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The Melvern Record from Melvern, Kansas • 3

The Melvern Record from Melvern, Kansas • 3

Melvern, Kansas
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Entered at the Postoffice at Melvern, Kansas, as mail matter of the second I class. Record. SUBSCRIPTION: $1.50 A YEAR, IN ADVANCE THURSDAY, SEPT. 4, 1884. 25 Men Wanted.

To haul off our car load of wagons and buggies. MORELL "To the people of this vicinity: I have returned from my trip south and will call and see you. All that would like to have their buildings protected against this greatest elementlightning- -remember we warrant you satisfaction or no sale. Melvern, Sept. 4, 1884.

J. E. BRINK for B. Cronkhite, Emporia. Be sure and pay your accounts with us by Sept.

let. MARSH STRAW. 'Good brick at the lumber yard. Fine line of motions at Corwin Walthour's. The finest lines of ladies' wraps, dolmans, cloaks, and Russian circulars.

just received and cheaper than ever at CONWELL'S. Get our prices on Wagons before you "buy. MORELL WILLIAMSON. For sale--our two story meat market and butcher tools. Price reasonable.

MARSHE STRAW. ORGANSAs thisis the third prosperonts year with farmers you would miss the amonnt of money necessary 'to decorate your house with a first-class organ. When you are in the city call and see our organs. We will sell them cheap as any town in Kansas give a five year warrant. For the cash you can get a bargain.

We also sell on monthly installment, or will rent. CORWIN WALTHOUR. Cor. Main St. and Emporia Melvern, Kas.

Fruit cans, at Morell Williamson's. Drugs all pure and fresh at Corwin Walthour's. Latest style of campaign Blaine and hats just received at F. M. CONWELL's.

We shall close out our Sewing Machines at reduced prices. MORELL WILLIAMSON. Do you want any rye for seeding poses? Then call on the undersigned at W. B. Mayes'.

W. E. WILLSON, Good brick at the lumber yard. For bacon and hams always go to the meat market where you can buy cheaper than elsewhere. All the patent medicines at the new drug store.

Morell Williamson guarantee their Mowers to give perfect satisfaction, The finest soda fountain in the county at the now drug store, and the soda water from it is elegant. A fine line of G. A. hats just 're- ceived at F. M.

CONWELL's. Cigars, a fine line at Corwin, Walthour's. An Answer Wanted. Can any one bring us a case of kidney liver complaint that Electrio Bitters will speedily cure? We say they can not, as thousands of cases already permanently cured and are daily recommendrag Electric Bitters, will prove. Bright's disease, diabetes.

weak back, or any urinary complaint quickly cured. They purify the blood, regulate the bowels and act directly on the diseased parts. Every bottle guaranteed. For sale at 50c, a bottle by Alexander Bros. 1 An Enterprising, Reliable House.

Alexander Bros. can always be relied upon, not only to carry in stock the best of everything, but to secure the agency for such articles as have well known merit, and are popular with the people, thereby sustaining the reputation of being always enterprising and ever reliable. Having secured the agency for the celebrated Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, will sell it on positive guarantee. It will surely cure any and every affection of thoat, lungs and chest, and to show our confidence, we invite you to call and get a trial bottle free.

-THERECORD IS STRICTLY A Melvern Paper 6 Try it for six months, 75c. ROBT MORRIS, -ARVONIADesires to inform the readers of the RECORD that be is at all time prepared to All orders COAL COAL! at his strippings Call on him. THOMPSON BRADLEY, Stock Buyers Desire to inform the farmers and citizens generally that they have located at Melvern and will always pay the highest market price for stock of all kinds. Headquarters at Wise Francis' livery stable. FREE! RELIABLE SELF-GURE.

most noted A and favorite successful prescription specialists of in one of 0. the the (now Lost retired) Manhood, for the cure of Nervous Debility, Weakness and Rent Inplain sealed envelope free. Druggistscan fill it. Address DR. WARD Louisiana, Mo.

Asher Smith is also at the Bismarck tair. Jno. M. Connelly's new house is approaching completion. Jno.

Moore and family are attending the Bismarck fair this week. Miss Mattie Luggle, a niece of Mrs. Alexander is here on a visit. John Ashby went up to Bismarck to the fair the first of the week. Mrs.

