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The Windom Enterprise from Windom, Kansas • 4

The Windom Enterprise from Windom, Kansas • 4

Windom, Kansas
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Tim ennlemnluled change in the Ilefnro you bur ft Mower thin o.v LOCAL mULXS AND PERSONAL Window Enterprise, Window Bunk w-h effected June lt on jou want cull and ex.ttuiun vet IO nun U. M. Cane, retiring fr jiii the owuor (hone Know Ron Huskies at March A Ursyton'tt that cut over 100 acre of nhtti The now ortrauiz'ifioii will lx All who find a rr on their paper t. 1. tWumr, Holler.

grass without a single grinding. I'EUtll IX known bh Mho Jiatik of Windoni," and a Joint Stock do. with aCapi-tal of Tho following ih the will )Ioiimh ttike notice tint tne timo tor which they hnve paid ha expired utid thai bliiill bu pleaeod to have M1 ill THURSDAY Juno 2. 1887 iSoiinl of Directors nil of Moi'imiHoii. W.

J. Boll. 1 loyal Mathews, F. 1', Burlier. Jha U.

Wheeler. E. W. i4U lbs (iraitulaUHl Sugar for 00 I-tTWlba 100 lirX) lbs Best Beans. 11.00 (beiu oonio in and renew.

Tlil May Include You? On Juno lt we expect to Bend a WHEAT, CORN AND OATS, M'ill pay tlx highest price for all kinds of grain, Full weight A.T.&H.F.K.R. Hulxn. O. A.Ohamu in and W. J.

man out to collect our accounts W'urlz. The price paid Mr. Caae for liTU lbs Turkish Prunes. fl.00 I fril lbs Dried Apple, ft 00 All tboo ho have not Kettlcd with his property im Tim is Tbi.e. The retiring banker Mr, u.

IW. Jrii lbs Rice fl 00 Also will pay the best prices for Hogs and Cattle- tin before that time will bo exnoc.tid to pa him he cash or approved note. Cane him been identified with the luiHiiieHH intentf of indom from it infanev und he has mad number- irood If you want A. H. call.

Cilice north railroad track. AS. TUDH0PE. P. aomu wkt Paw.engor, no.

IW3 no. Lvl Freight, xo. 357.. noma Baits lews friend here by his courteous and gentlemanly treatment, in his lmi binding twino, buy of VuiiNonlstiund St. LindclL Joe Prat lit MePhenton Sat.

night J. A. HillatMeP.Mon, Judire Hall and Minn Ucttie Hall .3 V. ueHS relations wim lueiu Fattxenfi-or no. 351 53 vioitiui frienda al (Julvaover Sunday.

V. Uoorislicllcr Conway, Kas. Jut received at VanNord- "itizen will rk'rot Mr. (J. JI l.tine Inaving W'indom, notoulyns a busi-niss man but alno tor hia many eocud (iiialiliea but his health would not Ike l'lmh Iiiih Iiim'q in Iiico county tbia week Helling hix washing machine nrl'Tlill tile aiieilliou, ii-u uin J'nssPTiRpr, t(.

A. FrigJt ko. 3.W MriHIXOKB. Agent. Daily.

11... Mrr. Carroll Prat, and children huhinosH required, and he was cm- i.i fimke a change. spent Sunday with friends at MeP. CORDlER FALK PhOPiETORS strand Littdell's from the celebrated Cleveland factory the liiieKt stock of ladies fc ILOrim aient several days in lliclom tills eel(.

children's fine nhoes ever Mi a Nettie White drovo to McP. hrotiirhl to indom. H' nit i itVr.Ant o'fS I FAVOdllL" UA1 lf Mi if- 1 i 4 Mibl'tr IK tfl4mi Ui Jtljf utt. Ytrtit 'k t4 in.tafn in lit fr toy iA cmoI n.f -mtd WMifit ema-ii4 In th witi. i.

'-i mi a- al may 9trt'U -rut-l '-k ty lift, but bm4 ift ftiml Hyhtl from rtwt rj. I. iiw i it trim lh i- Jl1l rvmttl Knvnrlt-' Wtrh. I'b ttr Ks i't ivittrtl IiW Mft l' HHWefBi-e Aff-ly jtrl iti a t-t 1 huh it with C. H.

(Srim Tuiwduy, "WISDOM 'DIRECTORY. CITV. Miss Johmo W'ilhoit was tit the HATS! HATS! Hall A Co have jil-t received the ouuty tteat W'ed. A Complete oj Staple Jancy Qroccvusl Highest prices paid for 9ivc ks a call. Hon.

