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The McLouth Champion from McLouth, Kansas • 2

The McLouth Champion from McLouth, Kansas • 2

McLouth, Kansas
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i I about f'etity years tdd and died a few years ao in the Knmo old house. The imaiedate cuiihp of hjs death was paralysis, lie was i A i Hi if ('j rr-- THOMPSON. WALL PAPER, 'S3 WINDOW SHADES Sotaort-ptiaa It. tO ia stricken' on i uesduy morning; 107, and died on the afternoon of 'Tuesday, February 23, withont'liaving; recovered hh poweii of speech, although ho had' intel'Vfils of oinr.vitY uf cuacees Died at the hunt of his Anthony Crease, four miles south west of this city, Tuesday, February Charles Cresse so-ed SI years, 4 months and 10 days. The subject of this sketch was horn in Cape May New Jersey, October 7, 1812, whare he wa-i raised, schooled, reached manhood and was married and also part of his familj wjw horn 1 1I was aiwuysji lover of the sea, and took to that life, nt MLLINERY, mirw 0 fort Of-, fwu'M IP When conscious, the children would take of his hand ami 0c Ti'lMidii tht Hsana 1(1 lertdkiiiff 3.1 line "do vou, know he would give their hand a pressure and.

with hi thumb LINDSEV Undertiikei wou'd c-ufesa their hands fur a McLOUTII KANSAS is PtcilJtl.t 'Kinly JT i rotn arp fur aMthini tr t.i.vii Will o'lr-'W fr Ar I'M-hant' 1 1 are iuu Mlnle and then release them ande-o the aga of it. rn he wa- "sailing; master in the vousling; trade on vessel to an uneE, who regarded him as a ear'Tid siobr at hat earlv lime, lie followed that 1 1 Lt tilt hOtt of AND to sleep airain. When he was first stricken the family stmt a telegram oOIJahoma for sim', Charles and it is supposed he had heard (he family he i.l li I 1 1 1 In life' for nuinv vcars iie year Ace nh ij; i por tl hi 9 iyiiyyou-ta tillkine- yhoat ldiikilmfe. for COlllllie' i crem. me whenever the door oiijd open he were i' K't.

an 1 e'mlh i. it on them. ia obi the nvuiv would uiove liii liead ahnut until hi1 could sec who the new ciouer tuan an? of For Reliable Insurance See Full Fine of Furniture of alJ Jhrd 'I i i 1 Ti as. Al the limwcf the arrival oi the son Mr, ('- vs erv luv, I ls'')7. hit father botie'hf a vesstd, the Faiise, of whieh lie wu.i niade ce.piaiii.

ThiV jie sai'ed 1'wo In his faiher built hi' M'-m'I iiide, whi''h he tor a(uiit aix and h) rdso sailed the e.e M. Marey' for a time, hi Novemher 1 s0, le as iiiar-ji'iecl to Mi dt-ebliai) (ii i tilJ M'lllli. ti. Iv 1') j', jt fii i -1 The fiearsf in the Couny uiruishod with Collins and Catd efs (Jivk Vs a TaiAi. .1...

i UHUU i 111 )H and imt alicrwatds rallied and hint by a i'eut le pressure of the hand. VVs informed thai, his wife died in similar mamicr, Thcr vtss fonrlli of July celebration their home in Illinois, and wmie-linie durine; the afternoon she had In I'd into the hou for soiiiotiiin, and niiile there was -tricken, and died ihe next day. To op Mi i I Firt t'i ib fused, fought it ad tbzled. Mi'n modesty preventr- hitn admit- he furnished adaie sharo ho tizzlirrr element, A Jong as it is ih disappou led ofice seekers who are making the ura cu Ieedy" tie ca'a fclwp at ta'rrU Eeedy is a bettor judge of i i) lLira suy governor we hroro hud tf.irs- Liwronoe World. 'Ueunloin'it Hie.

Hie 1 a and nioviul to Menard cmaijy, Illinois, where he j.uirchitsed tui hundred and forty acres of laud, made hi homo and mined his family. His TUB KANSAS CITY NORTH WESTliRX R'Y wife'died in July 1 STd leaving B. F. LAWSON "I i OSALEPj im iivo children, Philip, Judith, Mar-g-i-et, Anthony and Charles Mclvin, is mw a-umiing Trains To and Fr i Union Depot WARE U11N ciiimren cams to Kansas at an early day, and. Mr.

