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The Tribune from McLouth, Kansas • 4

The Tribune from McLouth, Kansas • 4

The Tribunei
McLouth, Kansas
Issue Date:
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Hm W. Min-I i "Mister, llO MM! ntlh deten't -l rloliiini but a kij air, HAlTKNiKftS IN KAKSAd ITEMS Oh INTEMCST TO UWtt-URS IN THE SUNFLOVVufL 1. thin) ho! 'you'ro pi aren't you';" -t 'Well, 1 waat to rut ymi on to a 00(3 thins-" "What la Itr i' ivcd my .:,) i yo ir oh i He, i al. im, e. ii 1 i tin Unit 'it I sve tlm Ttienn tt fstttMe-li- a el tmr own?" -I iii-s-'f n.ii l.lutt---.

lif l'llsi! 1 'mi II fm fiita P. 'iiif ie in SS.U. UflliU tM urtlir tSi- Si'l '1 I lia let us malic Ii list of Vniit iivlilH." moment, driu' uncle I have tilled tin your -1': li' IVIn I In pleasure, tfwj'cimn itv lim.s r.rnt ih I'S-stst l.Hi, fr I'I'tit'C til Hi Vq if 7- i Ml yon a rjifipre ter let nto The Weeli'a Hntiiw of I'rraonial an1 Vfttt tt, Miort Cm nrei li the 1 ouvenlmico of II in i lud lieadera. Work tff J9. 111 laif poult hm eirrk rr t-nnhier er nnj-ihlfig; 1 don't ,1 eare, Put a pilxe, I bus, un' 1 ain't liiird ti'r plenwe." Watei from Ti Istil'y the, by Mist, mtte! by t''nH llt'suiti-ion cf Wii-iiita, won tin hrsi race Wr-d-lu'fiJay, over 17 el tii.

'I i 'ci-e 40 to 1 Biiikt the' WW hit a horse. Ttvo boys, James Kamney eml t' 'O pontic, it god reaped ivoly SSI ni'tl ,17 years, have been arrested on the chaiifc of robbing the of Willlain llclancy, near Saliiut. It is nllcgod tint they iiiukc into Dclaney's ana got away wit 11 worth of property, After luting out 55 hours, the jury in the murder case at Topoka, wars discharged. Eleven of the. jurors stood for the, cou lion of Prank Ncvela.

tho cobircd man cliifged wilh Uie sriiuc, while (ne colored juror siived Nevtil from a term in tho pent tentiary by resohilcly insisting bo was Innocent, --There great indignation expressed at the action of colored Juror Jordan. Elmer MiihlicU Basra son of 'i 8 re on the "Hut I don't twj yon. The places nra li.h'd anil you wouldn't auit tuiy- marhet at Wlrhita. A favorl'e attmmcr drink fttMiiulmt tan is Kititl to be uinlled milk. liir.v." "Wouldn't ftilt Iat bUoWM ycr don't lady (engaging a imrs'-)--Have you inow rue PiiecbUy," "What'a that?" toy Hwru'iuT Willi children to bo (ihol, on liven at Ab'lii- A woman, who used of a cannon in a em uu Mill, Irishwoman Oh, y'n, mm 01 used I a mir.ii rentier.

All 1 do Is tor to In- a child UH'seif wiinst 1 1 nave me hands In front of rt an look in his even, nn 1 Kin tell Just, how 'lhd wife-one half of II. world doesn't know how the other half lives. much money he luiu nn htm. An' tie man dat makes out tie bill dtn-s de rest." In t-) catch a hoife a man at Cottoitwootl I'allH put euotigh to get one, ot bin L'ukcd. The Info Senaf.tiy P.

