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Meriden Message from Meriden, Kansas • 8

Meriden Message from Meriden, Kansas • 8

Meriden Messagei
Meriden, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

:r.iDi::r 1 1 1 1 lunts mou rn; cot ur jp, A. II, llrt'iiy. uu.u'tii.iu of Elmer uVO tiiui of the 1'ony, ii.ii'ft iK.i cu.ii'-i' n.ii! wo i land ctniit i from uinli.i Club work in county re i inhiiicii, inado jt-J phoning $S00 st. In his a proved haiil accounting. jit-i li, i.l, as, Lev.

uiiu-r vill move liis Su Vojioivu havm, ceive! a this Thru the work of Vi'. lMkr and Frank of Kaw township 20 boys propu'ty lucre, 1 iH-H uoi. expect to have a regular up lalntiiifnt tins year anil pinna on IXivh, estate of J. made final set-j thei.ert Miid J. E.

Curry as guar' iliun ewiute of Hoy Fruzier, a mi-j nor. i Approv ed and -order made taking a much mailed rest. -Mirror Call 01, New Lot of Dress Goods-J" Here we are with another lot of the newest and nobbiest Percales and Dress Ginghams you have ever seen in Merlden, and at the Lowest Prices. We also have some very attractive dress patterns in white goods. Come in, and the best lady clerk in Jown will be delighted to show to you. Lubricating OUT Standard Oil Co. have already been signed up for tin) pig feeding contest iu that community. This is the beat record so far tor community, and the club will probably bo divided Into two clubs, thereby creating more competition and better organization of the clubs. This will be line for a basoball team in each of the clubs. It shows what may bo accomplished thru the efforts of local, men.

W'hoj will oqual the record? that estate of J. E. Curry in this guardhnsUlp bo released and bondsmen discharged upon filing of receipt showing that W. J. Fmzier.

newly qualified guardian, has received from said J. M. Davis the balance now In his hands In the sum of and a certain promissory Notice of Hoarfni of IVUtion to SW1 lU'al Estate To All Whom It May Concern, but more especially to Margaret S. Uone-witz, Sarah E. Chaoey, Ella Hoag, Charles U.

Chacey, Hiram I). Chacey and all other Ilelrs-at-Law and Guardians ad-li'em of heirs at law of estate of Amanda Brewster, deceased, late of Jefferson County, Kansas: You are hereby notified that Obadlah Chacey, administrator' of estate of said deceased, did, on the Miss Alene Hinn, Ass't State Club Leader, visited the county Friday r.o In the original sum of $927, upon which certain "payments have I made 83 of record. Order granted to Bertha Gleber, guardian of estate of Frances Marie and Saturday but weather conditions permitted only the visiting of the leaders of the Clothing clubs at Mc-Louth and Wllliamstown. We found Ciober, et al, 'minors and minor heirs of William Cleber, to sell undivided interest in a certain tract of ZT We have also a nice lot of Sendac the best cleaner for all woodwork and other painted surfaces that has ever been offered to the public. We have this in quart, pint and half-pint sizes, and it is absolutely guaranteed.

these leaders to bo very much interested and they have already gotten 23d day of March. A. D. 1922, ma a iicUtlon in the Probate Court of a good number of girls interested in the work. We hope to complete the organization of the pig clubs and the corn clubs within the next two weeks, if the weather wlllpermit.

land of 4.94a; same to be sold appraisement and for not less than three fourths of apprateed value. Final settlement of J. L. Raines executor of estate of John Sbortall, deceased, was made showing no funds on hands. Approved, and ex-! Do not forget that our Grocery stock is complete and the goods of high quality.

Jefferson County, Kansas, praying that I might be authorized and empowered to sell the folio win s-descrfb-xii land, for the purpose of paying the debts and costs of administration of said estate tow it: Lot (9) nine, Block (6) numbered six of the City of Merlden Jefferson County, Kansas. And said petition will be heard at the Probate Judge of said County on Monday the 1 Oth day of April, A. 1922 at 10 o'clock, A. M. of said day, at Which time and place each of you and all others interested are notified to he present and show cause if any you have, why an order of sale as prayed for should not be granted.

Obadlah Chacey, Adm. Dated this 23d day of March, 1922 W. A. SMILEY J. W.

Wendel, formerly of Oska-loosa but for several years proprietor of a motion picture theater at Ilolton, has sold out his business to an Illinois man and will retire from the movies, tho he will still live in Holton, MERIDEN KANSAS Taniac will overcome that run down debilitated condition and make you feel just like your old self again. Merlden Drug store. 6 Jesse Metzger MERIDEN GARAGE GOODRICH AND U. S. TIRES AT REDUCED PRICES ecutor released, Hearing was had on affidavit of Grace Williams, daughter of E.

