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The Windom Enterprise from Windom, Kansas • 4

The Windom Enterprise from Windom, Kansas • 4

Windom, Kansas
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le now have money lcner All kinds of best Tho best roady-prparod furniture i7Holt' wiud power willatnli'va-tor will do your grinding. polish at Beall's. than has been offered before' Linseed Oil, at bottom WW If Call and see March rock 1'rieen, kept by March Waidom flank. Wanlrf Keillor and rW.tirr. FOR SALE.

A lovely farm in Franklin county toii if you want a Uyin it Hniyton. Mr. A. E. Sharp, living jimt acroM SATURDAY.

JULY, (i, lK8u Iowa, nicely improved, in tho best so- Dutchmau milkcy plow. J. f. Lloyd and E. A.

Dickinson. Jacob and Jobn Gooding, the for llio county line, south of Windom, niuty, only hi miles from a fine town mer brother in-law of (I. 8. Lin called at this ofliuo Wednesday and of nix hundred inhabitauco. The Dr.

Woodwnrd'i hoalth restorer A.T. P. R. R. owner is a widow who lives in Kansas Jell's, have located at Mcpherson, and Mr, Gooding loft Lindi-H'o for is honcoforth to bo numbered among corset mid tniupicu, and other stylos, and the farm can bo bought cheap for Tlio best in tho market, at VanNord- Envebi'iiihe readers.

Mr. 8. in ,1 ftJ fmlay. i t. I i Time Tavlc.

cash, or will bo exchanged for Kansas real estate at fair valuation. (l I (t r. I AddioM Jlrs. Mary Higby, Win Miss Mattie Sknllberg, of Now eonnly-IImm. By Windsor, 111., Joe Carlson's sis- w.r, wo find 15 homo with Mrs.

Carlson llamson county, families in Mc- (Successors to Oeo. C. Wood.) Canon City and Osage Shalt No. 21, And other varieties always on hand, and delivered at lowest possible living prices. Full weight guaranteed.

All orders for city delivery will be delivered freti udsdaya ane Friday, but on no oilier days. Leave orders at our ollice, Will attend to iiiem promptly. PaHi(rier, x. a. douij Kansas.

Lwiil l-reiubt 75.. i ir, and will perhans make hor future county. 1. Holt has added a (101 Kd AST Rev, F. 51.

5Ioorc, of Arrowwnith Piwsenger mo. 71., freight w. 7i m. homo here-, Not only our young won Mrs. 8.

0. Alexander Is spending good feed mill to hid elevator a. m. ij0 kij 0f thin, berausa tbo afowdays in McPhorson this week, i MtlHiMiEli, grout est scarcity of good things in visiting Mrs. J.

McDonnell. to do has botn appointed to tne pas torato of tho U. B. Church in 51c Agent Pherson. WINtibli, KANSAS, Llovd Dickinson.

Western Stock 7'V raluablc reparation for the ty. Hew pre paa'd to grind com, oats, oi A. Barklcy; one ot tho solid farmers of Castlo township, came in last "WlXDOi DIKECTOKY Chapman Co. bavo rented two iiiniii in iiiir iimii I'liirHi'ii i Thursday and paid past and future subscription to tho Mr. rooms in the Cane building and fur- Wheat, will keel) a stock niHbodthomnicely.tobou.edbycom- lia8 110 equal 8 a ton- of (., morcinl Ami W.m mhioU ic and inviiroratior for norses B.

is ono of tho pioneers in those ITY. o-- I -o and an lova parts, coming hero thirteen years ago, I Tininti in llm i 1. i 1 1 111 7 building the first "wood" dwelling in 4 ton. c. si.

two -UD vi uwu i lien poor, or not uomg wci JLP.Marrh I restaurant. fmm nft Lako has the contract for A. IT. Cordior I hllilllinrF Prnf Piilr.TV ths township. He owns half a section of tho best of land, and is wrong iiuiiau unu IS HI It.

M. If all City GVuucil. Sirs. Joe Carlson returned Wednea-1 qualed 38 a food for milk COWS. worjj A- i Idny from her visit to linvinc lwwn I Twm of .1 IT' ofnm I only in the bond Question, but we J.l'.l.loyd I I' 7.

"vl'fc "vvv. tlie rloso hope to see his viuws modi lied and ReaL ESTatE and Insurance. l)o you want to sell your farm? Do ydu want to exchange your farm for property in other states Do you want your property insured If so call on Wardkip id uit lurB weeas. una now ciaa I I ouwi revolutionized in tho near future. M.

