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Wilsey Bulletin from Wilsey, Kansas • 1

Wilsey Bulletin from Wilsey, Kansas • 1

Wilsey Bulletini
Wilsey, Kansas
Issue Date:
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GOOD JOB OFFICE )3IN CONNECTIONS PLAIN ORNAMENTAL filfu 1 T7V Wilsey Bul DEVOTED TO THE MNTKltEST WILSEY AND MORRIS COUNTY. BUUHCBIPTION, $1.25 TEU TEAK. N. NEATLY EXECUTED. When in need of any thing in sur linn give ui i call All work guaranteed.

Prices reasonable. NUMBER 27. Entered In the postnlfice at Wilsey, Kaunas, June sad, i8E(), as tccond-clasi mntler, WILSEY, KANSA, DEC. 13, 1889. VOLUME i.

THE HOME SHOE STORE. HtPDVT Mil R5 1 ft FARGO'S trJf PHOOEKDINGS OF TIIK AVILSEV LITEItAHY. DISC." 12, 18H1). Called to order by president. Proceedings of previous meeting read and adopted.

The debate was then opened on the question "Resolved that Prohibition is a benefit to the interests of the people of the state of Kansas," 'I aMt A-M mso avompicie iine ui LADIES' AND MISSES' Shoos in the Leading brands. Childrcns' school Shoes and MO. P. TIME CARD. IASTWAKD, WSSTWARD, Passenger, 10:37 nu Passenger, p.

ni Local Freight, 3:34 p. Local Frerght, 8:47 a. H. Conway, Agent. Don't wait until the last day to Buy Your Presents for Christmas, but go direct to A.

S. Negative. Rubber Goods a Specialty, to The best lantern in the market cheap by speakers as follow: Affirmative. J. C.

Padgett. M.B.Otis. W. F. which xv invitethc attention of at M.

II. Peak's. 1 Wm. Stine. C.

R. Francis. II. T. Conway.

and II. John Francis is lowly recovering from wounds received ftom the runa i0 i sua SHIJ C. M. Beachey, Shoe la warranted Flnt Quality in i-very nrpc Very Stylish. Perfect Fit.

Plain Toon and Tippod. Hen' fiflM'M XoUtflJ1 (OHWSISi W1HVH ISO UUfa SJTwo Doors East State Bank. L. Meyers, judges, decided two for the way. 'j CEOWLEY where they keep a Large Line of Fresh Goods, sold at Bed Rock Prices, and buy something Useful, as well as Ornamental.

A. S. CROWLEY Council Grove, Kansas. affirmative. T.

M. Meyers has a great hankering to have M. B. Otis become a member of Ten minutes recess, after which the r. W.

Agent for 1 following program was executed: Song by the choir. Swig Padgett and others. Mabel RochatV Song, Chas Rush others.X Song by the Choir. Song by Belle Watkins and others. Dialogue, Stella Francis, Gail Sheldon, Clate Otis, Henry Otis and Carrie Sheldon.

Declamation, Zina Lloid. The question, "Resolved that Religion has been the chief factor in the civilization of the world," was chosen Wilcox and White Organs. ALSO PROPRIETOR Of the WILSEY HOUSE. Good Sample Eoom and Stable in Connection with House. Kansas.

Wilsey the alliance. I jug now prepared to tak.Cfjrn prices. C. Snodgrass lias a new and complete line of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers at very low prices. Enquire at this ofliie if you want a heating or parlor cook stove.

You can buy either very cheap. Abnei' Cutler, Council Grove's boss did a difficult piece of work for J. Ilankenson, on J. V. Mitchells' rifle one day this week.

Married, JSTov.30th at the residence of the Misses Brown, by Itev. F. II. Hannah, Mr. Edwin F.