Plnmb's t-on Tim husband -Well, iti 11 1" fault Star JtlJ limvTtli of Imigl. llasmtta'cn of laueolii. is at- of tmr sewing society, anyway. Ii ui Kate fiom I'tn. In Uie small-pox epidemic oI.lKSl, In England, the returns allowed 4,478 ihutts per million Inhabitants -BJ vae- The rnpUil.with which many, If not ell, fungi srw calculation: the JT trJ to 4.3S0 uiiviioeliuitcil, In the a- 'trncting cornddcrabie itttenlionln and about Chicago as a bicyclist and murksman.

lie in a meinber of (he regiment of Tlllnoii; national guards, a leader of the bicycle club, and also a member of the Ovarium! bicycle el nb of Chicago. X. Hulpicu, six miles north of Harden Cily, reports pumping tip gold in the well water 011 his' place. It was preat puiTball. lyeoyerdtm giKariteum, will grow as large its a jicck measuro In forty-eight hours, and apeclmena of garieua campeatris have developed from the button -of the slzo of a pea to a mush room as large as a coffee saucer in a night, lint this great inrrenno in not actual growth; theiin ppecies are proportion of 44 to 1, In the epidemic at LeiriKlc In 1871, the death rate was 12,700 per million, 70 per c-tit of whom wer unvacelmited.

These fit urea nr by Zt. Mulhall, In ponton the proportion was lo to 50, tit: In Philadelphia 17 to 61 i region, lias ju't priuhiatrd from the Moravian academy, at Nazareth, Penn. Ono of tho banka nt Fort, Scott bus S.100,000 on dt'pot it, mid a local napnr aayg the people have lots more bo- fcidt'S. PreMdent Peter McVicnr, of Wnhh-burn colle-e, Topeka, 1ms resigned, on account of 111 -health, lie has been president of Washburn for tG yearn The hen ry rains of Sunday nlfht and Tuesday moi'iihi are canning the people of KatihiiK to rc jolco on ncconnt of tho freut good It ill do the corn BOTH WAN THE CHILD. Rfililoft Cltnuna a Hu wtra to collected on flannel cloths and a sample Bent to an expert who pronounced it pure gold.

A jeweler at garden City has offered an ounce ftv it. It comes from a 12-foot vein of sand and water. many weekR forming inuhf the surface Of the ground; their ceils are small and elopely packed. When the proper de-gree of moiattire an heat sroutid this Incipient fnguti rolar'de, It rapidly absorbs moisture and, istintulaird by ths heat, Hwells to lis full nlza la few btrai-B, Boston Tranacrlpt Nicotinized Nerves. Ilea old nt thirty- Chew ami itH.

eat Hills, drill Is, I'r t)t lo. all the tiiuii. Otutla, Ti'er hai-fi'ied. noiiiitiK'a -til gw, a tol si'tomttiirittui hkicki lulls atory There' uu tuny way not No-'I lino will kill the nerva-cravlnt; fffwli for to! amo and make you atrong, vliionm ami mnuly. hold and gurmed lu euro UriiKSifta Hook, titlrd Tul-awti Sjill' i-moke.

Your late Ay free. AfStress Mer-luif Kanirdjr New York city or Cldcak'O, j. nu are born great," Yes. but, pi aeiotiti! bow boiii of them do shrink. PARKKTt, Frertonltt, N.

nnt call on you for the tl'i retvard. fur I belle.a lliill's utnrrli Cure ill rui-t ny raae finarrh. Wnn verv bad." Wrm turn for u. UcuJatt. fcoid by Druggists, io.

An fiithitsiiistic editor writes: "The battle is now open." Hut nlas! the intelligent compositor spelled 'battle' with an and bis readers said they su it all along. Pearson's Weekly. Postmaster Fnpatc of Tvc.v- ton, and Peters are In WanhinptTii for the purpopf of hav-injT tho free delivery system again es tablished at New ton. White And da yon mean to gay that you and your husband always agree about everything? Mrs. Jliack Always; except, of course, now and then when he'fc'out Terry Simpson says that next, year ic to rend his on to the -state In a preliminary contest of -0 in the American conservatory of music, Chicago, Miss Iviithciinc Edwards, tlnugli-terof J.