L. Williams, deceased, upon estate of said L. Williams, deceased. Court found that estate was not subject to, inheritance tax and ordered that no administration on said estate be had in the Probate Court as same was unnecessary. I Final settlement of Obadlah Chacey as guardian was made in estate of Aamanda Brewster.

Court found that said guardian had received no funds into his hands under said guardianship, that the guardianship in said estate of Amanda Brewster, a feebleminded person, ended at her death. Obadlah Chacey qualified as administrator of estate of Amanda Brewster, deceased. Court approved sale of O. L. Zook, as guardian of estate of Jessie Ray Potter, minor, to Steve Burke, of lots 8 and 9 in Block 31, in Perry and deed ordered upon payment of $.300.

Annual accounting of Eric C. Steeper, guardian of estate of Ira Karr et al, minors, was made and approved, showing a balance for his ward, Mabel Karr, in the sum of $36.81. Order granted to Obadiah Chacey, Admr. of estate of Amanda Brew OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF THE FINANCIAL CONDITION of the Bank of Meriden At Meriden, State of Kansas, at the close of business on the 18th day of March, 1922 Fiesoures Loans and discounts 176,990.59 Loans on real estate 49,200.00 Overdrafts, unsecured 816.92 Bank furniture and fixt'rs, $2,515.00 6,515.00 Other bond3 and warrants 194.30 Guaranty fund with State bonds or cash 2,000.00 Cash and sight exchange, legal reserve 11,671.93 Total $247,388.74 Liabilities "Capital stock in $35,000.00 Surplus fund 6,000.00 Undivided profits $1766.91 Interest $1253.35 Exchange 26.75 $3047.01 1,913.03 Less current expenses, interest and taxes paid $1133.98 Individual deposits, subject to check $122,039.02 V- ster, deceased to sell all the personal property of said deceased at private or public sale, for payment of debts Cashier's checks, outstanding 58.87 Certificates of deposit due on or after 30 days 60,713.85 182,811.74 Bills rediscounted 21,473.76 -Collections not remitted 190.21 due from said estate. Annual accounting of Frank L.

Landon, as guardian of estate of Or- Total $247,388.74 State of Kansas, County of Jefferson, ss. L. M. Brazier, Cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true; that said bank has no liabilities, and is not indorser on any note or obligation, other than shown on the above statement, to the best of my knowledSe and belief. So help me, God.

L. M. Brazier, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 28th day of March, 1922. D.

W. Becker, Notary Public. My Commission expires on the.24ta March, 1924. pha Hall et al, minors, made, and the accounting, showing that said guardian holds for his ward, LIndley Hall, a balance of $125.76 and for Vernice Hall $53.87, and a contingent fund in said estate in sum of $5.52. Petition of Obadiah Chacey, Admr.

of estate of Amanda Brewster, deceased, was approved for sale of real estate and date for hearing set for-Monday, April 10, 1922, at 10 o'clock. Order was made for ad D. W. BECKER JOHN W. BERG L.

M. BRAZIER, Directors CORRECT, attest: (SEAL) tion, especially considering our increasing population. Thinking these things over, it would seem to me that one could not make a mistake in starting a young orchard right here in our old Jefferson county hills; providing, of course, one has patience and perseverance to stay with it through the' discouragements of drouth, rabbits, borers and diseases. To be sure, all is not smooth sailing even aftetrees become of bearing age, was clearly shown by last year's complete failure; and expenses are great in caring for an orchard; but after all worry and expense are the returns are good and we have an 'apple not excelled in flavor by many localities, and far better than any from the Pacific Northwest. As to our present prospects for this year's crop, they have never been better.

I believe if one had a record of the weather for the last 10 years, they would find that the past winter had been almost as cold as the average winter. All the fore part being dry, made it seem less cold that it really has ibeen. I have cut open many buds and found them all bright green clear through, and advanced scarcely at all. Mr. George McCarty, an apple man living near Lecompton, said last Saturday that he believed apples could go through zero weather yet without any injury.

course he meant at present without further weather. Mr. J. P. Farrabee, a neighbor a mile' east of here, himself an apple man since 1890, says he never saw better prospects.

Even peaches, though the bud3 are swelled and they are very sensitive to a few warm days, are still all right. From word that came from ex-Senator B. E. Wilson, who has been making an extended visit in California, we may' well be extra anxious that we have a crop, as he says oranges have ben badly damaged by the freeze there. The bark on many trees popped open from the freeze and many trees will be cut down.

Yours truly, Albert A. Rose. ministrator to give legal notice by LtJ 11 A puoacaiion or sucn nearing ana to FINANCIAL CONDITION file proof of the publication in this Court on or before the day set for OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF THE of the this hearing. Final vouchers of Fred Swoyer; Admr. of estate of Mrs.