Police Magistrate wns! No bachelor lifo for him, Harrison Brayton has harvested by Mr. laylor two fine apoci-Meiaongof a City Clerk acres of his broom-corn, which is moii o' drawing wero awarded, the i am iiow selling all my Wcwill Close Otlt OUr En- of excellent quality, but was colored Mliia Any Hunt as tho best CtlUKC'tlKS stock of summer coats and tire Stock of Ladies' Slinnors MWe by the heavy rains. witop, tho second to Colby HaU for AIetuodist. Scruicps every second Art. Snow wont to Florenco wed- mnklnS improvement in vests, linen pants, light weight Sundays at 8.00 P.

M. neS(lav. r.tnmi Tnlnv. "riting. I nesday, returning Tuesday, ii i i buckskin gloves, ladies' slip- WIND05I.

KANSAS. Kev. Dnuumond, pastor. grcauy aicuncotl. 1T1CC6.

EnbebpKiie Onicc, Ji7Ground food for sale or to ex Miss Amy Hunt visited 5IcPher- i ft pees and dusters, and lawns at jiimst'fA. First ilnd third Lord's! HALL OC C0 change at Holt's mill. son Wodnesdyy. o. D.

Wynn spent soveral days at W. 13. 5Iayes, candidate for con payff at 11 A. 51. an P.

51 EhL Levf 5IcCash, pastor. cost, to close out. Now while they are still in season I give If yon want money at a the county seat this week. gress, and A. Hyer, candidate MARCH BRAYTON CO Soxi.AY-8CHooL.--Everv Sabbath nt 'vV lalc Dick iek this advantage, I will take eggs, yoting chtdkeils, or any Joseph has A very bad gather- r' OQjho PrcLibi- of some kind on his hand.

hon 18" A- 51.. 5fr. L. Case, siip't, to the' Windom (Bank. ing sues oi me aay at case's nail, Mon such produce as may be mark DEALERS WINDOM 5IARKETS.

Carpenters JJorwood and McMur- dl4y eni Augnst 1(J) im WiA.n A p. A.M. AVheat-No-2, hard. 4.Tc. xo.JJ.

hard. n-L lttdie9 WeU 03 gtlemen, is etable. I will give all Masses of goods at very close figures 2ndand4th ThnmThy of each 35c, No. 2, solUGc. invited to be present, or cash at all thricsi Dont Oats No.

20c. Those 3fuvcr-Fail shears aud "Ye ed." and family acknowledge fail to cxiimhie. orn ao. Jso. white, 2c.

scissors at March toil's, tMo the largest complimen-Itye NJ. 2, 33rt I i i i. t(iry water melon of the season with then' itnlimlt6d warranty, thrgh kindnes8 of tlint fim Wmdom'Lodgi A.OU. Xo. 107 Rieots Frit'fiiy everiiiiffs' of ert-h week J.

llarnes. Masonic'Hal, iiggs-Ucj lard, nCi chicl.Jens, Ul oesiliungmtlie mariiCC, VanNonrdstrand Lindell Dr. Lognh wbSt to Little River one ril lJv rrf -I I Tinware, Table ahd l'ockct Cutlery, Field and CTarden Tools, Farm Implements, day this week on business, we be viivui Uilliailis 111 OjUUIITB 7 1. II 1 -r. 1 1 1.

L' I -t lOOft 1 I The G. 'A; K. Post meets' every 1st 5i-d Saturday ot eiich month' at 8 p. in. hove.

iuy jrtau CO. 8 XSeST. UBK-1 couib uho ociii, i. ioou, uiiu ni. -yv- in-' Powdor and'seenri fin ftnT.n bersons havmtr subscribbd are re- -tvvpoic ana Mrs.

Kobjtisou rdturnod to 5IcPher- FRA5IED OIL PAINTING FREE. I quested to be prompt in paymont Low Cut Button Shoes a Ikllu, BuggieS A now line of snmmrr goods at Smith' Work ia a boss road boss "all Go's. son Monday, having, been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Dr. Logan, several days.

LOCAL BMEFS A'D PEPvSONAL A large assortment of plow shoe VanNordstrand Liridell's. for making the rougn places smooth Mrg Dr AVhitecraft blariod for hei it Lia'dell's. AND FENCE; WIRE. having torn down that Register bill horae) Taylorville, DI, AVednesday Dr. Cordier.

and Ghnrley. a pleasant ft visited the county hub 5fonday. WehearthatLafeandCharleyllunt EmJoS9'' plow, and blast- tfVeni 4re thinking of buying loU and build- alhE onice- ing powder so it no avefy respect fourweek9 visit wUb ihg a house' in That' is right, D. P. Smyers '-treated'' one of his friends in -'sunny Kansas." Besides Nvc hive a Capital Stock of FURNITURE, al relatives and relat The Dr.

