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Richland Times from Richland, Kansas • 3

Richland Times from Richland, Kansas • 3

Richland Timesi
Richland, Kansas
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NEWS The Hero cf the Hour. Church Directory ADOUT TCWN. Still in School. Missionary Lecture. Mrs.

West, a missionary u. B. cuuiiCH-Sanday School 10 One day a gentleman on his way to paper that Is hai his namo upon lt; he is the oho who cannot afford to swindle you gulf Interest If noth'ng else would pwijtit this: ho boar his. share of tho gojd government and stay lectured under the auspices of the a. m.

Preaching evory alternate Sun ladles Missionary society at the U. his ollloe, in one of our large cities, stoppud on a street corner to wait for a day 11 a. m. and Sunday evening at 8 p. m.

Prayer meeting every Thurs eburoh Thanksgiving night. The meeting was opened with a song by day night 7:30. Rev. T.D. Halbert, Pastor.

Y. p. c. u. David L.

Zirkle, Pres. the ehoir, and prayer by Mrs. Halbert A ter another song Mrs. Albaugh Intro-duoed the speaker of the evening, A. J.

MoDjwtsll visited Topeka Monday. A number of young people were ekating Monday. Dolfo Beam took a trip to our Capital City Tuesday. Mr. Ilardlng ia erecting a now residence on his farm near Twin Mounds.

Lt filer Is bulldln? aetono Bide-1 BY BELLE KELLOO TOWNE. The man who, when temptations Around him fiercely play, Stands firm, unmoved, unshaken, Is hero of the day. He needs no blazoned banner To tell of battles fought; The world knows well bis triumphs, It crowns him all unsought. There comes to eaoh a moment Somewhere along life's way, When Borne supreme temptation Confronts him in the fray A moment fraught so deeply With either weal or woe, Gdrty Crockett, Vice L. B.

Mrs. West is a good talker and her Nlckles Sac. Meets every Sunday eve address was most Interesting. She ning 7 o'clock. car.

in bis hand be carried a cloth bag, which was stuffed full of papors A little tot of six years or so, perhaps 00 her first journey to school, and with her own little bag, came along, and, seeing the gentleman, stopped before him in evident curiosity. She looke him over in her childish way and then Inquired: '00 going to school, too?" ''Yos," said the gentleman, who was Indeed of the gentle kind, "I am going to school. We all go to school all our pictured the ignorance and horors of M. w. OF A.

F. V. Gibson, V. C. dark Africa.

he said that the women bare all the burdens; that they could R. H. Scott, Clerk. Meets first and third Friday nights of each month. be seen going to the field with their That angels watch the conflict M.

e. church. Sunday School 9:45 While earthward bending low. walk for Mr. Van Nice Miss Marguorett Hill went to To-peka Friday to visit her parents.

A croud of Topeka people were hunting near Richland Thanksgiving. A. Zlrklo called this week to enrol his name upon our subscription list. Church Services, 11 a. m.

Prayer-meeting Thursday 7:30 Rev. J. P. babies on their backs, and there they would work all day, returning home late in the evening to prepare supper for the family. The husbands carry their whips, and If their wives do nof 'Tis then the soul stands naked Before the powers that be, Jacobs, Pastor.

And bravely fight for honor, Junior Lsague 3 p. m. League 7:30 with you in sunshine and darkness. Paste these facts in "your hat and then stop and consider whenever you are tempted to send money away frora home for anything kept in your own town. Relict and look over the ads of home merchants In this papar, and avail yourselves of the bargains thoy inylte you to accept.

Ex. Allx Gardner is diging a well. Chas. Boyle, living about three miles from town, is seriously 111. N.

Mlnard is Buffering with Rhumatlsm. Subscribe for the Time9. $1 a year 50 cents for months, 25 cents for three months. There is being quite a little said about the Plumbers Trust. Durkins and Leahy tried to start up in the plumbing business in Topeka.

They endeavored to purchase a stock of goods which they were prevented from doing by the combine. Now these gentlemen do not think combines are at all nice and they have begun suit for 820-000 damageB and $1,600 attorney feea, making all the members of the State Plumbers Association the defendents. Orsinks down helplessly. obey them they are severely whipped. But he who stands the testing, I I- a .1 lives." Was he not right? Our education is only begun when we leave the school, room, and all our lives we are learners studying and hoping for promotion.

Should we not, therefore, bear ourselves humbly, as becomes beginner in a great schoolrSelocted. Joe Daily brought a load of corn to ouo W1 now mue im were BOm 10 And comes out from the fray programe was when Misses Mary Ben1 (JnBcathed, unharmed, unshaken, men ior tneir wives, ior a tooacco leai or some small nick-nack and of the Is hero of the day. ander, Bessie Archer and Einile Archer Ed and Howard Zirkle appeared on the stage blackened and attired In nigger town last Friday. D. C.