Mary O. OZAWKIIB STATE IB At Ozawkie, State of Kansas, at the close of business on the 18th day of March, 1922 About Apple Growing in Jefferson County. Perry, March 20, 1922. Editor Independent: Realizing fully there are several men of this county more competent than I to write about apples, I have perhaps delayed my promise to you for such an article longer than I should have had I been better prepared myself. Knowing this I have made extra visits to orchard men of more experience, and so the vision of my article, if -tbere be any, comes rather from them But thinking, as I write, one of the most striking things about the apple industry was brought to any mind by an article in Successful Farmiing headed "Problem" and asking "If the bearing apple trees of the United States decrease 24 per cent in p.

decade, how long before we must do without apples?" Then followed a statement of statistics showing that there had been such a decrease and also that re-setting had been much neglected in almost all parts of the country except the Pacific northwest. Mr. Will Oilver. one of the Perry nurserymen, tells me there has been an awakening in the eastern part of our country, also, just of recent years. Mr.

Marlon Glyn, apple man who lives north of Grantville, tells me the decrease in Kansas has ben much greater than the average for the entire U. having been 60 per cent in the last ten years. If any one doubts this statement, let them, if they te 40 or more years old, look back 20 or 25 and they will remember, that scarcely a farm in eastern Kansas but what had an old home orchard. Now how few and getting fewer. I have before me as I write a year book of the Depart-men of Agriculture for 1918, and in looking for the relative importance of apple raising I find it places apples in the ninth rank In the total value of farm products, being exceeded by wheat, oats, cotton, corn, hay, barley and, oh, shame to us all! by tobacco! If all people were as fond of apples as myself the demand would be so great that in time they would rank third and be exceeded only toy corn and wheat.

Adding to these statistics on apples, resetting has been so neglected that percent of bearing trees, must become less for a few years, regardless of much resetting goes The commercial supply of apples has been, added to from a rather remote region by. prohibition. 'Way up in the mountains of North Carolina were orchards from which the apples, were nearly all used to make apple brand', and which after prohibition went into force were turned Swoyer, deceased, were filed showing that full and final distribution of fi nal assets were made and adminlS' trator was Resources n- nu discounts, 131,627.68 hs on real estate. 20 979 70 Lo Lo unsecured 519.99 other real estate owned 358.53 Bank building, Furn. and fixt'rs, $1626.40 322640 United States bonds on hand 1,550.00 Bonds to secure state deposits Guaranty fund with State bonds 1,000.00 Cash items and clearing-house items, 25660 Cash and sight exchange, legal reserve, 24.565J8 Taxes Uncollected Total $195,011.93 Liabilities Capital stock paid in, 20.000.00 Surplus fund 3,000.00.

In the Valley Tails Vinidcator two or three weeks ago some one advocated the' formation of a big baseball league for flaying Sunday baseball. Judge Bender's attention was called to it and he said "They will be violating the law if they do it and are subject to i)rosecution." He added that he presumed they were taking the position that, the case having been appealed from his court to the supreme court and that court not yet having passed upon it, they could igo ahead, but they were taking chances in doing so. Better taka the suggestion made by the Independent form leagues in convenient districts and get a half-holiday mid-week granted in the towns and have games which everybody can attend with self-respect and respect to the law. Elsewhere in this paper is a fine article from the Vindicator about bbservance of ibe law in regard ito booze drinking and playing, and we presume that paper will take the same ground in regard to Sunday baseball or is that a "bay horse of another color?" Undivided profits $5316.93 Interest 592.15 Exchange i 1.00 Less current expenses, interest and taxes paid Individual deposits, subject to check $5910.08 542.24 5,367.84 $99929.44 $4086.00 104.015.44 Certificates of deposit, due In less than 30 days oertincates or deposit due on or after 30 Bills rediscounted borrowed and deposited with State days 41.628.65 12,500.00 8,500.00 SAY, if the wlyyie country is in the clutch of a great strike of coal 'miners this summer, how far will a campaign against the, Industrial court of Kansas get? There is confessedly no law under which the government can prevent the paralysis of business by such a strike. The sooner we get laws that will meet such calamitous situations the better.

And such a law must needs be in essential principle like unto our Kansas Total State of Kansas, County of Jefferson, ss. A. O. Kendall, Cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true; that said bank has no and is not Indorser on any note or obligation, other shown on the above statement, to the best of my knowledge and belief. So help me God.

A. O. Kendall, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 24th day of March 1922. J.

W. Ijams, Notary Public. (Commission expires on the 15th day of January, 1924. Lost. Lady's gold Elgin watch, some place between depot anel block east of M.

E. church, or in some place of business on March 1. Finder please leave at Message office and receive liberal reward. Box CORRECT. Attest: SEAL on to the market for a better pur-j pose, and while being quite a sup-j Take Taniac and eat three ply frdm one region, it was only a square meals a day.

Meriden Drug-drop In the bucket for the whole na- store. E. A. WAGNER, IRA PUDERBAUGH, LOUIS PUDERBAUGH, A. O.

KENDALL, Directors..

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