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Minneapolis Independent from Minneapolis, Kansas • 3

Minneapolis Independent from Minneapolis, Kansas • 3

Minneapolis, Kansas
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vs SATUEDAV, JULY 27, 1878 BARNES, EDi' Store, adjoining his commodious GEOGEEEIES HENRY SON, General dealers ia HY GOODS NOTIONS, Hats, Caps, Boots in this vicinity before. Kiln adjoining the river bridge, on the south side. First come first served. Those requiring bricks for walls, fireplaces, cisterns, or any kind of building, should lose no time, but come, before the kiln ia Exhausted, Messrs. Isreal Markley and Geo.

Scral-ton are grading for a side track to run right up to Stratton's mill, so that they will be able to load from the mill into the car. This track will connect with the Lemons at Davis's. Smith plows for sale by Mackenzie Johnson. Oh yea 12 pounds choice currants for $1 at Davis's. 11 car loids of stock shipped from hero on Wednesday.

The best prices for grain and liogs at Campbell's elevator. The celebrated Smith Wagon for eule by Mackenzie Johnson. AtVfcRTISTXa RATES. Miscellaneous A dverttsements (per Inch 1 time. $1.00.

(Each additional line. EOots.) Standing advertisements will he charged as follows: l0 per Inch tor for months. 4,00 per inch for 1 year. Fresh apples and peache3 received daily at Davis's. A ton of paint just received at Hall's-The original and only genuine enamal paint in the world.

Money if it does not prove satisfactory after a fair trial Keep the lamp trimmed and burning and if you want a beautiful parlor or kitchen lamp go to Davis's, wheie you can find the best variety 40 varieties and a full line of trimmings. Buy your furniture of Kiloourne, the best uosortment, the best quality, always. Buy your eggs, flour, butter, sugar, tea. spice, cheese, ham, dried beef and buffalo beef, potatoes and everything, jmd get it sent home free of charge to any Jart of tbe city by Davis's free delivery. Get some new tin ware at Dav s's where you will find a full line.

SPRING SUMMER an cu Goo LDIES HATS FROM 50 CENTS. 'm Latest New York, London Paris Fashion MINNEAPOLIS, KANSAS. The choicest Flowers Ribbons in every variety. 1 main line a thort distance east of the eaw i -ai mill. A ma ive stone wall has been built From 8 to 6 car loads of wheat dispatch either Bide of the saw mill on.

the north ed dally from Minneapolis. side to carry the bank which crosses the ravine on which the main line runs, and The merchandise to this point for up on the eouih to carry the bank cross ing the raviue tor the grist mill branch the valley. Is increasing dally. It you contemplate marriage, go to Da vis's and fret a complete outfit. track.

Both tracks will cross the pubHe thorougfare leading to the river bridge. Store, corner of Sheridan street and STEEBT MINNEAPOLIS. He has enlarged his Dry Goods store to meet the requirements of his greatly increased business. It is now replete with the greatest variety and kinds of goods in the Solomon Valley, at bed rock prices. Ladies' dreaa goods in every kind of fabric, trom the cheapest calico to the most costly texture all ot the latest patterns, styles or A full line of gentlemen's apparel and under wear.

His grocery and general store cqntains a large stock of the choicest TEA, COFFEE SPICES, Iiadies Hats Bonnets made to nd. Shoes, GROCERIES AND HARDWARE, And, in fact, everything usually kept in a well stocked Dry Goods and Grocery Store. In addition to our regular shall keep on hand a full line of Cif-iculluiaL TTMPLEMENTg Including the celebrated JOHN DEERE GANG and SULKY FILnWS, The rate for corn shipped from this and Cepartorsf of Mails. MrsKBArous Post Omci. DAILY.

from Solomon Citv-proing eat ar-rives fit 1 30 p. m. and departs, same time. arrives at 1 r. departs, same re.

From Minneapolis to Sallna leaves every morning: at 8 a. arrives same day at 4 p. m- TRI-WEEKLY. From Minneapolis via. Clay Centre, tot atervMlc arrives Wednes-tlaysand FrMars at dr.

m. Depart Tuesdays, Thursdays nnd Saturdays at 6 a. m. VVEKKLY. From Minneppolig to Pittsburg leaves Minneapolis Moiicrjs at a.

arrives at rittsbiij fr next dr at 2 r. leaves Pittsburg VVednef clays at. 6 a. arrives at Minneapolis next clay at 2 r. M.

