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Wilsey Bulletin from Wilsey, Kansas • 1

Wilsey Bulletin from Wilsey, Kansas • 1

Wilsey Bulletini
Wilsey, Kansas
Issue Date:
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I.i- FINE JOB OFFICE IN CONNECTION JIL'TlV i jvn, i ll -B DEVOTED TO THE HTTKIiKST OF W1LSEY, MORRIS COUNTY TH3 FAM32S ALUAH32. SUIISCUirTION $1,25 A ykaii 1 I I Entered in the pno(Tioo at Wily, KuiiKit, Junr fQi 1889 at, ieind-clns ma Her, 1 Nf ATLY XXkiViKD WILSEY, MORRIS COUNTY, KANSAS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1890. NUMBER 3. VOLUME 2.. W'bcn in nel clnny thing in our Kne g)v caj AH work uaramed.

Price, iravwuble, Our was re BUSINESS CARDS, ceived to Into for publication, Mr. Taylor, of Hi mo county, Iowa THE ODELL TYPE WRITER, $20will buy the ODKLL Type Writer witr. 73 and fl5 for the Sin gle Case ODKLL. warrented to do better work than mnchine made. M.

L. Krrcms J. M. MlLLM. mother of John Forbes, ia visiting her son's family.

Sinn)'. Sti rv, grnAt in rrsnlts: De Wilt Little Katly IHmts. R-st pill for Attcrnevs at Law Rigrfon Block. Coiiiicil Grove Kanpaa. F.

O. H'tttkhis camo in from lleiiufj-ton Rood sewing machine Ain't fail to cifllnt this offli e. Charles Samuels and Fanny went to city ednesday. Best rates ifiveu on chattel and real estate loans. Dont fail to see us before taking out lams, as it will be to your interest.

McNAsrr llerhijjtoa, Karma. NOTICE All Book Accounts most be settled by January 13 th IhOl, in order to save ('oiihtipHiiop, lnt Sick Keaptuhe li(t f'jr tMinr Stom-li. (ATWAIIO. P. TIME CARD.

'(STWAKD, 10:15 P.i8nni;cr. p. p. Local trervht, 8:, a C. K.

lioitTOX. A sent Local rciht, It combines simplicity wnn uuratnmy, ppn, on jiemu-Fu, wis Without ctstof lepaira than any oilier machine. no ink ribbon to bother therperMor. 1b neat, FubsUintisl, nicklo and adapted to all kinds of type writing. Like a printing press it produces sharp, clean, legible, manuscripts.

Two or ten copies can bo made at on writing. Any intelligent person ran become bh operator in 2 days. Wc otter $1 ,000 to any operator who tantqtialthewoik of the Dot hie Cafe Odell. Leliable ngeits and salesmen Wanted. Specialinrfuet Hunts to Deulus.

For plum phiet giving indorsement dc address ODI-LLTypc Writer 83 A 87 5th Ave. Chicago, Illinois. AetMtt (i.te, uert-r fil, De Witt tf-ufh snd Cnwnuiptloi Cure A rni)f for Attliii. uuc. tint feverish (outtiio which uwMiipMiiicf a vr W.

J. t. BUTLM. J. A.

RiT. CUTLER S'r'ITH, LAWYERS. uinUoii iiuiMiim Co-iriWI Grove. LOCAL ITEJ'WS. Y'u" onirh will imtisht ail winter; Yu il he ifpt awake all i.S((ht; costs.

ll. L. Misters. SUBscmt FOB THK KULI-KTIX. Mrs.

M. his bjen siek for' some timj. Ym i'l Bet LiniiediaM r-liff if Y-'ii will ko De Wit" and Ccinttunpi'i'f l'nr. IMMil DV. BULLKTrN.

Ai WALli-KUil. J.W. SEGUI1TE, AKntfor 11'. F. Cliapin went to the county sea Pliysician Surgeon, Wednesday.

