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The Horace Headlight from Horace, Kansas • 3

The Horace Headlight from Horace, Kansas • 3

Horace, Kansas
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R. DUFFIELD- H. MILLER. See White for eggs 15 c. Sec White for butter 15 c.

Girl wanted at the Avenue House. R. R. TIME TABLES. MISSOURI PALI FIC R.

tt. PaBReiifter eist) 11:25 J'asHongor, (went) 8:40 A Ixjal Frelirnt, west FHt KrHjrht went A Iak iiI Krt'liflit, east 1:10 frttBt east :30 A M. All Freight carry passengers. The above table la groveroed by western time, 11. C.

KICK. Agent. MIELR o- DEALERS IN Isten Go. Can Sell. Lands In 'Western Kansas.

At From $2.50 to $10.00 per Acre On Easy Terms At Six Per Cent. What do you want? lamls? Farming lands? Uplands or Lowlands. Describe amount and kind wanted and we will try and suit you, or we will lease these lands at low rate. Address Fremont Boyle, South Western Agent, Garden City, Kansas. FLOUR, FEED, FIELD Is Prepared To -ALSO PROPRIETORS OF- H.


I use none but tlie best material and my work speiks for Itself. MY PRICES ARE THE LOWEST CONSISTENT WITH FIRST CLASS WORK. HORACE DUFFIELD, AND GARDEN SEED, LIYRY AND STABLE, KANSAS MOTEL, Prorietor. City. Lately Renovated and Re Throughout.

CONNECTION, KANSAS The Horace Billiard Parlors. A. L. Hare Proprietor. F.

J. CRETCHER Will sell you a FARM OR LOT As Cheap As Anybody. Pays Taxes fou Nonresidents, Iju'roves Timbek Claims On Makes Collections. HORACE. KANSAS.

THE HORACE JEWELRY COMPANY WILL SELL YOU A FULL Weled WASH mi $10. Biennial Session OF THE Supreme Lodge AND ENCAMPMENT THE: UNIFORM RANK IB Of Ffflil: TO BE HELD AT Kansas CIty; August 23rd to 27th, 1892. The MISSOURI PACIFIC MILWAY Will offer tbe following Jitjractwns fortius Occasion: THE LOWEST OF RATES, SPECIAL TRAINS SPECIAL SLEEPERS SPECIAL COACHES For tns lodges and divisions. The Finest Equipment, consisting Vestibule Sleeping Cars, Pullman Sleeping Cars, Pullman Parlor Cars, Inclining Chair Cars (seats free), filegant Day Coaches (adjustable seats). All Missouri Pacific Lines lead to Kansas City.

For further information, address II. LYON. 800 Main St. Ifna City, Mo. Ripans Tabules euro colic.

Machine oil at the Post office drug store. Again we remark don't lorget the fair. Inks, mucilage, pens andstationary at Durheims. See White for roastinir ear's, cucum bers and string beaas. A fair pushes us to greater exertions to improve our condition.

The Horace Lumber yards have re ceived a carload of cedar shingles. Rev, Sheafor wiU fill the pulpit at the Baptist church on next Sunday. Mr. John Fluke and family of Water Valley Colorado are visiting at Harry Millers. Rev.

Helwig of Great Bend Kansas spent a few days this week visiting U. Durhoim. Pat Davey has about the finest held of Sorghum we have had the pleasure oi seeing this year. For letter heads, bill heads, cards or any kind of business printing go to the Horace Printing Co. Programs, invitations, wedding or visiting cards neatly printed by the Hor ace Printing Co.

In addition to his full stock of drugs and patent medicines, Durheim keeps machine oils, paints and the celebrated Diamond Dyes. ANNOUNCEMENT. Miss Mary L. King will lecture be-fore the Normal Tuesday evening August 9th. 1892.

Teacher." Notice! The citizens of Horace and vicin ity are requested to meet ot the hall en Tuesday evening. August 9th, 1892, to arrange for an old fashioned Harvest home picnic. Lets have'er We took a trip through the southeast eorner of the county last week and the sight of comfortable homes and rick after rick of gram is mightly'encourage-ing, but every one was hard at work so we did not stop to talk. We will be around again when tne rush is over. Charley Stewart neglected our warn ing about green fruit and had to submit himself to the medical staff of the round house.

Charlie kicked and squealed but they got cinch on his nose and pulled his head up and administered a copious drench which afforded him relief in a hort time. Frank Cretcher is shoved out of house home and has divided his belongings round town generally, he had a regular old bach'cs moving. Won't some of the girls take advantage of their leap year rights and take him in before the cold weather comes. He needs a good steady young girl of 40 summers or thereabouts. J.

