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The Horace Headlight from Horace, Kansas • 3

The Horace Headlight from Horace, Kansas • 3

Horace, Kansas
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H. DURHEIM DUFFIELD- H. S. MILLElt. See White for butter 15 c.

Girl wanted at the Avenue House. Machine oil at the Post office drug store. R. R. TIME TABLES.

missouiu rxcnc u. it. rnnanncr (oimU 11 :25 m. l'HBueiiRcr, (wont) M. 1 I ivlutit, nuOPM.

Km at t'tv'pUt wt AM. l4Mal cast M. Kt Vvijd All Frlits cnrry passi'tigcr. Tha aburo Ublo Is itovernol ly western time. 11.

C. KICK. Aki1. MILLER 1N- DEALERS lis rugs Medicines, FLOUR, FEED, FIELD Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. 5) -ALSO PROPRIETORS OF- HORACE, A.


HORACE leEtakiiteataiilOs, KANSAS. KAN W. G. SHAFFER, President. Duffield.

Can Sell Lands In Western Kansas. At From $2.50 to $10.00 per Acre On Easy Terms At Six Per Cent. What do you want? Range lands? Farming laiuls? Uplands or Lowlands. Describe amount and kind wanted and we will try and salt wo will lease these lands at low rates. Address Fukmoxt Boyle, South Western Agent, Garden City, Kansas XT DTJFEIELD, AND GARDEN SEED, LIYRY AND FEED STABLE, KANSAS HOTEL -5 Prorietor.

City. Lately Renovated and Re Throughout. CONNECTION. 3 KANSAS. Tbe Horace Billiard Parlors.

A. L. Hare Proprietor. F. J.

CRETCHER. Will sell you a FARM OR LOT As Cheap As Anybody. Pats Taxes fou Nonrksioknts, IxiritOYKS TlMKEK CLAIMS On jLakes Collections IIORACE, KANSAS. THE HORACE JEWELRY COM PANY WILL SELL YOU A FULL JeWeled ADJUSTEDZAMERICAN rMOH- mm $10. Biennial Session OF THE Supreme Lodge AND ENCAMPMENT THE: UNIFORM RANK TO BE HELD AT Kansas City, August 23rd to 27th, 1S92.

The MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILWAY Will offer the following Attractions for tMs Occasion: THE LOWEST OF RATES, SPECIAL TRAINS SPECIAL SLEEPERS SPECIAL COACHES For the differant lodges and divisions. The Finest ot Equipment, con listing of Vestibule. Sleeping Cars Pullman Sleeping Care, Pullman Parlor Cars, Reclining -Chair Cars (seats free), Elegant Day Coaches (adjustable seals). All Missouri Pacific Lines lead to Kansas City. For further, information, address II.

LYON. lCnnstw City, 3VIo Kipaas Tabulcs euro colic. I if rai DEALER I Aguin wo remark dou't lorjjet the fair Nuts, dates, figs, candies, etc. etc, L. Rogers.

at BovJe sold 23 tracts of land in Greeley county lust Monday. A fair pushes us to greater exertions to improve our conditiou. The Mo. Tac. repairing Rang are re-modliug the round house roof.

Charley Holmes will bo the next" to sink a well after Shaffers is finished. J. Waters, of Colorado, has purchased the old Squire Perkins farm near Colokau" E. H. Ward has gone to Manitou Colorado for a mouthfull of mountain air.

You o'iht to pen the disk drill that Johnson soils. Its a daisy aud no mistake. S. F. White got the water he was boring for, wind mill.

lie will put in a pump and Mrs, Pcny llobards, who has been on the sick list, wo are pleased to note is about again. Let us only show what we can show this fall and the fair will be hard to beat. Programs, invitations, wedding or visiting cards neatly printed by the Horace Printing Co. The Masons, of Harper, are rebuilding with stone, the hall which was destroyed the cyclone last spring. W.

Durheim has finished his harvest lis wheat will nnc of it fall under 20 bu per acre aud some will go over 25. Mr. An'drcws of Chicago who has been visiting in the neighborhood of arrcl spring took his departure last Saturday, In addition to his full stock of drugs and patent medicines, Durheim keeps machine oils, paints aud the celebrated Diamond Dyes. Harry Hunters, crew is chopping oil and piling up from 35 to 40 acres of wheat every day (Sundays excepted) with his new header. Joe McMurtry has, at a great expense and what effects him much moie-labor, nit down a magnificent 6idewalk in front ot the post office.

Fiudlcy and Ward are selling off their iiorscs rapidly. Geo. Bartlet took three ast week and "Bob'' Hayden also stocked up with three. Our genial District Clerk is getting ready to farm, lie luvcsteu tfisu in a fine mare to match his horse. Sam can capture first prize at the fair for the best team sure.