Mails froitur east close at 12 30 p. m. Coins' West at 1 p. m. DAVID D.

110 AG, P. M. order. ul 3 point, is about seven cents per bushel. The State or Knnans versus J.

T. Boyle. Our neighbor, Mr. Is build This was i criminal case for an assault ing a residence ou his tarm on Salt creek. and disturbance ol the peace ad the 4th of July last.

Mr. E. Crosby was the pros On Monday last, Campbell Bros, ship ped five car loads of grain from their ele vator. ecuting witness. Tried before Justice Kinir and a jury on Monday last.

The trial ot.cupicd the whole of the daj, and Died On July 10th, the infant non of late in the evening the jury were dischar Richard eeley, living on the Saline, aged ged, being unable to agree, three ot them 10 months. being tor conviction and three for acquit al. '1 lie same case was tried again on Mr. Hooper has bought a lot on the County Oflioiil Directory. Tuesday before Squire King, and a fresh jury.

It occupied the whole of the day ShelfHardwre, Mackenzie addition, and Is going to build .17. r. I Blaln, I I himself a house forth with. Front, and the jury were in charge of the Sher Uo. Commissioners.

Sears. iff all night. On Wednesday morning. II. Elair.

WHEN tTOU WANT DEEDS, MORTGAGES or other conveyancing papers marie ou correctly, call on GEO. M- KIXQ-, public. Mill street, Minneapolis, Kansas. WILL. HAKE COLLECTIONS, -HOMESTEAD, TlilBER CULTURE PKE-EMPTION ENTRIES, Pension and Bounty claims vigor" onsTy prosecuted.

Duplicate discharges obtained. 4431y. Representative. The Smith Wagon is noted for being rhe lightest running wacron in use, it can the jury beinsr unable to agree, three of David D. lloajr.

j'roonte dilute them being tor acquittal and three for F. M. Sexton. County Clerk. be had at Mackenzie Johnson's.

LATS3T Emm AND lilt EAMLLY Sewiiis: Machine The PH ILADELPHI A has all the latest E. Cuiuham, And a thousand and one other kinds of merchandise for the convenience, adornment, and luxury of the household. A large stock of prime JlxtnSj, 0.acart and JFAauldef-s. At very low prices and quality warrented. An extensive stock of conviction, the con it dismissed the case 'jTcasnrer District Clerk an'l Rei- Harvey.

has gobbled Turkey and don't eter of Deeds. The very best plow in the market, of which we shall make a specialty. A look at this machine will convince any farmer of itn practicability, and trial of it will completely captivate him. THE HOOSIER CORN DRILL, Which is now being qu'te extensively adopted in eastern states, weshall always keep on hand also the ADVANCE WALKING CULTIVATOR. and the combined RIDDfG or WALKING CULTIVATOR.

as well as other Fanninjr Implements and extras belonging to the same. We shall also keep on hand the well known Mitchell Wao-on, And are agents for the NICHOLAS ft SHEPARD VIBRATOR THRESHINli MACHINE. 5-12 yl. Tbe Cliy of Minneapolis vs. U.

Crosby, you forget to gobble some of that fine D. p. llio coffee at Davis's, pounds for $1 00. and tbe City of Minneapolis vs. Sirs.

E. Crosby. improvements, and is made ol the very best materials using a loner, large, easily threaded shuttle. In a word, it is THE County Attorney 11. 1' Thompson.

School J. 11. lilder. County Mirveyor O. P.

Crosby Coroner D. D. Slocuiu Jude, 8th Judicial Dlst J. II. Austin liallroad Assessor.

Sth DistJohn M. Alien These were criminal prosecutions before. AGRICULTURAL INSTRUMENTS, For rent A farm with 143 acre? under cultivation. Apply to J. H.

Justus at his boot and shoe warehouse on Second St. Police Judge Cummins, for selling spirituous, vinous and fermented liquors with- Sewing Machine for Family use. Large, strong, and light running. Fully warranted in every particular, and retails for 'u he city of Minneapolis on the 3rd day mwuBT bjsusx ipsa It 13 a matter of fact, that E. Crosby 9 of July last, contrary to the ordinance of the corporation.

