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The Wetmore Spectator from Wetmore, Kansas • 4

The Wetmore Spectator from Wetmore, Kansas • 4

Wetmore, Kansas
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Gmm iii it iii iin mini iii AN HOUR WITH Xiii dODNTI SFECTATUc Dsdging "the At WHTMOim STATE BANK MI.T.M0l!r, KANSAS. CAPITAL 11. bt'Forett, II. II. Lynn.

VlcIWt. tl. A. Hough, Cashier. Whited.

Asa't Cashle; That 'ere Lllae. Tba halnt no use to talk to in about what fellers claim fer uo newfangled posy with big botanic name. Thtt Imint no use whatever fer anyono to tell flowers they think Its ekal for lookin' fer smell. My soul la Jus so chuck plum full tba baint a bit mor room fer ary other (lower when the purple lilacs bloom. When I go nut a liitlu' I taxe a small bokay an stick It In my gallui an it lasts fer half a day, At noon I git another, an when the sun goes down they right there In the buckle a scentln all aroun.

My soul Is us to chuck plum full ilia balntone bit of room for ary dower on earth but tbem, when purple lilacs bloom, A rello oi' that garden patch away oil over there, the good rd rented Adam, Jus fer keepin In repair. They put It In the rontrae, "Iba's Jus one pippin tree, the party of the fust part, reserve, an keep fer me But Adam broke the contrite an bad to leove the W'p Imp mr nsserti'tn that it pnys tnulo with us on the following a statement of absolute fact, for we allow no exagoratioit The ho west Possible Prices On onr Complete Assortment of Merchant) ise We make our store a Reliable, lMeasant, ami Hcs-'iriiblw shopping place. Our line of Dress floods, Neckwear, Shoes and Men's Hats, 'Is Complete, Oiir Millinery Omuls are selling far ahead of our expectations. We invito nil to Give Us a Gall ami be convinced that we Are Making A'o MEAK8 GEYEK. Every man is a hero to soino woman; HATE YOU TISHE1) TEXASl It is the biggest State In the Union.

It has a productive soil and delightful climate. There la some unoccupied laud left. The region along tbe Gulf shore near Galveston and Houston la particularly attractive. A comfortable Income fa there assured those who Intelligently cultivate small fruit or raise "garden truck." You iray learn aometlnng new about the Texas Cost Country by addressing W.J. Black, G.

P. A. Topeka, Kansas. Free descriptive literature furnished. Inquire of nearest agent regarding excursion rates.

For Sale. Tbe Crist farm of 138 acres near Granada. Cheap. Enquire at this cfllce for particulars. SPRING EXCURSIONS TO GREAT SOUTHWEST.

On April 6 and 20, May 4 and IS. 1897, the-Sauta Fe Route will run a serieBof home-seekers' sheap excursions to principal points in Arkansas, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas Ticket rate, one fare plus $'2 for round trip, with liberal limits and stop-over privileges. These excursions will enable you to ike a spring outiug and see a country which offers rich rewards for well-directed toil. For free literature descriptive cf lauds in the Great Southwest, address W.J. Black, G.

P. A A. T. Sj. F.

Topeka, Kansas. ILXjI2TOI3 central Runs Two Solid Vestlbuled Trains Daily mm I FECIAL 1 Txobixa. ITiarLt AYLIEHT J2a.y Between St. Louis and Chicago. Free Reclining Chair Cars.

Pullman Buffet Parlor Cars, Pullman Buffet Open and Compartment Sleeping Cars. See that your ticket between Chicago and St. Louis reads via Illinois Central Railroad. It can be ordered of your local ticket agent. A.

H. HANSON, G. P. A. 111.

Cent. R. Chicago. Uwi Meat Market. Fresh Salt Meats Ice.

Highest Market Price paid for Butcher mock anu mues. D. W. STOWELL, Attorney-at-Law, NOTARY PUBLIC. Wetmore, Kansas.

(otiu'y Teachers' Association. There will be a county teachers' asso ciation held at the high school building, Seneca, Kansas, May 8, commenc ing at 10 o'clock a. iu. Following la the program: Educational Values I. B.

Morgan, Sa betha. Discussion, 0. C. Baker, Ten-tralia, J. J.

Loop, Oneida, Miss Minnie Wohlford, Seneca. New Course of Study for District Schools S. P. Nold, GotTs. Discussion, J.

J. McCray, Neuchatel, J. L. Sourk, America City, M. G.

Kirk-Patrick, Corning. Present Educational Tendencies and Needs Mrs. Izola II. Chapman, Wet- more. Discussion, E.