Hoys. ESI teams lant' Saturday, buying fori That nevir girl at Lindoll's and the will remain perhaps a. m'onlli, and the them one of those sets cf extra bar-1 newer one at Cordier's are grow- probabili ty is that some of their chil- isgr NEAV AND VERY CHEAP. Corner of Main Street and Center Avenue; ness put up by A. J.

Pet. I ing nicely Knd pretty, of course, and dren from Jlissoari and Illinoise ESTABLISHED 1850. A-ftdr tho exhibition' Tuesday v'en-iiig we submit whether Rice or patent medicine is si desirable thing" to import to our Mr. Stoner, hv)t brother of Jlon. lclaU88nd tbe Pr; "shoost may become pejnanentresidents here Beautiful Now IT mm1 right Piaoo, Rof owood Ca-KG, for only $lfi3 51.

VanXmvlsWrl 30 R00t as any noy 8 uoy ia jikou and in that event the Dr. and his Hi'Twl flir UAHPI-tliUVA 5IcPhovKon Friil-iv I "Py t5a own fatWer dot effer vos." wifo will also locate here. We should town, especially in-living hogsheads. It will PiyyoutoeT- Si CLEVENGElt WiND05I VanWordstraiid T.indell nimu wwe lcomoiQem' amino this iuftrmuptrt LLOYD, DEALtis IS tA A A colt belongiiig to C. A.

Swan- Hrforo paying double t'C'i ixt 'l. mo test gnarantea mixed painls lilt I mtv; liiivi iLiin i I i i I I son rnn nn i fnnn lntt I nvp wpptvmrr n. now mifl trrishl pni ii7 i'uu iw .1..., i.i madiines' at March and hnfiiv jiir JL in' atBe ing ava mi vith the "5" i iBumiiieiiL ui jry uuuus. aiiipHi hove bled to death but for the timely 6 Brayton's, ci, rasj. uiHritrcthcso iu- tniiuciita, cs ia proven by the TVOflTDERFUL tAljK.

Our iiirrPanr1 fiwilitinn for lh minu. aidofDr Richardson. "itin. The apple wftgon abounds, ped- According to the Pnwnro Rock acture of iMiuoaaudOrgaua enable uaXinffpr in- 1(1 00 CK In the mattpr nf InJrx, ru 5Iiss Kittio Milton, of Sharp's creek, dies from houSo to per Leader Rev. S.

A. Drnmmond is en TV Hon. J. VanNohMrad takes toth 18 vlBltin? Mlss Nolhe Youn busbo1 gaged in the gi'ain business at St. blue and red.

nicelv The S. S. celobration at DeLayno's Stevens county is cow organized, John. Jess Kirfcpf.fric was down from La- htnimi-ntH of rhcflHvIl KST GU ADF, at lower prior? than ia aalicd for iirfuriiff one Write uh an we win take plftaRlve it! giving all tho iuforit.fttiun denirrd iren of charge. All our liiMtrumnnta mre wsr-rantodforSIX VKAHS and am writ anywhere on 10 day 'a teat trial.

dressed magnesia' stone posts. grove last Saturday was a profitable Hugoton being the temporary county seat. mam nuns mm tin sold. and enjoyable affair; By sme unaccountable oversight Crosse week shaking bauds with 5Ir. Hall and his two daughters his lis A new stock.

of hosiery at Van- friends here. He, reports I we failed to say Jast that Geo. fSsiness says LaCrosse still ll- Willams is a full-fledged O. U. loft horo Saturday ovening.ior 5Iad- ASD DEALER IN Nordstrand Lindoll's'.

holds and will continue to hold the having become a member on the isonville, to visit a son of Mr. Hall's who is not expected to live, Highest price paid for Hogs, Cat See thosa parasols at VanNord- iM for Iwtratcd Cat- evening of July 3ft county seai i- "1 having been hurt about two months strand Lindoll's. it ViAv.i'.fe ffie mention this paper whon you write. tle and Sheep. C.