Ciiy Attorney Botsford TWENTY-FIVE DOLiXiARS J. McIIEtiRY, PHYSICIAN, appeared for the prosecution, and attor money, and those indebted to him will please call at once and pay their bills. For any tnin in dry goods, boots, shoes ney J. H. Hunnera the defendants.

and upwards. Address, Lai, cans, and groceries, call at Mac The defendants pleaded guilty. Mr. Hitn-ners addressed the court on behalf of his clients, in mitigation of the penalty to De And everything roquired on the farm or in the bouse. We always buy in the best markets and sell at bottom prices.

To thrifty farmers, prudent housewives, economists, and all who want to save money call on Pailadslflua Sewing Machine 144 N. Seventh St. PHILADELPHIA, PA. DRUGGIST AND U. S.

Examining Surgeon for Tensions. Minneapolis, Kansas, ly-5-8 imposed. Mr. Botsford addressed the on behalf of his clients and against TsTennedy Justus. NEW-FOOT AND SHOE STORE, kenzie Johnson's, they wont be undersold.

Elder Root is building himself a residence on the north-east corner of Filth and Sheridan streets, 16x21, with a wing addition. Fi any mitigation of the full penalty provided. The court fined the defendants $12 cacn and costs. Dll. V.

F. ELLIOTT, MMJianicaZ and JSvrakal Dentist. From Llndsey. (three doors west of A. J.

Smith's) Has nt opened In new rooms In H.sinnniiil Blnrif of J. II. WatSOU Tesl Mr. Campbell's mother is quite sick. Harry Best has gone to Pennsylvania Il.tvln;? Jnul a Miccwfnl practice il ovr years feels contident ol An International exhibition will be held at Melbourne, Australia, in 1SS0, and invites all the exhibitors at the present Paris exhibition.

On Sunday morning, July 14th, Mr. B. Rogers, of Solomon City, tell dead from Second Street, Minneapolis. Kansas on a visit. Rlessrs.

Shepard's steam thresher is in nil. vork executed with the finest ma tt'rlnl and warranted. Prices to suit the times, and teeth ex Elk Horn Mills Minn japolis, EanM, GEORGJ3 STRATTON PROPRIETOR. ALWAYS OX AN I. DONE PROMPTLY, vlnl ly.

BLACK SMITH Oppo'-ite the 3Ietropolir.n Sfr. MINNEAPOLIS KANSs. workdane proaiptly, aa.l full blast. Are prepared to execute all orders for ladies and nent'emens work heart disease, while standing at his doorl There is a fair prospect for a heavy tracted without pain by my new process at crop of corn. ne dollar each.

A son of Mr. C. Tunis has arrived from with the best material. Prompt attention paid to repair New Jersey. talking to his son.

The first kiln of brick burnt In the brick yard south of the river. now being de livered. They are the best bricks that have been seen in this county. Cabbage, tomatoes, and green corn JA.MES McHENRY. PEOPEIETOR OF THB OLDEST ESTABLISHED yn.

the alatnan CORNER of MILL FIRST STREETS, MINNEAPOLIS, KAN. Constantly in receipt of PURE DBUGS Physicans' prescridtians adorn the tables. The Sabbath School hps deci Mr. F. Kilbourne has got the ready for a new store building.

20x J. P. CUMMINS CO 4 AND DbALtKS IN EXCHANGE. Kansas rciicrnlbnnliliiS bli and deal In rei.1 receive ricporiU.

loan money 40, two stories, between his store and pri THE BEST ARE-- a "THE CHEAPEST ded to have an exhib'tion. The heavy showers were weleouoely received by the farmers. The farmers are pleased with the yield ot grain. The average is from SO to 40 bushels per acre. I.

E. Carson was.taken siik last Friday morning, at 3 o'clock, with the iholera. He is sail quite low from the effects of It. CE.R. MAHMSAFE SCALEXM.

vate residence on First street. Several manufacturers of agricultural implements are attempting to construct a "corn-h unking If their re port are true, we will soon have it. Dr Meflenry and H. J. Weckerlv have rnrtlia notes.

Make collections in nil aie- eciwiMc luces. Interest alio wen on o-c-iy 265 BRQADWA N. 121 CHESTNUT ST. PHILA.PA I SENECA ST. CLEVE.

O. time deposits. bouiiht Mr Slocunrn lot on Fhvt; strict. for They will divide the lot and O. CaulpOcirared Harthon Li'i imeut is not a parieat put the old vatuab.

liuiiuent, mateof the best material ami uy the best raaierial and py an improved method. It needs no rccoioeml or guran-cee lut ackuowleuged by bhysican 10 00 old aud aeiiaIe aad horsemen fall baak it when allele fails, and lieard it as their stand by. Sold by Wax. ilar. i-s 4l-t each add his moiety to hU lot.

