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Meriden Message from Meriden, Kansas • 5

Meriden Message from Meriden, Kansas • 5

Meriden Messagei
Meriden, Kansas
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re THE MERIDEN MESSAGE HIGH SCHOOL NOTES L. A. Green, Superintendent The civies period last Friday morning was given over to Supt. Green who assisted as judge in conducting a trial. The prisoner was charged with burglary.

Earl Riddie was attorney for the and John Rowe for the -plaintif. The jury, however, could not agree, so the prisoner is at large due to the fact that there are no facilities. whereby he could be kept under lock, Bo far a new jury has not been 86- lected. The Domestic Science class is busy making Christmas gifts. The inter-class basket ball tournament proved to be interesting 88 well as full of startling surprises.

In the finals for boys, old, man Over. Confidence received a terrible jolt. Although the Juniors had been heralded for several days as easy winpers, the Sophomores were "right" and easily put a margin of five points between them and the mighty Juniors. The Junior girls retaliated by defeating the Sophomore girls to the tune of 32 to 2. There is.

much interest we shown in basket ball and we are anticipating some very fine games for the season. There is a county league organized and the schedule for Meriden will be printed next week. The motion picture show, which was given. at the city hail Wednesday evening, was well attended. The show was given under the auspices of the Senior class.

The proceeds amounted to $64.70. Lemuel Haynes, who has been absent from school for the past three weeks on account of sickness returned to -school Tuesday. Miss Mullen from Kansas City, who is representing the Colonial Art gave an art exhibit at the high school auditorium Monday morning. Each class of the high school voted to buy a picture for the school. The Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior classes purchased pictures from Miss 3 Mullen, and the Senior class will purchase one later.

COUNTY LINE ITHMS' Mr. Clarence Moore was quite sick with tonsilitis a few days last week. Ethel Wentz and Wilma Manley drove up in the country Sunday afternoon to visit their schoolmate, Edra May. They found her much better and able to be wp. Marion Haskill of Topeka visited friends in this neighborhood last week-end.

Miss Lovena Manley returned home Sunday morning from Oskaloosa, where she had been for the last five weeks caring for Mrs. Frank Anderson, who has been an invalid for a long time. Mrs. Anderson died Wednesday evening and was buried Friday. She was known to some Meriden people, as she was the mother of Miss Sudie former superintendent of schools of Jefferson county.

Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Crites and Mr.

and Mrs. Clarence Crites of Topeka, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Cunning and daughter Gladys, and Mr. and Mrs.

Roy Lux and daughter Lela, of near Meriden, spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lester Crites and family, near Hoyt. Mrs. J.

T. Brown, mother of Mrs. Elmer Mark, has been quite sick for nearly a week but is some better at this writing. Her sons, George C. Bills, and wife of Topeka and T.

W. Bills and wife of Havensville have been spending some time with her. Mrs. Minnie Manley received box of prunes and a box of smoked salmon by parcel post this week from her. son.

Chandler of Eugene, Oregon. Mr. and Mrs. D. L.

Neff entertained the three Preston children. in their country home last week end, and Saturday afternoon took them to Topeka to see Santa Claus. The following is a letter, in. part, from Mrs. 0.

C. Paxson to her daughter, Hazel Morrison: "We certainly had a grand time yesterday. I had no idea that Chattanooga was such an interesting place. We were all over the battlefields, and where every man' of prominence was killed is marked with a pyramid of cannon balls, and the same old cannon are still there where they were used, or as near as possible. The Government, as you know, owns the battlefield.

We went for miles on Missionary Ridge and on the graveyard, and in the afternoon we went up on the top of Lookout Mountain. It was the most wonderful day I ever spent. I was frightened going up the incline, an auto road also to the top which has 52 turns in it. The top of the mountain is level and over 500 people live up there. Such wonderful homes I have never seen before.

Only real wealthy people live up there. ROCK CREEK Our school show here was I a great success. Several have asked us to write some more, so we will make the etfort. Some married women here curl their hair when they go to the show. That is all right--they improve their looks.

Miss Iona Whitlow visited with Julla Hunter a day or two recently. Mrs. Jenkins is making an extended visit to Nebraska. Mra. Worcester has returned from her visit to Colorado.