M. OW Major H. C. licnll made a llysncr trip to largest lino of Hals ever opened up in Windom. eiliieMrtay.

The incoming gentleman aro all well known business men at McPherson. and propose to make the interest of Windom, their interest, ami will found foremast in every endeavor, to build up and improve the town, their business organavition has not been thoroughly perfected so that we are unable to name the officers, gentlemen, wo voice the sentiment of all, when we extend you a harty welcome to our town. T. Oilpen has moved on tho old Doc Richardson farm. Snake medicine is in demand.

Dr. Cordier reports another case of bite a few days ago, a small childof Mr. Rnmsey. north east of town ft.T ii tt bt ttnttr! it at -( utlnjr ni.if;iuii Ititiatl fn i lhef nlh liil 'Miutt-IV Utl( mi tvxi i -j ii- t- us i MM 4 Allvrr. A frmtttKiil ti huU titlcK, tMM" f-itahMl W-htt' rvlnl him r'lilMlvt -J ttirt-rt to I frii' iLr I' P'' i tili.ilU.

'I ,1 ulLril I Ui LucT iMt Ylk(4' rrvni Vm1 A. 1L and IL T. Smith were at the it. P. March 1 A.

H. Cordier It. M. Hall City Council A. J.

Pelts I T.lntr.I fiissoLtinonoms, county seat Wednesday. Mrs. John right of McPherson visited at Harvy Smiths Weilnesday. J.oiprotz Martial M. DeMotto Police Mairietrate Mrs.

Meisiniror was at MePher- J. BONTRAGER. DE.VLEit IN 9. MoiHflnpr UtyUerk on Wednesday Notice is hereby given, that the of Uoyd Dickinson, is dissolved this day, by mutual consent. A.

Dickinson retiring. All accounts due tho firm, will be collected by J. F. Lloyd, and all debts will be paid by hi in. The Stallions, Cyclone nil John V.

Cavanee in town Wed. and 'l I In tt te: th wnirh tl prl trntiif tcr '(, Hit tnf AUiitll tui4 Hill tv r- 4ji dVrUHttt. KJ.1 ST if ti! -wtwwTit tb KniI j((mi1 Vnvoritm IVntcti ni-l im, ftfitutiftl mmit, tr' ivntl ynmt-vnUi, VVAlwCAi 1 I Jim rri. I ti ijr fin B-t i(tU i.t..trf,iii,vMtel-:r i i 'I ttf'i tu- 1 Itm tk paM ti niii Mj N- 'I I'D onr 'n't lfiil lift mny by antt iir, L'idar. ti-'iik Writl, t'oit .1 tit, I.

WaUi ifrford Silver V. ALLlKGFl.tD. COh s. Thnrg. lif i ii C'lnus Norlmm took in the ai-fht at till Xi num.

LOCAL ABB'S, I Si ll 1 the "capital" over Sunday. Ask him about it Rev Nortifren St wife look iu the VLJCkSMITirS SUPPLIES, FA'kM IMLEMWfS Bull Jr. ill remain under the charge of J. F. Lloyd, and tho accounts for ihem will be collected by him.

Lloyd Dickinson. Windoni Kansas, May JJlril l.Sf7. DON'T HEAD THIS! commenr exersises at the Botli- Fino lot of toy books at II. C. Ball's.

New Spring goods ar iuy College it Liudslwrg. to Ito. THE Miss Hill who has been vitiitinjr at ciii'KCiin. JIiiTiiomnT. Services every Focond and fourth Sundaya at 8:00 P.M.

lloT.V. J. Barron. Pantor. CmunTiAN.

First and third Lord's days at UrfX) A. M. and 8:00 P. M. Eld.

Levi McCiwh, paator. Sc.vpay-aciiool. Every Sabbath at 101(1 A- Mrs. L. A.

Case, Sup't. SOCIETIES. "Windom Lodge A. F. A.

M. moeta every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each tnonth "Win Lodpo A. U. No. 197 boots Tuesday evenings of each week riving daily at Hall Co John Hills left for Liudsborg Mon- Go to VanNordstrand ALiudeil's lay evening.

ri 4. A nAVKTX JtUtheofiljr' -f itnii tlimc ii. kuei dry i. ti mid buy $5.00 worth of goods, then E. A.

Dickinson has secured a pos Printed sationery, cheap, at the E'Tkuprise oltico. Tli eelebrntod reir and Kl- you will get a tichct entitling von to ition in the Metropolitan Hotel Mc (' 1 Pherson as day clerk. chanco in soc.nrin it 15.00 sowing muchiuo. wood Cultivator For Hale, by V. OoOdShellcl, onvay Kiui.