"Tfl.i GOLD BELT Rl JTB The Km as Can ml, narrow Torn to build a branch iVom Winchester to tor a consid- he quickest. saiet an 1 most reliable ronte fo alf point Kest and 'e-t is via the Kakjus Pastkio JJaii.waa. through the fa craiion ol in lowusliip bouda, and DrJ.C.SMITH, cTiUqeaiL (HetdLst. MIXXKArOLIS, KANSAS Olliee over Dr. Mcllcnry's Drn Sloiv-I'jitknt feci) ut all times, night; or ly.

Tr elb extracting a speciality. An iippt-r or under plate $10 His work gtuivntcctl. moi-s 'Coldeu' whea TOTAL iSSHSESCE S1VHQ laTJE TH1 EIPESS. There is a curious story about some native Wines which are extensively advertised nowadays, and have only recently been put upon the market. Dr.

Underhill, the well-known gTape-grower of Croton Point, died in 1871. Some of his heirs entertained temperance views of such extreme kind, that they were unwilling to allow the stock of wines then on hand to be sold or any more to be made. The grapes have sometimes been sent to market, and sometimes left to decay upon the vines. It is only now that the other heirs have succeeded in arranging for a settlement of the estats and the sale of the wines cn hand. Among these is a wine cf the vintage of 1864, described as a Sweet Union Port, but suggesting the Imperial Tokay more than any other European wine, and being wholly unlike any other wine cf American growth.

Its purity, age and mellowness are remarkable, and both physicians and wine-fanciers have a speciaf interest in it as the oldest native wine now accessible in any considerable quantity. The whole stock is in th bands of the well-known wholesale grocery house of the Thurbers. N. TriiuMt, Nov. tSjy.

The above speaks for itself, but we would add that this is the pure juice of the grape, neither drugged, liquored nor watered that it has been ripened and mellowed by age, and for medicinal or sacramental purposes it is unsurpassed. It can be obtained from most of the leading Druggists throughout the United States, and at wholesale from the undersigned, who will forward descriptiv pamphlet, free of charge, on application. Respectfully, etc, H. K. F.

B. THORBER CO. West Broadveay, Rtade end Hudtan Stnuit, Vbw-Yosk. METROPOLITAN region in ortd). t-enge for Den HALL ue tiocky sliould re- member thartids 120 miles tiie shortest riht of way.

Campbell Eros, have their elevator ready lor the elevatfti which will no doubt be hire this week. They will have it in operation within 24 after it arrives. Smith Bro grain merchants, Mill St. 23 hours thf nd the onlv line Cb -Longh. Dipthena Keinidy curris coughs, colds, ad bore throat.

It is pieaj-aiiL, sale and always reiiaule. Sold zuaiviiteed io entire satistactihn or tne money retuitded by, Jataes iuue-JiolLs O. Catuarticpilifc and liver are. the ot tue uio-r skilled physict-ot tue world which hv uvea put toeui- rnnn'ng ihronh to nver without Ottawa Conmy IV orinal Ingtit nte Com. mencius Siondnr, July 15.

and ud-It; AnifUMt 9, 1878. The Ottawa County Normal Institute for 1S7S. will be held at Minneapolis, commencing July continuing four weeks. Teachers should be careful and preserve the course of study, as they cannot be supplied with additional copies, and they should collect and bring with them all the valuable books of reference within their reach. Examinations for certificates will consist of a revie of the matter presented during the Institute.

JS1 embers ot the Institute will be expected to be present at roll call and remain during the whole term of each session unless excused. The exercises of the Normal will commence promptly at 8 o'clock a. m. of the first day, and all should be present to register before that hour. Officers and patrons of the school are requested to visit the Normal and witness the exercises.

change oicj'r. Ks-st. close eonnec L.A. DAVIS tious are m.ide at Kansas eitv and Leaven DRY GOODS J. K.

03EORN, M. SfujAtcLan tS. ylccaticfiei. worth with ali i lirou.ii routes for all poins Minneapolis, opposite Henry Son's store East. Jorth and South.