Varcae and Misg Lillie Brown, both of When you are in need of any kind of gun repairing it will pay to call on Ab-lier Cutler, East Council Grove. All Work warranted and done on short notice. M-26 for the next evening with the following J. W. Masten visited Mr.

and Mrs. Samuel Mack last week. One of our young ladies want's to know if "hen's have debaters: Affirmative. II. Hannah.

J. S. Earlywine. Wm. Stine.

CHEAP LANDS. If you want to buy or sell Real Estate, don't fail to see us. If you have city property for sale, or, anything else, let us sell it. for you. Look over our list of lands.

Negative. A. G. Ellsworth. A.S.Curtis.

Geo. Coffin, jr. J. O. Piochat has our thanks for a big dollar on subscript ion.

Jas. Sharp, the Parkerville Nursery The society then adjourned till next Thursday man was in town Wednesday and left a good order of job work with us for which he has our thanks. HOUSE. Are receiving their FALL and WIETER STOCK of CLOTHING, Overcoats, Furnishing Goods Hats, Caps, gloves, etc. Our ctock will beEqual to any former season.

We ask the Inspection of the trade before Buying. Be sure to call on us when visiting THE FAIR. Prices always the lowest. CHICAGO CLOTHING HOUSE COUNCIL GROVE, KAN. G.


Monroe, G. W. Coffin jr. and I. M.

Cambell attended the teachers meeting at the Grove Saturday. A little child of Mr. Hudson's has The party which was to be given at John Meyers' came off at II. L. Meyers' residence Wednesday evening, the for Miss Rose Seals, a blind lady will fiive a Musical Entertainment Saturday evening at the Presbyterian clinch.

A long and interesting program will be executed. Admission, adults 15 cents, children 10 cents. been sick for some time past. mers' infant being sick was the cause of the change. 1.

160,00 acres under cultivation, 45 acres in pasture, frame house 14x10, 1J stories, good cellar, well with pump and an abundance of water; frame stable, granary, corn crib, corral, buggy shed and other outhouses; has no incumbrance and can be bought for $3000. 2. 100, 40 acres in cultivation, balance good grass land, near school, railroad station, church price $2000. 3. 80, 55 acres under cultivation, John A.

Young started to California last week, to settle up his business out there. WILSEY BULLETIN. The young fellows had a big dance at Zack Taylor's last Friday night. frame house, 14x16 addition 12x16, or Best rates given on chattel and real t-state loans. Don't fail to see us before taking out loans, as it will be to your interest.

Jas. McXaspy Co. Herington, Kan. Buy your Garden Seeds this spring from a Reliable home grower, chard. which we will trade for The Pleasant View school is progressing finely with Miss Latta as teacher.

G. W. Coffin jr. reports a liberal school board in Dist. No.

69. They have hauled him a load of cobs for stock. Price, 51,200. $1.00 PER YEAR. Plain and Ornamental Job Printing Dona in the Best of Style.

At the Lowest Living Prices Padgett's Clteck Books kept in Stock. 4 100, 100 in cultivation, 20 acre pasture, 140 apple trees, frame house kindling. 19x22, cellar, well, frame stable, corn warranted fresh and true to Grown "by A Blair, Wilsey, Kansas, 25-48 C. T. Phillips raised 15,000 bushels crib, granary, wagon shed and -other B.

H. MOREHOUSE Hir of corn near Strong City. He can stand his defeat for county clerk. outbuildings, near railroad station. Price $3,000.

500 incumbrance. QKisk-YrainWWDHES 5 160 good grass land. Two miles from town and railroad station. Price Council Grove, Kansas. DEALERS IN R.

M. Bacon lost several head of steers lately, from feeding in dry stalk fields. James Coffin and wife made a business trip to Empo'ria this AVeek. The Prairie Flower Lyceum elected $2000. Clear.

