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The Nortonville Herald from Nortonville, Kansas • 8

The Nortonville Herald from Nortonville, Kansas • 8

Nortonville, Kansas
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J. J. J. J. J.

J. 5 1 Read them all, they're newsy. Go to McCarthy for a new spring bat. Mra. John Shirley of Topeka, visited this week in Nortonville.

Mrs. E. T. Lehman and children are visiting in Washington Co. Fruits, candies, nuts, cigurs and tobaccos at Muncy's restaurant.

Now carpets and mattings al McCurtby's. Charley Stillman and wife visited at Muscotab last Sunday, A. J. Perry and C. C.

McCarthy were in Oskaloosa- last Tuesday, Geo. Barns and Sam Fleming were in Valley Falls last Saturday. For Sale. -Five year old mare 15 hands, strong built. A.

J. Perry. Geo. Housh, Clarence Henderson and Frank Williams spent Decoration day in Nortonville. The W.

C. T. U. will meet in regular session at the home of Mrs. O.

W. Babcock, June 8th. Officer Evans is janitor at the Presbyterian church, and a good one. C. C.

McCarthy is visiting this week in Junction City, Clay Center and Concordia, Chas. Clingan is in Peabody Kansas holding down a job as day clerk in Frank Muncy's hotel. Don't make your wife bake bread, when. Koenig bakes such nice loaves and buns, cakes and pies, Mr. Cullen Sabetha, visited one day this week with Mr.

John Campbell. He has gone to Colorado to live. Preaching at the Presbyterian church Sunday morning by the pastor, Subject, to the Full." An effort will be made to draw some helpful and practical lessons from the story of Christ feeding the multitude. All invited. Fine candies, nuts, tobacco.

everything in the confectionary line at Koenig's bakery. Who ever heard of a successful love story where the lovers were not frequently quarrelling and sending back gifts; who ever heard of a man's business being a success who never had any thing 1 to worry over; who ever lived in a community and seen a church organization that wasn't occasionally talking of some member. Even politicians have their disappointments and their occasional scandals. It seems that to reach success in any undertaking it is almost necessary to go through trials, quarrels, hardships and disappointments. Jack Bates is selling Deering Binders and Mowers, Hay Rakes, this year, as usual.

His headquarters are at the Lawrence Hardware Co's. Call and see him for prices. A Blight Storm. The little wind, rain and thunder storm that came up last Tuesday afternoon, succeeded in blowing several vainable trees down in the city besides frightening some timid people who don't like storm clouds. Now Buperintendent.

L. J. Bates, one day this week decided that he had held the title of Supt. of the Electric Light, Heat and Power Co. as long as he desired and in accordance, he turned over the keys, stepped out' and no more has anything to do at the power house.

Cal Dill who has been assisting at the power house for some time has taken the place of Mr. Bates. An Able Sermon. Last Sunday morning we listened to an excellent sermon in the Pres byterian church, preached by Dr. Bailey of Topeka.

Dr. Bailey one of the hest men we ever knew. We believe him to be one of the smartest men of the day. Although he getting old in years he is still able preacher. Te in.

alwara plad of the him aponk in the cts. 15 a Enough, Boys, Some windows have been broken out of the school house by boys with bean shooters. A Delegate to National League Meeting. The Republican State League properly did what we suggested at the local club meeting, and Mr. T.

Eokles is a delegate to the National League meeting at Omaha, which convenes next July, Sunday Night. Last Sunday night at the M. E. church Rev. E.

F. Holland preached one of the best sermons listened to for a long time. He had a large congregation, 06 there was no preaching at the U. P. or Presbyterian churches.

Out Shooting. day was quite a day for snap shots. The church decorations, the cemetery, the band, the store decorations, the band stand and the streets made good game for our artists. We noticed out with their kodacks Monday, Walt. Gehrett, The Burdick boys, Oscar Hummel and Chas.

Kaufman. May Be Released, Sam Mott will do what he can to have Robt. Miller released from the State Reformatory. He has a letter from the young man's mother urging him to do so. The old lady is having her share of trouble, her daughter Myrtle has recently died.