No place like Kansas! We still have rheumatism and certainly would appreciate a good remTedy from some of our friends. The buzz-saw, making block wood, Is heard a good portion of the time. This means less coal to burn. Strickler's Business College boys came up from Topeka Saturday night and tried on our high school team at basket bail and the high school put it. over them at the rate of 32 to 15.

We have a pretty good team The fight was a hard one, but our boys "licked em" just the same: Mrs. McDermed and her daugh-1 ter, Mrs. Mary Cooley, of Meriden spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hunter and passed a pleasant time playing on the piano and singing.

The Bock Road Completed, The bituminous-macadam road to Oskaloosa from the Golden Belt road Just north of Williamstown was finished and opened to traffic all the way through on Wednesday, and there are no more detours. Some finishing work around bridges and elsewhere may have to be completed in the spring unless the warm weather should continue long enough to do the work yet this winter. But travelers can now run from the Golden Belt north eleven miles to the county seat of Jefferson without a jar or a bump--a joy-ride for sure all the way. The belated car of tarvia arrived on the T. Friday and the weather moderated at the same time SO the rock was shoveled back en the grade, the tar was heated up and was sprayed on the remaining strip on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, each afternoon when the temperature rose to the required Afty degrees.

That eleven miles can be made easily in a fliver in. 26 minutes and will be a much-traveled road. Albeit you cannot make the adjacent land-owners believe there is no jolt in it! -The Independent A. frightful accident was barely escaped at the foot of the Jones bill, west of the L. T.

depot, Saturday, Nell McLeod, Pope W. Allen, Albert Huber and Ed. were coming from Topeka' in Mc'Leod's car driven by the owner; the road In the shade of the hill was icy and slippery and the car got out of control and dashed on to the bridge and against the iron ralling with such force that one front wheel went over the rail and the car hung in that position, only a little more being needed to pitch the whole thing over the rail and to the rocks 15 or 20 feet below. Mr. Huber was sitting in front, the door flew open and he was pitched out on to the road and considerably shaken and bruised but not seriously hurt, and none of the others was injured.

The front axle was bent and the party was detained until nightfall awalting, the repairing. We have heard it suggested that it would be well to extend that railing. little and strengthen it some. -The Independent. A Boquet from California Inglewood, Dec.

5, 1921. The Meriden Mr. Roberts: -A friend of mine in Meriden sent me a few copies of the Meriden Message, and I was glad to know that Meriden had newspaper again. I am enclosing check for $1.50 to pay for 1 year's subscription which you will please send to the address given below. I know that it will be a good paper, as the Independent was always to the front in giving the kind of news that a person away from home wanted, and I know I will get that kind in the new Meriden paper.

I have been in California now about four months, and it sure is a fine place to live, as a person does not have to depend on the weather being good to go where you want to, but it is so that you can go at any time, and all the time, upon the finest boulevards that you could im- agine. Wishing you success with your new enterprise, and with kindest regards to all, Yours very truly, W. A. Gardner R. F.

D. 2, Box 143. CITY AND COUNTRY NEWS Chief of Police Swallow, who al80 acts as deputy U. S. marshal, passed thro Meriden to and from Topeka Monday, obeying a subpoena to a court martial at Fort Leavenworth.

There is talk of Dr. J. F. Preston of Efingham coming to assist his son, Dr. R.

0., at Meriden, which, with Dr. Taylor, would certainly give our city a plenty of medical and surgical skill. Dr. Preston says there is no smallpox, the diphtheria has disappeared, and while he has two cases of scarlet fever and the home is quarantined, the cases are light and no serious results expected. Talking about home-grown pigs, Will Gay says he knows there's money in them.

He had a SOW and 9 pigs that brought him $101 in year, and he is sure he didn't feed more than $20 of grain; as they had plenty of grass. And he has the original stock yet. That is some chicken house on the Topeka road 8 miles north of the city that Matters is finishing. It is 20x100 feet and indicates that the owner is preparing to glut the poultry market. There's money in eggs now if you know how to get it out.

Cut out the loafers and encourage: the layers, is one big point. Speaking of taxes, as people will' sometimes, you know, Will Gay said when the banker told him what his. taxes amounted to, the banker had to assist him to his feet and out of the door on his way home, and he had hardly been able to, walk around since. Says he has been trying ever since to borrow enough to pay half the tax! I. 0.