Dunham, Bern, P. L. Burlingame, Seneca, Miss Anna Gill. Wetmore, J. G.

Schotield Seneca. Teachers' Reading Circle Superintend ent Todd. Discussion, general. Action on questions concerning future work of the Association. Is thicker than water.

Pure blood le the Secret of health. There is no butter preparation to improve tlx1 bluoo and prolong life linn Beggs' Wood runner and Wood Maker. J. S. Fitzgerald Druggist.

He whose gift is from the heart, gives quickly. When the spring time conies, "gentle Annie," like nil other sensible persons, will dense the liver and renovate the system with DeWlit's'ie Early Risers, the famous little pills for the liver and stomach all the year round. J. S. Filzgeral 1.

There Is a peace that costs more than a tight. When a cold is contracted, cure it at once. One Cough will set you on the road to recovery in a minute. Ii will cure pneumonia, bronchitis, croup and all forms of lung and throat troubles. J.

S. ritz-'erald. Those people ho never expect us to say they are good, arc best to us. lie tliey new or he they tough, all hicvcliMs have broken fkin enough to warrant a purchase ol Bergs' Uerman Salve, and be is wise us Soloman who trusts its healing power. Kept by J.S.

Fitzgerald. The greater the oflense, the lighter the punishment, usually. Don't allow the. lungs to lie impaired by the continuous irritation of a cough. It is easier to prevent consumption than to cure it.

One Minute Cough Cure taken early will ward oil any fatal lung trouble. Tbe squeeking door finds out wben a man is most nervous. Thirty years is a long time tight so painful a trouble piles, but Jacob Bluebell, of Umonvilie, struggled that lout: before; he tried De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, which quickly and perma nently cureu liiui. it is equally ellect-ive in eczema and all skin afleciUms. J.

S. Fitzgerald. One Minute Cough Cure, cures. That Is what it was mad lor. every woman aherolne to some man.

nt inlv nnlilA lnnrr traithluft wlitnh mm- ni-iiVM futal In ii lw riuva. lmt nlil oliroiilo coughs ami throat troubles may recolve Immediate relief and lie permanently cured by One Minute Cough ure. J. iizgeralu. The perfection of lying is to conceal lying.

When your Cough Is deep indeed, And yu wlsn to be relieved, To llie'Diug Store hurry up Buy Beggs' t'lierrv Cough Syrup. J. S. Fitzgerald Druggist. It Is easy to got up early In tbe morning before you have gone to bed.

One fashlonubio thing you do not want is, La Grippe, the universal remedy for it Is Begsts' Cheiry Cough Syrup. J. S. Fitzgerald. DcWitt's Witch Hazel Salve Cuica Purni.

MONET TO LOAXT On Improved Faring. PLENTY OF IT. IE. Ossbloods FOR. Ladies and Gent 3.

For Everybody at the New Shoe Store. REMEMBER, I warrant every pair of shoes sold, and if they rip I will sew and tack tbem free of charge. This alone is an item you should not overlook F. BRISTOW. DeWitt's Little Early Risers.

The famous little pills. Whit ton John Thornburrow, II. U. 11. DeForet, C.

E. Hutchison, Pat Relllr J. C. Snot-grans, J. A.

Hough. MONEY LOANED AT 10 PER CENT Istirsst Allow Twi Daroam. This Bank transacts a Ceneral Bank Ing Business and oilers facilities equa to any bank In rbe county. Your putronage Is rcspictfully solicited. A.

P. LAPHAM, Resident Dentist. Will be found In his office in Wetmor on Mondays and Tuesday, and Fridays and Saturdays of each week. Dr. Joseph Haigh Office over Drug Store.

WoIfUy Building, Wetmore, Kans. Cancer and Tumor Treated Ktthoui ikt Knift. DUeaseaof Women, and Cfironic, Ntruu ana Jiheumalie Viseasts a Specialty. Electricity Scientifically Applied in Treatment oj lueaiiet. D.

II. FITZGERALD, PHYSICIAN SURGEON Wetmore, Kansas, Office at City Drug-Store. Z. A. HUDSOXT, Blacksmith and Machinist.

(Kirk sod's old stand.) All kir.ds of Wood-work, ana iinrse-siioemg done in a workraan-llke manner. Your Patronage is solicited' Wanted-An Idea Who can ftbtok of some sloip! tlllllg tOpUtHUt? Protect your idetwitlvy rrnj bring yu wmIUi. IHO UVllrt TJ Ob trill. Alllt aeys. Washington, I.

their price oflr and list tf two hundred turentioua waoud. If you are going THE LOUISVILLE NASH. 1 VILLE RAILROAD CO Presents the best pof lble service from Northern to all Southern cities, and will carry you through Nashville, the of the Greatest Expositiou this country has ever had, with the possible exception of tbe Columbian. OUND TRIP TICKETS AT AV LOW RATES Will be on sale from 11 points to Kashville on every day between May 1 and Oct. 31, 1897.