Young Miller was well raised and has repented for his wrong-doing. Valley Falls Visitors. John Murray and Sam Dorn- blazer of Valley Falls, were in Nortonville Decoration Day. Mr. Dornblazer is assisting in his father's grocery, store and Mr.

Murray is on the New Era force. Why didn't you stay for the evening's program boys? Miss Anna Falls of Valley Falls, compositor on the New Era, was also in town on that day. New Officers. The K. P.

lodge elected the following officers last Monday night: Elmet Burdick, C. C. J. Skinner, V. C.

C. A. R. Meyer, Prelate. C.

Williams, M. of W. J. Killey, K. of R.

and S. J. Martin, M. of F. M.

W. S. Lawrence, M. of E. Will Seever, M.

of A. Tuley, L. G. J. Daniels, O.

G. The Doings At Night. Last Monday night was a fine one; no rain, no mud, no clouds, no wind, but a warm, pleasant moonlight evening. It was the closing of decoration day, our band which is a splendid one, gave an open air concert on the band stand; the ladies aid society of the M. E.

church gave an ice cream social the vacant room opposite the park on R. R. street. Everybody was out walking or riding. Young people and old people alike enjoyed the evening; enjoyed the band music; enjoyed the ice cream and enjoyed the crowd that was out.

For The Occasion ---Decoration Day. Our stores, streets and dwelling houses were nicely decorated with flags and pictures. This year, usual, the store of A. J. Perry Co.

took the lead in window decorations. Chas. Kaufman had arranged in the window a fine picture of the ill fated battle ship Maine lying in a bed of flags; in the window were also life size portraits of the six most talked of men today, Dewey. Schley, Sampson, McKinley, Lincoln and Grant. The other stores of the town were nicely decorated with flags and bunt- ing.

Commencement Week. The past week has been commencement week at the A.C, H. S. in Effingham. Quite a number of Nortonville people, mostly young folks, have attended the exerdises there on different nights of the week.

Nortonville people are quite liberal in attending Effingham entertainments and the Efingham people return the conrtesy. Struck by Lightning A. valuable horse belonging to A. J. White was killed by lightning last week, and Andy kept on talking politics.

Wears Two Shoos. We were glad to Fee this week for the first time in several monthe Mr. Herman Roach wearing two shoes. He has a new cork leg and although of course it is a little odd to him, he will, ere long, we hope be able to manage it nearly like he did the original limb. Temperence.

There was a good audience of 14 at the temperence meeting last Tuesday night. There was not an old toper in the crowd. Rev. J. G.

Dougherty, State Field Supt. of the Kansas State Temperence Union made a nice talk--a good temperence address and the cause was promoted. Memorial Sermon- Rev. E. F.

Holland of the M. E. church preached in the Presbyterian church last Sunday afternoon the Memorial sermon. The house was crowded. The sermon was the best listened to for a long time.

The church was nicely decorated. The old soldiers occupied front seats. The singing was fine. All ought to have heard the sermon and for those who did not we publish, this week, on another page, a synopsis of the same. Read it; save the paper for your relatives and friends to read it.

List of Letters. List of letters romaining in the post office at Nortonville, Kansas, for the month ending May 31, 1898. Persons calling for the same please say advertised. Robert Brewster, Mrs. Belle Eastman, Al Loufer, Mr.

John Richardson 2. R. D. Kirkpatrick, p. m.

Style, fit and wear in our shoes. Griffin Son. Decoration Day. to Monday was a beautiful day, an ideal Decoration Day. The G.

A. R. boys had things their way. Thirty-four of them gathered at teir hall at the appointed hour land at 2.308o clock, headed by the band and flower girls, marched to the Presbyterian church. The church was handsomely and patriotically decorated, flags and ing having been used profusely in the work.

Pictures of Generals Sherman, Logan and Hancock were bung on the walls. A male quartette rendered some good 14 music. The address of the day was by Dr. Bailey of Topeka. The house WitS crowded to overflowing, yet while the Dr.

was speaking it was perfectly quiet all over the house and everyone was intently interested in what the learned divine was saying. He was followed by Rev. Geo. Hills, who delivered very patriotic and well-received address. After the exercises at the church were concluded the line of march to the cemetery was taking up, and hundreds witnessed the decoration exercises there.