Edwards of Kmporia chosen to-represent 'hat conservatory in a contest with representatives chosen from three other eonser-vatoiics. The hnal contest came off last Saturday. Miss Edwards was again wiener and ill on the IS1I1 of this month reecho an elegant gold medal. Mi: -9 lliggins, a music aehcr of To-peka. sold some furniture to a seen ml hand dealer, and after he had taken If Troubled With Sore Cyea Janlt son's Indian Eye Salve wik positively vure them.

at all drug tores. of humor or fiiir-headed ninvcr-ity at Lawrence. He has been attending (ieorpetown univerhity, TVm-trict of Columbia. of that sort lio-toa Transcript I vi Itur lltiaSnrrll, Mrs. James Clearwater, who came to this city from Los Annelea recently, took ber 9-year-old daughter, J'erley, thlB afternoon fiom the possession of Mrs.

L. Vincent, who was given charge ef tli chlid by the father, says a baa Jose, special. The police wero appealed to to secure the ret.irn of tho child, but they refiiHed to interfere In tha matter. The parties were not divorced, but separated last May. For three years there had been trouble in the family over religion.

Clearwater claims that his. wife, after becoming a Seventh-Day Adventlst, left him. An elder and preacher in the church named Saunders, it Ik claimed, told her it was a sin to live with her husband because was not a b-liever. Last May, after a camp meettug excitement at Oakland, Mrs. Clearwater left her husband and went to Los Angeles.

linr Ideal. SUmpurae You say you are not In lov with any one else, but you are In love with an Ideal. Perhaps I can in time approach that Ideal, Miss Beautl (regretfully) afraid not. Ha is a character in the "Arabian Nights." Everything he touched turned to gold. Butler- I may be poor, but there was a time1 when 1 rode in a catriago, Cook Yes.

and your mother pushed File IR-months' old child of 0, 0, Martin, of Ottawa, vests almost fatally burned Tuesday, II. S. Went, who was lianjrm'r paper in the house, I'oul breath is a discourager' of nf- hi- smothered the flames with a quilt Action. (rfA ways an indicatlatl frank IS vols, a colored man, is ho of poor health The fitronueat Men Crow Weak Somi'ttuiBS. Taw siun-l out to renewed vlior If takna by ttun-e fiiaaibb; euougti to ust on totter 'a i strmaiically.

It nuyuiieti uu tao thtfiu Ui iixMiiuiiUu Inoa, uiu tomiiinca tlm OUlllrf! III lillfi IDDUlCltliil hlUIIUlillll WltU uinsi; hi Kovcrutitn oreveative ruuimiy. Malaria, ti.vtii'iiiia. timMiiiat.uij, aaa hiuucy art) curd uild kvertua ay it, Mary lane Why does the man In the middle the diamond stand and hold the ball so long and make faces at the man with the bat? Aimer Can't you eve? Wants to make, him mad he can't hit it. Cleveland Plain Dealer. Thee-Emprcss Eugenie was in P.

rl not long- since on her return to riirnborotigh. bhv drove through tha Tuileries Hardens, but no ona recognized tho pale-faced lady dressed in iDourtiiit? she drove by the site of what wtts oiiee the royal abode where she entertitiued nearly every sovereigu ia Europe, For Wlioojiing Couch, 1'iso's Cure is aaccesaful remedy. 1 i liiroop Uroi'klyii, Old, diiguerreo types are the latest antique tu uoiho to the fore They ure framed ia. dull colored velvet or in silver or peivter, and their soft bemty in fashionably valued. flow is Your Blood 7 If it ia poor and thin and lacking in lh number aod quality of those red corpuscles, you are in danger of sickness from 'disease germs and the enervating effect warm weather, Purify your blood with Hoods Sarsaparilla The pri-av nlood purifxr which hns roved pi nii-rit ly renin! of cure1-tin- rns' tried tn the district court at To- had digestion.