Van Nice received a load of furniture last Friday Scb Hotze had a presentment that he would get a letter and he got it. We find among our exchanges The fashi on and sang "Aho tt ime in the Richland Times, edited by Miss Eva old town tonight. This ended the en Corning. We remember her as a little tertainment and all returned home chool girl In aenemo a few years ago. Miss Delia Soudera returned from a She has had considerable experience visit to Topeka Monday evening.

The ice house is being torn down, In tbe work of getting up a newspaper Who ia the home Eels the who helps pay for the street on which you walk; for the school In which your children are educated; he helps to keep up the church in which you worship; ha is the man who builds a home which enhances the value of your property; every subscription and is capable and competent to be ef- and will be moved upon R. Neese's tortures that are 1b flic ted upon them. After hearing the sorrowful story of this heathen land, we appreciate more fully the blessings of a Christian civilization where tbe rays of God's sunshine lights the path to Eiernal life. Mrs. West also told what a transformation the truth had wrought in that benighted land and urged the necessity of more work in those dark countries.

A quartett was well rendered by Arthur Sbreffler, Robert Seybold, George Lukecg and Alfie Lukens. The meeting was dismissed by Rav. Jacobs. The church was crowded and for lack of seats many were compelled to stand. Itor-in-chief-typo 'oreman all combined We wish her success in her new place.

W. D. Harding from Twin Mound, well pleased. Eugene Freeman who has been feeding cattle the past two months In Oklahoma returned home last week. Mr.

Jacob Lutz Jr. and Miss Mary Kate Hilbert were married in Topeka last Wednesday. Wuen -Mr. and Mrs. Lutz returned late in the evening at the home of the groom's father a charivari party had gathered to give the young couple a warm welcome.

When called at the office and subscribed for the Times. Qr. Weed Tibbiiis, Mr. and Mrs. Hotze and daughter D.

C. VAN NICE, Office next to Post of flee. (Richland, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs.

Lutz got in the house the DEALER IN boys and girls made all the noise that shotguns, cans, shells, horns, cowbells and tin pans could make. After they had kept the racket up for a short time the groom came to the door and in vited the merry party in. Soon the bride appeared. The groom then HARDWARE, FURNITURE And Agricultural Implements. treated all and after staying several hoursthe friends of the young couple congratulated them and bade tbem C.

M. Smith, M. D. (Physician Surgeon. Richland, Kansws, Professional calls promptly and willingly attended at all hours.

Degree indicated by M. D. was conferred by a legally authorized medical college. Or, Colfax WroivneU, 3I3 Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kansas. "good night" wishing Mr.

and Mrs. Lutz a long and happy life over mat rimony's foam. Dana. Bertha spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs.

Lee Nixon Mr. Harding's son Preston, from Illinois, whom he has not 83en for 11 years is visiting him. William Edwards Is doing the finishing work on the interior of Mc Harding's residence. Mr. Chamberlan, a traveling man from Topeka, stopped at the Pacific hotel Sunday.

Little Pearl Van Nice will lead the M. Junior League Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. Grandma O'Neal and Arthur McDowell and wife took Thanksgiving dinner with Mrs. Farnsworth. Mrs.

H. B. Ray and son Elmer' of Clinton visited Major and Mrs. Beam Sundity. Mrs.

West gave a missionary talk to a number of people at the U. B. church Friday afternoon. They eay that Wallace Zirkle has the of going up the railroad track so often that the track has become as slick as an ot tar slide. Mrs.

Ainley Is ill at the home of Mr Cooper. She had a eevere fall last RICHLAND, KANSAS. "Parents Day" The Parents Day exercises were enjoyed by a goodly number of parents annd friends. The following programme was given at the Richland School, Wednesday Njv. 24, 1897.

Prayer, Rev. Halbert. Reading, the President's Proclamation, Cra McKenzie. Recitations: The Cnil-dren's Hour, Inez Rigga. Make her Pillow Soft, Katie Owens.

The Grasshopper, Louies Dice. Change of Seasons, Cora Williams. A visit to Grandma, Arthur Wyatt. Wednesday Afternoon, Ella Saybold. People will Talk, May Biker.

A Boy's Speech, Roy Twombley, My Winter Boarders, Nellie Williams. A Girl's Protest, Fannie Lukens. Dialogue: Doctor's Visit, Gertrude and Andy Foley, Recitations: Four Steps Downward. Everett Lukens. Build Firm, Ry Shri filer.

Lucy's Sjlilrquy, Bassie Harris. Mamma's Helper, Laura Soudera. Djr Lobster and Dar Dog, Arthur Knudsen. Biby, Florence Cole. Red White and Blue, Geo.