Cresst; cime ia and had made his homo with 'first one Of the children and then another until his death. The funeral, an extraordinary laj-ge oji.e, was held at the Methodist church, the sermon being; preached by Kv. J. Klein, and The. Abilene Befltotor truthfully tKjs.

"The. jspuctaele of farmer legislature in a state just beginning to make frogresi 'a buttr pro- liufM- voting in favor of okounrgar- im could happen only under popu- it nde. The packing hatiBs act im to hare understood its i irl-iwn. prepared to do all kinds of work in their lino oh ahort notice and in a wer-kmn like manner at the lowest possible for Casit. When needing anything jn our line, call on u.J four of whom survivo him, Margaret, Mrs, IcwartJ )tt-vingIiol nt Vtdicy Falls about three years ago.

In early manhood Mr. was eonverted and tok rui active in clmrch work: ir fifteen or twenty ycar-t in the Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal church in his nattTc county. His parents were faithful pioj.rtbcrs of the Methodist Ejiiscopal church, his mother being: especially conspicuous as a I eoctstetei.H sanctified Methodist. liie reinains btifief if. tire new B.

F. LAWSON McLOUTH, KANSAS. cemetery, beside those of his dau ghter "Mrs. Marg-uret Htewart, where he will sweetly rest until called forth on that la sT great day Kansas City Without transfer of Passengers of baggage, oonntting with all lines er FOR ALL POINTS As Good Service and Lch- Rate as Offered by our Oompetstors. Write or consult J.

P. IIekries, Agent i to reeeiTo his heavenly reward. 7 IiNTUCKV DRW. WHISKY. STANDARD PURITY.

or- II. E. Asst. (Ion. Fops.

DWilled of Car'atVdy Selected lira in and Pure. Limestone Spring Water, in Wood and Bottled under Our Own Supervision. Ken. tticky Duw iB the Leader of Fine Old Fashioned Sour Math Whiskies and for Mellowness and lUcnness of Flavor has no Superior Buy Kentnekj lw tiottlwl by the Distiller if you want absolutely Pure Whisky foi the tiub or Siek Room. Ask your dealers for KENTUCKY DEW, bottled by ourselves.

If hasn't it write us. Old entucky Distil cry, 1). Mescucnih-rV, Proprietor. i.xtcolv ASSESSORS' At a meeting of (he aFHPHSors of Jefferson County, Kansas, held in the Court House iu Oskaloosa, Mon-day, March 1H07, T). Metz-gpr was elected chairman, and S.

M. Henley secretary. The following sasis of vnhiHtiou was agreed upon, all property to be Hated at actual valu-e, then deduct conrtit ufioutd exemption and divide by three, Horse, six inonUsold aiid over io.VO to Jacks nnd ten time the insurance fee, lanled-fin -Idefi ISS- Prntwt yi.iir mnv Ijj-Ihk w.oi' Ii. nm -wiiiei-itiifRN ju.r IIOTd. 1,.

(., for 0ne: Mid new one tln.utainl luvtuttiuim wamnl. tFig On moving to Illinois jp he and liis fumilj became members of a Methodist church on the fan; i of IVter Cnrtwriht. Shortly afterward he united with a number of his eastern friends in erecting the Bethel jUeihodist. Episcopal church in Sangamon county Illinois, where his rjd ssve-ral iufant children are buried. During; his long; and eventful lift he wa a liberal contributor, of both tiuie and money, to hylft in church work, In polities Mr.