Johnson got iu a carload of plows and harrows and has a car load ot drills on the road, will he sell cm? Ut course he will aud lots of other things too at the same time. 11. Shaffer is the next to Weaver and his well drill. Henry has been successful in striking good veins of water. We are beginning to believe! a little in witch cratt.

F. M. Newlon late of this county and now of Pueblo has been remembered by our kind Uncle Sam to the amount ol 12 dollars per month. Col. Jewel enginercd his cl aim for him.

col-! coiI! Col Lemonade, stirred with a spade. The best ever made. Take it in the shade soda water aud ice cream at Ij. ItOGKKS. Our city is now bouutifully supplied with water.

The new windmill is "gem" sure enough ami the horse trough is filled by means of a thingmajig that shuts itself off when the trough is full. Notice! The citizens of Horace aud vicin ity arc requested to meet ot the hal Tuesday evening. August 2nd 1892, to arrange for an old fashioned Harvest home picnic. Lets have'er Harry Millers pet mule was standing in th shade of Frank Cretchers house one day last week aud in attempting to kick a fl off his ear h5 missed the fly and kicked some shingles off the roof This is the true version though Frank declares that lightning struck It, the house we mean. Itcv.

Shcafor who ministers to the spiritual wants of the Baptist people Lcoti as well as Horace was the recipient ot a pleasant surprise on the occasion his 21st birthday at tic hands of his Lcoti fiicnds it being a handsome purse of money to be spent by him in a library Such little incidents tend to life. briunten The railroads are offering very liberal terms to the members of the G. A. It who wish to attend the encampment at Washington in September. We have th assurance that the round trip will not cost over $10, and if we can fill a cn possibly not so much.

Any one wishing to go should call at this office, and lcar particulars. TUAIN8. T. B. AT SKLKIKK.

TU.UNH WK8T. No. 8. Colorado 6 M. TUAINSKAHT.

No. Atlantic RxprvM A M. VrnAy MK'pt Sunday. Train run on Oontrul O.B.llardlmr, Agent, I.O. O.

F. Horn co I.oJha No, SJ17. Horace KiiiiKim. Moot Tlinrmlny evening ot cuel wrvk at 7 o'clock, in Odd Follows lmll on Main Ft. All yIhUIiik brethren nro Invited to tteiut, ChttK, II.

White." Jutueii Lovett, Secretary, CA. It. AUNKV 1W No. Dopur-uicnt of unmix, K. J.

Dixon I'ost um-mniulcr, K. J. Kvei-ett, AdJ, Nccts flieU ButurJay euuli ut 1 o'clock i. M. ut Ator, Kan.

lt.Q. TliompHon Font moots 2, mul 4, Patur days of ueh month. O. O. dtejjory.

Com, J. I). Ulloy, Ad I. Sons of Vetoians. I'prklns rmp No, meets on tlio 2nd and 4, Paturduy cvetiiiiKS of etieli month.

S. McUlashon, Com. F. Closncll. lstfctor't.

11111 Sheridan Cuinp No. 175 meets 1. und 3 Saturdays, Heeoid Coin. C. Hnnillton Sorir't iOH'V OFFICK iH-HNHt 7 a.m.

Closes Ft M. Upon Sunday from HioDA, to 7" Mrs. J. 8. MuMurtrv.l'.M.

HEADLIGHT FLASHES The fair. Dont forget it. See White for eggs 15 c. Paints and oils at Durhciins. See White for butterlG c.

A fair is our best instructor. For cheap tablo cutlery, see White, Dwelling houses arc ia demand these days. Jim Brlce is a distant lelativo of Prof, liarey. Horace will be a watering place fioon. A fair gives ono a chance to meet ones lricuds.

A fair lets accomplish. us know what wo can Johnson is a rnstler You can't help aceiughisnd. Again wo say dou't forget that we will huvo a fair. Go to Durheims for; machine oils all grades In stock. See White foi roasting ears cucum bers and string beaus, See-White for roustiug cars Jjers and string beans.

cucum The Horace Printing Co. is prepared to do all kinds of job work. A fair is the greatest blessing that cau exist In any community. Daily arriving at Rogers, lemoup, oranges; banana aud fruits. The lumber company is erecting com modious sheds their yards.

Notice my large stock ol drugs, grocor iea, notions, etc. etc. at Rogers. The Pacific Hotel has becu enlarged an addition being built to the rear Johnson is running arouud hauling screens tsnvncaily every door in town Save vonr bost products Show them if it is only a peck of corn. Mrs.

Landis is making extensive inv proveuients on her Main Street property For letter heads, bill heads, cards or any kind of business printing go to the Horace Printing Co. Our town shows up in fine shape from the railroad the trees and gardens 6et out lu the spring, area "speakiug ad vertiscment." Mr. Hloan is visiting Horace with the intention of locating here. He has beou section boss down cast aud wishes to ex change positions. Pumper Davis has orders to have lts of water on hand next week as the roac will be crowded with trains going to the Knights templar conclave at Dcuver.