To it away she remembered that her diamond breastpin and earrings, valued at $lir0, were under the top of a marble-top center table. When she went to the second baud store, she found that the owner bad gone to Kansas City for the purpose of selling the The police are after him. bad digestion is pekit, churned with, the murder of Mrs. A. D.

Mafson. who was found brutally murdered in her home in To-peka-jast December. traceable almost all human ills. It is the starting point of many very sir-ious maladies. Upon the healthy action of the diges-tiv'c organs, the One day last week nt f'iier-vvale Mr.

Mi oretl tnrot Ida Ii, Wells, the noted colic, direr on anti lynching, Ice-in Topeka Monday night. She Schultheiso purchased the neces-mry license, with which to wed Minnie GerrithOit, the ceremony to take place the following; daw A few mo ii a hi If the IJnliy ia Cutting I -th Be sure ami li tint olil ami well- triij Mm. Wihsi.nvv sli'HTHiNu (nr flily educated young woman, A Truthful Hoy. Mrs. De Fad (in bric-a-brac shop) You have a beautiful collection of antiques here.

New Ley-- Yes'ci, we havt all the latest noveltlos. blood depends for Ps richness and purity. If digestion stops, poisonous matter accumulates and is forced into the blood there is no place else for it to go. The bad breath is a danger signal. Look out for it If you have it, nr any other symptom of indigestion, take a bottle or two of Dr.

Piercers Golden Medical Discovery. It straighten out the trouble make J'sf, blood piire and healthy and full o( triment for" the tissues, ments after the license had been purchased the lady became do-merited und has been a raving' mania" ever sine Walter J. ovirt, whose home i in Topeka, 'graduated Lis', week from the Troy Polytedinio school at Troy, Ni one of the moat thorough engineering schools in the United Ktales. The yonntf man hub spent four years and has all over the United States and speaking against, the lynching of colored men ia the South, which she claims 'is, in too many cases, entirely unwarranted. Miss Wells will, on June 27, be married to Ferdinand L.

Harnett, a well known colored attorccy of Chicago. The constant cutting away of tha land by the river will soon render the bridge over the Misrouri river at 'ipsallei! in nicrljcal history. it.h pure, neli blood you will be well and strorif. Do this iniportiuit matter, ike Hood's fe irsaparilla now. Hnnrl'd Trills Uilin, mill, Capital Idea.

-Making money. Usually 'misRts" Matrimonial (mils. "Hanson's Mafflo Cora Hutva." Warranted to one or iutuit-y ratuinM. AA jemn druggitt lot lu 1'i li-ts 15 rants. Pcatriee liarniden, the author of "Ships that Pass in the Night!" is sn little and her tigure is so slight that aha looks lilie a child.

Sluiilflcant. "Hid you know Jack had chutiD-ed the name of his new mare ficuu halha to Mother-in -law?" No Wl.iv? lleeanse ahe interferes." Ihistoa Keacnu. ileeeinnn'a lHmihr Fi-ti (ilT('irln. I ilatnin aii'l or Ktn pet, Chilhlaint, to. u.

New Hvn, IX Little illowdean. waliiinrr with her mother, BtumbSed bcveral times over the. roug-h pavetnent. Her mother said, "What is tho matter, da up liter?" Nothing's t'ie matter with me," she indignantly replied, 'it's the ground Ely's Cream Balm W. N.

III! A-VOC 8, NO. S3. VI ben AtJHvvfutnt; A tlvc ft iar ment riwai Weiitiim Tills I'uper. 1 wn.u ur. CatarrE i Appty Ksiin into eaclt nostrrt, in places.