The 'following 'subscribers hve our WILSEV, KANSAS. Headache is the oirn itsnlt of indi-rf-stinn snil Mum ch I) son It-rs. Remedy (hi by ucii-g Pe VTifi's' Little KurJy Uis ami your HalHche, disuj-I'Wirs. Ttie fnt.irile Ltd Pill tvery-where. Ho'd 81 1 nir e.

WIO.Y l.lfKKAKT. 1 The litntwry on Thnrsdny idht Jan 1. 1891, wil' 'bate qa v. that monarrby Is tho mstsUyl form of tverniaent. tlmnks Wr piyaiont of tfitir cUbsctipLlon Job of all kinds done neatly' linger Sewing Mactimes, Tempi lb Does a general practice; social at at this office.

tention to chronic, Calls The rs' Alliance meet promptly attcdedday or night. B.F. Evans, fit.w,f, B. II. Smith, emi.v' O.H.Ktnkle.

Wilwy. A. Irilsey TV following new irtibscribert have every Friday Wita and Whits Organs. ALSO PROPRIETOR of the WILSEY HOUSE Good Sazapto Ecom ud Stall in Connection with Sbtn. The two Mrs.

Cutlers went to Miss j. a. GAitEr, m. i). ouri last Satnrdwv.

been nrldefl dining tlin pate week. Affirmative Sti in M. It. Oiis 0. G.

I'irlle Seaatlra W. Coinn Jr. O.SLI.-yd P'ttvord Charles Itush tame thvi; mwm mm. Calls promptly attended day or night. Wilsey, Kansiis.

TSTtlervw KanSAS. from Herington Monday. J. W. FVahs, A.

Cofltn and T. Cr RSoU TRNS OKUKSPKCr Whereas, Itliss plenaed Almighty Shodgrass went to the Grove Tuesday God to remove, George. W. Hankenson B. CHAMPION fhe Nou Cnnformfst and the Bull father Brother tlankenson.

Be Otalei ia etim from now until Jan. 1, 1802, for $1.85. ltesol ved that the brothers of Morton camp No 192, Sons of Veterans do ten AUCTXOKEER. Wilsey, Kansas. I offer aty eenricH ki pit lie VDrtiicoiinrr Auctioneer, liav1iwlMVrl jrekrt exprrunce n4 villgiiaranle nalitliiction.

'Irnu rcxoMbl. fever is pprrading In some Of the sections between here and Council, i frtpJrktot of ciTY RESTAURANT Heals Piour der their heartfelt sympathy and eon Gove. dolence in his sad bereavement. Be it therefore Dont forget tftcalt at G. W.

Coffins Resolved that a copy of these, resol Book' Store and see his new line of DU. A. U. COULY, Hatrosses, 1 Spring, Window flhades Carpets, Wall paper Picture fraxnea, I'aints Oil, Turpentine. etc utions be sent to the bereaved brother, hoi idny gotwls.

DEHTIST, J. E. Evans, v. Truite, Nuts, Cigars, Tobaccos, and. Fancy Groceries.

G. V. Coiilu Jr. Committee. F.

Il iiiftml, Leavenworth, JLiin. J. Vj, friniiin. Hollow-ell, N. iJirry, Colmet, 111.

Henry Linn, Colbert, I. T. Joseph Smart, Frankford in. "Till KD AND TAIL Under (he lwvti Council Grove JieptilUcan of 12, expis-jt Us ifjuownce by from the Chie-io Tiihun, the C'ii'imtlwa results' of an esjieriioetit of loiinint money on liwid. tried 'by the s'Ut of Illinois in 1821.