Twombly. Djlly's Vaccination, Myrtle Lamb. Union Mutterings Thanksgiving is a thing of the past, Miss Ida Heyl visited Ranee Complete line of Shelf and heavy Hardware, including house hardware, Pocket and Table Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Axes, Crosscut Saws, Galvanized measure Tubs and Baskets, Husking- Pins and Gloves, Corn Shellers, Barbwire, DeKalb hog- Fencing, Wagon wood work, Pumps, Pipe cut and fit. Fine shop and First-class tinner do all outside and inside work. Genuine Round Oak Stoves, Gold Coin and Banquet Stoves and Ranges, Shot Guns and Rifles, Ammunition, etc.

Implements of all kinds, Buggies, Spring Wagons, Peter Shuttler and Harrison Farm Wagons. Large assortment of Furniture and Undertakers Supplies. Cleveland, Sunday. The dance at Mo Brides hall Thanksgiving night was well represented by the Union young people. Mrs.

Hattie Campbell of Maple Hi.l was visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Is prepaired to answer calls at Richlaud ia consultation with Local Physicians in difficult cases Treatment of Chronic Female complaints a specialty. Reasonable charg-es. John Slvan from Saturday until General Albert Kinney, of Ridgway, was seen traversing the streets of our little burg Sunday evening with a broad grin on his face.

Misses Dora, Minnie and Nyllle Oox and Mr. Hendricks, were Carbondale "TFSr- fr- -M -iht visitors Sanday. Ezra Arnold, our blacksmith, is doing and latest a hustling business these days. Mr. TrialB of Twins, Chas.

Owens. The Boy's Defense, Ry Hotza. Father's Men, Warren Souders. Song; Oar School Girl Days, Maude and Julia Daskin. Recitations: Two Mice, Bjrtie Dice.

At the Party. Beryle Lawson. Select R'ading: Ruling Passion, Chas. Albaugh. Recitations, Is It Right, Millie Ted row.

Out in Kansas. Irwin Lukens. Dialogue. The Re-hersal, Julia Djskin. Piuma juders.

El win Cary, Lota Lukens, Harry Sjud, era and Clarence Hotze. Recitations, Harry Souders. Thanksgiving, Mabel Farnsworth. When I'm a Andy Foley. Michael Mc Averty's John Wright.

The Arnold is a splendid workman. Mr, R)gers, our teacher, is giving WHITE HEATHE excellent satisfaction. The enrolment at the present Is forty pupils. CU. E.

Zipkle St Bfo- Richland, Kansas. One of Batil HardeBty's large cort cribs bursted, letting several hundrei THE GREAT bushel of corn on the ground M--8. ster, of Michigan Valley, i visiting her sisters Mrs. Headlngtoi and Mrs. Kaub Jr.

O.d Yellow Pumpkin, Walter CARY, di dt The Druggist, A Gentleman, Bessie Wright. itters Southern Female Grade Liwson. Miss Eiith Help Things Along, Millie Williams. Thanksgiving Eve. Bsrtha Hotze.

Like Washington, Wallace Twombley. A Boy's Pocket. Edwin Cary. Good Is ready to waitonyou al! times day or night. Medicines New, Pure, and Good.

Prescriptions carefully Compounded. A nice Line of Spectacles. Am anxious to sell Goods so that I can buy more. J. W- CARY, Richland, Kansas.

Remedy. Night, Welsh. The Trees, Myrtle K'itsrs. Horse Before tbe Cart, Mrs. Geo.

C. James Sr. is very ii with inflamatlon of tbe bowels. Bu' very little hope is entertained for he recovery. Dr.

Hanpahlre of Oerbrooi is in attendance. Elmer Harding of Twin Mounds, ha' a misfortune Sunday night in the forn of a run a way. He was driving i young bllley, and it being hitched foi some time, became restless and brok loose. coming frightened, it ra-away, breaking the buggy and scattei ing it along the highway. This i rather bard on Mr.

Harding as th buggy was a bran new one. Sunday night at the schoo house. Smjxik. Fredie Williams. A Tnanksgiving Greedy, Pearl Van Nice.

Trouble in the Amen rner, jra Owens. Essay. winter and has never entirely recovered from the shock. Charles Pray is building one of the finest residents in the County on his farm two miles and a half South West of Twin' Mounds. There was no younp.

poople's Union Sunday night, on account of the revival at Pleasant View. The Union was invited to attend services there and a great many went. Mrs. Anna Welling gave an interesting report Sunday night of the League Convention that was held at Overbrook Saturday and Sunday. Miss L'imie Sinclair who spent Thanksgiving with her parents near Twin Mound returned Sunday.