Tlie favorite line to the San Juan Mines. Passensers taking Xr l.isSiMMOX. '1 eraud improved as exi 1 teuoe add careiul ouservaiiou has tayiiu SwaarLZib Wnt-co aid, Agents. 27-wM miles west of Parker's the Kansas Pacific can stop over at Deu 1 ver and viit the mines and suieltintr works attention given to Epilipsy Dll ill inu at Concordia, are paying the highest market prices for grain, will sell grain on commission or chip it for other parties. A fly-paper man left Ilolion withonr paying nls board bill.

Jle is a shot well-buit man, wiih black hair and moustache, well drcsned and of good appearance. out for him In neighboring towns, in Its vicinity. Close connection made with the Dourer and Rio Grande Railway for Colorado Springs, La Teta, Del Norte Dr. James Mc.Henry appreciating th real merit and iiiU aiaudln ot C. 's remeilies.

mannfatture I fc by Owen Cha.o'eerluiu. of Marion, Iowa, have secured the aeaey of them and Within the last vear the increasing trade has compelled me to enlarge and Lake Citv. The onlv line west of the Missouri river equipped with the Westing-house Improved Automatic Air Brake, my store building from 56 to 104 leet, with the addition of alare and well regulated PE0GRAM3IB. J. ItltfTliT CliOSTIIWAITE M.

D. Office adjoining l)r Mcllcnry's Drug store on (be cast. Ofii'o calls uUendtod at any hour, night or day. xisTfFAiriM Kansas Mc-srs. J.

M. and II. J. weckeriy nave lormcd a co-pai tnership a a Can't be mfie by every atn 3 every month in the busines a a 3 JO c2 ffft eta a CM to Duua a store, oOx'JO with a brick front, TIK SHEE-IRON MANUFACTORY ii i to east of Olney Sexton's land office, nnd we turniili. biit those wiilin.r to work 1 easily earn a doz dollars a day rirbt in only couiuiead tUeui to Iheir Mends an oataons.

but wuaraiirte them to oiveentre satisfaetion. or retiuidtne nioiiey to the purchaser by Dr Sicflenry, liinne apolis. Freight shippers attention I The Kails as Pacific Past Freight Ex-press makes the best time and aflord the most rayid transit of fretert between the Missouri River and all principal points In win te opened lor the sale of gex3ral mer CO CO 2 I I a a iri irs Ill US IO CI ai a r- -1 QO 93 1 JS chandise when completed. CO in the basement. With my increased facilities for manufacturing, andiand-ling goodn, 1 hope to be able in the future, as in the past, to still reduce prices and thereby increase the sale of goods.My stock is now complete fL, I i ta CO lt5 i-l to r-1 J.

ir. SNEAD, and Counsellor consisting of a full line of at 'Law On Saturday noon, T. Atwood, who was shocking wheat in Mr. T. Henry's wheat field, near Abilene, was fatally Attorney I tiieir ii iwm i explain here.

Business pleasant and honorable. Women, boys and rirls do a well as men. We will furnish you a complert outfit free. The buinss pavs better tliaii We will bear the expense startinayou Partieularis tree.

Write and see. Farmers and mechanics, their sons and daughters, and all clases in neetl woi at home, should write to anil learn ail about the work at once. Kow is the Don't delay. Address TiiLk Augusta, Maine. sun utruck.

Mr. Uenrv telcaraohud to i-ho deceased father at Ithaoa, N. Salwa Kahias. Will prrct ice In tin and Fourteenth ndlclal Diistrict. and will jrlvo prompt at-ntlon to the collection of debte, tax pay-K for non residents 3-lS-ly to 1 and the body was encased in a metallic Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Saa Juan and Arizona.

For information concerning rates, maps guides, pamphlets, call upon or address. JOHN MUIR. D.E.CORNELL. 0en'l FreJt Agt- Gen'l Passer AGt T.F. OAKES, Gen'l Sup't Kausaf City.

2 8 a 05 burial casket and forwarded by express on Sunday morning to his parents at a ip Ithaca. i Xt 3o cj Cl, w. a. jonssTos. JOHNSTON, f.

Tnoanuox. TflOMrSON The highest average salary to male 5 Established 1S51. Tbe First Pepua. teachers In the United States, $120 a month I paid In (he District of Columbia. Female t3acher3 receive the hishest wiges In Arizona, $00 per mou'h.