A. Lindqnist -wears a pair of ago while logging. When at 5IcPhersca doat' fail to call at the Beehive and look over Sea those Gpltl Framed -Oil Pain- CONKGTIOaJEEY Id Highest fries fail for Sides and Tilloi Keeps always on hand the finest of Fresh Moats. new boots, the workmanship of P. rVashington, Warreri We call the farmer' 'tingg at Hall cci's to be given away Ekstrand.

their stock of goods. Yu will find everything that, -is' needed for the worth special attention to the tr. a a. Our throe Smith brothers Wont to Grand 5Sai VanJordstrand is vis CHICAGO frcfin the largo bills of espial riiiard nn mir groceiies bought of VanNordsband B1CK16 budfU On OUT ffimuy in, iiy in Uoots and Shoes the largest stock McPher iting her son Newt at LaCrosse. Mrsi fJlautnn'a lialin 5 nnifo uilr Lin dell by the broom-corn growers KnOWltOn JYLOWerS tne Lyons 51 onday.

son, 'irKsfs rmA Caps-every thing 'torn the infantj.cap to man, at I for th eir harvesters there must be a COTTAGE ORGAN Squire Myers ioforms ns that the Mrkett8 and rami1 from mammoth crop this year, near McPherson. wpro viKitinr ATr I now brop of chintz bugs are damag- Prices that Dofy Competition. to Holt's for grinding. Sturireon's-Mrs. R's n'aren-Rnn.

Cf'U at oall's btore and 8ee ng his corn. Has attained standard of excellcnco wliicb day and Monday of this week. tLof 8 ba chclor buttons- i 51v. R. L.

Ritchjjp, of Morton poun- adtulu of no superior. It contHlim cvury improVcmont tbatUTentiV (reulus, ekiU and monyy cuuprudiica. Wo hear it said, lhat J. Mohn has fiold of that is very fine- Prof Gharmanhas taken, nearly Vail Ol'dstrand tv, is visitini; hi? sister. Mrs-.

Wm Dean, and other friends. 100 orders for Clam's atlas in two We re ceiving 11CW goods daily, W. Jlorrbom. BLACKSMITH; ik all ra of iihmi HOftSESHOElMG. Also, does all kinds of Wagon anbl.

Buggy He- pairing! and will make was planted with horse planter, and tho dry feather never seemed to chock its growth. weeis. no is now tho city of a ni ce little ten wound erirl. tut in staits his 5rcPherson, and will donbtlosB' have ker ap.pearance at Ed Hunters, Sun-,Ho!dgenan nC-xt i'Ti Koo success, us nis wor is lar su- aBy eveninff but will keep posted on all our Call at- this office and get one of EVEEY OBOAK bautbh fob yrm TXAB8 Piui xvUuu uuu luci.auey-.s wnicn Th 6t tieiDS y0ijng ot Mc local affairs. aj receive the thoso nico blotting papers free.

jjiNTsnpifisE regruarry. Hv wllw.v uie PIlei.80n) s. Ai Hyer( the Prohibition agent selling it however, for $1,26 cant'lidate 6r7 pros'ecuUng attorney, IS I TO (f 1 BXOBL. 'j A taffy man from Lyons is pulling jOnaran teed leads cf all tints at on our streets to day. Ivo, thankfj our people do not lako kindly to taffy.

Fall plowing splendid time for it. w.lMui,I?li,.,. senc ls-l50 for the Ektehprise for 5Ir. Ohapinan wenti to one. year.

Tuesdaj. The finest lot of boots and shoes to Tom' having' satisti-ed be found the market at VanNord- Tlii-nn Orc-Hjis aro celebrated for volume. Jack SIcFl! isjipvy delivering two Tho masonic hall is being furnish car loads, of cirnj bought by John quality of tomi. quick response, artlstlo doniRu, bi-auty In flnisb, periect cuustruction, making thKin the most Ucsiralilu oiifans for boms, ctiools, cliurcheB, ludgesi eoclt-Uos, oto. himsolf that lie does' pot want' to st rand Lindoll's.

ed rwith now window blinds thus weok. i sell patent coffee pots has accepte i a EHTABLISnEO REPHTATIOH. Thi-ris the soiison ior ibit parody A game ot ball is to, bo pl'ayed in position as 'clerk in elevens er's best thing out. March Brayton. B.

Varney was at 5IcPherson on business 5Iondy. Not long till J. C. Rogers will exhibit in this town a large squash, showing what- may be'sfrown in 51c-Pherson c6unty, tbo dry weather notwithstanding. ISTParties knowing themselves indebted to the firm of M.