She was accompanied by her little sister Lula who remained but a short time. The Junior League of the M. church had a very good meeting last Sabbath afternoon. The talk to the children by Mrs. Scott was interesting and instructive.

Jennie Farnsworth, ira Owens, Fffle Dice, Anna Welling, Chet Scott and Charley Owens returned Suoday right from Overbrook where they attended the League Those who attended services Sunday night at Pleasant View were: Rsv, Halbert and wife, Curie Crockett. Gurtie Crockett, Stella Lloyd, Alfa Lukens, Frank Djskius and David Zirkle. Richland ought to have a Reading Circle now that the evenings are to long. This would be a most pleasant and profitable way to spend an evening once in a while. Our time Is not bo much occupied with Operas, socials and lectures but what we could fiod a little time for a good Circle occe a week or twice a month.

Mr. and Mrp. Poston's (colored) infant child did Monday morning. The parents were shocked to awake in the "morning only to find their little one dead. Heart trouble is supposed to be the cause of its death.

It was only two weeks old. The funeral services were conducted by RiV. Halbert at the U-B. church, Wednesday morning and the burial took place at Clinton. The Times extend? Its sympathy to tbe lonely parents.

Books and ading, Effla Dice. Ric. Crazy Kate, Fanny ara. Dialogue. Out all Rmnd.

Gertie Crockett, Harry Wright, Lwn Lukens. Closing ng. Harvest mg, By School. Livery Stable. General Repair Works a Specialty.

J. W. KROPFF, Prop. Dana Run Items Cures Female Diseases, Such as Painful, Irregular or Sup-pressed Menstruation, Leucorrhoea, or Whites, Falling of the Womb, and general debility of Female Generative Organs. Ask Your Druggist.

While Heather Home Treatment iRemedy CO. TOPEKA, KANSAS. 7 7h 7 7h 7 7i 7 7h Mia Miry Bmander was the gues of hersUter Augusta and Mrs. Brawley A number of the Richlacd youm people gathered at the home of Par nell Coyne on last Saturday evening Nov. 27, tbe occasion being his blrtl day.

Quite a number of the youm folks from Pleasant View were als pres nt. making tbe largest party young people that has been gatherec together for some time. ifreshment consisting of candy and nuts wer. served at ten o'clock. About elevei tbe guests departed wishing him maov happy returns of tbe day and itciden tally, of the party.

4' UWII1W kAKJ -M) PER DAY, I 1 3 SO PER WEEK. Thanksgiving day, The ma-querade ball given by the Woodmen at Big Springs Saturday night wa-t a decided mieoess. C. V. Williams and wife of ohiaod, furnished tbe music and all ia attendance report a good time.

Miss May Ward of Oakland visited friends up Stringtown last week and attended the lecture at the U. B. church Thursday evening. Miss Ward and Miss Clara Neese caUed on L. G.

French and his school Friday and then both ok the evening train to Oakland Miss Neese will visit friends in Oakland and Topeka before returning home. Mrs. Kate Philips of E-nporia is visiting her father aid giter on Daer Creek and her brotrhe Frank Ksohler MERCHANTS p. Shrefflef, Prop,) Richland, Kansas. PRINTING CO, of this place.

Mr8. Pniiips will pro long her stay until after the holidays. Parents day mas observt lst Wed A Shocking Accident Joe Brown while hunting wiih An excellent bit of advice for even nui-ae to take to heart, is thi, wit)--which Dr. Gjnoing S. Bedford, famous New Y.

irk actitioner, aro ished his student-: now. je ill men, some advice hotter than jjie' Knowledge. Look wpII to jour ImhjI before you answer tjull. The-re mur be in thrm, whun even U't cbsmbt-r. hme no crtck of Uathr or heavy fui yrurleut footfall will he a medicin of iUelf.

Ttit-n you must cultivaU ycur voice to soft, melodious accents, and your toiifh must be like the fall ol a ni-e Iraf. Never whisper to the sick, for it a funeral sound. Cultivate tact, for it in the onen to ifi-denre frora a i'kz neday at the 'atney school. my Albert Keai-ey last Friday met with a tbe peup'e reading within the strict attended. Tbe dinner was first of all ad accident.

Joe was pacsiog through the biti-hes and A'bert saw his bead which consisted of bread and butter, fried chicken, pic kies, fruit, pies, cake and thought it pure a rabbit. He tten S. M. Crockett Grocers, Fine Confectioners. Meat Richland.

Kar t-hot and was horrified to find it waf etc. After diocer was the programme which consisted mos-tlv of little lokt his frierd that was shot. The bullet razed Joe', nrck and rut out one eye entertaining-. Music was plenty, there be-rg so ore a banjo and three rloMn up-! TP ay lor tbe older. He i ett-t rg aiorg as csn be expected.

in tare. The jeniest pan He.

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