The ritulistic work of the G. A. R. for this performance is very handsome and was well done. The Post seems to have selected the right men for the varilous offices and much praise was bestowed on officers Kirkpatrick, Maxson, Haskell and Burns for their splendid deportment.

The old soldier boys looked their best and, bearing their grizzily (those that werenot bald)most all of them would yet be fighting soldiers, if their country needed them. Too much honor can not be bestowed on the old soldiers, and their patriotism should be praised, and it is not waneing a bit for we almost have to tie some of the old fellows up to keep thom from going to Spain. The messenger of death has again visited our community, and this time his summons was for Mrs. Eleanor Hood, the wife of Mr.S. E.

Hood, one of our worthy and highly respected citizens. For some time the deceased was not enjoying very good health, but no serious results from her illness were anticipated until about two weeks before her death, when it became evident to those who were competent to judge, that the end was not far distant. The deceased was born in Perry April 7, 1833. Was married Jan. 30, 1861, and died May 28, 1898, In the days of her youth she became a member of the German Reform church.

At the time of her death she was an esteemed and beloved member of the United Presbyterian church of Nortonville, Kansas. She loved the house of God and was faithful in attending its services. Her religion was of the heart, and therefore was manifest in the life, and in the excellent christian character of the six sons anddaughters who survive to mourn their loss and to rejoice in her gain. The funeral services were held in the U. P.

church on Sabbath, May 29, '98 at 2 p. m. The church was full to overflowing, of freinds and neighbors. An appropriate sermon was delivered by the pastor of the church from the text: "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." The bereaved family have the sympathy and kind wishes of the whole community. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." Obituary.

Roy Standish is in town. Joe Ellis visited in Atchison today. Bert Cirtwell was in town Wednesday. Mrs. J.

Speck was in Atchison Saturday. Rev. Hood, returned last Saturday from Nebraska. A. J.

Perry drove down to Valley Falls yesterday, Remember we save you money, Griffin Son. Mrs. C. Bently and children visited this week in Topeka. S.

M. Johnson and HI. Green were in Valley Falls yesterday. Ben Williams and Mr. Tyson visited in Winchester one day this week.

Get our prices on flour. Griffin Son. J. L. Elmore returned last urday from a few days visit at Excelsior Springs, Mo.

Wilber Titsworth came from Arkansas City last Saturday to visit with relatives here. Miss Grace Perry attended Bethany College Commencement in Topeka this week. Mr. Andrew Baird of Topeka, a prominent Y. M.

C. A. worker in the State, called last Tuesday. For windmill and pump repair work, see Mark Gohene at John Mair's. All work guaranteed.

Miss Emma Martin and Miss Sadie Freling of Kansas City ed this week at Geo. Goddard's. A. O. DeW inter was in town yesterday, and now look out for a lot of new, stylish summer suits.

Coffee--extra fine grade, at McCarthy's, try it and you'll buy no other. The K. P. -twenty-five of them--were royally entertained in Atchison Thursday night of last week. The newest things in summer hats.

Griffin Son. Mr. Gearhart of Atchison, is in the city this week in the interest of The Fraternal Reserve Fund Life Association. You can't help buying a new dress at our prices. Griffin Son.

Sam Fleming, of Norton township, was in town Monday, and left his fine Russell-St. Elmo mare with J. J. Gardiner, to he driven on the track for a month. She promises to show a fast mark.V.

F. New Era. Miss Eva Haskell's school in west Atchison is dismissed for vacation and Miss H. is spending the time at her home in Nortonville. Thos.

Seever was up from Potter one day this, week. He says Potter and all her people are all right and that fishing down there is good. Big stock of summer dress goods. -Prices lower where. Griffin Son.

than any- Epworth League. Sunday evening the Epworth League subject is "The Trial and Triumph of Prayer." An hour before preaching; all invited. Another Band Concert. The M. W.

