. Crays, will be pleased to hear of her return from the hospital at Wichita, where she has been taking treatment for cancer.

We are glad to report her health greatly improved. to This office printed sale bills Friday, for John Carmichael, whose sale takes place today (Frito day,) at his farm three and onehalf miles west and three and one half south of Burrton, in Valley township. He has fifty-four head of cattle, seven head of horses and mules and numerous farm implements for sale. Fred Arnold lost a fine Jersey cow last Sunday. Sometime ago the animal had an abcess on her tongue and as a remedy, they painted the abcess with iodine.

J. B. Kohnle held a postmortem examination and found that the cows blood had all turned to water, and that her heart and gall had enlarged to about twice its natural size. 0. R.

Welch returned home from the eastern markets last Friday, where he purchased a large stock of seasonable goods and has been very busy marking them at low prices preparatory for the holiday trade. Mr. Welch is one of the progressive merchants of Burrton and has a nice clean stock at attractive prices. Uncle Norman Brewster, left Tuesday evening via the Santa Fe for Fort Worth, Texas, where he goes to visit his son Bert and family. He expects to be gone several weeks, but the BREEZE.

a will keep him posted on what is going on at home. We wish him a pleasant journey and a safe return. The Union Hardware 10- ceived a new "National" Cash Register, last Monday. It's the prettiest cash register in town. Every purchase is registered and is prints a cupon which is given to each customer makinga cash purchase.

When you get cupons representing $25 cash purchases, you get the BREEZE, one year free of charge. Special Offer No. 2. We want to boom our subscription as rapidly as possible and in order to do so, we will offer the people of Burrton and vicinity the biggist newspaper bargain ever offered in Harvey county: To all those who subscribe for the BREEZE, before December 15, paying the regular price $1.00 a year and 85 cents additional, we will send the Kansas City Daily World, for one year free. Think of it, the best weekly paper published in Burrton, and a Daily, six days in the week for one year, all for the sum of $1.85.

Can you beat this We want a big subscription list and if inducements count for anything we are going to have it. We want 600 subscribers by Christmas time and if we are successful, we will add somenew, novel and interesting departments, that will make the paper better and brighter than ever. Don't delay, take advantage of this offer and you will never regret it. It is rumored that the Frisco will again make Burrton a passenger division. One story is to the effect that the train that now runs from Monett to Elsworth, will only run to this place and a "plug" will be run between here and Elsworth; this would leave land give employment to four five men in the round house.i 'The other story is, that three passenger trains will be run to Burton from Monett each day, and make this the end of the division, with a "plug" service between here and Elsworth.

This arrangement would give employment to about fifteen men in the round house, outside of the crews that would be here a good deal of the time. We know notwhether those plans will be carried out by the company, but the above stories have been circulated in railroad circles considerably lately. We hope it will come topass. A Big Fire at Newton. Probably the most disasterous fire that ever occured in Newton, took place there at 10:45 o'clock last Saturday morning.

The fire was caused by a barrel containing a patent roof paint, exploding in the yard of the Newton Lumber Co. Mr. Steen an employe in the lumber yard received serious injuries. The wind was in the south and for a time it was thought that the entire business portion of the city was doomed, but by the heroic efforts of the fire department and the citizens, a large amount of valuable property was saved from destruction. The lumber yard was destroyed entirely, the Duff Duff Furniture Co.

sustained a heavy loss and the Auditorium was also scorched to some extent. Wichita was appealed tooand the fire department and a number of citizens of the Peerless Princess, gave 8 hearty and prompt 10- sponce. The special carrying the Wichita fire fighters, made the run from Wichita to Newton in just thirty five minutes. The loss is estimated at about $36,000, all covered by insurance. It was a bad fire and will live in the history of Newton in years to come.

Mrs. Day Dead. DieD: -At. her home or mite north of town on last Friday, aged 78 years, one month and seven days. Christine Curley was born in Livingston county, New York, on October 8th, 1823.

She was united in marriage to Leicester Day, December 3rd, 1844 in Trumbel county Ohio, where they resided for about eleven years; from there they moved to Grant county, Wisconsin, where they resided until the year 1871, when they moved to Kansas, taking up their residence near Burrton, and this was her home until she answered the final summons from her Maker on last Friday. She was left a widow in 1897, her husband having answered the call of the Father on the 4th day of August of that year. She was the mother of nine children, two of whom are dead; Estella, died in infancy and the other, Kate Hale, died after she had grown to womanhood. She leaves three sonsand four daughters to mourn her departure, all of whom live near Burrton, with the exception of her daughter Elmina Barstow, who resides in the the state of California. Mrs.

Day was ever willing to lend a helping hand in sickness and distress and in theearly days, was a great comforter to those in need. She has lived a good life and now goes to her reward. Peace to her ashes. The funeral was held at the Christian Church last Sunday afternoon, and a large concourse of friends and relatives assembled to pay the lastearthly tribute to one whom they had loved and respected in life for SO many years. The remains were laid to rest in the Burrton cemetery..

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