For full information write to GEO. B. BOEHES, Dir. Pass. St.

Louis. K. S. P. ATMORE, Gsn'l Pass.

Ajt, Lcilsrill, U. WFastlailRoafi run; tSOKTH Vi.tU Tennessee jTy! (entennial Exposition YJJjA fashvillen Mother Goo ANU Hi Tenij'onuioe Family. Repeated by Request, At Opera Uoueo, Wctmnre, Kas. Saturday, May 8, at 8 o'clock, p. ui.

For Bent-lit of Baptist Church. Don't Fail to See It. Recitations, Nlo, Duels and Cliorusjs. Adiuttilon 10c; Rvkcrvcd Seuti 13. C)lmiim.

The Ideal friend Is the one who will give you a loaf when be bus but two tlie real friend is the one wtio give you a loaf hen he bar no use for it himself. Generosity is generally a form of vanity. Conscience is an obtrusive thing. It always speaks when we are trying to listen to something else. Nothing In oature Is us bud as It might be.

Rosea have thorns, but it could easily be worse. Tncy might have bud tongues. Love Is largest at its birth. Your friends are the persons to whom you confide your secrets and they give them away. From observation ire think there is one advantage in being rich you don't uave to appear so.

The deep pathos of poverty Is seen in its shallow sources of joy. Perhaps tbe surest way to learn our faults is to tell others of tlieir's. They will be too modest to be alone io their defects, they will fear It will make them disagreeably conspicuous and will seek our fuults and tell us of tbem. Madame Yale says that "not to be beautiful is a crime." Wo are glad that there are nogroundsforacriminal action on that score against Jacob Blivkxs. Ep worth League.

The eighth anniversary of the organization of the Epwortli Leage will be duly celebrated in the M. E. church on Sunday evening, May 0th, 1807. Tbe follow ing is the program: PROGRAM. Song.

"Tbe Scarlet and White." Invocation, by the Pastor. Song, "The Epworthian Roll-call, by Departments. 'Eight Years in the League," Milli? Waltord. 'Look up, Lift Up," Nellie Kny. Song by the Juniors, "Little Gleaners." Recitation by a Junior.

Book drill, Junior League. Song, "Workers for the "The Story of a League." Mattie Wilson. Song, "Work For All." Address by Hev. Win. IJ.

Maggs. Song, "Marching Song of Praise." A very cordial Invitation is extended to the public to share with us tbe benefits of this service. A special invitation has been sent to Bethany, Gofh, and Netawaka Ep worth Leagues. Bum or Bury Tbem. Why do people who seem to be good citizens in most respects persist in the custom of throwing carcasses of dead animals into the hollows and creeks and leaving them there to contaminate tbe air and water, making pest places of tbe glades and glens that would other wise be beautiful at this season of birds and flowers? Tbe hygienic laws forbid it.

The laws of tbe State forbid it, and provide severe penalties for those who offend in that way; but that seems to make no difference to the oBendors. People whose hogs die with the cholera throw them in the creeks and send the contagion down tbe valleys on its mis sion of death. It should be stooped. If no milder means will stop it, a few $100 lines, the penalty for each offense, should be imposed, as we understand the law directs. Santa Ana (Cal.) Blade: Mrs.

J. W. Kerr entertained at a six o'clock tea last evening in honor of her husband's forty- first birthday. A very pleasant evening ensued. These guests were present: Messrs.

and Mesdame's J. E. Graham, B. A. Graham, H.

E. Smith, G. E. Max well; Miss Ella and Master Charles Maxwell. David Givens, of Adams township, was here Monday and 'f uesday.

Tuesday night he shipped a car load of hogs purchased of Frank Achten, of Granada. Mr. Givens has three hundred and live bead of steers in bis feed lots on the Williams section, in Adams township. Parties entrusting their dental work to Dr. A.

P. Lapham will receive prompt and careful treatment. First class work aud moderate prices. Admission to Commencement, free. Reserved seats, 10 cents.

Tickets for saleat.postoffice. The last words of Daniel Webster, "I still live," seem to bave verification; for Daniel Webster was married at Holton last week, Dr. A. P. Lapham, the dentist, will give special attention to toe line of crown and bridge work Rnd gold filling.