P. OUUlil In fact everything tnually kept in my line, I will sell goods as low as the lowest, using my best efforts to give perfect satisfaction to all my patrons. Call ANDSEEME- J. O. BONTRAGER Charley Sherman took a ride in a freight car to Oreat Bend Monday Ladies! come around and FOR SALE.

A line brood sow, with four nice veiling. look at our new line of spring W. IL Hall and wife of Oalva made pigs, inquire ui i ouico. heir farewell visit to their son, Burr. I Will tho delinquent subscribers of 3.

It In; ho 3frtfS'' 6. ltltli Ix hn a imp which of lr Hnni AIX th1 Tuesday. i Mother Shotwell returned Wednes tho Entoi-pnse please give us a ca.i. Bnv vonr Nails and Builders dress goods and dress alno something new in hosiery, just ree'd Hall Co. When you want bar- ilo Vast! Tonnp Co olrcalatiDi; in Masonic Hall.

Tba O. A. R. Post meets every 8r Satnrdayof each month at 8 p. m.

Tna regular meeting of the Anti-horsa thiof assoceation no. 103, will bo bold Saturday on or before the full moonof each month. hW day Evening from an extended visit iu Superior. Jack McFall Bnd Burt Wilson of Little Valley wore in town Wednesday, shipping a car load of hogs. Miss.

Lottie McConnell bas been visiting her friends here the pnut Uunmbr --v. when lit A STUPvGEON A SMITHING AND WAGON SFOP HoRsr.SlIOF.IStl. MACHINk Youk, And anything belonging to the trade. WISDOM, KANSAS mms iu dry roods. U.

Gbkklrt AND BUY FARM OF ADAMS tfc miUlUl Mm wick I. abort. dbihh ir, boots shoc, Toi(i rni-- week. Hardware of V. Uoodsheller, Conway Kans.

Go to Brail' ar.d examine bin goods, he is soiling cheaper than ihe cheapest. Everylody goos to the McPherson Mercantile Co, for largest selections and lowest prices on hite goods, Laces. Embroideries I have a few more Listers to close out at Less than cost. V. (ioodshellur, Conway Kuns, Just received at March Bray call ats and etc, tng DI KING and muVlfig on ErLOSIOX TUK B.

W. Hall and lady took their leparture, over-land, for thoir new O. R. LACKEY, DEALER IN IMPOSSI. real Estate- BLK.

Kail do's. If you want as good FOlt SA1. A lovely farm in Fninklin count, Iowa, nicely improved, in the best society, oi-lv six miles from a fire home in Pratt Co, Wed. The little daughter at John Llovd'a, has had a good effect on hi in. He is painting the front of his livery stable OB Hi a uuitivator as mere Made In nil forma, Plain or Fnrr, Thl-or Ilaoiu.

S.nrt for Illustrated A. J. 0w. fFatsat 33 S. Socood SlrB.t.

Phrudelshis. r- lown cf six hundred iuhal.itiince The owner is a widow who lives in KansiiH. and the farm run bo bonghi cheap for cash, or will bo cxi hangeif tor KausHx rea' estate at tiiir vid fine tttjie. W. J.

Boll and wife, Royal Mathews and wife W. P. Pierce and wife were looking over Windom Saturday afternoon. The Palmer Boss Churn. And Collection Apnts.

A number of fine farms, f-i SALE CHEAP. J. II. ADAMS. C.

J.WILIirLM Hit Kill. Address Mrs. Mary Higby, Win oin, Ka shs. OVER Now in Use. $M) woni ssld last LsrCMt Barrel Chnm Fao-tory luUiewurld.

ion's a largo stock of coffins and undertaker's goods, Osborne Tine Binders Mowers, for sale by V. Good-sheller, Conway. Ks. Fly time is coming prepare for it. by getting your window and dooi at J.

C. Bontragei b. Joliet, Lock Stitch and Excelsioi Barb Wire for sale by V. GoodHheller. Conway Kftns.

Our line of lawns, npring styles prints, Hamburg edgings, Luces and is in the Co, call at March UraytonV ind get it for 818.00. Dip You Say I5oot7 Yes W'oll go to Va.iVor Istivm 1 LindellV they have jut received supply and have more a i he fact is I hey huVe the best slock -if Boots hocs tor the uio iey tlnii eome to this Wn, see them. W. Morrbonu I Stationery, Tatant Modicnos, Paints, Oils, Varnisho s.Dye Stuffs, Toilet Articles, Perfumery, Soaps and all vnriotics of DRUGGIST'S SUNDRIES It make mere JL W. Bishop and wife and Misi-Willie Pritchard.