Cree was tirsl en old line Whig', and during: the Fremont campaign became a republican, and also gloried in being; called an abolitionist, but being: frotii home iiiiieh on business the first presidential ciindidafc that -A successful Irut iio voted for was Abraham Lincoln. During iiis lonir lifs ho was ffe-(jttently solicited I his friends and neigdibors to beeoine candidate for office, lint being" (f a ret trine; disposition vt iuTiFi i vcr 6 1 tseii I to allow his mono (o In used it. this connection. At ''chrtiohs he jievcr a ticket, ll was a say- Oho of the most hopeful indica-iiuiH of a clearer moral outlook in tin South is the wtty hi which bo saiiy of the Southern Democratic ournala are rfibirking Democra tic fia'udn. It they keeper.

vg with. th Maine honesty vipor that they are now dis- they will hurt the Dtno-j i atie party, but they will help the i- 'I he other courHe has been jfio often pttrnued in the past. The intefrritu of the Southern people Im sacrificed ii order to up the party. HOPE, itui-dl Sb3 hasbeu heard from, cage a Kepublieau and a Vhusi- man." He i away up in the jiiilHoBB. His opinion worth something.

He nays that prosperity will not r.omo oa Sag i.t the II publican to say so. MtjUiioty wa elected on hop. hz not brought fho av we wers to hsre haw not .1 to ths extwd. of a gentle Hope ia a liar first elan br. I.j lag 4s bin trade, and Uuu-sH Sagi) know-; ii, nnd so.

and knows it, too, t'Ut thry don't my n. Pnperlty is based on a niore -ut .1 thiog than coniidsnee. 'onndsnco never fwh the hungry, nor clntlifs ih naketl. or.fidenee led d.unen ind political. rtiud tU '1 'it is Tsui, fVeii the of prot.pfrjty.

DunV trade if view rwhaiR' to the wavif aritr. -r f- fr-rw 't i I "TS (, 1 Li Mules and iis-ies, moiiths 1 old and over lO.OO to ('m t' Shetland ponies to "tMH)j Neat cattle, kh inr-ntliK old i overRloekeis, Neat cattle iat, ier cat Lett 0 no Sheep aud goats per he'd IfogP, tix ijjoatlis ohi and or, jior rwt Farm ImpltunentH, wagons, PLT.iC.ire earrian of every description, guld p.nd. Silver i nr. "-US. fs 4 I T' i 100; sad Jew ciry 1 t.

and all other 'If vou dju't want loo musical iustruuicuts.iit the discretion tf to ole. for tt man don't ii'et I' 1 i hitn. on my fickef," From hi.s ssotikincnt iu Illinois in fs-F1, until he in l-l, he hail been a wry In 1 i Diitl's rV-1 r. pei.h. for J.ii.s.

ffi srrrr r-T'iti-inrTr-' i -r tr t.i. ft i I 's at -( i lion t( nt in i 1i' I ice each wt; it is htsh i-nd ir.terestir.. uta jbk wecklv I'ttTtyr by r-adiuc I I tie -t of a a UiC Bicycled I exempt or busied Oats per bndjel .10 Hv bii-hel. ut -ml 1,1 r. I 1 er I .1 1 i i Tiuiotnv sens per le, t'd i.ed uiuUT seed per bu 2-" 'at i.e' lill-ht 1 I Iia. Lou ci aid 1 Trill tr, but re'' In DoLAND a CO, Fair port, ith i a i hi- i il ti i t. hi ti, i lilii i uu ii i 1 ri in liieiti ueie a i their liehalr. ii. ij 1 1 i i i ii fi it -1 I i -I imidi, I Jl u- of in, oi 0 pte-t nt kit Le i in in- i reticent atjoin lu-f Serai-Weekly In btK i in 1 tli 1 i.I i i i i 1 i 5 i i it (i I Li tl cr I I II eo 1 iu i i i iV is: 'it 1 1 a Wi i i ii i i i i Ji 1 1 i i i 1 1 II I I i 1 0, I 'I .1 I I Oo. fi win' i If 1 at i t.

as 1 i 'i 1 (f tie proccoi; the i. t. 1 oj III bet 0 -U. i i 1 'II 1 I (-v a itsrs nHi'd, c-v. IT AT, 1 nil.

CM 1.1 the Ft 11 '1' r. ii.ati-urMh.n cud uppobltn.enti; --i to THE IMI -WEE KEY jinbbhcis, whf ebv v. Li! and THE CUAMflcK Mb I 1. i i f' i- t' 4 With Ali'i'H, aco vI.Y i have the SK ti: its yry i 1 1 Z1.

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