A. Johnson agt. for the Hapgood plow company's wares informs us that the company will have an expert here on Thusday August 11th, to prove that the old reliable gang draws lighter with a man riding than any walk ing plow of the same width of cut and that their 16 inch sulkcy will draw lighter than a 14 inch walking plow and that their disk grain drill will work where an ordinary drill will not. The county commissioners met last Monday. The Delinquent tax list was ordered te be printed in the Greeley Co Republican.

The clerk was ordered to notify itate board of R. R. assessors of error in the tax rolls for Greeley Co, The board levied a tax of 6 mills for general purposes and 3 mills for inter est. The following school districts reported tax levies at follows. Teachers fuud general fund Dist 1 5 mills 2 mills 2 3 3 1 4 3 ii 14 2 15 2 172 31 I 3 8 4 2 W.

P. Phillips was appointed member of board of examiners (School) for one year from August 3rd. 1893. Requisition for supplies of L. H.

Bristol Co. Supt. allowed. By the way they borrowed our bellows for something or other at the normal, we'd like much to know how they use it in teaching school. When we used to Uet blowed up at school it was generally done with, a ruler px alxap.

Truly, the world do move. Whereupon the chairman said 1 will entertain a motion to adjourn, the henchmen took the cue. Broncho Bob made the motion, the memoer from the Beaver seconded it and the meeting adonrned without date. fl Liberal extracts from the minutes the last meeting of the Republican coun ty committee. TUAINS.


3, Colorado Express 6 :30 m. TRAINS KA8T. No.2, Atlantic Express Dally eowopt Sunday. Tralos run ou Central time. C.B.

Hardinjr. Asront. ISOCIETIES I. 0. O.

F. Horace Lodo, No. 817. Horace Kansas. Meets Thursday evening of each week at 7 o'clock.

In Odd Fellows hall on Main st. All visitlug brethren are inrited to Attend. Chas, II. White. James Lovett, N.G.

Sucre tarr, CA. R. AKNBf POST No. 475, Depar-nient of Kaasas, K. J.

Dixon Post Commander, K. J. Everett; AdJ, Meets first Saturday eauit uioutU at 1 o'clock p.m. at A tor, Kan. II.

Q. Thompson Post meets 2, and 4, Satur days of ech month. O. Giogory, Cm, J. D.

ttlley, Adl. Sons of Veteiaus. Perkins camp No, 272. meets on the 2nd and 4, Saturday evenings of each month. 8.

McQlnshen, Com. V. Oesnell. IstScrg't. Phlll Sheridan Camp No.

175 meefas 1, and 4 8aturdays, lH, iteoord Com. C. Hamilton Sertr't 0ST OFFICE opens at 7 A. M. Closes at 'P.

M. Open bundays from to 9 A. to 77 Mrs. J. 8.

McMurtry.P.M. HEADLIGHT FLASHES The fair. Dont forget it. See White fot eggs 16 c. Sec White for butter 15 c.

Paints and oils at Durheims. A fair is our best instructor. Diamond dyes at Durheims. Tor cheap table cutlery, see White Guitar and Violin strings at Dur- A fair gives ore a chance to meet ones friends. A fair lets us know what we can accomplish.

Johnson is a rustler You can't help seeing his ad. Again we say dou't forget that we will have a fair. Go to Durheims for machine oils all grades in stock. See White for roasting ears, cucumbers and string beans. The Horace Printing Co.

is prepared to do all kinds of job work, A fair is the greatest blessing that an exist in any community Engineer Strahn pulled a freight through from Pueblo to this place in 5 hours last Friday. It was agreed it would be much better to fund the floating debt than to tax to pay it off at once. Frank Crctchers Heal Estate "office is now on the corner of Main and Indiana avenue take the elevator, rooms 4. 11.44. Robert Finley of Ward and Finley started for his home last Monday.

Bob has made a host of friends during his short stay. 11. S. Miller has purchased him a wa goo scale he has not put it in yet but when he does he will have all hands called to help in the erection. Leroy Peer is suffering from a veiy severe sprain.

While handling freight Lcoti last Thursday be made a misstep "and he hasn't done anything since." The advance guard of the Knights Templars on their way to the conclave at Denver passed through our town on Wednesday they filled two trains of ten -cars each. The School meeticg In district 1 was well attended. Frank Cretcher was reflected director and a levy was ordered Of 21 mills for incidental and 5 mills for teachers salary Normal is progressing finely although the male element of the county's teachers in attendance is very small owing do doubt to the immense harvest. Those in attendance speak very highlyof Prof. C.