6 160, 85 acres in cultivation, balance smooth upland, Kansas stable, well, fruit, 4 miles from good town. Price $3200. S1500 incumbrance; will CXjTJBBIlTa- OPFEEJ. We will furnish the Bulletin and any of the following papers one year for the prices named below: Weekly Capital-Commonwealth si.75 Weekly Kansas City Stai 1.50 Weekly Leavenworth Times 1.50 American Farmer, monthly 1 1,35 Weekly Kansas City Journal 175 officers at their last meeting as follows: President, Joseph Bain. Secretary, are re- Cognin-A ns THK Coast Rnr.W'iry IF 41 XrU -SB trade for goods or stock, subject to Solid and plated silverware; difficult watch repairing a specialty.

BEST. Sol DrinciDal d. naval ub'W yzsx aval Ob Ilattie Shaw; treasurer, Mrs. G. B.

Hillier: Editor, Andrew Armstroug. cities town exclufftv the mortgage. 7 160, 60 acres cultivated, 20 acre pas servatorytby Locomotive Knirinponi Con Airents flanHm The Question for next Monday night diirtors and other jt-wfiersf, wiutli ture, balance smooth land, good stone Warranty. house, 5 rooms, cellar, fruit trees, out Call on them at City Book and music store. is "Resolved that our Republican institutions are endangered by monopolists.

Dot. buildings etc, 4 miles from railroad The festival given by the Methodist thurch at the school house last Saturday evening was a grand affair. It was Veil attended, liberally patronized Und no end to the good things to eat. "The net receipts being about $40. J.

S. Earlywine returned from a trip in the interest of the Live Stock Association and informs us that cattle are fctill grazing in the southert part of this Mate. He says cattle men made him home good propositions to submit to the Association to feed cattle. J. I Seward and lady arrived in this city from Manhattan Tuesday, und after visiting friends here a few Ways will resume their journey to Os-feawottomie, where Mr.

Seward will accept a position as night operator on the Missouri-Pacific. A Christmas tree will be given at ei-Vher the Christian church or the school house in Wilsey Christmas eve. Pains will be spared to make it an attractive and enjoyable affair. Good speaking and other amusements rillbe ontho trorram. Have vour COUNCIL GROVE Land Exchange.

station; price $3000; $400 incumb. 8 I section 4 miles from town at $7 per acre. J. E. Evans called onr attention to a couple of buggies, which they had re fl 654 acres 2 miles from railroad T.

G. SNODGRASS, Dealer in station; price $6000, incumb $4000. 10 2000 acres in Morris county at from seven to ten dollars per acre. MFIiIfmcyIIISI 11 80 acres smooth upland, all tila-ble, except 20 acres, 8 miles from the county seat, unimproved, $10 per acre; IP YOU WANT TO Sell or Exchange farm or Town property, merchandise or live Stock, dont fail to see us. We make loans at lowest rates of interest, giving you the privi lege of paying interest annually and all or part of principal at any time.

We also write life insurance policies in re liable companies. Call on us. SjIEBKKY MKYEKS, Council Grove, Kiinsas. clear. 12 120 acres unimproved, smooth and tilable.

except 15 acres about 6 built and painted, which we pronounce a first-class job. It requires close inspection to tell them from new buggies. One of the most pleasant and enjoyable events of the season Was a party at the cozy residence of Mr. and Mrs. II.

L. Meyers Wednesday evening, in which the following persons participated; Mr. and Mrs. Gardner, T. M.

Meyers and lady, Jonas Mctfair and wife, J. C. Padgett and wife. Misses Katie Seguine, Katie Reynolds, Virgie Watkins, Stella Francis, Carrie Sheldon, Sadie Garr, Hattie Meyers, two Misses Webbers, two Misses Edwards. The young gentlemen weie, T.

C. Snod-grass, Henry Otis, Fred Larue, Ora Otis, O. Barrett Frank Meyers, J. E. Evans, Will Seguine, Ora Vorse, Wm.

Webber, Billy Meyers and Gale Shel BOOTS AND SHOES. Quick sales and low prices is my Don't fail to examine my stock and prices. Satisfaction guaranteed. Wilsey, Eatt. rpndv and tint thp.m on tlm miles from Council Grove.