"Keiv York is too tli'uk Advc.rti.sjr. ff i Pot Your' rTiPPPPDSOOI! 3. 1u completing the course and will come homo thoroughly equipped as a civil engineer. The largeat students' pay roll ever ifKitifd at the state ngriculttiral college is t't'it for tin; month of May, just paid. It contaius Kit nutues, and amounts to The work done covers every conceivable task- from sweeping the floor, ditchinpr and hoe.

ing weeks, to picking strawberries and science. Charles, I. Martin, mailing clerk at-the postoffice at Parsons, while walking on the M. K. T.

track on his way home Friday iiijrht, was knocked iu-sen-stble by some means unknown to him. When he recovered consciousness he found the heel of his left shoe had been- torn off by being run over by tho cats. Whether he was knocked down by a train or footpad he is unable to say. His injuries, while not serious, will lay him up for several day a Professor dewett, Tbeo. flasshagcn and (i.

XV. Ilnrd, of Abilene, received word that, the last of six patents applied for on their of a ison practically valueless. The Santa 1'V, Pnrlington, Missouri Pacific, Kock Island and St. Joe Grand Island, the roads of this bridge, will, some time this year, it, is said, rebuild the old St. Joe.

Topeka line, constructed many years uro-from El-wood, opposite -St. Joe, on the Kansas side, to Atchison, anil which was used before the bridge at, Atchison was built. Thursday morning a patient of the Topeka in.ane, asylum, idose McDonald, aged 50 years, from Ilrown county, hangejl himself with a three-foot window cord io a tree in front, of one of th! buildings, from which he. and two other paiicnts, Jacob Scliaflei' of Lincoln county and Schuyler Dressier of Ellsworth comity, ha escape be taking out a window. Tliey were alt known as quiet, harmU'-s patients, having been allouedtogo.

into town quite often alone. is supposed that he obtained tho sere driver, while on ono of these trips, with whieli they took tint the window, War is to be trade on the Russian thistle in the vicinity of Logan. The obnoxious tveed Js a foul- hold as to greatly" alarm the jieojde of kar The'eTly' cTmlfcTI of EoH can has announced tha. nil who trill come to town and io lht tr-m- i I 1 MAHttt 1'OISON- portnimentty i i ared loto23 dart. Ton can bo treated at I 'lOtuf irriajci prn If profor tuonma beta we wljlmn, lwuur Rif we nil toi-utw, ir you have taltn inr.

ury, Imlliin itaKli, nl aiill hava acliea ami mO! uciil'aiehe In moinh, Korea Tlirnau l'l pi, Oiejxir f-pnta, on ftnr partofllie b(lf, Hair or fHlilni? out, It la 6eniiry Jti.OOH I'lllso wetfrant; foenre. Weaoiidtlbemmt uhati-Mieraui am! rhHllrnca the wnrld a aw cannot "ire, 1 it diaeawe tins aiwnrt tiartied the ah 111 nf thfc liioat, eminent phvsl-ciii. csiiiitiil bohiriij our tirialrnarnt. A bun I tit, on DUlwata-n, Adrtrc.a HK CO feol iMiiMmiij lempla, CUltMHt, ll.U I nt out and anid tilt iv-rt lauumiit. when you buy inferior soap instead of the genuine Ii a i 1 1 KNOWLEDGE HOTEL ijEUDA.

0EI C4 SPRJXOS. KANSAS. The favorite of every woman who ever used it either in the laundry or for all around the house lwk-4tad- lute fcwitek-lv 4 Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when -Tightiypagq hf -msHyf who frw hctJ-ter than others and my-A life mttftyttiA: less expenditure, by more bold that a th i a t'Mj'KIi Stff SK AO EM NT steel, such as a case knife, inserted THE N. 17 FAIRBANK OliANY7- ST LOUIS. irld'n be t'trouch the crevice of a door be-ck of st rotiut tji la A Popular Resort for Health and Pest, tho Heeds of- T-tr-STrtti rr-wrr I Ulirnr rs fastened i tli Yale locks- The lies wit Ii noes lies uniny 'will alne to health of the pure liquid of dor RATF.S $3.00 TO S7 00.