Lidzy and daughter are visiting in the north part of the state. Corn cutting has begun among those who have any that was early planted. The new sidewalk in front of the stone block will be a daisy when ed. The school house has been repaired and put in shape for the opening of school. Jno, W.

Martin and his family are attending the fair at Lawrence this week. Mrs. Webb, of near Osage City, was visiting Mrs. Boone the first of the week. And now we hear that Mc Brothers has had an addition to his family.

It is a boy. I'. M. Gruwell and son. of Osage City, were in town yesterday morning.

A. J. Utley was here with Col. Harper and occupied a prominent position on the platform. F.

M. Ketch bought the Marsh Straw house and lots and moved his family here last week. Marsh Straw have taken the contract of boarding the construction men on the K. U. E.

R. R. The railroad bond election in Coffey county on the 25th carried by a majority of fifty-eight. Pretty close call: The Dyer Bros. are going to move their store on to rain street in the room formerly occupied by Mardis Son.

LOCAL NEWS. The Industrialist, the little paper printed by the State Agricultural College, comes to us bright and sparkling as ever. Joe Farley received the contract for building a bridge in Scranton township from the county commissioners last Saturday. Wilhe, the little baby of Mr. and Mrs.

Allen, died and was buried last Friday. The funeral was preached Sunday eyening by Bro. Lidzy. Our restaurant and boarding house keeper, Jno. Moore, has closed out his business in that line.

We are not advised as to his future intentions. We are requested by T. C. McNabb, to state that J. A.

Smith. of Strong City, will address the democrats of this place on next Saturday, the 6th. The Emporia post-office safe was blown open and robbei of a considerable sum of money and stamps, on last Friday night. No clue to the rascals. During the month of August the following were the shipments from this station: Corn.

63 cars; flax, 4 cars; hogs. 6 cars: cattle 1 car. This shows a good increase over last months business. The editor was in Osage City Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Murray and Miss Franc Morton.

Mr. J. G. Murray, the husband of the lady, being an old room mate of his. The Daughters of Rebekah of this place have oritered a very nice regalla and when it comes we suppose we will all be as proud as the average small boy with his first pair of boots.

T. H. Wix and family, baving sold out his property and interests here, moved to his farm in Woodson county, near Yates Center. The RECORD and his triends generally, hope for his continued prosperity. On Tuesday evening there was a social party at the Melvern Hotel given by Miss Florence Morrison in honor of her eighteenth birthday.

A good crowd of the young folks of her acquaintance was present and the evening was pleasantly spent. Our Prebyterian friends have decided to build their church. Dr. J. T.

Alexander at the meeting of the trustees on Monday was elected treasure and will at once proceed to collect the subscriptions, and solict additional. They will build a church to cost about $2,500. A correspondent of the Osage County Democrat at this place a few weeks ago got things terribly mixed in relation to the two political demonstrations here. He should get a position as traveling man for some third rate circus, as his ability to draw the long bow would be just the thing. The concert given by the Lyndon folks at this place was fairly patronized by our people.

The performers were pupils of the music class of Mrs. Geyer. and their renditions were as good as the average music class. The concert was for the purposo of helping build a Methodist parsonage at Lyndon. The performance on the sidewalk during the concert last Saturday evenTing was not very creditable to our town.

Hooting, yelling, shouting, and demonstrations of that character never speak well for a town at any time, ani it 18 especially reprehensive when it interrupts and interferes with a concert or kindred entertainment. A good many of our citizens. think our city marshal could have used his authority to good advantage. The boys should not be so noisy. Joe Williamson spreads around now with a 12x14 smile illuminating his rosy countenance, all because of the arrival of a bouncing ten-pound boy at his house in which he bas a half' interest.

This happened yesterday, and all parties are doing well. By reference to another place it will be seen that there has been a new train put upon the road. This is a regular passenger and express, and we suppose mail. As we understand it the freight will run about on the old time. We shall publish the regular time card as soon a as it is furnished us.

Melvern will be pretty well I represented at the State Normal School the coming term. We are advised of the fotlowing being in attendance: Alfreda and Etta Judd. daughters of Henry Judd; Dory Marsh, son of B. B. Marsh; Nellie Austin.

daughter of H. M. Austin; Ella Hill, daughter of Geo. Hill; three or four children of Philip Barrett, and Thos. Baxter's children.