who have been visiting here for some weeks, departed for thoir home in week. Decoration day was appropriately observed at the county seat, and a large number of our citizens went down to assist ho many en fact that we cannot particularize, Sherman Hill of the Smokey Valley News was in town Sunday, Sherm, will run a daily during Commence ment week and took along our com a aaDerior auulltr of btu- CLEYENGEK vMN'DJM ter, a harder, better niii-d ratter, Uuui au chuineolil. BLACKSMITH Does all kinds of work be. Ladica Ivul gloves, is now eomplct Hall Co. ft Chora work ewlly.

t'huro cli'iuu enelly. It keep out cold air It out hot aft itla, ao Oj.y all Bay. A-k inr ilmiler for the ''Palmrr Boss Chain," Bnd if liednm lint k-p It.euud to (or cmu Inr aod twtlmijuial letU-rs. H. H.

PALMER Rock ford, III. THE BEST WASHER. longing to the trade. Sjiring styles of wall Paper, school books, blank books, boy's wagons. Velocipedes, Also, constantly keeps on lhy sicia Prfscriptions Carefully Compounded doll cabs, Toys, and Station Mcht Mkfket hand a complete etock of Ladles and Lnnndrie ihonld once It will tuve you time, labor and money.

The only waehi-r built on the true principle. Will save iu cost Iu tit re nionthn. Yoa AND DKAI.FR 1N- hare baixia control of clothes aiiiS GOKFEGTIOiWiY With yourhandnand wash board Uirij time, as yon can use hot finds I LTTTLZ RIVER, KANSAS. II ym While rub bine; th without a prijj ia far bid'', eph on ih Frchh Meuia. putung yuur uanaa 10 lae water.

f'l ft Mi ii I positor. Charley Young to help him out. The Christian Church in Windom will be dedicated on the second Sun day in this month. Elder Levi Mc' Cash has beon selected to preach the dedicntional sermon, and everybodj is invited to attend Dr. Richinson reports quite a good deal of sickness in this section, which keeps him moving pretty lively.

He was called to Florence Monday, and and to McPherson Tuesday, professionally. Our realestate firm, of Adam VVilhulm do not make quite so many tictilioiu, transfers as those of larger towns but they do make a bona-tide ale once in a while the last being the sale of the Harry Nixon half section to John W. Hart. D. Gintlespargor of McPherson and B.

Easti of Indiana are visiting J. C. Boutrnger, this is Mr Eunu's first visit to sunny Kansas, and he has fallen iu love with the L. n. BlNKLKY.

J. D. KiCFMAN. Don't npn yonr handu and tfmpr oraTW four lanudrowB to ruin your clothce with acldn. A fit yonr dealer for ilest Hasher," or' send for circular to PALMER Rocfcfbrd, I1L A lot of Machine Oils, just received at PLarch Bray ton's including Castor, Cylinder, Engine Oils.

The Walter A. Wood Twine' Bind leads them all in simplicity of contraction and field woik. It has all fo the latest improvements, and saves he labor of an extra mau by means of the bundle carrier at tachment. For sale by J. Bontrager.

Call and see the new Grown $ewcl vapor doves, at B. The Western Liquid Paints beat thfm all on durability in color and finish, we guarantee them boltei than white lead and linseed oil. Edwaids McCulloch. NOTICE. All those haviug tit Paul harvesters and wishing for repairs will please flail at the office of Adams Wilhelm.

Including a full line of ery, at llaskin's in the I'ost-OffictsUa st. IcPher-son, Kansas. aro loaded down with eoods. wilt sell tbem at very low jn-u e- i( crdo to rod uco oar stock, now t-Mm time to gel a bargain at ll t'o's Come anl see our prices and he convinced, Just received at Van Lin-dells" the handsomi't line of Lc.des dress goods ervr brought thte inarkvt corjsist-ig of elegant (Robe ('citterns Lawns Scitetun all kinds of white goods (Jinghams and Fancy prints. Stubble Plows, and the cele brated "JSkandia" Sulky Plow, Cultivators, 111 OLD Mil UK- do not wnste your tinie on other machines, but call on S.

M. Pratzforthe best, all supplies constantly on hand. CALL AND SEE 11 UF0rJ2 C. W. Norbom.

PUKCIIASlNft. Windom. Kansas, country, it far sarppasses "old out call and sec paid Paints tj We do all kinds of work t'hat is done in any fust-class Shop. It any one has any duubt, we challenge any (Shop in the Slate of Kansas, to du plicato our WORK. Bring your Work to Kaufman Binkley, and be convinced.