free il i nncr, i at ed in tha pvnitiph- mbi.f jh an in.i furuisbe 1 "'it The success ss iilra ijfa ntfci rfftfr, 9 1 of the S'atc Fair at regains good race, is a sv rirrca vitcnisa as which fills out the bevel of the latch, m-h n-1'ii'o aid poi feeling the loi. '1'he (itiui the n.vent.on think they have a bnuaiua mm iAiasrsiij Very Latest Styles MayM.ton 5(rnl I'nilrirntur nii. liriuw sored beyond dould. ur remedy, byrup of r' Its excellence is due to ils presenting i.i tli loim l.iost aec ptjiide ii enfant tti the taste, the refreshing ami truly IciiiGci.J pripmii" ot ap-itut "ave tuuliy 1 1 an-nT tne -o, prominent horsemen, are in'erestcd i rift he ties: I horses of the Uci.t have been entered i A.l.litleiial ur I'l-itntt. U-Wi -auv H.L I i 1 I i ir- v.

eM It RsalH. tiuRS fiir t.te. imliif 4 A A an3 v-u In a ran if tth eeainvatu lia, ilm wtiioiiia -j- re n-tniy for ue. Will 4 wae tb. out twrfnroad Hard ,7 In It is In- bea: a -i -1 1 O'-.

I. Jispeiling colds, headaches am: i ii -s 1'i up rwu ii for bus ctm 1 l-iinsnpatlon. lv Ti. i-cnr A Sf and permanently curing It 1, five'i s.iMsfav ti' ii and m'c are coming ev were paid la this inspired faith in to the ichita peed rni2 1 nremmms tsi-l'i, i ilic the peed ----j b. juet, eoui- ailO number of inmprnil.

t't. 7 vi 1 hi vvi im( iipprnval -ion, licejtc-e it, nev- 1 i 1 1 i 1 them i ii i te nnt." Kid fnest the Wm IV Mi heng a i I tJhUtwtl i-'bceftvUtepacUImthem, hr fl r. bttivfrrcliiim the i. rat can be tcorts loo emeicd 4 -1 IV I every objeetionnhlc Svep 1- 1 noMii-iti'. .7 i mi i a i--, i l-v in iLMinmt uu to si.i; crd 1 1 ei i 1 vti A --i-i k' I hAkis HAIR BALSAM i CstHSr tt til? hSf 1 Put? 1 -4 i I.

vUT ft bmr it 1 lor-,,,.,,,, i (--V s. r) t. in i 7 i.nd sU. (,,.,.,,, I 4 S' j. 'r in 1 I i'il.

a. l.t i ej I tiic 1 1 ('o. only, t. hose name is printed Syrup lisrs, a- ti the Hit Halo house to i 1 i 't i i make records equal to in- best. It i A Jf 0 i i i you si I lint nit" 1 1 lull tin: irnclf, rl 1 1 J.

4 rt sant tltiit tiie siritt'T of horses recent 1 -tti- firm i I i'. a and bv-srar well mfonin a'iti" vi.t ro, liVi, A nt ic Wieiii a hoitac it i s. A I (ti t( Hi Hi If 1 -i -e 1 tv lUUi ItW 1 a I 1 i ,1 1 i'-r'i Kj.a .1 HIGHEST AU'A Ml) i AIR. I larm at uanas are iie "1 tx, rjJ PO9 of twtiwn proancts in the mar-i i 1 vmtnj not outv she Vcs iteis if toe entry. i- I I out won 1 i i' i 1 I 1 eft'-a of for i 1 1 1 i.

a k. iiuktiuLJ, tlJI ITTl MirlfKl. I L. -v I tcarfc Icit Ice'-isv or titr-- new i A w-t f. I his rn nt it, n.r h-f" si users is' mi I'rtifi -sor i A tfcm.

a dim it-. 1 sr. 1 tr r- t- i a 1 I I fr Jul I at ii it. I'ircis I i i niv lit rta. I ff if 1 -i i--i- i A i ft (,.....,..,., If i' 7 1 CwUpcn Lr l' 1 I irj petjtitus.

yvvt' "yyirji i i.

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