(Harry Jemison is kicking because he lias more clothing to pile up than he has places to pile it. Never mind Harry just ns soon as threshing begins you will be relieved of lots of it. But we need a good hotel and need it badly, Mr. Mooti doing the best ho can with the facilities his enmmnm deserves great credit for the manner in which he conducts the Imsinesa bu wo need a good modern house and with a little effort can have one. Who wi make a move in the matter.

Speculators are spreading the news of 'iho ruin of the corn crop in Kansas Wo speak for Greeley county only, that unless some dire disaster occur, our corn will maka a full crop, und although tbe weather is somewhat warm there have ltccn no terrifically hot days such as ee mentioned. Why will they not try come nar the truth? Is Prepared To Do All Kinds Of Printing. a Cards, Invitations, Programmes. Good Work Guaranteed. See White for eggs 15 c.

Mrs. W. Walters is visiting friends in this vicinify. Wheat harvest is pretty well over iu this county and you can hardly see out for the stacks of golden grain. The name of the man who was killed at Stewvrt was ascertained I.

F. Wild and his brother lives at Ossawattamic. Our old friend Joe Brows of Under wood had a narrow escape from being killed last week he got caught between a header box and the header spout aud sustained severe brusies, it is thought that some ribs are broken. A ractiou3 team was the cause. District court met last "Wednesday iving to ill health Judge Griustead wvs not present aud V.

M. Glenn was elected by the bar temporary Judge. Attorneys present Reed, Webb, Brown, Bristol and county attorney White. No business was transacted except fore closures. We were looking down our nose last week because the big implement ads we were carrying had to be pulled down and had to rush around lively to scrape up gossip to Ull the space but our tail is up and our head is up this week again the machine men want more space than we can afford.

Freemont Boyle agt for the Western Investment Co. was up from the ecu. tral ofilce at Garden City last Saturday. Boyle has a soft 8nap he has pretty nearly all out of doors to sell at lw prices aud on the easiest of terms, lie left us an order for 40 000 circulars aud wo are getting thorn out "yust so goot as any any potty. I THE HORACE HEADLIGHT 1 91.00 A VEAn, .25 Fon 3 Months.

THE GREAT WESTERN HORACE, AVENUE A. MOON, Only First-Class Hotel in the furnished LIVEllY IN HORACE, Murrell Stone CONTRACTOR and BUILDERS, HORACE, KANSAS. Ripans Tabulcs euro hcadacho. ifei lie MILLINER. Faegy Goods a Trimmiegs the latest styles In Ladies and Misses HATS.

HORA0B KAI2SAS. Ripans Tabulcs euro dizziness. FRANK LAWRENCE FIFST DOOR NORTH OF JEWELRY STORE- Haiu Cjttino A SrSCIAITT. HORACE KANSAS Ripans Tabulcs prolong lifo. Furniture AND UNDERTAKING.


The Daily News, ot ninety-six columns, has a capacity lor roadinsr matter equal to tlio arKTO Eastern papers. aims to furnish all tlio news of tbo dar, complete in detail, yet concise la form. It lu devoted to Vttern, and especially to Colorado interests. Our Special TeIjKOuapii Service Is superior to that of any other journal west of St. Louis.

The News employes more agi-nts and pays nioro money for special dispatches than all other Western newspapers combined. The News is issued everyday of the your. The Wkickly News furnishes a compendium of every notable event, at homo and abroad, with a liberal supply of eliolce, original and selected articles, specially adapted to family entertainment aud instruction. Itia tho best weekly family newspaper published iu the West. A feature of both tho Daily and Weekly editions of the News, of tho first importance to tho public, is our pei-reet system or market reports.

The absolute reliability of our commercial department has ions; been recognized by the business men of the state, and every issue will continue to lurnisli a trno rellcx or tho latest Kansas City, Ohienjro and St. Louis as well as local quotations. TKUMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Daily. One Yeah, by mau JlO.oo Six Months, by Sunday Emtion, by mail, pur year 2.50 Weekly.

One Year, by mail, in advanoo UX) One Yeah, by mail, arrear bills 2,00 Sample copies of either. Edition oa application. Alloomiuunieations must bo to NEWS riUNTINQ DENVElt, COLO Eipaos Tahulos a family remedy. ARTHUR AXFORD, Carpet Weaver, Kakpas Avenue. Tabulcs; pleasant laxutivo.


CITIZENS EXCHANGE BANK. Transacts a General Banking Business, Buy and Sell Foreign and Domestic Exchange. We deal in City, Township, County and-School Warrants; also sell Tickets and from Europe. Deal Extensively in REAL ESTATE. Clear, mg ot Titles for Residents and Noil Residents, and attend to drawing of Legal Papers.


N. Y. City. OGERS. DEALER IN Dhig, lliit Mb.


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