Give him a call. Mrs. Rebecca Hinea, who visited with her brother. Reid Sunderlin, started for bcr home at Red Oak, Iowa, last Friday Tbe young folks had a banging baskets May-day. ferent stvlcs of basket were great time Severel dif- used.

Tickets for tbe Mother Goose enter tainment for tale at the posto'Sce. of or J. T. URISTW, Editor. Term of Subscription Ont oopy one year (In advance) l.M) One copy nix months, .75 FRIDAY, MAY 7, I F.NTIUt MUNCH TIME TAULE.

V.XHT UOUXI. 401. and rxvrt'bn 8:13 p.m. 4 Accommodation 1210 m. hi.

fraught 1:33 424.. Stock friglit p. m. WKST UOl'XD. OS ill mid fxprciti 2:10 p.

ni. 4.11... Aoooininodiitloii mi. frclfcht 11:17 h. m.

FreMit n. id. J. E. MnmAY, Agwit.

The fruit prospect Is flue. Airs. W. E. Kciitniy.of IIumbolt.Ncb., Is visiting bcrr.

A new encyclopedia bit been ordered for tbe U'etmore tcbools. Miss Edna Clulaml. of Powtiattan, was Visiting in town Saturday nd Sunday. Vl'ui. Ilayduo a matched driving team of Sum Berridge, of llolton, this week.

Mies Jen it io Morcer bus been been vlg-iUng friends In Washington, Kansas, for some time. C. S. Locknano went buck to Wathena Sunday night to continue his work for tlio Woodmen. The May-Day bail drew a nice crowd wlin seemed to have good time.

Thirty-one numbers were sold. Theodore Wolflcy has traded bis stock of goods to Mr. E. C. Denny, of Eldorado, Kansas, whoso new ad appears in Thk Spectator this week.

Miss Dora Lynn is attending the sum-tut term of the Emporia Normal school. She completed her year's work In the Soldier schools April 23rd. Miss Daisy Swerdfegcr gave a picnic for the cbildten of Aurora school, district 14, and treated them to tee cream, last Saturday afternoon. A pleasant time was reported. Seneca Tribune: Fourteen days after the tornado at Joseph Ford's plucei southeast of town, a cow was found buried under a straw stack, alive but so weak that she had to be Guy Graham came down from Bern Friday evening, attended the May-day ball, saw bis friends and his best girl, and wer.t back to work Monday.

Dr. Graham drove to Sabetbu, and Guy went bv train from there to Bern. Atchison Champion: Seneca is to have a shoe factory. That is sensible. There is no reason why shoes cannot be made as cheaply and well in Kansas as in New York or Massachusetts.

Tbe more factories in Kansas the better for the farmers and nil concerned. The, following from a letter dated May first, written by James W. Kerr, of Santa Ana, California, (it accompanied a money order for Thk Spkctatoii) will be of interest to our readers: "All Wetmorites here are thriving, and everybody is picknicking to-day, aB to-day is California's gala day." Courier-Democrat: Our old friend E. Otraptield, of Wetmore, was in the city last Friday, shaking hands with old friends and renewing acquaintenecs. He made these quarters a pleasant call while here and swapped a few new yarns.

His health is gradually growing better, and we hope will soon have completely recovered. Efflngham New Leaf: It is probable a receiver will be appointed for tbe Central Branch road, and it will be managed as an independent line in the near future, with Atchison as a terminus. The Missouri Pacific is asking the council of Atchison city for right of way through that oity to connect with its Omaha track, as it now uses the Central Branch tracks. Members of the Methodist Junior League had a picnic at Uncle John Bradford's lake Saturday afternoon. A rig from each livery barn went to furnish transportation to and from the picnic place.

The Leaguerj went boating on the little lake. The only accident re ported was the dipping of a couple of boots-full of water by the oarsman; but 'tis said that he was once a Campbellite, So of course he could never drown. S. K. Linscott, of Holton and Old Mexico, was in tbe city from Sunday until Wednesday.

His description of things in our sister Republic Is very interesting. We heard it remarked that- the lecture on AlasKa some time uko was not "in it" with Mr. Lin- seott's conversation about the hotel Sunday evening. He drove a beautiful team of chestnuts with white stock ing. a Dltv that the overcbeck rein was ever in vented.

Sabetha Star: S. Vilott. of Seneca was visiting old friends in Sabetha several days last week. He lived in Sabetha ta-nniT-ilve vears aeo. and says there are very few dwellings and not one bnsl ness man here now that was located here that.

time. Mr. Vilott is one of the pioneers of the county, locating here in 1850. As be Is getting oia ana oas oj hard labor and by enduring many privations and hardships, gathered together enough of this world's goods to keep himself and wife comfortable the balance of their days, he concluded to take fife easy, and moved from his farm In Capioma township to Seneca several raomhs to Ht with the nabobs. place, with all the truck a crow In, go he moved.