The h'ghet salary paid to any educator in the United fee a GROCERIES, HARDWARE. Glassware WoodSr Wittotpare, Hats, Caps, Boots Slioe, TOYS, CONFECTIONERY HO HM 0 FnillBlita xQQ UMf STATIONERY In fact, anything and everything, from a toothpick to a crowbar, from States, so tar as we know, Is $3,000. President Barnard, of Columbia College, New lork, is its happy receiver. 9 a a to The residence which Dr. Dunn Is now J.

S. EoMtoa's Ml PEPSIN. Mr. J. H.

Eaton of Philadelphia, who is sole successor to Dr. J. S. Houghton, still prepares this unfailing remedy for dyspeptics, according to the original formula. HOUGH TON'S PEPtdN is thk Oldest, the Cheapest, thb Bkst, the Surest CCKE.

Try it, ve Dyspeptics, when your physician onlf rspesin, insist upon having Iloughl on's and you will be o.ured. J. H.EATON. Philadelphia. proprietor.

Torrey, Templeton fc New York Genl Agents. a to a a if 1 53 a bo $. For tlie Slnefe II Ills, And the recent Iv discovered old mines' in tbe Big Horn Mountains, go by the wav of Denver, 'heyeinie and the great Kansas Paeitic Railway. Remember, Denver and Cheyenne are tlie principal outfitting points for tlie mines, and the safest, moi direct and most frequently trareicj rome to Custer City. Deadwood and the Ri llorn country is via Cheyenne and Fort Laramie.

FOB THE SAN JUAN MIXES. Tate the Kansas Pacific Rail at Kansas Citv or Leavenworth for I nver. when-close connections are made wiih the Denver and Rio Grande Railway to I oliado Springs. Pueblo, El Moro. Del Norte.

Lake Citv, suvertoii, and all points in the ai Juan Country. By takinar this old favo ile line, the enn sioj over in Denver and visit the old established niinew and smelt iur works in that vicinity, an advantage every one interested in mining can readily ai.reciate. TUE ROCKT MOCXTAIS KESORTS S5 2 baildlng for himself, on the hill east of the school house, is 1Gx24, with a wing projecting from the cer.ter of the main hi OJ building 14x16. Jt will be 14 feet high, CO ZfUiat-neiji. at JCaiu,!, Will practice In Ahe courts of Ottawi.

Lincoln. Mitchell, and Cloud counties, and In the Supreme 'ourt. Collections wado promptly. 4n23tf. J.

P. CUMMINS, liLaf-ncn at Jaia, Klnnttpclll Kansas. Will practice in all the District Courts of Kansas and In the Supreme and Federal Courts at Topi-ka. Pay taxes for nonresidents. Will buy noirs and county Warrants.

Fixclal attention (riven to ol-Iwtioiis- Oince Id Uk Wt'oly building, 4-olyl. JOHN O. SriVET. lllatnej. at IL'aui, SAUNA, KANSAS feet?) -s two stories and a basement.

The eleva C3 PS a BBS .2 CCPh Womans- Best Friend I as a lid lifter to a stove. Some ot the leading articles in stoclf are as louows ted position of the site' commands views of the valley, railroad and surrounding country, which renders it pleasant, healdiv and conspicuous. a Mr. E. G.

Godfrey, from Roseville, War 33 VARIETIES OF STOVES With the premium patent handle and turned hollow-ware, 35 pieces of Popular Illustrated bookC36opageO Manhood 1 Womanhood I Matjuagb I Impediment! to Marriage; the causa and cure. Sent securely ncnU.d, post paid for 50 cents, by Dr. Whitthk, 617 St. Charles Street, 9 LouU, MoM the great specialist. Read hi work.

ren county. Illinois, has come thus far west to tee the country, and proceeds south from here. Die likes our city and country, and thinks It far exceed In beau trimmings with each cook stove, all of which are warrented to give satisfaction. Among our extensive slock of hardware will be found 12 kinds 60 a of door locks, with knobs, some as low as 33c; kinds ot padlocks, nome. SEWING HACIUXE Is th Best Family lladiiite a a ty and attractions all that has been said of In eastern papers.

Mr. God And wonderful mineral spring-s of tolo rado never lose iheir interest 10 the loin and tlie Oeiieiits to invalids ar teaical and never-lailiiijf. 'i i'? way (o reach tlieiu is by the great Kansas Pacific Railn ay. 'Pullniau Palace Cars tlirouh to Denver hout change. Lowest, rates guarrau- V.