We are in receipt of the catalogue of the Kansas City Inter-State Fair. These annnal expositions at the metropolis of the west are designed to be a reptesentation of the progress and development of the section. Every year they get bigger and bigger, until this year'sthe fourteenth in regular order--promises to be the grandest of all. The premiums in all the departments are liberal. Mr.

Wm. Rider, of Union county, Ohio, stopped off at our place for a day o.r two last week, to visit Dr. Beck, Mr. Rider's farm in Ohio joining to one owned by the doctor's brother. He reports everything dried up in his section for want of rain and the crops a total failure.

He says a great many people will migrate this fall a and winter, and the probabilities are that Kansas will get a good share of them. He left for home on Monday morning, and took with him some samples of the corn raised here. CIRCULAR NO, 96. To agents between Emporia and Kansas City: Commencing Thursday, Sept. 4, trains No.

5 and 6 will extend west of Olattle to Emporia. Below please find time table of these two trains in effect from that date. Please give this all the publicity you can possibly. Regular time table will be sent you in a few days. GOING EAST.

Leave 3:55 a. m. Arrive 5:42 Kansas City 9:50 GOING WEST. Leave Kansas City 5:45 p.m. Arrive 9:53 Emporia 11:40 S.

B. HYNES, Gen. Pass. Agt. Pomona vs.

Melvern. On last Saturday the Pomona base ball club came down to play our boys a game. We believe it was the first nine of both towns. The game was called about two o'clock, and was witnessed by a large crowd of spectators. The following is the score.

MELVERN. Runs. Outs. W. 7 C.

M. F. 09 Jim Kennedy. G. Kennedy.

S. 05 G. pal G. 00 S. 0 08 S.

McNabb. 47 27 POMONA. Runs. Outs. Price.

3 8 Ed 09 Leake. co El. 00 00 30 27 BY INNINGS. 2 8 4 5 8 9 Melvern. 08 4 9 8 1 12 -47 Pomona .....6 7 8 1 2 1 10 -30 0 Steamboat Capsized on the Ohio.

EVANSVILLE, Aug. loss of the transfer steamer Belmont and the drowning of ten or fitfeen persons 18 confirmed. A hurricane this afternoon capsized the boat at Stanley's landing. three miles above Henderson, turning her completely over. In going to Henderson with a barge and train containing the passengers of the Louisville Nashville railroad the boat separated from the barge.

All on the latter were saved, and all on the boat except four or five lost. Among those lost are Capt. Jno. Smith, E. C.

Roach and son a prominent merchant of Eyansville, Miss Laura Lyon and sister (teachers here) and mother, also Mrs. Woodtree of Henderson and a lady and babe having a satchel with a card in it marked Miss Hattie Murry. Brookfield, Ala. The bodies of three latter were found. The boat is a total loss.

$15,000 marine insurance. Henderson The telegraph broken and telephone to were down. The above telegram appearing in our daily papers of August 30th one would hardly think would be of any special interest to the people of thi section. Yet it proved of terrible import to a large circle of relatives and friends to two of these victims. Mrs.

Hattie Murry and baby was on her way to her home in Brierfield, and was accompanied by her niece, Miss Franc Morton, who was going south to spend the winter. They were all on board of the ill-fated boat and were among the list of vie- tims. Mr. J. G.

Murray, the husband. was waiting at Nashville, to join his wife and accompany her home. when he read of the disaster and started at once for the scene. His worst fears were realized. After recovery of the bodies he suarted with them for Osage City, the former home of himself and wite and the present residence of both fatnilies.

They arrived on Monday night and were buried on Tuesday at 3:00 p. the bodies all being consigned to the same grave. The people turned out en masse, and as a mark of respect and sympathy. the business houses closed their doors and the traffic of the. town was stopped.

during the funeral ceremonies. Mrs. Murray was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs A. S.

Sprague, of Osage City, and was always one of the most highly esteemed ladies of the town. Miss Franc Morton, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Morton. of near Olivet, was a very kind hearted and popular young lady wherever known.

She was a grand daughter of Mr. and Mrs Splague. The supper and entertainment given by the Post of the Grand Army of the Republic at this place yesterday evening, was well attended. The "rations" as served up enough were "fit for for a king," of and abundant an army thousand or so. Supper was served from six to half past eight, the entertainment part in Warner's Hall beginning about that time.