Can be ptwsiMe 'thnt tl'ece "prosperity" scribes liave never Iteanl of or Xmiotial conslit ill i4iti Jdch tle-1-laiesthnt 'Pt iHnlerhttHcnvt biU rj cri-dif, pr mwt't oixythinghvt tjrfd qml rer coin a tenclrr in payment of debts. Is if si if rinirp: Hint Ikws in direct an-tiiRon'sm to Jhc Supreme LaW of the land, as I hat -law Xm, should fail? M'e wo.ild like call the attention of these faAlt-finding editors the rejort of thu pretavy vt the Treasury for UBO, wherein that official uiakes the ftdlowiiijr retiiueii'l tbiot the pubttelanilabe iiiKoinlillixtlly pledged fiirtke itlllmate rfdfiiiitiiM it the tiaSiiiy uotea Which it may be toisnire. If the barren wastes tliea known as the Gi ut Aaieik wi Desert were, safe security for govemmeut money, are not the highly cultivated and productive farms of Kansas juat us good? Offloe houit 9 a. v. r.

X. week d)- Office OTer ltcnou'i tor. Council (rmve, Ksmcsti. Kansas Mrs. M.

Heathy and Miss Lizzltf Codiiit were slumping in Council GroV Monday. Don't fail to tivhwribefor the Brtli btin from now until Jaa. 1, 1892, fof only one dollar. Buy a ood type writer of C. R.l on.

Call and see sample at J. V. Mitchell's stove. Wilsey, KELSO KK UN ELS. Henry XJirtoh's baby Is quite 111.

Albert Voegele has anew boy, Hammond and lady have a young eon. 1 Kioery uler has gone to Arkansas, where he ill remain ditriiiK the winter BI ftp 1 1 i IflFfJFlP His wife will Jolu him the A. J. COFFIN, Propr. CITY BARRER SHOP.

Beard removed wlUioiit "'pain, no chloroform neceHsnry. liiiir cutting and shampooing done on short notice and in the best style. "Xettie Karr spent couple last week with her patwnis' bh Large creek. --r SnMgras4tnnlfvom 'ebras tin iiff'SioifdiiyT "ffftn-xptitt to remain if till nfter hofifnvs All hTrtisements will be'mq ntid charged for until ordered out Nnlesi ttherwise eontrw-ted. Mis.

voeizeie, or rarkerviHe, was in Moi ills Ciiitj visiting friends here Friday and Sat urday, To buy Jliss Grlppen was a guest of Mr E. M. Kahl on Satnrdiy. The Sabbath schiiol will have their 111s, Ill HiSBS-IlBSI Christmas tree hi the school lldiise. 1 The bridge builders aae still at work on JjAtgn creek.

The youu son of Mrs. lOre wy on QNE DOLLAR A DAY. Friday as playing near a dog that was gnaw ing a lwne and It is su)xsel tha the baby tried to take the bone fromtte J. V. MITCHELL'S Wilsey, Kansas.

df when ho lcatue angry and threw WILSEY CULTRY YAWS. Pfict Paid lor POULTRY, Briu in your Chickens Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, and get the Wo buy tlx days in tho week. DONER WiLiey, Kansas. the baby dawn, bltin; bis head, one cheek nearly olf and tore the other open For fancy hnn iper, Albums all" kinds of holiday goods go to the city hook store see ad" in another column Witt a i'Mi early risers; nnly pill 'r chronic cnstiplion, indigestion, 'yspepxia. None so good.

Sold by 1 L. Meyers. D. XT. Stuff, K.

G. A. J. and G. W.

Coffin, Charles Kinkl md A. Danieloyi went to the rover Monday. Anew sewing machine just received 'rorn the factory. Will trtide for a t.fMd riding and diiviiig pony of sell heap for cash. 1 A Self-rake Deering feaper for sale it the B'llletin office.

Terms reason-ible. Will sell cheap for cash Note taken with good security. in We sell BHte Witt's litt'e early risers, than any other aill; their actio a eoy, do not grit or cause piink artf he lw'St reuUtor of the liver, stomack and bowels, fold by Sevuine. He was ttikeu to the doteor nd i. THE GROVE HOTEL e.

immm, tm Ml Kit Sia Strtt, 'Ciftiidl Crave, Kansas. Strstt Cirsstcsittjiedccr do ng as well as could be e) etted. ii'LE GROVE MELODY. WILSEY DRAMATIC CO: G. B.