T5 fco a as low as, 15c each 15 kinds ot drawer and chest locus, 10 utnaa ot caicnes and latches; 35 sizes of carriage bolts; 20 sizs of butts and hinges 15 kinds of saws, alo chisels, plaues, bits, ii fact a lull lir.o ot carpenters' and i T3 a as 3 a ca ta frey la a yot'ng gentleman with a cultured miad, and will jnd a good account of oir. -couiwy to his home paper. a Will pratjlicc la all courts Saline, Ottawa 3 Si 2 Iff t. -1 IN USE. It is the only Se-wing Zlachis that Has a as 'Si 150 acres of wheat wanted to be threshed direct from the header.

Threshers are invited to apply to G. E. Burnham, Minneapolis, or to W. lioddard, on the farm on Lind-sey creek, three and a half miles east of Minneapolis. ST 1 and adjoining counties, and before the V.

S. Land Office in Salina. A new post-office will be erected forth 6 a S. a 2 with on Jhe vacant east of Mr. II.

S. a at prices that defy competition. Among our specialities in dry goods will SuocesSor lo Clarke Jb oi.eit. si cu Barnes' store, the corner of Second and Sheridan street, and our city post-office will be moved into it An soon as it ready. C.

A. UILLER, jflllosneif at Jaui, engaged to The following persons are lecture during the Institute i be touna lUU varieties ol prints, irom ou per aru oucunuo num to 9c per yard; good jeans from I5o to 30c per yard 15 kinds cheviots, latest styles, trom 15c to 17 per yard, and everything pertaining to the dry goods business at panic prices. Our grocery department is complete, ronoistuiir of 15 varieties eacli ot lea, canned fruits, dried fruits, soap aloo A good 1. Case threshing ma. It is the most accessible and convenient Inn flirt nrttt fttTiop l.1ififtr! Kansas, EaJina, chine complete, with mounted power Self Eireadiiig Shuttle.

It las Sclf-Settins ITeedle. ITever Breaks the Thread. IJever tkips fctitches. Hakes the Lock Stitca. The Stjonjest and tie Bsst.

Idsht-Bunnixr. Durab1- Easily Learns-a. Does ocb cet cat ct" crder, zz-i caw mora work vritli less labor 9,27 other taactiae. Illstrati Catadc; Tree. AGENTS -WKTXZn.

and a four-iced horse power "Sand We congratulate our postmaster I Hon. Geo. T. Anthony, Hon. II.

P. Mo Carty, Noble L. Prentiss, Hon. C. R.

Pomeroy. Others will be anuouuoe' as arrangement' are Dertected. It. Li. IIILLMAV, SUP't.

Will practice In the dlnerent courts of ailoi(js inline, Ottawa and adjoining tV-dal attention given to contesting claims on ds. good Judgment in wheeling a f-ite sugar, spices, eoffe, oda, oatmeal, tobacco, sago, farina, poarl barley, niuce cusia bud, seedless raisins, chocolaie, iemotis, chesuuts, sulmon, codfibh, honey, jellies, pickles, syrup, sorguin 1 want it distinctly uiidciotood that so appropi lute every requisite, All kinds of excuauye received, nut draft. ued iUK-ci ou over 2t.0 priitcipai cities ot tlie Lulled and Lur(ie. Coll ct.ons uiuiie everywlH-re. loaned vu short lime, and on im-trovei luriiis 111 stilus to su.i, in five oc ticti'iv, ai low r.ites of interest.

its recciW'l wl ir.t i ertnua.e-. No ilims 1 oUi. si rh t. uouLt. Messrs.

Mallernee Hawkins, of the Minneapolis brick yai are wich" corn s'ueller, for sale cheap and on easy terms. For particulars enquire of Burnham, County Treasurer's oBlco Minneapolis. Arbuckle's prime coffee at Jloney- $100,000. Honey to loan on improved farms tier cent Interest, and low corn will not 60 imclersolcl now delivering their first kfln of bnck', t4 Cj.DCO, retail prie $10 per thousand. rr jon't lorget you get it 1-3 pounds Ot choke diied applet lor $1.

00 at Davis's- Stoves, glass ware, houo furidfhing gon1, iry goods a nd everything at D.iv;s. for a conti an bop nkful for pai-t r-a 1 ea in. Jviii of thA h. DJLV1T. '6' TWe bricks are sonnet nnd well mace on.

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