Want of time prevents more than g'ving the programme as carried out. PROGRAMME. Music by Drum Corps, Song, "Marching through Georgia," by Florence Morrison, THE GRAND ARMY SUPPER. Declamation by Cora Mewhinney, Speech by Chas. Cochran, Music by Campbell's Quadrille Band, Song, "Tenting on the Old Camp Ground," by Meta Cory, "A Soldier Boy." by Mr.

Green. Music by the Band, Speech by Capt. Wilson, Declamation by Alice Thompson, Speech by Elder J. Cory, Song by Miss Ella Campbell, Select Reading by Miss Arline Crocker, FAMILY REUNION. Editor of the RECORD.

There was a re-nnion of the family of John M. Neal and Eliza Neal held at the homestead, three miles southeast of this place on last Saturday. The day was fair and about nine o'clock the boys began to drive in until it looked as though the house wouldn't hold any more. We then all retired to the grove where there was room all to witness the sight of the first assemblage of father, mother and nine grown children tor fourteen years. The occasion was one long to be remembered.

It may not seem to some to be of any gratitude to meet on such an occasion, yet when the days come that nine grown children, all in good health, can meet around their father's table and there behold the faces of father and mother who have for fourteen years longed and prayed that their children might all be at home once more. who could say that this was not a grand time; who could say there was not joy and comfort to father and mother and children? The day was spent in talking of the past and the prospects of the future. To give comfort and gratification to the parents we unanimously agreed to meet on the last day of August every year as long as our parents live. The following is a list of those present: John W. Near; E.

T. Neal and wife; R. T. Neal and wife; James Neal; D. B.

Neal and wife; J. E. Neal; George M. Neal; Cyntha A. Hunt and husband; Sarah T.

Zimm; And fifteen grand-children. By request of the family, I write the above. May God save us all to meet again. ROBERT T. NEAL.

To RENT--Any one having a small house of two or three rooms to rent can And a tenant by leaying word at this office. "I understand you have fought a duel with your old enemy, Snarley." "Yes." "What was the result?" "Why, when they brought the pistols on the field I discovered they were some of my own make. I manufactured them for boys, you know advertised them in all the juvenile anfi religious papers and sell theth cheap." "Yes." refused to take either, but maghahimously permitted him to keep both." Well? That was all; he fell dead at the first fire." Lots For I have recently laid out an addition to the town of Melvern and have a good number of BUSINESS LOTS on Main street which I will sell at reasonable prices: Also: the very choicest RESIDENCE LOTS, situated in the most beautiful part of the town site. Those wishing lots call on me at my residence or J. 0.

Stewrt, at his plate of business. WM. B. MAYES. WHITE DRESS GOODS One of the Best Lines ever brought to the Gity, comprising FRENCH and AMERICAN Lawns, INDIA Muslins, NANSOOKS and DECCA checks.

LACES AND EMBROIDERIES Of all prices and widths, and in all the latest designs. NOVELTIESIN LADIES' NECK WEAR, Linen, Lace and Handkerchiefs. PARASOLS AND FANS, In these goods I have a large assortment of the latest novelties. BLACK AND SUMMER SILK, SUMMER SILKS, 65 75C. A fine line just received of the best manufacture; also an assortment of black and colored Dress Goods, at F.

M. CONWELL'S, Corner Main Street and Emporia Avenue, MELVERN, KAS. Selling Out at Cost! 42 Great Bargains tot Everybody as I want to close up my I offer my large stock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, AT COST FOR SIXTY DAYS. Er Horse shoe tobacco, 48c; Climax, 48c; Star, 48c; Harvest. 48c; 8 to Old itonesty, over43c; Scalping Knife, 43c; standard prints, 5c per yard; shirtings, alls, 50 to 75c; suits of clothing, $4 to $10; men's boots.

$2. Come to Checker Front Store for Bargains. One Hundred Town Lots for Sale. THOMAS BAXTER. LUMBER! LUMBER! Any Wholesale Prices Duplicated on Car Lots.


-THE MELVERN RECORD, Is a live. progressive local newspaper devuted to the interests of Melvern and the Marnis des Oyanes Valley. Try it for six months. one year, $1.50..

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