Ildll Co. arc respectf uly, but positively requested to call and settle at once. We must settle these old accounts. M. Hall Co.

Stephen Gilpen's young people, the 5I1ss(te Yoting, Slilton, and 51c-Murroy, perhaps others from Windom attended the S. S. celebration last Saturday. J. W.

Lake has been in Lyons nearly three weeks, except Sundays, working on Judge Bailey's line residence. Tho finest gropes and plums we have seen this year, on the market or elsewhere, were brought to this office Monday by Undo Jimmy Adams, of his own. growing, for Which he has our sincere thanks. Miss Ekstrand returned home last Friday, having been visiting friends and relatives in Salina since uly 3rd. J3AHELORS' BUTTON.S If you will call at ILtJ.

Beall's drug you con get the "Boss" bachelors' bntton. It bents anything biitcher shop, and "confectionery Winilom Saturday of-this weok be Also kfeep a stock of the ve-' best BEST HATUUAI4 COMOINXD, IfASS THIS tween the Windom boyB and a club Tho. family- of 5tA- A. M. Sf jottis.

on Longfellow's Antuinn "the mel-onoc lie days." b'U; WrA'fB "for oajr money. THS PQPUIiAIa OHGfAH being visited by 5-frs. Scott's sister. 1 om the south part of the county. A gamo will also be playod the 5, of Lyons, Instruction Books and Piano Stoelt.

same day between tbe Lookout and North Fork nines. Went to LittJ River livirgi several Catalogues and Trlco tills, on application, ram AND SELLS miles north and wost of Windom, lost At the school election in Windom CHICAGO COTTAGE ORGAN CO. 831 Blue Island Avenue, CHICAGO, ILL. JohiKl Lloy and wife -are enjoy- 1 fmir head bf torsos by lightning Sunday night. 4 Thursday non.

J. M.VanNordstrand ing a visit from'Mr. L's sep-mothei, SWIFT was elected director. of Shawiio'e is? SURE, SIMPLE SILENT if, 51 r. Ji Hondorsbot came in last week and'enrollod himsolf among oftr That an editor should! say some 5Irs.

B. Bangstoni -W ure sorry I I Hill SIKurn i STRONG. things occasionally that displease, "paid' Srr." H. ecting to to poor1? -), eomothing, perhaps, that would have 5Ir. J.A.

SIcConnell itir'ouiifit down ronove to fllar.juotte and engage in tne livery businoss. J. better unsaid, it were most reasona lid Sturgeon, BLACK SMITHING AND WAGON SHOP HdaSE-SnoEtNti. MAcniNt. Vhik, to his farm last woe'ka fine ratter bclortgirig to the Scotch terrier sp cies ble to it mortal to err, Mi.Tg'Ella SproiTse, of vis ut that ho Bhould be bold to the 0' ttfiGHRG costj.f 5fr.

White of Lati ren strictest account for every buch tnis Tim take is unreasonable in thd" extreme ted the AVitidom Hctae, 'mi ma; i buy it. He takes possession Soon. hi'Winff nless the objector bimBolf be a ited 5Irs. J. Tinsley last Friday, Aliss Girard came from Lyons SatL uivhiy evening on-a 'fislt to her brother and family, J.

P. Giraitl. "A score or more 'hands' camo'inori th freight -Monday-' -from' Assyria" to broom-corn ff -this AND model of perfection." arrived Thursday Mdrri'ti. We wish .1,111 1 i 1 And anything belonging to tliA frndh THe Improved high arm, new mechanical princl-U nd rot ry moveraenls, automitic( direct and perfect actlontcyllDdr shuttle, self-netUriR nwdle, positive fflwl, do aprfntrs, few parts, mlnimnm Wftight, do friction, no do tee, no wear, do fatigue, no (antrum, capacity unlhtittcd, alwayi in on-4r, tlvhiy oruameuted, nickel plated, and elvea pwfet autiefnetioa. Uvud lor cLrcoiara, Adureia, AVERT T.IACHiriE CO.

fn'm best 8UCQess.i 'j. IMdl orr urirre, lint thtwr lin tfrltf (II fr--, full Ibfitnti.tHm iKiiii w.nk wlitrh l0' pay it EST tKES. 1 a Avenue Wisoom, Kas. I.lli, 'Ekslj-aiid isi- 'ia 'tL'fl under the sun as a novel tod Article; for those for whom it was dmltifd WINDOM, KANSAS. Working iA bioom-c )ii-iv" lac ij.

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