In deep disgrace. An now fer that'ere question I alius wished to know, how the lllae left that garden an got out here; an so the other night I thought it nut, an now It 's clear as day. tlow quar I never knowed be-fore jus how it got away. W'y Adam's soul was plum up full, an tha want no more room fer ary other flower but the purple lilac bloom. Now Adam, when he got outside an fonn' no lilacs grew excep bark in the garden tbat'ere, lus made Mm blue.

So sllppln 'long the pickets, he hunted fer a sprout; but poor ol' feller couldn't tin' one bush aerowln out. When the Angels saw him peekln an lookin wist ful back, thev knowed. an pulled a lilac up an poked It through a crack. An so of Adam kep it, an bis klnfolks alius will, with the scent of angel gar dens a cllngin to it still. Now, when I reach thatcitr, the silent city white It don't make any difl'rence If I halnt done allr.MrlghU-Romeniber how tbem angels done fer Adam long ugo.

an let me have ono lilac bush upon my grave to grow. b. Eden In Kansas. Henry Eden, a boy in knee pants, who ran awav from his home in uuiana a rew davs ago, is tlioneht to be in hiding near Atchison. His father spanked Him ror kissing a school girl, and he took um brage at it and left home.

Champion. Here be can live up to his last name. which is always mirrored in the eyes of Kansas girls. The Kansas atmosphere alone, unmixed with kisses. Is equal to it.

Let him stay and there will be no more spanking necessary. A bird's-eye view of an average Kansas girl will equal a kiss anywhere else. On May 4th Miss Jennie Broderick, daughter of Hon. Case Broderick, sailed from New York with a Washington party, for an extended visit in Europe. Harry Hayncs, druggist, of Goil3, was bete Sunday.

Ontario. Mrs. Sam Thornburrow was quite sick the past week. Dr. Butterbongh was In attendance.

Mr. George Shantz made a flvirg trip to Holton lust Saturday. Didn't expect George to fly till I got liiiu. Prof. Davis, of Centralis, attended church here Sunday.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs Arthur Cordon, April 27, a son. A number of young people from Cir-clevillo were in attendance at Christian Endeavor Sunday evening. Mr. B.

C. Lynde returned from Illinois Wednesday, having accompanied the remains of his lather-in-law there for burial. A very enjoyable time was spent at the beautiful home of Mr. Milton Brown Saturday eve, in honor of Miss Grace Brown, of Oklahoma. About forty guests assembled on the lawn and indulged in many pleasing games.

They departed for their homes with pleasant wishes for their entertainers. J. U. Vilott's new livery barn is now ready for business. Good turnouts with or without driver.

Special attention given to the feed trade, and farmers and others are invited to call at the new barn. Charley Calwell now handles canned goods and fancy groceries, in connection with bis stock of confectionery. He is now occupying his new building, and has a neat store. Fresh bread and fruits, Give him a call. For Sale Cheap.

Improved farm of 09 acres 4 miles north-east from Gofts. and 7 miles from Wetmore. Inquire of N. Duntan, Pawnee City, Nebraska. Better get your photos now.

You '11 be wanting them after the car has gone. I istiis sesT. Write For Beck Ml DeLand Fairport, DeWitt's Colic Cholera Curt. PtMMat, quick results, nit to ate. Lm omething New! 4--DAILY TRAIN S4 BETWEEN AtchisonSt.

Louis EQUIPPED WITH ULLMAH BUFFET SLEEPING CARS BECLIHISG CEMR CARS (V8?) ELEGiHT CABS Having bought the Wolfley stock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, and Hats, At a LOW PRICE, we are now prcpeared to offer you such gargaina as will be AtoniEiing and Unheard-of. NOW LISTEN: These prices are for one week only, a3 it is the immediate cash we need. Some 810 Suits, Now $4.98. All Suits reduced from 25 to 50 per cent. Hats marked $3.50 now $1.98.

Hats marked 2,00 now 1.18. Hats marked 1.00 now .68. Great Reduction on Everything in the House for OME WEEK. TB1E NEW At Wolfley's old Stand. 1 RON Mountain Route THE OKLY LINE TO THE Famous Rot SpriBgs ol Arkansas THE CA8LSBAD OF AMERICA).

All principal ciilea in ikt United State are reached via tho Missouri Pacific Eailway fftLfT Ycaf Nearest Agent for tickcti and riJi. particulars, or address fcHAS. E. STYLES, K-m. 7rt JSft.


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