H. White's methods. Mrs. E. E.

Bennett returned home from Arkansas where she has been visit-lag for some few weeks. She reports the weather as intolerably hot in that locality and is glad to get back to enjoy our pare mountain breezes. EcJ. White is cavotting around like a jack rabbit. He came here three ago so crippled up with rheumatism that ho could not get about at all at times, and then not without crutches.

How he is feeling like a boy again. Warren Bailey while herding was by aonco meant unknown thrown from his horse and draggecF Nearly half a mile the Jione went home and the family after a long search found him lying senseless Dr, Hull was called and succeeded in re-storing conciousncss but he remembers nothing about his accident. The Dr. thinks him out of danger. R.

M. Duffield. DEALER IN DRY GOODS CLOTHING FURNISHING GOODS AND Groceries and Proyisions. Do All Kinds Of Printing. Cards, Invitations, Programmes Good Work Guaranteed.

Half Rate Excursions to all Southwestern States. The popular "Harvest Excursions' for the season ot 1892 will be resumed by the Missouri Pacific railway, and tickets will be on sale August 80th to September 27th from points in Kansa to Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, at one lowest first class fare for the round trip, good for 20 days to return, with stop over privileges for the inspection of lands. a)n October 25th the Third Grand Excursion will be run under the same conditions to Arkansas, Indian Territory, Texa and a portion of Oklahoma, and to cer'1. Lin points in Ten- ncssee, Mississippi, Arj iana. For further iu 'ng the purchase ot li laud foldcis.

maps, nearest ticket agent bama and Louis hrmation regard iets, timo tables address the the Missouri PaciOic Railway, or 111. Townsend, r. an st.ouis, Mo THE I HORACE HEADLIGHT 1 1 $1.00 A Yeati, I .30 For 6 Moxths. .35 For 3 Months, KAN PRICE PAID FOR PRODUCE. W.

G. SHAFFER, President. THE GREAT WESTERN HORACE, AVENUE A. MOON, Only First-Class Hotel in the furnished LIVERY IN HORACE, Murrell Stone CONTRACTOR BUILDERS, HORACE, KANSAS Ripans Tabnles euro headache. MILLINER.

Fabgy Goods and Trimmidgs THE LATEST STYLES Iii Ladles and Misses HATS. HOR AGE KAI2SAS. Ripans Tabules cure dizziness. FRANK LAWRENCE -UARBER- FIFST DOOR NORTH OF JEWELRY STORE- AIR CJTTINd A SPECI 1LT T. HORACE KANSAS Ripans Tabules prolong life.


Established 1859. The Daily News, of ntuetv-elx columns, has a capacity for reading matter equal to tbe are Eastern papers. It aims to furnish all the news of the day. complete in detail, yet oonoise in form. It is devoted to Western, and especially to Colorado interests.

Our Special Telegraph Service is superior to that of any other Journal vest of St. Louis. The News employes more agents and pars more money for special dispatches than all other Western newspapers combined. The News is issued every day of tbe year. The Weekly News furnishes a compendium of every notable event, at homo and abroad, with a liberal eupply of choice, original and selected articles, specially adapted to family entertainment and Instruction.

It is tbe best weekly family newspaper published in the We6t. A feature of both tbe Daily and Weekly editions of the News, of the first importance to the public is our perfect system of market reports. The absolute reliability of our commercial department has longr boon recognized by the business men of the state, and every issue will continue to furnish a true reflex of the latest Kansas City, Chicago and St. Louis as well as local quotations. TEKMS OF SUBSCRIPTION.

Daily. One Year, by hail 810.00 Six Months, by mail 6.00 Sukday Edition, by mall, per 2.60 Weekly. One Yeah, by mail, in tl.00 One Year, by mail, arrear bills 2,00 Sample copies of either Edition on application. All corn inlcations must bo addressed to NEWS riUNTING DEN VEH, COLO Ripans Tabules a family remedy. ARTHUR AXFOHD, Uarpot Weaver, Kansas KipansTabiiU-s: pleasant texjtivc THE HIGHEST MARKET A.

II. SHAFFER, Cashier and Notary Public. CITIZENS EXCHANGE BANK. Transacts a General Banking. Business, Buy and Sell Foreign and Do mestic Exchange.

We deal in City, Township, County ana School Warrants; also sell Tickets and from Europe. Deal Extensively REAL ESTATE. Clear- mg ot Titles for Residents and Non-Residents, and attend to drawing of Legal Papers. COREESPONDENTS: TREGO COUNTY BANK, Wa-Keeney, Kans. AMERICAN NAT BANK, Kansas Citv, Mo.



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