Hillyer has Just received 16 ton of oil cake. James Armstrong who was on Vm sick list is convalescing. J.L. Punkleberger of Wiite City, was In etir fleighliorhood last wetki From inw until jauuary lvt, 189 A Theapelliug school at Frairie Flower "LOXfJVA THE i jPAXFElH" -AT THE- TlstelBEllsfii; TI.p w.kl t'iuitl will rnfitati 1 1 WILSEY SCHOOL HOUSE on tlM ll Hi of Drf. t4 a 9 as jess.

There will be another-, Friday the 26 th Llec, Mr. ani Sirs. Lefflucl ShodgraM have moved on their farm in our neighborhood. We are very glad to welcomt them in our midst W. Alexia Id has arrieted home from the Indian Territory.

He report 14 inches of snow on (he level. The p4ople ef out1 vicinity would like to be favored in the same manner. Pfalr'io Flower on night, IVill be dear and bright In the midst will be a tree, With presents there for yon and me Wilsey Alliance at their regular nieetina riday night elected the following delegates and alternates to al-tendthe county meeting licit Fiiday and6tnrday. most mplfte rt-potM of the organii. tin and p-octdii-g of the fimitix leg-islHtnmhat will ptiblihett, betides the news Kai shS and the Capital ity.

KoKt'fr S'ld without it. On Tie Evenlnff of DGccmter 26tl ibss i W. 00 a 1 Ticket and freight vnies to all th ncipal points east and west furnish- ed on short notice. For further prf icularsCall oa agent. C.

R.IIorton. Ret. William Lewis turned FriJsy fmrb a trip to Greenwood o'inty. His rany friendi are glad tr tear Of his return. The Dramatic clnb of this eity wiif day "Iitiuva the Fanner' on Friday iUt Dec.

26. 18M, Admission, 5 ceutf jhlldren 15 cents, See advertisement jrf mother Column. Our enterprising townsman, F. M-Wierman, received on Tuesday last. fine black yearling Imported PercbercS When put on the scales he'S the cars after four d.iys tights travel, weighed 12-20 She was purchasil of new firm cf 1 Holder A It J.

M. but'-hr? 1 Vm I tog of MorrU coiinty last Ti'i I. Xf.Biovra. The Lo celts 3 iiid produced SC.5 pour.Jstf '1 -wo IkutiS WBijl.ei K3 j-; H. It rwi rears atjJ i i' The membeia of iv Btandi Farm- vt' Alliance, residiair in Elm CKt and Grand View townthips in Morris coun- ty, KaniM, imniticely forb'nl, anderpen- 4lV of th law, all hnntinjr with ly or tun, uin the premlies -f the above named rn'inbera.

withont theif consent. Kyhiond1 B. Eeana i romroifte. "LOUVA THE PAUPER" fa a thrilling drama, tT7o hours in length. The actors have taken ostra care to have it rendered in tho best of style Proceeds for benefit of Wilsey band.

AUernntcs B. J. GaHegoer-W. Firt.e. Oi WCo.llnJr.

Junas He Nair. Delegates 2L B. GiUBl M.B.Olis Fred Taylor C. II. Pinkie W1L8KY MAIIKET.

GRAIN Corn" 47c per bn rmj. nri Thfat per fctii i 1 to 19 Flax pt-f bu. IllillUlllli.tlO Hay pef ton. S.CfJ PRODUCE. test i.

ise '-V Many years practice If 8 gieu Messi Ci A. Snow k- Co. latent SulK-itors, Opp. U.S Patent office, eslaj gton D. C.

ulistifpasscd facilt ies for outlining patents. Tlityh'e the same Courteous-attentlca't3 request fur formation from a eUaugertlzat ti-y do the elicits t-uianer-s, mV.Zi fur Mult3, ICO Children, oa wc Trill bo foraid by ths Wilsoy Band,.

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