A. band will give an open air concert in the park on Saturday (tomorrow) evening, if the weather permits. They will also serve ice cream at retaurant on this evening. Querterly Meeting. Quarterly meeting services of the M.

E. church will be held at Nortonville June 11 and 12. Order of services as follows: Quarterly conference June 11 at 2.80 p. m. On Sabbath; lovefeast at 10.20.

Preaching at 11 a. by sacramental followed serThe Presiding Elder will be present to conduet these services. Let us toake full preparation to be Men's, boy's and children's tailor fit clothing. -Prices lower than any town. Griffin Son.

Chautauqua Assembly, Ottawa Ks. June 13, 24. One fare round trip, tickets on sale June to 24 inclusive good to return June 27. Donald Bros. Donald Bros.

ALL EYES TURN HERE AS NO WHERE ELSE FOR The fact cannot be ignored, nor the truth suppressed. Millinery selling as never before Millinery saving as never before $1,50 Sailor hats, 79 cents--all the correct styles for street and cycle wearin red, brown, black, navy, green and fancy combinations in split, rough and ready, satin, fancy Jap and sunset braids -79 cents. 75 ct Sailor hats, 25 cts- -mixed straw- -newest styles for midsummer wear. Trimmed Hats- pick of four mammoth tables- all that is now desired in midsummer millinery including short-back, dress-shapes, shepherdess, turbans and bonnets- -trimmed in flowers, chiffon, airgrettes, quills, ribbons and ornaments; also a complete line of leghorns and white hatstrimmed in our usual styles that defy duplication--hats worth $2.50, $3.00, 83.50 and $4.00. choice of entire lot $1.50.

500 dozen odds and ends in flowers from broken lines--including many of our better grades of flowers- -all sorts and colors -in foliage, American beauties, corn flowers, geraniums and a complete line of silk, velvet and muslin crushed roses- -values up to 35 cts-7 cents. 100 dozen assorted dress-shapes Infant's caps, plain or colored and short-back sailors, all sorts Swiss baby caps, with ruffle, worth and colors, worth up to $1, for 25 cents, special price, 9 cents. 48 cents. QUEENSW ARE SELLING AS NOWHERE ELSE, QUEENSWARE PRICES AS NOWHERE ELSE. Queensware elegance as nowhere else: Queensware quatities as nowhere else.

In DONALD's busy Queensware Store- including the accumulated pieces from the wonderful purchases at auction. Second floor. GENUINE WHITE SEMI PORCELAIN for the price of the common Beautiful shapes and patterns in the set, 49 cents. Dinner plates, per dozen, 90 cts. Breakfast plates, per dozen, 65 cts.

Pie plates, per dozen, 55 cts. Handsomely decorated Dinner sets are $12 a set, will make worth GLASSWARE- DINNER SETS white granite-100 pieces, 85.75. same ware, cups and saucers, per in a beautiful shade of blue- -they special price on 100 pieces of $8.98. 20 Plain cts. tumblers per dozen, Ornamental tumblers per dozen, 25 ets.

Imitation cut glass tumblers per dozen, 89 cts. Butter dishes 10 cts. Sugar bowls, 10 cts. Bread plates 10 Cream pitchers 7 cts. Large berry dishes, all shapes and designs, 15 cts.

Berry sets- -bowl and six dishes, 29 cts. Soap slabs, 5 cts, Glass lemon squeezers, 5 cts. Pink and blue salts and peppers, cts. Glass pitchers, cts, White Semi-Porcelaine Wash bowl and Pitcher, priced as nowhere eta. Covered chambers, 69 cts, FLOWER POTS: 3-inch pots, each 2 cts.

5-inch pots, each 5 cts. Hanging baskets, each 19 cts, JARDINILRS: 15 cts, 25 pts, 50 cts to 85.00. Selling as nowhere else, Prices as Fancy cups and saucers, Fancy water sets, Fancy colored glassware of all Fancy decorated fruit platesFancy toilet sets. Faney dinner kinds. -creams and sugars -tea pots etc, sets.

605 607 Atchison Commercial St Kansas. Donald Bros. for 11 until nowhere else. Pastor,.

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