0. in initiatory degree this Friday night, Dec. 16. All members. urged to be present.

W. T. King's brother-in-law, Ray Kimmel, near McLouth, has a wireless telephone, and amplifier, outfit at his place and can sit in his home and hear a concert at Kansas City plainly. A roomful. of folks heard music at the Orpheum, Kansas City, lately, as distinctly, we' 'are told, as if the apparatus was in the room.

When Ray gets this adjusted and working all right we shall have some story. Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Morrow and daughter, Mary Catherine, spent Card of On behalf of the Christian church, I want to very kindly thank the mavor and city council for their much appreciated kindness in making no charge for city hall for the Dr. F.

J. Evans meeting. Guy V. Gates Chairman Church Board The Gospel team has held services in the Christian church the past two Sundays in the evening and has had splendid audiences and attention. There will be a meeting again next Sunday night at 8 p.

which every one is requested to attend. Rev. F. M. Manshardt, the present pastor of Christian church, was taken suddenly ill Saturday night and was unable to fill his appointment here Sunday.

Out of College," a act play given by Meriden High School at City Hail, Friday, December 16. Admission, 40. and 25 cents. Obituary Elena Jane Miller was born Jan. 2, 1843, in Dauphin and departed this life at her home near Meriden Dec.

10, 1921, aged 78 years, 11 months and 8 days. In 1854 she came with her parents to Kansas and in 1861 she was united in marriage to William C. Haynes. To this union were born 9 children, namely, Mrs. Laura A.

Wilson of Casper. Miss Carrie West of near Meriden, Arthur Haynes, residing on the old homestead southwest of Meriden, Miss Lea J. Haynes of Brooklyn, N. Mrs. Mary A.

Rice of Topeka, Mrs. Alice E. O'Keefe of Spearville, Mrs. Jessie M. Quaney of Topeka.

Her husband and 2 children preceded her to the world beyond. She also leaves one brother, John W. Miller of N. Topeka, 27 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild, and a large number of relatives and friends, who all join in giving sympathy in this sad hour. At the age of 12 she was baptized into the United Brethren church.

She was a member of the Women's Relief Corps at Meriden. The funeral was held in the U. B. church at Meriden. Services were conducted by J.

W. Hauchins, pastor of the M. E. church at Meriden. Interment was made in the Meriden cemetary.

QUITE A FAMILY, INDEED! You know we have a mighty big family of good depositors at the OLD BANK, but generally the large family has the most pleasure. Inasmuch as the old year is drawing to an end, and if you do not happen to be a member of our family, isnt it a good time to unite with us? A glad hand awaits you here, and we know you will be tickled to go thru the coming year with us. Really, our large number of shareholders and depositors is a source of pleasure and satisfaction to us. STATE BANK OF MERIDEN "The Old Bank on the Corner." Robert Stapel Pros, R. K.

Ream, Bec'y THE MERIDEN FARMERS' UNION BUSINESS ASS'N, W. R. CROWLEY, Quotes you the following prices: Sun-Ray Pancake Flour, 4 lb. package for 40c Bran, 85c; Shorts, $1.25 I. H.

Flour, $2.00 per sack Blue Point Flour, 1.90 a sack C. H. PEEBLER UNDERTAKER 909 No. Kansas Ave. TOPEKA, KANSAS Calls from Meriden and vicinity will receive my personal attention, day.

TELEPHONE 4088 GEO. F. CARTER, Meriden Representative, Phone 51 NEW FLOUR AND FEED STORE Supply your wants at the Meriden Wholesale and Retail Flour and Feed Store D. W. BECKER, Proprietor I buy my supplies in car lots and pay cash and I sell for cash.

When in need of anything in my line, bring your cash here and see what you can do. THE MERIDEN DRUG COMPANY. Glenn W. Morrison, Proprietor Are you wondering what that present shall be? There isn't much more time so here are a few "HINTS" Christmas candy, fancy bulk or dainty packages. Get our price.

Cigars, in Xmas packages and boxes. Beautiful Perfume sets, individual bottles. Stationery, Purses, Bill folds, Belts andWell, just come in, we will be glad to show you. Teaehers! If you want Holiday Candy come in; we have a fancy assortment, priced so you will buy. MERIDEN, KAN.

Phone 24.

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