$550 incumbrance; price $10 per acre. 13 SO acres one mile from good town tjhristmas tree. (X This tVmb tlm Mpat MnrL-pt and railroad in good neighborhood, 30 Ml 1 Si iiitvr AX Wilsey, i 'mange's from the hands of John Fran-t is Id J. M. Smith, who will run the Wiop in first-class shape, keep in stock, ft good line of fresh and salt meats, lie has reduced the price of steak from to 10 cents per pound to 7 to 9 cents.

He asks the patronage of the tiade and will serve customers in a manner which Where you can get all kinds of black-smithing done on short notice and wagon work in the best of style. Give us ISAAC SCOTT, The Exclusive Boot Shoe Dealer. a call. -J. M.

EVANS. don. Progressive Euchre and tripping the fantastic toe, being the principal CHEAP! CHEAP amusement, wkh was hugely enjoyed by all piescnt. acres all bottom land, house and Kansas barn, good well, incumbrance $500; price $20 per acre. 14 160 acres good smooth land, 1 milo from good town and railroad, 100 acres in cultivation, $1500 incumbrance which wijl be cleared if desired.

Can be boi'ght for the small sum of S2S00 15 520 acres 2 miles from good town and railroad, 160 has two good houses, 2 wells, large frame barn and a good stone corral, all under cultivation, 40 acre apple orchard, besides peaches, pears, lorries, fruit alone making a good income, one of the best larms in Morris county; 320 acres in pasture; this" would make a good home and stock ninehe. It can he bought for 86.500 incumbrance, but $3500 casli down and all the balance to suit purchaser, or would trade tTie whole for merchandise. 16 80, 40 acres under cultivation, bal- snrti trrhirl nlnnr framp 12 At about the hour of eleven the will merit a continuance of their trade. tive the new firm a trial. Last Wednesday H.

L. Meyers dropped in the Wilsey Hardware Cos' store while a conversation was going on In Y5gard to the quality of some gasoline, fcome of which was rut in a cup to be ested and accidentally sit neur the Keeps a full stock of ladies' and gents' fim foot wear, and can duplicate any prices in ths county. Call and examine goods and prices. tjuests were aotified that supper was ready and all seemed to enjoy a position immensely at a table loaded with For the next thirty days only. Write and good thing to eat in the way of oysters and crackers, cakes and other dainty get prices for German FRUIT TREES All parties 4esirous of planting out Fruit Carp, Black Bass and Speckled Cat Fish.

I will not be undersold, Trees, Grape Vines or any other kind of nur when parties order in water pail. During the conversation tatweeii Kimmel and Otis, Ilarveover-Vieard something which struck him forcibly and after taking a hearty laugh, remarked that lie must lake a drink fY the house oh the strength of it and Vtoka big drought from the cup contain-the gasoline. A few moments was fcnt in spitting and clearing his throat bile the bystanders roared with laugher. Buyers now take their gasoline to Wirvo to test, to be convinced that tWey are getting that hich is all wool Haard w-Mr. pastries.

After supper, the violin was taken in hand by Ora Otis and T. C. Snodgrass and a jolly eight took their positions on the floor and so on time past while faces presented an appearance of joy ai glee. The host and hostess spared no pains to make the event one of pleasure and comfort to those present. At about the hour of two.

the guests took their leave bid-; ding the family good night, ftclingi thankful for the welcome and vrirvful fcaener the vnere TentJertaWftV. ery stock such as Evergreen," flowering shrul-J large quantities. Will stories, 4 rooms, good dug well, bearing take feed or grain in 120 10(13 pe 51200. etc, should write to the lIORRIS CO. inm ERY for prices and list of stock.

Carp Fishery, Wilsey, 1 Chapin Padgett, Wilsey, Kan. JAS. SHARPS, Parkerville, -3. Tdrria 'county, 'EM..

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