If wo dont please yon, it Will not coat you anything. Headquarters At WINDOM, KAN- Roofing and Eave troughing specialty. Wo will do your work et home, as theap as yon can get it dono at rival towns. LOOK-OUT-FOR-OUR "Wagon KAUFMAN tflHXKLEY Re Brprsrg JBgKag John Lloyd got even on the boy by coming aronnd Friday, ana netting up the cigars on account ol the little girl who arrived at hi. house that morning, for farthei particulars enquire of J.

J. A. McConoll and Frank got buck from their trip to Colorado Wednes fy on py ice. styles and quality. Edwards 6: Men: loch.

SEWIMOMAQIilHH day, they both took a timber claim HAS NO EQUAL. Are Immensely popular because ther are strictly first-class, fully Tv SSI' aud Mill only medium lu price PEtlFECTSATiSFACTIONi nTiny Tl .1 Onrri'ilfr Pn i-si-mi iii.uuiUi.5 tu. -OHANQE, MASS. Swiat, N. Y.

VU St. louis, I -'-v CU miii. in a valley, miles north of Lot Animas. Tbey report very heavy rairs in that section and mimouoiir wash-outs ulong the Santa Fe. At this season of the year it is well to be on the look-out for rattlesnake-i.

Several cases have lwen reported. Mr. M. Connelly's little girl was bitten some time ago, but under Dr. Cordiod care recovered, and Wed.

Bert Wilsona little boy was bitten Dr, Cordicr was called and reported him all right this morning. S. Wymn takes this method of informing the Fort Scott tree men. that they mm-t manufacture their thunder. He is ready to meet them and swap lies about their nurseries.

Are the bent In the world, and hare Ic'lfV all others for yeurs. Over In 1 1 Fly time is coming, go to Edwards McCuUoeh's and get the bent screen door made for $1,50, If you will brins; your job work to this office it will bo done in good ityleand (it prices below those u-u-a ly charged for same grade of work. That new lino of double heel and Too seamless Uoaieryjust received ii Hall Co's, is the best in the market; Gall and see Thfm. J. Bontrager vants every fanner iu ined of a good Hay Katie, to take a look at the1 Thomas self acting 'lions' I Jake, nfter seeing it ou will buy no other.

FKUIT. FlttlT! S. I). Wynn of So ('reck has his farm and engaged a canvaser for the Ganadn Nur ery of tlanada Marion Go, Ks. tr Wynn is an old Kansan.

and hiis devoted a preat deal of attrition to tho best varieties of Fruit for this section. Do not Rive your orders to strangers but wait for him to call upon you as he can sell the bent of stock' and Mrs Id, II. IJiokley, i prepared to do all kinds of dress iking in the latest styles. Culling ani filiv.v a spxi. ltty0 Kooms tit N.

Busby's residence. use. 1 lie people are ueuud to have 1 tie nest, and will have none but the r.Nlcy 1 1 Mt t'--u ia-t ah i Onr irl eg are the lowest and terms '4 'At Bl od agent of either' eiliier time payments er cash, as ca tomers nrefer. I am now prepared with DERRICK, Oitd complete outfit for diging wells id scx)in nil principal town I 1 X.r-A 1yu and cities in lht U. K.

tc Tall and see tu. or send for Cal.i lollies aud full lnforuiaUon. take onlcra for our nev nnVnt low priced f-olid Bronze or Nickle Door Plate. Door eet Numbers Ac. From 1(10 chu lie made-in a very hbort irrc.

Fine outfit c.a0B for t.inupkM te for' pro(f of what ajjeut.i. doifif; an4 lirit of nnoenpled tfrritory. It wilj STONE STf NF I have a i i for mi Hiiitabl for. 'V terns or any kind of jo i. Inquire at my farm milen north of Windom.

or at Adams Wiloelra Windom Kns. 916 and 918 Olive St, St. Louis. DChicago IIouso, 233 State St. but seriously objects to having them revamp his pet aud pass them off for their own.

This kind of weather mnkes the av erage Hainan smile and say to the tondofoot fmm the East, i'eaj Verily, the Kansas Drouth is a thing of the past, and whoso, soyeth differently is a prevaricator, and a villain, and the irnih is not in Sola I will al do your STONE WORK. Changes reasonable Satisfaction guaranteed, A. V. TlTTlR yjindom Kansas, 1 4 UkUfi, iV.l. rnv you to Uo so.

we roier te Eilitor of this pnper who has prrrb" nsetl one of our plnte. MicmoAv Doom thand lipids jLansas..

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